Note : In this story, the Volturi had already known about Bella and her being human and with the Cullens. Besides this there is not much else from New moon/ Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as in my story Edwards visit to the Volturi and demand for death etc,

does not occur however the Volturi did demand that Bella became Vampire before their meeting in this story. Some characters may have been altered/ adapted to suit this piece. Spellings and grammatical errors may be present. Inspiration taken from the fact that Bella never really took on the ‘heroin’ role for me and rather waited for Edward or Jacob to save her. So here I am with my attempt at making her character more ’accident prone’ to say the least, and well almost opposite to how she is described through the actual series. Is it me or does Bella appear a bit too... skeletal, personality wise at times? I am NOT slandering Stephanie Meyer or her awesome saga, this is just my opinion. Disclaimer: Situation and Characters belong to Stephanie Meyer. Enjoy ^^

Some things are never forgotten Chapter 1 - 5

Prologue Some things are never forgotten... There was no Renesme... Edward had never returned... Alice hadn’t had the vision of Bella dying... she had had no vision whatsoever... and would never have.... Bella had fallen for Jacob yet everything was soon to change...

Leaving the warmth of Jacob’s arm, Bella left the werewolf sleeping. Carefully leaving the room she made her exit quiet, trying not to awake Jacob or alert his father that she had stayed the night. Envying Jacob’s quick escapes via her bedroom window, she knew that with her attraction to the A & E wing of the hospital and her lack of balance, she was lucky if she even managed to run without tripping. Tiptoeing down the stairs, Bella shrugged her jacket on as the front door silently closed behind her. A cold breeze swept across the beach. The overcast clouds caused the sun to disappear. Shoving her hand in her pockets, Bella strolled across the moist sand, leaving a trail of footprints behind her. The bitter wind made her hair whip against her pale cheeks. Brushing the stray strands

aside, she shuddered, hugging her coat tightly against her. The weather was worsening. Glancing towards the ocean, she watched as the waves crashed violently against the shore. Past memories resurfaced in her mind. Determined to rid herself of the ugly thoughts, Bella found herself tossing pebbles, sending wave after wave of ripples through the water. Suppressing a shiver, Bella fought the memories, past emotions that she had long since buried. A sense of calm swept through her as she centred her thoughts on Jacob. Human or not, he had quickly become her favourite person. She knew that the damage caused by those whom she had once considered family, would never heal yet Jacob, her werewolf friend had slowly mended her. Even if at first it was purely friendship, Bella couldn’t deny her feelings presently. She loved him, as much as her mangled heart could. It wasn’t just friendship or love but a mixture of both plus a brotherly/sisterly connection. In her mind, Jacob was the only reason she was still in one piece. Even though she had calmed herself and had finally accepted the pain, Bella’s mind occasionally wandered to what had been, what could have been, if he had stayed, Edward. Abandoned in the forest he had left her to die. An emotional wreck, Bella had Sam and his pack to thank for being alive. The weeks following had been difficult. Her mind still clung desperately to the dreams of Edward. Hate coursed through her as she internally blamed the entire pack for the departure of her beloved Cullens. Still deluded with her hopes about the vampires returning, it wasn’t till an unwelcomed visit from a certain vampire, Laurent, that Bella finally realised what Edward truly was, a liar, a cold blooded, deceiving, heartless liar. He had promised her dreams, hopes, love. Yet with Laurent cornering her in the forest, Bella found to her relief, Jacob becoming her saviour. Drawing back from her memories, she realised that it had started to rain. Yanking her hood up, Bella froze as the distinct words echoed around her. “Who’s to save you now?” the voice menacingly chuckled. Shaking, she slowly turned to meet her visitor. “Victoria” Bella answered, her voice small. “And I thought you’d forget... There’s no one to save you now. No Edward. No Jacob. Nobody. How does it feel knowing that you’re alone and you have them to blame for your death...?” The red headed vampire almost sang her words, her eyes transforming to black.

“My death?” “Correct” the vampire smiled as her lips curled up intentionally, revealing the razor-sharp tips of her fangs.

