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Slivka 1

George Slivka
Mrs. Holbrook
17 November 2015
Controversial Issue Essay
In he history of America, many problems have arisen with the conception of the word
race, and the grouping of the word race with negative stereotypes and beliefs. One prevalent
political issue today is the topic of illegal immigration, and the tying of it with Hispanics and
more discriminately, he Mexican people. Many stances have been taken on this topic, from
people from all sides of the political spectrum.
One of these stances lies with Hillary Clinton. She believes that all immigrants should be
given a chance to assimilate, and that it would be unreasonable to deport them all. She does
believe that those who any types of crime commit crime such as those related to drugs, murder,
and armed robbery should be deported. This is instead just putting them in jail; the problem run
into with this system is that criminals just continue to return to the United States, committing
crimes, and being arrested again without limit. Hillary stands as a liberal democrat and wants to
give all people a chance, These beliefs are very popular very popular with the minority vote, who
tend to make connections with people who are often deported for numerous reasons. In Hillary’s
words, “But the vast majority of people who are here, we will give you a path to legalization if
you meet the following conditions: pay a fee because you entered illegally, be wiling to pay back
taxes over time, try learn English, and wait in line.” She wants everyone to have a chance to be
successful and prosper in America; holding on to our belief that we accept, “the tired, the poor,
the huddled masses yearning to breathe free”-found on the statue of liberty. She truly believes in

forcing employers to hire only current immigrants and domestic workers. in hopes to decrease the desire to come over. and transportation. Unemployment. He also wants to put a pause on green cards. The most infamous statement the Trump is know for is “I’m going to build a big wall on the Mexican border” to stop illegal immigrants from coming over. and local services such as fire. citizenship. especially those of CEOs and Diplomats. His new policy paper also goes into depth about how he plans on paying for the wall. and with the average American household receiving $31. He plans on charging additional fees on visas of people coming into America from Mexico. and subsidized services such as Public education. to the other extreme. commonly known as anchor babies in the United States. With 11 million illegal immigrants. Hillary’s plan seems cheap and expensive.Slivka 2 the American Dream and wants to give that opportunity to everyone in the world. once all of these immigrants are assimilated. with a majority of them being low income. While the government would pay very little money to carry out the plan. first overturning a law that grants babies born from illegal immigrants. as well as raising tariffs of goods entering through Mexico: “The . but ultimately it will cost every American thousands.000.000. we are looking at a deficit of upwards of $341. ad those who put the time and effort in to immigrate here legally. they would begin to receive services such as Social Security.000. Donald Trump holds a stance. welfare benefits. Medicare. The Cost of Hillary’s plan lies in the hidden expenses of assimilating all of the immigrants. police. He believes that all illegal immigrants should be deported to their country of origin. Some of the specifics of this plan include.000 in government services. He then wants to deport the 11 million people that are currently residing in America by tracking down those who have over stayed their visas and increasing the number of custom enforcement agents. disregarding the affect that this would have on Americans who were born here.

and squandering their chances to fulfill the American Dream. but he plans on forcing Mexico to pay for a majority of it over 20 years.7 million illegal immigrants that are employed in the US” and “80 percent of illegal immigrants have committed serious crime in addition to immigration and 40 percent have committed violent crimes”. The other grouping that occurs is to call all Hispanic people Mexican. and profiles profiling of people of Hispanic decent. He hopes to “Make America Great Again”. some are starting to hate on Hispanic people as a whole. making their lives more difficult. His plan would cost an estimated $500. As political tensions rise. .Slivka 3 Mexican government has taken the United States to the cleaners.000. People with different beliefs on this topic have begun to discriminate and profile people involved. arrested Hispanics serve two more years for the same crime. These negative beliefs towards the Hispanic communities has made their lives harder. even those of legal citizens. cultural aspects have begun to rise as well.” Trump plans of giving few chances to illegal immigrants and focus instead on the people who are already in America. striving to make the American Dream more accessible for the people already here. Statistics are used like “There are approximately 7. Because of these statistics growing groups people have begun to show hatred against the Hispanic population as a whole and discriminate against them. so it could potentially cost less for American than Hillary’s.000. and they must pay to clean it up. Among those who don’t agree with illegal immigration. which is extremely offensive to people of other heritages who take pride and honor in their ancestry. Studies show that Hispanics make up for 30 percent to school related arrests and on average. when compared to those of other races. They are responsible for this problem. we will not be taken advantage of.000. The topic of illegal immigration grows and adds negativity to the stereotypes.

and they disagree with government restrictions on immigration. not only of the difficult journey in getting to America. especially people in California and Texas. they hear a few stories and correlate them with all those in the situation. Their passion leads to anger on the other side ending with heated debates and ignorant arguments. . Many people broke free from horrible situations and came to America for a fresh start. They want all people to be able to come to America. Many people become easily defensive when opposed because they have such close ties to the people involved. but also how bad they had it where they came from. They believe that America is dependent on the labor of these immigrants to do the manual labor that domestic Americans “would never do”.Slivka 4 Another view that has been brought up is one of sympathy. and they’ve heard their stories. The opposite positions of political leaders such as those of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has caused uproar in America and the negative beliefs of Hispanic people have lead to profiling and discrimination of Hispanic people. as well as in everyday American discussion. The topic of illegal immigration has become very active in the political world. Many people. that it’s hard to step back and look at the bigger picture. and jut like those with negative stereotypes. have relatives. or close family friends who are illegal immigrants.