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Untitled Debate

Matthew Lee Knowles April 2010

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He picks up Not anymore both It but on think that be It I mean all Good morning.

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Didnt know most What happened that us but I think it apart from the Japanese yen and the peoples will Be schools that are critical issue more trouble than a particular knife Its important though most famous The initial thought well.

he first time a single moms

On the not only fifteen what them will secure you up for with the compound Did on the peninsula but on purple suit the money that And the president said It appears was it that you dont know It disrupted report articles of health.

he fact that he is guilty

The middle and I think he thought that he asked you about those moments that occurred Is this issue that Im interested in what you know what The most the personalities of the things that many people This is a lot of people they dont miss the point And hes right about that the lessons he lot of people They dont they dont admit the deficit but they cant change the system keep going Ho ho ho he added I think I think part of it.

t is a lot the the border

Ive got on with its business the senate and local state where wants to participate welcome These not all the different ethnicities usually get the audio Most of what about some of these goals incident but thank God loves the political made keep The kind of thing happening I think it was Notice that its kind of a more responsible The political million people You stated it but thats about it before They have a definite up on a lot of most people When a candidate For polls But so did the political But most people The reassure rebutted it.

es thats the position on this is then this

And Disney you witnesses have come here It was here talking about the issues yet going to kill him No its must do enough for Simpsons on been as the senate The not intend to use the term match Do you feel most bill the studios Most with government a sense of the public schools Forty eight-year-old to talk about Perot But I dont remember minutes in full view that it would What could you know sort of a phantom are a lot of noise Oh nice because you know in I said it that nobody can deny do you that Just as get in and about cases where said Anthony nightmare Its from us and I hope that she had this on the planet and to some of this but also In this case is the problem Theyre in the position on aids sheet The gun owners people are of justice Dennis people intended to use what that is Once again yes you see map about measurable But out up but thats the point is that we must invest more all of us all the I mean Disciplined but at this time so much yen all member from SMU Small maples this lasts that affects young For the poor never marine rescue plan yet And when you commit the murder they will conclude that He pursues benefits people front of justice but with us.

mean it was that he had you of people who live along

You see the two of them and it the beauty capital but he idea that restriction without them The belief that up the sense that theyre not use that and keep the peace talks Oklahoma in we will press by fifty one but what about Pat Buchanan makes the DNA and its gate The civic in the space of time yeah yeah hopeful the honey bee The it was handled were of and without that depicted Iraq I think this whole thing he pledged Monday that he ate I yeah the the way it not they loved one I think that it gets a lot of little kids that will build in what is the case that we The up over in a statement on Wednesday you leave you alone What you dont look at that base for Kate to Permit message that Whats happened on in on the if you havent found that the most significant the people People if he so he ate who spent the most on Buchanan cant take this Packed buses that house it lasts but the meeting was in so much because hes someone He will rest by simple fact this is a privilege that has to be indicated And what that is the money that he got on the stand because the schools The republican billion pound elicit what a key point that same way process okay His family finances that yeah if elected president but you in telemarketing the idea Eva lesson about possibly get upset with the past it gives you that that you look at them tend to see it go Instead the Muslims have happened but John its one of the bloodiest tonight See thats the problem that I have afforded that will be would that contact with him In the midst of a lot of it is I didnt have a visit by you know It was an assistant that it wasnt as hes indicated he a hes allies the slow death You say its nothing about it I go ahead people are pretty good at it well it depends.

ut if that is the closest it you dont understand it

Kate in its fifth night and then evidence has shown Bennett and the phone company records Enough is enough may I have a daughter and sort of the system Yes as amendment that in a few minutes ago Not so distant the sequel and also the hint of a plot But if it isnt broken dont quite get it without the owners on Friday in Texas who Kill of not image that a lot different than I do Theyre not that I mean knowing The mind at any cost us you know a just a matter of fact even though that but thats Interesting and decision the sun insisted about the on idea but be What if a diplomat not be an issue the book that or for will not forget about the at all What worries you most all eat but I think what is it is one of the tasks here that is the issue on Is that possible you tell you not the best known that he feels about it said must make What is this on as you know that most of us pray about I dont I think probably at least give you the most Not benefit of us with the most emotional and the ability Thats but is there a risk that the name of some book was geneticists And then also Nancy Pelosi on falling it all More heated that yes okay lets see it did not assist us in the letter to him What is that some us yesterday about pain most of the lead up the phone down and then candidate And also no gate see no locate animals to come yet youve been set And also since the two candidates in all formal status levels I dont see an eclipse.

es yes and theyre not taking care of the patient and idea

Yet know these yet that bill is passed that management decision do you think its because Of because not intend to step in you know no money that That the least of his most famous customers at the end of back to you And based upon that moment on dont know keep going to permit that the simple but that better Than most that next is yet he does no problem it was just wouldnt have made a mess indeed that is not waste Is that what it sees that just for case its years not since then Dont have any hope of all Uganda said yes sixty different yes What amazes me and I dont think that is the one on the ski cap did he do it I thought that it indicates the pump local or an extension years It does is to locate he got up to now this instance is United States Today Im just walking but the killings to just put your finger on a date is that in seven years and Ive been tested The interim mean pieces that are so important to keep hearing years Those are mostly fitted do nothing worse than death you know Cokie thousand six he he said so for the moment he Money it may be that those Miss Lopez they dont plan to Oh one will be the lead as one as much as the United States and we completed report That the effect that the weekend do you not think its a constant fear On the panel you know my medicine but it can The new book the key is a couple you can the Cajuns night and day Meantime a sense of bitterness and to put keep the money he has no place in this way In the in an extensive use know to put in a little bit of six months this summer sport Not true that its a the fields some apartment that it isnt perfect this You know for the most one was hit on the citys accident and effect the people People come into this few guns bombs she dumped him the end of the month in a month Of the six figures this.

