Bylaw 2.8

SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS: QUALIFICATIONS, OATH OF OFFICE, VACANCIES, REMOVAL Qualifications The Falls Church School Board consists of seven (7) members elected at large by eligible voters of the City of Falls Church. Terms are four years beginning on July 1 of the year of election. Elections occur at regular general elections in May of even numbered years. The number of School Board positions filled at each election will be the same as the number of City Council members elected in that year. To qualify as a candidate for the School Board, a person must be a qualified voter and bona fide resident of the City of Falls Church and meet any other criteria set forth in state law, 24.2-500 , 24.2-501 , 24.2-502 , 24.2-503 , 24.2-504 , 24.2-505 , 24.2-506 , 24.2-507 . If a board member shall cease to be a resident of the school division, the position on the School Board shall be deemed vacant. No employee of the School Board shall be eligible to serve on the Board with whom he/she is employed. State law prohibits the appointment to the Board of persons holding certain state and local offices. Persons employed by the United States government, however, may serve on the School Board. Oath of Office All new School Board members shall qualify by taking the oath prescribed for officers of the Commonwealth on or before the day of the initial meeting of the new School Board. Failure to take the oath of office within the time allowed by law renders the office vacant. School Board members fulfilling unexpired terms of office must take the oath of office before entering upon the duties of office. Vacancies/ Unexpired Term Fulfillment: Vacancies occurring in the membership of the Board shall be filled as provided by law in the Code of Virginia, 1950as amended sections 24.2-226 , Adopted: 9/17/74 Revised: 8/26/08 Falls Church City Public Schools 1

24.2-227 , 24.2-228 . Removal: Any School Board member may be removed from office in accordance with the provisions of Sections 24.2-230 through 24.2-238 of the Code of Virginia, 1950 as amended.

Legal References: Code of VA: 1950, as amended, Sections 15.2-1522, 22.1-29, 22.1-30, 22.131, 22.1-57.3, 24.2-230 - 238, 24.2-500 – 507, 49-1, City Charter of Falls Church: 20.02 School Board City Charter of Falls Church: 20.14 United States Government Employees

Adopted: 9/17/74 Revised: 8/26/08 Falls Church City Public Schools