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By Tom McIntosh, Marketing Vice President
This skiing season PSIA/AASI-C will will be recognized as a GOLD
not only be recognizing our members Supporting Donor. A contribution to 3 SECTION MEETING
for length of service, but we will the Foundation of $150 or more will AGENDA
recognize our outstanding members be recognized as a PLATINUM
for their contributions to snow sports. Sponsoring Donor. Those donors who
In the last THE CENTRAL LINE, we want to give anonymously can please 3 NORDIC MANUAL
announced the creation of awards for let us know and we will respect their NEWSLETTER
Instructor of the Section, Instructor of privacy.
the Division, and the Life Time 4 TRAINERS
Achievement Award. In addition, we This year, we are planning a section
are recognizing those members who meeting in every section. Section
make a financial contribution to the meetings allow you, the member, to PROGRAM
PSIA-C Foundation. Besides hear from your board members about
recognizing the outstanding what we are doing and for the board 6 PSIA-C BOARD
contributions of our members, we to hear what your needs and concerns OF DIRECTORS
need to find out from our membership are. The discount program for taking
what their needs and concerns are. multiple educational events developed NOMINATIONS
out of membership input from a
We are recognizing those members section meeting. At the last board 8 ARE YOU A POWDER
who make a financial contribution to meeting, the board approved a $20 HOUND
the PSIA-C Foundation through discount off your next event if you
donation levels. The Foundation is a take an educational event this 2005-
qualified organization under IRS Code 2006 snow season. For example, if
Sec. 501 (c) 3 for income tax you take an exam prep, you will REPORT
deductions. Most organizations receive a $20 discount on an exam or
recognize donations through donation another educational event provided 9 TEAM BLIZZARD
levels. For a minimum donation of both are taken during 2005-2006
$15, we will recognize the member as snow season. There will be two
a BRONZE Contributing Donor. If a section meetings still in 2005; one at
member gives more than $50, the Giants Ridge, MN on December 3 and 1 2 MAXIMIZING YOUR
member will be recognized as a one at Boyne Highlands, MI on MEMBERSHIP
SILVER Sustaining Donor. If a December 10. In 2006, there will be
member gives more than $100, they section meetings at Wilmot, WI on
January 21; Mt. Brighton on Feb 11; Check out the Member
Boston Mills/Brandywine, OH on Feb Focus section of our
18; and Sunburst, WI on Feb 18. website.
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3225 West St. Joseph
Lansing, Michigan 48917
Through October 1, 2005
Phone (517) 327-0601 Wm. “Skip” Dickel
Fax (517) 321-0495
Executive Vice President
Bronze Donor
General Information Members should
Jeff Lewin
($15 - $49)
contact their board representatives to Education Vice President
share concerns or opinions on policies or Kris Agnew Craig Auterman
procedures in order that they be more
effectively represented.
Financial Vice President Robin Dillon
Gary Kepler
Submissions: Submissions of articles,
Bradley Engleking
Marketing Vice President
photos, and other items for publication Tom McIntosh James Ferris
are welcome. All documents that are
submitted will be published on the web, Alpine Directors
Eric Henderson
therefore they should be submitted in 1 Wm. "Skip" Dickel Suzanne Hoffman
Microsoft Word Format (7.0 or higher) Jeff Lewin
with the following header: article name, Willard Hunnewell
date and author. Documents can have 2 Kris Kruse-Elliot David Johnson
minimal graphics (GIF/BMP) small size - Brent Heiman
no photographs (for website). Terry Mammel
Photographs may be submitted to the 3 Robin K. Roberts
office and will be published in the Central Thomas L. McIntosh Julie McMorrow
Line but will not be published on the web. 4 Kris Agnew Nancy Miller
Please send to the PSIA-C office at the Walter B. Sappington
above address. Articles are accepted on Robert Nash
the condition that they are released for 5 Douglas Wren Robert Rispoli
publication in all PSIA and PSIA division Mark D. Foyteck
periodicals. PSIA-C reserves the right to Robert Shanahan
edit all articles. 6 Engelbert Gal
Gary D. Kepler Allison Shaw
The Central Line, copyright © 2005, Rachael Smith
is published four times per year by the Nordic Director
Professional Ski Instructors of America- Michael Stockreiter Lorraine Stuecken
Central. Permission is hereby given to the
Professional Ski Instructors of America Snowboard Directors William Wong
1, 2, 3 Jack Hurst
and other divisions to copy original
4, 5, 6 Mindy Covington
Christopher Yappel
material from this newsletter providing
credit is given to the Professional Ski Ex-Officio PSIA-N Director
Instructors of America-Central and the
material is not altered. Articles that
John Peppler Silver Donor
contain specific copyright notices may not
be reprinted unless written permission is
($50 - $99)
obtained from the author. It is requested BOARD OF DIRECTORS
that a copy of any publication containing Roberta Prasciunas
reprinted material from this newsletter be President
sent to the editor at the address above. Wm. "Skip" Dickel
Subscriptions: Persons who are not Executive Vice President
Gold Donor
members of PSIA-C can purchase a
one-year (four issues) subscription to
Jeff Lewin
($100 - $149)
The Central Line for $15. Send your Financial Vice President &
name and address, along with your Secretary Alex Harley
check, to PSIA-C at the above address. Gary Kepler
Leah Morgan
Note: Materials published in The Alpine Directors
Central Line that have been provided by 1 Wm. "Skip" Dickel Ronald Phillips Bey
persons who are not writing as PSIA-C Jeff Lewin Marlene Urbach
officials are the responsibility of the
author and are not necessarily endorsed 2 Brent Heimann
by PSIA-C. Kris Kruse-Elliott
Platinum Donor
PSIA-C STAFF 3 Robin K. Roberts
Thomas L. McIntosh ($150+)
Executive Director
4 Kris Agnew
Donnelly K. Eurich Jeff Ayres
Walter B. Sappington
Director of Membership & 5 Douglas Wren Tom McIntosh
Continuing Education Mark D. Foyteck
Katie HC Poindexter Ray Tomlinson
6 Engelbert Gal
Education Coordinator Gary D. Kepler
Kelsey Gregory Continued from page 1
Adaptive Directors
Administrative Support David Henderson We will continue looking at more ways to serve our
Heather Frazier Nordic Director membership and recognize our members. If you have not been
Mike Stockreiter
Editor in Chief to our website in a while, please go and check out our member
Mindy Covington Snowboard Directors
1, 2, 3 Jack Hurst focus section. We will be publishing four newsletters, in both
Director of Financial Services 4, 5, 6 Mindy Covington
Donna Devereaux electronic and printed form. Every year, the cost of printing our
Ex-Officio PSIA-N Director newsletters goes up. If you have not looked at our electronic
John Peppler
newsletter, then please check out our website for this option.
Contact information can be found
at You can help us by receiving the electronic newsletters, saving
a few dollars as well as a few trees. PSIA-C
2005-2006 INSTRUCTOR’S
Introduction: RESOURCE
Board Members, Education Staff, and any VIP’s
by Mike Stockreiter
Recognition: PSIA-C Nordic Board Representative
• Long Term Members ask members that have been
members for 40 years or more to please stand, then
30, 20, and 10. Get a head start on your Nordic
• Donors same way PLATINUM Sponsoring Donor, instruction for the 2005-06 ski
GOLD Supporting, SILVER Sustaining, and BRONZE
Contributing Donor.
PSIA/AASI-C NEWS The PSIA Nordic Demonstration Team has
Newsletters – 4 per year created a new, user-friendly, manual titled,
“Nordic Technical Manual, Skiing and Teaching
More Professional Image Skills.” This is a valuable resource for Nordic
• Name Tags for Board Members & Education Staff instructors, both for assessing students’ skill
level as well as designing their lessons. It is also
For the most current information Website useful for Alpine and Snowboard instructors who
• Check out Member Focus section of our website. want a basic introduction and guide to both
Nordic track and telemark skiing.
Portfolio & Alpine Study Guide DVD.

