Guido, quite evidently, did not share Lisa’s anxieties. nem osztozott Lisa
I pretended not to notice it, as the students listened with bated breath. visszafojtott
The major cause for concern has been the situation of teachers in primary schools.
aggasztó dolog
Chin up, Jay, she told herself, you needed to hear that. fel a fejjel
He was deeply concerned because you were unhappy. nagyon aggódott
I am not in the least concerned. legkevésbé sem aggódom
Wherever possible, I try to share my worries with someone else. megosztom
Try not to distress yourself. ne emészd magad
I had to talk about him to someone to ease my mind. megnyugtat
‘You’ll have to take it easy,’ he said, turning away. csak semmi aggodalom
What’s eating you this morning? mi aggaszt?
We did not know what to think last night and we feared the worst. a legrosszabbtól
Fear not the law, ran a popular proverb, fear the judge. ne félj
Go now and sleep, and have no fear for tomorrow. ne félj semmit
Look, your poor mum’s been worried sick. betegre aggódta magát
You see, she had this burning ambition to succeed on the stage. égett a vágytól, hogy
She didn’t want him to think she was angling for sympathy. együttérzésre vadászott
I never meant to hurt you. nem akartam
He smiled despite himself. akarata ellenére
The Italians excel in discovering the one bag to die for. kb. majd meghal, annyira
Many candidates don’t recognise what the question is driving at. mire céloz
‘Far be it from me to stand in the path of true love,’ he said lightly. távol álljon tőlem,
He had seen to it that each boy found work. gondoskodott róla, hogy
He was fishing for compliments! bókokra vadászott
I’m marrying Edward of my own free will, and because I love him! saját akaratomból
‘What’s she getting at now?’ mit akar ezzel mondani?
She didn’t know anything about me for some years, although I may get round to telling
her, in time. ráveszem magam, hogy
Speaking for myself, I do not feel the slightest inclination to interfere. legkevésbé
sem akarok
Alexander insisted upon chasing the French all the way back to Paris. ragaszkodott
hozzá, hogy
All right, then, if you insist. ha ragaszkodsz hozzá
The French say that the letter was written at the insistence of the Americans. az
amerikaiak követelésére
I fully intended to show her the caravan and then take her home. szándékomban állt
He had every intention of paying his fare. feltett szándéka volt
Hungarian chess players say she is like her father, with a will of iron. vasakarat
He lent him the money against his better judgement. belátása ellenére
He had written to me every week, and I was longing to see him again. vágytam rá,
What girl could resist the lure of the first new clothes she had possessed in years?
ellenállni a kísértésnek
Well, I’ve been meaning to tell you for ages. akartam
He can’t be bothered to get jobs, he’s so lazy! nem veszi a fáradtságot
This car won’t start. nem akar

His car wouldn’t start. nem akart
If you won’t go to bed earlier, no wonder you’re tired. nem hajlandó
They threw themselves heart and soul into finding a solution. teljes erőbedobással
Jack knows his heart is not in it. kb. nem szívvel-lélekkel csinálja
She became known as a doctor dedicated to her work. el van kötelezve
He devoted himself to the poor of Leicester. a szegényeknek él
As the police force of the music business, the union is heavily committed to ‘crime
prevention’. eltökéltek
We hope that you will press for these changes. erőteljesen sürget
He seems to want us to leave the company at any price. bármi áron
His thinking was dominated by financial concerns. uralták a gondolatait
In the end, Frank and I met of our own volition. saját akaratukból
Where there’s a will there’s a way. kb. ha nagyon akarsz valamit, az sikerülni is fog
1. Válaszd ki az alábbi mondatokban az odaillő szót.

1. I have a firing/burning ambition to start my own company.
2. You know the saying: where there’s a will, there is a solution/way.
3. This morning my car simply wouldn’t/doesn’t want to start.
4. I want to get those books with/at any price.
5. He sued her on/at the insistence of his lawyer.
6. She looked at him against/despite herself.
7. Head/Chin up, Jimmy, it could’ve been worse.
8. I fully intended/wanted to talk things over with them.
9. He spoke for more than an hour, but I couldn’t see what he was driving at/to.
10. He threw himself heart and soul/mind into reading poetry.
2. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozícióval.
1. Don’t believe her, she’s just angling ... sympathy.
2. They left the country ... their own volition.
3. I couldn’t get ... to writing the letters.
4. He’s just fishing ... compliments.
5. Far be it ... me to criticise you, but have you tried it the other way round.
6. The teachers insisted ... our being there on time.
7. He agreed to leave the company ... his better judgement.
8. His work leaves a lot to be desired, his heart is not ... it.
9. He devoted all his time and money ... helping others.
10. We had every intention ... handing in the essays on Friday.
3. Most pedig jöjjön egy kis fordítás.
1. A magánéleti problémái uralták a gondolatait.
2. Hol az ördögben voltál? Betegre aggódtuk magunkat!
3. Nem tudott ellenállni a pénz kísértésének.
4. Saját akaratából hagyta el az országot.
5. Biztos vagyok benne, hogy visszajön, ne emészd magad.
6. Mire akarsz kilyukadni?
7. Semmi kedvem sincs ilyen dolgokról beszélgetni vele.
8. Nem aggódunk a holnap miatt.
9. Távol álljon tőlem, hogy a háta mögött kritizáljam!
10. Nem történt semmi komoly, csak sajnáltatja magát.

4. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő szavakkal a dobozból.
Meaning eased bothered devoted judgement iron least pressed eating longing

1. James seems to have ... himself entirely to his work.
2. You look troubled. What’s ... you?
3. She supported them against her better ... .
4. The papers ... for changes in several positions.
5. He enjoyed listening to her playing music, it always ... his mind.
6. I swear I’ve been ... to call you for ages.
7. She can’t be ... even to take the rubbish out.
8. The strange thing is he was not in the ... worried about her.
9. I’m ... to be with them again.
10. I’m not surprised he succeeded, he has a will of ... .

Not bloody likely you didn’t, I thought, but bit my tongue. kb. magamba fojtottam a
I’ve been catching up on the week’s news. utólag próbálom megtudni
He caught the waiter’s eye. elkapta a pincér tekintetét
You were seen down there, Major, has the cat got your tongue? elvitte a cica a
I don’t intend to drag their problem into the discussion. belekever
Jeff and Kathy took time out to chew the fat about the old days. beszélget,
Don’t answer back to your teachers. ne feleselj
I’ll clear it with Ted, but nobody’s going to mind. megbeszélem/elrendezem
Marie cleared her throat. megköszörülte a torkát
She’d never hear the end of it when she got home. soha nem fejezi be
‘Not for your own use’ he hastened to add! sietett hozzátenni
The other day the subject came up in the office. előkerült a téma
I had a long conversation with them last week. hosszasan beszélgettünk
One evening the conversation turned to air raids during the war. szóba került
They tried to make polite conversation. udvariasan beszélget
He arrived yesterday and we talked deep into the night. átbeszélgettük az éjszakát
‘Speak of the devil,’ said Karen. kb. emlegetett szamár
I think it’s still under discussion. még folynak a megbeszélések
Once he got started, Jack didn’t draw breath for more than half an hour. levegőt sem
If you don’t mind I’d like to drop the subject now. befejezném ezt a témát
We exchanged a few words with him. pár szót váltottunk
I could feel my ears burning. kb. csuklottam, mert emlegettek
Jean has a loose tongue. felvágták a nyelvét
Drink never loosened his tongue. megeredt a nyelve
He let the matter drop. hagyta ‘elhalni’ a témát
Metaphorically speaking, the research front is a frozen moment in time. átvitt
The class was quiet enough to hear a pin drop. kb. a légy zümmögését is lehetett

ha engem kérdezel Policemen always get asked that. át kellene beszélned His reputation will be spread by word of mouth. we all sat there 2. vájkálnak egy picit a múltjában The Professor had finished. kérdezgetem The car stopped and there was a brief and pregnant pause. he just talks at you all the time. szóbeszéd útján She raised a questioning eyebrow. zavart csend Gentlemen. kb. kérdően vonta fel szemöldökét He should have tried it alone. megkérdőjelezném a bölcsességét We had a heart to heart following some comments supposedly made by him. beleszólt He seemed to enjoy cutting in on our conversation. then jotted down a few . személyes véleményem szerint Generally speaking. pár szót váltott with Stuart. mindig ezt kérdezik tőlük The police decided to dig a little into her past. nagyjából Personally speaking. megköszörülte a torkát and turned to Mr Pickles. néma csöndben. döbbent csöndben Silence is golden. Then. and who does what about it? felmerül a kérdés It brings into question the belief that one should always put the customer first. ezt tartja a fáma Let’s change the subject. felmerült a téma yesterday at the meeting. please! egy kis csöndet! They lapsed into silence again. kibeszélni/megbeszélni I think you should first talk things over with your parents. félbeszakították Both men stared at her in shocked silence. váltsunk témát I’ll never see him again. there are three types of insects. It seemed that anger 4. She talked for over four minutes then we 5. lelkiztünk. I never thought he was that intelligent. megzavar. hallgatni arany The Minister skated over the details of the discussion. megoldotta a nyelvét. kristálytisztán hallottam Being the nosy type. amilyen hangosan csak tudtam She has not uttered a word since breakfast. his assistant. csöndbe burkolóztak He kept on butting in with silly comments. but I might pause to question the wisdom of such a move. I thought I’d pick his brains. pusztán érintette a problémát They made small talk for half an hour. egy szót sem szólt It sounds terrific. languages with relatively free word order are easier to learn. When she finished. Az alábbi kis történetben található magyar kifejezésekre keress angol megfelelőket. közbevágott Unfortunately he got cut off in the middle of a sentence. When 1. néma csöndben There was an embarrassed silence when I went back into the kitchen to tidy myself up. kérdésekkel bombázták I could hear their voice as clear as a bell.or so the story goes. kb. megbeszéltük FELADATLAP BESZÉL(GET) 1. Stuart 7. egyfolytában beszél hozzád I used to dance round them and sing at the top of my voice. megkérdőjelezi Broadly speaking. Jenny 3.We sat in deadly silence. beleszól ‘Forget it!’ she cut in. vészterhes csönd The question arises. at long last. csevegtek There’s nothing at all to talk out. általánosságban véve Could you speak up a bit more? beszélne hangosabban He got it from Mrs Thatcher . Mr Pickles smiled and 6. who is this analysis for. átsiklott a részletek felett This paper has barely skimmed the surface of the problem. and Judy and Donald were firing questions at her. a bit of hush. if you ask me. kb. ismét csöndbe burkolóztunk. kérdően vonta fel szemöldökét.

kb. I don’t really like him but we did/made polite conversation. When I entered the room. 8. egészségesnek nyilvánították ‘Is he any better now?’ ‘No. kb. BREATH 7. but 8. We all think that Jenny was really brave to stand up for the others. OVER 5. 6. The goalkeeper and the coach exchanged/changed a few words after the match. elég rossz színben van The doctor said the driver should have come round from the anaesthetic by now. let’s drop/finish this subject now! 7. A few drinks always made him talkative. ‘There’s Jeff. However. FIRING 10. megromlott az egészsége The rich tend to work 18-hour days. All right. No wonder they didn’t take you! UTTER 2. You know Jenny. SKIMMED 6. speak/ask of the devil!’ 5. I was about to say something too. he is no better’. or something. 1.sentences in his notebook. Could I ask you some questions about computers? PICK 3. He didn’t deal with this issue in detail. She visited us last week and we discussed/talked deep into the night. gyógyulófélben van He is full of beans. and some of them burn themselves out. LOOSENED 3. They interrupted him in the middle of a sentence. Írd újra az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavakkal. kiütést kaptál Have you ever called in sick? beteget jelentettél Charles ended up with a clean bill of health. magamba fojtottam a szavaimat.’ ‘Well. When she spoke. Hallgatni arany!’ 2. kiégnek Tell them you’ve come out in a rash. 4. szóbeszéd útján that she’s going to be fired. We’re trying to discuss it but he keeps disturbing/butting in. Nobody knows how the conversation arrived/turned to his family. The moral is: ‘10. BELL 8. You should discuss this with your teachers and friends. kb. her voice was very clear. 10. the woman aroused/raised a questioning eyebrow. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR BETEG She’s been living on borrowed time for a long while. GET 9. 9. 1. Why don’t you speak? Has the cat stolen/got your tongue? 3. Válaszd ki az alábbi mondatokban az odaillő szót. They always ask me that. They asked her a lot of questions. 2. I got to know 9. CUT 4. though. He spoke for two hours continuously. she has a lose/loose tongue. magához tér . You said nothing at the interview. tele van energiával After the war her health broke down and she retired. semmivel sincs jobban Elinor’s a bit off colour. neki már minden nap ajándék Their one-year-old son George is recovering from leukaemia.

hasogató fejfájás He might have a peptic ulcer – especially as the pain is eased by milk. mint amennyit használt He can’t come today.Her health was giving serious cause for concern. a végén nagyon megbetegedett He is as fit as a fiddle. láncdohányos ‘How’s your back?’ ‘It hurts like hell. ágyban kellett maradnia I decided to cut down on cigarettes. átesünk a holtponton I’ll go with you if I’m at death’s door! kb. kb. kb. he’s come down with the flu. egészséges. teljesen rendbe jött He felt his old self again. a kés alá fekszem = megműtenek Welcome back in the land of the living. kiújult a fertőzés He worked really hard. sugárzott az egészségtől Well. az élők sorában His health improved in leaps and bounds after the operation. nincs teljesen jól Joe is the picture of health. fáj a nyakam. érzünk fájdalmakat FELADATLAP BETEG . kb. rohamosan javult az egészsége Jack is a live wire. but she’s still young at heart. nem érzem magam jól Marie had responded brilliantly to the treatment and seemed fighting fit. jól van Our chemistry teacher is 88. with pain that comes and goes. kevesebbet dohányzik I should say the medicine did more harm than good. kb. absolutely in the pink. lebetegedett He said he doesn’t not feel up to the mark these days. elkapta az influenzát She has the flu and is confined to bed. néha nem Her teeth are giving her hell. teljesen jól vagyok I looked at the woman who seemed so radiant with health. kb. mint a makk The nervous breakdown kept him away from work for years. kb. az egészsége kárára I have dosed him up with laudanum. lélekben fiatal Jeff is a chain smoker. majd kicsattan az egészségtől I’m fine. pokolian fáj I wouldn’t drink coffee so late because that gives me a bad head. no wonder he finished up seriously ill. ismét a régi He was as sound as a bell. ha We often suffer from aches and pains when we are miserable or depressed. enyhül a fájdalom He gritted his teeth. kb. to the detriment of his health. kb. aggódtunk az egészségéért He wasn’t allowed up for two weeks. tele van energiával Our maths teacher has been laid low by a virus this week. kb. he smokes three packets a day. fáj tőle a fejem He came home from school first. fél lábbal a sírban Her condition improved but a week later the infection returned and she died. jobbra fordult az egészségi állapota She must be doing well now. torokfájásra panaszkodott She had a splitting headache so she had to leave early. she is fully restored to health today. I don’t quite feel myself these days. complaining of a sore throat.’ baromira fáj It’s more likely to be a muscle than anything else. feeling the pain like a needle in his head. több kárt okozott. nem tudott dolgozni Within a couple of hours I’d be under the knife. mint a makk His health has taken a turn for the better. néha fáj. egészséges. telenyomtam Well. mintha tűvel döfködnék It hurts my neck to look at you. ágyban kell maradnia But we hoped all the time we would turn the corner and recover. kb. remekül reagált a kezelésre He worked 20 hours a day. kb.

. hogy sokat dolgoztam. Lehet. ... His condition is improving in . És most mát látom a kiütéseket is. you smoke one cigarette after the other. hogy maga vagy a megtestesült egészség. and he’s much better now.. down soon after she retired. Change should not be made for the benefit of a few and to the .. 4. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő szavakkal a dobozból.. hogy sokat romlott az egészséged. egy picit azért sápadt vagy. 2. Hát. 9.. mint a makk! Kedves vagy. you aren’t all right. to the treatment really well. nem tartalak fel. 6. he is full of . Bár.. 8. 5. Tényleg úgy látod? Igen. If you are as sound as a bell. De kérlek. fél lábbal a sírban vagy. komolyan úgy látom. a doktor azt mondta. you would say he is in the .. If you’re worried about someone’s health. mint aki teljesen jól van.. hogy nem dohányzom. . you do or use less of it. Tudod. you’re going to be operated on. Talán kevesebbet kellene dohányoznod. She complained of a . and bounds. He has . pedig úgy látom. 7. 7. headache. Fordítsd le az alábbi párbeszédet a kifejezések segítségével. If you go under the knife. Kösd össze az összetartozó mondatrészeket. Nahát. szegény barátom. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) it hurts like hell. - Képzeld. 4. If you dose someone up with medicine. 2. 5.. és kiégtem. 8. you became ill. of many. you have no health problems. igen. He . the corner. én javulok! Nos. If you are a chain smoker. 3. 10. Szegény.. mellesleg kiütéseket is kaptam.. 3.1. Na. Responded broke splitting pink beans leaps detriment turned 1. Hogy merészelsz ilyeneket mondani. Nem úgy nézel ki. Such a restless child. Tényleg? Olyan egészségesnek látszol. If something is very painful. hogy be kell feküdnüm a kés alá. múlt héten influenzás lettem. If you came down with something. Ugyan már! Majd kicsattansz az egészségtől. 3. If you aren’t allowed up. 2. 1. és naponta 5 kilométert futok.. If you cut down on something.. . 6. If you don’t feel up to the mark. én igenis jól vagyok.. neked már minden perc ajándék. Her health . He looks fine.

i) it is giving cause for concern. hogy biztos legyen benne He expressed his confidence that everybody would come. kb. rizikósnak tűnt They have the league cup in their pocket. bizonyos vagyok Whether that website was worth that money is open to/a matter for debate. vita tárgya Can find out for definite what the final results are? biztosan ‘Can I take that book?’ ‘That depends. kb. minden kétséget kizáróan I knew without a shadow of a doubt that she is the one. megbizonyosodjunk Matron kept calling on Tock. minden kétséget kizáróan No doubt she’ll pass that exam. nyitott kérdés marad . nem találta a szavakat He may not fancy it. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR BIZONYTALAN The future of the school is still up in the air. but it’s a safe bet that he would be the first man to do it.’ kb. kb. bizonytalan I know for a fact that they have never taken out a bank loan. do not hesitate to call us.h) you must stay in bed. megkérdőjelezi He seemed. for once. kb. meg sem fordult a fejemben I’m confident that he’ll do everything to help you. kétséges The developments of 1998 cast further doubt on his future. minden bizonnyal ‘Where is John now?’ ‘It’s anybody’s guess. biztosan He seemed rather dubious about our plan. biztosra vehető I can’t say for certain whether I’ll be able to make it. egyértelműnek gondoltam I thought I was on safe ground talking about birds. kb. at a loss for words. senkinek sem volt kétsége If in doubt. még kétségesebbé tették We hope this chapter will give you some ideas on what to expect and what to ask for. but we felt we had to try. ha kétsége van He has just moved here. biztonságos Wearing sunglasses indoors is pretty much guaranteed to draw attention to you. már a zsebükben érzik Whether he actually committed murder remains an open question. a levegőben lóg The future of the school still hangs in the balance. próbál eligazodni We had mixed feelings about what she told us. Only if you bring it back next week. fogalmam sincs I have high hopes for the evening. nem hitt She might change her mind. nagy reményeim vannak She would not travel so much if she did not hold out hope for the relationship. he’s still feeling his way. biztosan tudom I took it for granted that we’d go together. you never know. reméljük No one was in doubt as to whom was meant. nem tudom biztosan megmondani To my certain knowledge he has never done anything like that. kb. kifejezte meggyőződését It never crossed my mind that she could actually leave me. kb. nem lehet tudni ‘What will happen to me after I die?’ ‘It is in the lap of the gods.’ az istenek kezében van a döntés It seemed a long shot. tudomásom szerint Our objective is to make certain you know we strongly object to this development. making sure he was fine. j) you give them a lot of it.’ attól függ What was shown beyond doubt was that it was one of the finest racehorses ever. vegyes érzelmekkel fogadtuk His studies throw doubt on whether these businesses are viable. kb.

