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MM9502 Advanced Machining Processes

Assignment #4 Electrical Discharge Machining



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Answer all Questions:


What is Ram EDM generally used for?


Ram EDM is also known as Die sinking EDM is generally used to produce blind


Describe the difference between Wire EDM and Ram EDM.


Ram EDM uses shaped or sized electrically charged electrodes generally graphite,
Tungsten and brass or copper to erode a specific shape into a work piece.
Wire EDM, as its name suggests, uses thin electrically conductive wire, generally
brass to electrically discharge power and erode a path in a work piece much like a
band saw.


What function does the dielectric oil have when electricity is first supplied
across the electrode and the work material?


Initially the power supply generates an electrical potential between the electrode
and work piece. As the electrode approaches the work piece, Die electric
breakdown occurs in the oil, forming plasma channel, and a small sparks jumps.
The oil forms a dielectric barrier between the work piece and electrode.


What happens when sufficient electricity is supplied between the electrode

and the work piece?


when sufficient electricity is supplied, the die electric oil ionizes and controlled
sparks melt and vaporise the work piece. The sparks happen in huge numbers at
seemingly random locations between the electrode and the work piece. As the
work piece eroded, and the spark gap subsequently increased, the electrode will
be lowered automatically by the machine so that process continues uninterrupted.


What happens during the OFF time of the electrical discharge cycle?


In OFF-time period, one spark is replaced with another. A longer OFF time allows
the flushing of die electric fluid from nozzle to clean out the eroded debris,
thereby avoiding a short circuit.


What effect does polarity have on the work piece and the electrode?


The metal removal rate in the positive polarity is high, though the electrode wear
is large with graphite electrodes. On the other hand, the metal removal rate in the
reversed polarity is relatively low, though the electrode wear is small, which leads
to no electrode wear under proper machining conditions. Electrodes with negative
polarity cut faster.


Explain how the dimensions of Die Sinking EDM cavities be controlled.


Initially roughing electrode will be used for the metal removal from the
cavity. Then 2 to 3 finishing electrodes often needed to finish a cavity to
get desired dimensions.


What should be done concerning fumes from ram EDM?


A proper ventilation system should be installed. Boron carbide (B4C), titanium

boride (TiB2) and beryllium (Be) are needed to be especially well-vented because
they give off toxic fumes.