Chapter 1 Shuddering, Bella slowly began to back away, almost tripping several times over her own feet. Victoria’s smile appeared to be widening until her manic features became overshadowed by the sadistic grin that masked the vampire’s face. The sun seemed to eerily shine off the jagged fangs that filled the vampire’s deadly mouth. A disturbing thought ruined Bella’s concentration, Within a second she’d be dead, her neck either drained or snapped in half, all with the skill of Victoria’s teeth. Desperate to escape, Bella broke into what she would have labelled as a fast sprint. However before she could even place one foot in front of the other, Victoria had unnervingly quickly moved in front of her, blocking her path. With very few options left, Bella resorted to yelling, hoping that the threat of angry werewolves would be enough to deter Victoria. “Ja-!” she managed before the vampire had sufficiently cut her off. With her hand clamped firmly over Bella’s mouth and the sharp press of her fangs etching slowly closer to the human’s jugular, Victoria had well and truly captured her prey. A distinct fear flickered through Bella’s eyes. Laughing venomously, Victoria said, “James would have been disappointed, such an easy kill but what can I do? Nobody cares about you and you are simply too good to waste.” Falling tears continued to dampen Bella’s already sodden cheeks. She knew that there was no chance of being spared, after all it was because of her that Victoria was now alone and mate-less. Glaring down onto the frail human, Victoria felt a moment of triumph; although her mate was now dead, he would soon be avenged. The death of the human would soon quickly reach her vampire and werewolf lover and then the real chase would begin. In her twisted mind the vampire had planed everything out, after Bella’s death, when her two ‘saviours’ would be alone, furious and determined for revenge they would hunt her, chase her until only one amongst them survived.

Her perverse ideas seeped through to her face, replacing her manic smile with an even more warped expression. The promise of an inevitably painful death caused Bella to return to her escape, she wasn’t going to die easily. Struggling against Victoria’s iron grip, Bella found herself contemplating silently about her next move. Watching the resilient human with amusant, Victoria began to consider more excruciating methods of revenge. The girl was definitely entertaining to watch and her determination was nothing to ignore but would the human’s death leave her satisfied, Victoria thought. Releasing her hold on Bella, Victoria stepped back. A puzzled yet malicious expression now covered her face. With dark eyes contrasting against her blood red hair, Victoria always appeared threatening. “I could kill you now but why end the fun so soon?” Victoria hissed tunefully. Tears continued to stream down Bella’s face as she addressed the vampire. “Why? Why me?” “Why! You killed my mate!” Victoria replied, her voice echoing as her eyes switched to a bloody red/black. “But... But.. I didn’t, the Cullens did.” “The Cullens. Where are they now? Where are your loving family now? They had the common sense to leave you.” “No!” Bella screamed. “No? Why deny the truth? Why would anyone want to associate with a human?! Especially one as pathetic as you?!” “No!” A hysterical chuckle rippled through the air, ending their conversation. “Victoria” stated a tall and stunning figure. “Why Tanya, what are you doing here?” “To see if the Cullens had truly left” answered the slender vampire. “Tanya please!” Bella cried helplessly. Both the vampires exchanged looks before glancing at Bella in disgust. “As you can see they have.”

“Why, Victoria, this is a dangerous game you are playing, killing the Cullens’s pet..” This time it was Victoria’s turn to laugh wildly. “But Tanya. Don’t you see? They’ve left her. They don’t care about her. Nobody does.” A smile broke across both the vampires faces. “Would you care to join?” Wrinkling her nose in revulsion, Tanya replied, “No. I may loathe the human but I am still vegetarian.”

“Fine but surely you will watch the kill?” “No. I have matters to attend to, perhaps next time?” Tanya rejoined as she speedily exited, leaving no evidence of her presence. Returning her attention to Bella, the vampire felt a smile tug at her lips as the human’s noticeable distress mixed with her scent. Up until then Bella had found herself frozen with fear, unable to move she could only watch the conversation regarding her death. As she realised that Victoria was preparing to kill her, Bella felt a scream escape her lips. Swiftly Victoria lunged at Bella, grappling the human’s neck with her immense grip. Deafening cries filled the scene as Bella could feel the vampire’s fangs break through her thin skin. Crippling in Victoria’s hold, she could feel the rough points of Victoria’s fangs deepening into her neck. With her faltering sight, Bella could only make out the distinct red of blood, her blood, trailing down her body. A sickening emotion enveloped her as she fell into unconsciousness. A pulsating anguish flowed through her entire body. Engulfed by an increasing darkness, Bella felt lost as her screams of pains failed to leave her mouth. Individually moving her limbs, an agonizing pain jolted through her back causing her to wince. Blinking, she immediately noticed the light, or lack of it. Completely surrounded by utter darkness, Bella could only think of one reason, she was dead.