I know without a shadow . TOOK 2. hogy mi fogjuk megnyerni a bajnokságot. (2). as all the firms he worked for went bankrupt. but I couldn’t swear to it. hogy felvették-e. He said it was a foregone . (6) about him because he spent some time in jail. (10) question. as he hasn’t found work yet. (3) that he’d get a job in a week. MIXED 10. CERTAIN 6. he was at a . hogy a megadott angol szavak szerepeljenek benne.. (1) his way. 1. Fejezd be az alábbi mondatokat. No one was in doubt as to . His failures in the past cast . 6. No doubt . az életemet feltenném rá. SHADOW 7. nincs mese But the outcome of the battle was a foregone conclusion. Nem tudom pontosan. His future hangs in the . (9) for words when our neighbour asked him about all this. kb... Ha letenné a nagyesküt. nem kérdéses What you’ve just said is a recipe for disaster. Senki sem tudhatja.. but he couldn’t say for . . meg mertem volna esküdni If he swore blind that he’d come. minden kétségen felül FELADATLAP BIZONYTALAN 1. kb.. biztos bukás It remains to be seen if that plan is workable. Jack is still new here.. hogy megkapom az állást. He still has high . 3. kb. What he heard throws doubt . (8). ez is csak azt bizonyítja It was him . All in all. nem mernék megesküdni There’s no telling what the outcome will be. but most of the companies have mixed . Minden kétséget kizáróan imádja ezt a helyet.... Biztosan tudom.. FOREGONE 2.. TELLING 3. ha “letenné a nagyesküt” I think I’ve returned all the books. I wouldn’t believe him. (4) what it would be. STAKE 5. It never crossed my mind .. Még bizonytalan a gyermek jövője. Biztosra vettem... kb. akkor is elválnék. he’s still . what Jack is going to do remains an . hogy mit fog most csinálni.. minden kétséget kizáróan It just goes to show that you can’t believe all you read.. (5) of becoming a top manager soon.I’d stake my life on it.. A politikusoknak vegyes érzelmeik voltak a tervvel kapcsolatban.. FACT 8..... 2.. BLIND 4. kb.. Előre eldöntött tény.. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat úgy. 3. To my certain ... Egészítsd ki az alábbi szöveget a megfelelő szavakkal.The fact that regular exercise is beneficial is beyond question. egy dolog biztos I could have sworn I saw your ex-wife the other day.... nem lehet tudni You must do your homework every day .. AIR 9. 5. hogy el fognak költözni. Egyedül csinálta. az életemet feltenném rá One thing is for sure – we’ll have to work hard. 4. később fog csak kiderülni I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the same man. 1. (7) doubt on his future career.there are no two ways about it.. előre eldöntött Certain facts are beyond dispute. hogy soha nem késik. He left at 10 to make sure .

as they probably had all their lives. szívesen It does my heart good to see they’re looking after her so well. 8. ilyen nagy boldogságot We were content to wait. I thought I was in safe ground . certain conclusion blind dispute make cast feelings doubt feel beyond safe hold out long ground question shot mixed foregone open swear your way hope KIFEJEZÉSTÁR BOLDOG After I passed that exam. a nevetés a legjobb orvosság Their spirits rose when the cakes arrived. she smiled from ear to ear. a fellegekben járt Her sister is all smiles. az élet napos oldalát nézd He was on a real high after he got his degree. . nem bánta She has a real lust for life. kb. kb. she told herself . boldogtalan Remember. csupa mosoly Her heart leapt at the sight of him. pozitívan He didn’t know it was possible to reach such heights of happiness. jobb kedve lett He kept smiling but we knew he was sick at heart.. jót tesz a lelkemnek She smiled like a cat that’s got the cream.7. kb. they don’t seem to have a care in the world. kb. jókedvű legyél .. I can’t say for certain . always keep your spirits up. elszomorítja az embert When she saw me.. mint a jóllakott napközis He will be more than happy to help us out. 10. Alkoss értelmes (és létező!) szókapcsolatokat az alábbi szavakból. 9. jókedvem lett tőle Dwelling on the past drags one down. könnyedén. I felt I was walking on air. nagyon szívesen His eyes are shining with happiness. felragyogott az arca Always try to look on the bright side of life.don’t let it . nagyot mosolygott Her face lit up when she heard the news. repdesett a boldogságtól Children are lucky. sugárzik a szeméből a boldogság Meeting her has made my day.. imádja az életet Laughter is the best medicine. If in doubt. It’s a safe bet ... 4. nem volt nagyon boldog She wasn’t any the less happy for having to do overtime every day. boldogan. kb. nagyon fel volt pörögve I didn’t exactly jump for joy when I heard the news. megdobbant a szíve The boys took this all in good heart. semmire sincs gondjuk After the exam she was on cloud nine. kb.. kb..

when they were exhausted. You know the saying: laughter is the best cure/medicine. 1.. the laughter died. As soon as he left the room.. 3. fapofával hallgatni FELADATLAP BOLDOG 1. 8. 3. we are at peace with the world. elégedett volt önmagával The letter I received from her raised my spirits a little. kb. 2. Well.. 7. he was on . nagyon megnevettetett It was very difficult to keep a straight face. fájt az oldalunk a nevetéstől He had us in stitches. nagyon nevetett We almost laughed out loud when he entered the room. we broke/cracked up. kb. jobb kedvre derített He’s just got his degree. my spirits raised/rose. When I saw he had written me. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő szavakkal. 9. which was quite embarrassing. röhögőgörcsöt kaptunk tőle She had a fit of the giggles at the exam.. He was only too/very pleased to go with them. His phone call about the weekend really . the laughter . a világ tetején érezte magát She looked at him with a twinkle in her eye. szétröhögte az agyát Gradually. 1. majd meghaltunk a nevetéstől To her bewilderment they both dissolved into giggles. He was taking off some of the politicians and he had us in . When he finished speaking we all burst out/with laughing. 4. mint majom a farkának He would be only too pleased to help. kb. he’s in seventh heaven. elkomorodott She was on top of the world after the wedding. majd meghaltunk a nevetéstől We burst out laughing. His heart jumped/leapt when he heard the phone ring. You must always try to keep your spirits on/up. elhalt a nevetés We nearly died laughing when he started talking about his childhood. elnevette magát He laughed his head off at the party. jól érezte magát a bőrében He was as pleased as punch to be working with Dad. hangosan felnevetett We have no problems at all.. Válaszd ki az alábbi mondatokban az odaillő szót. nagyon boldogan I heard she was rather pleased with herself. kb. 1.. 10. When the teacher entered the classroom. 2. He seems to be at peace with the life/world. . of the world. csillogó szemmel We looked at him and everyone just cracked up. röhögőgörcs She had the audience hooting with laughter. 6. örült.. a hetedik mennyországban érezte magát We split our sides laughing/with laughter last night. kipukkadt belőle a nevetés He was laughing like a drain. kb.. he didn’t say much but he didn’t jump from/for joy when he was fired. 5. my day. we were sitting there trying to keep/hold a straight face. nevetésben törtek ki She’s doubled up laughing! összegörnyedt a nevetéstől The comedian had us all in fits of laughter. When she agreed to marry him. . kb. While he was talking to us. but her spirits sank.Sophie smiled mechanically. kb. megnevettetett We were killing ourselves laughing. . kb. 4. hangosan nevettek She had us all in hysterics.

She enjoyed living an active life. 9. He smiled like a . He was definitely at . Boldogságtól ragyogó szemmel (5) she told us about her charity work and that nagyon boldogan segítene (6) us with anything we need. 7. local police are clamping down on high-tech crime. (2) and she was walking towards us szélesen mosolygott (3). Meeting her ex-boyfriend always makes her depressed. Always try to see the good things in life.. He was smiling and seemed as pleased as . on air. 6. We told her we hadn’t prepared for next Monday’s exam.. with the world. Quayle. She had a broad smile on her face. kipakolták/kirabolták I shot them in cold blood and I enjoyed every minute of it. 4. 1. 8. vádolták Reagan. She was so happy after she passed her language exam. bíróság elé állították He was charged with possessing a shotgun. Az alábbi szövegben található magyar kifejezésekre keress angol megfelelőket. that’s got the cream. Unfortunately. 6.... She also told us what a great comedy he had seen some days before.. lecsapnak He was had up for embezzlement. 2. hidegvérrel There is compelling evidence for a link between him and some criminals. She has nothing to worry about in life.. börtönbe zártak volna He was planning to commit the perfect crime. . everybody szétnevette az agyát. (8) the actors were so good everybody fájt az oldala a nevetéstől. Since he received the letter from the university. All the students were laughing like a . 7. .. She seemed to be a hetedik mennyországban.’ she says.. Hatch. Jenny was csupa mosoly (1) when she saw me. they would’ve clapped you in jail in the old days. I could see my friend’s szíve nagyot dobbant (4) when Jenny turned to us and started to speak. 10. 4. döntő bizonyíték He never admitted to having committed anything. He wasn’t very happy when I told him to do it all over again...5. Jenny is too good to be real. 10.. she has nothing left. 3. She pretends to be happy but she is depressed. 9. elköveti a tökéletes bűntényt Someone totally cleaned her out. CLOUD A CARE BRIGHT DRAGS EAR JUMP LUST LIT HEART PUNCH KIFEJEZÉSTÁR BŰN Meanwhile. he’s been . 8. We split our . and felcsillant az arca (7) and offered to help us. (10) too. 5. The news made her happy. 3. Írd újra az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavakkal. She seemed extremely pleased. jogi lépéseket teszek . laughing throughout the play. (9) not even Jenny’s granny could fapofát vágni and kipukkadt belőle a nevetés. beismert ‘But I told him I was going to take legal action.

tettenérték He got away with only a fine. to take the law into his own hands. gyilkossággal vádolták That decision has laid the judges open to charges of political bias. hogy megússza Such a war would be an intolerable crime against humanity. A gyanúsított beismerte. önbíráskodott But there’s a big gap between the letter of the law and fact. feltételesen szabadlábra helyezték I got done for speeding last week. kitették a bírókat . kb. megvádol She accused him of murder. le vagyok tartóztatva Suspicion clouded her face.. . Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat. tegyék le a fegyvert Jack has sticky fingers. megúszta pénzbírsággal They were jailed for life for manslaughter. megbüntettek I imagine your father will eventually drop the charges against me. hogy bűnösök They acquitted him of three further charges. hogy ellopta az autót.He was imprisoned for two years. megvizsgálják az ügyet They informed me I was under arrest. elkapják őket The only thing I can say is for them to lay down their arms and stop it right now. közeledett az igazság pillanata He was conditionally discharged for two years. biztos. bebörtönözték Egyptian security forces have cracked down with increasing force on the group. törvényellenes He had felt driven. gyanú ült ki az arcára But if they get arrested.vádaknak The use of some drugs is against the law. lecsaptak How could she let him get away with what he had said? hagyta. gyilkosságért börtönözték be őket I’ve come to make an accusation. felmentették The police have got nothing on them. kb. életfogytiglant kapott She said the police have said they will look into the matter. kb. enyves kezű = lop FELADATLAP BŰN 1. eltűnsz szem elöl His ideas were shelved and the day of reckoning drew nearer. as the judge said. nem kerül bíróság elé I think you should keep your head down for some time. 1.. nincs bizonyíték ellenük Their case will never come before the court. visszavonja a vádat He was caught in the act but got off with a caution. emberiség elleni bűn They’re as guilty as hell. a törvény betűje She is doing life for murder. it’s down to you.

hogy Jenny-t tegnap kirabolták? 6. The management of the company has been .. 7.. 11. Meggyőző bizonyíték van a bűnösségükre.. hogy egy ideig eltűnik szem elöl.. 11. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozícióval.. As he wouldn’t pay. He has never admitted ... de megúszta pénzbírsággal. arrested on a gloomy Sunday morning. Look out for him.. Megpróbált elszökni.. Four of our accountants were had . . hogy bűnösök. He had to pay a fine and was . Gyilkossággal vádolták.. 3. He killed forty people ... fingers. with this! 8. 4. 5. 3... Hallottad.. hogy ez emberiség ellen elkövetett bűn volt. which is horrible! 12. 4. Mindig tartsd magad a törvény betűjéhez. Don’t worry. 10. 10. mégis felmentették őket minden vád alól. 5..2. 7. You’d better leave the country and keep your head . cold blood.. his face.. Everybody knows all of them are as guilty as ... Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő szavakkal a dobozból. on terrorist groups. They . all the charges. theft. 12.. 1. the charges. They hoped we would eventually . crime. Úgy döntött.. life but were released some years later. 6... accusations without producing evidence. we decided to .. 9.. for embezzlement. When he saw me in the room alone at night. 7. discharged. Everybody dreams of committing the . they’ve got nothing .. They charged him . No one expected them to drop the charges . They’re going to clap you .. 9. committing any of those crimes. 2. The jury acquitted them . The government will be expected to crack .. 4. Microsoft. Biztos... 8. Az ő ügye soha nem fog bíróság elé kerülni... 8. az a te hibád lesz! 2.. us. De hogyan voltál képes hidegvérrel lelőni? 5. arrest for some time now. 15. 14.. for a while. 9. de közeledett az igazság pillanata. suspicion . jail soon. ... He was .. You’ll never get . 3. They were jailed .. legal action...... 2.. They were accused . manslughter... Ha elkapják őket.. speeding last night. 13. 6. for two years. Sokan egyetértenek abban. sticky conditionally make imprisoned drop take perfect clouded hell got 1. but we didn’t! 3. All he does is . he has . We got done . 10..

He got his cards last week. do you know? kb. keményen dolgozott At midnight we were all still hard at it. munkanélküli segélyen van It seemed that I just couldn’t turn my dreams into reality.ingyenes munka She simply wouldn’t lift a finger in the house. megvalósítani az álmaimat He came off duty at six. kb. keményen dolgozni His face is beginning to show the strain of a life lived in the fast lane. it’s what life is all about. hatkor végzett Many hands make light work. a munkába még senki nem halt bele I knew he was under contract to Warners.KIFEJEZÉSTÁR DOLGOZIK You can make hard work of an easy job if you don’t know the right way to go. térjünk a tárgyra Who is going to take charge of the shop now? ki fogja vezetni? I’m afraid he’s going to make a clean sweep of the whole company. kb. összehangolt erőfeszítés He cut out a niche for himself in the market. rosszul fizetett I told them to do their own dirty work. kb. szerződésem volt She says it’s inevitable that heads will roll. hasonló vonalon dolgozik Poor Jeff. téged vágnak ki legközelebb His company bit the dust in 2000. megszerezte a piac egy részét Hard work never did anyone any harm. része a munkánknak/természetes We have to do the same work day after day. megszerzi a betevőt She might have had other irons in the fire as well. kb. kb. mint akinek semmi dolga . csődbe ment She clawed her way up from nothing! felküzdötte magát The pub closed its doors in the early part of this century. kb. with no serious competition. a munkájuk gyümölcsét Compiling such a list was a labour of love. fejek fognak a porba hullani Last week he decided to hand in his notice. halálra dolgoztam magam The government won’t help any firms that have gone out of business. munkanélküli vagyok It is at this stage that they begin to appreciate the fruits of their work. gyors/üzleti élet I worked myself into the ground. az oroszlánrészét Sometimes we have to work long hours. kb. kb. kereslet volt rá Most of our parents were either out of work or poorly paid. sok embert levált These findings echo feelings among social workers at the coalface. beadta a felmondását It’s all in a day’s work. nehéz megszerezni It needed a concerted effort to finish the job on schedule. nap nap után Gold has always been in demand in Europe. kb. megnehezíted He was hard at work on the translation of a play. több vasat tart a tűzben I’ve been out of a job for years. he tends to work in bursts. farkastörvények uralkodnak He’s been on the dole for years. kb. sok bába között elvész a gyerek I am afraid you can no longer remain in my employ. rohamokban dolgozik It’s already ten – let’s get down to’s too much like hard work for them. csődbe mentek It is me who brings home the bacon in my family. kb. where I had worked. igazságtalanul elbocsátották What do you do for a living? miből élsz? It’s a dog eat dog world. kb. úgy nézel ki. kirúgták Reading two poems a day . a piszkos munkát He said something about being unfairly dismissed. kb. hosszú a munkanap You look rather at a loose end over there. nehéz munka You’re next for the chop. kb. ahol a tényleges munka folyik New jobs often require experience which is hard to come by. kb. a kisujját sem mozdítja He did the lion’s share of the work. alkalmazásban van nálam Rolling my sleeves up and getting my hands dirty.keményen dolgoztunk rajta John was in the same line of business as me. bezárta kapuit He’s not at all steady.

Aha.’ Andrew said. Nem is olyan rossz az. A feleségem már egy éve munkanélküli segélyen van. Hát. kirúgnának I found myself snowed under from the start. 4. különben a cég csődbe megy . hogy te végzed a munka oroszlánrészét a cégnél. semmit sem dolgozott ‘Don’t tell me that you two are talking shop. a mókuskerék If I tried to teach that here. Mit szólnál egy kis pihenéshez? Remek lenne.I keep myself busy by reading. Talán ideje lenne egy picit kiszállni a mókuskerékből. kb. kb. elfoglalom magam Crane busied herself systematically with her papers. De főnök. it is difficult to get something. üzleti dolgokról beszélgettek Last year at high school we had to do work experience for two weeks. - Jó reggelt. Ezer dolgom van. you can get a good salary. itt van a munkád gyümölcse. Nem dolgozhatnék a marketing osztályon? Összehangolt erőfeszítésre van szükségünk. sok a dolgom Of course I don’t miss the rat race. Jó reggelt. you want to know what someone’s job is. ezer dolgom van I’m just a cog in the machine. ki vesz fel egy 50 éves sírásót? Sajnálom. Halálra dolgozom magam minden nap. barátom. Olvasd. főnök. alig győződ majd a munkát We can’t talk now – I have a hundred and one things to do. sokat dolgozott From Monday you’ll be rushed off your feet. mostly mysteries or sporting books.. Biztos sikerülni fog hasonló vonalon munkát találni. nyakig voltunk a munkában My mother had her hands full with housework and caring for four elderly people. Értem. Ugyan. el vagyok havazva He’s never done a stroke of work since. menj már. sok a dolgom We’re up to our eyes in work. Na. kb. A többiek a kisujjukat sem mozdítják. de nem lehet. kb. rendszeresen elfoglalta magát He was too bound up in his work to see us. hogy sokat dolgozol. Teljesen el vagyok havazva. szakmai gyakorlat 1. és kipucolták a mi részlegünket. If If If If If If If someone is not a steady worker. Úgy hallottam. a country wants to buy a lot of coal. de tényleg. . Új a vezetés. Mi???!!! Ki vagyok rúgva??!! Ez nem lehet komoly! Tudod. nekem mennem kell. Fáradtnak tűnsz. 6. hogy farkastörvények uralkodnak. Kösd össze az összetartozó mondatrészeket. Sajnos nincs mit tenni.. megvan benned a képesség I’m sorry I haven’t called lately but I have a lot on my plate these days. Mindenki tudja. 3. I would get the sack. someone is becomes successful due to hard work. 7. 2. csak egy fogaskerék vagyok a gépezetben If you have what it takes and can stand the pace. 5. Én csak egy kis fogaskerék vagyok a gépezetben. Így van. 1. Talán igazad van. 2. someone buys a shop. a company bites the dust. kb. Fordítsd le az alábbi párbeszédet a KIFEJEZÉSTÁR segítségével. bele volt merülve I can’t see you this week – I’ve got a lot on.

kb. meggondolta . you ask what he does for a living. a javunkra ítélt He was determined not to let them spoil his fun. merre visz az élete I’ll leave it up to you to talk to him about it. it is in demand. önállóan gondolkodsz – mész a tömeg után I had no choice but to do everything alone. fejest ugranak vmibe I’d prefer to reserve (my) judgement until I know all the facts. nem volt választásom Was this by choice or because there was no other option? ezt választotta? He had to sacrifice his family life on the altar of work. nálam volt a labda They are now struggling to decide what course of action to take. but thought better of it. megerősítette az eltökéltségüket I was torn between my parents and my friend. he is in his employ. If someone is busy working. elhatározta magát He keeps shifting his ground. ha fúj Many people feel very anxious at the thought of committing themselves to another baby. mint hogy . kb. He said he would come with us but he chickened out at the last moment. őrlődtem He wanted to hand in his notice. felégette a hidakat maga mögött She was at a crossroads in her life and she knew that. nem volt más választásom. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR DÖNT From then on. 10. gyereket vállalni He decided to burn his bridges and start his life anew in Spain. feláldozta a családját a munka oltárán They finally decided to take the plunge and take out a bank loan. I always managed to send her some flowers. döntésre jut The committee decided in our favour. jobban járnál You’re not going anywhere. elhatározta. heads will roll. ‘gyáván meghátrált’ You’d be better off working alone. he claws his way up from nothing. nem lehetett tudni. nem mondok véleményt Coates seems set on a career in music. próbálják eldönteni Come hell or high water. I didn’t have much choice. kb. you can say a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) it goes out of business. he tends to work in bursts. ha esik.. the ball was in my court once more. kb. lehetnél határozottabb vele It’s far wiser to think things out for yourself than just to blindly follow the crowd. állandóan mást mond He tends to sit on the fence. kb. 9. it is hard to come by. válaszút előtt állt Could they reach a decision in the end? dönt We must come to a decision about when to meet them. kb. If someone works for someone else. If a lot of people will be fired. he takes charge of it.. he is bound up in work. nem tud dönteni We will stick by our decision. hogy Once again her life felt lacking in direction. kitartunk a döntésünk mellett What you’ve said has only stiffened their resolve. and that’s final! ez az utolsó szavam You should put your foot down with him more often.8.

. 8. hogy megválasztjátok-e.. Az alábbi mondatokban keresd meg a hibákat. Whatever you do.’ You aren’t going anywhere tonight.. 7. Nem volt más választásom. 6. aztán meggondolta magát. After getting his degree. I would say ‘Yes’ without second thinking. Figyelem. 5. I shouldn’t follow the crowd. and that’s . perhaps you shouldn’t. let’s get .. I think you’d better put your feet down. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő szóval. up my sleeve and working in the field is my idea of happiness. 4. hogy eljön.. the ball is on your side.You’re not having second thoughts about it.. he knew he was at a crossroad in his life. 2. 10. 4... or rather. to business. . Once you’ve decided to leave. He seems to be at a . 6. ha vonattal mennél. . jobban meggondolva a dolgot He shot her without a second thought. for speeding the other day. SECOND BETTER TORN LEAVE CHICKENED COMMIT CHOICE BUT TO ISMÉTLŐ FELADATOK: AKAR DÖNT 1. hogy segít megírni az esszét. are you? meggondolod magad Take her out to lunch. 3. but I don’t have many choice. 9. of work since you arrived. do I? 3. 5. hard work for them. There’s not much I can do now. 3. All right. 2. and stop sitting on the fence. Why don’t you tell him to do some work. . You haven’t done a . gondolkodás nélkül FELADATLAP DÖNT 1. 2. hogy a megadott angol szavak szerepeljenek benne. 7... A munkám és a családom közt őrlődtem. 5.. Féltek letenni a voksukat a változások mellett. He sacrificed his own happiness before the altar of his club. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat úgy. . 6. Megígérte. de meggondolta magát. 8. If he asked me to marry him. Cleaning the house is too much . 4. You should preserve your judgement until the investigation is over. mint felhívni a rendőrséget. 1..... Azt mondta. 1. I think you should get stuck by it. 8. Jobban járnál. 2. think twice before you decide to burn your .. 7. on second thoughts. I heard you got . He told me he was set on starting his own business. Rátok bízom. work.. We are convinced the judge will decide for our favour. lehet hibátlan mondat is! 1. end these days. Megtettem amit kért mert nem volt más választásom. 9.’ ‘It’s all in a .. ‘Thank you for bringing our child back to us.

