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Marketing Research

Structured and Conversational Approach of Questionnaire

Submitted By:
Anchit Agrawal
Div A

Guided By:
Prof. Sarang Kulkarni
Asst. Professor

In this approach the surveyor just goes to the respondent and casually asks questions.Introduction The assignment is mainly given so that students get a first-hand experience of preparing a questionnaire of two types that is. Moreover. Here we have to survey about the exercise behaviour and habits of two people by both the methods. In this approach questions are predesigned and then the surveyor follows the question pattern. There are four types of a Questionnaire on the basis of the way the questions are posed. Conversational Questionnaire Conversational Questionnaire is trademarked by open-ended type of questions. the approach is good for a survey purpose but the approach is too straight forward and hence is likely to upset the responder. They are as follows1) Structured non disguised questionnaire 2) Structured disguised questionnaire 3) Non structured non disguised questionnaire 4) Non structured disguised questionnaire Structured Questionnaire Structured Questionnaire is a type of questionnaire in which one finds close ended questions. Structured Questionnaire and conversational questionnaire. The . What is a Questionnaire? A questionnaire is actually an instrument of research which has a series of structured questions made for the purpose of gathering information for a given objective. The assignment also taught me how to take a survey and analyse it.

3 At what time of the day do you exercise? Morning Afternoon Evening No schedule Sex: M .approach possess the advantage that the responder is very comfortable and easily able to give answers.1 How many times do you exercise in a week? Once Twice More than Twice Q.2 By which way do you exercise? By playing a sport Walking Weightlifting Others Q. Questionnaires:The following is the questionnaire: Structured Questionnaire Name: Anurag Chourasia Age: 23 yrs Q.

1 2 3 4 5 Q. Yup. I am Anchit. Its generally in the evenings.2 Do you come here often? Ans. gymming is the best. Hi. Q. Yeah. Q.6 Do you feel you are addicted to exercise? Yes No Conversational Questionnaire Q. Nice to meet you! Q.1 Hello. What is your name? Ans.4 Do you prefer a warm up and cooling exercise? Ans. as a gymaholic the warmup and cooling exercises are very important.Q. I am Anurag. Yeah.5 At what time do you come here? Ans. Almost everyday.5 Do you prefer a gym Trainer? Yes No Q.4 Rate your exercise session on a scale of 1 to 5.3 Do you only exercise in the gym? Ans. . Q. 1 being the best and 5 being the worst.

Hence posing difficulty for the surveyer afterwards in analysis. When conversational questionnaire is used the respondent is at ease and answers are given without any thought to it.6 Do you think you are a true gym addict? Ans. Conclusion It can be concluded that the method of using conversational questionnaire is a better way to have response from the responder and obtain information but it also poses the disadvantage that the responses are not very accurate and analysable. . Ah! That’s a little odd to say but yeah considering me. Report Analysis & Findings The Questionnaire has posed a great difference in the way the respondent has answered as well as perceived it.Q. Yes I am a true gym addict.