Chapter 2 An intense heat burned through the centre of her back as she stumbled more into unconsciousness. Now beyond a comatose sleep, Bella was aware of only one thing, the excruciating, inconceivable pain that now tore through her entire body. What had once started as a mild flame now felt like a blazing fire which had engulfed and trapped her. However as soon as the pain had become unbearable it had seized abruptly and had begun to fade away. Even though the burning anguish had now left her she could still feel its tormenting presence. A cool breeze washed over her stinging body. For Bella it was a welcomed change. At first the difference between the two sensations startled her. The breeze felt like a refreshing waterfall consuming her whole body. The pain seemed to wash away with the soft touch of the wind, as if like two forces working against each other. Her mind finally started to work once more. With the smouldering anguish now lost to the gentle wind that carefully caressed her skin, she summoned the strength to open her eyes. Blinking several times, it took her a while to adjust to the bright light. Moving hesitantly, she cautiously stood up. “What the...” she managed before being silenced. Looking around she was startled by the preciseness of everything, nothing lacked detail. Each curve in the pebbles stood out, the sky was no longer a plain sheet of blue but a canvas of tiny blue dots. As each wave crashed she could hear the loud roar of the water that she had never heard before. Glancing down at her feet she noticed the grainy sand.

Once deemed soft and golden, Bella now could see how far off she had been. The sand was more of beige/brown, not yellow enough for gold and certainly not smooth enough to be soft. Returning to the entire scene, she absorbed all the new information in, as if she had never experienced the world before. “You’re alive.” Startled by the voice, Bella froze. “What have you done?” Bella asked. “Nothing. I thought I had killed you, I certainly didn’t mean for this” Victoria rejoined, her speech showing her seriousness. “This?” “Why, you’re a vampire now. Like me” Victoria happily informed her, emphasising on the latter part. “No!” “No?” “I am not like you!” Bella yelled, placing her hand against her temple in an attempt of controlling her sudden dizziness. A smile replaced the blank expression that had covered Victoria’s face. Allowing her eyes to turn to a deadly shade of black, the redhead sprang at her, forcefully knocking into Bella. Slamming into the rough pebbles she had previously admired, Bella was surprised when she felt nothing. Rising, she watched Victoria’s grin falter. “I’m not fragile anymore Victoria. In fact I’d say I’m stronger than you” Bella announced, her voice malicious. A brief flicker of fear raced through Victoria’s eyes before being quickly hidden. However before Vitoria could answer there was another voice. “Bella?” said the figure running towards them. Immensely tall, well built and tanned, Jacob moved speedily, a fierce expression replacing his natural softness. Reaching them he only then realised what had happened. “Bella... you’re a...” “Vampire” she finished. “Why? How?”

“Victoria” she answered, only then noticing that the redheaded vampire was no longer present. “Victoria!?” he questioned, his speech and eyes becoming engulfed in rage. “She did this? That little –“he said before being cut off by the piercing look she was giving him. Abruptly Jacob’s attitude changed. He became conflicted. Nearing him, Bella asked, “Jacob?” “Stay away from me” he said through gritted teeth as he slowly backed away. “Jacob?” Shaking, the werewolf refused to speak any further or look at her. “Jacob?” “SHUT UP!” he yelled, his body heaving as he lost control. Shocked by his reaction, Bella immediately took to a defensive stance, something that she had never done before. “Look at you” he spat. Still in a defensive crouch, she gradually rose. “What?” “You’re like them. Hell you are one of them!” “But...” “You’re a bloodsucker, a leech, you make my skin crawl.” Staring at him, she understood what he was getting at. Picking herself up she questioned, “You hate me?” “Yes.... No... I can’t help it.” “But why? I haven’t done anything wrong.” “Yet” he corrected.

“Jacob listen to yourself! I have done nothing wrong. So I’m a vampire your point is? I’m still the same Bella you once knew. I’m still that girl, the girl you love.” Advancing towards her, he radiated a threatening power. “The girl I love is dead. DEAD! You are a vampire. You are a killer! You’re a selfish creature and I hate you! Everything about you.... Your evil.” Stunned by what he had said, Bella was most pained by his final words. “If I’m evil then kill me.” Glaring at her, he walked away. “Kill me!” she ordered. With little time to react, Bella moved just in time before Jacob hit the empty air where she had once stood. “If you want death so bad go to the volturi.” “Why won’t you kill me?” “I think you should leave Bella.” “Why?” “I’ll tell everyone you were killed, I’ll make sure it’s believable.” “Why won’t you kill me?!” she repeated. Slamming her into the water, Jacob released his anger. As she stood amongst the waves she heard his retreating figure say, “I love you.”