. If you have a lot on your plate. ezt máshogyan látjuk They agreed unconditionally to all our demands... .. . . 12. If you’re sitting on the fence... If you’re caught in the act. to a certain degree/extent/ point. If you do something of your own volition. You will go to a boarding school. You must have felt your . This type of wine is hard to come .. megbeszéljék a nézeteltérésüket They said there was no difference of opinion on the key issues. Folytasd a következő mondatokat értelemszerűen. If you let a matter drop. If you bring home the bacon.. burning yesterday. hogy We hold differing views on that.. 8. 11. 1. . about it. in England. teljes mértékben egyetértek I suppose we’ll have to agree to differ on this. rosszallóan csóválta a fejét . beadni a derekad There’s no denying the fact that he is a talented singer. We were talking about you all evening. If you’re hard at something.. 5.. 2. . nem azonosult Mrs West and Mr Jones were not in agreement as to the best solution of the problem. eltérő véleményen vannak She shook his head in disapproval. 6. 7.... nem értettek egyet They came out against our ideas.. találkozott az egyetértésemmel ‘She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen’ ‘I beg to differ.. 3. There are no two . I do.’ kb. .. tiltakozott ‘Don’t you agree?’ ‘Actually.. kétségtelen. 4.. .. If you’re angling for sympathy..’ egy bizonyos pontig/mértékig You don’t have to give in to this sort of pressure. máshogyan látjuk ezt They met to settle their differences over the future of the club. véleménykülönbség Parents may differ on what acceptable risks are.. feltétel nélkül beleegyezett His suggestions met with my approval. .10.. . kb.. 2. nem értek egyet He never really associated himself with this movement. .. If something is up in the air. 9. 10. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR EGYETÉRT Are they in agreement about the new project? egyetértenek I couldn’t agree more. If something is just a labour of love..

nagyon támogatom. but Samuel rejected it. érvekkel támogatta He came to pick us up. nem értek vele egyet Well. nem ért egyet vele/ lenézi He dismissed our ideas out of hand. ellentétben állt I must take issue with your article on Michael Jackson in June. kb. visszhangra talált I don’t see eye to eye with him on this issue. in strict accordance with Roman law. tegyen belátása szerint They don’t hold with letting children watch as much TV as they want. egy nyelvet beszélünk = egyetértünk Albert and his young assistant had been at loggerheads for years now. as agreed. magától értetődik ‘This is a lovely beach. más véleményen volt I think we should let it pass this time. nem volt hajlandó beleegyezni He wouldn’t be in a position to marry her. nagyon kevéssé tolerálom He decided to play along with him.’ ‘You can say that again!’ naná! His father was dead set against the marriage? teljesen ellene volt There is a tacit agreement that they will never speak about him in public. összhangban kell lennie We couldn’t agree. ellent kell mondanom Whatever you do must be in keeping with existing regulations. but later I met him halfway. you can’t fire everybody at once! minden tiszteletem mellett The regulation found an echo in the hearts of the local people. szavadon foglak ‘I’ll get the beer. hallgatólagos egyezség I might take you up on your promise. kb. hogy Jones argued the case for the theory. látszólag egyetért vele You should weigh up the pros and cons before you make a decision. nincs ellenére She gets admitted to this school over my dead body. nagy vitában voltak Whatever you say must comply with existing regulations. I told him that he should do as he thinks fit. nem értenek egyet What he said was inconsistent with some regulations. for the money. I’ll never get married. összhangban After two years of struggle. meg tudunk egyezni We made a bargain to help each other during the exams. nem volt egy hullámhosszon He was executed as a criminal for offences.’ ez a beszéd! He was not on the same wavelength with his business partners.’ ‘Now you’re talking. tiltakozási hullámot We have no quarrel with them. hogy örüljön He soon found himself in conflict with his boss. engedett John and Frank had diametrically opposed views on the issue. but he wasn’t having any of it. even if she had consented to marry him. gondolkodás nélkül With all due respect. ellentmondásban találta magát I’m all for going abroad for our holiday. szöges ellentétben álló He parted company with the prime minister on the issue of free education. eltérnek az álláspontok He doesn’t seem to be averse to the idea of selling the house. we finally got the green light last week. ahogyan megbeszéltük We’ll try to come to an arrangement over the deadlines. készpénznek veheted Say what you like. egyezséget kötöttek He has compromised on two points. összhangban kell lennie John and I talk the same language. mondhatsz amit akarsz It goes without saying that we’ll have to do everything together. beleegyezett volna We agreed to go with him just to keep him happy. csak a holttestemen keresztül Pearce takes a pretty dim view of this kind of behaviour. kölcsönösen engedményeket tettünk I thought we should go for it alone. mérlegelned kellene az előnyöket és a hátrányokat His announcement caused a storm of protest yesterday. semmi bajom velük You can take it as read that you have the contract. hagyjuk/ne tiltakozzunk I have little patience with his ideas. zöld utat kaptunk .Opinions significantly diverge on the question of free education.

. 1. (7) to e. Naná! 7. . 1. (6). Mondhatsz amit akarsz. „Segítségként” az első betűt megadjuk. 3.... It goes without . Teljesen egyetértek. . If you keep on saying such things.. I have no q. (2) opposed views on this topic.. I will definitely . yet we don’t speak the same l. 4.. with such views. 5.. He obviously had little . We seem to have . set against everything we tried to do..bizonyos mértékig 9.... Fordítsd le az alábbi szókapcsolatokat angolra. but I decided to . up the pros and cons before I make a decision. Egészítsd ki az alábbi szöveget egy-egy szóval...... Ez a beszéd! 4.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő szavakkal a dobozból... 7. with the children. He was . (8) concerning a lot of things.. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR EGYÜTT .. He said something rude. wavelength with my fellow students.. 6. him up on that. It g. . . yourself in conflict with them.. the fact that he makes the best rolls in town... 10.. 8. There’s no .... Minden tiszteletem mellett..... 7. 8. (5) accordance with the law. with the company’s objectives He cannot be . you’ll soon . 4. hallgatólagos egyezség 2. with the needs of that group. The objectives should be in strict . for doing it on Wednesday. it pass. He said he would help us. 6. take let dead think parted come find same all read 1.. company on that issue.. 4.. 3. 10.... 2. and we might . and I wouldn’t say we hold d. that he’ll be fired for this. you should do as you ..... 6.. ACCORDING WEIGHT DIAMETER SAY DENY PATIENT KEEP ASSOCIATION 2...... Ezt máshogyan látjuk .. fit.. szavadon foglak 3. we don’t see e. We’re . Whatever you do must be in .. . I know he is a reliable person but you shouldn’t take everything as . We couldn’t .... it’s more like we’re not on the same w.. 9. nem volt hajlandó belemenni. . 8.FELADATLAP EGYETÉRT 1. . 3. (1) with them.. opposed views on this topic.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szó megfelelő alakjával. (4) without saying that I respect him and I know everything he does is in s.. to an agreement on several issues. 5. I can’t tell you anything. (3).. 2... We .. I’m not on the ... 5.

kb. saját magam ura vagyok The books comprise/compose/consist of/constitute/make up/include four chapters. közösködik It was a joint effort between Paul Richardson the architect and myself.He failed all the exams. kb. jár hozzá Let everyone see that you make common cause with the common people. egyhangúan You know the rule: every man for himself. együtt járnak They are all political groupings well able to fight their own battles. mondták egyszerre I can’t do without his help. megharcolja a saját csatáit He had to learn to stand on his own two feet. megszabadult The staff speak as one man. együttműködésben We had forty pounds between us. közös erőfeszítés There’s been close liaison between the county and Hambleton. hogy . összhangban The kit comes complete with a full colour poster.. további 3 diákkal együtt The film was made in association with MGM. egyedül We should be working towards common ends. he has no friends and he never goes out. összeállhatnál ‘That must be it!’ they said with one voice. nincs összhangban Photographers often invade the privacy of celebrities. 4 fejezetből áll Besides. but she is unfriendly in private. megjártuk együtt a poklot His progressions in employment and athletics were in harness. the other girls were already walking along in pairs. kb. kettesével And now at least he’d be left in peace to get on with some real work. criticizing her and insulting her. boldog magány They would not on any account join hands with Lucifer. magányos farkas He cut himself loose from the past. egy célért dolgozik I kept them company all day. nem tudok meglenni a segítsége nélkül She seems kind in public. egyesítettük erőinket He has the house to himself during the week.. csak magának akarja He takes care of the children by himself. mindenki a saját szerencséjének a kovácsa I long for my canvas and easel where I am my own master and the world is my own. fájdalmas szakítás She must be allowed to spread her wings and open up. megáll a saját lábán Immediately we joined forces against Aisha. betörnek a magánéletükbe We’ve been working in splendid isolation here. próbálgatja a szárnyait You could team up with another artist. velük voltam We share a common interest in literature. He wants the car all to himself. kevés kapcsolat van I was not alone in thinking it was a splendid plan.magánéletében . saját akaratából Theory frequently does not accord with practice. közös cél érdekében dolgozunk Drug abuse and family problems often go hand in hand. kórusban We’ve been to hell and back together. nyilvánosan . along with three more students. ketten hatékonyabban lehet dolgozni There is little contact between the two districts. békén hagyják I’ve been seeing a lot of Joanna these days. csak az övé He came of his own accord. kb. közös érdeklődési körünk Two heads are better than one. and hurried forward. nem voltam egyedül azzal. kettőnknek összesen They greeted us in chorus. kb. együtt. sokat vagyunk együtt The book will reveal details of her bitter split with her husband. szoros kapcsolat He is a real lone wolf.

I could . 13. 7. He was not alone . 5.. They .... 17. them company. himself. If you stand on your own two feet. They’re best friends. they’ve been to . If you are seeing a lot of someone.. 2. He enjoys working in the countryside in splendid .. ‘We will not stay.. A lone wolf is . Soha nem beszélt a dologról nyilvánosan. 3. 6. If you cut yourself loose from your family. 7.... 9. 3. . 5. of ten chapters.. bárcsak békén hagyták volna. ahol a saját maga ura lehet. are better than one. If you have 2 pounds between you. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat EGY odaillő szóval. his wings.. The record .. 19. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat angolra... If you do something of your own accord.. and back together.. 16. 4. . Folytasd a következő mondatokat értelemszerűen. They had no more than ten dollars . .... 1. 9. 4. Kirúgták. Nem értett egyet a vezetéssel... A bitter split is .. 8.. 10. His book . 6. . 3.. If you team up with someone. 2. 14.. The funny thing was he wanted the whole cake . his own accord. He decided to cut himself .. with the workers.. .. Soha nem lenne hajlandó közösködni nagy cégekkel. looking forward to the meeting. 20. Well.. effort of the two cities. 15. them. with a bit of help.. 5... Nagyon szeret vidéken lenni.. 8.’ They said with one ... 11.. és nem volt egyedül ezzel a gondolattal. 4.. Azt kívánta. . 3. . I went with them to . he is a lone . 12. . 2. további három tanárral együtt. 18. He pretended to make common . .. He is a really friendly man . The exhibition was a . 2.. complete with the lyrics..... from his family and friends. . He’s been trying to . Az egész lakást saját magának akarja. a common interest in poetry. 7.. private.. hogy meg kell állnia a saját lábán.... You know the saying: every man for .EGYÜTT FELADATLAP 1. .. A close liaison between two things means ... He never leaves his house... Meg kell tanulnia... 1. He signed the papers . 1.. 8. If you make a joint effort. 10. 6... two . ..

egy büdös mukkot nem szól The original agreement was disclosed in 1998. ne kímélj Would you get straight to the point. spare me the details. bővebben kifejtsem . but she said she wouldn’t tell it on camera? kamerába mondani You look worried. egy ismert kifejezéssel élve No-one should think twice about blurting out the whole story. please? rátérnél a lényegre? There are a number of reasons that help to account for the success of building societies megmagyarázza Eva hastened to explain that she did not normally move in such exalted circles. kb. they deserved to win. na mondjad. he got out a few words of thanks. közzétették Dawn was dishing out the details with the beer. kb. dűlőre viszi a dolgot What annoyed me most was that he kept us in the dark about his plans. szeretném tudatni veled! I had to find out the hard way – to coin a phrase. magyarázatként It was Sonny who managed to find his voice first. nem mondott el nekünk semmit ‘What a terrible play!’ ‘Oh. hit me with it. come on.’ she said by way of explanation. kb. megbeszélni/lerendezni vele It seems that the committee will decide behind closed doors. kb. kitálalt ‘The other trust hospital is in London’ ‘Enough said. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR The journalists can air any grievances or problems in an informal atmosphere. Jack. kb. dióhéjban I made it clear to the boss that I would not do overtime every day. meg tudott szólalni Finally. részletesen beszámol Now. sietett megmagyarázni Let me enlarge on this point a little. but the words wouldn’t come out. get it off your chest. it’ better to have it out with him now. egyértelművé tették But what the hell. nem ment bele a részletekbe He won’t say a dicky bird to me.’ kb. ki vele! In a nutshell. stop beating about the bush and get to the point. ne fárassz a részletekel! He said the party was a disaster but he didn’t go into details. kiöntötted neki a szívedet I’ll have you know that I will not have any of this nonsense. kipréselt néhány szót I was given to understand that the president would not be present.’ eleget hallottam! Could you expand on that point. hangot adhatnak nemtetszésüknek He was asked to give a full account of what happened. ne kertelj It’s a great story. egyértelműen elmondtam So why didn’t you just come clean about it? tetted egyértelművé She said she was a bit surprised when you poured out your heart to her. nem tudott megszólalni We decided to bring things to a head and talk to the boss. izgatottan elmesél Would you like to come in at this point? hozzászólni He was about to propose to her. zárt ajtók mögött Come on then. elmagyaráznád részletesebben? ‘She reads poetry. please? kifejtenéd részletesebben? Could you explain yourself a little more – I didn’t understand.ELMOND 1. kb.

It was thrice removed from reality. We decided to take/bring matters to a head and asked him to see us. Megkértem. 2. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozícióval. we were arrested.. he was blurting .. Fran. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat úgy. hit me .. hogy . világossá tette You mean you did not do anything? úgy érted.Is there any need for me to enter into details? részletekbe menjek The course will introduce students to the methods of analysis central to the study of mass media.. please. He made it clear/clearly that he wanted to leave right away. 10.. Válaszd ki az alábbi mondatokban az odaillő szót. When I saw him. English grammar. nem maradnak a tárgynál Please keep your opinions to yourself! tartsd meg magadnak a véleményed He tends to view everything in a negative light. don’t keep me in suspense! kb. mindent negatív oldalról közelít meg Anderson has laid it on the line to his players.. details of the trip. the camera? 5. hogy a megadott angol szavak szerepeljenek benne... kb.. with the boss! 9. to coin/revise a phrase. hogy .. . the line with his students. 2. I decided to have it . 2... Stop beating/hitting about the bush. 1. 6. He works 20 hours a day. your chest. 1. 7. They discussed the question beyond/behind closed doors. ne csigázz I don’t like people who do not keep to the point and talk for too long. You’re keeping everyone in suspension/suspense. 4. He was asked to enlarge . 7. What I hate about him is that he can never hold/keep to the point. he threw them out of the house. bevezeti Come on. cut a long story short. 2. His book introduced me . 8. Meg kell tanulnod a dolgok pozitív oldalát nézni. his behaviour.. which might account .. 3. röviden He made it clear that he was not having any of my ideas. nyíltan To cut a long story short.. FELADATLAP 1. you might have listened to what she had to say! azt akarom mondani.. She said nothing by manner/way of explanation. his ideas. I think you’d better get it . All right. He hastened/quickened to explain that he meant no harm..... I mean to say. 5. 8... KEEP VIEW . 1. Why can’t he get straight/straightly to the point? 9. He decided to lay it . ELMOND 1.. 10. it! 3. 3. Do you think he would tell it . 4.. 6. hogy tartsa meg a véleményét.

We asked him to . We were . we should try and do it alone. A bizottság zárt ajtók mögött tanácskozott.. hogy is mondjam He made only passing reference to the problems in education. BIRD 8... he was a great footballer. Részletekbe is ment a munkával kapcsolatban? ENTER 10. a film szörnyű volt. He couldn’t find his . senki nem állítja By his own accounts. he hasn’t phoned for ages. account of what happened. 5. felületesen említette It shouldn’t be and I think it’s a very sad reflection on the human race that it often is. 8. to all of us that we had to work harder. NUTSHELL 4. de egy mukkot sem szólt. 2.. a long story short.. végig hallgass I’ve often heard tell of such shocking events. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő szavakkal a dobozból. hogy említetted He made no mention of the children. képbe tesz = felvilágosít He made it plain that he did not to work with us. GOT 9. Egyértelművé tették a számára.... beszélik. He was asked to give a . to . hold your tongue! fogd be a szádat! At this stage I wanted to put you in the picture. A munkások hangot adhattak nemtetszésüknek. hogy mit csinált. nincs több mondanivalóm He couldn’t find the right words to express how she felt. Stop beating about the . He was asked not to go into . csiripelik a verebek He keeps parroting others’ ideas. for quite some time. to understand that only four of us could stay. kb. POURS 7. on his ideas a bit. Mindenkinek kiönti a szívét.. 4. . DOORS 5. szomorú lenyomata I have nothing further to say concerning his resignation. 7.. 3.3. egyértelművé tette He is . tartják I’ve heard it said that he’ll soon resign. Végül kipréselt néhány szót.. most. saját állítása szerint The sudden termination of his career was ascribed to the death of his son.. nem találta meg az odaillő szavakat . tulajdonították According to Sam. szolgaian ismétli Come on. nem említette No one is suggesting that you’ve made a mistake. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR Now that you mention you hear me? hallod amit mondok?! I heard on the grapevine that they’re getting married. hogy Rumour has it that he’ll soon shall I put it – not the brightest student we’ve ever had.. hallottam You are not going anywhere . voice full details expand line given bush cut 1. kb. they were captured the next day. Megkérdezték. Well. hogy el kell mennie. Sam szerint He is credited as an internationally known journalist and writer. ELMOND 2. a pletyka szerint All I ask is that you hear me out.... kb. The manager laid it on the . AIR 4. 6. and get to the point. Dióhéjban. GIVEN 6.

itt van a nyelvem hegyén. And am I deeply in love? Head over heels. szóba hozta a kérdést He had made an unfortunate slip of the tongue himself. but I knew how she felt. – hogyan is mondjam (6) – I’m not sure I got it right. szóról szóra You shouldn’t have brought that matter up. Válaszd ki az alábbi mondatokban az odaillő szót. ez már egy másik történet It must be stressed that the play could be done entirely differently.’ the words stuck in her throat.(4) Nem találok szavakat. - Beszélik (1) that you’re getting married. (2) And who am I in love with? Hallottam (3) a really nice girl. to state the obvious again. elég annyi. if you like. 2. . a számból vetted ki a szót We had to write the verse down. torkán akadtak a szavak Later he started writing travel books but that’s another story.. I myself have not heard it yet. The wedding is next week. egyértelmű megállapítás She couldn’t say ‘Thank you. Well. (5) You know a lot.I know you want to say something. összefoglalhatom They made a veiled reference to a possible future. I can sum up for you what’s been said so far. see you then. FELADATLAP 1. spit it out! ki vele! These are. A következő párbeszédben keress a magyar kifejezésekre angol megfelelőket. hangot adott Well. What’s her name . hogy . not homosexual poems. Who told you that? Csiripelik a verebek.. Really.. word for word. here. that freezers really are a good investment. I’m shocked! nem találok szavakat! You took the words right out of my mouth. Sure. hangsúlyozni szeretném Suffice it to say.. a nyelve hegyén volt ELMOND 2. homályos utalást tett He gave voice to his philosophy in a celebrated essay. and don’t you be late! Was it not just nyelvbotlás (7)? Fogd be a szád (8)! It is going to be the happiest day in your life. words fail me. kiderült It was on the tip of her tongue to tell him what she thought. Come on. my friend. nyelvbotlás During the next few days an amazing amount of evidence came to light.

it was but a s. nem tud kiverni a fejemből When he saw her. Come on. that you’re going to leave for France next year. 3.. We have nothing f. emlékezz vissza And yet. At the meeting he s. How shall I say/put it – he was thick. the obvious again.. would she change anything? visszafordíthatná az időt When I saw the examiner.. 7.. You did what??!! Words f.. 12. on our moral standards. Hold your t. memories came crowding into his mind. but Joe put me in the p.. visszajött az olasz tudása Just try to put her out of your head for tonight.. 8. She made no m.. 1.. I know you want something from me. the words stuck in her throat/mouth.. but his Italian came back in a couple of weeks. to say on this issue. unfortunately. of things you would simply not believe. leblokkoltam. of the tongue. 7. 3..1. Well. we got there in time. She gave sound/voice to the workers’ problems. he could not have committed the crime.... 6. Az első betűt itt is megadtuk. We made it plane/plain that we would not play along with him. 3. She made a v. kb. To s... We’ve heard t.. it was you who took/brought the matter up. 4. 10.. felidéz It seems he just can’t get you out of his head. Enough/Suffice it to say... I heard it told/said that they’re going to pull this building down. He should be allowed to give v. 9. 14.. of my tongue. I’m sure she didn’t mean that. of a rise.! Must you always comment on everything? 8. When she saw him... Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő szavakkal. 2. it’s on the t. me! 13. rátörtek az emlékek . His book is a sad r. 4. s. But what’s her name. that all the aspects be taken into consideration. it out! 15. I heard it on the g. 5. if she could turn the clock back.. EMLÉKEZIK KIFEJEZÉSTÁR Cast your minds back to the last election. . Rumour says/has it that he’s getting married soon. 10. suddenly my mind went blank. 11. verd ki a fejedből It conjures up images of Victorian family evenings round the piano. I was late for the meeting. kb... Interesting facts came/appeared to light the next day. reference to some new projects in the near future. elfelejtettem mindent He was worried at first. 6.. 5. You robbed a bank! Words leave/fail me! 9... 2.. to his opinion.

hasból. I’m sure it’s nothing personal. I think I lost the thread of what you were saying. sok emléket idézett fel] If my memory serves me well. visszagondolt His smile widened as many fond memories came flooding back. kiment a fejemből My time in Australia brings back memories. nagyon élénken emlékszem rá I’m afraid I’m not very strong on numbers. kb. nem vagyok nagyon jó I keep thinking back to my schooldays in Atlanta. elsajátítani Meeting him brought back a lot of memories. kellemes emlékek törtek rá The memory is still fresh in my mind. emberemlékezet óta People have short memories. lefoglalták They got married in 1997. emlékére For most of us the mental picture of an experiment goes back to school laboratories. kb. azok a régi szép idők Martin had a dim recollection of a visit to a big.’ ‘Well. a múltban él It was the most dramatic resignation speech in living memory. kb. I’ve never met her in person. kb. ‘What the hell was all that about?’ visszatekinteni . bemagolni. ‘visszarepített’ She was lying here trying to erase the memory of a very disturbing kiss from her mind. kitörölni az emlékezetéből I will remember his face to my dying day. man. egész életemben emlékezni fogok ‘We were talking about you yesterday. as far as I can remember. amennyire emlékszem She lay on her back and her thoughts flashed back to Luke and last night. erről jut eszembe In retrospect. emlékeket idéz fel She was confident that he would recognise the thoughts which filled her mind. mert emlegettek His speech carried/took me back to secondary school. emlékezetből. kapásból It’s funny to look back on it now and think. barátságunk emlékére I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head I because I was working on it till half past midnight. dark house. kb. elvesztettem a fonalat Anything less than a semi-final place would be a failure – as he never tires of repeating. élénken emlékszem He used to rattle off his memos from behind his desk. I don’t think it was a wise thing to do. his name rings a bell. halvány emlékei voltak She dismissed that horrible memory from her mind. kitörölni az emléket I’m sorry but your name escapes me. It completely slipped my mind. a mai napig élénken él az emlékezetemben I don’t live in the past but I can’t forget the cancer. but I’m not sure where we met. I could feel my ears burning!’ kb. emlékkép I have a vivid picture of them playing in the garden. nem ugrik be Her singing evoked memories of my childhood. a fülemben csengenek She’s got a mind like a sieve. kb. you know that. I must be off now. emlékeket idéz The journey sticks in my mind like glue. visszatekintve Yes. ledarál Just read up on it and let us know! utánaolvas I have no recollection of having seen that man before. gyorsan felejtenek He tried to commit all those names to memory. csuklottam.Those were the days. soha nem felejti el Let this be a simple token of our friendship. szita az agya I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. gyorsan mond. ismerősen hangzik Elena’s parting words are ringing in my ears. ha jól emlékszem Please join me in a few moments silence in memory of our late president. nincs emlékem That reminds me. visszagondolok I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I didn’t post the letters. up on // for // again // up to 6. closed // empty // blank // down 4. . people have … memories. I know I’ve seen him somewhere but his name … me. in // on // to // for 9. He’s never told us anything about that. He did everything to … those days out of his mind. 3. 5. Jut eszembe. he visited us last year. The problem with him is that he lives in the … . Do you remember school? Those were the … . Well. helps me // plays // remembers // serves me 7. rings // hears // sounds // feels 10. 4. dead // deadly // dying // death 2. 1. conjured up // took me back // evoked up // flooded 2. Válaszd ki a négy válasz közül a mondatba illőt. A mai napig élénken emlékszem arra a nyárra. We did our best to commit all the data … memory. Sajnos ezt nem tudom kapásból megmondani.EMLÉKEZIK FELADATLAP 1. hogy elvesztettük a fonalat. It slipped my … . 4. Bejött. 6. as … as I can remember. majd elment. mindent elfelejt. I’m afraid I’ll have to read … the topic before the lecture. but his name … a bell. 6. 7. 8. Mind ears past mind days far clock picture 1. rattles // leaves // escapes // reminds 8. 5. Emberemlékezet óta ez volt a legjobb döntő. If my memory … well. a little // a plenty of // little // short 5. HEAD OFF FRESH LIVING REMINDS THREAD SIEVE IN 3. nagyon hasznosak voltak az órái. his mind went … . cast your … back to last year’s exams. 2. ledarálta az összes adatot. 1. I’m not sure where we met. Well. 3. 2. The smell of fresh bread … images of my childhood. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. Szita az agya. Visszagondolva. When the exam started. He seems to have forgotten what we have done for him. He wished he could turn back the … . befejezted az esszét? Olyan gyorsan beszélt. I’ll remember his face to my … day. take // put // bring // carry 3.