The PSIA-C Foundation
The “Nordic Technical Manual” is well organized
Marketing Programs: and easy to use. It covers classic, skating, Nordic
• Foundation Donor Recognition: downhill and telemark skiing. The text includes
• $15 - BRONZE Contributing Donor the following sections: Visual Cues, Skills
• $50 - SILVER Sustaining Donor Concept, Stepping Stones and Movement
• $100 - GOLD Supporting Donor Analysis Methods. It also has an extensive
• $150 - PLATINUM Sponsoring Donor overview of equipment and waxing.
• Instructor Recognition:
• Section for all disciplines
Prepared by PSIA, the manual adheres to PSIA
• Division for all disciplines
guidelines, which allow for flexibility of teaching
• Life Time Achievement Award
by using the Stepping Stones approach. It also
• Nominate a fellow instructor for Instructor of the
Section for 2005-2006 Season by April 1, 2006. includes a standard set of drills and exercises for
See Fall Newsletter or web for details. all the Nordic disciplines and a common set of
• Take an education event that is not an exam and get terms for each. Some of the suggested drills may
$20 off your next event, if you take the event before be familiar, but many others are new. An
the end of April 2006. extensive array of drills are offered for each
• The minimum age to join PSIA/AASI-C is now 15. Nordic discipline.

