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Difference between sex and love

What is love?
Love means many things to many people depending on their age and
experiences. It is a positive feeling or response toward a person or an object.
According to the bible, it is a large component, of which sex is only one
element. It has its ideal expression within a marriage in sex.
But there are many things that comprise the components of love that are not
sexual in their orientation such as willingness to take responsibility, feeling of
understanding, respect, protective attitude, sacrifice, kindness, loneliness in
the absence of the other, and happiness in his/her presence.
As Irving (1996) had put it:
A man who loves bestows values by caring about the needs and
interests of the beloved, by wishing to benefit or protect her, by
delighting in her achievements, by encouraging her independence
and respecting her individuality, by giving her pleasure, by taking
pleasures with her, by feeling glad when she is present and sad
when she is not, by sharing his ideas and wanting her emotions with
her, by sympathizing with her weaknesses and depending upon her
strength, by developing common pursuits, by allowing her to
become second-nature to him her smiles, her frowns, her ups, her
downs, by filling a need to increase their society with other human
beings upon who they can jointly bestow value by wanting children
who may perpetuate their love.
Different Kinds of Love:
The Conjugal Love
It is the natural affection of husband and wife. The characteristics of it is
unique mutual self-giving.
The Parental Love
As the term implies, love between parents and child. It is manifested in the
desire for children and in the self-sacrificing care, protection, and love for
The Filial Love
It is more of the attraction of the child for his father and mother. This is
characterized by a childs obedience to his parents and respect for
Fraternal Love
It is a love between brother and sister. It is characterized by mutual
cooperation and sense of loyalty. It has a genuine value for family life
and adds to the sum total of family unit and affection.
Romantic love
It is the love into which we fall, the love that leads up to and over into
marriage . In this kind of love there is a centering attention on the
other person as a focus of biological urges and means of relief from
What is sex???

Sex refers to that which makes a man a man and a woman a woman. It
is also defined as a biological urge which explains the universal desire
for mating and accounts for the propagation of the species.
What is meant by the sex-love impulse???
The term implies that every human being there exist a component of
the instinct of self-preservation known as the sex drive.
Running parallel to your sex-instinct is the love-instinct the need
to love and be loved. As a mature, these two instincts tend to fuse into
a single impulse or hunger.
Sex- love impulse is a psychobiological force incorporating the idea
of both the physical or the biological and the psychological or

Fallacies about sex and love

Most of our marital unhappiness is due to lack of self-education. Selfinstinct is born with us, but sex knowledge has to be acquired.
Another fallacy is that sex is an end in itself.
Also, a fallacy is that jealousy is a sign of love.
Normal jealousy, that is jealousy commiserating with facts, is a
sign of love. This is the jealousy which is useful in preserving marriage.
Abnormal jealousy is an infantile reaction caused by traumatic
life experiences, or by feelings of guilt.
Another fallacy is the sexual compatibility

Sex and social life


Since sex is a biological need, when one feels like satisfying

it, why not just find a member of the opposite sex go ahead
and satisfy it?
There are several answers to this question and here they are:
Sexual intercourse is a deeply moving experience and not something
to be played around with.
Most religious say or teach that sexual relationship outside marriage is
a wrongful act; it is a sin.
Sexual relationship may result to early marriage.
A young and unmarried woman who indulges in sexual relationships
may produce a child.
One should take into consideration the baby itself.
A person indulging on sex outside marriage may get venereal disease
which is very dangerous disease.
It is important to keep in mind that sex and love are not the
same thing. Although the sex-love impulse or hunger impelling the
attraction of the sexes has been recognized as a dominant force of life
one should know when it is mere sex and when it is love before rushing
into marriage to avoid a love tragedy or a broken family

A good relationship takes time to happen. Don't rush into love.

Be yourself, be patient, and wait for someone who deserves you.