you know. Please feel freely/free to call us any time. 6. We’re not supposed reading/to read these documents. 1. nyugodtan használd . vita tárgya Here are some dos and donts before taking an exam. . beenged All’s fair in love and war.7. rugalmasan értelmezni a szabályokat You’re not supposed to be here alone. meg vannak fosztva The documents were the product of political manipulation to deprive them of their rights. nem engedhetem meg magamnak It’s usual to ask permission before walking into a laboratory. meg vannak fosztva Even the Home Secretary has been denied access to the information. He gave/left vent to his anger. nincs megtiltva I won’t/can’t have you speaking like that about your father. engedélyt kér You shouldn’t have come here in the first place. nem lenne szabad He wanted to kill. eleve Can’t you stretch a point for a friend? kb. ahogy ő fütyül We treat persons with a respect denied to animals and objects. nem férhetnek hozzá There was no reason for trying to do away with that rule. ENGED KIFEJEZÉSTÁR I won’t hear of you going out tonight! hallani sem akarok róla I know he doesn’t like parties. eltörlik Of course there is plenty of room for disagreement in this controversial area. 4. kb. His words are still ringing in my … . you are at liberty to find another doctor.there’s no law against it.. feltartalak I’m going to stay here . 9. You won’t be allowed --/going in the hall without an invitation. It’s more than my job’s worth to give you the information you need. szabad utat enged ENGED FELADATLAP 1. azért még meg szabad kérdezni Women priests are not barred from becoming bishops. nem tűröm She had to stay on her best behaviour and dance to his tune. there’s no law on/against it. please? 8. but there is no harm/fear in asking. Szerelemben és háborúban mindent szabad. Could you put me in the …. The police prevented the crowd from entering the building. megakadályozták I could ill afford to lose more money. joguk van If someone takes liberties with you. to give vent to the fury boiling within him. 8. is there? nem tiltja a törvény If you are not satisfied with my treatment.. 7. They wanted to do/make away with the rules. 3. I don’t know what he’s talking about. 2. I’ll stay here and sing. 5. is it partly your own fault? megenged magának dolgokat Please feel free to use my car. but there’s no harm in asking. He prevented the burglars for/from leaving the house. úgy táncol. I won’t hear from/of you going there on your own! He doesn’t like movies. jótanácsok After ten nobody is allowed in the building. túlnő a hatáskörömön I’m sure I’m keeping you from a million other appointments. Válaszd ki az alábbi mondatokban az odaillő szót.

2. There’s plenty of … for discussion on that issue. would he? 3. Nyugodtan hívd fel az irodámból. 2. Úgy táncolt. Work has … me from the party. He felt basic rights were … to him. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő szavakkal a dobozból. 5. 7. hogy megfosztották őket emberi jogaiktól. The country could badly/ill afford another disaster. 8. You should have started another school in the first …! 4. You should’ve asked … before leaving early! 6. 8. 6. hogy így viselkedj! 5. Úgy érezték. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat angolra. Hallani sem akarok arról. hogy ilyen embereket kirúgjunk. 7. 10. 3. I won’t … him running around the house like that! . Eleve nem lett volna szabad felhívnod őt! 3. 9. The principal decided to do … with school uniform. The next day he gave full … to his anger and did some horrible things. Nem tehetnél egy kis engedményt legalább a családodnak? 4. Nem engedhetjük meg magunknak. 10. Elfelejtett engedélyt kérni a belépéshez. 1. 9. Nem engedtek minket hozzáférni a számítógépekhez. vent permission point place fair have room away denied kept 1. hogy megnősülj. 2. He wouldn’t stretch a … for you. Nem tűröm.10. All is … in love and war. ahogy a főnöke fütyült.

furcsamód. He failed his driving test for the fifth time.. ez tetszeni fog = ezt hallgasd meg I loved his new pub.. kész csoda He is always banging on about animal rights. a sors furcsa fintora The horrible irony is that it is in that very surrender that community itself is founded. So what! és akkor mi van? Then. Big deal! nagy dolog! He passed his exam. életre keltette I have low boredom threshold. az a szörnyű. kb.. the tour would have been as dull as ditchwater. It’s a wonder (that) nobody was injured. he stayed at the same hotel. . furcsa. . állandóan/az unalomig szajkózza He was an absolutely cold fish whom I tried always to avoid if it was possible. érthetetlen módon He said he wouldn’t come with me. érdekes élmény volt He won’t come with us. talán érdekel It’s rather ironic that none of the performers would tell me their real names. unalmas ember I was watching TV all evening and I was bored to distraction. elaludtam alatta To many sceptics. magával ragad elejétől a végéig He was so caught up in that book that he didn’t even greet us. érdekessé tette That film sent me to sleep. üveges volt a tekintete I wouldn’t want to do it again. hamar elunja magát That is the village’s principal claim to fame. he started shouting and left. nagyon unalmas . By a desperately ironic twist of fate he found himself confronting his father. el volt merülve It may interest you to know that your friend was captured yesterday. You’re going to love this. with no rhyme or reason. . halálra untam magam If he hadn’t been there. fő látványosság/érdekesség He made learning English fun for us. kb. érdektelen Funnily enough.ÉRDEKES – ÉRDEKLŐDIK → KIFEJEZÉSTÁR ÉRDEKES He brought his subjects alive with anecdotes and documentaries. kb. kb. but it was a good experience.. bele volt merülve I was absolutely absorbed in reading the instruction manual when he called me.. as if I cared! kit érdekel! His new movie grips you from start to finish. his words are empty of meaning. everybody passed the exams.. hangulatos volt Strangely enough. érdekes módon I looked at Jenny during the lecture and I could see her eyes were glazing over. kb. It was full of atmosphere. kb.

As if I … ! 2. megvonta a vállát As a matter of interest. megírtad a házidat végül? 2. It’s a … that everybody got out of the car before it exploded. közkívánatra Increasing isolation and total disinterest in social activities are signs of depression. érdekes módon They had very little time to delve deeply into the documents. We were bored … at the meeting yesterday. he just sits there poker-faced. kb. a napi robot ÉRDEKLŐDIK Their eyes were alive with interest.’ ‘Gyöngyöt a disznók elé …’ MATTER LEAVE SWINES . 1. nagyon unatkoztam All he does is twiddle his thumbs. picit sem érdekel Interestingly. 10. teljesen el volt merülve Our company is not in the market for wheat. 6. so he decided to move to Brazil. Hidegen hagynak a problémái. kb. his extremist ideas attracted a lot of interest. but says nothing. ‘Irodalomról meséltem nekik. but I have a very low boredom … . and you simply can’t put them down. 9. unalmas ember pókerarc He was sick of the daily grind of family life. kb. érdektelen We were bored stiff at the concert. The lecture was not that but. Funnily …. did anybody come in the end? az érdekesség kedvéért Just out of interest. kb. az érdekesség kedvéért He was nine years old he started to take an interest in birds. kb. gyöngyöt a disznók elé I’m afraid such arguments don’t wash with us. megragadja a figyelmedet I was bored rigid at the lecture. 4. 3. The soap opera is on again by … demand. fél szemmel az órát néztük His books grab your attention from the beginning. kb. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy odaillő szóval. nem vagyunk érdekeltek It was like throwing pearls before swines. I’m afraid this topic is of no … to any of us here. teljes érdektelenség He hesitated. Csak az érdekesség kedvéért. the elephant lost interest and left us. he was … his thumbs all day doing nothing. we had one eye on the clock. bele volt ragadva az unalmas életébe All too often he is spouting off about matters which are of no interest to me. then turned away with a shrug of his shoulder. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével.While he was talking about the economy. His books … you right from the start. 2. 3. men are less concerned with healthier eating options. nagy érdeklődést vonzott His idea leaves me cold. hidegen hagy I couldn’t care less where they are. He said he would never help us. Officials don’t seem to be … with human rights issues here. malmozott = nem csinált semmit He is a cold fish. érdeklődést mutat Happily. I decided to see what other books he had. nem állja meg a helyét ÉRDEKES – ÉRDEKLŐDIK → FELADATLAP 1. érdeklődően csillogtak Strangely enough. halálra untam He felt I was stuck in a rut. they started singing at the end of the lesson. 1. 7. érdeklődését vesztette He lost himself in his new computer game. 8. 5. elmélyült The band is back by popular demand. He didn’t seem very interested.

2. that’s all as clear as mud. jó szemem van I’m not sure I can get my head round that. kb. So he’s got a car! Big achievement/deal! 10. 8. kb.’ ‘Come again?’ hogy mondtad? I think we should get to the bottom of this problem. érdeklődés csillant meg a szemében. → KIFEJEZÉSTÁR I make no claim to understand Irish literature. 15. hogy mire akarsz kilyukadni ‘His name is Frigyes. egyáltalán nem világos I see where you’re coming from. kb. nem vagyok képes felfogni Everything was suddenly as clear as day. He was so caught with/absorbed in writing that he didn’t even notice us. teljesen világos Oh well. 4. In the last year he’s got/taken a keen interest in football. A sors furcsa fintora. ALIVE Nagyon unalmas ember volt a férje. értem. His lessons and books are simply empty from/of meaning. We are not in the market/business for computer games any longer. TWIST 3. 5. teljesen érthetetlen . 9. CAUGHT A legjobb barátja miatt rúgták ki.4. we were bored to collapse/distraction. magas volt neki = nem értette meg őket He walked with kings and yet kept the common touch. He never stops talking and keeps/holds banging on about buying a new car. rádöbbentem It was a long speech. He seemed to have lost/neglected interest in medicine and decided to be a painter. 7. I’ve had enough of the daily grind/robot of work. 14. I saw his eyes were glazing out/over. Working as a shop assistant was a good experiment/experience. but that’s all. but the meaning didn’t really come across. 8. FISH A barátod nagyon hangulatos kocsmát nyitott. a probléma mélyére ásunk I gradually awakened to the realisation that there was nothing to be done. Válaszd ki az alábbi mondatokban az odaillő szót. I couldn’t care little/less what he is going to do. 6. Amikor meghallotta a nevedet. kb. 6. be kell vallanom. While he was talking. 13. 12. The library in this town is full of atmosphere/ so moody. nem jött át az üzenet I confess myself bewildered by that story. FULL Teljesen bele volt merülve a beszélgetésbe. ÉRT 1. nem állítom I have experience in coaching and I have an eye for a good player. megmaradt egyszerű embernek What he did is actually beyond comprehension. meg vagyok zavarodva I think the jokes went right over his head. 11. You know that story won’t wash/clean with the committee. His lecture sent the audience sleeping/to sleep. 7. 1. 3. kb. He didn’t seem interested. 5.

abból.. visszatekintve His book brought home to me how much he must have suffered. ez megmagyarázza With hindsight I would say it was worth all the trouble. kb. that accounts for it. mi ütött belém Maths is all Greek to me. I shouldn’t have said that. tisztában kell lenned I still seem to have problems in getting to grips with some areas. wasn’t he? Oh well. felfogni Sometimes I felt the teacher was losing his grip. kb. amit tudok. he is out of 7. . hogy értelmes kifejezést alkossanak. I know . he’s not coming. nem tudom. megérteni. tudatában voltunk We couldn’t make head nor tail of that book. I don’t have 3. ráérzett In the conference I felt I was out of my depth. nem értheted meg They were conscious of being constantly watched. hallótávolságon kívül I didn’t have the faintest idea where they were. kb. érthetetlen/túl nehéz volt számomra In my experience. biztos/alapos tudást ad Another way to get a fix on people is to identify their heroes. allowing him to digest the information. most women like to feel that they have thick hair.Until you are the one who does it you have no comprehension of what is involved. she got a. megértette ÉRT 1. kicsúsznak a keze közül a dolgok He was in a hurry.I don’t know what got into me. kb. → FELADATLAP 1. 1. tapasztalatom szerint She paused. kb. megértetni From what I can gather/As far as I can gather. He lost 2. Kösd össze a két oszlopban levő szavakat.. megemészteni az információt He diplomatically moved out of earshot. se füle se farka When will you get it into your head that I’m not going to lend you any money! felfogod I can’t seem to get the hang of nuclear physics. ismerem az érzést His books give students a firm grasp of physics. They kept 6. nekem kínaiul van You need to have a good grip on chemistry to work here. fogalmam sem volt I know the feeling. I know 5. it’s all 4. the common touch .

In Hungary most students have a firm . Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő szavakkal a dobozból. milyen is lehet híresnek lenni. home to me how much she must have suffered.. to the realization that he was married. ACCOUNTS 7. his depth Greek to me the feeling the hang of it his grip the faintest idea 2... Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. megértette Most of the data will be readily intelligible. he is planning a surprise.’ ‘. 10. g. of mathematics. COME ACROSS 4. És aztán bevágtam az ajtót – egyszerűen nem értem mi ütött belém. EXPERIENCE 5.. ‘He is from Zimbabwe. She finally . Szerintem a magyarázatok elmentek mellette.. 3. Somehow she couldn’t get it into her .. It took a while to . 6. hogy gyorsan beszélt. COMPREHENSION 8. as day. Az idegessége az oka annak. de még mindig nem fogtuk fel.. Már órák óta magyarázta a szabályokat. the information he told us.. 7.. Meglátásom szerint a régi módszer hatásosabb volt. 8. 1. of what he was saying.. A legtöbb embernek fogalma sincs arról. e. d. könnyen érthető .b.. From what I can . His explanations are always as .. f. With ... → KIFEJEZÉSTÁR It suddenly came home to him that he had no hope of winning. 9. I’d say it was really useful. Her silence . 2. c.. head clear awakened digest come brought hindsight grasp gather tail 1.. HEAD 9. Nem bírom megemészteni a lemondását.. GOT 6.. 4. again?’ 5. HEAD 10.. Mikor fogunk már a dolog végére járni? BOTTOM ÉRT 2. We couldn’t make head nor ... 3. that the affair was over.

hogy ne keverjem össze He gave a curiously confused account of his motives. I’m afraid. világosan értelek You say you can’t make anything of these books? nem érti I’m afraid I didn’t quite get his meaning. and it will be just as you desire. . nem látja az erdőtől a fát Guilt was written all over his face. nem logikus Most of my jokes were completely lost on them. a legutolsó levele alapján ítélve To judge from what he said. furcsán zavarosan adta elő They looked at the judge in confusion and did not know what to say. vita tárgya Well. kb. what is that supposed to mean? hogy értsem ezt? He is unable to come to terms with his dog’s death. értem The plot thickened as George sent the shop woman to me to get paid. I promise. nem értékelik/értik a vicceimet I understand you loud and clear. olvasni a sorok között He tends to read too much into how she speaks. érezte. you’re doing his head in. hogy teljesen megzavarodik Stop talking. nem értettem It was only a whisper. rádöbbentem Now. nincs kapcsolata He tends to put two and two together and make five. értette a célzást As the penny dropped they both stared at him speechless. összezavarod How do you read his silence? miként értelmezed You had to learn to read between the lines. a helyzet “fokozódott” I learned not to confuse sentiment with sentimentality. I think I get the picture. megtanultam. kb. you still have a chance. közérthetően There is no logic to what they say.Judgements are made on subjective grounds and are open to interpretation. fér már bele abba a kis agyadba You’re no stranger to conspiracy. túl sokat magyaráz bele When will you get it into your thick skull that I am married! kb. that’s for certain. az alapján ítélve. elmaradott . He has a good command of English and Italian. a legegyszerűbb dolgot sem érti meg He can’t see the wood for the trees. kb. as they said. egyszerűen. jól beszél Could you explain it all in layman’s terms. but she got the message. kb. why did you join the Army if you can’t take a joke? nem érti a viccet Judging by her last letter. értetlenül He could feel confusion sweeping over him.. leesett a tantusz Well. kb. she is pretty angry with you. elfogad (kellemetlen dolgot!) He’s been out of touch with the real world for some years. he won’t buy a mobile phone. nem idegen tőled It suddenly struck me how nice he had been with us.. az arcára volt írva He’s really behind the times. zavartan.

I simply couldn’t . you’re . ... I think I’ll never be able to come to . with them lately. to that story. our heads in.. 3. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.... When his wife called... I’m sure he can . simply because we won’t buy a mobile phone. what she said. . taking // doing // having // making 8.. there’s no need to repeat it again. 1. He feels we are . 2. 4.. 8. the . When I last met her. two and two together. Stop talking so fast. dropped and he started laughing.. There’s no . His feelings were written .. You’ll have to learn to read between the . It took us two hours before she finally got the . I’m afraid I’ve been out of . → FELADATLAP 1. 5.. open to // subject for // open for // subjected on 7... English if you want to work here. 2. put penny lines trees logic plot terms message touch terms 1. You tend to read too much . it . the times. me how beautiful she is..... We asked him to explain it to us in layman’s .. At long last. on // in // for // into 5.. We understood him . His announcement will be .. . Why can’t you get that into your ... thickened.. good command in // relative command of // a commandment in // a good command of 3. 7.. his face.. skull?! big // dull // thick // dense 6. Well...ÉRT 2.. with that.. take // make // receive // grip 4. loudly and clearly // loud and clearly // louder and clearer // loud and clear 10. behind // above // beyond // over 9. striked // strucked // struck // stroke 2.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból.... You must have a . 9.. interpretation... .. The problem is he can’t see the wood for the .. anything of that speech.. everywhere in // all over // above // throughout . 10. 6. the .

eltakarított = megevett . but she eats like a horse. kb. szükségem van egy erős italra She took to drink after she was fired for the third time. édesszájú They drank a toast to his success. beer doesn’t agree with me. korgott a gyomra We’ll get a square meal. harapjunk valamit How about a bite of breakfast? ennénk egy falatot reggelire Please help yourself to some more meat. kb. kb. and Alyssia made a pig of herself. nem bírta a gyomra She has a sweet tooth. a fejébe szállt I could do with a cup of tea! jólesne I’m dying for some food. ittak a sikerére He polished off a whole chicken. elolvad a szádban They drove out to a delightful restaurant. nem bírja a gyomrom You’d better cut sugar out of your diet. hagyd ki a cukrot az étrendedből Can I help you to some more meat? adhatok még? That champagne went straight to his head.ESZIK – ISZIK → KIFEJEZÉSTÁR Let’s have a quick bite to eat in the break. leginkább pizzán élt It seems Mr Jones has had one too many. melegítsd fel Unfortunately. he forced down some toast. then we’ll see the family. his stomach was rumbling throughout the lesson. szörnyen rossz She may be thin. rákaptam az ivásra We all drank their health at the wedding party. emberi fogyasztásra nem alkalmas He lived mainly on pizza and pasta while he was at university. teljesen be volt tépve = kábítószerezett I’m sorry but that meat is not fit for human consumption. telezabálta magát He must have been hungry. magába erőltetett He shouldn’t play football on a full stomach. csak a szeme kívánta (az ételt) He drank all the water with one large gulp. eszünk valami rendeset We had no stomach for his Japanese speciality. fel tudnék falni egy lovat You mustn’t drink that on an empty stomach. kb. vegyél még Keep the soups frozen and heat up when needed. ürítem poharam Her pies taste like nothing on earth. tele gyomorra He was high as a kite at the party yesterday. alkoholba fojtsa a bánatát Here’s to you and Jenny! kb. zabál I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. iszik. mint a kefekötő He went to the nearest pub to drown his sorrows. utána Although he wasn’t hungry. I think you need a stiff drink. majd’ meghalok Sit down. üres gyomorra Her eyes are bigger than her stomach. kb. ittunk az egészségükre The problem with him is that he drinks like a fish. többet ivott a kelleténél Her roast beef melts in your mouth. egy nagy korttyal We had some salad and roast chicken to follow.


1. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. Mindegyik prepozíció
kétszer szerepel.




1. He was so thirsty that he drank all the beer ... one gulp.
2. I’m sorry I made a pig ... myself at your party, but it’s because the food was so

They drank a toast ... his new book.
Here’s ... you and the baby.
Eversince I’ve been on a diet, I’ve been dying ... some chocolate.
You look exhausted, I’m sure you could do ... a cup of coffee.
Why don’t we eat a bite ... lunch in the canteen?
I don’t know why, but I have no stomach ... oriental dishes.


Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.

1. Let me drink ... your health on this great occasion!

to // - // for
Do help yourself ... some more salad.
to // with // The reason why she can’t stand alcoholics is that her father drank like ... fish.
the // a // It’s not advisable to drink alcohol ... an empty stomach.
with // on // to
We basically lived ... fast food while we were staying in the states.
from // through //on
Your eyes are bigger than your ... .
mouth // stomach // belly
You van tell he has ... – he is eating chocolate all the time.
a sweet tooth // a sweet mouth // a sweet heart
Most people think insects are not ... eating.
fit for // fit to // suitable to
You must force ... a sandwich at least or you’ll never recover.
in // into // down
An adolescent usually eats like ... horse.
a // the // -

3. Fordítsd le az alábbi kis szöveget.
Az esküvői szertartás előtt mindenki nagyon ideges volt. Reggel megpróbáltunk bekapni
egy falatot, de nem sikerült leerőltetni a piritóst (pedig általában annyit eszem mint egy
ló). Aztán a nagybátyám azt mondta, hogy csupán egy jó erős italra van szükségem. Meg
is ittam egy húzásra, de mivel nem bírom az alkoholt (főleg nem üres gyomorra), úgy
tűntem, mint aki többet ivott a kelleténél. A ceremónia alatt végig korgott a gyomrom és
nem volt gusztusom a finom vacsorához sem. Mikor mindenki a mi egészségünkre ivott,
nekem is le kellett erőltetnem némi pezsgőt, ami azonnal a fejembe szállt. A többire nem
emlékszem, de azt mondják, hogy szép esküvőm volt.