Chapter 3 With very little choice, Bella could only think of two options, either returning home and risking her father’s life or leaving, leaving everything that she had considered hers and home. Taking one lasting look at the beach, she shut her eyes and breathed deeply in, an action which felt awkwardly unnatural. Surprisingly it didn’t take her long to deliberate. Even though her father would be left heartbroken at least he would remain alive. That thought alone allowed her to leave, nothing little of her parent’s protection would make her depart. Opening her eyes, she knew that if she could cry than she would have done so. The stretching rays of sunlight appeared to be reaching across the sky, clawing the clouds. Looking at the sand she expected to see her usual deep footprints. There was no trace of her presence, no shapes in the sand, nothing. Knowing that she was delaying her departure, Bella took a sweeping glance before running.

Quickly hitting the forests past her house, Bella only briefly reflected on her speed, it felt faster than any of the Cullens had managed. A twinge of pain stabbed through her mind before swiftly calming. “No Cullens. Not today. They ruined everything. They caused this” she mumbled, inaudible to anyone else. The crunching of breaking twigs beneath her feet rang loudly in her ears as she moved. Unsure of where exactly she was heading to, Bella was shocked when she found herself surrounded by familiar scenes. Standing in the meadow, she could remember every detail of the day she had spent there with Edward. Although it was blurry Bella could recall exactly how she had felt, feelings that she had long since buried. Shaking herself off the memories, she clenched her fists; she would not allow herself to dwell on past lies. Looking up at the branches, she was pleased when she saw and though of nothing but the wood that stood in front of her. Still Bella longed to test her limits. If I could just prove that I didn’t feel anything then I’d be fine, she thought. Accelerating, she soon found what she had been searching for. Devoured by overgrown foliage, the Cullens’ house was barely identifiable. Weaving through the increasing forestry, Bella navigated her way to the front of the house. It had only been five months since the Cullens had left yet the house seemed to have aged incredibly. Allowing her hand to brush against the walls, she shuddered each time an old memory would resurface. Finally she let go feeling triumphant. She had imagined it to be torturous however it hadn’t felt like that at all. A sense of peace and calm now overwhelmed her. Smiling, she soon remembered what had happened. Thinking systematically, Bella tried to decide what to do next. I’m a vampire. I’m a newborn vampire. Which means what, she heard her conscience ask. Which means I’m unstable and I drink blood, BLOOD! Rather than confuse her further, her internal conversation she had just had had alerted her to something that had always repulsed her, blood. The Cullens, the many stories and Jacob’s fears had all confirmed to her one thing, vampires were blood drinkers. No matter how moral the vampire was, they always devoured blood, even the vegetarians. Feeling no hunger, Bella was far from complacent. She had seen the hunger strike before, it possessed you, even the strongest of vampires fell to the pull of feeding. Desperate to do the honourable choice and resist feeding as long as she could, Bella knew that it was impossible and if she was to become overwhelmed by the hunger, than it was best if she was

isolated from humans. A shiver passed through her at the thought of such a thing. Nonetheless if isolation meant her not murdering humans then isolation was her only choice. Taking one last look at the house, she washed her mind blank before racing away towards the mountainous region, which she had heard was where the Cullens used to hunt. Speedily climbing the rocks, she reached the top of the cliff-like area. Surrounded by animals, Bella hoped that her first kill would be easy. The sun began to set, its red rays illuminating the sky before being replaced by the night. The moon gradually became evident, bringing with it an array of glowing stars and a chilly breeze. Mesmerised by the stars, she found herself acknowledging that she had never seen such natural beauty; her human sight had done the world an injustice. The choppy wind that usually would have caused her teeth to chatter had little effect on her. Quickly time passed, soon she had waited an entire day yet the hunger had still to appear. Pacing around, she remained always vigilant. A passing deer mixed with the wind, causing its scent to travel to where Bella was. Expecting such a situation to end in a fast kill, she was surprised and frustrated when she felt nothing. Yeah it’s a deer, so what, she thought. Another day passed and it was swiftly becoming clear that the hunger was either waiting or there was something wrong with her. Perhaps she was only attracted to human blood? Maybe it was a certain type of animal that she liked? Or maybe she didn’t like blood at all... the latter solution made Bella laugh. All vampires liked blood, it was what made them vampires and she was one.

