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Efforts to improve and enhance the quality of education as if it never stops. The method used
to achieve these objectives by using qualitative methods. The results and analysis show that
the managerial leadership of headmaster can improve the professional competence and
performance of teachers in the two MTs in Indramayu, is intended to lead to significant
changes in teachers in a planned, both in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Underlying
theory is the theory of the System and Theory of Attribution. Researcher in this dissertation
aims to obtain data on the business head master about head master managerial leadership in
improving the professional competence and performance of teachers in the two MTs in
• The head of the school create strategies to hold events leading to it to improve the
competency of teachers like MGMPs, exercises, workshop, seminars, workshops, training,
punishment, reward, all related to professional competence and teacher performance.
• As a reference for the implementation and performance improvement of the professional
competence of teachers, head master made and have guidelines that regulate various aspects
of the management in writing that is readable by the parties concerned.
• Barriers faced by headmaster arise both internally and externally in implementing the
program to improve the professional competence and performance of teachers that spare time
to participate in professional development of teachers, because teachers have overcrowding,
in addition to the head master than busy with activities at the school at times also head master
invited to follow the activities of the relevant agencies.
• Efforts head master in making improvements step forward in improving the competence of
teachers is to perform strategic steps to optimize the vision, mission and objectives of the
This study used a qualitative approach with descriptive methods. Data collection techniques,
interviews, observation, documentation studies and triangulation. The findings showed that
there are some similarities and differences (variation) of the two institutions, namely MTs
Krangkeng, and MTs Rabithatul Ulum Krangkeng Indramayu. Conceptual Revitalization
recommended for the interest in the development of professional competence and teacher
Head master needs to continue to provide motivation and encouragement to teachers to
constantly improve the professional competence and competence. Head master needs to
continuously improve the ability to carry out supervision, which in turn determine the

professional competence and achievements of teacher performance has a huge impact on the
quality of learning.