She felt dead on her feet so she went to sleep as soon as she arrived. majdnem
összeesett a fáradtságtól
I met him yesterday, he looked like death warmed up. kb. nagyon fáradt/nagyon
When I saw him, he definitely looked done in. ki volt készülve
The children were breathing hard after the game. kapkodták a levegőt
I’m so tired, I feel ready to drop. kb. hullafáradt volt
Last week we had to work till they dropped. dolgozik, amíg össze nem esik
I’ve had it! I’m leaving. elég volt!
I’ll need to get a breath of fresh air after lunch. szív egy kis friss levegőt
By then Diana was truly at the end of her tether. nem bírta tovább cérnával
I really don’t feel up to doing it right now. I need some time off. nem érzem képesnek
Walking 10 km really finished me off. kikészített
Every morning he arrives at the office as fresh as a daisy. kb. friss, mint a harmat
Jet lag can creep up on you. rád telepszik, elnyom
He’s not looking himself today. Is there a problem? nem néz ki jól
Somehow, he made it through to the end. kibírta
I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. alig tudtam nyitva tartani a szemem
I couldn’t get my head down for a second. kb. egy percet sem tudtam aludni
As soon as he arrived, he was dead to the world. kb. elaludt
I dozed off in the afternoon. elbóbiskoltam
He couldn’t drag himself out of bed, so he was late again. nem tudta kivonszolni
magát az ágyból
It’s time to hit the sack. aludni menni
He arrived after ten and went out like a light. kb. gyorsan elaludt
They ran United ragged in the second half. kifárasztották
Do you ever sleep late at the weekends? sokáig alszik
I’m sure he’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep. kb. egy jó nagy alvás
In the second half we ran out of steam. kifogyott belőlünk a szusz
Teaching six-year-olds takes it out of you. sokat kivesz belőled
The conference has tired me out. kifárasztott
He was tossing and turning in bed all night. hánykolódott az ágyban
They do not want to give up, to throw in the towel, to admit defeat. feladják –
bedobják a törülközőt

You don’t have to starve or wear yourself out jogging for miles. kifárasztod magad
We couldn’t get a wink of sleep last night. egy szemhunyásnyit sem aludtam

1. A következő mondatokban keress a magyar kifejezésekre angol megfelelőket.


We had three lectures one after the other, which really kifárasztott.
I was so tired that alig tudtam nyitva tartani a szemem.
Actually, elszundikáltam near the end of the last presentation.
Anyway, somehow kibírtam a végéig.
When I got home, alig álltam a lábamon.
I tried to do some work, but nem éreztem képesnek magam rá.
You know how it is, tiredness rád tud telepedni when you have to work late every day.
Szemhunyásnyit sem alszol, you work till you drop, and even if you can go to bed,
csak hánykolódsz az ágyban.

2. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy odaillő szóval.

1. He seems to enjoy wearing himself ... swimming every day.
2. All you need is a good ... sleep.
3. We were so busy we couldn’t get our heads ... .
4. He sleeps late, so I have a hard time trying to ... him out of bed in the morning.
5. Working 12 hours a day really ... it out of you.
6. He was working hard for two weeks, and then he was ... to the world for three days.
7. I was so excited I was tossing and ... all night.
8. You surely look done ... my friend!
9. He goes partying every night and comes to work as fresh as a ... .
10. Sometimes we take a walk in the park to get a ... of fresh air.
3. Párosítsd össze a kifejezéseket a két dobozból.

1. go out

2. féltette az életét His movies really make my flesh creep. vérfagyasztó . d. 8. c. 4.. I’m tired because I couldn’t get a w. f.2. g. I feel ready to d. 7. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy odaillő szóval. but we do not live in fear of catching every known disease. “Segítségül” az első betűt megadjuk.. nem mertem volna megmondani Even if the work has piled up a bit. fehér lett. but I daren’t have said so. sokkol My hair stood on end when I heard that scream. e. would you? The project was almost completed when he threw in the t. to the world off the towel of sleep like a light as a daisy one’s head down the sack 4. You surely wouldn’t g. let’s hit the s. h. FÉL → KIFEJEZÉSTÁR I dread to think what he would have done if you hadn’t been there. megijeszt. félek még rágondolni is I have an irrational dread of firemen. hard n the second half. 3. ne merj! ‘I’ll tell mum what you did!’ ‘Don’t you dare!’ csak azt merészeld! I didn’t want to go to that school. . you wouldn’t really want to chicken out.. b. remegett a félelemtől We all get sick. hit dead doze fresh get throw in a wink a.. félélemben éltek He lived in fear of his life. would you? kb. All right. félelemmel töltötte el őket His eyes widened in horror when he saw the dog. kb. 8. The problem was the opposition ran us r.. alig merek Don’t you dare go there again without my permission. everybody. 3. He looked very tired and was b.. kb. 1.. 6... kb.. 7... mint a fal I hardly dare go there now. inába szállt a bátorsága When we entered the house. 5. she went as white as a sheet. gyáván megfutamodsz He got cold feet at the wedding. . égnek állt a hajam When she saw who it was. You really need a holiday. up at this stage.. 5... félelmében tágra nyílt szemmel She was shaking with fear when we found her. 4. of sleep last night. alaptalan félelem The prospect of failing the final exams filled them with dread. . 6.. . we heard a blood-curdling scream. Why don’t you take a few days o. .

elkedvetlenedik Stop shouting. I started getting into a panic.. she remained silent. He seems to have a . that sport is not for the faint-hearted. ha csak rágondolok The thought of having to meet him makes my skin crawl. 2. nincs annyi vér a . földbe gyökerezett a lába a félelemtől I woke up with a start.. kb.. You are not man enough to accept his criticism.. kb. kb. mint a nyárfalevél I shuddered at the thought of having to meet him again. fear of dentists. bátorságra kapott It took some effort for Charles not to lose heart. There’s no need to get into a . hogy ki az igazi férfi when the teacher entered the room. 6. kb. sokkos állapotban volt He managed to strike fear into her heart. kiverte a víz Everyone for miles around lived in terror of them.. kb. összeszedtem a bátorságomat The shadow of fear lingered over them.. kb. He has an .. kb. he is scared of his own shadow. Don’t you shout at me like that again! You gave me the .. and she woke up with a . kb. kezdtem pánikolni I have a phobia about maths. ijedten. borsódzik a hátam Sheila stood rooted with horror for a moment. beleborzongok. kb. hátborzongató He was shaking with fear/like a leaf when we found him. of doing it all alone. you give me the creeps. to ask her out. . and took heart. a saját árnyékától is megijed That spine-chilling scream just made my hair stand on end. megmutatja. beleborzongtam a gondolatba I shudder to think what he will have to say about all this. kb. There was a loud noise of something breaking. félelemben éltem The exams next week hold no terrors for me.. courage thought irrational shock phobia panic holds start striking creeps 1. 7..Well. nem félelmetes I don’t have the courage to start my own business. She shuddered at the .. megijesztesz FÉL → FELADATLAP 1.. fóbiám van Even to name the sum brought a sinking feeling to her stomach. . kb. and that’s for sure.. about taking oral exams. a félelem árnyéka Come on. kb. félelmet ültet She broke out in a sweat at the thought of having to go there alone. riadtan He was in a state of shock when the police found him. . összeszedtem a bátorságomat Rigid with fear. nem volt bátorságom Julian looked about her.. . nyúlszívűek People like him don’t have the guts to stand up for their friends.. 4.. a félelemtől mereven I finally screwed up my courage and asked to talk to him. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. remegett. nem vagy elég férfi This game sorts out the men from the boys. liftezett a gyomra He finally plucked up the courage to talk to her. 3. 5. He finally plucked up the .

. in your hearts? Before entering the room. ROOTED Félek rágondolni. Did he manage to . 9... hogy felhívja. 7. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak felhasználásával.8.. d.. FLESH 3.. fear into your heart. she was in a state of .. 5.. I think the meeting tomorrow . .. 10. GUTS Amikor meghallottam. f.. END Összeszedte a bátorságát. After the third defeat the team . he was . When the police caught them. Many fear the state exam.. When I asked him where he had been.. 2. 8. . When I saw him. . 4. What he was trying to do was . e. 2... b. for me. hogy Joe is ott lesz. 7. SINKING Földbegyökerezett a lába.. . It must be hard to live under the . Égnek állt a hajam amikor megláttam. . but it . I had a . 4. SCREWED Nem ijed meg a saját árnyékától.. 2. feeling like a leaf of fear as a sheet fear heart in a sweat no terrors 1. .. SHADOW A frászt hozod rám! CREEPS Nincs mersze felhívni a rendőrséget. 3. Alkoss értelmes szókapcsolatokat az alábbi szavakból. majd ezekkel egészítsd ki a mondatokat.. 6. h. 6. no terror for me. . 5. 1. the children were as .. 3. After the accident. c. broke out strike shadow sinking shaking white holds lost a. SHUDDER Hogy merészelsz idejönni? DARE A frászt hozták ránk a vicceid. . hogy mit fog csinálni. elkezdett liftezni a gyomrom.. 8. amikor meghallotta a hírt. g... he .

nagyon figyelj arra. he is the best candidate. gondoskodni magadról The exam time passed unnoticed. könnyen elterelődik a figyelme He was totally blind to the beauty of the city. tell me all about it – I’m all ears. tiszta fejjel Pay close attention to what the teacher is saying. jó szeme van It might have escaped her notice. nagyon vigyázz. kb. vak volt. kb. he is the best candidate. he has been in the centre of attention. megpillantottuk We went to school together. gondjaiban van You’ll have to learn to fend for yourself. but he was listening with half an ear. rajtad tartom a szemem I’m very easily distracted while working. a szeme sarkából All our suggestions fell on deaf ears. rövid figyelmi ciklusaik vannak You mustn’t pay any attention to his jokes. fél füllel hallgatta And remember. teljesen nyilvánvaló volt He’s being attended to by his GP.. I caught sight of my wife in the supermarket. I felt I needed a drink but was determined to keep a clear head for tomorrow. gondoskodik róla Don’t worry. nem köszönt Don’t worry. elutasították She kept a watchful eye on the children. . elkerülte a figyelmét It stood out a mile that he was not British. Taking everything into consideration. csupa fül vagyok He promised to keep an ear to the ground for them.. but we are ten. not nine.. but she cut me dead at the party. . nem vették figyelembe Two considerations must be allowed for. a hátán is van szem You’d better be careful because I’ll have my eye on you. figyelj rá I’m going to keep a keep a close eye on his work. teljesen tisztában voltak vele When it’s all said and done. helyet kell adni.. Your father is under the care of Dr Psmith. észrevétlenül eltelt FIGYELMET SZÁN VMIRE – FIGYELEMBE VESZ Jim has many interests and is alert to everything that is going on around him. nem figyel oda I kept talking about it. if they did. nem veszi észre You must have been blind not to realise her real intentions.FIGYEL – FIGYELMET SZÁN VMIRE/FIGYELEMBE VESZ → KIFEJEZÉSTÁR FIGYEL Most puppies have a rather limited attention span. don’t try cheating – she has eyes in the back of her head. meg kell fontolni Since he became the president. mindent figyelembe véve They made no allowance for the fact that he had never done it before. a figyelem középpontjában Take care that you don’t get ripped off. gondosan figyel No one saw her – or. észre sem vett.. Our objections were dismissed by the council. and it was September again. nehogy . az üzlet körül forog az élete .. figyel mindenre They were fully alive to their responsibility. kb. gondosan figyelte On the face of it his life centred around business of one sort or another. mindent figyelembe véve. nem hallgatjuk meg Come on. nyitva tartja a szemét The best thing to do would be to shut your ears to the rumours. she saw that the dog was wagging its tail. megpillantottam We caught a glimpse of the famous start in a car. he has an eye for detail... hogy . no one paid any heed to her. süket fülekre talált We decided to turn a deaf ear to his accusations. senki nem foglalkozott vele Out of the corner of her eye.

. masterpieces... ettől függetlenül I wish you’d stay out of my business! tartsd magad távol a dolgaimtól Our suggestions were swept aside. They turned a deaf ear .. money.. félresöpörték Rising unemployment figures have been taxing the brains of the experts. 2. the ground for us. elhatárolódtak ‘Are you really divorced?’ ‘What’s it got to do with you?’ mi közöd hozzá? What may be laughed off by one child may send another into a panic of embarrassment. Az alábbi mondatokban keresd meg a magyar kifejezések angol megfelelőit. fejtörést okoz I suppose we should take a tough line on bullying. he can’t come with us. I’m afraid there’s not much I can do.. the president. 3. elengedi a füle mellett That decision is outside my province. You must learn to distance yourself . 2. Mindent figyelembe véve. mindent elkövet He put on his raincoat and did up the buttons with a painstaking attention. viccel elüt It seems you’ll have to take matters into your own hands. 3. 5. 1.. 6. He has an eye . 4. How does it feel to be a figyelem középontjában lenni? Now we’re all az időjárás kezében. deaf ears. kívül esik a hatáskörömön You know I don’t like you to play games without me.. We caught a glimpse . nem tudom kezelni We are now in the hands of the jury... 5. The author takes great pains to argue that Joyce is the greatest writer ever. saját kezébe veszi a dolgokat The report is addressed to all those interested in it. the back of her head. 2. foglalkozik I can’t help you with that – that’s Joe’s department. kb. . our proposals. 8. 6. . Our application elutasították out of hand.. szigorúan büntet FIGYEL – FIGYELMET SZÁN VMIRE/FIGYELEMBE VESZ → FELADATLAP 1. He promised to keep an ear . She has eyes . nem foglalkoznak I want to concentrate on being a good actress. 7. I won’t tell you anything because semmi közöd hozzá.. szól mindazoknak. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozíciókkal. it’s nem az én asztalom.. but you went ahead regardless. Megpillantottam the famous rock star... ez Joe asztala What I do at the weekends is none of your concern/my affair.. Our life centres . semmi közöd hozzá Ministers had no choice but to distance themselves from the bombing.. all that. 8. 7. koncentrál I can’t handle this pressure any more. I’m 19 already I can gondoskodni magamról. nagyon figyelmesen The fact that he lets most of her insults pass over his head just makes matters worse. az esküdtszék kezében vagyunk We have to deal with all kinds of people in this job. Our warning fell . 1..Scientists are the ones who don’t concern themselves with ideological issues. 4.

..... ... mi közöd hozzá? ............. tartsd magad távol a dolgaimtól ... nagy fontosságot tulajdonítanunk A few hundred more’s neither here nor there......... rendkívül fontos The precise form of the household’s relation to its property is of critical importance............. fél füllel hallgatta ............ saját kezébe veszi a dolgokat ........ he’s an excellent worker... nagyon figyelj arra........... .. 5. Submission is at the core of the problem.... 12...... Most ne nézz bele a KIFEJEZÉSTÁR-ba........ 10............ teljesen mindegy He may not be at home but it’s worth a try........ 8..... a gondolat a fontos First and foremost........ kb...’ kb..... I’m going to buy it.3. ......................... érdemes megpróbálni It’s a bit expensive but........... you either tell them what they want................ jöjjön/történjék bármi What it comes down to is........ elengedte a füle mellett ....... 1...................... fontos szerepe van That is when I got a real bee in my bonnet about British restaurants....... 6...... égető szükség van ..... what the hell.. rajta tartja a szemét ......................... 3..... központi kérdés I don’t think we should attach too much weight to his essays on Joyce...... kit érdekel? I’ll be there for you come what may. 2...... kit érdekel? It’s all the same what he says. nagyon fontos The people of this village have always been close/dear/near to my heart....... észrevétlenül eltelt ...... fejtörést okoz ...... kb............... this became critical to the industry’s survival........... csupa fül vagyok ..... nagy fontosságot tulajdonított Exporting is central to the economic development of Northern Ireland.... a szeme sarkából ...... és próbáld meg fejből beírni az alábbi kifejezések angol megfelelőit................. kit érdekel? As if I care what she said..... 9.. 4. or they’ll call the police. közel állnak a szívemhez Whoever I am I’m in crying need of a haircut............. be vagyok sózva ‘He said he wouldn’t help us again...... → KIFEJEZÉSTÁR He attached great importance to the experts’ opinions... senki sem foglalkozott vele .............. a probléma középpontjában In the end............. kb.................’ ‘As if it matters....... nem számít I know it’s just a flower but it’s the thought that counts. FONTOS 1...... 11... 7. mindenek felett A vital component of a partnership is the mutual trust between partners...... a lényeg az...

. mindegy ‘Would you like the red book or the blue one?’ ‘It makes no difference (to me). I’ll make it my business to make sure they’ll be fired.. kb.. kitörölhetetlen nyomot hagyott Whether you quit or not is a matter of complete indifference to us. jobb/fontosabb dolga van He tries everything to bring this issue back into focus.’ nekem mindegy You know how it is.. központi kérdés A lot hangs on when we’ll arrive. könnyen megy Time was a key element in the plan. semmi köze a témához What is at issue is whether they should be allowed to get away with it. → FELADATLAP 1. sok függ tőle He hated everything we held dear. könnyen jött. kb. 2.. ‘Melyik buliba menjünk?’ ‘Nekem tök mindegy.. easy come. nagyon fontos volt It is in the public interest that the factories be kept open. Persze hogy nem megyek. hogy hány óra van. 9. . nem akarták észrevenni Whatever you do. 4. he has other fish to fry. “fontos” barátai vannak He made history by signing that contract. nagyon komoly You mustn’t take lightly what he said. Van fontosabb dolgom is. FISH HERE ATTACH MAKES SAME TAKE HANGS MAY CRYING . . Tíz nap nem számít. FONTOS 1. 8. your health must always come first. történelmet írt Their divorce left an indelible imprint on the child’s character. without a beard. figyelembe vesz It lies at the heart of our philosophy. 5. kb. én itt maradok veled.. kb. számolni kell velük What’s the use of wasting your time trying to convince him? mi értelme van? Everybody knows you have friends in high places. how many students intend to retake the exam? a kulcskérdés az. Bármi történjék is.. 6. same difference.This is the very first idea to be taken into consideration when you work with music. easy go. fontosnak tartottunk A beard. Nagy fontosságot tulajdonítanak a választásoknak. 7. tök mindegy It doesn’t make any difference whom we elect.. Rengeteg függ attól. közérdek. külön gondot fordítok arra. 3. teljesen közömbös His contribution was instrumental in finding the solution. The key is. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével.. In the interest of safety. kb. Égető szükség van több munkásra. Figyelembe kell vennünk mások véleményét is. . no one is allowed into the building. What he said is no laughing matter.’ Nekünk teljesen mindegy. a hangsúlyt a pénzre fektették The problem is they’re shutting their eyes to the problems of the youth. hogy ki ér oda először. ismét előtérbe helyezte a problémát They’re a force to be reckoned with. a legfontosabb az. az a kérdés. hogy . a legfontosabb He can’t come. hogy . a biztonság érdekében What you’ve just said is totally irrelevant to the issue. 1. kulcsfontosságú elem The emphasis was on money rather than knowledge. nem szabad könnyedén venned The main thing is not to tell anyone what happened.

.. They may refuse. was very much on personal problems. What he’s going to do is a matter of complete .. they’ve become a political force to be . Foreign aid has become .. His death brought the issue back into centre/focus. 8.... First/Firstly and foremost. to the country’s future. In the last two decades.. a lényege She resigned over a matter of principle.. but it’s worth/it worths a call. we are musicians. 6. Válaszd ki az alábbi mondatokban az odaillő szót. 5. The bombing left an indelible print/imprint in her personality. There’s a desperately/crying need for help here... Mi értelme van itt várni órákon át? USE 2. I’m sure he has other fish/fishes to fry. What’s the point/use of going there so late? 10. 11. this is what the whole thing goes/comes down to. 1. 3. 15. 7. You must take/put everything into consideration before saying anything. what you do! 3. 2. emlékezz a szavaimra Whatever the crux of their disagreement. We attach . 9. 4. 13. 8. . 9.. At the meeting the .. elvi problémák miatt It was a matter of life and death for her.. Now. Officials shouldn’t be . she was not about to disclose it. 10. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat EGY-EGY odaillő szóval. to what the workers have to say. All this is irrelevant for/to this situation. 4. of the problem. . to us. 14.. They are a party to be counted/reckoned with. mark my words. FONTOS 2. What he did is no laughter/laughing matter. Same . They did all this for/in the interest of the children. 12.. 2. Social insecurity is at the . 5.. As if they .. with. but it’s worth a . their eyes to corruption.10. He comes or he doesn’t come. 6. There’s no guarantee.. → KIFEJEZÉSTÁR My involvement marked a change in the police’s approach to the case. 7.. The emphasis was for/on time. I think you took/understood it too lightly. 1. 3. élet-halál kérdés . nagy változást hozott This will cost you dearly.

he can be aggressive. he is always splitting hairs. elmúlt = most már nem fontos FONTOS 2. fontosnak tartottam She definitely made her presence felt last year.It doesn’t matter to us why you didn’t come. kitűnik a tömegből The meeting was a major step forward in the peace talks. eltörpül That’s two weeks’ work down the pan. kevésbé fontosak We place a high value on precision. nagy ügyet csinál belőle She thinks nothing of teaching languages to small children. nincs sok értelme A key characteristic of research is that it is public. fontos lépés Hungarians traditionally set store by the heroic virtue of the knights. amit lehúzhatunk a vécén = értelmetlen This is of paramount importance. futólag említette Here ideas seem to take second place to practicality. te vagy nekem a világon a legfontosabb There is little sense in going there if you don’t have any money. nagy fontosságot tulajdonít He makes a big thing of being late for the meetings. fontos szerepet játszik For Joe nothing is sacred.. it’s all water under the bridge now.. nem látom értelmét I made a point of talking to all the students before giving them a mark. fordulópont This decision is of vital importance to all of us. nagy jelentőségű He only mentioned the case in passing.’ ez mellékes Yes. fontos jellemzője His mistakes will pale into minor significance beside the truth of major charges.’ ‘That’s beside the point. nagy fontosságot tulajdonít Money will always come into play when deciding where to live. ami elmúlt. teljesen mindegy It didn’t make a scrap of difference. nem ez a fontos There’s no point in/ I don’t see the point of going there now. nem számít nekünk He used to be a used car salesman – not that it matters. kb. . a lényeg az. nem sok értelme van There’s not much point in doing the whole thing all over again. semmi sem szent It’s all the same to me what you do. ‘But she’s so beautiful. → FELADATLAP 1. éreztette a jelenlétét This project will take priority over everything else. nem mintha számítana You know you mean the world to me. megvonta a vállát He is hard to talk to. nem tartja nagyra His latest book marked a turning point in his life. It’s too late. she’s so bright and beautiful. szerepet játszik = fontos The point is he was not supposed to be there. elsőbbséget élvez = fontosabb There’s no point in us talking to them. nincs értelme He’ll play a major role in financing the event. nagy hangsúlyt fektet They lay great stress on loyalty. . életbevágóan fontos Well. kb. tök mindegy She shrugged her shoulders. but that’s not the point. kb. szőrszálhasogató The situation of hospitals has been in the spotlight for some time. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. előtérbe került She stands out in a crowd.

mert nagyon szőrszálhasogató. 7. 10. 3. I know you didn’t do that. 8. Nem szeretem. it’s all water below/under the bridge. she made presence felt her. 3. Winning is a life death of matter and to them. 2. MADE 4.1. She mentioned getting married with/in passing. She always a thing big of makes these tests. DEATH 8. ez egy elvi kérdés. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. 6. It matter them does to not what you say. The interview point turning a marked in our lives. MATTERS 2. Don’t tell them anything. Vajon mik lehetnek? 1. You’re going to be sorry for this one day. 4. Fontosnak tartottam. SCRAP 7. hogy mások mit gondolnak. Élet-halál kérdés számukra. You know that nothing is saint/sacred for the media. hogy mit mondasz. mark/read my words. Nem a pénz számít. 2. What they say does difference not of make a scrap. The important/thing is you must stay calm. Futólag megemlített két új tervet. His failure will insignificance into pale compared to his father’s failure. 3. but that’s beside/besides the point. Nagy fontosságot tulajdonít a kapcsolatoknak. A terv lényege a pontosság. Is there any sense in/of waiting here? 9. Megitta az összes bort – nem mintha számítana. 9. she stands out on/in the crowd. PRINCIPLE 10. As soon as she joined the company. 6. There’s not much point in/of going there alone. 10. PASSING 6. 7. 5. hogy megkérdezzem. Az alábbi mondatokban összekeveredett egy-egy kifejezés. 2. SPOTLIGHT 3. HAIRS 9. She’s so happy. 12. 5. When I asked her what she thought. STORE . His teachers on stress great laid thinking and creativity. It is of vitally important/vital importance to finish it today. 11. 8. Az iskolák ügye ismét előtérbe került a választások után. CRUX 5. They place a high emphasis/value on that. I don’t want to talk about it now. too. 4. hogy átmenjenek ezen a vizsgán. 1. That car the to world him means. she just shrugged her shoulders/head. She by store sets great being elegant. Tökéletesen mindegy.

