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Christ Cathedral Montessori School

CCMS Registration Form Pre-

Pre-Primary Program

The pre-primary program at Christ Cathedral

Montessori School is a nine month program for
Child’s Name
children 3-6 years of age that provides a Montes-

Children Transforming the World

Child’s Birthday sori environment, implementing Montessori phi-
losophy and practices.
A typical three hour day in a Montessori class-
Child’s Name room begins when children choose activities from
their structured learning environment. For the
Child’s Birthday
first two hours the teachers observe and give
individual lessons to children. The last hour is a
combination of circle time with lessons, Bible
Parent/Guardian Name
stories, motor activities, and music.

Address Schedule
Christ Cathedral Montessori School classes start
immediately after the Labor Day holiday and
Home Phone subsequently follow the public school calendar.

Cell Phone
Classes Monday through Thursday
E-mail 8:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

To enroll your child in the 2009-2010 Christ Cathedral

Christ Cathedral Montessori School
Montessori School class, please fill out this form and PO Box 1432
submit a nonrefundable
nonrefundable $50 check to : 138 South 8th Street
Salina, Kansas 67402
Christ Cathedral Montessori School
church phone 785.827.4440
PO Box 1432 / 138 South 8th Street
Salina, Kansas 67402
* For more information about scholarships Sherry Krehbiel, Director
and special rates, please contact the home 785.825.6309
director listed on this brochure. cell 785.342.6343
* Applications will be accepted in the order
in which they are received.
Christ Cathedral Montessori The Learning Environment Christian Montessori Approach

Mission Statement The Classroom The aim of the Montessori approach to education
is to help the child develop a sense of security and
Christ Cathedral Montessori School (CCMS) The goal of our environment is to stimulate learning. identity. The teachers share a genuine love and
provides quality education in an environment which The noncompetitive atmosphere provides children with concern for each child as an individual. They help
fosters a child’s love of learning and honors the opportunities to explore and develop their individual the child to be tolerant, creative, cooperative,
natural development of a child’s physical, mental, potential. imaginative and to show initiative and independ-
emotional, social and spiritual growth. ence. Each child will grow physically, mentally,
Needs of the Individual Child emotionally, socially, and spiritually.
Christ Cathedral Montessori School is a preschool
for three to six year-old children. It is located on Montessori curriculum is designed to be responsive to Physical
Christ Cathedral Episcopal Church premises and the individual child. It supports and enhances each The hands of a child are the instrument of the mind.
meets from 8:45 to 11:45 a.m. Monday through child’s emerging abilities. The environment lends itself to the development of
Thursday. CCMS follows the public school calendar the large and fine motor skills which help develop
and is in session for approximately 36 weeks each mental capacity.
Learning Activities
year. CCMS follows the Montessori model of cur-
riculum and instruction and is enhanced by Chris- Activities are designed to foster a positive attitude to-
Children learn through their senses. When children
tian principles with appropriate daily worship. ward learning and to enhance each child’s self-esteem.
organize external activities, they internalize order.
Practical Life, Art, Sensorial, Language, and Math
Partnership with Parents Montessori Teachers activities develop concentration, organization, and
The teachers act as facilitators. They introduce the self-confidence.
Christ Cathedral Montessori School recognizes the
importance of the home-school relationship. Good children to the environment and are trained to recog- Emotional
communication between parents and teachers nize a child’s readiness to learn and to guide individual The aim of the classroom environment is for
builds mutual understanding and provides consis- progress. children to feel good about themselves as well as
tent guidance for each child. By strengthening develop a sense of self worth and independence.
these ties, the learning process is enhanced in both The environment is prepared in a positive way to
the home and the school. help the child meet his or her learning needs.

The child is encouraged to establish relationships
with peers and adults. He/she is shown how to
express needs in a positive way.

Teachers communicate to the child that God, our
creator, loves and cares for the child and his/her

Children Transforming the World family and friends, and that all the wonders of the
world and life are God’s gifts through Jesus Christ.