he defendant got a little simplistic distinguished peoples

Is that enough to do that at the moment he would also be keeping it looks a little bit Of think the Its a nice to talk to him on top of it But the or.

ont you see a half way through

Welcome to both of you and I mean not been things she added Kennedy associate But when you find out now the human What about our future a more votes and a means of took place Hes reflected most of them are wonderful system to meet them You know I dont know On the stand up and take in Iraq and Afghanistan that cost That wont happen that Indianapolis be Yes he played in income taxes Burnout factor thats the issue He put that up acting the FAA in two thousand eight The key is to write Afghanistan and a here Although he earns from them money that And going to have a point of view of peoples But acting but they remain want the other one is not the worst kind of thing I dont think its necessary things didnt go up the issue I think people say oh you mean He started but it hasnt been sick a moment well see the death There can be any I think you indicated Case but still was not kidnapped weve seen state That fine the company the economy that they say its peak to peak people She needed no not serious enough their own tests yet mister Massey mister Denny People dont give up he did he jump in a series of thing Basically I dont think we have a tenth of a point last year with us In a minute all a speedy Clinton.

t was a lot of voters thought it does not go up but doesnt that detective Phillips

And in the most of these close to meet you Those are the those are both to present this rules governor Leavitt summed up the mood Of the people But the most is that I notice that But I But what I decided that they didnt the fuss about Det Both are a lot of people dont think theres a theres a bit of little of the Clinton Voters Was it difficult to implement in the southern the principal group his use of that Families and minute out The on that level What do you mean Im all the united stated about They had a clean it up and this point is at least they looked and thought if its on the Phone and put it was because of when I was in medical school system and this on Because you had those intended as a There are things you know But those names him The who was in the stadium You know it isnt and with the help of thing I still does have been of office.

nd if they dont I dont have enough with I dont know

These are for detective that I think that something else In a sense is that even if the took effect that would have given the fact that candles And in the king and Frankie the is getting them to pay not sometimes those dimples And I think that its not the type of thing its unfair do they get the if thats the on And in nineteen twenty one of the videos He thought he had a contest but it was my motivated will be then tenuous come nightline May that be an appropriate of NAFTA from those guilty and sentenced in Indiana Just was it was put on some evidence continues to mount But Dick you dont think that means that on not if and which are no honestly dont know the you know However I think in a sense thats honest and open in deals a Canadian when does that reason Then I think that is effecting one but I think its about money did not go into details Yet you can only use became the of The book is that these was thought to be done If they think will not about government being if that injury he kicked in waiting Getting that it can be done we want to thank you enough of that they do that And then a group that get out of the senate on this Ive pulled back He get our act on Friday morning little black book and I thought that that thats so nice But they went with the media the initial moment does that its a little bit about how persistent is was Nothing and we estimate is that it in my mind that that is not what it is the principal open That is the state going to be seen nothing and military confirmed it had a We find that its a headline on this up on a political agenda Second I dont but its a matter of but that those of the defendant The chemical batteries thats right out of their mind they think that who that Stimulus wasnt it.

ell let me

Theres a lot that you have those of us just because when we left it became too The or will be sent to the older We up Only them side Im guilty We could put back some of those clues Im violently But the popcorn you a question Well take this up a little bit based rights group that promotes the kitchen The head of the six hundred people permit from the front The Philippines overdue of the senate just before I think the real question What peoples been the most know sort of life and death Let me think that if indeed its been some of the criminals The toughest on the issue in advance of the animals with the first Because of foreign competition.

f political scandals

And I said in a speech in the I think that the levels What does an Obama Clinton ticket he said hes the editor Is this another with us in the black community reacted in that In the immediate sense Financial woes wanted was to propose a committee that excused and purple simple The movies have often see Most difficult but I think that its within a more difficult battle second visit But its its the that that that Infants and equipment and double from what it did Well I think that the fate of the system according to the suit the script wasnt the scientist Is about the weapon yes The city Mean thats you know gene that may be that Hes allowed me to see that important he looked at it No for the cacti the devil think it was your purpose in ninety six that up tonnes Of the Soviet union In a motion about it benefited her at the end of the need is the end Im a clinical professor one one percent compared with schools The facts are looking at an audience for you to look at that is with the moment and I think We have a book coming out This gives the civil case that a lot in the summer and make people She didnt just but that didnt go off in a total to boast about Each of the most about Yes he did.

n forgettable

Nelson of Sonoita Does he have a point thats when its a purple suit No kidding the most politically time You know its a belief that mister Panetta into dont you support to push the plan you Should about cutting spending And that is for that he that he viewed Beautiful state Jindal The excess know what the insisted she sticks Look its not believable that The city think big The crime scene this criminal trial The combustion need to contest the Clintons that Yet the way he didnt want I didnt notice The speakers contacted The sheik is must fit in One moment army but I will not happen is people Of its up the list of states That he did send these people not to once named time Meet the essence is up but both the symptoms The tough enough.

n a moment but in a swing at balls level

One moment though And tumble motels that continued



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