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Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments

Directed Reading Worksheet Answer Key

Chapter 4 The Sacrament of Confirmation
1. The essential rite includes: (a) the laying on of hands, (b) the anointing with Sacred Chrism, and (c) the words Be
sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit (page 95)
2. Holy Spirit; Church; unity; conformity; spread (page 96)
3. False. At Confirmation we are more perfectly bound to the Church and are endowed with the special strength of the
holy Spirit. (page 97)
4. Old Testament; Lord; Isaiah; Messiah; baptism; heard (page 97)
5. (a) Jesus told his disciples not to worry about how or what their defense would be before the rules because the
holy Spirit will teach you at that moment what you should say. (b) Jesus told Nicodemus: The wind blows where
it wills but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes; so it is with everyone born of the Spirit. (c)
On the Feast of Tabernacles Jesus predicted that the Holy Spirit that Jesus had received would also be given to his
followers after the Resurrection. (d) At the Last Supper Jesus promised he would send the Holy Spirit. (pages 9798)
6. Pentecost; witness; persecution (page 98)
7. True. (page 98)
8. laying on of hands; Baptism; Confirmation; Spirit (page 98)
9. False. Although there are numerous examples of the laying on of hands in the Scriptures, Jesus offered blessings to
the people bringing children to him that he might touch them. (page 98).
10. Apostles; baptized; blessing; bishop; acts (page 99)
11. Oil was a sign of abundance and joy, it was used in cooking and in providing light, to cleanse the body, to limber
muscles, helped to heal and beatified. (page 99)
12. consecration; priests; mission; Christ; anointed one (page 99)
13. Christ; balsam; odor; imitating; mission (page 99)
14. (a) the growing number of infant Baptisms, (b) the increase in rural parishes, and (c) the growth of dioceses (pages
15. Roman; Chrism; priest; Baptism; bishop; Confirmation (page 100)
16. False. If an adult is baptized, only one post-baptismal anointing, confirmation, is administered, and it is done by the
priest. (page 100)
17. Eastern; together; anointing; bishop; chrism (page 100)
18. The Council of Riez (439) and The Council of Orange (441) were the first to use the name Confirmation for postbaptismal anointing and required bishops to visit rural parts of their dioceses regularly to confirm the newly
baptized. The Second Council of Lyons (1274) used the official name Confirmation on an official list of the
Seven Sacraments. The Council of Trent (1545+) defended the sacramental character of Confirmation on an
official list of the Seven Sacraments. (page 100)

19. Eucharist; children; seven; after; order (page 101)
20. True. (page 101)
21. Four changes include: (a) The RCIA calls for all adult converts to celebrate Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist
at the same time, usually at the Easter Vigil; (b) The confirmandi are encouraged to use their baptismal name as
their Confirmation name; (c) The Church encourages baptismal godparents to act as Confirmation sponsors; (d) The
ritual of Confirmation includes a public renewal of baptismal promises. (pages 101-102)
22. The bishop blesses: the Oil of Catechumens, the Oil of the Sick, and the chrism that will be used in the sacraments.
(page 103)
23. True. (page 103)
24. chrism; authority; Apostles; Church; Confirmation (page 103)
25. True. (page 103)
26. The cathedra, or chair of the bishop, symbolizes the bishops role as leader of the diocese and presider of the local
assembly gathered for Confirmation. (pages 103-104)
27. The proper sequence is this: (1) the candidates are presented to the bishop, (2) the candidates name is read aloud,
(3) the bishop gives a homily which may include a dialogue with the confirmadi, (4) the candidates publically
renew their baptismal promises, (5) the Profession of Faith, the bishops prayer for the outpouring of the Spirit, (6)
the anointing with oil by the bishop, (7) a Sign of Peace, (8) General Intercessions (page 104-105)
28. The spiritual seal is a sign of identity and ownership. (page 104)
29. False. The anointing by the bishop shows that the wider Church has accepted our Baptism. (page 104)
30. This blessing reminds the assembly of their own consecration to profess the true faith as Gods children. (page 105)
31. Every baptized person who is not yet confirmed can and should receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. (page 106)
32. True. (page 106)
33. grace; Penance; prayer; act; Holy Spirit (page 106)
34. original minister; priest; adults; Initiation; death (page 106)
35. Confirmation; identity; Church; deepens; Baptism (page 107)
36. perfect; Body; grace; Gospel (page 107)
37. False. Like Baptism, Confirmation is given only once, since it imprints on our soul an indelible spiritual mark, the
character that allows us to testify to our faith in Christ. (page 108)
38. True. (page 109)
39. effect; outpouring; Holy Spirit; Pentecost; deepening (page 108)
40. children; identity; Father; family; Blessed Trinity (page 108)

41. It helps us more perfectly become the image of Christ. The Holy Spirit comes to us in the sacrament and helps us
pray always and continually renew and deepen our relationship with Christ. (page 108)
42. weeds; abandon Christ; rocks; setbacks; give up; thorns; persecuted; easy way; soil; Confirmation (page 109)
43. Gifts; Jesus; grow; holiness; listen; Word (page 109)
44. understanding (page 109)
45. knowledge (page 110)
46. piety (page 110)
47. wisdom (page 109)
48. fear of the Lord (page 110)
49. fortitude (page 110)
50. counsel (page 109-110)
51. bond; become; Body of Christ; People of God (page 110)
52. Church; Jesus; attitudes; fruit (page 110)
53. The twelve fruits of the Spirit are: charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness,
faithfulness, modesty, self-control, and chastity. (page 110)
54. This character helps us spread and defend the faith as witnesses of Christ and to never be ashamed of the cross. In
other words, it enables us to see ourselves as vital members of Christs Body. (page 111)
55. witnessed; persecution; Church; Confirmation; militaristic (page 111)
56. Bonaventure taught that Confirmation strengthens baptized Christians so that they might become soldiers for
Christ, defending the true faith against evil. (page 112)
57. you should put away the old self of your former way of life, corrupted through deceitful desires, and be renewed
in the spirit of your minds, and put on the new self, created by Gods way in righteousness and holiness of truth.
(page 112)
58. True. (page 112)
59. faith; static; Living; evolving; grow; physically (page 112)
60. What truly matters is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (page 112)