Item Available from PSIA-C
• Alpine Study Guide DVD When ordering the “Nordic Technical Manual”
• Manuals, etc (SKU133), ISBN 1-882409-26-4, don’t forget that
• Membership and event forms other important teaching principles manual,”Core
Concepts for Snowsports Instructors” (SKU126),
Question & Answer ISBN 1-882409-21-3. Ordering is easy online
from the National PSIA Web site:
There will be a section meeting scheduled in every (under education catalog, see education
section this season. Look for the schedule online at products). Or call (800) 222-4754. PSIA-C

By Vicki Garves-Berg


PSIA-C is energized to offer you, our member, a new and exciting accomplishment along with PSIA recognition. You have
the opportunity to become a “PSIA-C Accredited Trainer”

Many of our Snow sports Directors & PSIA-C Education staff members have been working diligently for the past 5 years to
develop this program for you, our member, as a goal to help you develop yourself into your next step of achievement as a
recognized PSIA-C TRAINER.

As outlined, you will need to complete a total of five (5) days to reach “Trainers Accreditation” The five days may be
completed in any order. Once you have achieved Trainer status, you are required to attend a refresher every three years to
maintain your PSIA-C Trainer Accreditation.

By attaining your “PSIA-C Trainers Accreditation” you will greatly benefit your snow sports school. Your school will have a
trainer who is up to date in PSIA National Certification Standards. As a trainer you will have current and future knowledge of
National and Divisional directions to share with your school.
You will:
- Receive and share the latest in Guest Services trends, Learning theory applications and the up to date direction
in movement trends.
- Compare and share your schools training philosophies & learn from others.
- Be better equipped to help your school and the instructors with their goals & aspirations.
- Be better able to assist in the training of those are going through the hiring process at your school or those
who aspire to achieve their certifications.

As a “PSIA-C Trainer” you will have the tools to assist and lead in your schools clinic and training processes. In achieving
your “Trainers Accreditation” you will also have the information and resources to help yourself in your personal aspirations.
You will have better knowledge of what is expected in the next level of certification that you aspire to. You will have the
ability to organize the clinic and training process at your school. You will have a good foundation if you aspire to audition for
the PSIA-C Education Staff.

The “PSIA-C Trainer Accreditation” program will help you become a more confident and knowledgeable leader, as you train
and educate other instructors. This program, through you, can help your Snow sports school train and retain instructors.
Your guests can have a well rounded experience and ultimately the snow sports industry will be promoted though the
knowledge and training of a “PSIA-C Accredited Trainer”.

