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Make a movie analysis on the movie August

Rush. Focus on the role and relevance of Art

particularly Music for persons, for families, and for
the society. Your discussion must exceed 20
sentences. The following are the criteria in giving
1. Content - 25 points,
2. organization of thoughts - 15 points,
3. basis on the film - 10 points.
You'll get 50 points for this online activity.
I would like the remind everyone that you have to
do your online activity in our library if your internet
access at home is unstable. You must use the
facilities in our school.
You have three days to accomplish the given task.

The quiz is not timed, so you can pause it and

resume at any time.
If you cancel the quiz, your answers are discarded
and they are not counted as a submission.

August Rush: Movie Analysis

Music is found in every known culture, past and present,
varying widely between times and places. Since all
people of the world, including the most isolated tribal
groups, have a form of music, it may be concluded that
music is likely to have been present in the ancestral
population prior to the dispersal of humans around the
world. Music plays a central role in many people's lives. It
can serve as a connection, communication, or even an
outlet of unexpressed thoughts, emotions and ideas. With
respect to the movie August Rush, it showed the
different significant influences of music, influences to the
main person or the main character, to the families
involved and even to the society.

First is the significant influence of music to a person or

more specifically to the protagonist of the movie. Music
served him as a hope, a hope that someday, some time,
music will lead him back to his parents or music will lead
his parents back to him. Music dominated the supposed
existence of discouragement. Another example of music
serving as a hope is that his mom, Lyla Novacek going
back to playing cello. She went back in anticipation that
her son would hear her. These angles of the story showed
the relevance of music to a person.
Second is the relevance of music to a family. As
pertaining to the movie, Music served as a personal
connection. It served as a connection to two families,
figuratively and literally. First is the family of the
protagonist, music was the one that brought his parents
together in the first place. It also brought their family
together in the end. The second family that music
connected was Wizards (Robin Williams) and the
neglected childrens family. Even though it was more of a
business, still, Music brought them together.
And lastly, the relevance of music to the society. The
movie showed the great teamwork of the different sectors
of the society, the neglected, the government agencies,
the church and school. Music brought them to work