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Vientiane Times

monDAY february 15, 2016

The First National English Language Newspaper


UN launches latest
development reports

Government seeks
more funding for
UXO clearance

Times Reporters

The United Nations in Laos has

launched the Global Human
Development Report 2015 and
the Least Developed Countries
The two reports were
launched in Vientiane on
Friday in the presence of
Deputy Minister of Planning
and Investment, Dr Bounthavy
Sisouphanthong, and UN
Resident Coordinator and UN
Resident Representative in
Laos, Ms Kaarina Immonen.
The event was also attended
by representatives from line
ministries, national institutions,
development partners, and civil
The 2015 report is
subtitled Work for Human
Development. This report
considers major changes in the
world of work, affecting when,
how, and where people work.
Technological progress,
deepening globalisation,
ageing societies and
environmental challenges are
transforming work, posing
challenges to all societies with
deep implications for human
development, Ms Immonen

4500 kip

Times Reporters

Dr Bounthavy Sisouphanthong and Ms Kaarina Immonen co-chair the meeting.

said in her opening remarks.

The report argues that the
Asia-Pacific region may have
been experiencing fast growth
and rapid human development,
but not necessarily fast job
creation. It thus makes calls
to tackle one of the worlds
great development challenges
-providing enough decent work
and livelihoods for all.

This has also been

prioritised in the 8th Goal of the
2030 Agenda for Sustainable
Development, she added.
As many of you know,
ensuring decent livelihoods
and jobs is one of the key
priorities of Laos.
Ms Immonen said the UN
will support this objective
within the new Laos-UN

Partnership Framework
2017-2021. The 2015 Human
Development Report provides
valuable findings from the
global perspective to help
countries such as Laos adjust
to the changing world of work
in ways which will advance
human development.
The second report launched
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The government is seeking

more funds to clear unexploded
ordnance in Laos, with
unexploded devices killing
or maiming about 50 people
a year.
Speaking at a National
Regulatory Authority (NRA)
meeting in Vientiane on Friday,
Deputy Prime Minister Asang
Laoly said UXO is continuing
to injure and kill people. Its an
obstacle to economic and social
development because land that
could be used for agriculture,
industry, tourism and the
construction of infrastructure
is contaminated by UXO.
UXO clearance requires
more funds as the government
is unable to finance this work,
so we are seeking additional
funding from foreign
Director General of the
NRA for UXO/Mine Action in
the Lao PDR, Mr Phoukhieo
Chanthasomboun, said that
in the last five years Laos
had mobilised US$175
million through international
organisations. The government

Deputy Prime Minister Asang

Laoly addresses the meeting in
Vientiane on Friday.

also contributed US$6.5

Five years ago, we
expected to mobilise US$50
million a year but we received
about US$30 million, which is
not enough, he said.
This year we need US$35
million for all sectors of
operation in UXO clearance.
Meanwhile, the number of
donors has decreased because
some are now assisting other
sectors. This year we will focus on
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Economy, security top US-Asean Summit talks

Souksakhone Vaenkeo

California, United States:

Economic cooperation and
security issues are set to top
the agenda at the US-Asean
Summit taking place here on
Monday and Tuesday at the
Sunnylands estate in Rancho
Lao President Choummaly
Sayasone attended the first-ever
standalone summit between the

US and Asean the 10-member

regional bloc, and US President
Barack Obama will co-chair
the summit.
The leaders discussion
will focus on economic issues,
specifically promoting regional
prosperity through innovation
and entrepreneurship, US
Deputy National Security
Advisor for Strategic
Communications Ben Rhodes
said in a transcribed press call

provided by the White House.

Another focus will be on
security, specifically protecting
peace, prosperity and security
in the Asia Pacific. President
Obama will hold a press
conference on the issue shortly
after the summit.
It is expected that business
leaders will take part in the
summit and participate in some
of the economic discussions on
the first day.

Asean is currently of
enormous interest to the United
States. The 10 Asean nations
together represent the worlds
seventh largest economy,
while Asean also contributes
significantly in dealing with
security issues, Mr Rhodes
They are at the nexus
of critical security issues,
whether its maritime security,
counterterrorism, or counter-

piracy. And their efforts are

essential to combatting the
threat of climate change, he
was quoted as saying in the
media release.
Mr Rhodes added that the
US also saw Asean as central
to its efforts to engage the Asia
Pacific architecture and the US
would be part of setting the
agenda in the Asia Pacific in
the decades to come.
This summit is meant to

send a signal going forward

that the US values Asean, that
we are going to be engaged in
Southeast Asia, were going
to be engaged in working with
the nations of the Asia Pacific
to set clear rules of the road on
the various issues of common
interest that we share with
them, he said.
One of these issues is trade
and investment. Collectively,
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2 Home news

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016

Mahosot claims success with

new breast cancer treatment

Dr Saifone Phounsavan explains breast cancer treatment at Mahosot


Phetphoxay Sengpaseuth

Mahosot Hospital has presented

the results of the so-called
neutrino-medicine method
doctors have been using to treat
women with breast cancer this
year, hoping to reduce the high
mortality rate from this disease.
This method has been used
by experts from the Lao Breast
Cancer Association since the
end of 2015.
In January and February this
year, some 420 women in Laos
presented with abnormalities in
the breast, indicating probable
breast cancer. Of this number,
38 survived after being treated
using the new method.
Speaking at a workshop
organised by the Lao Breast

Cancer Association on Friday,

a key researcher in the new
treatment and president of
the association Dr Saifone
Phounsavan told doctors and
nurses at Mahosot that the
new method included the
examination, treatment and
prevention of breast cancer.
Tests of the new method to
date had shown that women
with breast cancer survived the
disease, which is usually fatal.
The disease can be so
aggressive that if women dont
receive treatment promptly they
can die within one week or one
month, Dr Saifone said.
He said the new method
would play an important
role in helping to improve
the detection and treatment

of cancer. The main benefit

is the improved detection of
tissue abnormalities, so that
suspicious areas are more
quickly identified.
Using older methods, out of
100 women who presented with
symptoms of breast cancer,
about 50 women would die
because the disease spread
very quickly. It took a long
time to make a definitive
diagnosis and frequently
women with the disease died
before it was even detected,
Dr Saifone said.
He explained that research
into the neutrino-medicine
method began in 2000 when
experts from the Lao Breast
Cancer Association teamed
up with specialists from
medical schools in China
and the United States. The
success of this new method
was confirmed by the results
of research undertaken at
these universities.
Dr Saifone said I studied
the examination, treatment
and prevention of this disease
including examination and
treatment using the old
method. Based on 16 years
of experience in the field of
breast cancer in the world and
at Mahosot Hospital, he could
confirm that the neutrinomedicine method lowered the
risk of mortality.
From 2000 to 2016, breast
cancer was detected in about
500 women in Laos, of whom
100 women are still living.
Worldwide, about 500,000
women die from breast cancer,
with women in the 45-50 age
group particularly at risk.

Economy, security top... from page 1

Asean represents Americas
fourth largest trading partner.
US exports to Asean support
hundreds of thousands of jobs
while the US is the largest
source of foreign direct
investment in Asean, which is
a growing market.
A number of critical
security issues are also on
the agenda. One of these is
maritime security, including
the situation in the South
China Sea an issue that
the Lao government has
recommended be addressed
peacefully through diplomatic
There will also be talks on
counterterrorism. The recent
attack in Jakarta highlights
the efforts that ISIL and other
extremist groups have made to
try to establish a foothold in the
region, Mr Rhodes said.

In the environmental field,

the successful agreement in
Paris depended in part on
the United States ability
to work closely with Asean
countries as these nations
pursue their own individual
climate targets and more
environmentally sustainable
models of economic
President Obama will also
be raising the need for good
governance, the rule of law,
and accountable institutions.
Asean engagement is
central to President Obamas
broader strategy of rebalancing
the Asia Pacific region, which
he has pursued since he took
office, Mr Rhodes said.
Senior diplomats and
analysts believe the US strategy
on the Asia Pacific region will
not alter regardless of future

changes in the White House

Since our strategy in
the region [Asia Pacific] has
from the start been rooted
i n A m e r i c a s o w n b e s t
interests, we have won strong
bipartisan support that gives
me confidence that the strategic
priority on the Asia-Pacific
the Rebalance will continue
in the next administration,
regardless of who occupies
the White House, Assistant
Secretary, Bureau of East Asian
and Pacific Affairs Daniel R.
Russel said.
He made the remark at a
recent event held at the Asia
Society in New York, according
to the US Department of State.
Souksakhone Vaenkeo is
in California to report on the
US-Asean Summit, sponsored
by the US Department of State.

Government seeks more... from page 1

clearing UXO for development
projects in the provinces and
focal development areas as
required by the government,
Mr Phoukhieo said.
According to an NRA report
for 2011-2015, the authority
has worked with international
organisations to clear UXO
on 29,701 hectares of land
including 18,541 hectares of
agricultural land and 11,160
hectares of development land.
Some 552,968 cluster

munitions have been destroyed

in addition to 1,489 larger
bombs, 259,421 sub-munitions,
837 mines, and 291,221 other
items of UXO.
Most UXO-related accidents
have occurred in Savannakhet,
Saravan and Xieng Khuang
provinces. Explosions typically
occur during the transport,
dismantling or burning of UXO,
or while villagers are working in
their fields.
The NRA reported that

since 2009 there had been

319 incidents involving
unexploded ordnance,
claiming 522 victims. Of
these, 391 people were injured
and 131 were killed while
over 20,000 people survived
unscathed. Fridays meeting
was also attended by Minister
to the Government Office
and Chairman of the Board
of the NRA, Mr Bounheuang
Douangphachanh, and other

Vientiane plans raft of

activities for Lao New Year

This Lao New Year (Pi Mai

Lao), the people of Vientiane
can enjoy numerous activities
the city authorities are
organising on the Don Chan
Beach near the Mekong River,
with the annual festival slated
for April 13-16.
Administration Office is
planning a range of games
and activities, making good
use of the sandy expanse that
is exposed when the Mekong
recedes to its lowest level.
Among the popular Pi Mai
Lao riverside traditions are the
building of sand stupas as well
as games such as beach football
and beach volleyball.
The office announced
its intention to organise the
traditional activities at a press
conference on Friday.
T h e Vi c e M a y o r o f
Vi e n t i a n e , M r S a i t h o n g
Keoduangdy, said there would
be a special water pouring
ceremony for older people
and visitors in the area of
Vat Chan up to the beach
alongside Khountha village in
Sikhottabong district.
Mr Saithong also said that
this year would be the 450th
anniversary of the building of
Vat That Luang, which would
be reflected in the festivities.

Vice Mayor of Vientiane Mr Saithong Keoduangdy addresses a

press conference at the Vientiane Administration Office on Friday.

He asked all organisations

and hotels in Vientiane to
promote the Lao New Year
Administration Office is also
taking applications from
young women for possible
participation in the Miss New
Year parade.
The office and the Lao
Volleyball Federation will
invite beach volleyball teams
from the provinces and from
more than 30 countries to take
part in the competition.
Mr Saithong said they
would ask the Asian Volleyball
Confederation to help organise
the event.

Last year the Lao Volleyball

Federation hosted the 28th
South East Asian Beach
Volleyball Championships
in Vientiane, when teams
from Cambodia, Thailand,
Indonesia, Malaysia and Laos
In April, May and June
the Vientiane Administration
Office will hold events to
promote the wearing of Lao
silk by young people and in
October will invite delegations
from Asean countries to a
fashion show.
The office will also organise
the Boat Racing Festival this
year and invite other Asean
countries to attend the event.

Ministry to have new building in August

Times Reporters

Construction of the new

Ministry of Information,
Culture and Tourism building
on the 450 Year Road in
Vientiane will be completed
on schedule within the next
six months.
Managing Director of
the Dao-Heuang Group, Mr
Sisouphon Sihalath, told
Vientiane Times on Friday
that the five-storey structure is
now 70 percent complete and
workers are currently building
the roof.
Next on the work plan is
the installation of electricity.

The building was originally

scheduled for completion by
National Day on December
2 but Mr Sisouphon said
construction was delayed due
to technical problems.
Work on the building
began when senior ministry
officials and the owners of
the Dao-Heuang Group held a
groundbreaking ceremony in
April 2013.
The ministry will move
to their new premises when
the building is ready, leaving
behind their current offices
on Setthathirath Road. This
facility is believed to be almost
100 years old.

When the ministry

relocates, the old building will
be handed over to the Ministry
of Education and Sports.
Dao-Heuang is building
the new office block on a twohectare site at an estimated cost
of 100 billion kip about two
kilometres from the Dongdok
traffic lights on Kaysone
Phomvihane Avenue.
Construction of the new
building comes following a
previous deal with the DaoHeuang Group, when it was
agreed the company would
renovate the former Lao National
Tourism Administration building
on Lane Xang Avenue.

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Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016

Home news

Election candidates to be screened

Somsack Pongkhao

President Choummaly Sayasone (right) talks with Mr Kim Yong Chol at the Presidential Office in
Vientiane on Friday.

Laos, DPRK enhance

bilateral ties
Times Reporters

Leaders from Laos and the

Democratic Peoples Republic
of Korea (DPRK) have vowed
to enhance the cooperative ties
between the two countries,
especially between the Lao
Peoples Revolutionary Party
(LPRP) and the Workers Party
of Korea (WPK).
The pledge came during
meetings held by the leaders in
Vientiane during a visit to Laos
by a high ranking delegation
from the DPRK led by the
Secretary of the WPK Central
Committee, Kim Yong Chol.
Mr Kim Yong Chol, who is
also a special envoy of DPRK
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un,
led the delegation in visiting
Laos from February 11 to 12 to
congratulate the LPRP on the
success of their 10th Congress
last month.
The delegation also paid
a courtesy visit to President
Choummaly Sayasone at the
Presidential Office on Friday.
Talking with the guests,

Mr Choummaly said he
highly valued the visit by the
delegation, which he said was
a strong motivation for the
LPRP, the Lao government and
people, and was an important
contribution to enhancing the
tradition of friendly ties and
cooperation between the two
parties, governments, and
He praised the achievements
made by the party and
government of the DPRK in
national development and
protection under the leadership
of the WPK led by former
presidents Kim Il Sung and
Kim Jong Il, and currently
by the successor of the great
revolutionary mission, Kim
Jong Un.
President Choummaly
briefed the delegation on the
outcome of the 10th Congress
of the LPRP.
He reminded his guests
about his meeting with President
Kim Jong Il and President Kim
Jong Un during his visit to
the DPRK in 2011, saying he

UN launches latest...
today, the Least Development
Countries Report 2015, has
traditionally been the only
annual report in the United
Nations system that exclusively
address issues related to the 48
least developed countries.
Issued by the UN
Conference of Trade and
Development, the report
provides a comprehensive and
authoritative source of socioeconomic analysis and data on
the worlds most impoverished
According to the report, the
LDCs are the ground on which
the 2030 Agenda will be won
or lost. This is where shortfalls
from the SDG targets are
greatest, where improvement
has been slowest, and where
the barriers to further progress
are highest.

highly valued the visit, during

which the two parties agreed
on several issues, especially
exchange visits by delegations
from both sides.
The agreements formed
the basis for the two countries
cooperation in recent years and
contributed to the enhancement
of the tradition of friendship
and cooperative ties founded
by President Kim Il Sung and
President Kaysone Phomvihane.
Mr Choummaly said Laos
continued to support legitimate
missions in the fight against
external interference into
the affairs of the DPRK, and
supported the unification of
the Koreas under the three
principles posited by President
Kim Il Sung, and expressed the
hope that the Korean Peninsula
would enjoy peace.
The delegation also paid
a courtesy visit to the newly
elected Secretary General of the
LPRP, Mr Bounnhang Vorachit,
to pass on congratulations from
leaders of the WPK to the new
leaders of the LPRP.

from page 1

Rural development will be

central to the quantum leap in
the rate of progress required
for LDCs to achieve the SDGs.
More than two thirds of
people in LDCs live in rural
areas, where poverty is also
most widespread and deepest,
and infrastructure and social
provision most lacking, Ms
Immonen said.
The 2015 report, which
is subtitled transforming
rural economies, therefore
highlights the critical
importance of the structural
transformation of rural
economies in LDCs for the
fulfillment of the SDGs globally.
It concludes that such
transformation needs to
encompass agricultural
upgrading and diversification
towards rural non-farm

activities, and to maximise

the synergies between the two,
she added.
Laos set its target
for graduation from Least
Developed Country status as
early as in 1996 an important
commitment, which has been
at the heart of key national
policies and strategies,
including the 8th National
Socio-Economic Development
Plan. The global LDC report
therefore provides a useful
insight, guiding the countrys
smooth transition from LDC
The UN system stands
ready to support Laos in
cooperation with development
partners, civil society and other
partners, to achieve this joint
effort of LDC graduation, Ms
Immonen said.

Sub-editor wanted
Vientiane Times is seeking an experienced English language editor. Must be a native speaker of English
and able to edit a wide range of articles from business to entertainment. Attention to detail is essential
and familiarity with current affairs in Laos is desirable. Excellent writing skills required. Working hours
approx 11am 6pm Mon-Fri plus a weekly evening shift and occasional Sundays. Please email: or
call: 55607017, 021 336047 or drop your CV off at Vientiane Times on Kamphaengmeuang Road (T4).

