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Journal 1
Recently, Malaysia has experienced an increasing competition among universities and higher
education institutes to attract local and international students. As for competitive pressure, higher
education needs to change their marketing strategies in order to compete for students. This makes
it even more complex and complicated for Universitys factor, as it becomes more competitive,
the factor itself becoming more demandable than ever before. Strategy for marketing and trying
to recruit/attracting more students into university also becoming more complex.It is conculded
that course and career information, physical aspect and facilities are a very big problem that must
be kept in mind when University are trying to create a bigger advantage in marketing.This
various variety and the accessibility joined with the beauty of the its own quality of education
has made it popular to potential students in worldwide. While the significant factor that affecting
students in choosing an institution for the graduate studies is the academic excellence and the
scholarship of the particular institution. Moreover, the quality of the particular institution
environment is considered as an important factor, so then the students can feel the pure essence
of the nature which made the candidates mind in one direction to secure the mood emotionally
and physically. Besides that, the cost of the particular program for the education also a main
major factor.Moreover, some students prefer school that are close to their hometown or place. It
is quite convenient and accessibility for them. Again, low cost is one of the factor that influence
students which college to choose for education. so, it seems that there is a significant
relationships between location and college choice decision. Range of study, flexibility of degree
program, major change flexibility and range of degree options is also influence students. So, an
university should not rely on some factors (marketing strategies, costs), they also need to pay
attention to some major factors like reputation, employment opportunities so that they can
compete with other competitors in the world of Higher Education.

Journal 2
The higher education law in Jordan requires from Jordans or foreigners student get a formal
proof of certificate of success in high school presentation. The journal study about the factor
affecting the Jordanian students selection decision among private universities, the aim is to find

out how the marketing factors affect the Jordanian student choice of a private university.besides
that, The sample population is specialty to the student at the university, and through asking a
randomly in 25 females and males about the factors.The most significant factors are the financial
problem, but between females this was not significant word of mouth.Other than that, some of
the factors are tendency profile, the rate of marks in the high school, labor market requirements,
number of years of study to desired specialization, and the financial ability.In additional, students
choice across all the variable factors since their parents attitudes have the greatest effect on them,
especially in the Eastern communities, as (Kubilius and Yasumoto, 2006).In fact, there are many
kind of factor impact student select of university, they include of personal factors, social factors,
economic factors, educational factors, and marketing factors. This study focus on marketing
factors, about how is the Jordanian students got influence in make choice of a private university.

Journal 10
Today in Malaysia, tertiary education has become very important issue as it targeted to become
an industrialized by the year 2020. Not only development in Human Resources but also need to
create a sustainable business to provide better services to its customers. To acquire the goal of
regional education hub, tertiary education in Malaysia need to be relevant as well as competitive
to attract more local students and internationals also. Here, the most important factor is academic
quality or scholarships. Besides, safe environment is essential for students. It will feel students
comfort more physically and emotionally. Other issues which got relation to both course and
non-course related matters impede academic success of getting more international students.
Mostly due to the cultural differences. Other factors include the subject content of the course,
loneliness, financial pressure and new to environment or not comfortable at the academic.
Despite so many issues that can be risen up, most students theoretically still stayed. Because of
this, the main objective of this study is clear, it was to determine the factors that influencing the
choice of institution for international graduate student.