Outcome: Your professional recognition of becoming, “PSIA-C Trainer Accredited.” i.e.: PSIA-C Trainer Accreditation. After
you, the participant/member, have completed the current Trainers Development Program offerings of 5 (five) outlined days,
you will achieve: PSIA-Central “Trainers Accreditation.”

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Take an education
event that is not an
Save a few trees and help
exam and get $20 off us save a few dollars by
your next event, if
you take the second receiving the newsletter
event before the end
of April 2006.
in an electronic form.
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Courses to be completed: The Five Training Days, listed below, in any order.

1. Professional Development Series (PDS) or Snow Sports Educators Conference (SEC)
This is a one day course offered in the fall (Sept., Oct. or Nov.). It consists of a Workbook Curriculum that includes
an overview of topics presented at “On Snow” two day events.
The course will cover:
*** - Guest Service Model & Hiring tips.
- Teaching Model Training
- Skiing/Movement Model Training
- Evaluation Preparation & “National Certification Standards”.
- Movement Analysis & Movement Concepts
***Primary topics of focus for this training day. Group discussions directed toward “The Guest Service Model”, Instructor
Hiring /retention practices and pre-season staff training. This day will also include, training suggestions for your Snow
sports school focused on the Teaching & Movement Models, Evaluation/ Certification preparation & movement analysis. You
will receive updates for current PSIA National trends and PSIA National Certification Standards. The cost to the participant is
as decided upon for the SEC/PDS one day fee.

2. Trainers Development Program I (TDP I).
This is a two day course offered at the “On Snow” Workshops. It can also be offered as an “Unscheduled Event”
and can alternate with TDP II. It consists of a Workbook Curriculum with both Indoor and On Snow activities that
- Teaching Model (Saturday or day 1 )
- Skiing/Movement Model (Sunday or day 2 )
The cost to the participant is the 2 day Education Event fee

3. Trainers Development Program II (TDPII)
This is a two day course offered at the “On Snow” Workshops, as above described with TDP I.
It can also be offered as an “Unscheduled Event” and can alternate with TDP I. It consists of a Workbook
Curriculum with both Indoor and On Snow activities That cover:
- Evaluation Preparation (Saturday or day 1)
- Movement Analysis & Skiing/Movement Concepts (Sunday or day 2)
The cost to the participant is the 2 day Education Event fee (see TDP I)

Requirements by the participant to become PSIA-C “Trainer Accredited”:
- Must be PSIA Level 2 Certified or approved by your Snow sports School Director.
- Must complete the 5 days of program offerings, in any order.
- Retention of Accreditation:
***Must participate in a “Trainers Refresher” every 3 years after completion.

Achievement Recognition:
- PSIA-C Trainers Accreditation Pin (Designed similar to “Children’s Accreditation”)
- PSIA-C Certificate of Achievement for display.
- “PSIA Central-Line” Newsletter & website recognition.

Additional Benefits to the Member/Participant:
- Workbooks X3 for the above topics which can be utilized as current references in your personal &
school training.
- Recognition as a “Trainer” within your School, PSIA-C & PSIA National.
- Updated materials in refreshers.

Overall Benefit to PSIA-C Organization & Snowsports Industry:
- Promotion of Snow sports by improving the training quality and consistency for your PSIA-C Snow
sports Schools’ Instructors, being trained by a “PSIA-C Accredited Trainer.
- Ultimately enhancing your Guests’ experience.
- Better prepared certification candidates.
- Additional accomplishment for Level 2 & Level 3 Certified Instructors.
PSIA-C Board of Directors Election
Nomination Instructions
Board of Directors terms are for two years. Each of the six Sections are represented by
two Alpine Directors, one with a term expiring on an even numbered year and one with
a term expiring on an odd numbered year. Western Sections (1, 2 & 3) are represented
by one Snowboard Director. Eastern Sections (4, 5 & 6) are represented by one
Snowboard Director. All sections are represented by one Nordic Director. Present
bylaws limit consecutive terms to three.