All candidates wishing to stand

for election as members of the
National Assembly (NA) and
Provincial/capital Assemblies
(PAs) must be certified by an
authorised organisation.
This is one of the main
requirements for anyone aged
21 or above who wishes to be
a candidate for membership
in the National Assembly or a
provincial assembly. Elections
take place on March 20.
Member of the National
Election Committee and
President of the NAs Law
Committee, Prof. Dr Davone
Vangvichit, told Vientiane Times
on Friday that all candidates must
identify which organisation they
are representing, which can be
a government body, a private
organisation or a civil society
We are doing this because
we want the organisation
or institution the candidate
represents to help us determine
whether the candidate has
sufficient knowledge, capacity
and character to work and serve
the interests of the nation and
people, Prof. Dr Davone said.
President Choummaly
Sayasone recently issued a

decree which spells out the

total number of candidates
and member numbers required
for the NA and provincial
assemblies throughout the
A list of their names has yet
to be declared with all details
of the candidates expected
to be ascertained within this
According to the decree,
the National Assembly will
have 149 members who will
be elected from 211 candidates.
Meanwhile provincial
assemblies will comprise 360
members to be elected from
508 candidates.
When asked whether
candidates could apply for
membership in both the
National Assembly and a
provincial assembly, Prof.
Dr Davone said candidates
contesting membership in
the National Assembly
could also be members of
provincial assemblies in their
For instance, a candidate
who lives in Xieng Khuang
province can stand for election
to the National Assembly.
If he wins the election and
becomes an NA member,
he will automatically be a

member of the Xieng Khuang

provincial assembly. But if a
person stands for election to
the Xieng Khuang provincial
assembly, he or she may not
be elected to the National
Conversely, if a candidate
who lives in the capital stands
for election as an NA member,
he or she may not be elected
to the provincial assembly of
Xieng Khuang or any other
According to the election
law, one National Assembly
and one provincial assembly
member will be elected to
represent every 50,000 people.
Lao citizens of all ethnic
groups aged 18 years or above
regardless of their gender,
social status, profession or
religion are eligible for election
as NA and PA members.
At the moment, it is unclear
how many people are eligible
to vote for their representatives
in the assemblies as the
authorities are still working
on the matter.
Lao citizens aged 21
or above with sufficient
qualifications as indicated in
the law are eligible to stand
for election as NA and PA

Education project helps rural

children make the grade

Mr Lytou Bouapao (centre) chairs the meeting.

Times Reporters

Community awareness of the

importance of education in
10 districts of Champassak,
Savannakhet, Saravan and
Xekong provinces has
increased following phase II of
the Community Initiative for
Education Development project
from 2012-2015.
This was the central message
of the Joint Coordination
Committee Meeting on Terminal
Evaluation of the project, held in
Vientiane on Friday.
The aim of the meeting was
to review the achievements of the
project, disseminate the results of
the final evaluation, and plan the
actions to be taken at the end of
the project.
The overall goal of the
project, supported by the Japan
International Cooperation
Agency (JICA), is to help
children in these provinces
gain access to quality primary
education by strengthening
education administration at the
central and local levels.
The project promotes the
cycle of planning, implementing,
reviewing and evaluation from
schools to ministry level with the
aim of raising standards under
the governments Education for

All initiative.
The meeting was chaired
by Deputy Minister of
Education and Sports Mr Lytou
Bouapao, Director General of
the ministrys Preschool and
Primary Education Department
Dr Mithong Souvanvixay, Chief
Representative of the JICA Laos
Office Mr Yusuke Murakami,
and invited guests.
The project evaluation
revealed that rates of enrollment
and childrens continuous
attendance at school had
improved, while fewer children
were having to repeat classes
or were dropping out. Teaching
standards had also improved.
The project has also helped
district education and sports
offices to better assist schools
in various ways and means.
The government has been
striving to achieve targets set in
the Education for All initiative
by improving the equity,
quality and effectiveness of
primary education, according
to a statement from JICA.
While the Net Enrolment
Rate rose to 95.2 percent in
2011, a high repetition rate of
6.9 percent and a high dropout
rate of 5.5 percent resulted in a
low primary school completion
rate of only 74.9 percent.

In addition, educational
disparity between urban
areas and remote villages still
remains, Mr Lytou said.
Meeting participants heard
a report that showed the project
had contributed to significant
improvements in access
to quality education, with
net enrolment, dropout and
repetition rates all improving.
Reports were presented by
education officials from each
target province.
The projects outstanding
achievement has been success
in the capacity development
o f Vi l l a g e E d u c a t i o n
Development Committees,
which actively work to
encourage children to attend
school and prevent dropouts,
it was noted.
However, there are still
many challenges to overcome
before complete access to
primary education is achieved,
especially in rural areas.
At the close of the
meeting, two representatives
from the ministry and JICA
signed minutes of the meeting
on the Japanese Technical
Cooperation Project for
Supporting the Community
Initiative for Education
Development project, phase II.

4 Home news

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016

Japan opens cherry tree park

in Huaphan

News in Brief
Two provinces ready for assembly elections

Xayaboury and Xieng Khuang provinces are ready

for the upcoming election of members of the National
Assembly and provincial peoples assemblies, the
Pathetlao Daily Newspaper reported. Xayaboury has
12 candidates who will compete for eight seats in the
National Assembly, while nine people in Xieng Khuang
will compete for six seats in the legislative body. For the
local peoples assemblies, 39 candidates will compete for
28 seats in Xayaboury, while 24 candidates will compete
for 17 seats in Xieng Khuang.

Food prices return to normal after lunar

New Year

The price of food products in Vientiane rose over the

lunar New Year but are now returning to normal, the
Laosphatthana Newspaper reported.
Pork was selling for 75,000 to 80,000 kip per kilo last
week, but is now in markets for 30,000-to 40,000 kip.
Chicken rose to 50,000-55,000 kip per kilo and has now
dropped to 45,000-50,000 kip. The price of tilapia rose to
20,000-25,000 kip but is now selling for 18,000-20,000
kip per kilo. The price of vegetables has also dropped.
Local officials together with representatives from the Japanese Embassy and ADDP gather at the handover ceremony of the Lao-Japan
Friendship Sakura Park in Viengxay district, Huaphan province.

Times Reporters

A ceremony to hand over the

Lao-Japan Friendship Sakura
(cherry blossom) Park took
place in Viengxay district,
Huaphan province last week.
Donated by the Asian
Development with Disabled
Persons (ADDP) non-profit
organisation, the SaitamaLao Friendship Association
and other Japanese bodies,
nearly 300 young Sakura
trees were planted at the
park, which is located next
to the Kaysone Phomvihane
Park in Viengxay.
Construction of the park

was launched with a grant

from the Japanese government
after a Sakura tree planting
ceremony that took place on
February 12 last year.
The project took root
in anticipation of the 60th
anniversary celebrations
of Japan-Laos diplomatic
relations in 2015. Just one year
after the planting ceremony,
the park has now opened.
The idea for the project
came from a conversation
between Prime Minister
Thongsing Thammavong and
Japanese leaders.
Last weeks handover
ceremony was attended by

Huaphan provincial authorities

and the Ambassador of Japan
to the Lao PDR, Mr Takeshi
Hikihara, representatives
of the ADDP, and officials
and villagers from Huaphan
Speaking at the event,
Ambassador Hikihara expressed
his deep appreciation to all
the organisations and persons
concerned, both Lao and
Japanese, for their cooperation
in creating the park.
In this year, the Lao PDR,
which is assuming the Asean
chair, moves on to take new
steps to stimulate social and
economic growth under the

framework of the revised

National Socio-economic
Development Plan, Mr
Hikihara said.
The opening of the Sakura
Park in such an important year
symbolises the ever-deepening
relationship between Japan
and the Lao PDR. I hope
that these Sakura trees will
be firmly rooted and bloom
beautifully, like the deep
friendship between our two
countries, he added.
The park is expected to
strengthen the long-standing
relationship between Japan
and the Lao PDR and promote
tourism in Huaphan province.

Savannakhet families growing vegetables for

production poverty

Authorities in Vilabouly district, Savannakhet province,

say seven families of vegetable growers are now earning
more money and have risen above the poverty line,
Pathetlao Daily Newspaper reported.
One of the families is headed by Ms Laikham who now
earns 30-40 million kip a year from selling Chinese
cabbage, cabbages, herbs, papayas and vegetables to a
gold mining company and markets in the district.

Exports reach 100 billion kip in Thataeng


Thataeng district, Xekong province, exported goods

worth more than 100 billion kip, or almost 20 percent
of GDP, last fiscal year, the Social-Economic Daily
reported. Local people are growing crops for export,
including for use by processing factories in the district,
as well as to local markets. The district is boosting
production in all sectors and the growth of SMEs in some
villages has increased production by 68 percent, and the
export-import trade by 20 percent, in 2015-2016.

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016

Photo news

The Lao Embassy to the Republic of South Korea recently partnered with Lao Airlines
representatives in Seoul, the Korea-Laos Friendship Association and the Lao-Korea Student
Association to collect and donate 100 boxes of new and secondhand clothes for families in Laos
northern provinces suffering from the severe winter weather.

Deputy Minister of Education and Sports Mr Lytou Bouapao (seated, second right) poses for a
photo with JICA staff and education officials during the Joint Coordination Committee Meeting
on the Terminal Evaluation of the Community Initiative for Education Development Project,
Phase II.
--Photo Phaisythong

Participants and staff from Unilever service units in Laos and Thailand pose with the Country
Manager of Unilever Service Laos Sole Co., Ltd., Ms Alinna Thoulasit (seventh right) after the
launch of the Clear Sakura Fresh product in Vientiane on Saturday. The new product has been
on sale in Vientiane since the end of 2015.

Successful students in the International Professional Skill and Fundamental Skill Competition
in Thailand from the Rattana Business Administration College (RBAC) pose with the President
of the RBAC Group, Dr Somphet Rattanasim (seated, front centre), after a press conference to
announce the success of the competition.

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016


In brief from Asia

S News Network
Woman arrested
with fake US dollar

Nation, ANN) -- A
50-year-old Kalasin
woman has been
arrested for having
in her possession
and using fake US
dollar banknotes. She
implicated the wife
of an upper northern
province senator as the
person who had hired
her to exchange the fake
banknotes with banks.
During the press
conference yesterday in
Bangkok, Pol Colonel
Phanthana Nuchanart,
deputy commander of
the Crime Suppression
Division, said Sasithorn
Wongpracha was also
wanted for dealing in
fake banknotes in Maha
Sarakham, Roi Et and
Kalasin provinces.

Flooding affects
nine Jakarta

Jakarta Post, ANN)
-- The torrential rains
that hit Jakarta and its
upper areas Bogor
and Depok in West Java
starting Friday have
caused flooding across
nine subdistricts in the
capital, in East and
South Jakarta, forcing
hundreds of people to
seek temporary shelter.
About 60 members
of the East Jakarta
rescue team managed
to evacuate 229
residents trapped
within inundated
houses, said head of
East Jakartas Fire and
Rescue Agency Gatot
Sulaiman as reported
by on
One of the flood victims
was rushed to a city
owned hospital in
Ciracas, East Jakarta,
as he had shown signs
of serious illness when
rescuers had arrived at
his house, he added.

Go for fresh impact

study by UN team
Daily Star, ANN) -- The
National Committee
to Protect Sundarbans
on Saturday demanded
suspension of all
development activities
of Rampal power plant
and the adjacent private
Orion power plant until
a fresh environment
impact assessment
(EIA) by a United
Nations-led neutral
team. The Committee, a
citizen platform of 101
eminent personalities,
also sent a letter to the
Unesco headquarters
earlier this month and
requested the UN body
to recognise the site
on the list of its World
Heritage in Danger.

Last of 116 dead in Taiwan quake

is pulled from rubble
TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) -- Rescuers in Taiwan
pulled out the remains of the final victims of
last weeks earthquake and with a minute of
silence ended the search with the death toll
of 116, most of them in a collapsed high-rise
apartment building.
All but two of the dead came from
the 17-story Weiguan Golden Dragon
residential complex, which toppled when the
magnitude-6.4 quake struck the city on Feb. 6.
Tainan city Mayor Mayor Lai Ching-te
on Saturday bowed deeply and thanked the
rescuers for their work, and ordered a minute
of silence for the victims.
A total of 270 people in the building
survived, including 95 who were evacuated
and 175 who were pulled out from the rubble,
according to the latest figures from Tainans
city authorities.
Authorities believe one last person
unaccounted for was homeless and not in the
residential compound at the time of the quake.
Police have reclassified the persons status as
missing, Taiwans Interior Ministry said.
The buildings developer, Lin Ming-hui,
and two architects have been detained on
suspicion of negligent homicide following
accusations that Lins company cut corners in
the construction.
Earthquakes frequently strike Taiwan, but
usually cause little or no damage, particularly
since more stringent building regulations were
introduced following a magnitude-7.6 quake
in 1999 that killed more than 2,300 people.

Emergency rescue workers attend survivor Lee Tsung-tien after being rescued from the rubble of a collapsed building
complex in Tainan, Taiwan.

--Photo AP

Antarctic air squadron to be set up

ANTARCTIC (China Daily,
ANN) -- China will set up an
Antarctic air squadron this
year to support its scientific
expeditions to the polar region,
according to the State Oceanic
It did not disclose details
about the squadron, but said
it is aimed at supporting polar
exploration and will serve as an
air observation platform.
China will continue to
develop technologies and
equipment to improve research
on remote sensing and
oceanography, the administration
said in a statement on Friday.
The research vessel and
icebreaker Xuelong, which is
being used for Chinas 32nd
Antarctic expedition, left
Shanghai on Nov 7 for a 159-day
round trip of 55,500 kilometres.
A 277-strong team from
more than 80 domes tic
institutions are conducting

research and experiments in

During the mission,
researchers are making a final
survey for Chinas fifth Antarctic
station site at Victoria Land on
the Ross Sea, mapping the site
and assessing the ecological and
environmental impacts.
They will also perform
scientific experiments at Chinas
Changcheng, Zhongshan,
Taishan and Kunlun stations, as
well as at Prydz Bay, on the Ross
Sea, on the Amundsen Sea and
the Antarctic Peninsula.
For the first time, members
of the expedition used a fixed
wing aircraft during their stay
in the Antarctic.
The plane, which was bought
from the United States and is
now maintained by a Canadian
company, carried out airborne
remote sensing and telemetry
tasks before leaving for Canada
last week. Previously, China

had used only helicopters for its

polar expeditions.
Sun Bo, deputy head of
the Polar Research Institute
of China, said the country is
training pilots, ground support
staff members and scientific
instrument operators for fixedwing polar aircraft so they can
operate and manage Chinas
polar aircraft fleet.
Meanwhile, the State
Oceanic Administration said
it will launch several deep-sea
projects this year involving
seabed mining experiments,
biological diversity research and
deep-water exploration.
A deep-sea exploration
station is also included in the
administrations equipment
development plan.
The country will send its
seventh research mission to the
Arctic this year and is planning
the first Sino-Russian Arctic
mission, it said.

Saudi warplanes
may come to Turkey
within days
ANKARA (Xinhua) -- Saudi
Arabian military jets could
arrive in Turkey in the next
few days to carry out missions
against the Islamic State (IS)
militants group, Turkish
Foreign Minister Mevlut
Cavusoglu said Saturday.
The aircraft are likely to
be based at the Incirlik air
base in Turkeys southern
Adana province, from which
many US bombers have been
bombing the IS areas in Syria.
Cavusoglu said it was
not certain how many Saudi
warplanes would be based in
Becaus e this is our
common struggle ... Saudi
Arabia also wanted to send
aircraft and join the air
operations, he added.
As Syrian government

forces are making gains

lately on the battlegrounds,
Saudi Arabia, the United
Arab Emirates (UAE) and
others have voiced readiness
to deepen their military
intervention in the war-torn
A Saudi military
spokesman has pledged to
send in ground troops in case
of the US-led coalitions
agreement to launch a ground
operation in Syria, while the
UAE has agreed to dispatch
special forces there, as claimed
by US Secretary of Defense
Ash Carter.
The Russian Defense
Ministry claimed early this
month that it had reasonable
grounds to suspect intensive
training in Turkey for a
military invasion into Syrian.

Bangladesh begins survey of

undocumented Rohingya Muslims

A penguin is seen in front of Chinese icebreaker Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, docked at an ice cover
area of the South Pole. --Photo CCTV

NEW DELHI (AP) -Authorities in Bangladesh

began a survey to determine the
number of Rohingya Muslims
who have fled persecution in
majority-Buddhist Myanmar.
Around 33,000 Rohingya
have been documented in two
official camps in the southern
coastal district of Coxs Bazar
that borders Myanmar, but
officials say another 300,000 to
500,000 remain unaccounted.
Bangladeshs Bureau of
Statistics began the exercise

this week with the help of the

Geneva-based International
Organisation of Migration,
said survey director Alamgir
Hossain. He said the survey
across six districts will end
on Wednesday and will be
followed by a census of the
Rohingya next month.
The census will also focus
on the living conditions and
socio-economic status of the
Rohingya and the information
gathered will be used to create
a community database.

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016 Region

Forces kill 10 suspected

militants in Balochistan

QUETTA, Pakistan (Dawn,

ANN) The security forces
claimed on Sunday to have
killed 10 suspected militants
during a targeted operation in
Balochistans Sibi district.
The security personnel
reportedly conducted an
operation in Sangaan area of
Sibi district and apprehended
12 suspected militants following
an exchange of fire in which 10
suspects were killed.
An official informed
DawnNews that security
forces also demolished three
sanctuaries being operated by
militants in Sangaan.

A key militant commander

was also killed during the
operation, he said.
Meanwhile, the spokesman
for Balochistan government,
A n w a r u l H a q K a k a r,
told DawnNews that a key
commander of the outlawed
Balochistan Liberation Army
(BLA) Aslam Acho was
reportedly killed by security
forces in Sibi. Kakar said the
dead commander was allegedly
involved in the attack in Quaids
residency in Ziarat.
Moreover, the security
forces also claimed to have
recovered huge cache of

weapons including rockets,

improvised explosive devices
and bombs from the possession
of these suspected militants.
All the dead and apprehended
militants belonged to an
outlawed militant organisation
operating in the area, the security
official said.
The arrested suspects
were shifted to an undisclosed
location for interrogation.
The suspected militants were
reportedly involved in a series of
attacks on security forces and
blowing up of gas pipelines and
other vital installations in the
area, the security official said.

