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JACKSONVILLE BRANCH NAACP ACT-SO PROGRAM The NAACP's Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2016 ACT-SO brings together thousands of high school students from throughout the United States to compete across 32 categories spanning Business, Culinary Arts, Humanities, Performing Arts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), and Visual Arts. The local ACT-SO Competition will be held on Saturday, April 16, 2016 beginning at 8:00 a.m. — 12:00 noon at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, 2445 San Diego Road, 32207. Please bring the completed application, to the official ACT-SO Orientation on Saturday, March 19" at 10:00 am at the NAACP Office, 1725 Oakhurst Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32208. For detailed descriptions of categories: please visit — go to ACT-SO resources; competition roster Any questions: call: Ms. McCarthy — 904 534-4388 Mrs. Thompson 904 472-0425 Mrs. Atkins: 904 655-3502 ROT NAACP ACT-SO COMPETITION APPLICATION Contest Year’ 2016 Unit Name Unit it by student applicant, Please print loaibly [Rouring Gompottor ves DN Male [] Female () igh Schl iy arent) Name _ Parent Phone {)_- {Parent E-mail Address | Refer to the ACT-SO Gatogory Descriptions and check the category (ies) for which you will create a projec, artwork, or performance. Contestants may compete in no more than 3 competitions. Indicate the competition & for music competitors indicate instrument andlor volee - (ex; soprano, drums, saxophone, etc) ae EUS Sener SUE Ci architecture (01) Clusicompostion (10) Dance: alat (15) Drawing 25) TDBiologynaterobtogy (2) D1 Orginal Essay (11) | Dance: Contemporary (16) | Fimmaking es {Clonemistyeiochemisty (03) C1 Playwriing (2) Cl Dance: Modem (17) | Painting 2) Ch computerscionce (04). Ch Poety—Wiiton (3) Dance: Tradtional (18) Photography 9) (Cheerth& Space Sciences (05) CI Shot Story (4) (Dramatics (19) Dscupture (20) ID Engineering (05) Musi Instr—Ciassial (20) 1D Mathematics 7) Musi: inste—Contemp. (21) puede soa (0) TG Shits Yossie 2 (CPysies @) (DMs: vocal—Contomp. (23) ‘D entopreneurship (1) _Doratory 2) T1PootyPertormance (25) Crcutinary arts (Compotiion + & insrumentvoice: [Compettion 2 & instumenvvoice: [competion & istrimeniNoice: ‘Student Signature Parental Signature THIS SECTION TO BE COMPLETED BY ACT-SO CHAIRPERSON, ACT-SO Chairperson C1 This person is a gold medal winner and will advance to the Natlonal Competition, Chaitperson Signature Date or 7 Please return this application by March 11" 2016 to: NAACP—1725 Oakhurst Avenue Suite 401 Jacksonville, FL 32208