I couldn’t pay attention to what he was saying. elmélyedtnek tűnt You know what you think. fontolgatta a szavait He found that if he emptied his mind of everything. mi megy végbe a fejedben I’m certain the thought never entered his head. álomvilág I’m sorry. a semmibe réved I feel he’s living in a world of make-believe. nem a földön jár That was the end of all his dreams. egész máshol járt The thought preyed on his mind. és alaposan átgondoltuk There was a long painful silence while she deliberated on his words. hangosan gondolkodtam I’ll have a think and tell you the answer tomorrow. most. elkalandoztak a gondolataim . légvárakat épít He always has his head in the clouds. játszik a gondolattal This train of thought led to another. he’s found a woman who helps him keep his feet on the ground. beindult az agyam She caught herself wondering whether it had been wise to leave him. my imagination tends to run away with me. suddenly spurred into action. kiürítette az agyát The hope is that some will find in them food for thought.. az álmai vége There was a faraway look in his eyes.GONDOLKOZIK → KIFEJEZÉSTÁR It never crossed my mind to leave her. félresöpörni She racked her brains to remember the rest of the story. so why follow the herd? kb. kb. meggondolom He’s toying with the idea of starting school again. kb. on mature reflection. foglalkoztatta. . azt képzeltem My mind was wandering. I was just thinking aloud. she didn’t mention the money. felnőtt fejjel visszagondolva He would go on building your castles in the air. hogy belegondolok It’s an interesting story. aggodalommal töltötte el I think you must push that thought to the back of my mind. when you think about it. kb. I can’t imagine what goes on in that head of yours. elgondolkodtató dolgot The question of castles was to remain in the forefront of everyone’s mind. kb. összeszedte a gondolatait I had a sudden brainwave last night. I know how to solve that problem now. and looked thoughtful. gyakorlatiasabb gondolkodású I had visions of being stuck in a cell all night. soha eszembe sem jutott My brain became a sponge. was dull and uninspiring. követni a többséget They couldn’t apply their minds to appropriate meanings as well. ha jobban belegondolsz Sorry. törte a fejét Come to think of it. a jövőbe tekint His lifestyle. még csak eszébe sem jutott We thought long and hard before making that decision. átállítani az agyukat arra. hirtelen ötletem támadt Mr Stanforth massaged his sharp jaw with one finger. gondolatmenet I would say I have a more practical turn of mind. kb. próbált nem gondolni rá I tried to push aside this feelings of fear. azon kapta magát. kb.. mindenki érdeklődésének a homlokterében marad We regret the end of our schooldays but look ahead to the future with great hope. két lábbal a földön jár He sat for hours just gazing into space. hogy azon gondolkozik Benjamin paused to collect his thoughts. semmibe révedő tekintet All this nonsense about ghosts is just a figment of her imagination. magával ragad a képzeletem I tried to talk to him but he was miles away. a képzelet játéka In Paula. kb. sokáig. kb.

. 6. of mind. I like him because he has a really practical .. toying thinking world of racked his head is gazing brain became has his feet a. 2.. look in his eyes... 9. and stopped to .. .. of his mind. 8. 10. you’re just building . Sometimes his imagination runs/imaginations run away with him. That story was some food for . Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy odaillő szóval. 3. majd egészítsd ki a mondatokat. 2. 3.. on the ground . He got confused. We tried to put/push his death to the back of our minds. 9. I don’t know yet but I’ll have a think/thinking.. With/On mature reflection. 4... 5. 3. Throughout the play he seemed to be . You should always look ahead for/to the future. 6. 5. The future of the school was in the . He obviously thought long and hard/hardly before he said anything. That thought never even . Párosítsd össze a két oszlopban lévő kifejezéseket.. 2.. 8. He just stood there for hours . 10. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást! 1. his thoughts. 5. 1. in the air.. 1.GONDOLKOZIK → FELADATLAP 1. 4. There was a . he’s not at all that bad. away... I couldn’t follow your train of thinking/thought. into space. 7. I could see that his mind was wondering/wandering. He looked thoughtful/thoughtfully as he was sitting there.... with the idea b.. 4. 7. it was a stupid thing to do. . He’s in a world of make–. Get/Come to think of it. 3. 2. 7. 6. That’s not true. 8. my head.

. e. mint egy megszállott He was very bright and quick off the mark. g.. ahogy csak a lábam bírta He lets the grass grow under his feet.. GYORSAN → KIFEJEZÉSTÁR We were running like a bat out of hell. kb.... sietve Let her learn about it by degrees. At the exam. kb. He . kb.. f. . hirtelen felindulásból Just don’t try to run before you can walk. 3. verseny az idővel She almost fell over the gate in her haste to race to the fire. He is a really practical person. don’t ask him anything practical. ijedten He imagines he is going to be arrested and whisked off to Siberia. 5. kb. d. 6. késedelem nélkül Joe said he ‘drove like the devil’ and found a parked police van. he . . kb. he lives in a . his . He is always . h. . gyorsan elszállítják They disappeared like lightning. but couldn’t remember the name of the lead singer. nor yet as a premeditated plan. 7. I’ve been . however. kilencvennel mentem Now get yourself off to the latrines – at the double.. amire még nem vagy képes We ran like the wind.c.. mint a mérgezett egér The princess had dressed in haste. mint a villám Please contact your local office without delay. gyorsan! She’ll get the family albums out at the drop of a hat. késedelem nélkül I was doing 90 when the policeman stopped me. mint a villám Joe and his friend disappeared in the twinkling of an eye. 8. Charles made a decision. mint az őrült = autóval The Shah should therefore proceed with dispatch. a pillanat hevében The real problem. 4. ment. nem várhatok egész nap! We went back to Washington and spent the rest of the day at leisure. megalszik a szájában a tej He woke up with a jump. nyugodtan . . dolgozott. behozza az időlemaradást You’ve worked like a maniac day and night... fokozatosan He returned in a flash. kb. kapásból = gondolkodás nélkül I ran into the house as fast as my legs could carry me.. hirtelen. of moving to the country for years. with that faraway look in his eyes.. egy szempillantás alatt They dismissed our advice out of hand. ne próbálkozz olyannal. sietségében Hurry up! We don’t have all day! kb. we have no time to lose! nincs vesztegetni való időnk He had to do overtime to make up for lost time. futottunk. kb.. 2.. gyors felfogású Jane had not visited her on impulse. kb. .. in the clouds aloud make-believe his brains into space a sponge 1. He lost touch with the real world. mint a villám Hurry up.. is that it is a race against time. egy szempillantás alatt On the spur of the moment as so often before. I didn’t mean to say anything. I was just .

a rush when we met.. of hand. He was back an the eye of in twinkling. csak nyugodtan.éppen időben There’s no need to hurry. a spurt to get to the cinema in time. take your time.. I’d go like a shot.. I ran away could as me as my carry legs fast. amilyen gyorsan csak bírta He ran away like a man possessed... without pausing for breath or breaking her stride. 3. Próbáld megfejteni őket.There’s no need to hurry. mint egy megszállott He was in a rush when we met. but he drives . nyaktörő tempóban The news spread like wildfire. Az alábbi mondatokban néhány kifejezés összekeveredett.. a saját tempódban dolgozhatsz There’s no panic.. 4. we can work own our pace at. 1. He was late. He is a nice fellow. He turned all the applicants down . lets under grow the he feet his grass. sietség nélkül GYORSAN → FELADATLAP 1. haste. 3. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozícióval. nagy sietségben I’ll be with you in no time.. gondolkodás nélkül He was driving at breakneck speed.. Hurry up! We to no lose time have. 8. She put .. degrees. sprintelt I was late for the match and in a tearing hurry.. semmi sietség Then. so he only had a coffee . He’s so slow. lélegzetvételnyi szünet nélkül Mungo had covered the homeward journey at full pelt. We were . 5. 1. you can work at your own pace... azonnal. . He decided . 2. 5. sietett If he asked me to go with him. 7. she pushed the door open. 7.. 8. csak nyugodtan. it’s only two thirty. He was driving speed at breakneck. breakneck speed.. 6. 2. 6. She was running a hell bat of like out. impulse. Come on! We have time to up make lost for. He decided to marry her spur on the the moment of. He ran into the office without pausing . You’ll get to know everything . She’ll ask you for money the hat at of a drop. 2. There’s no need to hurry. terjed. 9. 4. which is sad. We’ll be there . mint a futótűz She put on a spurt to hurry down to the river. 9. 10... so we couldn’t talk to them. breath.. egy pillanat alatt The police arrived just in time. no time.

The news were transmitted/spread like wildfire. 2. ha What if/Say you were to run out of money. I’m going to work tomorrow. they’ll probably agree. 9. ha . A lemondása futótűzként terjedt. dolgozz nyugodtan. He was running like a man possessed/possessive man. Can’t you hurry up! We don’t have whole/all day. Furcsa dolgokat mondott a pillanat hevében. 9.. What would you do? mi lenne. ha nem Were it not for your help. 1. she could be better. ha nem lenne If I were/was to ask you to marry me. amely esetben He may be busy. ha esetleg If you should see him/Should you see him/If you happen to see him/If you should happen to see him. Egy szempillantás alatt eltűnt. can I see him now? ha így van – ha nem Whether I feel well or not. the regime will survive. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. 2. We have all the time we need. It was a race with/against time.. 8. 6. 6. 3. abban az esetben So long as the army is loyal.. 5. They called the ambulance just on/in time. ha esetleg . Contact your local agent . ha lenne idejük I’ll let you know if and when they find Pet and Dad. He tends to act on/in impulse. Futott az állomásra ahogy csak bírt.. work at your own pace/peace. Villámgyorsan megérkeztünk. delay. in which case I’ll call later. 7. 5. 3. 8. 10. 3. ha He may be busy. When I heard him I ran like the breeze/wind. Százzal mentem az autópályán. 1. → KIFEJEZÉSTÁR So even if they haven’t much money. Nagy igyekezetében elesett. Fokozatosan kezdtem megismerni. you know! 4. we wouldn’t be able to finish on schedule. akár jól érzem magam. Elvitték egy másik börtönbe. He left like a shooting/shot. tell him to call me. ami nem gyors. 7. Csak semmi rohanás. akár nem Had it not been for the bad weather. Given time. would you say ‘yes’? ha esetleg If she were to work harder. ha nem lett volna You can’t go out unless you do your homework in an hour. If not. 4. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.10. DOING SPUR WILDFIRE HASTE TIME EYE OFF PELT FLASH BY HA – HASONLÍT 1. he could have been saved. még akkor is. 10. He drove like the hell/devil and was arrested. they’ve no choice but to buy. 4. If so/In that case I’ll call later.

sem arra nem hasonlít This shop’s takings are down by half. kb.. azzal a feltétellel I’ll help you on one condition – that you won’t tell anyone. ellentétben It wouldn’t be a good idea for them to get married. a vita kedvéért I won’t tell anyone as long as you keep quiet about it. ‘Segítségül’ az első betűt megadjuk. nem illik There is nothing/not much/little to choose between the two candidates. egy feltétellel I’ll lend you the money provided you pay it back in three months. kb. feltéve.When it comes to working hard. teljesen különbözőek The regulations governing this tax have to correspond with EU law. nem tud beilleszkedni How could you tell pneumonia from the common cold? megkülönböztetni Sometimes I don’t know whether I’m playing Pam or Pam’s playing me – we’re so alike. nincs bennük semmi közös Children tend to conform to their teachers’ expectations of them. csak a lehetőség szintjén Let’s assume for the sake of argument that they will in fact get married. and bears no resemblance to its future form. nagyon kevés a különbség He pretends to be a chip off the old block. . már amennyire We were just talking in the abstract. ha már egyszer I’ll lend you the book on condition that you return in three days. they’re like chalk and cheese. in so far as I know it. kb. egy újabb háború esetében In that event. nem mutat hasonlóságot That building is not in character with the main part of the village to the north side. sem erre. hogy . if ever. összhangban kell lenniük There is a close correspondence between the two themes. összehasonlítva It’s not that I hate her. konzervatív. nagyon nem illik valahová It was soon clear that this was an entirely different kettle of fish. hagyománytisztelő He is really generous. nem vagyunk egy hullámhosszon HA – HASONLÍT 1. compared to this time last year. you’ll enjoy working here. kiköpött mása There’s a world of difference between the two boys. óriási különbség He’s different. kb. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy odaillő szóval. we’re just not on the same wavelength. több feltétel függvénye Her strategists had devised numerous plans in the event of another war.. teljesen más eset I have never used those words or words to that effect. állandóan összekeverem She’s a dead ringer for my maths teacher back in high school. feltéve Of course. → FELADATLAP 1. ha az időjárás megengedi HASONLÍT When first formed the embryo is only half a millimetre long. too. megfelel I keep confusing him and his twin brother. szoros összefüggés/kapcsolat He doesn’t seem to fit in with the other students. he’s not much help. The championship starts tomorrow. annyira hasonlítunk My brothers have nothing in common. ha egyáltalán He’s abroad. valami hasonlót He’ll fit in nowhere – he’ll be neither fish nor fowl. he sticks out like a sore thumb. you will have to leave the house immediately. ha a kemény munkára kerül a sor Once you’ve got/get used to the climate. kb. weather permitting. it is subject to certain conditions. abban az esetben We met them seldom. in contrast to his parents.

that’s a different k. 2. 4. 7. . 7. for an old friend of mine. 10.. 10. feltéve. 6. There’s less/little to choose between them.. . 6.. we’re just talking in the a. 2... We don’t seem to have anything in c.. Would/Should you happen to meet him. Maths? No. 3. the party would be a disaster. Ha esetleg felhív. . Nobody really likes him. he is neither fish/dog nor fowl. Just for the s. még akkor is. let’s suppose we were married. CORRESPONDENCE 7. 5. That car bears no r.... of fish.. Ha nem lett volna az autód. It’s really hard to do anything together. They’re so alike/likely. hogy utána békén hagysz. She’ll never like it here. 4. WORLD 10. or something with/to that effect. Hogyan tudod megkülönböztetni a rigót a verébtől? TELL 4. hogy kerestem. 9. He told me to leave the bar.. to a Mercedes. and ch. we could build the centre in a tear. Nagyon különbözőek vagyunk. of argument. we’re not on the same w. don’t forget to invite him to the wedding. 5. . . Elutazott Angliába. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.. CHOOSE 2. EVEN 9. 3. Jenny is a dead r. Weren’t it/Were it not for their kindness.. nagyon meg fogod szeretni. LONG 5.1. 1. ha nem tetszik neked. FAR 6.. Segítek. She sticks out like a sore t.. We don’t seem to be on/in the same wavelength. Nagyon kevés a különbség a két csapat között. Szoros összefüggés van a két döntés között.. kérlek mondd meg neki. I can’t work with him. His losses are nothing compared to/about last year’s results. eláztunk volna. 8... Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. I keep confusing them. ONCE 8. 2.. That new housing estate is not in/on character with the rest of the buildings. 1.. enough money. HAPPENS 3. 9. They are like c. FOR 3. Elutazom Afrikába. Ha egyszer megismered. 8. . we’ll have to leave at 10.. már amennyire én tudom. G. Either/Whether he arrives or not.. There’s nothing done.

szöges ellentétben áll In striking contrast to the teachers. hasonlót sem hallott If he is arming. nagyon különbözőek In this respect one name stands out. difficult kids and such. körbe-körbe megyünk. hasonló stílusban Temperamentally they were worlds apart. össze sem lehet hasonlítani Mark laughed and we compared notes on the most garish sights we’d seen. nagyjából ugyanazt Family therapy. nem csak felszínes hasonlóságot mutat The company was patterned on American ideas. kiemelkedik ‘I expect it’ll come to the same thing in the end. kb. a várakozásoktól eltérően Contrary to popular belief. hasonló helyzetűek egymásra gyakorolt hatása Put yourself in his place. mildly. to no avail. pont azt csinálni. nagy változáson ment át His other poems are written in a similar vein of pleasure or celebration. ugyanazt jelentette Charlie bears more than a passing resemblance to Marx. hasonló szinten vannak She looks nothing like a musician. kb. there’s no comparison. kb. a maga nemében They knew they had found a kindred spirit. párhuzamokat vont The other place was really expensive by comparison. megdöbbentő hasonlóságot mutat His attitude towards women stands in stark contrast to that of his brother’s. amíg ellenkező értesülést nem kapok What they did contrasted sharply with his words. markáns ellentétben állt It amounted to the same thing for him.HASONLÍT 2. amit láttak It will be the biggest and best show of its kind to be staged in Britain. kb. unless I hear to the contrary. there was the peer pressure from my colleagues. hasonlóképpen kell cselekedned I like going out with her. összehasonlítva As for kindness. meg ilyesmi This book bears a striking similarity to one of Shakespeare’s dramas. egyáltalán nem hasonlít But Allen had not heard the like before. éles ellentétben állt This stands/is in marked/total contrast to the tax structure in most European countries. kb. but so far. mindhiába We’re just going round in circles. ugyanaz a vége HIÁBA I have scoured magazines for any information on this subject. rokon lelket ‘We could take a leaf out of their book. amerikai minta alapján First. összehasonlították. más ügy Female creativity has been constructed by men as a contradiction in terms. the students were smiling. amit ők Both teams are on a level. önellentmondás Contrary to expectations we received the bank loan in two weeks. nem jutunk semmire . but living together is a different matter. kevés hasonlóságot mutat They both said much the same thing.’ he told us. some men are pretty kind. nagyon különbözőek vagyunk The movie bears little resemblance to the original novel. – HIÁBA KIFEJEZÉSTÁR It is also clear that it is difficult to draw comparisons between these countries. and in temperament we’re poles apart. you must do likewise to avoid your worst outcome. what would you have done? képzeld magad a helyembe We have nothing in common. a közhiedelemmel ellentétben I will assume that this information satisfies your requirements. szöges ellentétben His ideas have undergone a complete transformation lately.’ says Dair.

I’ve far better things to do than waste my breath arguing with you. apart.. .. nem volt reakció What we did was all in vain.. 2. to popular belief. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy odaillő szóval a dobozból. wasting went in a similar to no stands in draw haven’t heard kindred a.. 7. az idődet vesztegeted Believe me.. We haven’t made any progress. 2. little resemblance to his parents... just . vesztegetem az energiámat I think he’s flogging a dead horse here.. mint halottnak a csók HASONLÍT 2. 3... Párosítsd össze a két oszlopban lévő kifejezéseket. 9.. yourself in their place for a second. Come on. They’re . 4. we’re just going round in .. . 4.. . majd egészítsd ki a mondatokat. light. They have nothing in common. 8. He seems to have . all your hard work goes down the drain. All their efforts will . circles poles put bears undergone horse striking ear contrary come 1.. egyik fülemen be. c. kb. 5.. 5.. vagy semmi eredménnyel All efforts to appear polite and subdued went by the board.. What he said was in . contrast with my ideas. I really do! kb. – HIÁBA FELADATLAP 1. f. 10. ‘gallyra’ megy He pressed the button at intervals for about five minutes.. .We spent two hours discussing this matter at that point and we had come full circle. 8.. to the same thing. he was not murdered. d. a complete transformation lately. and get it patented.. He . 6. and out the other. hiába I don’t see why you’re still wasting your time looking into other possibilities. visszaértünk oda. 3. and heat – with little or no effect. 2. by the board avail comparisons spirit your breath stark contrast e. Working there was like flogging a dead . 6. kevés. a másikon ki He made me attend evening lectures on sound. hiábavalóak voltak If they can achieve that. ahonnan kiindultunk Whatever he tells me seems to go in one ear and out the other. It’s no use talking to him. 7. b. 1. but there was no reaction. it’s in one .

