That Stare

By Jeff Hairabedian

“Alone in this city with nothing to do I set out to find trouble the only thing I knew From top this building some one called my name I said to myself that sounds like a Dame

I climb up to see just who it might be Only to fine these Gargoyles staring at me I yelled out loud, “Who called my name?” Came back an echo that say the same Far end of the building was some type of noise Who was it that plays with these toys? Tawas a wooden couple that slide by on a track, First a half dressed man clad in his under slacks Then an angry woman she was old and fat Leaning out a window of the town’s clock A pretty young Fraulein with whom he was caught . This one part I’m glad I did not miss Each time he pass, she blow him a kiss Way upon top was a large golden bell I knew the time midnight- because I heard it pang twelve. That’s when those things stepped into the light You ever see what Gargoyles fight? Goblins and Demons that come for men’s souls The ugliest things if I be so bold The creatures I seen were not carved out of stone

They were tall and black; with big red eyes And they were talking about me when they said, “This one dies.” I hid behind a statue with nowhere to run They acted like friends asking if I wanted to have fun It was the male that said, “I am Incubus, now don’t make a fuss, How would you like, to have sex with Succubus?” Behind come a naked woman, I said, “Leave me alone.” That’s when I heard the statue moan I turned to look and seen it come alive The Demons ran away and didn’t even say good bye. There is no doubt Gargoyles have hearts Although someone once said they’re only for art. If you’re not sure- if you believe in such things Maybe you can tell me- why they turn green I don’t know what- they might have been Some say Angels- that fell into sin One thing is for sure- about the beasts up there I never saw one- that didn’t stare”

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