Candidates competing to run in April

KOREA (The Korea Herald,
ANN) -- The number of
candidates running to win a seat
at the upcoming parliamentary
race stands at 1,426, the National
Election Commission said
The number represents an
average competition ratio of
5.8 to 1, with some 60 days
remaining before the April 13

The candidates will compete

for 246 electoral seats up for
grabs. The remaining 54 seats in
the 300 seat National Assembly
are distributed through a
proportional representation
system. Of the candidates, 771
or 54.1 percent were competing
to win the ruling Saenuri Party
ticket, with numbers for the
main opposition Minjoo Party
of Korea totaling 313 or 21.9

percent of the total. There

were 167 people trying to win
nominations to run for the minor
opposition Peoples Party with
41 vying to win a candidacy
from the progressive Justice
By gender, the NEC said men
outnumbered women nine-toone with 1,286 candidates, with
people in their 50s accounting
for 53.8 percent of the total.

Le magazine Le Rnovateur disponible en CD-ROM

Les numros du journal Le Rnovateur du mois de janvier 2011 fvrier 2015 sont disponibles sur CD-ROM au
bureau de la Presse lao en langues trangres (service Vientiane Times), Ban Phonpapao, unit 32, arrondissement
de Sisattanak,Vientiane. BP : 5723.
Contact Tel : (856-21) 33 60 42 ; 33 60 48 Fax : (856-21) 33 60 41.
Courriel :
(National and International)
Forest Coordinator,WWF-Laos
(RAFT 3 Project Manager)
As part of its FY16-20 Strategic Plan, WWF Laos is implementing a comprehensive forest
management and conservation programme in its Priority Landscapes and Priority Sites,
aligned with the WWF International Networks Forest Practice. This includes protecting high
conservation value forest, reducing illegal timber flows, ensuring sustainable production of
key commodities that impact biodiversity, and increasing FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
certified forest area.
RAFT, which stands for Responsible Asia Forestry and Trade, is a partnership between The
Nature Conservancy (TNC), Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), The Center
for People and Forests (RECOFTC), Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF), TFT (The Forest Trust),
TRAFFIC, the Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network and WWFs Forest Practice. Since its beginning
in 2007, RAFT has been building the capacity of countries, businesses and communities in
Asia Pacific to practice legal and sustainable forest management and trade, with a focus on
timber legality verification and the application of sustainable forest management practices,
including practices that reduce carbon emissions. RAFT phase 3 in Laos starts in the early
months of 2016 for duration of 3 years.
WWF-Laos is looking for an experienced candidate to fill the position of Forest
Coordinator, WWF-Laos (RAFT 3 Project Manager).
The RAFT3 Project Manager is responsible for the implementation of the RAFT 3 project (direct
project implementation, including responsibilities for technical, financial and administrative
aspects of the project) and is also the WWF-Laos Forest Coordinator, responsible for supervising
and providing support to all forest-related staff in the Country Office, in alignment with WWF
Forest Practice (forestry technical assistance). The RAFT Project Manager will also receive
and coordinate guidance from the WWF GMP Forest Hub and the WWF International Forest
Practice staff who are engaging in RAFT 3 regional activities.
Location: Vientiane, Lao PDR
Key requirements:
Bachelors degree in either forestry, conservation, natural resources management, or in
other relevant fields;
Qualification in Project Management is preferred;
5 years of practical experience in managing forestry-related projects in either INGOs or
the United Nations or bilateral development agencies or private companies;
Experience of working with Government officials, local communities and donor
Experience in conducting studies and coordinating research activities;
Proven communication and coordination skills, in multi-lateral context, in written and spoken
English and local language.
Team-worker and able to motivate and work with multi-cultural teams.
Adheres to WWFs values, which are: Passionate & Optimistic, Challenging & Inspiring,
Credible & Accountable, Persevering& Delivering Results.
The detailed job description is posted at
candidates should apply by sending a covering letter and CV, with mention of theposition
applied for, to:
Closing date:26thFebruary 2016
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted
WWF-Laos does not charge or accept a fee at any stage of the recruitment process
We are an equal opportunity employer and committed to having a diverse workforce

A woman takes a selfie in front of the LED lights roses at the Light Rose Garden in Hong Kong.

--Photo AP

Hong Kong marks Valentines

Day with 25,000 LED roses
HONG KONG (AP) -- Its like
a romantic scene out of one
of South Koreas sappy soap
dramas - tens of thousands of
illuminated roses forming an
impressive backdrop for the
lead actor and actress to declare
their love for each other.
The Light Rose Garden, a
public art installation featuring
a sea of white roses made with
light-emitting diode, or LED,
is also a perfect venue for
Valentines Day in Hong Kong.
Originating in South Korea,
the Light Rose Garden is on a
world tour with its first stop in
the southern Chinese city.

Organiser Jung Yong

Jin said hes thrilled to see
people outside of Seoul
enjoying the garden, made up
of 25,000 waterproof white
roses arranged tightly in Hong
Kongs landmark Central and
Western District Promenade,
with 25 roses planted every 3
square metres (yards).
The roses light up each
night and instantly illuminate
the park against the backdrop of
Hong Kongs skyline. Couples,
families and friends flock to
take photos.
I created this LED rose
garden because I wanted

families, friends and lovers to

come out to parks at night,
Jung said. A woman from
Taiwan, who was visiting with
her boyfriend, said the romantic
setting reminded her of Korean
I dont feel anything,
the boyfriend, who identified
himself only as Lee, laughed.
She showed me those scenes.
Korean dramas are like that. So
when I read about it, I wanted
to bring her here.
For Valentines, he gave her
roses made of Lego bricks.
The light gardens next stop
is Singapore on February 22.

India to begin consultation

on science, tech policy
INDIA (The Statesman,
ANN) -- To promote growth
of scientific research and attain
self-reliance, the government
plans to soon initiate a nationwide consultation process
to develop the first publicly
accessible science and
technology policy, President
Pranab Mukherjee said on
Speaking at the Infosys
Prize 2015 function here,
Mukherjee said the government
has undertaken various
measures for promoting
scientific research such as
increase in budget allocations
for scientific departments,
setting up of new institutions
for science education and
research and creation of
centres of excellence from
research among others.
The central government
plans to soon institute a nation
-wide consultation process
with a view to develop the first
publicly accessible science
and technology policy. The
policy Vision S&T 2020
would articulate the countrys
future towards technological
independence and self-reliance
in the 21st century, Mukherjee
He added that India and
Germany will soon begin
a joint research in priority
areas in health research and
biomedical sciences.

India is poised to become

a major nuclear physics
researcher. A project to build
Indias largest underground
laboratory for advanced
research on the smallest
particle known to man has
recently been approved by the
government, he said.
Stating that technology
has become an important
enabler for critical services
like financial inclusion and
healthcare, Mukherjee said
the country aspires to claim a
position amongst the top five
scientific powers.
To ensure we continue
to lead the world in terms of

technology breakthroughs, we
need to ensure that our youth
has access to a supporting
ecosystem, an education
system that helps them hone
their research acumen and
a wide network of industry
mentors, he said.
Mukherjee said the country
will focus on three types
of scientific efforts -- Blue
Sky research dealing with
developments in fundamental
sciences; R&D for specific
problems such as water, clean
energy, waste processing and
diseases; and areas where
India can emerge as one of the
leaders in the world.

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016


Kerry says Syrian war should

be settled on political track
MUNICH, Germany (Xinhua)
-- The United States Secretary
of State John Kerry said here on
Saturday that Syria crisis should
be settled on a political track,
urging parties to take advantage
of current opportunity to end the
Kerry said in a speech at the
Munich Security Conference
that political settlement is the
only way to end conflicts in
Syria. Agreements reached by
top diplomats earlier on Friday
provided an opportunity that
parties could not miss.
If the international
community and Syrians
themselves miss the opportunity
now before we to achieve
that political resolution to the
conflicts, the violence... will
continue, he said.
Kerry told audience that
humanitarian aid could start flow
to areas where in urgent need

The United States Secretary of State John Kerry addresses the

Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany. --Photo Xinhua

today or tomorrow, while a lot

of work must be done in order to
ensure an effective cessation of
hostilities within the week.
One of the issues needed to
be clarified was which actions
could be defined as against

terrorists, and which could

not, he said. The United States
claimed that Russian airstrikes
targeted against oppositions
in Syria instead of terrorists.
The claim was rejected by the
Russian side.

Greek farmers end blockade of

central Athens in tax dispute
ATHENS, Greece (AP) -Greek farmers protesting
planned tax hikes and
pension changes have left a
central Athens square where
they had been camped out
since Friday but are vowing
to keep protesting until the
government listens.
The farmers, who had set
up 68 blockades with tractors

and agricultural vehicles on

highways across Greece, will
convene Monday to decide
how to proceed, farmers
representative Vangelis Boutas
said. He said they also want
measures to lower production
costs, such as tax-free diesel,
cheaper electricity and no VAT
on supplies.
Earlier Saturday, police

estimated that 12,000 protesters

marched to Athens Syntagma
Square outside Parliament to
support the farmers. The march
was called by unions allied
with Greeces Communist
Police also arrested a
30-year-old for attacking a
patrol car during Fridays clashes
between farmers and police.

Farmers chat near their parked tractors as they blockade a road that links the international airport with
the southern and eastern suburbs of the Greek capital, in Koropi, near Athens.

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Rescuers suspend search after

second mine collapse
JOHANNESBURG (AP) -A second collapse of a mine
shaft on Saturday has forced
rescuers to suspend a search
for three people who have
been trapped underground for
more than a week at a South
African mine.
Rescue teams were trying
to reach mineworkers trapped
inside a container that was
buried beneath thousands of
tons of debris after a mine
collapse on February 5. Two
women and one man - Pretty
Mabuza, Yvonne Mnisi and
Solomon Nyarenda - were
working inside a mobile
office container, distributing
headlamps and safety gear to

miners, when an underground

pillar caved in, creating a
sinkhole that swallowed the
There have been no
signs of life from inside the
container since Tuesday,
said Mike Begg, manager of
the Lily gold mine, owned
by Australia-based Vantage
Goldfields. Before then, rescue
workers could hear tapping
Rescue teams were
evacuated after the second
collapse and will only resume
their search once conditions are
safe, Begg told the Associated
Press. Teams of 40 people have
been working on around the

clock to uncover the container,

he said.
The mine manager told
journalists that the eight day
search has begun to take its
toll on rescue workers, some
of whom have begun to fall ill.
Its slow progress, said
Begg, his shirt soiled and
disheveled, with smudges on
his face.
Families of the trapped
workers have not left the mine
in the eastern Mpumalanga
province, holding prayer
services throughout the
search, South African media
reported. All 87 miners who
were underground during the
collapse were rescued.

Several injured in French casino

robbery; 4 gunmen at large
PARIS (AP) -- Police are
searching for four gunmen who
stormed a casino in the southern
French city of Aix-en-Provence,
causing several injuries and
stealing cash before fleeing.
Regional police chief
Laurent Nunez said the
robbery occurred overnight at
the Pasino casino. The gunmen

fired warning shots with

automatic rifles, prompting
panic among the 700 people
inside, he told The Associated
Many people are still on edge
after Islamic extremist attacks
around Paris in November
that killed 130 people, and the
country remains under a state

of emergency. Nunez insisted

that Saturdays robbery was
absolutely not a terrorist act.
Jean-Marc Barre of the local
fire department said on BFM
television that 15 people were
evacuated with light injuries
suffered in the panic.
The casino reopened
Saturday under extra security.

Schultz says very worried about

desolidarisation in EU
MUNICH, Germany (Xinhua)
-- European Parliament (EP)
President Martin Schultz
warned here on Saturday that
the European Union (EU)
was facing the loss of trust of
local citizens about that the
transnational institutions were
still able to deliver solutions to

The EP head joined the

so-called Presidential Debate
at the M u n i c h S e c u r i t y
Conference together with the
leaders of Poland, Lithuania,
Finland and Ukraine, and
pointed out the loss of trust
of citizens is a crisis in itself
in addition to the crisis we have

He said the desolidarisation

in EU had been seen during the
last 20 years which was now
arriving at the governmental
level among EU member states,
therefore I am very worried.
Schultz called for solidarity
of EU nations by saying that the
EU is as strong as the Member
States choose it to be.

Vientiane Times


Read more news at

Khuadin market redevelopment

expected to open in May
Times Reporters

The redeveloped first zone

out of the three zones of the
Khuadin market area is now
70 percent complete and is
expected to reopen for traders
in May.
According to a staffer at
Khuadin Market Office, the
market is owned by a private
company, Lieng Heng Trade
and Market Development,
which has redeveloped 20
percent of its area since August,
Whilst works are underway,
the vendors have been requested
to move their products to sell in
other markets or some areas
arranged by market authorities
to make construction work
more convenient.

The new construction

featuring a modern style of
market is expected to host more
than 170 stores to sell clothes,
shoes, bags and household
The total Khuadin market
area is about 27,000 square
metres in size and is divided
into five zones.
Each of the three zones,
which feature products such as
clothes, bags, and household
items, will be redeveloped in
turn, after the first zone opens
for rent.
Another two existing zones
are expected to be redeveloped
mid-year and finished within
2017, which will help to ensure
order for traders and ease of
market management.
Market officers said the

new building will soon open

bookings for traders who want
to sell from the new facility
but it has not yet released the
details on the rental prices.
The rent that the developer
is currently collecting from
vendors is more than 500,000
kip per month.
The number of foreign
vendors, especially Vietnamese,
who are selling their products
together with the Lao vendors
in the market, has increased
However, market authorities
said the redevelopment of the
three zones would not affect the
two zones of Lao traders selling
agricultural products and meat,
which is still open for shoppers
to purchase meat, vegetables
and other goods.

US now Vietnams top trade partner

Tra fish is one of main products exported to the US.


has become Vietnams leading
trade and investment partner,
which has been reflected through
impressive trade values between
the two countries over recent
Bilateral trade has expanded
from zero since the day Vietnam
and the US normalised their
diplomatic ties 20 years ago to
US$36.3 billion in 2014. The
figure is expected to hit US$40
billion in 2015.
According to Deputy
Minister of Industry and Trade
Tran Tuan Anh, among the free
trade agreements Vietnam has
engaged in, the Trans-Pacific
Partnership (TPP) agreement is

expected to afford favourable

conditions for Vietnamese
Nguyen DuyKhien, head
of the American Market
Department under the Ministry
of Industry and Trade (MoIT),
said Vietnam shipped US$30.6
billion worth of goods to the US
in 2014, up 24 percent against
the previous year.
According to the MoIT,
Vietnam began to access the
US market in 1995. Vietnams
export turnover to the country
reached US$800 million in
2000 the year the Vietnam-US
Bilateral Trade Agreement was
The US has become

Vietnams largest importer,

purchasing garments,
electronic products, footwear,
rice and fish from the Southeast
Asian nation.
In the sphere of investment,
the US ranked seventh among
the countries and territories
investing in Vietnam with a total
direct investment of US$10.7
billion by June this year.
Vu DucGiang, President of
the Vietnam Textile and Apparel
Association, said Vietnam was
the worlds fifth largest garmenttextile exporter, and the US
remained the countrys top
market in this field.
However, the garmenttextile and footwear sectors
are forecast to face difficulties
as a result of Vietnams TPP
membership as the US has
initiated the yarn forward rule
of origin.
In order to benefit from tax
breaks, Vietnamese companies
must use materials imported
from other TPP members,
Giang said, noting this would be
a real challenge for Vietnamese
businesses when up to 70
percent of materials they are
currently using are purchased
from foreign countries, mainly
China a non-TPP member.
Deputy Minister Tran Tuan
Anh said the TPP would be an
impulse for Vietnams economy
to gear towards comprehensive
renovation, a higher competitive
edge and a better business

Monday February 15, 2016

Savings, credit unions fail

to track BOLs guidelines
Times Reporters

Many savings and credit unions

across Laos failed to follow
the guidelines of the Bank of
the Lao PDR (BOL), causing
ineffectiveness in the provision
of loans and other monetary
services, according to BOLs
There are many reasons
why savings and credit unions in
Laos are not strong or effective
because many of them failed to
obey the regulations issued by
BOL, a senior bank official
reported recently.
He said some of them
granted loans to customers who
are not members of the unions,
causing them difficulties in
collecting capital and revenue.
Many newly-established
savings and credit unions were
unable to continue operations
because they didnt follow the
directions of BOL.
When they got into
difficulties, BOL withdrew
their licenses for operation and
they were asked to improve
themselves if they wish to re-run
their businesses, he said.
As one of the key essentials
for Laos economic development
and to boost poverty reduction,
BOL anticipates that it will
work harder to promote
savings and credit unions by
continuing to build capacity for
savings staffers to ensure they
understand the regulations and
strictly follow the guidelines.
In his opening speech at the
Savings and Credit Union Forum
2015, BOL Deputy Governor,

Sonexay Sitphaxay said the

government has prioritised this
sector as a key contributor to
the nations socio economic
It is also important for
poverty reduction and helping
the country to graduate from
the worlds least developed
countries by 2020, he said.
He went on to say that BOL
is assigned by the government
to translate the directives
into practical action through
cooperation with international
organisations domestically and
The forum not only aimed to
highlight the past achievements
of the savings and credit union
sector but it also set out to
improve the legal processes
to manage savings and credit
unions for better operations in
accordance with government
At the same time, BOL will
upgrade the technical skills
for management personnel
to ensure they are equipped
with professional skills close
to regional and international
According to the past
years evaluation of BOL, the
savings and credit unions have
significantly contributed to
poverty reduction over the past
year but BOL will continue to
help them in building capacity
for staffers who are working in
this sector.
If comparing Laos savings
and credit union sector with
other Asean countries, we still
need a lot of improvements in

BOL Deputy Governor Mr

Sonexay Sitphaxay chairs the
meeting in Vientiane on Friday.

terms of quantity and quality

because their professional skills
are limited, he said.
Mr Sonexay added that BOL
will continue to pay special
attention to the improvements
of the necessary policy in order
to provide facilities to boost the
growth of this sector.
Currently a total of 31
savings and credit unions are
under the supervision of BOL,
with their total assets having
increased 45.11 percent while
members of the unions also
increased 11.45 percent when
compared to the year 2014.
In addition, the unions
loaned to the three major sectors
including services, agriculture
and industry and handicrafts.
The forum was co-organised
by the BOL and UNCDFs
Making Access to Finance
more Inclusive for Poor People

EU launches public consultation for

granting China market economy status
BRUSSELS (Xinhua) -- The European Union
(EU) launched a public consultation concerning
whether to grant China the market economy status
(MES) on Wednesday, seeking inputs for its indepth assessment of the status-changing on the
blocs economy.
Open for 10 weeks, the online consultation
was about the methods used in the EUs antidumping procedures on imported Chinese
product, as the current measures are set to expire
in December, said the European Commission, the
EUs executive body, in a statement.
The Commission was currently carrying
out a comprehensive assessment on the
economic effects of changing the treatment of
China as a market economy in its anti-dumping

The current rules the EU adopted to calculate

dumping margins on Chinese product, which
based on that China was not considered a market
economy in anti-dumping proceedings, will expire
on December 11, according to rules of the WTO.
The Commission was set to offer a proposal
to the European Council and the European
Parliament on whether to grant China MES before
the deadline.
Since the EU has not regarded China as a
market economy, China has fallen victim to some
unfair and discriminatory EU practice.
Under the current EU anti-dumping
investigations against China, the assessment is
based on a comparison of the export price with that
in a surrogate country with MES, instead of the
domestic price of the product in question.