. rossz helyen kopogtatsz Stop shouting with the dog.. when looking at them.. but . 7. vein 1.. téves volt Seeing him with his secretary was a cruel awakening for her. 2. soha nem tett semmi rosszat You’ve been barking up the wrong tree. gyalázat! You accept then. one of them was sure to win. 1.’ Correct me if I’m wrong. VAIN Ez a film felszínes hasonlóságot mutat az előzővel..g. helyesen He spotted the chink in my armour. You might be tempted to . LIKEWISE Ötvenszer hívtam fel telefonon. I’m afraid. kb. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével.‘Elismerem. 4. ‘I stand corrected. 4.. His announcement . 3. össze sem lehet hasonlítani. 3. trying to convince him of anything. before.. he doesn’t know any better. kb. 2. 3. kb. isn’t he married by any chance? javíts ki ha tévednék They were really bad mistakes on my part and they cost us dear. hogy hol vagyok sebezhető After midnight errors began to creep into his work. LEVEL Sokkal okosabb. that I am not in error on this point. Ez a legnagyobb ilyen jellegű fesztivál. . fordítva gondolkoztak There is a very strong case for hunting and that’s what Parliament voted for.. 6... tévedés volt I know he has never put a foot wrong. de hiába. I must admit I .’ he said.. kegyetlen felismerés I’d be the first to admit that it was all a mistake. We tried to convince him no to go. elvették előlünk a sikert That’s why I went totally off beam Steve. BREATH Ha megszegjük az egyezséget. kb. hogy kedves vagy vele.. szégyen. She was a sentimental writer and her brother wrote . rájött... I found a . nem hibáztam He thought of his parents as ‘wonderful’ people who can do no wrong. with the government’s policy. nem tehet róla .hibáztam ‘All right. AVAIL Az öt jelentkező hasonló szinten van. the like h. 6.. . in him. Mr Stevens. elszúrták They put the cart before the horse – explain the murder and the theft will become clear. all right. 8.’ kb. a részemről elkövetett hibák It is a disgrace that the schools minister should describe schools in that way. hibák kezdtek becsúszni a munkájába They cooked our goose. 7. COMPARISON HIBÁZIK – HIBÁZTAT KIFEJEZÉSTÁR HIBÁZIK But unless Stevie and Buck blew it. You’re just . kb. semmi rosszat sem tett His guess was far out. All their efforts to save the company . kb. 5.. ők is hasonlóképpen fognak cselekedni. . 8. 5. quite rightly so. PASSING Nincs értelme az energiádat vesztegetni azzal. mint a testvére. KIND Minden amit tettél hiábavaló volt. we seem to have a lot in common. tévedtem.

it was just a slip of the tongue.He was way off the mark. az ő felelősségük All the work will fall to us until the boss comes back. finger at me. nem volt helyénvaló a megjegyzése He pointed an accusing finger at Eusebio. It takes two to make a marriage. he gets the blame. vádlóan mutatott HIBÁZIK – HIBÁZTAT FELADATLAP 1. an ac. A kezdőbetűket “segítségül” megadtuk. it’s definitely not George.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval. leszidta... vissza kellett vonni a szavaimat Do you think you’ll get away with it? megúszod He slipped up several times at the exam. . kb. ha valaki hibás. Now you o. kívül esik a hatáskörén It’s down to them to correct the rest of the papers. he is not presumed to be financially accountable for such decisions. felel vkiért But tax breaks are outside the remit of the governments working party... téves volt After the meeting I had to eat my words. végzetes hiba He’s paying the price/penalty for working his body so hard. nyelvbotlás He often fell into the trap of trying to do everything on his own.. now you only have yourself to blame. vállalni a felelősséget You must learn to take responsibility for your actions.’ Harry said. beleesett abba a csapdába We want to make amends to them for spoiling their vacation. I told you not to go there. 1. 3... áthárítani a felelősséget I felt the temptation to deny such motivations as my employer was imputing to me. 2.. kiengeszteljük őket He really put his foot in it when he mentioned his ex-wife. hogy . csak magadat hibáztathatod If anyone’s to blame. so he finally didn’t get a pass. ideges rá. I got caught in a traffic jam. It’s horrible to work here. anyagi felelősséggel tartozik I think you both made mistakes.. He should stop trying to put the blame on others’ shoulders. hibát keres Will you be ready to accept full responsibility for that decision.. f. teljes felelősséget vállal Malc and I decided we’d have to face the music and tell his parents kb. mi leszünk felelősek However. hibáztatják You’ve got a chip on your shoulder about James. engem tettek felelőssé It proved to be a grave error our part... “pikkel” rá She chided him for not responding to her Christmas cards. My boss is always f. vállalni kell a tetteidet He knows he’ll have to answer for this one day. nekem tulajdonított They dropped the problem firmly back in my lap. felelősségre vonják I can’t answer for anyone but Cora-Beth. to b.. a te területedre merészkedett We felt the police tried to pin the blame on the driver. kb. nagy árat fizet We all felt that his remark was out of place. korholta I’m sorry I couldn’t help it. They always lay/put the blame for the country’s problems on the PM.. hibázott I didn’t mean to say that. . őt hibáztatják Who’s going to take the blame for this? vállalja a felelősséget I told you you shouldn’t go there. kb. két ember kell ahhoz. The teacher p.. have y. más vállára helyezi a felelősséget Was he poaching on your territory? kb.. with anything I do. jól belenyúlt = rosszat mondott HIBÁZTAT Whatever goes wrong. nem tehettem róla He’s always finding fault with everything I do.. .

Nagy árat fizetett a sikerért. aki hibázott itt. for him. am. I’m sorry but your estimates were far . ANSWER 8. 3.. Nagyon belenyúlt. He explained everything to me so I had to e. your actions. Ő volt az. Nem felelhet senkiért. which cannot be put right now. 2. re. 8. ez kívül esik a bizottság hatáskörén. Ki lesz hajlandó vállalni a felelősséget? MUSIC 12. PIN 9. Biztosnak látszik. Attól tartok. You must learn to take responsibility .. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. Don’t try to put the blame . You’ll be f. hogy a férje soha nem tesz semmi rosszat. for his actions.. too. my w... 5.. He’ll have to answer .. 7. about them. 4.. 10.. the trap of doing everything alone.. 9..... 3. .. Be careful not to fall . You must try to spot the c.... of the t.. 9. 1. Sokan úgy érezték.. I didn’t mean to say that. on his s. nem volt igazam! STAND 11. 12. SHOULDERS HISZ KIFEJEZÉSTÁR Believe it or not. 6. Listening to his best friend lying was a c.. amikor megemlítette a volt feleségemet. hogy megússzák.. in his a... 11. I’m afraid it’s all . PRICE 4. It was a g. us for some time... which means you might have to pay if you make a mistake! He didn’t seem willing to t. 12.. 10. the horse. all this one day.. 8.... csak saját magáért. Doubtless there were some bad mistakes .. 11. FOOT 6. 1. . Elismerem. He tried to m. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozícióval.... which means all his work will fall . we’re going to Spain on holiday! akár hiszed..4. 2. to you to write those letters.. the problem landed . aw. hogy a megjegyzése nem volt helyénvaló. so I won’t get the job. Megpróbálták a munkások nyakába varrni a felelősséget.... for all this.. . at least twice at the interview. PLACE 2.... ERROR 10. Mindenki megpróbálja rákenni a felelősséget.... 5. my lap. akár nem . ac. It was just a s. He’s away. Meg van győződve róla... 6...... him for everything. As always. I’m afraid I slipped .. I think they tend to put the cart .. his part. .. REMIT 7. FOOT 5. His estimates were way . to his colleagues for being late for the meeting.. 7. GET 3.. e. He seems to have o c.. the mark..

nem áll össze. line and sinker. bizalmába fogadott minket Nobody has confidence in our teachers.. az volt az érzésünk It is inconceivable that nobody did anything. mit fog bemesélni neked I’m afraid we have to assume the worst. forever taking us into his confidence. kb. töretlenül hisz And you did palm it off as a fact. hihetetlen It beggars belief how he could have failed such an easy exam. kb. kb. hitetlenkedve It is hard to believe that she did not borrow others. bevette a hazugságait She believes everything she reads hook.’ ‘You could have fooled me!’ majdnem el is hittem! He fell for her lies. believe you me! hidd el! I can’t imagine what he’ll have you believe next.. általános vélemény You’ll regret this one day.’ ‘A very likely story!’ nagyon “hihető” történet The most important thing is to remain loyal to our principles. megbízik He is very much in the principal’s confidence on that point. abban a hitben There is a general belief that he has gone mad. megvannak a kételyeim I seriously doubt that he’ll get over this shock. hogy . kb. egyszerűen hihetetlen She is so elegant. kb. by any chance? az ördög ügyvédjét játszod Dauntless found it hard to maintain his belief in what he was doing. könnyen hercegnőnek hihetnénk They are pinning their hopes on his expertise. mindent bevesz We were under the impression that he was interested in the topic at all. didn’t you? kb. mintegy varázsütésre They may talk first to someone wise and experienced – a person they know and can confide in. nagy reményei voltak I’m sorry but what you’re saying just doesn’t add up. erősen kétlem He did it in the belief that she would not come home before ten. kb. kitartottunk az elveink mellett ‘I’ve done all the homework. kételyei vannak Are you playing devil’s advocate.. feltételezni a legrosszabbat Ask rather than make assumptions. kb. nem is álmodtam róla. abban a tévhitben ringatják magukat ‘Would you like to go out with me tonight?’ ‘Don’t make me laugh!’ ne nevettess! ‘And then I saw this money lying on the ground . I’ll eat my hat. készpénznek vetted = elfogadtad I never dreamt that he would have the face to say such a thing. ezek a hiedelmek irányítják az életüket He might be well-meaning. megeszem a kalapom He took everything he read in the papers at face value. maradj hű az elveidhez . kb.. but he went bankrupt. If he comes back. bízik He had high hopes for his new business. feltételezéseket gyárt Our society lends credence to gene myths. hű maradt Fragments of slate appeared as if by magic on the lawn. hihető módon And they let those beliefs shape their lives. she could easily pass for a princess. a szakértelmében bíznak You should take everything he says with a pinch of salt. készpénznek vette We held firm to our principles no matter what they said. elképzelhetetlen They’re still labouring under the delusion/misapprehension that they’re talented painters. hitelessé teszi Who’s been putting those ideas into your head? ki beszélte tele a fejedet I read the telegram in disbelief. nehéz elhinni Blamey had started to harbour doubts over the wisdom of their journey.He tried to explain everything in a manner creditable to everybody. hitelessé teszi His investigation gives credence to our theory. but I have my doubts. amit mond It is beyond belief that he disappeared without a trace. picit kételkedve fogadj mindent You should stick to your principles and refuse their offer. élvezi az igazgató bizalmát He is forever telling us what he will do and why.

véleményem szerint He knows a lot about the car industry. (face value) (2) Az a sanda gyanúm (sneaking). You must try to suspense/suspend disbelief and imagine all that is true. 5. hogy az embereknek nincs pénzük ruhára!! (10) Frank. Fordítsd le az alábbi párbeszédet. az volt az érzésünk At this point you have to suspend disbelief and take your faith in your hands. félreteszi a kételyeit I had a sneaking suspicion that he did not want me to meet his boss. 1. Frank. lehetőleg tárgyalás nélkül! Én csak hű vagyok az elveimhez. hogy mind az ötven embert ő lőtte le. 10.. 7. 3. nem szabad mindent készpénznek venni. but you story simply doesn’t make/add up. You should take everything he says with a bit/pinch of salt. biztosan jól vagy? Na.. 2. 2. azt nehezen hiszem el (swallow). vakon elhisz We take the view that the project must be finished at all costs. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. 4. hogy ártatlan. He didn’t go with them on/in principle. kezdem elveszíteni a türelmemet HISZ FELADATLAP 1. (hook) (5) Te pedig simán elmennél ügyésznek (pass). (3) Nem tudom. amit hallasz. I’m sorry. A kezdőbetűket megadtuk. elvből Oh. 3. az a véleményünk To my way of thinking. gyere szépen. (1) Ugyan Joe. I don’t want them to get/run away with the impression that we’re stupid. ennek nincs semmi értelme! Egyszerűen hihetetlen (beggars). 8. sanda gyanú The last opinion is a little hard to swallow. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval. - Véleményem szerint (way). kb. We believe/take the view that they should be fired for this. Segítségül a kifejezések mellett találsz szavakat. You really seem to have fallen with/for her lies. . olyan agresszív vagy! (6) Bedőltél a hazugságainak! (fell) (7) Ha lehetne. (stick) (8) Nekem meg elvből nincsenek elveim! (on) (9) Te Frank. kezdem elveszíteni a türelmem. hogy azt hiszed. don’t run away with the impression that we’re not concerned. Throughout the meeting I played the devil’s lawyer/advocate. kb. he should have been punished for that.They never talk to politicians on principle. (4) Nézd. 9. ki kellett volna végezni. nehogy azt hidd We had the sense that they were not happy with the decision. megetted az egészet = elhitted I take it he’s leaving on Friday? úgy tudom You do not know me and so you cannot be expected to take anything on trust. (wearing) Te mindennek teljesen bedőlsz. We have total confidence with/in our players. but my patience with it is wearing a little thin. nehezen találtuk hihetőnek She told us nothing but lies. most bevesszük ezt a kis gyógyszert . mindenkit kivégeznél. We’re pinning/putting our hopes on that team. 6. but you swallowed it whole.

7. here and there.. If you pass that exam. She’s not at all in the director’s c. 8. nem bírja a magasságot ‘I’ll probably lose my sense of direction and fall and hurt myself. kb. and s. They had h.... kb.. 2.. c. what she o. mindentől távol . HOL – IDEGES 1. mindenütt I hunted high and low for reference material about machine knitting... you know he doesn’t have a head for heights.. h.. kb.. a közvetlen közelünkben There are several supermarkets within easy reach. for that school but it turned out to be a bad one. elérhető közelségben It seems they have vanished off the face of the earth. távol tartotta magától And what did he want coming to this back of beyond? Isten háta mögötti hely You shouldn’t have taken him... ennél közelebb nem kerülhetünk Trailers are usually safer if they are parked close together so that they protect each other. mindenfelé/sokat utazott They still exist. magasságban She kept him at arm’s length. kimenni a levegőre I came within an ace of slapping her around. Sometimes his aggressive style is a b... their lives. messze mindentől They lived in a village in the middle of nowhere. to s. majdnem sikerült This is the closest we can get to those animals.... 5. He p. a világ minden tájáról They were flying at a height of 9000 feet. eltűntek a föld színéről One big plus was that Rachel was off enjoying herself and we were close at hand... 4.. . elveszítem a tájékozódási képességemet He saw a strange figure in the distance. as a fact. 3. i.. that matter. there and everywhere... ilyen közelség They lived next door to the airport. itt-ott We shone our torches here. in the supernatural and the UFOs s. szerte az országban There is no airport in the locality.. He’s never told her anything... a távolban He suggested we should go out of doors more often. seeking to sell their work. He believes everything he hears h. living miles from anywhere..’ he sighed. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR HOL Pilots have been attracted to the UK from the four corners of the earth.. l. a szomszédban = nagyon közel The airport is right on our doorstep. . közvetlenül mellette There’s a supermarket just around the corner... .. a közelben He told me we were a long way from anywhere in that house. 6.. I’ll e.. to his theories about the murder..1. kb. Their b. these pockets of gloom and despair. my h. h. a semmi közepén It can also be lonely.. egymáshoz közel He had not been in such close proximity to a pretty young girl. The new evidence l.. kéznél voltunk The serious artists travel far and wide. mindenhol kerestem Britain will begin to lay cables for TV along the length and breadth of the country.

csak nyugi! He’s been on edge all day. helyén van az esze He has a good head on his shoulders. she warned herself. my heart missed a beat. megdobbant a szívem Don’t lose your head. gyalog is közel IDEGES He bit his lip nervously when she turned away. közvetlen közelünkben We live within walking distance of the children’s school. kb. hold your horses. kb. ideges volt (lepkézett a gyomra) In the present situation. úrrá lett rejta az aggodalom His face was bright with excitement. it would be enough if one individual lost his cool. majd kiugrott a bőréből izgalmában Excitement reached fever pitch when the president arrived. a közelsége There really are no suitable fields within range. kb. Sokfelé utazott mielőtt visszavonult. nagyon nyugodt volt The band was determined to play it cool. elvesztettem az uralmat a szituáció felett We were overcome with worry. idegesen az ajkába harapott She had butterflies in her stomach before the exam. kb. A cég eltűnt a föld színéről. Ellie. kb. that it was a comfort to know it might not be true. a keresztjük She put them at their ease in a few minutes. nem veszítsd el a fejed Remember. kb. megnyugtatta őket All right. which is good. kb. próbálj nyugodt maradni Though she thought. Jöttek szakemberek a világ minden tájáról. you must try to keep a cool head whatever they say. Kerestem a könyvet mindenhol. keep your hair on. gyorsan elérhető In his flat there isn’t enough room to swing a cat. 1. Johnny. nem idegeskednek My heart was in my mouth as I entered the room. secretly. 4. kb. könnyen. higgadtan gondolkozik They will be the death of their parents. Ideges voltam a vizsga előtt. csak ne olyan hevesen HOL – IDEGES 1. what’s happened? ideges I was on the edge of my seat for most of the time but nobody could deny we deserved this result. but it wasn’t easy. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével.The proximity of all these things amazed me. alig bírtam ülni izgatottságomban It stops me concentrating on breathing properly and makes me feel as if I’ve lost control of the situation. az izgalom a tetőfokára hágott Take it easy. megőrizte a hidegvérét He is the most even-tempered person I’ve met. 2. FELADATLAP 1. easy does it. kb. nyugi – nyugi Come on. 6. kb. kicsi lyuk Branson could see they were within striking distance. 5. kipirult izgalmában He was flushed with excitement when I told him he might come with me. FACE DOORSTEP STOMACH WIDE LOW CORNERS . torkomban dobogott a szívem Every time the phone rang. a közelben There are no pubs in the immediate vicinity. a közelben Set yourself small goals which are within your reach. megnyugtató volt tudni He certainly has his head screwed on the right way. ésszerűen. elvesztette a nyugalmát We have been on pins and needles for some weeks now. she kept her cool. a legkiegyensúlyozottab. legnyugodtabb He was as cool as a cucumber. 3. tűkön ültünk Mindful of Ace’s warning. Van egy nagy gyár a közelünkben.

. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR When he saw the policeman he went hot and cold. 7. Easy . of my seat throughout the film. You’ll have to try to keep him at arm’s . nagyon ideges volt And he may have taken a drink or two to steady his nerves. megnyugtató The deadline came. nem tudta hová nézzen zavarában It’s reassuring to know that he’s not going there alone. 10. with joy. ideges és feszült Why is everyone getting so hot under the collar about it? kb.7. walking beat does easy length edge pins overcome cool shoulders 1. 8. Jim. Joe. levezetni a feszültséget He has nerves of steel.. Don’t worry. Don’t worry about him. 3.. 1. Joe nagyon nyugodt volt a beszélgetés alatt. The next thing he knew. vasból vannak az idegei . 3.. her mouth was dry.. No need to get so tense! 2. 9. EASE CAT HORSES CUCUMBER 2.. and she didn’t know where to look.. distance from my flat.. I was on the . head whatever they’d say.... 9. and needles all day.. he was ... my heart misses a . We’ve been living in the end/back of beyond for years now. Take it . ideges leszek He certainly knows how to get under your skin.. idegesítsen fel She was in a real state about having to retake the exam. 8. megnyugtassa az idegeit We went out after the exam to let off steam. 5. kb. 6. 5. keep your hair/head on. . They lived in the middle/centre of nowhere.. We all agreed that it was comfortable/a comfort to have her there with us. His head is definitely put/screwed on the right way. kóválygott a feje – kiszáradt a szája – remegett a lába I always get the jitters before giving a lecture. There are five cinemas within . 8. He’s never been in such near/close proximity to a star.. Whenever I hear her voice. 2. IDEGES 2. Relax. 7. it! 3. . ideges Her head was swimming... 6. Csak ne olyan hevesen! 10. We’ve been on . made her feel too hot and bothered. He decided to keep a . . 4. the flood gates opened and we breathed a sigh of relief. he has a good head on his . izgulok (lámpalázas vagyok) He was too close. kb.. Excitement reached fever level/pitch when the stars arrived. 4. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. Nagyon pici ez a lakás. Megpróbálta megnyugtatni a diákokat. megkönnyebülten sóhajtott fel I always get the shakes when he’s in the room. Egészítsd ki a mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. Jack. hirtelen ideges lett It was too unsettling.. her legs were like jelly. My heart was in my throat/mouth when the woman appeared.

a hajamat tépném He seems really tensed up about that job interview. elég lesz They shouted ‘Down with the US!’ le az USA-val I don’t mind exotic holidays. lenyugodtak a dolgok You’ve done some stupid things before. elegem van That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. pardon me for breathing!’ bocsánat. lassan elfogy a türelme Now. feszült volt He was still on tenterhooks waiting for his directors’ decision about the manager’s job. ennyi volt! That’ll do. You can’t talk to me like that. nagyon izgalmas volt She was thrilled to bits when he got his new computer. nyomasztotta ‘You must feel there’s a great weight off your mind. turn off the TV and go to your rooms. Kathleen made a quiet suggestion. refusing to release the pain which weighed heavily on her heart. hogy vége lett Can we just dispense with the formalities. elege volt I got fed up with them. örült. it simply won’t do. elég. ezt egyszerűen nem lehet megcsinálni That does it.’ felidegesedett Anyway. a mindennapi élet idegesítő problémái I said I’m not telling you till ten thirty just to keep you in suspense. ami sok az sok I’ve had enough of his rude remarks. a saját levében fő There was something about the atmosphere of a theatre that never failed to stir her blood. when things had calmed down a bit. ez volt az utolsó csepp Christmas came and went and Ruth was glad to see the back of it. ‘Not even good for sport. teljesen elegem van Mr McKillop. I would be tearing my hair out. örült We’re discussing the touchy subject of musical pasts. pánikba esik Let him stew in his own juice. bizonytalanságban tartsalak If I were him. but this really takes the biscuit! ez mindennek a teteje! ‘He keeps bossing me around!’ ‘Tell him to cut it out. kb. hogy élek! I was past caring about feeling guilt and shame. I’m off. or else! vagy különben! It seems he is at the end of his patience.’ parancsolgat I’m sick of her talking about her problems! elegem van ‘To hell with all this!’ a pokolba az egésszel! I’ve had it up to here with them. kényes téma I felt she was holding back. kb.’ said Melissa at last. nagy kő esett le a szívedről You’re the one who’s getting so worked up about it. enough is enough.’ was the last straw. elég volt (a meglepetésekből) I’ve finished with them for good. torkig vagyok At first they contented themselves with shouting insults and throwing stones. végeztem velük ‘Can’t you see I’m working?’ ‘Well. az utolsó csepp a pohárban Don’t tell me he’s run away again! ugye nem azt akarod mondani? His laugh. torkig vagyok I’m fed up to the back teeth with her family and relatives. tele van a hócipőm You never do any homework. kb. régen nem érdekel I’m sick and tired of his suggestions. itt meghúzom a vonalat = ezt már nem csinálom I’m fed up with having to read his horrible poems! elegem van Do your homework. boys. but I draw the line at sleeping on the beach. megelégedtek annyival I’m sick to death of travelling four hours a day. kb. I believe I’ve had my fill of surprises for one day. I’m not going there again.He always gets in a stew about his exams. kb. felkavarta Try to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life. ideges volt Going to France was all a big thrill. nagyon izgult. as if to say. tekintsünk el a formaságoktól .

