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The Problem and Its Scope Page |1

Rationale of the Study
Having seen the necessity of food, our society needs a more in depth
study on how such kind of foodstuff will be made healthier and cheaper. Many
companies were engaged in businesses which provide people in their basic
needs for survival – the food. Thus, these food companies had this as an
inherent dilemma on how to have raw materials that are readily available and
have a healthier component that could basically supply consumers with quality
products while also minimizing waste to save mother earth.
Wheat, a raw material used in producing flour, is not found in the
Philippines, making local flour millers to import from other countries. Thus, the
flours available in the market are expensive. Further, there is a possibility that the
importer flour may outrun the local industry and consequently dominate the
According to, January 1, 2014, “the bakery industry in
Cebu is projected to sustain its growth by accounting a significant contribution on
the total production volume of the food industry in 2014”. With this case, several
baking industries are now taking into consideration the availability of the flour in
our society that can be used to manufacture such product for a lesser cost. With

046 MT1. Banana peelings (Musa Sapientum) have been reported to prevent anemia by stimulating the production of hemoglobin in the blood. has dual purpose. Most often. to utilize the wastes from manufacturing companies and to convert them into flour for the bakeries to produce healthier and cheaper bread products. The proponents believe that using the Banana Peel Flour has a greater edge to help the food industries. This study however.125 hectares that have produced a volume of 9. Philippines have an existing production area of 450. the researchers were encouraged to conduct this study to determine whether banana peelings can be a good alternative to produce flour to produce high-potassium-calcium bread that only satisfies human needs but also nutritional needs. the local bakeries located in Carcar City. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM . Banana is the leading fruit grown in the Philippines and a consistent top dollar earner. The Philippines is one of the Top 3 banana-producing countries in 2010 including India and China.165. banana peelings are just thrown away as waste.The Problem and Its Scope Page |2 our dependence on imported wheat. Its role to regulate blood pressure has been associated with the high content of potassium. Cebu would ultimately benefit from the project. In 2011. If this project is proven feasible and subsequently implemented.

Opportunities and Threats 2. These are the following: Researchers Aside from complying with its obligatory requirements in the course.6 Management. 1.1 Technical Aspect.2 Marketing Aspect. the following questions were answered. not only for its feasibility and viability. 1.5 Financial Aspect. and 1. the researchers also acquire a profound knowledge and strong foundation on how to provide a basic need. which is food in the form of bread that is made cheaper and healthier. 1. Weaknesses. but also its significance to the parties involved. what recommendation maybe proposed for the project? SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This study has been conducted with specific methodologies and examinations. Specifically. 1. 1.4 Financing Aspect.The Problem and Its Scope Page |3 The objective of this study was to determine the viability and profitability of the Proposed Production of flour from Banana Peels and its Distribution. 1. 1.3 Legal and Taxation Aspects.8 Strength. the researchers discovered a new and . Through the study.7 Socioeconomic Desirability. Is the proposed production of flour from banana peels and its distribution feasible under each of the following aspects? 1. Based on the findings.

This study could help the government decide whether the proposed business should be implemented or not and if it would help boost the economic stability of the country. . Government With the continuing growth of the Philippine economy. Prospective Implementers This study provides information and enhanced framework to those future implementers whether to venture on and invest in the proposed business. leadership. this study will help the government in determining if the proposed business will help the society in a way that it could be beneficial to the people. it made them undergo into certain struggles and hardship that boost their sense of creativity. camaraderie. Moreover. confidence and interpersonal skills. This will provide them with sufficient basis to forecast the possible risks and losses of the businesses operation that will be useful in decision making.The Problem and Its Scope Page |4 innovative way to use banana peel instead of leaving them as waste.

