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February 24, 2016

Councilman Philip Kingston

1500 Marilla Street
Dallas, TX 75201
Dear Councilman Kingston:
We were very disappointed to read your comments in the Dallas Morning News regarding
the Exxxotica Expo last August and dentist-attendees at the Southwest Dental Conference.
We believe that statements implying dentists acceptance of the Exxxotica Expo were in fact
very misleading. I can tell you that many attendees at our dentist, staff and family-oriented
sessions were upset and uncomfortable as they encountered evidence of the Exxxotica
meeting in the hallway on the way to our meeting. We also received several calls from
SWDC attendees concerned about safety matters in and around the Convention Center.
Many expressed hesitancies about even coming to Dallas prior to the meeting.
In fact, prior to the meeting, representatives of the Southwest Dental Conference made
several calls to both City and Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center representatives to
register our objections to our meeting being placed in close proximity to the Exxxotica Expo,
but to no avail.
For the last 89 consecutive years, the Dallas County Dental Society has been privileged to
host a meeting in Dallas that ranks among the best in the country. Dental practitioners and
their families from across the United States routinely count the Southwest Dental
Conference as a must attend event. To say that we were proud of what our visiting guests
saw in the halls of the Convention Center and, moreover, to imply that we found Exxxotica
acceptable for our members and guests to encounter, is just simply misstating the facts. To
use acceptance by dentists or by the Dallas County Dental Society as an excuse to bring
back more of the same is without merit and very inappropriate.
While registering our strong objections and sincere feelings, we do want you, the other
Council members, and the Mayor to understand that we look forward to better times in
support of our City and the great potential we all have to make this a better place to live,
work and raise our families. We appreciate all of you who give time and service to that end.
Very sincerely,

John S. Findley, DDS

DCDS Community Oral Health Officer

Mr. Michael Rawlings, Dallas Mayor

Mr. Robert Wilonsky, DMN reporter
Dr. Marshal Goldberg, DCDS President
Dr. Carmen Smith, SWDC 2016 Chairman