A member in good standing who is Certified Level I, II or III may nominate and vote for
director representation from that member’s geographic area for all disciplines in which
that member is certified.

Nomination Forms must be received in the PSIA-C office by December 31, 2005.
Nomination Forms that are not received by the stated deadline, or are incomplete, or are
otherwise improper will not be recognized.

Only Alpine certified or adaptive certified instructors may nominate an Alpine Director. Only a Snowboard certified instructor
may nominate a Snowboard director. Only Nordic Track or Nordic Downhill certified instructors may nominate a Nordic Director.

A director nominee must meet the following qualifications:

1. Be a current, active, primary member of PSIA-C in good standing, at least 18 years of age, Certified Level I, II, or III in
the represented discipline, and lawful resident of the United States. (U. S. citizenship is not required.)
2. An Alpine Director nominee must reside within the same Section as the nominating member, and may be nominated only
to represent that member’s Section.
3. A Snowboard Director nominee must reside within the same Eastern or Western Sections as the nominating member,
and may be nominated only to represent that member’s Eastern of Western Sections.
4. A Nordic Director nominee must reside within Central Division.

Note: The candidate’s place of residence is considered to be where the candidate resides during the snowsports season.

A current Director who presently is classified as “Not Eligible” may not be nominated or reelected because three consecutive
two-year terms have been served on the board, or because one or more other qualification is no longer met.

Alpine Directors: Six alpine directors will be elected each year, one from each section.

Section Incumbent Status Section Incumbent Status
1 Jeff Lewin Eligible 4 Kris Agnew Eligible
2 Brent Heimann Eligible 5 Mark Foyteck Eligible
3 Robin Roberts Eligible 6 Gary Kepler Eligible

Sections Incumbent Status
1,2,3 Jack Hurst Eligible

EFFECTIVE SKI COACHING: Afton Alps - Daytime Staff
Afton Alps is looking for enthusiastic and motivated skiers and snowboarders who enjoy
A text for coaches and instructors by working with kids to help teach our 5th through 8th grade program.
Tom Reynolds. Price: $24.95 + 4.00 Join an already enthusiastic daytime staff who are helping to create the next generation
S/H. VISA/MC accepted. Write New of skiers and boarders. The benefits of working with “graders” is endless! The program
Additions, P.O. Box 883, Farmington, runs most weekdays from 9am to about 12:30pm.
ME 04938. Phone (207) 778-3471 Anyone interested should contact Justin at 651.436.5245 x244 or
via email at
Nominate only one candidate (Exception: dual & tri- certified members see**). An Alpine member can
only nominate one Alpine candidate, Snowboard can only nominate one Snowboard member, and Nordic
can only nominate one Nordic member. Candidates must live in the section in which they are being
nominated for. Deadline for nominations is December 31, 2005.

This Ballot is for:  Alpine Director  Snowboard Director (Sections 1, 2 & 3 only)
(Include Adaptive)

PRINT CANDIDATE’S NAME ______________________________________________ SECTION ___________________________________

YOUR ZIP CODE _______________________ YOUR MEMBERSHIP:  Alpine  Adaptive  Snowboard

I live in section number _____________________________ , and I am a current, active, Level I, Level II, Level III,
or Lifetime Honorary member of PSIA-C.*

YOUR SIGNATURE __________________________________________________________________ DATE ____________________________

PRINT YOUR NAME __________________________________________ YOUR MEMBERSHIP # _____________________________

Late, Incomplete or Incorrect Ballots will be Invalid.

*Note: Only active Certified Level I, II, and III, and Lifetime Honorary members may nominate members for the board of
directors. Affiliate, Basic, Registered, Inactive and Alumni members are not eligible to nominate or be nominated.

