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Inclusion North Bulletin

Issue Number 110

24th February 2016
23rd September 2015
In this bulletin you will hear about some of the
work Inclusion North is doing and information
about what is happening across the country.

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You can find out more about all the work we are
doing by following us on Facebook and twitter at:


Twitter: @InclusionNorth

2015 Family Carers Survey Summary

In September 2015 we did a simple survey to try to find
out a bit more about what family carers think. We also
wanted to know more about how Inclusion North makes a
difference to people.

This gives us some ideas about the sort of work we need

to do and whether we’re doing it right.

You can see the summary report of what people said on

the link below

Reflecting on Good Partnership Working by
Gateshead Partnership Board
Gateshead were committed and determined to make the
best of their partnership working with Inclusion North and
set out on a journey to make it a success…..
Thoughts from the board……
We wanted to have a committed, driven, strong board
that understands what it’s job is and is a place of
expertise and respected opinion so people come to us for
support in the direction and delivery of our learning
disability services.
We set out to check up on all the members who were on
paper committed, but who often didn’t come along to the
meeting. We asked people to commit by signing up to our
working together agreement.
We got a brilliant committed new chair who was
independent of the council and who had been a long
standing active member of the board for years.
We agreed a working group to design an action plan to
drive forward change and get the views of people living in
All of this work has created a more dynamic, focused and
committed partnership in Gateshead. This has given
Gateshead the ability to drive forward change that is
wanted and needed for their local population. They are
able to gather this information from people and families
from being well connected and supportive – this is
highlighted in the response to the 100 voices work we
have just done across the region.
We believe that this shows that with a determination to
working alongside people with learning disabilities,
families and other professionals, the partnership board
are a brilliant driver for change and better services.

New Winterbourne View report

Sir Stephen Bubb is leading the work looking at new

safeguards and support for adults with learning
disabilities after the abuse that happened at
Winterbourne View.

Sir Stephen has now published his latest and final report
called Time for Change – The Challenge Ahead.

You can read the full report here

And here is the EasyRead of the report

The report looks at the progress made in the last year by

the transforming care programme, and also looks at the
big challenges ahead and what the best way to meet
them might be.

Making sure people get better care and

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) supports nurses,

people training to be a nurse, midwives and health care

The RCN give them advice and support and help make
their work the best it can be.

They have made a report called Connect for Change,

which is about what the Royal College of Nursing think
needs to happen to help move people out of hospital and
into homes.

You can read their Connect for Change report here

You can see the EasyRead report here

Positive Behavioural Support Resources
The PBS Academy is a group of organisations and
people who are working together to promote Positive
Behavioural Support (PBS) for working with children and
adults who are at risk of behaviour that challenges.

There are booklets for people with learning disabilities

about having a good life, which you can download on the
link below
There is new information for Commissioners and Care
Managers about best practice and contracts which you
can see here
There is also a checklist for Service Providers which you
can see here

The PBS Academy hope to have more resources for

Family Carers available soon.
You can find out more about the PBS Academy on their
website at
You can also follow PBS Academy on Twitter

Making Freedom Real – Makaton for Adults

Makaton is an important way of communicating for many

people with learning disabilities or communication
It has a strong track record in helping people
communicate and this is a basic requirement of human
rights and the right to personal freedom.

It is a concern that good work in schools appears to be

too often stopped as people become adults.

The Centre for Welfare Reform have published a report

which suggests that there is a basic failure in adult social
care to support people who use Makaton to use and build
on their skills as adults.

You can find out more on the Centre for Welfare

Reform’s website at

Housing Guide for Families

The Housing and Support Alliance (H&SA) has been

funded by NHS England to write a guide for families on
how they can change their surroundings or housing to
better meet the needs of their child with learning
disabilities and challenging behaviour.

H&SA is also writing a guide and producing a training

video for housing, health and social care organisations so
that they can better help families get the housing they

They want to make sure that the guide and videos are as
useful as possible to families and professionals, so they
are asking for people’s help to tell them about the areas
in which they most need advice, support and information
when it comes to getting the right housing.

H&SA have made a survey for families to tell them about

their experience of getting the housing they need

They have also made a survey for people who work in

housing, health and social care to share examples of
what does and does not work

H&SA also want to hear from family networks that they

can meet with in February 2016. To take part in this,
contact Kate at
Challenging potentially unlawful decisions by
public bodies

Housing and Support Alliance are also running a session

that will help care providers understand how to address
potentially unlawful decisions by public bodies about the
provision of services to disabled people.

The session will have particular focus on the legal duties

under the Care Act 2014.
As well as looking at legal rights and obligations, the
session will focus on useful ways that decisions by public
bodies can be challenged, including the role of judicial
A judicial review is when a court can look at an action
made by a public body to decide if it was lawful or not.
The session will have plenty of time for questions and
discussion. Attendees with specific questions are
welcome to send them in advance to Steve at
As many questions as possible will be addressed during
the session.

The session takes place on

14th April in London

There are a limited number of free places for people with

learning disabilities and family members. If you would like
to go to the session, contact Mariana at

Workshop for siblings in Leeds

Sibs want to start a support group for adult siblings of

people with a lifelong learning disability and/or autism.
They are having a workshop where you will have the
opportunity to share experiences with other adult siblings
locally and learn more about developing a sibling group
in Leeds.
Sibs hope you will come to the workshop and join the
growing community of adult siblings in the UK.

The workshop takes place on

9th March


7.00pm to 9.00pm

You can find out more on the event flyer here

You can book a place on their website at

You can contact Sibs on

or by calling

01535 645453
CQC Regional Event in Sunderland

Sunderland People First are holding a Care Quality

Commission (CQC) day. The event is for people with
Learning Disabilities, their families / carer’s and

CQC are very keen to get feedback, good or poor, about

any service that people have used.