Exchange rates as of February 12, 2016

Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public

Foreign Currencies



US Dollar 50-100



Thai Baht



Euro 50-500



10 Business

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016

Negative rates designed to

mitigate burden on banks

NEW YORK (Kyodo) -- The

Bank of Japan has set up its
negative interest rates to soften a
drastic impact on commercial
banks, a top official said on
Friday, despite financial shares
dropping sharply in Tokyo
following the announcement of
the unorthodox easing measure.
BOJ Deputy Governor
Hiroshi Nakaso explained that
the move to cut its benchmark
interest rate to negative 0.1
percent only applies to a very
small portion of deposits from
commercial lenders held at the
BOJ and structured into three
tiers -- of which only one is
subject to the negative rate.
This is a mechanism to
alleviate an extra burden on
banks profitability, Nakaso
said at a Japan Society event
in New York, adding the BOJ
carefully designed the system
to alleviate any impact to

financial institutions.
Although the three tiers were
unveiled when the negative rate
decision was announced on
January 29, this may not be
fully understood by the people
in the market, he said.
The Nikkei Stock Average,
a broad measure of the Tokyo
market, has lost nearly 15
percent since the announcement
of the extraordinary easing.
Against the backdrop of
the market tumble was investor
wariness about the yens rapid
ascent and global financial
turmoil. And the banking sector
has been one of the hardest hit
because of the prevailing view
that the central banks policy
decision could narrow their
profit margins.
Nakaso acknowledged that
bank shares have dropped but
said the sell-off was excessive.
We have seen substantial

Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Hiroshi Nakaso gives a lecture

in New York.

drops in bank shares in the recent

couple of days, but I think this
is a bit overdone in this regard,
he said.
Regarding the likelihood for
further rate cuts, Nakaso said
he would wait to see how the
current strategy plays out before
pushing rates down again.
Although I think it is...
technically possible, my sense
is that for now, I would like to
watch carefully how this new
policy is going to work, he said.
Nakaso said he doesnt have
the answer yet in response to
questions about how far the
negative rate policy can be
He was one of the five
members, including Governor
Haruhiko Kuroda, supporting
the negative rate action in the
tight BOJ policy board decision.
Four remaining members
He emphasised that the
negative rate is part of the BOJs
goal to hit its 2 percent inflation
target, an action deemed
necessary to fight deflationary
pressure troubling the economy.
BOJ Governor Kuroda has
said the negative rate, to be put
in place February 16, would stir
personal consumption and boost
Back home in Japan we
are talking with our bankers....
to seek their understanding
that overcoming deflation is in
everyones interest, Nakaso
said. The introduction of
negative rates is intended to
accelerate the process towards
that end.

In brief

Oil prices surge amid possible production cut

NEW YORK (Xinhua) -- Oil prices spiked on Friday, boosted by the possibility that major
production countries may cooperate to curb production.
Oil prices jumped as media reported that the energy minister of the United Arab Emirates said
the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries was ready to cooperate on production cuts
with other exporters.
Persistent oversupply, bloated inventories and a slew of negative economic news dragged crude
prices to 12-year lows on Thursday.

GDP up by 0.3 percent in eurozone in Q4

BRUSSELS (Xinhua) -- Seasonally adjusted GDP rose by 0.3 percent in both the 19-country
eurozone and the wider 28-member European Union (EU) during the fourth quarter (Q4) of
2015, compared with the previous quarter, the EU said on Friday.
Releasing its flash estimate on the GDP growth in Q4 last year, the Eurostat, or the EU statistical
office, also said by annual comparison, seasonally adjusted GDP rose by 1.5 percent in the euro
area and by 1.8 percent in the EU in Q4.
Moreover, the Eurostat said over the whole year 2015, GDP rose by 1.5 percent in the euro area
and by 1.8 percent in the EU.
In Q3 of 2015, in the eurozone and the EU GDP grew by 0.3 percent and 0.4 percent month-onmonth, and by 1.6 percent and 1.9 percent year-on-year, respectively, the Eurostat said.

Hyundai, Kia top auto sales in Vietnam in 2015

S.KOREA (The Korea Herald, ANN) -- South Koreas top automaker Hyundai Motor Co. and
its smaller cousin Kia Motors Corp. emerged as the top automobile seller in Vietnam for the first
time in 2015, beating global leader Toyota Motor Corp., industry data showed on Sunday.
Hyundai and Kia, the flagships of the worlds No. 5 automaker Hyundai Motor Group, sold
a combined 62,189 units in the Southeast Asian country last year for a market share of 29.8
Toyota posted sales of 50,285 vehicles, with its market share standing at 24.1 percent.It marks
the first time that Hyundai and Kia have seen their combined market share exceed that of the
Japanese auto behemoth.

Almost 100,000 shops closed across Brazil in 2015 due to falling


RIO DE JANEIRO (Xinhua) -- Around 95,400 shops closed across Brazil last year due to falling
sales, shows a report published on Friday by the National Commerce Federation (CNC).
With all these closures, the total number of shops fell by 13.4 percent, which worsened the
countrys economic crisis, according to the report.
The crisis reduced the number of shops across almost the entire country, including the largest
wholesalers, says the CNC report. 2015 was the worst crisis for the commercial sector in the
last 15 years.

Investment in water projects

tops 2 trillion yuan in 5 years

Water diversion project to supply fresh water to Taiwans Kinmen Island officially started constructionin
Longhu town, Jinjing city in East Chinas Fujian province.

BEIJING (China Daily, ANN) -- China invested

more than 2 trillion yuan (US$300 billion) in
water conservation during the 12th Five-Year
Plan period (2011-2015), the Ministry of Water
Resources said on Friday.
The investment benefitted hundreds of
millions of people through projects related to
drinking water in the countryside, flood control,
drought relief, irrigation and rural hydropower,

the ministry said.

The coming five years is a critical period
for China to quicken reform and development
inwater projects and improve water safety.
Good planning is key, said Jiao Yong, vice
minister of water resources.
Jiao said the government will keep investing
in major water projects and encourage private
capital to contribute.

Central banks influence on

interest rates greatly diminished
VANCOUVER (Xinhua) -Changing demographics across
the globe are the main drivers
of low interest rates in many
developed countries, according
to a new study released.
The study, entitled Why
Are Interest Rates So Low,
is conducted by the Fraser
Institute, an independent, nonpartisan Canadian public policy
Monetary policy is having
less and less impact on interest
rates in developed economies
such as Canada because the
demographic relationship
between borrowers and savers
has changed dramatically,
said Michael Walker, author of
the study that develops a new
model of how interest rates are
For most of the 20th

century, there were many

more borrowers than savers.
Subsequently, interest rates were
high to encourage more saving
and ration the scarce funds to
However, the opposite is
true nowadays. Theres a dearth
of borrowers, so savers are
relatively more numerous.
According to the study, the
existence of relatively more
savers attempting to invest their
funds is the main factor affecting
interest rates, not monetary
policy conducted by the Bank of
Canada or the Federal Reserve.
The study compiles financial
and demographic data for 29
countries that account for
nearly 90 percent of the worlds
economic output. Walkers new
model of how interest rates
are determined differs from

popular, yet faulty, economic

models, which rely on the use of
typical households to project
economy-wide responses to
factors thought to influence
interest rates. Relying on these
faulty models, many analysts
have predicted that interest
rates will return to normal levels
sometime soon. And central
banks have tried to talk up
interest rates. Meanwhile, rates
in most of the major economies
continue to be very low.
The objectives and behavior
of typical households in
Canada and most of the world is
dramatically different today than
when these now-faulty models
were constructed, so its no
surprise that most private
analysts and central banks
have incorrect expectations,
Walker said.

Number of top Korean goods in

export markets shrinks in 2014
S.KOREA (The Korea Herald,
ANN) -- The number of South
Korean products with the
largest share in their global
export market dropped slightly
from a year earlier in 2014,
but their combined share rose
significantly, indicating a
possible rise in their global
competitiveness, a report
showed on Sunday.
According to the report from
the Korea International Trade
Association, the number of
South Korean products with
the largest share in the export
market came to 64 in 2014,
down from 65 the previous
Unlike global market share,
which views the proportion of

a given product from a country

in the context of the total
amount sold globally, export
market share only considers the
proportion of a given product to
the total amount shipped across
The drop in 2014 came as
the country added 17 new No.
1 products to its list while 18
others gave way to other global
competitors, according to the
Of the total, 47 products
remained No. 1 products in
the global export market for
two consecutive years, while
20 of them, including certain
types of semiconductors and
automobile parts, did so for
five consecutive years.

The combined amount of

the 64 No. 1 products shipped
overseas spiked 19.3 percent onyear to US$111.8 billion in 2014
with their combined proportion
in overall South Korean exports
also expanding 2.8 percentage
points to 19.5 percent over the
cited period.
The report said the number
of South Korean products with
the 10th largest or greater market
share in the global export market
came to 1,338 in 2014, up 65
from the previous year.
In 2014, China had the
largest number of No. 1 products
in the worlds export market
with 1,610 products, followed
by Germany with 700 No. 1
products, it added.

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016

Lao stock market report

Business 11

Asean Economic Community

Trade Summary
Lao stocks trade was mixed on the final trading day of the week. PTL widened gains slightly
100 kip to close up at 2,750 kip in the mid morning session. However, EDL-Gen traded down
losing 100 kip at the opening. BCEL dropped 50 kip at the opening then rebounded to trade
flat in the next trading session. Market trading volume for the day was 51,900 shares, worth
about 200 million kip. The index closed downed 1.2 percent or 14.07 points to 1,154.49 points.
Daily Turnover by Investor Types (LAKm)

Imports drop, current-account

deficit narrows in 2015

Last 7 days Trading Information

Bank Indonesia staff nearby the damaged-money replacement counter, set up as part of the banks
clean money policy, aimed at providing the public with a good quality medium of exchange.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post,

ANN) -- Bank Indonesia (BI)
reported a current-account
deficit (CAD) of US$17.8
billion in 2015, lower than the
2014 level of US$27.5 billion, a
result of an overwhelming drop
in imports amid low exports and
lighter capital outflow over the
BCEL-KT Securities Company Limited Email:
course of the year.
The 2015 CAD was
equivalent to 2.1 percent of
gross domestic product (GDP),
compared with 3.1 percent
CAD in 2014, the central bank
SEOUL The Straits Times, said in a Feb 8 report. Profits are Yun Hi, head of the corporate
It was due to a bigger
(ANN) -- Fuel producers from expected to average US$3 a barrel planning office at South Koreas decline in imports than in
South Korea to India are finding during the first quarter of this year, SK Innovation Corp, said on
that rising refined products from down 32 percent from the same the companys earnings call on
China are cutting the profit period last year, it said in the note. February 3. Its a situation we
CNPC, as Chinas biggest are closely monitoring.
margins theyve enjoyed from
The teapot refiners, clustered
cheap oil to the lowest in more energy company is known,
than a year. Worse may be coming. predicts the countrys refineries around the eastern Chinese
Chinas total net exports of will increase output this year after province of Shandong, will
oil products - a measure that the government started giving account for the bulk of the
PHILIPPINE (Philippine Daily
strips out imports - will rise 31 licenses to independent refiners - - increase in oil processing this
percent this year to 25 million those known as teapots - to ship year as the countrys bigger Inquirer, ANN) -- Manilastate-owned processors decrease Based multilateral lender Asian
metric tonnes, China National their products abroad.
South Koreas biggest output, CNPC said in its report. Development Bank (ADB)
Petroleum Corp, the countrys
Chinas fuel glut is in its will lend the Philippines a
biggest energy company, said processor says the flood will
in its annual research report probably weaken margins and worst shape, Dai Jiaquan, fresh US$400 million or more
last month. That comes after Taiwans Formosa Petrochemical director of CNPCs oil market than P19 billion to sustain the
department, said last month. PantawidPamilyang Pilipino
diesel exports jumped almost 75 Corp sees it as a risk factor.
The pressure on the regional This is mainly due to weak Programme or 4Ps.
percent last year.
If China dumps more fuel market is getting stronger and demand and fast growth of
The support, which builds
into the market, international stronger, said Lin Keh-Yen, refining projects in recent years. on ADBs initial loan to the
The countrys commerce project of the same amount,
prices will crash, said BK a spokesman for Formosa
Namdeo, director of refineries Petrochemical. China is ministry has issued more than will help the government
at Indias state-run Hindustan exporting sizable volumes of oil 1.8 million barrels a day of export
support more families, now
quotas for the first quarter, more
Petroleum Corp. It will be products now.
China shipped a record than double in the same period also including high school
similar to what happened to crude
prices due to the oversupply. If amount of diesel, kerosene last year, analysts at Barclays students.
This is important, as impact
international prices of oil products and gasoline abroad last year including Miswin Mahesh said
shows that the CCTs
come down, then it will hurt and for the first time exported in a report February 5. The bulk
more products than it imported of the increase is coming from [conditional cash transfers]
margins of all refiners.
A common measure of amid the slowest economic diesel, which is up almost sixfold are keeping vulnerable young
refining profitability in Asia - the expansion in 25 years. Its crude from the first three months of people at school, opening the
margin from turning Middle East purchases increased to a record 2015, they said. With the local door to a better future, Karin
benchmark Dubai grade into fuels in 2015 as the worlds second- market set to remain weak, Schelzig, senior social sector
including diesel and gasoline biggest oil consumer sought theres potential for exports specialist at ADBs Southeast
in the regional trading hub of to fill its strategic oil reserve increasing this year, according Asia department, said in a
Singapore - slid this week to the and the government allowed to the bank.
statement on Tuesday.
Chinese domestic incentives
lowest level since October 2014, those teapots to buy foreign
The fresh assistance will
adding to mounting evidence that supplies. Refineries will increase to export refined fuel, if they run
a share of the grants
Chinas exports are weighing on oil processing by 5.3 percent, out of product inventory storage,
while net crude imports rise 7.3 could lead to discounted products
Asian processors.
Dubai cracking margins have percent to 357 million tonnes, and would be competitive with
refined product exports from This additional financing will
averaged US$1.92 a barrel so far according to CNPC.
As the Chinese economy India and South Korea, Mr be infused in the next four
this year, down from US$3.96
during the last quarter of 2015, is slowing down, there has Mahesh said on Wednesday in years ending December 2019.
research firm Energy Aspects Ltd been more diesel exports, Lee an interview.
On top of the loan, the ADB

Diesel, petrol margins slide in Singapore as

China floods Asia with exports

exports, as well as improved

income and service balance.
The drop in imports was caused
by lower domestic demand in
the sluggish economy, said BI
spokesperson ArbonasHutabarat
in a statement on Friday.
At the same time, he
continued, the drop in exports
was driven by weakened
external demand caused by
global slowdown and the
continuing drop in global
commodities prices.
In the fourth quarter of
2015 alone, the CAD stood at
US$5.1 billion or 2.4 percent of
gross domestic product (GDP),

widening from the third quarter

CAD of US$4.2 billion or 1.9
percent of GDP.
CAD is a measure of a
countrys foreign trade in both
goods and services. It is part
of the balance of payments,
which summarises an economys
transactions with the rest of the
Indonesias balance of
payments slipped to a US$1.1
billion deficit last year from
a surplus of US$15.2 billion
in 2014, a result of declined
surplus in Indonesian capital and
financial transactions, Arbonas

Philippines to get US$400m loan from

ADB for cash transfer programme
will extend to the country a
US$1-million (about P47
million) technical assistance
grant, which the lender
said will provide demanddriven policy and advisory
In particular, the technical
assistance will help the
Department of Social Welfare
and Development strengthen
program management, assess
any proposed program or policy
adjustments, and undertake
operational spot checks on
programme implementation.
In 2010, the ADB approved
the initial loan to strengthen
the programmes poverty
targeting system, finance
a share of the cash grants
to 637,000 households in
selected areas, build capacity
among program staff, and
support monitoring and impact
evaluation, it noted.
The Philippines flagship
CCT programme benefited
more than 4.4 million Filipinos
as of the end of last year from
only 340,000 when it was
introduced in 2008.
At present, 4Ps is the fourthbiggest CCT programme in the

work in terms of number of

beneficiaries, just behind India,
Brazil and Mexico.
For 2016, the Philippine
government has allocated
a P62.7-billion budget for
4Ps, which provides regular
educate and health grants to
poor households.
The ADB noted that CCTs
like 4Ps were important as
these were investment in
human development that pays
off when healthier and better
educated young people grow
up to get better jobs and break
out of the poverty trap.
In the case of 4Ps, the
ADB cited that more than
93 percent of the participating
households regularly meet the
conditions for receiving the
grants, well in excess of the 80
percent target.
P e r f o r m a n c e t a rg e t s
for womens participation,
school enrollment rates, and
other key indicators have also
been exceeded, and rigorous
impact studies have found no
evidence that receiving the
grants discourages adults from
seeking paid work, the ADB


Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016

Burapha Agroforestry Co., Ltd is a Swedish/Lao plantation and wood products
manufacturing company, with it's own sawmill, processing facilities and plantations.
We are committed to managing and developing our business in a sustainable manner.
Balancing our economic, environmental and social responsibilities is necessary for
sustainable business and beneficial to all stakeholders.
We are looking for Lao Nationals or Expatriates to join our Company.
Sales Manager
Location: Vientiane Head Office
Candidate profile:
We are looking for a high-performing Sales Manager to increase our revenue growth
targets in both export and Lao markets. We expect you to be service minded and
professional in contact with our customers and you will also be responsible for finding
new markets and customers.
Key Responsibilities:
- Design and implement a strategic business plan that expands companys
customer base
- Build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering
with them and understanding their needs
- Present sales, revenue and expenses reports and realistic forecasts to the
management team
- Bachelor or Master degree in business administration or a related field
- Successful previous experience as a sales representative or sales manager
- Ability to communicate, present and influence
- Proven ability to drive the sales process from plan to close
- Strong business sense and industry expertise
- Evaluate customers needs and build productive long lasting relationships
- Fluent in English and Lao
- Good computer skills
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Location: Vientiane Head Office
Candidate profile:
We are looking for a high-performing Deputy CFO to asssit our CFO and Finance
team of 8 people.
The Deputy will help improving accounting accuracy and key process controls.
He/she will be involved in the teams projects, including move to a new accounting
software and to online banking, review of asset registers, update of internal policies
and trainings. He/she will be part of a fast growing company, and can expect rapid
career advancement accordingly.
Key Responsibilities:
- Responsible for financial report submissions to Lao tax authorities
- Oversee account reconciliations
(Balance sheet accounts, SSO, salary tax, VAT)
- Review and approval of day to day payments,
- Review of accounting entries
- Conduct random audits of past entries and payments sent from the field
- Bachelor or Master degree in Finance / accounting, or related qualification
- Completion of Lao CPA course is preferable
- Successful previous experience in accounting
- Ability to work independently and take initiative
- Ability to communicate with and influence others
- Advanced computer skills (Microsoft Excel)
- Native speaker or fluent in lao, working knowledge of English
Receptionist / Secretary
Location: Vientiane Head Office
Key Responsibilities:
- Perform clerical function by preparing correspondence, translating
documents, receiving visitors and answering or directing inquiries.
- Word processing.
- Audio and copy typing.
- Letter writing.
- Creating and maintaining filing systems.
- Scheduling and attending meetings, creating agendas and taking minutes.
- Ordering and maintaining stationery and equipment;
- Maintain and update websites
- Arranging travel and accommodation for staff or customers and other external
- Liaises between department of the company
- At least 1 year experience in administrative or secretarial job
- Fluent in English and Lao
- Excellent computer skills (Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook)

Interested candidates should send CV, proof of qualifications and a cover letter to: hr@
Tel: 021 451 841 -2. 46 Kaysone Phomvihane Road, Ban Phonesaath, Xaysettha District,
Vientiane Capital.
Any questions concerning Sales Manager position will be answered by Industry Manager,
Mrs. Anna Forsen
Tel: 020 9865 2891, E-mail:,
Deputy Chief Financial Officer position will be answered by CFO, Mr. Hugues Ameline.
Tel: 020 761 499 57

Closing date: 19-02-2016

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016



Monday February 15, 2016

Vientiane Times

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016



Monday February 15, 2016

Vientiane Times

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016



Monday February 15, 2016

Vientiane Times

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016



Lang Biang reserve a hot spot for biodiversity

Bach Lien & Phuoc Buu

VIETNAM (Vietnam News,

ANN) -- The Lang Biang
Biosphere Reserve is home to an
array of species, making it ideal
for research and eco-tourism.
It has been seven years
since Dr Brandon Buckley
from Columbia University in
New York cooperated with the
Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park
in Lam Dong province as part of
biodiversity and climate research
During those seven years,
he returned to this national park
many times. Yet every time
he arrived, he was amazed by
the beauty of the area and its
valuable biodiversity.
This place is amazing... It
has some of the largest amounts
of biodiversity Ive ever seen.
Its one of the most important
hotspots in biodiversity in
Southeast Asia, he said.
The Bidoup-Nui Ba National
Park is the core of the huge
Lang Biang Biosphere Reserve,
which was recognised as a world
biosphere reserve in June last
It is among 20 new sites that
have been added to the World
Network of Biosphere Reserves
of the International Co-ordinating
Council of UNESCOs Man
and the Biosphere Programme
These additions were made
by the Council during its 27th
session held in Paris from June
8 to 12.
The MAB Programme is
an intergovernmental scientific
programme set up by UNESCO
in the early 1970s with the
aim of improving interactions
between people and their
natural environments on a
global scale. Biosphere reserves
are places for learning about
sustainable development, while
reconciling the conservation
of biodiversity with the
sustainable use of natural
resources. New reserves are
designated each year by the
International Co-ordinating
Council of the Programme.
UNESCO recognition has
increased the number of world
biosphere reserves in Vietnam to
nine, though this is the first world
biosphere reserve in the Central
Highlands of Vietnam.
Pham Sanh Chau, general
secretary of the Vietnam National
UNESCO Committee, stated that
setting aside the reserve was
UNESCOs acknowledgement
of Vietnams contributions to
international treaties on the
environment and bio-diversity
conservation issues signed by
the country.
Rare and endangered
The Lang Biang Reserve
covers an area of 275,439ha to
the north of Lam Dong province,
with its core area of 56,000ha
encompassing Bi Doup-Nui
Ba National Park. An 86,000ha
buffer zone, in which human
settlements are permitted,
surrounds the reserve.
The remaining 118,000ha
include the wide transitional area
covering parts of Da Lat City,
Lac Duong, Lam Ha, Duc Trong
and Don Duong districts.
The Lang Biang biosphere

reserves core area, which is a

national centre for biodiversity
protection, is home to more
than 2,000 flora species and
nearly 400 fauna species, of
which 153 species are named
in Vietnams Red Book and
154 are included in the Red List
of the International Union for
Conservation of Nature.
The World Wildlife Fund
regarded the area as a first priority
in its preservation programme for
the southern part of the Truong
Son Mountain Range.
Vice Chairman of the Lam
Dong Peoples Committee Pham
S said this was an area with great
potential for scientific research,
eco-tourism and education.
He hopes the area will see
rapid growth in tourism in the
future, similar to Trang An in
Ninh Binh province and Son
Doong Cave in Quang Binh
This area is more interesting
than eight other biosphere
reserves in Viet Nam, thanks to
its perfect location and important
value, he added.
It is located in the famed Da
Lat city at the highest altitude,
compared to the countrys 8 other
biosphere reserves, with Bidoup
peak measuring 2,287m high in
Da Nhim village. The highest
Bidoup peak is known as the
Roof of the Central Highlands.
Moreover, it has been

To attract more
tourists and
improve the
of the local
residents will
be trained to
take part in the
regions tourism
highly praised by tourists and
experts due to its biodiversity,
special natural landscapes with
high mountains and beautiful
waterfalls, and its rich culture
displayed by local inhabitants
from different ethnic groups.
Do Van Ngoc, vice director
of Bidoup - Nui Ba National
Park, has noted that Lang Biang
is closely connected with the rich
culture of the Central Highlands
region and the gong culture.
The area of the gong culture
was recognised by UNESCO as
a Masterpiece of the Intangible
Heritage of Humanity in 2005.
Opportunities await
Pham S said he hoped
that UNESCOs recognition
would help Lam Dong carry
out its strategy for sustainable
development through preserving
and developing the values of
ecosystems of the Lang Biang

Lang Biang Biosphere Reserve has attracted an increasing number of Vietnamese and international tourists.

biosphere reserve.
It is also expected to turn Da
Lat into a tourism centre, and an
international research centre of
tropical forests, while continue to
promote its development of high
tech agriculture production, with
key products being vegetables,
flowers and other organic
agricultural products.
Dr Le Van Huong, director
of Bidoup Nui Ba National Park,
added, UNESCOs recognition
creates great opportunity for
sustainable development for
Lam Dong Province and Da Lat
city, in particular for its local
inhabitants, many of whom are
ethnic minorities. Moreover, the
area will attract more tourists
to Da Lat. They will enjoy
wonderful areas for sightseeing
and working.
To attract more tourists to the
area and improve the livelihoods
of the local community, residents
will be trained to take part in
the regions tourism projects.
The five-year project, which
has been carried out by Lam
Dong authorities and the Japan
International Cooperation
Agency (JICA), which began
late last year, aiming to
enhance the national capacity
for sustainable natural resource
management by focusing on
forests, biodiversity and people
who depend upon these natural
resources for their livelihoods.
The project seeks to generate
revenues for the local community
to reduce their dependence on the
forests resources. Many local
inhabitants have only relied on
forest resources to make their
Local residents will learn
to dance to the music of the
gong and weave brocades.
Also, residents will be trained
to better communicate with
customers and to become tour
guides escorting visitors to the
Thien Thai waterfall, Langbiang
mountain, Bidoup national park,
the isolated village of Dung Ia
Jieng, the only village lying at
the heart of the Bidoup national
park, and to visit members of the
Co Ho Cil ethnic group.
These new policies are
designed to help local residents
learn how to protect the
environment and earn their living
from it.

The Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park, centre of the Lang Biang Biosphere

Reserve, is home to many threatened bird species.
--Photo the National Park

Key to forest protection

Since 2003, many classes
were opened at Lam Dong
provinces college, and for
high school students, to teach
about environmental protection,
while observing and researching
animal life and plants in the
Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park.
Also, beginning a few years
ago, local residents in Lam Dong
province were handed the key to
protecting their forest.
More than 8,000 households
have signed contracts with
the Bidoup-Nui Ba National
Park and Da Nhim Protected
Watershed Forest to provide
environmental protection
services. Each household
receives about VND20 million
a year, or roughly US$800,
depending on how much land
they have been allocated.
The governments new
policy, entitled payment for
forest ecosystem services aims
to compensate farmers, in return
for patrolling assigned forest
areas to prevent logging, hunting,
and other illegal activities.

Many farmers are now also

patrolling forests. However, this
compensation only meets less
than half of their families daily
needs, so participants still have
to supplement this by growing
coffee or providing labour for
other households.
According to a recent
research project undertaken
by the JICA Bidoup-Nui Ba,
nearly 79 percent of local
inhabitants living in the core
areas and buffer area of the
Bidoup- Nui Ba national park are
ethnic minority groups. Some 87
percent of their revenues come
from agriculture. However, not
many of these residents live well
solely on agriculture, because
the agricultural land is limited
to less than 1ha, and they use
backwards farming techniques
to grow coffee varieties that are
in less demand.
Therefore, many local
inhabitants have to live on
harvesting forest resources.
F u r t h e r, d u e t o l o w
educational standards, a lack of
awareness about the protection

--Photo Phuong Hung

of nature, and the environment of

the local ethnic minorities around
the National Park, many fail to
protect the environment.
Further, residents continue
to participate in illegal activities,
such as clearing forests to create
agricultural land, logging, and
hunting animals. Officials
also note that such activities
inadvertently cause forest fires.
These illegal activities
directly threaten forest
conservation and biodiversity
at the national park and create
challenges to the Lang Biang
biosphere reserve.
Pham S considers UNESCOs
recognition to be a challenge and
it has become a force for greater
efforts to develop and protect the
wildlife reserve.
The country and Lam Dong
Province face big challenges,
such as the challenge in
maintaining the main functions
of a biosphere reserve. They
include conservation functions,
a development function and a
logistics function, he remarked.
As he explained,
conservation functions mean
contributing to the conservation
of landscapes, ecosystems,
species, and genetic variations.
Development functions refer to
fostering economic and human
development that is socioculturally and ecologically
Logistics functions involve
providing support for research,
monitoring, education and
information exchanges related
to local, national, and global
issues of conservation and
Steps for preservation
Pham S is committed to
carrying out projects to effectively
manage and conserve the Lang
Biang biosphere reserve, under
the motto of the ICC MAB.
He emphasised the need to
develop and preserve the site,
focusing on international cooperation and human resources,
as well as elevating the image of
Lam Dong among international
friends through tourism.
We are designing a number
of action plans, including the
establishment of a management
board and a technical project
supported by the Japanese
government, he said.


Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016


Rice cakes: boosting prosperity in the lunar New Year

Thipphaphone Channavong

hile most people

might use their
annual leave to
take a holiday
during the New Year celebrated
by Chinese, Vietnamese and
the Lao Taidam ethnic group
from February 8-10, one couple
in Laos spends their free time
making rice cakes to earn some
extra money for their family.
Rice cakes are an essential
part of religious ceremonies and
celebrations during the New Year.
Mr Somxay Luanglath and his
wife Mrs Southa Katameunboun
display an A4 purple cardboard
sign that reads Rice cakes to
welcome New Year 2016 at their
house in Phontong-chommany
village, Chanthabouly district,
Vientiane. They start selling the
dumplings two weeks before the
lunar New Year up until New
Years Eve.
The sign is the only
advertisement for their business.
Otherwise, their reputation relies
on word of mouth. People have
followed us to buy our cakes even
when we moved house. Lots of
people also like us because we
sell for a wholesale price no
matter how many you buy,
said Mrs Southa, who works
as a caretaker at the President

Round packages indicate the sky while square ones represent the earth.

Kaysone Phomvihane Museum.

Opportunities to make more
money like this occur once a
year. It means that I have to
sacrifice my leisure time but it
helps to pay for my childrens
education, she added.
Mrs Southa has been selling
rice cakes for three years and
has seen an increasing demand.
She has doubled the amount she
makes from 70 pieces to 140,
with this year selling 170 pieces.

She sells the cakes for 25,000

kip each. Even though more
people want to buy her cakes, she
doesnt put the price up. Last
year, even though the price of
rice and other ingredients rose, I
still sold them for the same price.
Its a way to keep my customers
loyal, she explained.
The majority of their
customers are Lao who buy
them wholesale to sell at markets.
Others buy one or two just to

Invitation for Bids

12th February, 2016
Grant No.:
0166-LAO Strengthening Higher Education Project
Contract No. and Title:
ICB/SHEP/TB/01 Provision and distribution of 14 titles of printed textbooks

to Champasack University, National University of Laos, Savannakhet University
and Souphanouvong University
Deadline for Bid Submission 6th April 2016.
1. This Invitation for Bids follows the General Procurement Notice for this project that appeared on the ADB Website
Business Opportunities on 23rd January, 2015.
2. The Lao Peoples Democratic Republic has received a Grant from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) toward
the cost of the Strengthening Higher Education Project (SHEP), and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this
grant to payments under the contract forProvision and distribution of 14 titles of printed textbooks to Champasack
University, National University of Laos, Savannakhet University and Souphanouvong University.
3. The Ministry of Education and Sports now invites sealed Bids from eligible Bidders for supply of:
Lot 1: Provision and distribution of 14 titles of printed textbooks to Champasack University, National University of
Laos, Savannakhet University and Souphanouvong University.Details and Specifications are provided in the Bidding
4. International competitive bidding (ICB) will be conducted in accordance with ADB's Single-Stage: One-Envelope
bidding procedure and is open to all Bidders from eligible source countries.
5. Only eligible bidders with the following key qualifications should participate in this bidding:
Size of Operation: Minimum average annual supply turnover of US$ 1,400,000 (one million four hundred thousand
US Dollars), calculated as total certified payments received for contracts in progress or completed, within the last3
(three) years.
Contractual Experience: Participation as supplier in at least 3 (three) contracts within the last 5 (five) years, each
with a value of at least US$ 560,000 (five hundred and sixty thousand US Dollars) that have been successfully or are
substantially completed and that are similar to the proposed supply.
Financial Position: Soundness of the Bidders financial position showing long-term profitability demonstrated through
audited annual financial statements (balance sheet, income statement) for the last two years.
Experience in: (i) Camera and/or digital pre-press; (ii) Platemaking; (iii) Sheet-fed or web-fed offset printing in
multiple colors; (iv) Packing, Warehousing and distribution.
6. Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information from Strengthening Higher Education Project
(SHEP) and inspect the Bidding Document at the address given below, from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. during the period
fromFebruary 15th to March 15th, 2016, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays:
Project Administrator,
Strengthening Higher Education Project (SHEP)
Department of Higher Education (DHE), Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES)
Lane Xang Avenue, Vientiane, Lao PDR
+856 - (0)21 243 540 Fax:
+856 - (0)21 243 540
E mail:,
7. The Bidding Document (hard and soft copy) in the Englishlanguage,may be purchased by interested Bidders on
the submission of a written application to the address below and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of US$ 30.00
(Thirty US Dollars). The method of payment will be by cash or bankers order or bank draft or international money
order or by check to A/c No. at BCEL. The bidding documents will be sent by courier service or
equivalent if necessary. No liability will be accepted for loss or late delivery. An additional non-refundable charge of
USD $120 will be made for international courier service or US$ 20 for national courier service.
8. Bids must be delivered to the address below at or before 09.00 on6th April, 2016. All Bids must be accompanied
by a Bid Security in the amount of USD 5,000.00.Late bids shall be rejected. Bids will be opened in the presence of
the Bidders' representatives who choose to attend at the address below at 09.15 hours on 6th April, 2016:
Department of Higher Education (DHE): Attention Dr. Phonephet Boupha, Director-General
Strengthening Higher Education Project (SHEP)
4th Floor, New Building, Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES)
Lane Xang Avenue, Vientiane, Lao PDR
9. The Ministry of Education and Sports will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by Bidders in
connection with the preparation or delivery of Bids.
10. In the comparison of Bids, ADB's Domestic Preference is not allowed.
Yours faithfully,

