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Dear NPA Members,

NPA has had a good year as we continue to run our organization totally on our own! There are several
things to report as below.
We just concluded another very successful conference with 1549 registrants for the Update, 616 for the
Forensic Issues Preconference and 230 exhibitor staff. Most comments have been very favorable and we
already have 200 signed up for our 2017 Conference. While the program for 2017 is set, we are in the
process of some redesign of our website and online registration process so check back in a few weeks if
you are eager to check it out and register!
Several successful conferences have left us in good enough financial shape that we have been able to
keep conference registration prices low for NPA members and we are able to sponsor our residents and
medical students, including travel costs for the Reno residents. We are also sponsoring more of our
monthly chapter meetings and are branching out into non-pharma oriented talks. We would love more
input and attendance from all of you!
Our membership continues to grow, primarily from residents joining and transfers of members from other
states. We now have 169 members and 34 Nevada medical students have joined APA. Our Reno
Residency was recently honored into the 100% Membership Club of the APA! Two members, Dr. Charles
Nielsen and Dr. Priscilla Cusi, were advanced to Fellow status this year and Dr. William Stone reached
the status of a 50 year member!
At our Annual Business Meeting February 12, we elected our new officers:


Dr. Erika Ryst


Dr. Diana Havill

Early Career Psychiatrist:

Dr. Tarik Alshaikh

Resident Fellow Member:

Dr. Faraaz Merchant

Assembly Representative one year term:

Dr. Dodge Slagle

Assembly Representative two year term:

Dr. Phil Malinas

State Legislative Representative:

Dr. Lesley Dickson

Federal Legislative Representative:

Dr. David Carlson

Public Affairs:

Dr. Leon Ravin

Dr. Charles Nielsen will become the President and all officers will assume their new tenure at the end of
the APA meeting in mid-May.
The members at our business meeting voted to adopt the revised version of our Constitution and Bylaws
and now they must be ratified by the whole membership so watch for them to come in your mailbox in a
couple of weeks. Please look at the document and then vote!
We want to involve more of you in the activities of the NPA so we are increasing the membership of the
Conference Committee and adding three new committees, Membership, Government Affairs and

Community Outreach. I will include sign-up sheets in the same mail as the proposed constitution or you
can let me know of your interest. Most committee "work" is done by conference calls so you do not have
to travel for meetings most of the time.
Hope this finds you all in good health and spirits and it was great seeing those who came to the
Conference and Business meeting. I hope to see more of you next year and do entice your non-member
colleagues into joining!
Lesley Dickson, MD
Executive Director, NPA