Bylaw 2.9

SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS CONFLICT OF INTEREST The Falls Church City School Board seeks to assure that the judgment of its members will be guided by the State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act (referred to as the Conflict of Interests Act) which defines and prohibits inappropriate conflicts and requires disclosure of economic interest. 2.2-3100 Policy; application; construction 2.2-3100.1 Copy of chapter; review by officers and employees 2.2-3101 Definitions The Conflict of Interests Act establishes five principal areas of regulation applicable to board members of the Falls Church City School Division. They are: General rules governing public conduct by School Board members including but not limited to acceptance of gifts and favors 2.2-3102 Application 2.2-3103 Prohibited conduct Prohibited conduct regarding contracts 2.2-3105 Application 2.2-3108 Prohibited contracts by members of school boards 2.2-3109 Prohibited contracts by other officers and employees of local governmental agencies 2.2-3110 Further exceptions Prohibited conduct regarding transactions 2.2-3111 Application 2.2-3112 Prohibited conduct concerning personal interest in a transaction; exceptions Disclosure required from certain School Board members 2.2-3113 Application 2.2-3115 Disclosure by local government officers and employees 2.2-3117 Disclosure form Special anti-nepotism rules relating to School Board members and superintendents of schools 2.2-3119 Additional provisions applicable to school boards, and employees of school boards Adopted: Falls Church City Public Schools Revised: 8/26/08 1

State law provides penalties and enforcement mechanisms for violations of the Conflict of Interest Act.

Legal References: Code of Virginia, 1950 as amended, sections 2.2-3100 et seq.

Adopted: Falls Church City Public Schools

Revised: 8/26/08


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