Dr. Phonephet Boupha

Director General, Department of Higher Education (DHE)
Strengthening Higher Education Project (SHEP)
Department of Higher Education (DHE), Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES)
Lane Xang Avenue, Vientiane, Lao PDR

enjoy the cakes. Companies also

buy in bulk to distribute to their
employees and customers.
There are still people
coming in after we stop selling,
asking for more. They ask us
to spare some for them, Mrs
Southa said. She explained that
the reason she stopped selling
them was because of her swollen
hands and back pain.
All of the ingredients
are bought from Lao people
including jing (Stachyphrynium
spicatum) leaves, sticky rice,
mung beans, pork, seasoning and
bamboo. These are arranged into
layers of leaves, rice, beans, pork,
beans and rice. Then the mixture
is wrapped into different shapes
and bound together by strips of
The size of a cake depends

Mrs Southa with the ingredients she uses to make rice cakes:
bamboo strips, mung beans, rice, pork, and jing leaves.

on the size of the leaves. Even

though one might look bigger
than the other, the amount of
ingredients used is the same.
Each package is quite heavy,
weighing about 1.2 to 1.3 kg.
The boiling process is a bit
trickier. The cakes are usually
boiled for 25 hours in total. There
needs to be a constant fire made
from big chunks of wood so that
the rice gets cooked equally.
Every 30 minutes, one needs
to check on the pot to make sure

there is enough water and the

fire is still going. On average,
one big pot can make almost 100
Next year, I would like to
make more cakes but the hard
thing is finding helpers. Making
cakes is not a one person job.
Not many people would want
to work for only 5 to 10 days
and stay with us to take turns to
watch over the boiling process,
said Mr Somsay, who works
for the Ministry of Industry and


The book 40 Years of the Lao PDR in two languages - Lao

and English - is now available at the Vientiane Times office.
The book consists of 213 pages and is divided into three
parts: Laos in Brief; Achievements in National Protection and
Development; and Vision of the Lao PDR.
Information on all sectors of national socio-economic
development, national protection and foreign policy as well
as international cooperation of the Lao PDR are included in
the book.
The video DVD and CD of the 40 Years of the Lao PDR are also
available here.
In addition, the media directory book consisting of the
history, telephone numbers, emails and website addresses of
all Lao media organisations published in the Lao PDR is also
available here. These books would make interesting gifts for
your friends. For more information call: 021 336042-8.

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016




What can be done to better regulate bus fares?

As fuel prices spiralled downwards, at the end of last year the authorities announced a drop in bus fares on routes
between Vientiane and the provinces. But no change has taken place and bus companies have yet to comply with
the announcement. Vientiane Times asked people how they thought the ruling should be enforced.
the announcement on lower
ticket prices. The change
was authorised a long time
ago and many people are
complaining that fares have
remained the same. People
say that the cost of other
services and products has
decreased following the drop
in the global fuel price, so
why isnt this reflected in
bus fares? It indicates that
operators dont care about
the official announcement,
or for their passengers. The
announcement is toothless
and operators neither respect
nor fear it. The authorities
must address the situation
urgently. If they do nothing,
people will think they are
ineffective and have no

Visith Teppalath

r Tien Vonglorkham,
a resident of Thadeua
village, Hadxaifong district:
I have heard about this

problem. Its not good that

bus companies and operators
are failing to comply with

r Phitsamone
Phunyasit an
employee in Xayaboury
province: Along with many
other people, I was very
pleased when I heard that

bus fares would be lowered

and I expected to pay less
when travelling from one

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province to another. I like

travelling, and I often visit
my parents in Pakxan district,
Borikhamxay province.
Before the announcement the
bus fare from Vientiane to
Pakxan district was 30,000
kip. It should have dropped
to 20,000 kip if the bus
companies had complied
with the announcement but
unfortunately there have been
no changes up until now and
Im paying the same price as
before. I think passengers are
very disappointed, especially
those who travel a long way
north or south, which costs a lot
more than my journey. People
feel they have been cheated and
companies must find a way to
solve this problem.

lowering their prices but it

hasnt made any difference.
The authorities must strictly
monitor the actions of bus
companies and conduct daily
checks of ticket prices at
every bus station in Vientiane
and the provinces. If there
is any wrongdoing, the
authorities must penalise the
operators according to the
regulations. If the authorities
take action and enforce the

s Xay, a resident
of Baeng district,
Oudomxay province: I think
the best way to solve this
problem is for the authorities
to force bus companies to
respect the announcement
on lower ticket prices and
comply with the regulations.
The authorities have criticised
the bus companies for not

ruling as they should, Im

sure they will be able to
resolve the problem. Bus
companies will lower their
prices and passengers will
be happy with the situation.
The authorities should also

have a better system to

regulate bus fares in both
the short and long term, and
also implement a system
that prevents such problems
occurring in the future.

r Vong Keovilay, a
resident of Nahay
village, Hadxaifong district:
I know that many people have
complained about this issue
on social media especially on
Facebook. We have all been
waiting for bus fares to drop
but it has never happened.
I have read that transport
companies refuse to lower
the cost of their services,
claiming they cannot reduce
fares due to other factors that
keep transport costs high.
The companies claim that the
cost of vehicle maintenance is
high, as well as other things.
But many people feel that
operators are at fault and are
not being fair, saying that
their main cost is fuel, not
all these other expenses. Bus
companies must change their
thinking and serve the public
fairly. If they do, everything
will be fine again.

22 Opinion

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016

Legal action is the path to better governance

Editorial Desk

he Vientiane authorities
are now levying heavy
fines on motorists who
violate parking rules,
believing that this will help to restore
some order on the capitals streets.
Drivers who park by no parking
signs, on sidewalks, and in prohibited
areas along roadsides where kerbs
are painted red and white, are now
being fined 10 times as much as
This is intended to force people
to use proper parking areas, but it
is getting harder and harder to park
with the growing number of vehicles
in Vientiane and the limited number
of allocated spaces.
By enforcing the parking
regulations, it is hoped that more
and more people will comply with
the law.
In this age of good governance,
when a person makes a mistake he
or she must be penalised according
to the law. Stronger enforcement
of the laws will create a more just
society and will inspire some belief
in transparency. Governance in a
compromising manner simply does
not work.
In the past, for example, people

were fined for breaking the traffic

rules, but why did so many continue
to violate the rules such as by drinking
and driving and parking in prohibited
areas even though they had driving
licences and were well acquainted
with the regulations? There were
many reasons for the increase in
traffic violations. Penalties were
light, with police mostly dispensing
information about correct driving

Singapore is one of the 10 Asean

countries that is very law abiding.
People in this country have a great
respect for the law and visitors
must also comply with the laws of
Strong law enforcement will help
to create a more civilised society and
make people aware of the need to be
alert to regulations. This would not
mean there were no law breakers of

capital, at all times. It should not be

limited to certain roads and times
of the day. Fines must be issued 24
hours a day and the practice must be
To improve driving conditions
in Vientiane, the authorities need to
remove certain parking spaces that
cause traffic congestion, especially
opposite the Ministry of Public
Security. Then they need to repaint or

The authorities need to take steps to prevent this issue

by enforcing strong penalties against people who try to
claim roads for themselves. We all know that parking
spaces are limited, but these people are allocating
sections of road for their own use.
methods to wrongdoers. Furthermore,
officials were lax in carrying out their
duties while the number of vehicles
continued to rise despite the limited
number of parking spaces.
In attempting to ensure justice,
merely explaining the rules of the road
to errant drivers is useless as it does
not change peoples bad habits. All
it does is to help them escape proper

course, but people need to be taught

from a young age to respect the
law and to obey regulations so that
fewer of our citizens are habitual
Issuing large fines to law-breaking
drivers in Vientiane is one step in the
right direction and a small victory for
good governance in the future.
However, this measure needs to
be applied to all nine districts in the

add new parking signs along roadsides

such as black and white stripes to
indicate that people can park.
In addition, the authorities need
to get tough with shop owners who
place chairs or other objects to prevent
people from parking outside their
shop so they can reserve the space for
customers. Business owners do not
have the right to do this because roads
are public property and everyone has

the right to stop anywhere on a street

where parking is allowed.
The authorities need to take steps
to prevent this issue by enforcing
strong penalties against people who
try to claim roads for themselves.
We all know that parking spaces
are limited, but these people are
allocating sections of road for their
own use.
In addition, the issuing of large
fines really requires transparency
and responsibility. Otherwise the
problem of rule-breaking will remain
unchanged. If the problem is not
solved, there will be a non-stop issue
of further measures to deal with the
same problem. And fines should be
levied in line with the regulations, as
officials will be criticised along with
their agencies if the system is shown
to be dishonest and discriminatory.
The new fines are substantial.
Cars, pick-up trucks, jeeps and
vans found in no-parking areas will
incur a fine of 700,000 kip, up from
70,000 kip previously. However,
this also means there is considerable
opportunity for negotiation between
violators and the police.
If you have any comments
or wish to contribute an opinion
piece please email: chanfeature@

Emerging markets, risks and objective forecasts

Iwan J. Azis

INDONESIA (The Jakarta

Post, ANN) -- Entering 2016,
the prospects for the world
economy are more uncertain
than ever. Although forecasts
made by international financial
institutions (IFIs) show a growth
recovery for this year, what has
happened in the last few months
has put their numbers in doubt.
Even in the recovering
US economy some analysts
have started using the R
(recession) word. Markets now
bet confidently that there will
be no more federal fund rate
increases this year.
The story of Europe is not
encouraging either. Even without
considering the geopolitical
challenges, Brexit (British exit)
and thorny migration issues,
the European economy remains
It is the new story of
emerging markets that many
people are still not aware of.
A double track growth
scenario displaying emerging
markets strength to pull
global growth when advanced
economies slowed was made
possible by a favorable external
environment. That is no longer
the case, and the track divergence
is now narrowing.
Actual growth is lower
than secular (trend) growth
in emerging markets due to

mounting spare capacity. Even

more worrying, the secular
growth itself has been falling
consistent with the productivity
As commodity prices show
no sign of recovering and
liquidity begins to tighten, risks
and uncertainty are heightened.
All eyes are on Chinas
slowdown. But other countries
also play a big role in elevating
the risks.
Companies throughout
e m e rg i n g m a r k e t s h a v e
dramatically increased their
dollar debts, reaching US$4
trillion, four times higher than
in 2008.
A stronger dollar puts them
under severe stress. The lesson
of the 1997 double-mismatch is
forgotten, that a financial crisis
is likely to be triggered by an
over-leveraged private sector
rather than government sector.
Predicting what will happen
to emerging markets financial
situations is nerve-racking. Last
year alone, capital outflows
reached a whopping net US$735
This is huge and the first
time since 1988 that emerging
markets faced net negative
Of course Chinas slowdown
matters, but it should have been
expected. After years of rapid,
unbalanced and unsustainable
growth, reforms began in China.

However, it takes time to get the

outcome. In the interim, growth
is likely to slow. Expecting
structural reform and accelerated
growth at the same time is selfdelusion.
Given the sheer size of
Chinas economy, it is not
surprising that growth slowdown
feeds back negatively to other
countries and hence to global
growth. What is surprising is

But other countries should

have also realised that relying
too much on external demand
from one source (China), let
alone focusing on primary
commodities, makes their
economies vulnerable. Yet, some
did precisely that.
With the above trend and
elevated risks, what prognosis
can one make for this year?
Making prognoses and

Multilateral development banks also

made over predictions, but for a
different reason. They rely on member
countries expectations (especially those
of officials) rather than on an objective
analysis or market perceptions.
that cross-border repercussions
appear larger than previously
Even countries having
limited direct links with China
are also feeling the pinch. No
one knows exactly why and
how, but transmissions through
market confidence channels are
surely at work as the episode
following a sharp fall in Chinas
equity market last summer has

forecasts is always difficult

but necessary. In the midst
of current elevated risks and
uncertainty, however, it should
not be business as usual.
Nothing is more important
than incorporating the behavior
of agents who actually move
markets based on their insights
and perceptions.
Market anomalies are in the
making: volatile at the beginning
of this year and (probably)

settling down later. This is

unusual and worrisome. Yet,
when financial markets had the
worst start on record this year,
the International Monetary Fund
(IMF) believed markets were
overreacting. This is similar
to their reaction prior to the 1997
Asian crisis.
Despite the elevated risks
and market turmoil, the IMFs
latest World Economic Outlook
(WEO) continues to predict
higher growth for this year
compared with last year: 3.6
percent for the world and 4.5
percent for emerging markets
and developing countries.
But during the last four years
the WEO has consistently made
over predictions: Global growth
was always slower than forecast.
A study commissioned by
the IMF itself also concludes
that the IMFs forecasts display
a tendency for systematic over
prediction (An Evaluation of
the World Economic Outlook
Forecasts, IMF Working Paper
No. 06/59, 2006). One then
wonders whether their current
forecast and analysis can be
taken seriously.
Multilateral development
banks also made over
predictions, but for a different
reason. They rely on member
countries expectations
(especially those of officials)
rather than on an objective
analysis or market perceptions.

It is difficult to distinguish the

resulting forecasts from wishful
IFIs also like to use
inconsequential words to
describe their forecasts:
uneven, moderating, poised
to meet growth, gradually
improving, challenging, etc.
Words like these are opaque
and not too meaningful. Worse,
they can be harmful by causing
Back in 2008, the failure
of major rating agencies to
downgrade financials and the
real estate sector contributed to
financial meltdown. The newly
released movie The Big Short
captures the episode well. The
raison dtre (most important)
was a conflict of interest, and
the outcome was clear: tarnished
credibility. IFIs could be in the
same predicament if they fail to
provide objective analysis free
from optimistic bias.
To m a n a g e e l e v a t e d
risks, emerging markets need
more accurate and objective
descriptions than ever about the
global and regional economy,
and how uncertainty and market
turmoil will play out.
IFIs could and should
provide such descriptions
without adopting an optimistic
--The writer is a professor
of Cornell University and the
University of Indonesia.

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016

Arts & Leisure

Get in tune for the Pepsi

Singing Contest 2016
Sisouphan Amphonephong

oung people aged 1520 are invited to apply

to the Pepsi Singing
Contest 2016 for the
chance to become a rising star
on the Lao entertainment scene
and become a professional singer
with Indee Records.
The project will have great
appeal for all young people who
love singing and like to display
their skills on stage.
A press conference at the
Vientiane Centre on Thursday
announced the 5th Pepsi Singing
Contest, with an open invitation
to young people both in
Vientiane and the provinces. The
press conference was attended
by celebrities from various
entertainment companies.
Director General of the
Ministry of Education and
Sports Physical and Arts
Education Department, Mr
Bounsouk Thilasak, said This
project will inspire an interest
among young people in Lao
songs and music. It responds
to social demand and provides
youngsters with a recreational
outlet other than drugs.
Competitors will have the
chance to spread Lao traditions
and culture as well as the Lao
lifestyle to the wider public and
the world.
This years contest will
include international style songs,
such as pop songs. Entrants can
compete in either the solo, duo

or group divisions.
First prize amounts to about
80 million kip in total, including
a trophy from the Minister of
Education and Sports.
The contest is divided into
three rounds, with auditions
taking place on February 27 at
the Vientiane Centre to select the
30 best contestants.
The second round will take
place on March 11 at the National
Culture Hall. Twelve contestants
will be selected to receive
training in singing and stage
presentation by coaches and
commentators in preparation
for the final round on April 5.
The grand finale will take
place at the National Culture
Hall to select the winner of the
Pepsi Singing Contest and two
runners-up. Awards will also be
given in the best performance
and friendship categories.
In the final round each
contestant will sing two songs
one slow and one fast - one Lao
and one international, or two
Lao songs.
The winner will get 15
million kip, a trophy from the
Minister of Education and
Sports, a certificate and a Pepsi
gift set from the Lao Brewery
Company Limited.
The first runner up will
receive 10 million kip, a
certificate, and a Pepsi gift set.
The second runner up will get
8 million kip, a certificate and a
Pepsi gift set.
The best performance award

will consist of 5 million kip,

a certificate and a Pepsi gift
set, while the friendship award
will comprise 4 million kip, a
certificate and a Pepsi gift set
provided by the Lao Brewery
Company Limited.
Managing Director of
Samart Event Organiser and
Indee Records Company, Mr
Anoulak Pathammavong, said
this years contest will be
different from last year as more
coaches and commentators
will be hired to train the
contestants and to select the
most outstanding people for
possible entry into the Lao
entertainment scene.

Mr Anoulak Pathammavong (first left) and Mr Bounsouk Thilasak (second right) attend the press
conference last week.

Contestants can pick

up application forms at their
schools, from the projects bus
service unit, or download them
from Face book/Pepsilao or
contact 020-28281234 for more

The press conference

also announced the coaches
for the contest this year. They
were named as Sack of The
Cells, Aluna Thavonsouk,
Taiy Akard, and Toh X-Treme
along with commentators Sam

Intharaphithak, Tot Vilouna and

Bob Freeman.
At the end of the press
conference, Souza Sorphabmixay
rounded off the evening in
appropriate style by singing her
latest release.

Officials and Lao celebrities pose for a group photo after announcing the Pepsi Singing Contest 2016 at the Vientiane Centre.

Ngoc Hung: man of theatre and dreams

Young comic actress Thu Trang (centre) of the drama troupe The Gioi Tre Stage.