**Note: If you are dual certified and would like to make nominations in both of your disciplines, please reproduce this form and
submit one for each discipline’s nomination.
Please mail or fax the nomination form to the PSIA-C Office

Professional Ski Instructors of America - Central
3225 West St. Joseph • Lansing, Michigan 48917
Phone: (517) 327-0601 Fax: (517) 321-0495

Event Date Corrections
Send us an article or photo that
Event Code 7103
is of interest to the general Snowsports School Directors Meeting – Boyne
Highlands, MI
Cost: $100 for 2 days for School Directors
membership by December 10 Date change to December 8-9, 2005 (Thursday/Friday)

and we may just publish it on Event Code 4169
Experienced Instructors Experience – Wild Mountain, MN
Cost: $100 for 2 days for members with 5+ years of
the web or in the newsletter. teaching experience.
Date Change to March 11-12, 2006 (Saturday/Sunday)

2006 PSIA—C Spring Rally SPAM Central Division
April 6 & 7 Central Division understands that
getting overloaded with junk emails
Vail can be quite frustrating. However, if
you wish to receive membership
Over 5000 skiable acres renewal reminders, event
reminders and most importantly,
$100 event confirmations, please be sure
to have both and
See web for detail and update in your
address book or approved senders
email list.

I know I am. I used to dive into any powder in
The SkiLink Learning Center at Welch Village Resort is looking for front of me regardless of the consequences.
All that changed one day when I saw the
enthusiastic instructors to join our team.
power and devastation of avalanches. Now
I’m a convert, living by the rules, both in and
The SkiLink Learning Center is poised for a successful season. The out of ski area boundaries.
learning center has received national recognition as the first resort in
North America to partner with PSIA on the Go with a Pro marketing The greatest cause of avalanche accidents is
program. The learning center played a key role in Welch Village the victim himself, thus avalanche safety
being awarded an NSAA Customer Service Award. Plus, Welch stems from our awareness. Unfortunately in
this part of the country our skills far exceed
Village will be partnering with a regional retail chain to offer an
our knowledge.
innovative learn to ski package available for purchase throughout the
Twin Cities. This year the avalanche group is providing a
course called Avalanche Fundamentals and
Welch Village instructors receive free continuing training by level 3 Rescue (formerly level I Avalanche) at the
instructors, plus discounts throughout the resort. PSIA-C Divisional S&T events at Boyne Highlands
December 10th and 11th. It is the precursor
to the Avalanche Level II Course held in Utah,
Openings: which teaches all the skills in real avalanche
terrain. A course fee of $35 will cover a book
Junior Development Race Coaches – Work with athletes ages 7-17 and training materials, in addition to the
to develop race skills in a friendly environment. This is a 12-week regular clinic fee.
program that has 4 competitions during the season. Contact Head
Join us for this important course. This is a
Coach, Patrick Peters, for more information - 715-386-2846 or great opportunity to pick up some important knowledge and skills for the big mountain
environment. Additional training is given in
Elementary School Program – The program helps 9000 5th-8th special techniques of transceiver use and
graders from Southern Minnesota learn to ski. The program goes snow sciences. If you love the big
from January to the beginning of March, with most teaching mountains this course is for you. PSIA-C
occurring Monday-Friday 9am-1pm. Contact Brad Larsen for more
Contact: Dale R. Mihuta
information – 651-222-7079 x31 or
5793 Filview Cir.
Cincinnati, OH 45248
Weekend & Holiday Team – Help teach people of all ages and ability
levels how to ski. Contact Brad Larsen for more information – 651- (513) 574-2510
222-7079 x31 or

by Jan Finner

Imagine for a moment…the fun of cycling down a country road with some of your closest friends…rising to the challenge of
tackling 300 miles of Michigan’s prettiest roads on your bicycle, in 3 short days…feeling the bonds
of friendship that build each day through this adventure…enjoying the thrill of reaching the finish amid
crowds of cheering family, friends and supporters…the sense of reward that comes with helping a kid
who is facing a life threatening illness make a wish come true.

This is all happening again next summer, July 27-30 2006, and we would love for you to join us!