Chapter 4 Knowing that her presence in Forks would soon become an unavoidable trouble, Bella had only one choice, to leave. Surprisingly, she felt rather unmoved by such news. Guessing that it was the vampirism finally settling in, she dismissed her lack of emotion, her only real problem was keeping her family and friends alive and that meant distancing herself.

Clambering up the tall trees with ease, Bella took a sweeping glance of the place she had once called home. “Beautiful isn’t it?” The sudden voice did not alarm her. She had previously had the feeling that she had sensed a non-human. Leaping from a great height, her feet barely made a noise as she connected with the ground. “Demitri? What brings you here?” An increasing smile overtook his other fine features. “Allow me to congratulate you on your change. I must say it suits you well.” “Thank you” she replied, her tone icy. “Very well indeed” he continued, stepping closer towards her. Glancing up, she challenged his gaze, instantly adopting a strong act. Thinking that he would soon break her down, Demitri quickly grew hesitant as he discovered Bella’s power. “Now tell me, what are you doing here? Are you alone?” “Personal aren’t we?” he chuckled, stepping back. “What business brings you here?” “You’re no fun. The Volturi should’ve kept you human. It does not concern you but I was sent to check for the Cullens.” Moving further away, she maintained eye contact as she applauded herself mentally for not flinching at the mention of her former family. “They are not here.” “As I discovered. What I did not expect is for them to turn you and then leave.” Clearly the Volturi knew little of the true circumstance or whereabouts of the Cullens, Bella thought. “If it is information you seek I have none. I myself have no idea where they are or why they left.” Her words caused the guard to grow bemused yet he persisted. “But you chose to stay?” Amazed at her own skilful lying and adept improvisation, Bella sustained her nonchalant act, hoping that he would finally leave. “I am not as close to them as they would have you believe” she shrugged. As she tried to move past the brawny vampire, she found herself beaten and blocked off by Demitri’s natural talent and instinct. “So you will have me believe that the human the Cullens risked their lives for, knows nothing?” “Exactly.” “You lie. I can sense it.”

Unprepared for such an accusation, she knew that if she had been human, her body would have been shaking intensely. “Then you sense nothing. The Cullens became bored of me, found me lacking interest.” “Perhaps Edward loves another?” The mere suggestion ripped her heart into pieces. The most logical of all explanations had not disturbed her thoughts. Yet here with Demitri questioning her, she could only agree with the guard, perhaps he did love another, she questioned silently. Shirking her doubt away, Bella presented an indifferent exterior, as if the suggestion had not affected her. “Perhaps.” “You are not hurt?” he asked, a certain curiosity filling his voice. “No. Why should I be?” “Forgive me for stating but from what I have heard, you Miss Swan are presumed to be extremely naive and delicate” “Your point?” she questioned, folding her arms. “My point is, from what I have seen you are the complete opposite. Not a frail, pure, pretty but a dangerously attractive beauty.” “I am sorry but I don’t understand you.” “Understand this; I believe that you will prove to be a promising asset to the Volturi” he rejoined enthusiastically. “You want me to join the Volturi?” “Exactement.” “I thought the Volturi were Italian?” “I have French ancestry” he answered proudly. As exciting as Demitri’s personal history was, Bella still remained awestruck by his proposal. “You want me to be a guard?” “Yes but I will have to present you first to the others.” “What if I don’t want to be a guard?” she challenged. “Then you don’t but do you really want to be a newborn vampire alone, especially with so many already after your precious head?” Demitri said, mimicking Bella’s earlier blasé attitude. “What would it entail?” “Nothing much. If you have any talents then them of course, otherwise just what is expected of a bodyguard.” “But why me?” “Let’s just say you have a certain je ne sais quoi” he replied. “So you say the Cullens are missing?” With her casual shrug in response, he became silent and thoughtful. Mercifully the string of questions, suggestions and conversation stopped entirely there. Taking this as her cue to escape, Bella began to back away,

still watching the puzzled guard as she moved. With no movement on his part, Bella darted through the trees that surrounded the cliff. As she moved her mind was consumed with only a single thought, the volturi are in, or will be in Forks, searching for the Cullens. Her muscles continued to surge on as she remained unsure of her destination. The exercise proved to be helpful as she attempted to piece together a plan. Desperate to elude the vampire royalty at all cost, she knew that she had to flee Forks swiftly. Demitri may not have been able to track her when she had been human but now vampire, she wasn’t taking any risks at all. Translations: Exactement – exactly Je ne sais quoi – literally meaning: I don’t know what (tending to be a compliment, a certain trait etc, that is indescribable)

Chapter 5 A while later she was nearing Seattle. A bitter wind rampaged the streets as she wandered through the city. Walking past the bookstore that she had visited before, she felt her inside twinge slightly. Shaking herself of the emotions, she continued to move. Knowing that she had evaded the volturi for at least a little while, she set her sights on a new target to occupy her time, Victoria. Bella smiled, she’d get revenge. Lucky for her Victoria’s revenge had backfired, thus resulting in Bella becoming one of the eternally damned rather than dead.