News, ANN) -- A sofa and dressing
table topped with roses were part of a
stunning stage backdrop for a romantic
play staged recently in Ho Chi Minh
City by the The Gioi Tre (The World of
Youth) Drama Troupe.
Since its initial show in 2014, the
play Chuyen Tinh Bangkok (Love Story
in Bangkok) has been performed 150
times. On January 31, about 120 people,
mostly young, cried and laughed as they
watched the play at the theatres location
at 125 Cong Quynh Street in district 1.
Though the play was about a
well-worn topic, love, it brought new
messages and included new concepts
for the theatre.
Many in the audience were focused
on the young actors, but were also
interested in the man behind the show,
renowned director Ngoc Hung.
Hung, a reporter, theatre writer and


director, had the audience spellbound

during and after the performance.
I have a deep passion for the art
of drama. I have worked as a cultural
reporter and columnist for newspapers
and magazines aimed at youth like Muc
Tim (Purple Ink) and Dat Mui Cuoi
Tuan (Ca Mau Weekly).
After being involved in
management, I began to understand
how knowledge and experience in my
reporting have helped enhance my
ability on both stage and business, he
said, referring to his migration to the
stage in 2009 when he and his partner,
a businessman, formed his troupe.
A stage is a channel for dreams.
A director should be a mason building
his own house, he had said after
celebrating the sixth birthday of his
troupe on New Years Day.
To mark the day, his troupe staged
the musical play, Trot Yeu (Love), which

examines social problems in an urban

Hung uses both Eastern and Western
styles. I dreamed of owning a theatre
even as a student at university, he said.
I wanted to write and direct plays
on stage filled with light, sound and
visual effects, he has said in past
interviews with the press.
A graduate of the citys University
of Theatre and Cinematography in 2004
in directing, he worked as a director at
his schools theatre.
Our theatre was a place for young
actors to improve their skills at school.
We offered tickets for only VND15,000
(US$0.7) to attract audiences, he
In 2006, he and female author
Nguyen Thu Phuong opened Tao Dan
Drama Troupe. A year later, their troupe
failed to attract audiences and had to
We could be the best in theatre, but
were nothing in doing business, said
Hung, adding that he refused to give up,
despite the failure.
Today, the The Gioi Tre troupe is
one of the citys leading private drama
troupes. It has offered dozens of quality
plays and has been able to earn profits.
Young audiences have enjoyed his
plays based on conflicts in life and love
such as Chuyen Tinh Bangkok, Dream
Boys, Hoa Hon (Painted Soul) and Trai
Yeu (Men in Love).
His comedies include Cong Me Di
Choi (Carrying Mom on Your Back
for Travelling) and Doi Nhu Y (Such
is Life).
Most of his works are stories about
urban youth. They have helped young
actors like Thu Trang, Hoang Phi, Kha
Nhu and Anh Tu become popular among
theatre lovers.

Actors are exploring their

creative talents: Parineeti
NEW DELHI (The Statesman, ANN)
-- Parineeti Chopra is returning to the
silver screen after two years with the
upcoming film Meri Pyari Bindu. The
actress, who will be crooning a number
for the film, says actors are singing
for their films is because they want
to explore different aspects of their
creative talents.
There is a growing trend of actors
singing for their films and the actress
says that every actor wants to do
different things.
Parineeti said: I think its a
coincidence that a lot of the actors,
who are working right now happen to be
passionate singers and obviously every
actor want to do different things.
They just dont want to act but also
explore different aspects of their creative
The actress, who was last seen on
screen in 2014 has credited everyone
for being open to actors not confining
themselves to just acting.
Parineeti made her debut in Hindi
cinema in 2011 film Ladies vs Ricky
Bahl, is a trained singer. She says she
was waiting to get an oppotunity to sing
in a film.
That (singing) was something
which was waiting to happen.
Everyone around me knew that I sang.
I am a trained singer...Directors and
music directors would say you should
sing but it just never happened and
then finally this film happened...It was
something that was waiting to happen I
think, said the 27-year-old actress.
The announcement of the Parineetis
next film was done with a video on Yash
Raj Films official Twitter handle. It

Parineeti Chopra.

showed the actress singing a song from

the upcoming project.
Parineeti will also lend her vocals
to a song Maana ki hum yaar nahin...
in the film is by composer duo SachinJigar.
The actress says that her upcoming
film Meri Pyaari Bindu tells a story
about an aspiring singer and her love
story with another charcter, played by
Ayushmann Khurrana.
That is something I will be able
to reveal very soon. But Bindu (my
character) is an aspiring singer and
its a beautiful love story between her
character and Ayushmanns (Khurrana)
character. the film is set in Kolkata...
The film is going to be beautiful and a
heart-wrenching love story.
The film is directed by debutant
Akshay Roy Meri Pyaari Bindu and is
produced by Maneesh Sharma.


Monday February 15, 2016

AB Apartment
RentsBuy Co., Ltd is a leading professional real estate
company offering;house, land, apartment, office,
warehouse, business for rent /for sale and
property valuation throughout Lao PDR.
Dongpainar Rd., Ban Phontan, Saysetta
District,Sisattanak, Vientiane
Office mobile: 021 262319/20, 020 23333347,
77600059 email:

Serviced Apartment Fully

Ban Sibounheuang,
Chanthaboury Dist.
Mob: +856-20-55512828
Phone: (+856-21) 222565
Fax: 263253

Vientiane Times


- We have many types of cars for rent new

model and old,seden and 4 wheel
- AGL assurances
- We are service short term and long term
- Short term1-7days and long term 1-12 months
- self drive or with driver
Can rent in Vientiane, another province in Laos.
Contract can be signed in any place based on
customers conveniences
Telephone : 020:55553736, 0305194506.
020 55202717




*Value *Comfort *Service

In the heart of Vientiane
Ideal for business or tourist
43/7 Hengboun Road,Vientiane
Tel: (856 21) 219280-1, Fax: (856 21) 219282

Spacious & tastefully decorated

Fully furnished 1 & 2 bedroom
Air-conditioning, Cable TV, Swimming pool,
Garden, Housekeeping, Laundry
MP: 020 55505840, 020 55023782

In the centre of Vientiane

Fully furnished 1 bedroom, Living
room, Kitchen, Housekeeping,
Laundry, Cable TV and Wi-Fi
Call: 020 55505840, 020 77495533

Villa Vangvieng Riverside

Is seeking to recruit new employees for its resort

There are current vacancies for:

2 receptionists
2 accounting staff
- Accounting staff should have at least two years of experience in the field.
- Receptionist should be conversant in English while French and Chinese skills would be
an additional advantage.
Villa Vangvieng Riverside is located at Viengkeo Village, Vangvieng District, Vientiane
Interested candidates should contract:
Tel: +856(0) 2351 1460 and +856(0) 2351 188
Email:, Website:

Asia News Network (ANN)



The Asia News Network (ANN) is a network of leading daily English

language newspapers in Asia, supported by the Konrad Adenauer
Foundation of Germany through its regional representative bureau in
It was established in March, 1999, to provide avenues for cooperation
and optimise coverage of major news events in the region.
It also aims to promote journalism, share news stories, feature articles,
editorials and personality profiles. ANN is the worlds most active
newspaper alliance with a membership base of 18 newspapers in 16
The German News Agency of Deutsche Presse-Agentur, as one of the
leading international agencies and ANNs exclusive partner, distributes
news and features, background stories and commentaries from ANN
to subscribers worldwide.
They consist of Rasmei Kampuchea (Cambodia), China Daily (China),
The Statesman (India), The Korea Herald (South Korea), The Star
(Malaysia), Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia), The Nation (Thailand), The
Straits Times (Singapore), The Philippine Daily Inquirer (Philippines),
The Jakarta Post (Indonesia), Vietnam News (Vietnam), The Daily
Star (Bangladesh), Vientiane Times (Laos), The Kathmandu Post
(Nepal), The Island (Sri Lanka), Brunei Times (Brunei), The Nation
(Pakistan), and China Post (Taiwan). The combined circulation of these
newspapers is more than 14 million copies per day.

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016

Classified 25

Pencils of Promise ( is recruiting a Lao National for two

roles: Teacher Support Coordinator and WASH Coordinator, to conduct daily program
implementation in Luang Prabang Province.
University Degree in a related area, two years of prior experience, computer
proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google applications, excellent oral and written
Lao and English language skills, and current valid motorbike drivers license needed.
Both will work directly with the Programs Manager and Programs team in one of the
fastest growing nonprofits in the country.
E-mail resume and cover letter to Daniela at with
the subject line Coordinator.

Vacancy Notice

The World Health Organization has a vacancy for the position of:


Car rental service

We have many types of cars for rent new

model and old, sedan & 4 wheel such as:


AGL assurances Allianz Group

Short term 1-7days & long 1-12 months
Self drive or with driver
Provide vehicle for Project & Private
Affordable price and best service
Office B. Thonkang, R. sokpalaung 15/279
For English call Mr. Chanh anytime
Tel: 020 55599900. 55593013,
office: 030 9800630

National Project Coordinator (DHIS2) Re-advertised

(Special Service Agreement Full time position for 2 years)
This position will be responsible for the project management of the activities within the Global Fund HSS
grant for the development and rollout of the DHIS2.The position will work closely with the WHO TA, and the
Project Director, and the Chief of the Division of Statistics to ensure success of the project.The position will
also support the capacity development of the Division of Statistics staff in operating and using the DHIS2 system
The specific duties are to:
Support management team of the National Health Information System Core Team in the planning,
implementation, and advocacy of the DHIS2 project and all activities assigned to the Division of Statistics.
Ensure implementing units adhere to the work plan activities, timelines, and budget and those programmatic
and financial reports are submitted on time to the Project Management Unit of the HSS Grant.
Assist in advising the programs and implementing units on strategies to be put in place to facilitate resultsbased implementation of the DHIS2 rollout.
Liaise with relevant representatives of sub/sub-sub-recipients, implementers, technical agencies and others
to facilitate the implementation of DHIS2 work plans and activities in support of DHIS2 implementation
and the delivery of results that meet or exceed performance framework targets.
Monitor deliverables to the Global Fund for the Health Information and DHIS2 component are submitted
on time.
Assist in assessing needs of sub-recipients and implementing units in the rollout of DHIS2 and reinforcing
capacities for effective programme implementation.
Ensure timely submission of financial and activity reports by National Health Information System Core
Team/ Division of Statistics well as adequate financial management of allocated resources for the HIMS
Module of the HSS grant.
Provide management and coordination support to the National Health Information System Core Team/
Division of Statistics.
Review all financial and accounting transactions and periodic reports for the HMIS module relating to
Global Fund funds for submission to the HSS PMU.
In consultation with PR and the PMU Project Coordinator, Senior Administration Officer, determine
procurement specifications and initiate the timely procurement of assets, consumables, and equipment
for the HMIS module.
Ensure accurate recording and monthly accounting reporting of financial activities with respect to Global
Fund HMIS module as a SSR, in compliance with the Global Fund grant agreement provisions, laws of Lao
PDR, and contemporary accounting practices.
Ensure with the modules financial reconciliations are consistent with the module work plan and budget.
Assist with the internal and annual external audit process and ensure timely completion and submission
as per the performance framework.
Oversee timely preparation of reports for the Sub-Recipient PMU and coordinate with Local Fund Agent
where required.
Oversee communication flow of correspondences (letters/memos/e-mails/faxes/etc.) in relation to the
DHIS2 Project.
Ensure scheduled staff assessment is undertaken.
Support resource mobilisation and partnership building for future proofing the National Health Information
Assist in developing partnerships with implementing programmes and agencies.
Communicate and facilitate knowledge building and sharing.
Organize trainings for operational and project staff of the Division of Statistics, sub-recipients, and implementing
units/ programmes.
Knowledge & skills:
Broad knowledge in health information systems programme, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
in health information systems, particularly DHIS2.
Strong knowledge of statistical software packages (Stata, SPSS etc.).
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Ability to work harmoniously as a member of a team, adapt to diverse educational and cultural backgrounds
and maintain a high standard of personal conduct.

Essential: Bachelor of Computer Science, or Public Health, or Health Information Management.

Essential: 5 Years Project Management or Coordination Experience; Experience in Health Information

Desirable: Knowledge of Health Systems at the country level and Knowledge of the Lao PDR Health Sector.
Language: Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English and local language
Other skills: Proficiency in standard MS Office applications.
Interested and qualified candidates are invited to submit application letter and curriculum vitae in English
language with a subject National Project Coordinator (DHIS2), SSA to the below address by 17
February 2016.

The World Health Organization

125 Saphanthong Road, Unit: 5

Ban Saphanthongtai, P.O. Box 343

Vientiane, Lao P.D.R.

Tel: (856-21)353902-04;

Fax: (856-21)353905;



Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016

Whats On
Vat Phou Champassak Festival


Champassak province will celebrate the 15th anniversary of Vat Phou and its associated ancient
settlements being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
When: February 20, 21, 22
Where: Vat Phou, Champassak province

Pictures from the

Kinkhao photographic
exhibition of landscapes,
farmers and food by
British photographers
Tessa Bunney and
Mick Shippen are on
display at the Doi Ka Noi
When: Until March 15.
Open 7am 2:30pm.
Closed Sundays.
Where: Doi Ka Noi, 424 Sisangvong Road (opposite Naxay market,
near the Japanese Embassy)
For more information: Tel: 02055898959 or visit [4]

AFC Cup 2016

Boun Khaochee festival in Xayaboury

Lao Premier League Champions 2015 Lao Toyota FC will clash

with top side Bengaluru JSW from India in the first big match of
AFC Cup 2016.
When: February 24, 6pm
Where: Lao National Stadium Km16
Other upcoming AFC Cup matches:
March 9 AYEYAWADY UNITED from Myanmar VS Lao Toyota FC
March 16 JOHOR DARUL TAZIM from Malaysia VS Lao
Toyota FC
April 13 Lao Toyota FC VS JOHOR DARUL TAZIM from
April 27 JSW BENGALURU FC from India VS Lao Toyota FC
May 11 Lao Toyota FC VS AYEYAWADY UNITED from

Botaen district in Xayaboury province is holding the annual

Boun Khaochee (Grilled Rice Festival) from February 23-25.
Activities include a grilled rice procession, palm leaf manuscript
procession, Miss Khaochee contest, local food tasting, a street
fair, concerts and sports.
Where: Botaen district sports stadium.
When: February 23-25.

Vientiane International Half Marathon

The Lao Athletic Association and the Ministry of Education and
Sports, social enterprise, Events for Good (EFG), Tigerhead
Drinking Water, Knorr Jok Cup, Adidas, Horton International,
Laos Simply Beautiful, and other sponsors will be opening the
first international marathon in Laos. A percentage of the net
proceeds from the half marathon will support charities in Laos
that promote both a healthy lifestyle and a culture of socially
responsible businesses. EFG aims to further partner with
various charities throughout Laos for every event.
Health Expo Times: Friday, March 4, 10am-7pm and
Saturday, March 5, 10am-7pm
When: Races will be run on March 6, from 5am - 8am
Entry Fees:
Lao Nationals:
Half Marathon 21km 120,000kip
Quarter Marathon 10.5km 80,000
Fun Run-Walk 5km 35,000
Half Marathon 21km US$40
Quarter Marathon 10.5km US$30
Fun Run-Walk 5km US$10
Registration daily at Happy Sports from 10am-7pm or online at
For more information the media can contact the event
organizer Contact Vanpheng Southichak or Thouni
Seneyakone about sponsorship opportunities.
Vanpheng Southichak Managing Director +856 20 5588
Thouni Seneyakone Operations Manager +856 20 - 9144

The Vientiane Times welcomes

notices from members of the public for
announcement on this page. Any events
or functions open to the general public are
suitable for publishing.

Free Polio Immunisation

The Expanded Programme of Immunisation under the Ministry
of Health will provide a third round of free vaccines against
polio for about 2.4 million children nationwide. The vaccines
will be administered to all those aged 15 years or less.
When: February 21-29
Where: Hospital and healthcare centres nationwide. For more
information, please contact 021 312 352

Wow Fashion Week 2016

Dont miss the capitals major fashion event, Vientiane Wow
Fashion Week 2016 in March featuring more than twenty
talented Lao and Thai designers.
Where: New ITECC Mall, 7th floor.
When: March 11-12.
More information contact: 021 265 853.

Art gallery exhibition

Keomingmeuang Art Gallery is presenting an exhibition
featuring more than 200 pieces of art.
Where: Nongbuathong-neua village, unit 22/209,
Nongbuathong Road, Sikhottabong district, Vientiane.
When: Open every day from 8am-5pm

Vipassana Meditation Course

That Phonh Festival in Savannakhet

We are happy to announce a 10 day residential Vipassana

meditation course as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition
Savannakhet province will host the annual Phathat Phonh
of Sayagyi U Ba Khin in Vientiane. The participants will learn
Festival this month. The stupa was built in the 16th century and
the basics and practice sufficiently to experience its beneficial
is regarded as one of the holiest stupas in the country.
results. In keeping with the spirit of the tradition, the course is
Activities: Religious ceremonies and a trade fair.
offered free.
Where: Xayphouthong district.
When: March 9- 20.
When: February 19-22.
For more information please send email : vipassana.laos@
Or visit:

Puppet exhibition

This exhibition showcases a range of puppet making and

visual images created by the Director of the Object Theatre
Kabong Lao, Mr Leuthmany Insisiengmay.
When: Open daily until March 3
Where: i:Cat gallery, Simeuang village, Setthathirath Road,
Gallery open: 3.30pm-8pm Mon to Fri; 12 noon-6pm Sat & Sun
Call 020 7783 9674

Sikhottabong Stupa Festival

Khammuan residents will celebrate the annual Sikhottabong
Stupa Festival in honour of the revered religious structure, when
locally-made products will be on sale.
When: February 20-22
Where: Khammuan province

Global citizenship programme

Japanese organisation GiFT, in collaboration with Green
Discovery and FM 90.0 Mhz, is inviting university students
aged 18-24 to apply for the Diversity Voyage in Laos
programme, a 6 day event with Japanese students. Expenses
will be paid by the programme.
When: From February 20-25.
Where: Contact Bounheng (programme coordinator) on 020
55400099. Or visit the following link:

Elephant Festival
This years Elephant Festival will feature 67 elephants taking
part in activities including a beauty contest, bathing and baci
ceremony. There will also be a large and vibrant street fair.
When: February 19-21
Where: Xayaboury district, Xayaboury province

Vientiane Trail 2016

Come along and enjoy the Vientiane Trail 2016, when the capitals
old quarter will be transformed into a pedestrian zone with night
time illuminations, and art and handicraft events.
Where: Chao Anou Street to Francois Ngin Street.
When: February 26-28, open from 5-9pm each night.