Several years ago a couple of us from Blizzard Ski & Snowboard School, a Gold Merit school in southeast Michigan, came
across the opportunity to participate in a 3-day, 300 mile, bicycle tour to benefit children with severe and life-threatening
illnesses. Always up for a challenge, especially one that involves helping kids and that can pay fitness dividends come winter,
we signed up for the Wish-A-Mile (WAM) 300 to benefit The Make-A-Wish Foundation (

The first year we raised about $1200. It was a terrific, and enormously rewarding, time. That winter we shared our experience
with all of our PSIA, AASI, and NSP friends. Support and participation has grown steadily. Last year was our fourth year riding
and our second year organized as TEAM BLIZZARD – twenty seven riders and five event volunteers, made up largely of
instructors and patrolmen. This year we were one of the largest teams among the 500-plus riders, and we raised over $32,000
for Make-A-Wish.

As you may know, Make-A-Wish is a charitable organization that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical
conditions to enrich their human experience with hope, strength, and joy. Each wish granted provides a respite for the wish
kids and their families as they bravely face their health challenges. This year the WAM 300, their primary fundraising event,
raised over $750,000 - enough to grant over 100 wishes.

The WAM 300 is a four day event. The first is a travel day, on deluxe motor coaches, from the
GM proving grounds in Milford Michigan to beautiful northern Michigan for the start. The organization of the event is
outstanding – riders only need show-up with bike and gear – the rest is taken care of. Each nights destination is usually a
school, where participants have the option of camping indoors or out (motels are also available). TEAM BLIZZARD tends to
be outdoor campers – our area takes on the look of a “compound”, with plenty of evening socializing. One of the perks of
the ride is the services of two schools of massage therapy; they make their highly demanded skills available along the route,
as well as at the end of each day. Fully provisioned rest stops are spaced about 20 miles apart and mobile teams provide
bike repair, medical assistance, and SAG transportation along the route.

TEAM BLIZZARD – skiers helping kids - will be back on the road again for the 2006 WAM-300, July 27-30th! This is an invitation
to join us! You can participate as a rider (experienced or novice), or you can join the TEAM as an event volunteer. We encourage
you to form teams from your area
and join us for this event as part of To give you an idea of what’s in store, here are some of my numbers from this year:
TEAM BLIZZARD - skiers helping
kids. To sign-on, to ask questions, or • 3 day total miles – 312
to find out how to make a tax • Max sustained speed - 34.7 mph (big long hill)
deductible contribution or donation of • Slowest sustained speed - 7.1 mph (7 mile climb out of Au Sable river valley)
goods or services, contact Jay • Max wind gust - 15 mph (on the nose not too bad this year)
Finney. • Average speed - 16.7 mph (first year on tandem with wife Linda)
• Total vertical feet climbed - 5,450 ft.
We hope to hear from you. • Calories burned - 14,300 (Oh Yea!)
See you on the slopes – soon! • Calories consumed - about 11,000 (it is pretty much a breakeven deal - too bad)
• Hours on the massage tables - 1.7 (this number is trending up year over year)
Jay Finney, TEAM BLIZZARD • Favorite food - homemade coconut spice cookies (veggie burgers a close second)
• Number of above cookies consumed - (data too embarrassing to report)
5276 Cheltenham • Gallons of Gatorade/water mixture consumed - 16.2 (the secret is hydration, just ask Lance)
Troy, MI 48098 • Pounds of bananas & cantaloupe consumed - 5.25 (major fruit/carb intake)
(h) 248-641-0899 • Number of old friendships renewed - many
(o) 248-836-9254 • Number of new friendships started - many
Email; • Total training miles - 1475
• Number of times I get choked up at the finish - 4 out of 4 years

PSIA Fall Workshop Lodging Discounts
and Banquet Information:
The Lodge At Giants Ridge
6373 Wynne Creek Drive
Biwabik, MN 55708

877-442-6877 or 218-865-7170
Reservations: You must mention PSIA/AASI when making reservations for a $69.00/room special. A
block of rooms have reserved. Please book before Nov. 19, 2005.