There will be a presentation about CQC and how they

carry out inspections.

A CQC Inspector will also be here to talk about a day in

their life.

The event takes place on

29th March


10.00am to 3.00pm

A Buffet Lunch will be provided and travel costs paid.

There will also be a £15 Love to Shop voucher available

to each participant.

If you would like to come along, please contact Donna

Johnson at

or call

0191 281 8737

Uncut Cords: Changing Families, Changing
Uncut Cords is a genuine and passionate new book
written by seven York mothers of teenage and adult
children with learning disabilities.

Each chapter is themed and composed of short, self-

contained stories.

As part of York Literature Festival, Dame Philippa Russell

will be supporting the authors as a speaker at an event

18th March


2.00pm to 4.00pm


Quaker Meeting House


You can find out more on the event flyer here

Durham County Carers

Durham County Carers Support are a voluntary

organisation that provides free high quality services and
support to unpaid carers over the age of 18 who support
someone living in the County Durham area.

You can see their newsletter Caring Matters on the link below

You can find out more about Durham County Carers on their
website at

Good Practice in Looking After Your Weight
The Improving Health and Lives (IHaL) team are
preparing their next 'reasonable adjustments' report.

They know that many people with learning disabilities are

either underweight or overweight. Both of these can lead
to poorer health.

The focus of the next IHaL report will be about looking

after your weight for people who are overweight.

The aim of the report is to share information, knowledge

and best practice throughout the country to support
people in improving services and care.

They would like to include as many good case studies as

possible in this report so that other people can benefit
and use this information to support people with learning
disabilities to look after their weight.

If you would like to share your stories, examples of your

work or resources with IHaL, please send them to

Doctors, Talk to me
A group of young people with learning disabilities have
been working with Harriet at Healthwatch, along with
Fixers, Paperworks and Youthwatch.

They have made a short film called ‘Doctors, Talk to me’

which is aimed at doctors, dentists and other people in

The film was made to give people an idea about how

scary going to the doctors can be if they don’t explain
what they’re doing.

This is a free resource to share with people who work

with people with learning disabilities.

You can see the film on the link below

There is a poster to go with the film, which you can

download at

Higher quality printed copies of the poster are available

by emailing Harriet at

Mixed Ability Sport Survey
Mixed Ability Sports want to find out people’s views on
bringing together disabled and non-disabled people who
take part in regular sports and activities.

They are asking both groups of people to complete their

Mixed Ability Sport Survey.

You can take the survey online at

Or you can download an electronic copy of their survey

form here

and return it to

You can also find out more about Mixed Ability Sports on
their website at

'Talk About Taking Part’ survey
Wheelpower have made a survey will find out what can
be done to help more wheelchair users lead healthy
active lives and take part in sport and physical activity.

People who use a wheelchair in everyday life, or who

would use one for sport, are urged to complete the

They are keen to find the views of those who don’t take
part in any sport as well as people who already lead
active lives.

The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete and

aims to find out what activities wheelchair users currently
take part in, what they would like to try or do more of in
the future, and how Wheelpower can support them to do

You can do the survey on the link below

The last day that you can do the survey is

6th May

Free access and transport to Newcastle
Disabled Access Day is for all disabled people and their
families, friends and carers.

People take part by going to a place they haven’t visited

before, taking photos of themselves there and telling
people about their experiences on Twitter or Facebook.

Disabled Access Day 2016 takes place on

12th March

Rob Latham at Tyne & Wear museums tells us that all of

their events for Disabled Access Day are free and so is
any communication support.

Free transport can be arranged, for any deaf or disabled

person who does not have access to a car and / or
cannot use public transport comfortably.

You can see a list of events that this offer is open for

You can also find out more on the Tyne & Wear
museums website at
Dance Syndrome’s Thunderclap campaign
Dance syndrome are an Inclusive dance group led by
people with learning disabilities, and which was started
by Jen Blackwell.

Jen has written a message to the trustees of

DanceSyndrome that they want your help in sharing on
social media for their ‘thunderclap’ on 8th March.

Jen’s message is:

"Thanks very much for everything that u are doing for

DanceSyndrome and I really can't believe it as I am
changing other people’s lives through dancing. I couldn't
have done it without support and u guys have touched
my heart and for that I am very thankful"

Jen want’s people to share this on

8th March

because it is also International Women’s Day

You can take part by sharing this on one or all of the links



And here is the Thunderclap page that also tells you

more about Dance Syndrome

Self Advocates Health Action Heroes

York Advocacy were able to get a grant from NHS
England on behalf of the Self-Advocates Forum.
They used the grant to help find a creative way to show
some of the work self-advocates had been engaged in
around access to healthcare.

For the project they created a ‘Superheroes Comic’ with

characters based on themselves and villains intent on
stopping them being involved and included in issues
around health!

You can read the comic here

And here is the story about how the comic was made
What is coming up next at Inclusion North
24th February North East Family Carers Network
25th February Yorkshire and Humber Family Carers
2nd March Yorkshire & Humber Lead Officers
14th March South Tees Provider Forum
17th March Yorkshire & Humber Leadership Group
22nd March Care Act session Darlington
23rd March Care Act session Newcastle

If you would like to know more about any of these events

contact Marie on 0113 244 4792

If you would like any information on any of our

meetings, training or projects you can contact the
office on:

Tel: 0113 244 4792


Or you can write to us at:

Inclusion North CIC
Woodhouse Community Centre
197 Woodhouse Street
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You can visit our website at:

Or you can contact any member of the Inclusion North

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Inclusion North Member Areas 2015-16
If you live in one of these areas you can come to our
member events.
Yorkshire and the Humber
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