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What is a Pre-procurement Conference?

meet and discuss all aspects of a specific procurement activity, which includes the technical
specifications, the ABC, the applicability and appropriateness of the recommended method of
procurement, the bidding documents, and availability of the pertinent budget release for the project.
For projects involving an ABC amounting to more than Two Million Pesos (P 2 Million), a preprocurement
conference is conducted to determine the readiness of the Procuring Entity to
procure goods and services in terms of the legal, technical and financial requirements of the
project. More specifically, it ensures that the procurement will proceed in accordance with the
PPMP and APP, confirms the availability of appropriations and programmed budget for the
contract, and reviews all relevant documents in relation to their adherence to the law. (IRR-A
Section 20)

Step 1 Advertise and Post an Invitation to Apply for

Eligibility and to Bid - The IAEB serves as the notice to the public and all interested parties of the
procurement and bidding opportunities of the Procuring Entity.
Website of procuring entity
PhilGEPS for 7 days
At any conspicuous place

Step 2 Issue the Bidding Documents

The bidding documents must be made available to the prospective bidders from the time the
IAEB is advertised until immediately before the deadline for submission of bids. (IRR-A
Section 17.5)
A maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days from the date of advertisement and/or first day of posting
of the IAEB up to opening of bids is provided by Section 21.2.2 of the IRR-A, which means
that there is a period of thirty (30) calendar days for which the bidding documents are
available for purchase.

Step 3 Call A Pre-Bid Conference and, if necessary, Issue

Supplemental/Bid Bulletins
The ground rules that will govern the procurement are discussed during the conference. In
particular, the participants discuss the legal, technical and financial components of the
contract to be bid. This is also an opportunity for the prospective bidders to request for
clarifications about the bidding documents.
A pre-bid conference must be conducted at least twelve (12) calendar days before the
deadline for the submission and receipt of bids. (IRR-A Section 22.2)
If the pre-bid conference is
held less than 12 calendar days before the deadline for the submission and receipt of bids,
that deadline should be moved to a later date. A supplemental/bid bulletin shall be issued for
this reason.
The following shall attend the Pre-Bid Conference:
1. The BAC;
2. The BAC Secretariat/Procurement Unit;
3. The TWG members and consultants, if any;
4. The procuring unit/end-user unit;
5. The prospective bidders; and
6. The Observers.

Step 4 Receive and Open the Eligibility and Bid Envelopes

Bids should be submitted on or before the specified time and date of the deadline for
submission of bids, as stated in the IAEB, and within thirty (30) calendar days from
date of advertisement and/or first day of posting the IAEB. (IRR-A Section 21.2.2
[i]) Bids submitted after the specified deadline shall not be received or accepted by the BAC.
(IRR-A Section 25.2)

Step 5 Evaluate the Bids

The entire evaluation process for the bids for the procurement of goods must be completed in
not more than seven (7) calendar days from the deadline for receipt of proposals. (IRR-A
Section 32.3) However, the BAC should exert effort to complete the Bid Evaluation even
before the lapse of the 15-day period, as this will expedite the procurement process.

Step 6 Post-qualify
The post-qualification process must be conducted and completed within seven (7) calendar
days from the determination of the LCB. However, in the procurement of goods requiring
elaborate testing (such as equipment sourced from abroad) and other exceptional cases, the
Head of the Procuring Entity may extend the post-qualification period, but in no case should
the aggregate period exceed thirty (30) calendar days. (IRR-A Section 34.1)

Step 7 Award the Contract

The contract shall be awarded to the bidder with the LOWEST CALCULATED RESPONSIVE
The BAC shall issue a Resolution recommending to the Head of the Procuring Entity award of
the contract to the bidder with the LCRB
The Head of Procuring Entity or his duly authorized representative should approve or
disapprove the recommendation of award within seven (7) calendar days from the date
of determination and declaration by the BAC of the LCRB.

Step 8 Have the Contract Signed and Approved and Issue

the Notice to Proceed
The winning bidder and the Procuring Entity must enter into a contract immediately after the
former has submitted the performance security and all other documentary requirements
within the period specified in the IRR-A. The parties must sign the contract within ten (10)
calendar days from receipt by the winning bidder of the Notice of Award. (IRR-A Section