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weather susceptibility. The target of the company is to design the most economical microwave LOS system without sacrificing the specifications set by the customer . Such a handy tool on having a ballpark estimate on what to expect on the location in which the designers would place the relays. Basilan. To connect the three cities. Radio Mobile also has the feature called the “Radio Link”. power availability and elevation to ensure efficient transfer of signals. The proposed system must have a reliability of 99.999999% for all of its links and the maximum hop for every relay must only be less than or equal to 25km. This map would contain the terrain and contour on the two maps. It provides the user precise calculations on the gain and loss in between of the relays. Another software that would be used is the Radio Mobile. The designing team would use two different software to identify the feasible locations for the relays that would be used on the course of the project. The first one is the Google Earth platform. waveguides and transceivers to model the system with respect to the specifications set by the customer. Ozamiz City and Camiguin Island. satellite imagery and 3D models. etc. Subsequently.The job description is to implement a microwave line of sight communication system connecting two key cities on Western Mindanao and one island located on the Southern Visayan Region namely Lamitan. It provides the design team the overhead view of the location as well as the path elevation/terrain for every location. The user could also input specific parameters that could be found on the datasheet of antennas. mountains. Radio Mobile is a tool in which different maps could be combined with each other to create a unique map. Thus. The main transceivers are located at their respective municipal halls. several relays stations are strategically placed considering its accessibility. lessening the need for an ocular inspection especially on locations that are harder to reach such as elevated terrains. volcanoes. thus providing the user precise and accurate terrains. Google Earth is also a geographical map that is composed of integrated superimposed images.

Base Stations .

Cebu and Manila. 73% or 34 barangays are concentrated to agriculture. like newspaper and magazines are circulated daily in the poblacion. Enrooting from Isabela.420 hectares. Basilan Electric Cooperative (BASELCO) serves Lamitan City. Basilan Strait. Smart and Globe sun cell sites system.5 METERS DESCRIPTION The city is bounded between Tuburan City. LBC Air Cargo. and also via Isabela. Lamitan is services by the Bureau of Telecommunication. Out of the barangays. coffee/cacao with 1. BASELCO serves 24 hours a day. Major crops are coconut with an area of 11.LAMITAN. There is a PLDT telephone. Print Media. Tipo-Tipo and Isabela Ciy.1333° E ELEVATION ABOVE SEA LEVEL 2. the El Sebra Marketing.34 hectares planted in mono and intercropping. BASILAN LAMITAN CITY HALL GEOGRAPHICAL COORDINATS 6. corn with 615 hectares and cassava with 338 hectares. Several jeeps. operated by two giant engines and a mini-Hydro at Kumalarang and Balagtasan rivers. There are two mode of transportation in Lamitan: by land and by sea. which services Lamitan Poblacion only. Radio and Telecast can be heard from Zamboanga. Sun and Smart Telecommunication Cell sites and mails are coursed through the Bureau of Post. The City of Lamitan is generally an agricultural community. there are shuttle vans and lots of mini-buses that ply to Lamitan. There are two motor vessels RORO (roll on roll off) & ferries passengers from Zamboanga to Lamitan. .866 hectares followed by rubber with 4.874. which enable one to make long distance and overseas calls.6500° N. There is an existing private electric company servicing Lamitan. All other crops are intercropped such as banana with 800 hectares. trucks and motorcycles can also be hired. 122. Globe.

The mountain serves as a protecting wall against typhoons and strong winds. Unitop Ozamiz also expand their building in 2012 in front of City Public Mall with a bridge/sky walk for an easy access from the 2nd floor of both buildings. It is owned and managed by the Local Government . Mt Barangay Gala. the inviting charm that made them a promising potential for tourist development. City Public Mall.OZAMIZ CITY OZAMIZ CITY HALL GEOGRAPHICAL COORDINATS 8° 9'3.17"E ELEVATION ABOVE SEA LEVEL 7 METERS DESCRIPTION Ozamiz City is characterized by its low flat elevation in urban areas rising in gentle slope upward to the west as it approaches the interior.9 meters above sea level to 562. formerly known as City Public Market. Mt. Other barangays are highly elevated Guimad. Malindang.43 meters respectively. It is not surprising that the climates in these particular villages are noted to be cool and chilly.411 meters above sea level. is the biggest public establishment in Northwestern Mindanao. The elevation of Ozamiz City ranges from the flat lowland of the poblacion and its coastal barangays and about 1. The terrain toward the western border is particularly rugged and very sparsely settled lands and rolling hills as we are its physical features. Trigos and Subsidiaries great having an elevation of 432. the landmark of the city and the province of Misamis Occidental has the highest elevation of approximately 2.60"N.25 meters and 235.55 meters above sea level of the nearest village approaching Mt. Gaisano Capital Mall Ozamiz is noted as the biggest mall in the city with the expansion of a new South Wing Mall in 2011. 123°51'1. Novo Ozamiz also expand and construct their own bigger building with a hotel named Asia Novotel in 2010.

mangoes.Unit of Ozamiz and opened on May 28. accommodations or properties available is the island. 124°43'26.5 kilometres ( it captures most services. the province has a 5th class income classification with a population of 81.10"N.293. rice. 2012. 2009.40"E ELEVATION ABOVE SEA LEVEL 27 METERS DESCRIPTION Camiguin Island is a pearl-shaped island with an area of approximately 238 km2 (92 sq mi).0 mi) at its widest breadth The Island is mountainous with the highest elevation reaching over 5. There's a lot of new businesses in Camiguin Island. Malindang. with copra providing the greatest income contribution. As of the August 1. The economy is based upon fishing and farming. Other agricultural products are abaca. Small cottage industries have increased in number to accommodate the influx of visitors.411 meters above sea level. the landmark of the city and the province of Misamis Occidental has the highest elevation of approximately 2. Robinsons Supermarket opened to the public on November 30. The island measures about 23 kilometers (14 mi) at its longest and 14.ipm.000 ft (1. . transport. Advertising business is one of this its hosted at http://www. CAMIGUIN CAMIGUIN MUNICIPAL HALL GEOGRAPHICAL COORDINATS 9° 14'37. The mountain serves as a protecting wall against typhoons and strong winds. lanzones and other fruit trees. The growing tourism industry have improved the economy of the province. Its main office is located at Sagay Camiguin Province.500 m). Mt. 2007 census. It is encircled by a national road with a total length of about 64 kilometers (40 mi).