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olowhen n is divided by 12, the remainder is 7. which of the following is not an even number?

So, odd=(3*19)+2=59
So, it is (3n+2)

A number when divided by 102 leaves the remaineder 15. if the same number is divided by 17, what
will be the remainder?
let, the number is =102+15=117
so when 117 divided by 17 remainder is 15 ( ans)

1. In a partnership, A invests 1/6 of the capital for 1/6 of the time, B invests 1/3 of the capital for 1/3
of the time, And C invests rest of the capital for the whole time. Out of a profit of 4600 tk, find the
share of B.
2. A can do a piece of work in 10 days, while B alone can do it in 15 days. They worked together for
5 days and rest of the work done by C in 2 days. If they get tk450 for the whole work, how should
they divided the money?
3. The speed of a boat in still water is 10 km per hour. If it can travel 24 km downstream and 14 km
upstream in equal time, indicate the speed of the flow of stream.
4. A company whose annual sales are currently tk 500000 has been experiencing sales increase of
20% per year. Assuming this rate of growth continues, what wil the annual sales be in five years?


let the invested money is 6000 and invested for 12 months.

Thus capital of A:B:C: is 1000:2000:3000. So the ratio of distribution according to the time is
or 2:8:36. So the share of B = 4600*8/46 = 800


Let, Total Invest Tk. x & total time 12 month

So, A invests Tk. x/6 for 12/6 or 2 months.
B invests Tk. x/3 for 12/3 or 4 months.
C invests { x (x/6 + x/3)} i.e Tk. x/2 for 12 months.
Therefore, A : B : C = (x/6 * 2) : (x/3 * 4) : (x/2 * 12) = 1 : 4 : 18.
Therefore, Bs share = Tk. 4600 * 4/23 = Tk. 800.


Let, the speed of the flow of stream be S

Downstream = 10 + S
Upstream = 10 - S
ATQ, 24/(10+S) = 14/(10-S)
=> 240 - 24S = 140 + 14S
=> 38S = 100
So, S = 50/19 Kmph (Ans.)

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