Well we shouldn’t let such things go to waste now should we, she mocked mentally. Passing a shop she noticed her reflection in the glass. The old Bella was barely recognisable, sure she looked fairly similar but inside she had grown cold, cold and cynical. After Edward’s departure and Victoria transforming her, she had little to hold onto. At least for now she had revenge and a score to settle. Finished with her self pity, she became focused on tracking the red headed vampire. With no actual talents of her own, she had to rely on her basic nature to help. Retreating to a nearby park bench, she sat and planned. Victoria was not one to wait around, always preferring danger; she loved the thrill of a chase. Yet something had gone wrong when it came to her game with Bella. The phrase, never look a gift horse in the mouth, rang in her mind. Well perhaps this way she could eventually track the Cullens down and demand answers. However that was a plan for another day. As her thoughts switched back to Victoria, something in her mind clicked. During the attack, she recalled the red headed vampire being very friendly with Tanya. Tanya, she mused. It appeared a trip to Alaska was next in store for her. Stretching, she remembered how desperate she had been to become a vampire when she had first Edward. A faint smile touched her lips as her subconscious screamed, ironic much? Setting off, she covered most of the journey on foot, running incredibly fast, almost invisible to the human eye. Reaching the outskirts of Alaska the next evening, she decided to rest in an old-fashioned pub. Painted a plain white, the building held most of its original charm and features. Claiming a booth in the back, she cradled a glass filled with a strange ale. From what she’d learned the owners of the pub were Irish, thus explaining the unusual appearance of the pub, you don’t normally get the quaint; old-English type anything around Alaska. Not intending to drink the ale, she used it to blend in amongst the humans. For a pub out in the middle of nowhere, it seemed to be pretty full. Strange, she thought. Glancing around the pub she began to notice stranger things. The fact that there appeared to be a pub in the outskirts of Alaska should’ve alerted her immediately. Remaining stationary, she surveyed the entire scene from her seat. The pub was filled with youths; people ranging mainly from their late teens to mid twenties crowded the place. Suspicious, Bella tuned the loud

music out, zoning in on the several conversations. Focusing in on a group of girls, she listened attentively. “Yvonne. I owe you. I can’t believe you got us in here. This place is epic!” said a blond haired girl, Bella intellectually named ‘Blondie’, education hadn’t been wasted on her at all, she smiled. “Told you this was the place to be!” Is it? Bella scorned silently. So this was just a hangout for teens? Well that explained the people that looked like they were doing drugs. “I’m really glad I came. I wish Sam was with us” Blondie sighed, a sorrow filling her latter words. “So do I. She would’ve loved this place. It’s been what? Three months?” “Three months exactly, since she went missing.” Suddenly becoming alert, Bella lost her concentration on the conversation. So someone was missing, did that mean others were to, she contemplated. Deciding to listen to other conversations before she used her detective skills, or lack of, she tuned into a different conversation, this time between two twenty year old males. “Dude you were right. This place is seriously teeming with hot girls.” Dude? Did people seriously still call each other that? She questioned silently. Although only eighteen, since the day of her attack Bella felt significantly older. “See my friend, all you had to was trust me. Look around take your pick but just to warn you some of them maybe underage.” “Yeah, yeah. What do you take me for? Like I’d actually hit on someone like that.” “Yeah well I’m only warning you. People have gone missing round here, in fact across Alaska.” “Warning understood. Now if you don’t mind, I see a pretty lady sat alone by herself at the end booth.” It took Bella a moment to realise that the’ pretty lady’ he was referring to was indeed her. Uh-oh, her subconscious sang. Time for a hasty exit, she decided. Using her speed, she was out of the pub before he had even got up; with any luck no one else had noticed her leave. So people were missing, and that it occurring in Alaska, where Tanya’s clan happened to

live, with Victoria being friendly with Tanya. Coincidence? If she could, she’d bet her eternal youth that Victoria definitely something to do with this. It seemed that she’d be paying the red-headed vampire sooner rather than later.

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