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Student Appreciation & Profiling Program

Froebel Public School



Concept developers
Miss Yasmina Jan (MA Edu)
[Educational Counselor and

Miss Shabira Akhter (MTM)

Expert in educational
10th April


Mission Statement of
SAPP program

“Frobel Public School

Will encourage the
students and help
them to develop the
subject choosing
concept at higher
levels in future and
encourage them in
their specialty, make
them active in all
associations of their

What is the program?

The program has fundamentally two parts one is the profiling and
other is the appreciation the profiling is the concept developed for the
students to identify the problems and help them in choosing the careers in
future and maintain the data for whole life of the student, so the educational
development of student will be checked and the problems may be die out.
The second part is the student appreciation is the concept to make
positive approach for making students able to think about main stream and
aim of their study. The program will provide the students ‘who win
sensation’, decision making powers for future planning.
For the benefit of the school is that, it will get the support from the
educationalists, parents and from general public. This concept may be taking
a swing, so that other Institutions may adopt this procedure and this school
take-over first.

Students profiling program:

The profiling is the art and scientific method for identifying the student’s
attitude towards the study .The profiling is a register like the registration
register of the school, but its contents is for different purpose and recording.
The profiling provides the students individual performance and difficulties
during school period. This program will prove beneficial for students and
school to identity the student’s limitation and his or her spatiality on yearly
basis so that their improvement is much more shined.
In addition to that at the end when student leave the school an over all
performance and subject of interest will be shown against the students as
per his/her marks obtained in all examinations subject wise (1-8th standard)
and remarks of the teachers /counselor, marked time by time, so that on
these analyses the student find him self at an ease to choose the
subject/profession at higher study.

A register naming with SPP has to be maintained on the basis of annual
performance of all students so the problems/weakness faced in the last
year will be redressed in the next year and at all the final certificate will be
given at the end.

Student profiling form Registration No.

Name of student
Fathers name Occupation
Mother Name Occupation
D.O. Birth D.O. joining
Year Problem remedy Teacher Specialty
identified remarks identified
Teacher signature Note: Photo graph

Year Problem remedy Teacher Specialty

identified remarks identified
Teacher signature Note: Photo graph

Students Appreciation Program (SAP)

To maintain the student’s enthusiasm in every field of development, we have

developed a program to appreciate the student in very aspect of their lives; we will
provide every sort of opportunity to develop their ability and the program is
developed in a manner accordingly and by lusting method.


The appreciation program is a certificate award for the students who make
outstanding performance in the various field of activities,these fields may be
educational in natural, scientific, social, theology, performing art, poetry, paining
and sports etc. for maintaining these movements and make them memorable, this
school will provide the appropriate card to the winner student, who has retain this
card for whole year, this card shall captain different colours, which represents
students performing field and a line extra which contain the word ‘Frobel Genius’ or
other award name.

S.N Name of Award Description

1 Frobel Einstein This award go to the high marks succored student from
5th-8th standard
2 Edison Project of the year award
3 Intellectual Among the student clubs over all performance
4 Smart Among the 1th to 5 th standard students
5 Tigore Among Art ,performing art, poetry etc
6 Sadaat Theology award given to the student on the basis of
Ikhlakiyaat and Na’at competitions debaits, etc.
7 Sports This award will be given to students who wins the prizes
in the inter-school sports activities.

The award comprise on certificate and a card, with specific colour.

RED,BLUEYellow,Indigo,Purplegreen etc.
The award will be given on the annual ceremony of the school:

In 1st year the award will be presented by the administrator or so, from the next
year the award will be honored by the 1st years winner.

Example card:

Frobel Genius
Note: foundsName:
be raised by the collection of Rs.10 from every student on yearly
basis and a recent 6
For the Year 2010
Roll No. 5
For more information please contact: