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Creative commons use is acceptable. You do not need permission to repost, copy, etc.

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written 2016
Notes: You cannot steal a meme, individually, they are by the community for the community. Though groups
such as Normies can and DO steal ironic/post ironic memes.

Pre-Ironic Memes

These are considered normie-tier, memes such as Bad Luck Brian,

College Freshman, Good Guy Greg, etc. These are the introduction of
memes which started in the early 2000s being spread through
forums and social media.
The humor presented in these memes are genuine stereotypical
humility, the same can be seen in stoner comedies but in a
memeilogical sense, its done in a more indirect way. Usually these
characters are given an unconscious personality based on the text
that commonly is associated with them.
Thought patterns

Normie memes usually involve or come from a Vine, which then is

quickly spread everywhere, an example is Damn Daniel which is
only funny post-ironically. Normies should be avoided.

Ironic Memes

It should be noted that ironic memes are more commonly post-ironic

now. Ironic memes were satire of Pre-ironic, or Normie, memes.
Reusing or parodying normie memes not because the humor was
good, but because it wasnt. The ironic memes started their own
memes which are only known and, rightfully, respected in Ironic and
Post-ironic meme culture.
Normie invasion

Whenever an ironic meme character such as Pepe is used in an

appropriate setting or context often enough, it becomes being used
in out of place situations being used by Normies. When this happens
the meme is dying or has become dead, and is no longer used in
Ironic meme culture since its been tainted by Normies and los[s]t
its comedy.
What makes it not a reverse-satirical meme is that Normies do not
use an ironic meme character for parody but instead making it a
genuine humility meme such as a reaction image. Reaction images
are usually found in comments still being used even though the
meme is years old. Normies have no concept of meme aging, and
will use a meme that is outdated, other normies will reuse the meme
until a new meme, likely a stolen ironic one, is surfaced to the

Post Ironic Memes


Post ironic memes are far beyond Normie and Ironic memes and
their cultures, parodying itself in both an ironic and non-ironic way.
There are many types of Post Ironic memes and the most cancerous

are Nihilistic memes used unironically by a mixture of ironic memers

and edgy teens (usually theyre the same)
There was a dark period where many pages were filled with Nihilistic
edgy memes about nihilism, existentialism, etc. used an a
pseudo-intellectual way, most of these people genuinely thought that
Nietzsche was a nihilist.
Political memes

In many Post Ironic pages theres a use of post-irony political memes

which satirize both the Left and the Right. These memes usually
reference an upcoming or former politician and their ideas or events
which happened during their time in office. An example is Bush did
9/11 or the pre-ironic Jet fuel cant melt steel beams which is
mocking 9/11 truthers who say the September 11th attacks were
done by the American government or the Jews.
Most of the memes of the political type are posted by people who
are more Left but hate SJWs and Commies, or by people on the light
Right who hate Conservatives and Fascists. These people usually
only have a basic understanding of political ideologies.
Objectal memes

Images such as street lights, bricks, etc. are commonly used. Another
is satirizing a Normie reaction meme: usually in a Normie reaction
meme theres text such as Me when I go to school and a picture of
something realistic or a quote which makes sense in the context.
Objectal memes use this format but in a much better way. There will
be text such as Have You Seen This Man and a picture of
Spongebob, or a fake news story where a suspects picture is
replaced by a fictional character.

A once funny Post ironic objectal meme was John Cena representing
transparency, coming from his saying You cant see me. This was
taken over by Normies used genuinely, and is used ironically by Ironic
Ideological memes

Ideological memes refer to memes that are similar to Post ironic

political memes but used in separate settings. Another use is using
older memes to make a new meme such as:

Hierarchy as of 2-23-2016

Post ironic
Very soon there may be a popularization of post post ironic memes,
they exist but are not as popular as Post ironic memes as of now.