Actors and actresses wanted

Kheo Heng (KH) company is inviting good-looking young
people to apply for two male and two female lead roles in the
romantic comedy film Hong Ham Tao. Female applicants
should be 18-26 years old and males should be aged 20-28
When: Applications until February 28
Where: Contact through Facebook at Inbox only, www.
or Search in facebook: Jear Pacific

Vientiane Times

Monday February 15, 2016

Chan-Goh miss Thailand Masters

title but secure Rio spot
SoonGoh Liu
at the
The star)


ANN) -- Its been a bittersweet
outing for mixed doubles
shuttlers Chan Peng Soon-Goh
Liu Ying at the Thailand Masters.
The seventh-seeded Peng
Soon-Liu Yings quest for victory
ended miserably when they went
down 17-21, 15-21 to Chinas
Zheng Siwei-Chen Qingchen in a
38-minute final at the Grand Prix
Gold tournament in Bangkok.
Peng Soon-Liu Ying showed
good control in the beginning,
but it wasnt long before the
fast-attacking world junior
champions came charging back
to win in convincing fashion.
Despite the defeat, world
No. 15 Peng Soon-Liu Ying can
still afford to smile because their
ticket to the Olympic Games
in Rio de Janeiro in August is
Thanks to their final
appearance, they have

consolidated their No. 11 position

in the Road to Rio ranking list.
Only the top 16 pairs will get
to go to Rio when the one-year
qualifying period ends in April.
Peng Soon-Liu Ying,
however, were left to rue their
chances of nicking their seventh
career title, having won the Asian
Badminton Championships
(2010), Bitburger German Open
(2011), Malaysian Open Grand
Prix Gold (2012), Japan Open
(2012), Polish Open (2015) and
Mexico Open Grand Prix (2015).
Liu Ying felt that the outcome
would have been different if we
had adopted the right tactic.
We struggled to get our
game going. We lost more points
today because we did not execute
a good tactical game. It could
have been a better game, said
Liu Ying.
The young Chinese pair
have great potential and they

showed that they are here to stay.

They have everything going for
them, but we will learn more
about their game in time to
Peng Soon said that the
challenge would only get tougher
when they shift their attention to
the German Open in Mulheim
from March 1-6 and the AllEngland in Birmingham from
March 8-13.
We have a solid two weeks
training programme ahead of
the German Open and the AllEngland. The opponents will
be tough right from the opening
round ... we have to polish up our
game, said Peng Soon.
I was error-prone in the final
today. I have to get a better grip
of my game. We do not want to
just make up the numbers in the
Olympic Games ... we want to be
medal contenders. We have a lot
of work ahead of us.


OUTCOMES (P151311)
Assignment Title: Lao PDRImpact Evaluation (Phase 1)EndlineSurvey
The Government of Lao PDR, with support from the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) of the World Bank is
implementing a rural sanitation program in Champasak and Sekong provinces of Lao PDR.This evaluation concentrates
on the Governments sanitation program in South Lao, the region with the lowest sanitation coverage of 35%. WSP
Scaling-up Rural Sanitation Program has now scaled up to provide technical assistance with the help of contracted
resource agencies - to Department of Health/Nam Saat in Champasak and Sekong province, targeting 10 districts
through a combined sanitation marketing and Community-Led Total Sanitation intervention.The scaling-up rural
sanitation program is implemented through a phased approach. The program intervention in phase 1 focused on
the first 150 villages in 10 districts (through the resource agencies) while in phase 2 focuses on the remaining 250
villages through the Government budget. This phasing will also lead to a phased execution of the baseline, which
already started in September 2014 for Phase 1 and in March 2015 for Phase 2.
Two phases of a baseline survey are now completed and an end-line for phase 1 is expected in mid-March 2016. An
endlinesurvey will be implemented in approximately15 households per village in 95 villages(consist of 40 intervention
villages and 55 control villages), making a total of 1,425 households. A list of 95 villages will be provided by WSP.
The survey will consist of both household and community survey. The household survey will include the following
modules: (i) household roster and demographics; (ii) assets, consumption and expenditure; (iii) sanitation, hygiene
and water situation (infrastructure and behaviors); (iv) knowledge, attitudes and practices; (v) program exposure; (vi)
participation in savings / financing mechanisms. A community module will be included in the survey to collect data at
community level related to the geographical situation, remoteness, existence of village structures, and other factors.
A firm/qualified agency, which may subcontract, will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the
World Banks Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers.
Submission of Expression of InterestInterested qualified consulting firms are invited to submit their Expressions
of Interest in English, by February 29, 2016, by 17:00 hours.
For any further information or clarification for the study, interested firms are invited to visit the WSP website (www. and the World Bank Website.Consulting firms interested in this assignment MUST register and submit
their Expressions of Interest on the World Banks eConsultant2 system, via the following link: (https://wbgeconsult2., selection #1212329.
Qualification Criteria
1. Demonstrates technical and managerial capabilities to conduct assignment
2. Demonstrates their core business in social research / evaluation surveys / IE assessments
3. Demonstrates a minimum of 8/10 years of experience
4. Demonstrates extensive experience designing and implementing large-scale panel household surveys to measure
development, health, anthropometrics and/or child development outcomes
5. Demonstrates extensive experience designing and implementing large-scale household surveys in Rural Lao
6. Demonstrates knowledge and expertise in the rural household water, sanitation and health sector
7. Demonstrates capability to meet the World Bank Groups Vendor Eligibility Criteria *
* Mandatory
Selection and contracting will normally be made from responses to this request for expression of interest. The
consultant will be selected from a shortlist, subject to availability of funding.
Consultants may associate with other firms in the form of a joint venture or a sub-contract to enhance their
A Consultant will be selected in accordance with AMS 15.01 (Selection and Use of Consultants by the World Bank
Group for Operational Purposes).
Water and Sanitation Program
World Bank Office Vientiane
PO Box 345. PathouXay,
Vientiane, Lao PDR
Tel: ++856 21 266280 ext. 6285
fax: ++856 21 266297
Mr. Phommachanh Sosourivong, Team Assistant:

Sports 27

Da Nang counts down to

worlds longest ocean race
DA NANG (VNS) -- With less
than two weeks to go until the
world famous Clipper Round
the World Yacht Race arrives
in Vietnam on February 17, Da
Nang is counting down to its
hosting the international crew
and showing itself off to a global
The Clipper Race, including
a Da Nang-Vietnam team with
city resident and crew member
Nguyen Tran Minh An on board,
arrives in Da Nang shortly after
the Tet Lunar New Year Festival.
The stopover, running from
February 17 to 27, marks the
end of the 7th of 14 global stages
that make up the worlds longest
ocean race, the only event of its
kind that enables amateur sailors
to circumnavigate the world.
World famous yachtsman
and Clipper Race Chairman
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the
first man to sail solo, non-stop
around the world in 1968-69,
who is also making his first
visit to Vietnam, said, Clipper
Race crews and supporters
have been looking forward to
the Da Nang stopover with
huge anticipation ever since
we announced the news last
summer, so to be just days away
now is very exciting for all
involved, including myself.
As our international
crew members become fully
immersed in Vietnamese culture
and make a positive impact on
local tourism, we also invite
the people of Da Nang and its
surrounding communities to join
us to celebrate the Clipper Race
spirit of adventure and discovery.
This is a unique journey and
there will be plenty of great
opportunities to get very close
and experience these colourful
boats and meet the remarkable
crews that are competing in this

tough challenge.
After arriving for a special
Vi e t n a m e s e w e l c o m i n g
ceremony in Han River Port,
more than 200 international crew
members, who come from all
walks of life and represent over
20 different nationalities, will
have the chance to participate in
many different cultural activities
in Da Nang.
Such events include the
Cau Ngu (The worshipping of
the whale) Festival, barefoot
beach runs, kayaking, basket
shaking and mesh making
demonstrations, as well as a
visit to a local Unicef Day Care
Centre for Children, the chance
to enjoy traditional musical
performances and, of course, try
local culinary delights.
In turn, members of the
community are invited to come
to the Han River Port daily
between February 23 to 25 to
take tours of the race yachts and
meet the crews at local events
to better understand what life is
like on board one of the toughest
endurance challenges that exists
on the planet.
There is also an opportunity
to see the Clipper Race fleet
parade, as it sails through the Han
Bridge, which will swing open to
allow the yachts to sail down the
river as far as the fire and water
breathing Rong (Dragon) Bridge
on the evening of February 25.
Huynh Duc Tho, Chairman
of the Da Nang citys Peoples
Committee, noted, We have
followed the Da Nang-Vietnam
team proudly since the Clipper
Race departed London last
summer, and with the race fleet
now just days away, we look
forward to welcoming all the
crews to Da Nang.
We have an action packed
stopover planned for the crews,

who have travelled over half

way round the world to get
here. We want to ensure that
our long sandy beaches, rich
culture and warm hospitality
creates a memorable experience
in our fantastic city, making a
return visit for crew members
and Clipper Race supporters
A first-time Host Port and
Team Sponsor of the Clipper
Race, the city of Da Nang is using
its partnership as an opportunity
to boost trade, investment and
tourism, along with improving its
social and diplomatic relations.
As a fast-growing, tourismfriendly city, gifted by nature
with a beautiful river, mountains
and beaches, Da Nang is striving
to become a world-class
destination for tourists. It has
been named Number One in the
Tripadvisor 2015 Top 10 Worlds
Destinations on the Rise.
At 40,000 nautical miles in
length, the Clipper Race takes
eleven months to complete. It
is the only event of its kind that
trains amateur sailors to race
around the world, with 40 per
cent of Clipper Race crew having
never sailed before they start
their extensive training.
Before arriving in Da Nang,
the Clipper Race has already
visited London, Rio de Janeiro,
Cape Town, Albany, Sydney and
the Whitsundays in Australia. Da
Nang is the first South East Asian
stopover on the Clipper 2015-16
Race circuit.
The Clipper Race departs Da
Nang on February 27 to sail to
Qingdao, China, then continues
on to Seattle, Panama, New York,
Derry Londonderry Northern
Ireland and Den Helder the
Netherlands, before returning in
a victorious homecoming parade
in London on July 30, 2016.

At 40,000 nautical miles in length, the Clipper Race takes eleven months to complete. It is the only
event of its kind that trains amateur sailors to race around the world, with 40 per cent of Clipper Race
crew having never sailed before they start their extensive training.
--Photo VNS

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February 15, 2016

Vientiane Times


FIFA presidential candidates

make presentations to CONCACAF

MIAMI (AP) -- Four of the

five candidates for FIFA
president made presentations
to CONCACAF officials on
On the final day of a two-day
meeting of the Confederation
of North, Central American
and Caribbean Association
Football, favorites Gianni
Infantino of Switzerland and
Sheikh Salman Bin Ibrahim
Al-Khalifa of Bahrain, pitched
their candidacies on Friday
along with Frances Jerome
Champagne and Jordans
Ali Bin Al-Hussein. South
Africas Tokyo Sexwale did
not make the trip.
FIFAs 209 members vote
on February 26 on a successor
to Sepp Blatter, who headed
soccer s governing body
since 1998 and announced his
resignation less than a week
after he was elected to a fifth
term last May.
Infantino, the No. 2 official
of Europes governing body
and a favorite among the
Central American nations, has
proposed expanding the World
Cup from 32 to 40 teams.
That idea was denounced

by Champagne and at least

one of the other candidates.
Champagne, a former FIFA
deputy general secretary, said
the leaders who will elect a
new president on February
26 in Zurich have choices to
The question is, which
kind of FIFA do they want it
to be? Champagne said. Do
they want FIFA to remain a
federation of 209 national
associations, a FIFA that is
controlled by a continental
group? Do they want football
like basketball, centralised in
one country like the NBA? Or
do they want football being
played by everyone? The other
question is, do they want the
corruption to stop?
general secretary Jurgen
Mainka said his organisation
did not endorse a candidate.
Blatter was banned by FIFA
for eight years in December for
conflicts of interest, loyalty
and general rules of conduct
violations for a roughly US$2
million payment to UEFA
president Michel Platini in
2011. Blatter is appealing.

CONCACAFs last three

presidents have been charges
with corruption by American
prosecutors: Jack Warner,
Jeffrey Webb and Alfredo
Hawit. Webb has pleaded
guilty and Hawit not guilty, and
Warner is fighting extradition.
Canadas Victor Montagliani,
Bermudas Larry Mussenden,
Antigua and Barbudass
Gordon Derrick and Guyanas
Mark Rodrigues are seeking to
become CONCACAF president
when a vote is taken in May.
Montagliani thinks reforms
being proposed will bring
checks and balances that will
make for more honesty among
top officials.
We want to change the
culture of CONCACAF,
he said. CONCACAF, like
the rest of football, has been
riddled with scandals that have
been percolating for the past
30 years. I think its a time
for change. I think you will
see leaders like myself who
have a varied background,
a multicultural background.
Hopefully, this is the start of a
brighter and more transparent
future for CONCACAF.

Spain claims another

European gold in Futsal

Spains players celebrate victory against Russia during the medal ceremony after the final match at
UEFA Euro 2016 championship in Belgrade.
--Photo Xinhua

BELGRADE (Xinhua) -- Spain won the UEFA

Futsal EURO for the seventh time in the history
of the tournament by beating Russia 7-3 at
Saturdays final match in Belgrade, Serbia.
Spain already won Futsal Euro in 1996,
2001, 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2012, Saturdays
gold medal preserved its reputation of Europes
most successful futsal nation.
Spain caught an early lead over Russia on
Saturday in Belgrade Arena through Alex in
the eighth minute while the convincing triumph
was secured by goals of Pola (14, 15), Mario
Rivillos (15, 36) and Miguelin (31, 35).
Scorers for Russia were Brazilian natives
Romulo (20) and Robinho (32) as well as

Milovanov (40).
Earlier on Saturday, in the match for the third
place, debutantes Kazakhstan beat host Serbia
5-2 and won the bronze medal.
Miguelin of Spain won the golden shoe of
the tournament by having six goals and four
assists in total, while his teammates Mario
Rivillos (six goals, four assists) and Alex (six
goals, two assists) won silver and bronze shoes
Attendance at the closing day of the UEFA
Futsal Euro 2016 was 11,000 people, which
summed up to tournament record of more
than 100,000 visitors since the opening on
February 2.

Van Gaal doubts Man Uniteds

top-4 chances after latest loss

Sunderlands Yann MVila (left) vies for the ball with Manchester Uniteds Juan Mata during the English
Premier League match.
--Photo AP

(AP) -- Manchester United
manager Louis van Gaal cast
doubt on his teams chances
of qualifying for next seasons
Champions League after a 2-1
loss at relegation-threatened
Sunderland in the Premier
League, placing the Dutchman
under fresh scrutiny on
The latest embarrassing
loss for United this season
was sealed by a late own
goal by David de Gea in the
82nd minute, with a goalline clearance from Anthony
Martial cannoning off the
back of the goalkeeper and
into the net.
Martial had equalised for
United in the 39th minute after
recent signing Wahbi Khazri
put Sunderland ahead in the
third minute.
The loss left United six
points behind fourth-place
Manchester City, having
played one more game.
It will be very difficult
now, Van Gaal said about
United finishing in the top
four. Its too much at this
time. I think after this match
(winning the Europa League)
is the best route.

It was only last week

that Van Gaal was talking up
Uniteds chances of winning
the league title. Yet, the 20time champions - on 41 points
- have never had fewer points
after 26 games of a Premier
League season.
Chelsea has endured an
even more miserable season
but the ailing champions
did manage to produce their
most emphatic win of the
campaign on Saturday by
routing Newcastle 5-1 to climb
to 12th place. Manager Guus
Hiddink remains unbeaten
since replacing fired Jose
Mourinho in December but
Chelsea is 14 points from
fourth place.
Diego Costa, wearing a
mask after breaking his nose,
took just five minutes to put
Chelsea in front and Pedro
Rodriguez intercepted sloppy
Newcastle passing to score in
the 9th.
Wi l l i a n c o m p l e t e d a
counterattack after being set
up by Costa in the 17th, Pedro
netted again in the 59th and
Bertrand Traore became the
first player from Burkina Faso
to score in the Premier League
in the 83rd.

The only bright spot for

Newcastle was a 90th-minute
consolation, with Andros
Townsend firing in his first
goal since joining the club
last month.
Newcastle remains in the
relegation zone but now only
a point above north-east rival
What helped Newcastle
was relegation rivals Norwich,
Swansea and Bournemouth all
failed to win.
Norwich threw away a
two-goal lead to draw 2-2 at
home to West Ham and stay
in the relegation zone, now
only a point above Sunderland.
Swansea lost 1-0 at home to
Southampton and is only three
points above the bottom three
in 16th place.
Stoke beat Bournemouth
3-1 and Watford won 2-1 at
Crystal Palace, for whom
Emmanuel Adebayor scored
his first Premier League
goal since October 2014.
Troy Deeney scored both of
Watfords goals.
West Bromwich produced
a steely defensive display
to beat Everton 1-0 away,
courtesy of a goal by Salomon