Administering a study is much more challenging if it is systematically provided and guided by certain protocol and manual that lead them to their desired end-state. Financial Institutions . Moreover.The Problem and Its Scope Page |5 Future Researchers This study provides the future researchers a constructive resource that will help them to utilize their time and lessen their burden. This will provide them reasonable assurance that the product that they are about to buy underwent a procedural and systematic study. this also provides them profound information that they may refer on to the future researchers and proponents. Target Market Though increasing number of studies conducted all over the world has its own reason and purpose in their existence. The study provides the target market a firm basis of productive information that will yield to a decision whether to patronize the kind of product which the proposed business would engage in.

The Problem and Its Scope Page |6 The source of business capital and to put the business into existence is one of the main factors that the researchers have to consider. its profitability. Philippines. Carcar City is the second city after Cebu City. payback period. Cebu. The research design will also help reduce the uncertainty of the research evidences. ensuring to address the research problem effectively. This study will provide the financial institutions a foretaste of what is the business in the future. respectively. thereby. RESEARCH DESIGN A research design is needed before the research can start. It follows Talisay City and San Fernando. which is located at the southern part of Cebu. Carcar City is around 42 kilometers away from Cebu City and it will take approxomately 2 hours to get to the place through a public utility bus available in the Cebu South Bus Terminal. It is the overall strategy used to integrate the different components of the study in a coherent and logical way. and other financial aspect of the study. Research Methodology and Instruments Used . This would lead them into a decision whether they could possibly extend financial assistance to the implementers and prospectors. internal rate of return. Research Environment The study covered bakeries in Carcar City where 22 local bakeries are operating their business in the place. The city is best known for its town plaza which serves as its landmark and tourist spot.

interviews and reading journals/articles. interpreted and processed to be more functional and useful.The Problem and Its Scope Page |7 Descriptive survey method was used in the conduct of this study. the proponents also consulted the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in order to accurately gather information relating to the study. only 15 responded to the survey. As part of the process. Subsequently. Quantitative and qualitative information were gathered by conducting inquiries. Out of the total population. Furthermore. the proponents were able to obtain valuable information from the city hall of Carcar City. only 68% of the total listed and recognized bakeries . Of the seven remaining population. surveys. magazines. some refused to cooperate and declined to answer the questionnaire and some were not reached by the proponents due to its distance from the city. tallied. Accordingly. This method addressed the use of reliable public information. books and other related materials. Another technique applied in gathering information is data mining. tabulated. The survey questionnaire utilized was a researchermade. Population and Respondents The intended respondents of the study are the local bakeries of Carcar City. analyzed. researches. the answered questionnaire were retrieved. The researchers had also generated questionnaires which are specially developed to obtain specific and relevant information from different local bakeries of the city. Data relating to the population of registered bakeries are gathered from the City Hall. Cebu. It was found out that there are 22 bakeries existing in the place.

Table 1 Total Number of Population and Respondents Bakeries in Carcar Bread After Bread Pastry Shop C & Triple J Bakeshop Julies Finest Breads and Population 1 1 1 Respondent 0 1 0 Percentage 0% 100% Pastries Ahl Richie Bakeshop Mang Tinapay Mama Uvy’s Bakeshop Tabern’s Bakeshop Maiqui’s Bread. The table in the next page showed the bakeries operating in Carcar City and the respondents of the study. Cakes and 3 2 2 1 3 2 1 0 0% 100% 100% 50% 0% Pastries Park’n Go Bakeshop New Add’s Breadshoppe Ka Joaquin-Bandin Bakeshop Ferna’s Bakeshop Super Metro Arbee’s Bakeshop Tinong’s Bakeshop Lola Luz Bakeshop LDB Bakeshop Total Percentage of 1 1 100% 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 2 1 1 100% 0% 0% 100% 0% 100% 100% 100% 100% 22 15 68% Respondents over population .The Problem and Its Scope Page |8 were considered as respondents.