The Villa’s at Giants Ridge
Cty. Road 138
Biwabik, MN. 55708

800-843-7434 or 218-865-4155

Reservations: You must mention PSIA/AASI when making reservations and receive 25% off your stay.
Two night minimum on weekend. New reservations only. Valid Nov. 30 thru Dec. 3, 2005.
Reservations must be made by Nov. 19, 2005.

Fall Workshop Banquet at
The Lodge At Giants Ridge
Saturday Dec. 3, 2005

Social Hour 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Buffet Dinner 7:00 pm, featuring: Champagne Chicken and Roast Pork
$16.95 per person, plus tax and gratuity. ($21.10.)

Pre registration is required. Please fill out this form and return to:

Giants Ridge Winter Sports School or E-mail to
Attention JoAnn
PO Box 190
Biwabik, MN 55708

Name_________________________________________________________ Bill to Lodge Room ____________

Number of reservations ________ Check ________ Visa or Master No. _____________________ exp ______

Phone ______________________________________

Recognition of
Foundation Donations
The PSIA/AASI-C Foundation will be recognizing
those who donate to this organization. Donate
$15 or more to be recognized as a BRONZE
Contributing Donor. Increments of $50, $100
and $150 or more will be recognized
respectively as SILVER Sustaining, GOLD
Supporting and PLATINUM Sponsoring Donors.
Look for the Foundation Donors listed in our
newsletter and on the web. Those donors who
want to give anonymously can please let us
know and we will respect their privacy.

Nominate a fellow instructor for
The minimum age to join Instructor of the Section for 2005-
2006 Season by April 1, 2006.
PSIA/AASI-C is now 15. See web for details.

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By Katie HC Poindexter
Director of Membership & Continuing Education

We all know what it is like to go out this winter for you – read on for are added all the time, so it is
grocery shopping, but how many of us more details.) important to check this link often.
pick up the weekly advertisement to
know what the store’s sales or specials There are many benefits offered by National will be selling three new
are? Your membership with Central National as well. Alpine, Adaptive or publications for members this winter.
Division and with National is much like Nordic instructors, log onto The Nordic Technical Manual, which is
that grocery store advertisement: you Snowboard instructors compatible with the Core Concepts for
must put in the effort to reap the log onto Once you are Snowsports Instructors manual,
rewards of its benefits. online, log into your account. You will covers all facets of Nordic instruction.
need your National ID number and Another is the AASI DVD: Focus On
When was the last time you visited the password. (If you are logging in for the Riding for our Snowboard instructors.
Central Division website at www.psia- first time, you will need to “Activate This DVD features the AASI Team and Did you know our “Education” Your Account”.) Once you complete divisional experts covering movement
section has many documents available this simple process, a world of benefits analysis and captures the sensations of
free for download? For example, you is at your fingertips. great riding and teaching. Lastly, the
can download the Snowboard Level 1, Park and Pipe Instructors’ Guide -
2, & 3 study guides. These guides can The ‘Education’ section of National’s designed for all snowsports riders –
help supplement your studies for the website has many tools to help you whether Alpine, Snowboard or Nordic.
Snowboard on hill and written exams. improve your teaching techniques and This guide shows how to progressively
Let’s not forget the PSIA-C Portfolio learn about new programs. Features move to larger features and tricks. This
which can lead you on that successful include the Internet Learning Center, an guide also includes an extensive
journey for more education or online interactive session which has glossary of basic and new school
certification. To accompany the quizzes to test your knowledge. There terminology.
Portfolio, a 2-disk DVD Alpine study are also reviews of Stepping Stones,
guide was designed. These DVDs will and of Freestyle/Park & Pipe. Other If you don’t seek out the information or
help you with movement analysis perks to take advantage of are the look closely, you may be missing
tasks, visual cues of good skiing, promotional offers from industry opportunities to improve your skills as
National Standards and more. suppliers available exclusively to our an instructor. And the greatest feature
(Snowboard instructors – don’t fret members. These promotions are about all of this information is that it
– National has a great DVD coming sometimes short-lived, and new offers available online 24 hours a day!