Furthermore. mountainous bakeries where not visited due to the . visiting different websites and reading journals/articles. a comprehensive academic research were done by surfing in the internet. Cost-benefit constraint The proponents covered only the bakeries within the city proper where the center for trade and industry is located and the bakeries located along the street. an inquiry to Department of Science and Technology was conducted to consult for professional advises.The Problem and Its Scope Page |9 Research Procedures With the aim to collect sufficient and accurate information. First. These spots are where majority of the bakeries are situated. essential research procedures were followed. Another helpful procedure was inquiring relevant data from government offices of the city concerning the population of bakeries in the place. Also. books. still there are uncontrollable factors affecting the validity and accuracy of the information. Limitations of the Study Amidst the desire of gathering exact details. thus. magazines and other materials related to the study. a survey was done through giving questionnaires in gathering information relating to the viability of the proposed project. Thorough inspection was likewise performed in the city of Carcar to be more aware of the local bakeries and its environment.

Time Constraint The proponents do not have enough time in thoroughly investigating every detail of the study. samples surveyed are considered reasonable and satisfactory. However. DEFINITION OF TERMS For the readers and aspiring businessmen to fully comprehend what the study is all about. such may have affected completeness and quality of the information contained in the study. In spite of this fact. the estimates were done conservatively to only include those data which are directly related to the subject. The following terms need to be defined: Additives Used in a certain product to either enhance flavor. Unresponsive Respondents During the distribution of the questionnaires. some bakeries visited refused to respond and chose not to cooperate due to lack of authority. . defining the technical terms to laymen's term is necessary. give more desirable appearance and change its color. Estimation of Figures Some information was estimated due to the unavailability of some details. Thus.T h e P r o b l e m a n d I t s S c o p e P a g e | 10 cost-benefit constraint.

This consists of analyzing and evaluating whether the project is technically feasible and viable. Cavendish This is a tropical kind of banana that has bright yellow skin. stubby and highly angular form. fine textured core and seeds. It has thick and yellow skin when ripe. Compard to Cardava. Feasibility Study This is a field of study that assesses the practicality of a proposed product. Extender This is a substance that is not wholly applied to a mixture. Gluten .T h e P r o b l e m a n d I t s S c o p e P a g e | 11 Cardava This is also known as "saba banana". It has creamy white pulp. It is the most common cultivar in the Philippines. This is also an added ingredient to increase the bulk of the usual product that can be made. It cab easily be determined from Cardava because of its form and color. this banana is slimmer and has fewer black spots on it. It is applied in a proportionate amount of a specific ingredient that adds its desired texture and taste. It has short.

This helps maintain the function of heart. Grinding The manner of breaking or crushing the bulk of banana peels into small pieces of particles using a grinding machine. Lutein This is a deep yellow pigment found in leaves of plants and in egg yolk. Preservatives These are food additives that are intended to limit the growth of dangerous microbes to the product. muscles. This also regulates the blood circulation. This is a powerful antioxidant that protects the eye from free radicals and harmful frequencies of UV radiation from the sun. nervous system and fluid balance. It is responsible to make the dough elastic.T h e P r o b l e m a n d I t s S c o p e P a g e | 12 It is a substance (protein composite) that is found in wheat flour and other related grains. It has been proven to reduce the risks of cataracts and macular degeneration. kidneys. reduces heart failure and serves to counter bad effects of sodium. Potassium This is a nutrient found in banana peelings which is essential in body's growth. Sieving .

nutrients present in banana peels are retained for no agitation is involved. Soaking The manner of putting the banana peels in water filled-large barrels for a period of time. Steaming The method of gently cooking the banana peels by the application of the pressurized water vapor using a steamer.T h e P r o b l e m a n d I t s S c o p e P a g e | 13 The manner of ensuring the quality of fine texture of flour by separating big particles of grounded banana peels from pulverized one. In this process. This thick and sticky element has white in color and can be easily be recognized by its texture. Trytophan . Sodium Metabisulfite This is whitish yellow crystalline powder compound that is used in food as an anti-oxidant preservative. Tagok This is a kind of substance that is present in banana peels. It is also a main anti-microbial preservative that removes bacteria and other single-celled organisms present in foods.

T h e P r o b l e m a n d I t s S c o p e P a g e | 14 This is an amino acid that is a component of most proteins. . This is a nutrient present in banana peels which increases serotonin levels of the body and effects mood.