hogy Frank végre elment. j... When the policeman left... Kezdem elveszíteni a türelmemet. the f.. 13.. your m. ... The exams are over. mára elég volt a problémákból. 7. ENOUGH BACK HELL AWAY DIVESTED END BACK WORKED FILL PAST . . 2. His absence from last week’s lesson was the l.. You know it’s a sensible/touchy subject. 10. my s. . 3.. FELADATLAP 1. with his constant complaining.... u.. It’ll teach him a lesson. 6. Teljesen elege volt a tanulásból. Örült. s.. w... It simply doesn’t/won’t do! They let him cook/stew in his own juice. for a while. a deep s. Már régen nem érdekel. When I asked him about the money. 6.. 8. let him s.. h. They organised a huge party after the exams to l.. We’re s. We were in/on tenterhooks all day.... me f. 5.. o. 7. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.... ... of him shouting! 3. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. b. aren’t they? I’m sure you feel t.He couldn’t get rid of his old car. We’re f.. I felt he wanted to g.. I saw that he was a.. I’ve seen unintelligent people.. the b... You can’t behave like that.. Ideje lenne lassan eltörölni ezeket a szabályokat.. the e.... A kezdőbetűket megadtuk. .. .. Megfosztották minden hatalmától.... u. w.. Nincs értelme felhúzni magad rajta. 1. too... His legs were like jelly/leaves.. t. to d. and c....? 14. nem tudott megszabadulni We all it’s time we did away with school uniforms. 2. s.. 7.. I pull/draw the line at having to do the washing up! Don’t mention the war to him. 3. o. 1. 5... eltörölték He intends to divest you of all your power and become the caliph himself. 15... of r.. Don’t help him. is a g. my h. he w. they b. 4.. megfoszt minden hatalmadtól IDEGES 2..... but he t.. Azt hiszem. He was thrilled to bits/pieces when I told him he could come. 11.. Elegem van az összes könyvből! 4. When I looked at him. . 8... Jeff!’ ‘P. 1. ‘Shut up. of his p. In such a situation I would be t..... in his o.. 9. 10. up to the b.. Ami sok az sok! Nem megyek oda! 2... about anything. 4. 2. 9. . Do you think we could d. 8. 3... He g.. . 5... ‘He was not there when the accident happened’ he said with a breath/sigh of relief. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval.. 6..!’ 12.. easily w.. hogy mit csinál. o...

időtlen idők óta My English homework is going to take me till doomsday. azonnal Fast food restaurants are here to stay. kb. I don’t have too much patience. towards the noise. fél óra előnyben volt When he’s around children. kb.. az idő nekem dolgozik Only time will tell if their marriage is going to last. az idő múlik It’s only a matter of time before he commits something again. Sara darling. but. trying to gain time. sok éven át Right. minden egyes eltelt nappal He jumps off waterfalls to pass the time of day. majd az idő eldönti . it was cutting it fine. életünk első percétől az utolsóig It takes a little while for an author to realise that his book has been a complete failure.IDŐ KIFEJEZÉSTÁR They’re just trying to run out the clock. breathing stale air while time stands still. rövid időn belül For a split second the man on the sofa glanced away. múlik az idő. idejében We arrived early so we had some time to kill. visszaállítani az órát Time is ticking away. he is beginning to feel his age. korán kel It’ll take time for him to get over his illness. time marches on we’ve got five minutes before this meeting closes. 10 percig tartott It was a long haul till he could join us again. It took us some time to realise what he really wanted. yet it seemed like an eternity. húzzák az időt (sportban) ‘This sounds like a trick to buy time. a pillanat törtrészéig He answered everything on the spot.’ he said. I forgot to put my clocks back last night. hosszabb távon Can you make the time to look thorough these papers? időt szakítanál Make sure you get there in good time. sokáig itt lesznek We are bored and fidgeting. kb. kicentiztük = éppenhogy odaértünk I asked for a glass of water. azonnal We always get up with the sun. még néhány hét I’m sorry I’m late. eltöltse az idejét She was killed in the prime of her life on a road notorious for claiming lives. sok időbe telt We need another few weeks before we can come up with a new version. kb. eltart egy ideig We could only devote four hours a day to teaching. soha nem fejezem be We often have to listen to his problems for hours on end. élete teljében He finished four projects in a relatively short space of time. megáll az idő I’ll call the police straight away. időt nyer I take/It takes 10 minutes to walk to the station. legfeljebb My parents managed them – they were a very successful partnership for many years. beware. volt egy kevés szabadidőnk Time is on my side. érezte a korát Even with normal traffic.. kb. hosszú órákig They had practised together for only an hour. 4 órát tudtunk szánni He’s been working here for donkey’s years. örökkévalóságnak tűnt He always had at least half an hour in hand on the clock over his opponent. próbáltam időt nyerni They’ve been gone a good while. hosszú ideig It would not have left him out of his wits above a quarter of an hour at the longest. sok időbe fog telik These ideas were to prove fruitful in the longer term. csak idő kérdése With every passing day our chances of relief improve. jó ideig eltartott There was a belief that the NHS was for all of us from the cradle to the grave. jó ideig I saw her watching the girl for the longest time.

In this village time stands still/motionlessly. 5. 2. Could you ask him to . 6. amíg befejezem ezt a könyvet.! 8. 1.. 5. it’s nearly 3 o’clock. 2.. 6. 7. and we do nothing but talk. 8. 1. 4.... on.. 12. the time to see me about this contract? 3. It will definitely take for/-. 4. He doesn’t mean business. We played poker just to pass the time of --/the day. ETERNITY STAIGHT RUN .us some time to complete it. 3. He became more and more anxious with every passed/passing day. he is always up with the . Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. time is on my .. 9. 3.. You’ll have to stay here for a good . 9. SPOT END DOOMSDAY 4... Only time will tell/say whether we were right. Örökkévalóságig fog tartani. She was cut off in/on her prime.. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. 10. 7.. Time is tickling/ticking away. 3. . He is an early riser.. You should be able to .. Az előadás két órán át tartott... I’m afraid... he’s just trying to . . you were cutting it fine/finely. time. Remember. 11. 2. Time . . so we still have some time to . We’ve been working here for donkey’s . We managed to get there in/on good time. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. I’m certain that this investment will pay off in the long . hogy adjak neki 500 fontot azonnal. de örökkévalóságnak tűnt. . 6.. Well. He was talking and talking for hours in/on end.. The plane leaves at ten. Hosszú hetekig várakoztattak bennünket. years marches make devote sun while term kill buy side 1. Azonnal írd meg ezt a levelet.. We’ll need another few month/months to be done with it. 10. Four people were fired within a relatively short place/space of time. Megkért. 2. at least three hours to this project a day.IDŐ FELADATLAP 1. 5. Az ellenfél csak az időt húzta.

It’s going to t... 5.. 10. és megpróbál időt nyerni. would be to give a false impression.7. not three... elterelje a figyelmet az igazságról He thought I had been economical with the truth. . I’m the exception that proves the rule. 1. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR Frequently it is not the case that we have no answer to a question.. the c. tisztázza az ügyet These rules are not carved in stone. gazdaságosan bánik az igazsággal = hazudik Certainly. of t. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval... . nincsenek kőbe vésve ‘Did you really see it?’ ‘Cross my heart and hope to die. y. hogy azt állítsam . valójában That article betrays a staggering contempt for the truth. w. 6.. a. He’s there for you f. you t. d. 8. It’s only a m. there were only two soldiers in the room.. a l... He is an early bird. Mr Aichi made a clean breast of it. TELL SIDE LONGEST GAIN 4. to the g. 2... Get out of here and start working s. a kivétel erősíti a szabályt It’s a fact of life that some students have to fail exams.! IGAZ 1.. 4. Egy órát dolgoztunk neki legfeljebb... kiderült In reality. minden fajta részrehajlás nélkül Could you force the truth out of them in the end? kb. volt némi igazságalapja All students have passed the exam. nem mennék olyan messzire.. 8.. when he’ll change his mind. however. to finish all this. For a s.. He is a real fast talker... . nagy dumás Decisions will be made without fear or favour. közel járt az igazsághoz The Minister is mumbling – I hope that he will get up and clear the air... kb. 3. ez már csak így van az életben To think that the Archives are standing idle by.. tisztázta a dolgot Her remarks were close to home. 9.. kb. nem álltak össze = nem voltak hitelesek What he did was try to distract attention from the truth.... köze sincs az igazsághoz Their stories simply didn’t hang together. I thought that he was going to fire me. hogy Besides. hogy nem akar válaszolni.. and he returned the money to Recruit. hibás benyomás lenne I wouldn’t go as far as to say that he is a criminal. teljesen alaptalan To put the record straight. . he has never been to Spain. he always gets up w.. for him to do everything you asked him to. unfortunately.. Éreztem.. there was an element of truth in what he said. a teljes igazság kedvéért. . krododil könnyeket ejtett = hamis könnyek! It came out that he had never attended university. 7. kb... We’ve been living with them for d. hogy helyesen cselekedtünk-e. Az idő nekem dolgozik.. nem arról van szó. the s... Csak az idő tudja megmondani.. becsületszavamra! So let’s have none of the crocodile tears about big business... s. A kezdőbetűket megadtuk. kisajtoltad belőlük az igazat? That article is totally without foundation..’ kb. kb. It will t.

hidd el nekem That anecdote seems true to life.. kicsalta belőlük az összes információt Their accountant has been cooking the books for years. I’ve been married for 20 years. 9. csal a könyvelésben If you cry wolf all the time.... let alone a university.. hitegeti magát We never hid the truth. élő bizonyíték Take it from me – he’s never studied in high school. A fast talker . kb. I’m not a bachelor. 3. . 10. . 7. farkast kiált She helped him cut corners. kb. kb. félrevezethet Finally. hazudik. mindig elmondjuk az igazat I’ve had enough of him lying through his teeth. parents don’t take it seriously. If someone’s lying through his teeth. FELADATLAP 1. . all eyes turned towards the president. ... fején találta a szöget Marshka’s words hit home. igazság szerint ‘He keeps coming home late. kb. If you do the dirty on someone. least of all from our parents. in truth. kegyes hazugság No. 4. kb.. . A white lie is . Fejezd be az alábbi mondatokat értelemszerűen. 6. If a statement is without foundation.The moment she said it she knew she had hit the nail on the head.. kb... .. megtalálni a kiskapukat He’d never do the dirty on his friends. 5. kb.. If an argument doesn’t hold water. az az igazság There is not a grain of truth in that article. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. . with some justification. she hated all of them. soha nem köpné be IGAZ 1. kb. kb. a szavai találtak = kényes pontra tapintottak In all honesty we should have won by at least 15 points. 8.. egy szó sem igaz She was friendly although.. igazság szerint I’m afraid his argument does not hold water. we charmed all the information out of them.. nem állja meg a helyét Is that true or did you just make it up? csak kitaláltad I’ll remember his incredible ability to tell tall stories when looking for help. nyílt. If you cut corners. A tall story is . . felháborító hazugság Aplin’s class was living proof of this.. 2. 1. az igazság szerint The numerical data can lead you astray in eight main ways. If you hit the nail on the head. smoothed out the rougher edges of his life. If there’s a grain of truth in something... As a matter of fact. 2.’ she complained.. a valósághoz hű The truth of the matter is we may not make a profit this year. volt némi igazsága There may be a kernel of truth in his story. nehezen hihető történetek I didn’t want to tell her I’d done nothing at all so I told a sort of white lie. mint a vízfolyás What? You believe that pack of lies? csomó hazugság It’s nothing but a barefaced lie. egy morzsányi igazság He’s kidding himself if he thinks he’ll be able to do it in two weeks.

....... w. hogy mindenki meg tud tanulni angolul.... s. 4. A film nagyon közel járt az igazsághoz. Finally. 2. I got into your office under false pretences.. with the t. the t. ... . the r. of l. Think twice before you c.. LIFE MADE HOME LIVING 3. Joe became as red as a beetroot. Nine out of ten students passed the exam... – ÍR KIFEJEZÉSTÁR It was an attempt to lull him into a false sense of security. 3. . of t. 5.... w.. hogy nem volt időnk megnézni a filmet. I think you shouldn’t c.. JUSTIFICATION Minden amit mondott szemenszedett hazugság. 10..... but there was no other way. 12. the r... in what they said. csalással/másokat becsapva The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. . p. .. He told her he liked her dress. amit mondott. ... A szavak kezdőbetűit segítségül magadtuk 1. nincs mit tenni. 11.. l.. amit tudni szerettünk volna... I have never even entered the room. BAREFACED Te vagy az élő bizonyíték. a c. 9. What he said was a p. .. 13. 4. so Jenny’s words must have h. 6.. Csak kitalálta az egészet. hogy nem voltunk tisztességesek. 3.... from me. 2. az orruknál fogva vezeti az embereket . He said there might have been a k.. 14. 8.1. .. GRAIN A történet nagyon valósághűen hangzott. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat.. I’m afraid your story doesn’t h... CHARM Egy szemernyi igazság sem volt abban. . MATTER Sikerült kiszedni belőlük mindent. but it was a w.. me a. IGAZ 2..... well.. Hidd el nekem. the b. .... the a. 7. 8.. beleringatják őket ... h.. To p. 15.. he decided to m. and should always tell me everything. b... 5. whatever he says. c. Why don’t you stand up and c. nem alaptalanul. 7... You should never let your accountants c. csal Old Wolsey loved to lead people by the nose. he was just e. of it and make a speech in public.. His kindness must have l. Az igazság az.. 6.. You must never h.. He wasn’t exactly lying. 9. my accountant’s on the fiddle and I’m an overdrawer. 10. TAKE Úgy érezte..... the e.

gyárt. kb. puszta találgatás He was the last person I expected to stab me in the back. rugalmasan kezelte az igazságot ‘OK. kb. and I’ll stick to my word. félrevezették Love? I don’t think he knows the meaning of the word! azt sem tudja.’ kb. but I don’t want to know any more. hogy az mit jelent! I know he was just putting on an act. ami igaz. csak megjátszotta Because we were going to Spain together and he cried off at the last moment. beszéljünk komolyan ÍR She contributed to numerous American magazines in the 1980s. tartom magam a szavamhoz And if I think you’re stringing me along. but I knew he didn’t mean it. hátbaszúr (átvitt értelemben!) The stark reality is that if we don’t start winning games. táplálkozik = felhasznál . though I might have stretched the truth a little. nem gondolta komolyan But a regional health authority spokesman dismissed the document as pure speculation. hogy igazságtalanul bántak veled She’s a slow worker. I’m turning you over to the Law. megérdemelte No. beugrató kérdés We all fell for his lies. kb. but to give her her due. becsapták You have every right to feel hard done by. kb. keresztüllátott He said he loved her. kb.It was a common experience for me to fall in love with love and then be led up the garden path. igazságos/egyenlő esélyeket Their relationship is in ruins but they’re trying to keep up the appearance. riasztó képet fest a társadalomról The sketch of the theory has been painted with a broad brush. I said I’m going to help you. ‘Let's talk turkey. a kegyetlen igazság az. félrevezet They said they were ill or made some other excuse.’ said I. úgy érzed. next time he’ll start revising in time. az arca tanúskodott Did you really believe that pack of lies? csomó hazugság We have only been given part of the story. bevettük a hazugságait We’ve got it. takarékosság a szavakkal She grinds out poems by the dozen. we bought it in good faith and we’re keeping it jóhiszeműen The drinking public was now aware they were being taken for a ride by the brewing barons. valami más kifogást talált It was a trick question. kb. gyermekkori élményeiből táplálkozik We haven’t seen each other for years but he still drops me a line every now and then. levelet ír A great economy of words is typical of his style. levelet ír (valamilyen ügyben) His books build on my research. kihasználta Didn’t she realise that he saw through every trick she used. az igaz It would not even create a truly level playing field. sorozatban ír Did the doctor make out a prescription? receptet felír He paints a grim picture of society in his books. He fired you without any warning.. igazságtalan bánásmód When you see the blood you know it’s for real. fenntartják a látszatot His face bore evidence of a night out with the boys. csak az igazság egy részét He said he often got a raw deal. . she is very reliable. igazi/valódi He failed his exams.. el volt nagyolva Having read your article I decided to put pen to paper. I didn’t lie. lemondta He was taking advantage of my money. írt (újságokba) Dickens draws heavily on his childhood experiences. we’ll go down. didn’t he? It serves him right.

3. I know that it is from/for real this time. Hold on! You were only said/given part of the story. he just rugalmasan kezelte az igazságot (1).. His only excuse is that he did everything . We don’t meet very often but he still drops me a line/drops me lines sometimes. Did you ask the doctor to take/make out a prescription for you? 2. were you? He is said to have contributed .. Newsweek earlier. I trusted him so much! He saw . 4. I can’t go as I promised Jenny I wouldn’t and I’d like to . 4... 8..... 3. path. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. 4. I can’t help feeling that elbántak vele (5) and the boss próbálja a látszatot fenntartani (6) when it comes to explaining his move. A kegyetlen igazság az (7) that you must be really careful here whose wife you invite for coffee! 3. unless you are really careful with him. her as soon as they met.. 5.. Yet. we must try to keep . and once tollat ragadott (4) to help the people in Ethiopia... to my word. 4... 3. He produces/grinds out horror stories at the rate of five a year. Anyway. 1. 2. He is not a liar.. – ÍR FELADATLAP 1. it was a tricking/trick question! 5.. 11. .. previous investigations by US officials. 12. 7.. people by the nose. pretences.. His research built . 1.. He stayed with her just to keep/hold up the appearance. I fell . You were not trying to string me . The government is set on creating a . 8. However.... 9. It’s a good book but some characters have been painted ..IGAZ 2.. He’s not really suffering.. 1. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval. A great economics/economy of words is quite typical of Hemingway. and you know that. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozícióval.. good faith. 6. . Whatever they do. That article heavily draws on/from my books.. 6. 7.. it’s true that írt (3) several American magazines. 2.. I know you’re not best friends but you must give/get them their is due. Az alábbi szövegben fordítsd le angolra a magyar részeket. He managed to lead them up the . There’s nothing he enjoys more than . 7. me in the b.. 10. playing field for all. He got the information out of him under . his lies. 5. the appearance. I never expected you to s. You shouldn’t have answered. a broad brush.. I decided to get/put pen to paper. I many say that úgy kellett neki (2) to be fired. he’s just putting on an . He’s certainly going to take you for a .. 2. Having read your article.. . 8. He tried to make/take advantage of her kindness.. 6.

’ minden a terv szerint halad ‘Is the film any good?’ ‘No.9. előny. eleget tesz a kihívásnak We expect that generally things will change for the better. he’s never done anything to hurt you.’ jó – nem jó It seems he’s convinced he’s a cut above the rest of the class. JÓ(L) 1. megváltozott = jó útra tért To his credit. she was just putting ... an act. kezdetnek megfelel My new car goes like a dream. az egyik áldása His new film can’t hold a candle to the previous one. kiemelkedő pályafutás – az ő nevéhez fűződik That would do quite nicely for a start. she’s in a different class from the average county player. there is much for the parents as well as the teenagers to gain. nehéz felülmúlni The youth had changed his ways after moving in with foster parents. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR Not having to get up early is one of the blessings of this job. gratulálhatsz magadnak His new book is quite a contrast to the previous one. kb. picit jobb. jobb lesz As far as awful games go this one takes some beating. az ő korában ez szép teljesítmény volt You can congratulate yourself on that result. messze a legjobb Perhaps that wasn’t the happiest choice of words. kb. small point. grabbing a chance to show that she was on the ball. hátrányban van He had a distinguished career as a clockmaker with several original inventions to his credit. nem volt túl szerencsés ezt mondani He’s good at writing reports. ügyes And then they’re at a disadvantage when they have to deal with real life problems. sokkal jobb/rosszabb The article contributes little to our understanding of hooliganism. a legjobbat hozta ki belőle On the credit side. az egész világ a csodájára jár . javára legyen mondva The new marketing strategy worked like a charm. kb. jó. mint egy álom Our educational system is the envy of the world. 10. arany szíve van That stressful situation brought out the best in her. túl van a fénykorán Jeff has a heart of gold. nincs párja I actually felt that we might be able to meet the challenge. kb. nem is lehet egy lapon említeni As a writer. .’ said Corker. every cloud has a silver lining. everything goes according to plan. egyedülálló At 15. he has no equal. ‘Sorry Ingmar. mint a többiek = felsőbbrendű It was a good result for a man of his age. kb... nem nagyon segít megérteni He still stands head and shoulders above every other goalkeeper in the country. it’s no good. érti a dolgát ‘Any problems?’ ‘Nothing so far. She couldn’t care less about them.. csodálatosan működött As a midfielder he’s in a class of his own. klasszisokkal jobb Remember. minden rosszban van valami jó By and large your five senses tell you when food is a bit past its best. They felt hard done .. hogy . megy.

. 2. van mit javulni It wasn’t appropriate for him to make remarks on our job... LEAGUE Na.. APPROPRIATE A betegsége után csak árnyéka volt önmagának. 6..... I suppose. hogy kritizálta a főnökeit. megérte JÓ(L) 1.. csak árnyéka önmagának They finally met their match in tennis. caring and generous to a fault. His lessons can’t h.. 4.... annyira kedves. but there’s still r.. 4. kb. 2. She had a d. but there is still room for improvement.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval. átlagos The movie’s virtues far outweigh its faults. it w.. tökéletesen megfelel nekem Well. a.. 3. this is just about as good as it gets.. kb. He has a heart --/made of gold. 2. kb. de állítólag jó útra tért.. 5. People from all over the world come to see it. WAYS Javára legyen mondva.. 10.... 5. MATCH Börtönben volt öt évig.. 6..... he stands h.’ kb. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. My life changed but we’re not sure that it was a c.. 1. . Nem volt helyénvaló. FELADATLAP 1. GETS 3. . We all agreed that it wasn’t the h... mint a hibája You are also kind. nem találták elég jónak As a goalkeeper. m. for i. ez ennél jobb már nem nagyon lesz. 4. 3. They beat us four nil. f.. 1. 7. l. formába lendülni Lately. 8. nem túl jó You’ll have to get back in form to beat him.. Their books c. több az érdeme. soha nem késett el az iskolából. nem volt helyénvaló He was found lacking so they fired him.‘How is his new book?’ ‘Nothing to get excited about. . to our lessons at school. 8. a c.. Our museum is the e. emberükre találtak He works quite well. the Brazilians. c. COME Joe klasszisokkal jobb bárkinél... klasszissal jobb bárkinél We have come a long way since then. as a teaching assistant. nem voltunk ellenfelek Their investment has certainly paid off. and s. hogy az már nem is egészséges A soda will do me fine. thank you. the b. . FORMER Végre emberükre találtak. 7. he is in a league of his own.. . Our national team was n... c.. 9... The first movie was encouraging. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. 1. like a d. of the problem at hand. . of the w. ennél jobb már nem lesz I’m afraid that film isn’t much good. The party was great. to our u. 3. A szavak kezdőbetűjét megadtuk.. all the other managers in the company. semmi különleges. CREDIT Sokat fejlődtünk a legutolsó találkozó óta. you’ve become a shadow of your former self. of w. As is well known...... Our neighbours believe that they’re a cut over/above everyone else.. nagy utat tettünk meg = sokat fejlődtünk We were no match for them in football. 2.. They felt they were on/at a disadvantage. He’s not really good in/at maths. f.

Bertolucci árnyékában His grammar skills show no sign of improving. pont nekem való In fact. nagyon helyesnek tűnik That book painted a rosy picture of the country’s economic situation. mennyei We will also consider how we can better serve the needs of student members. He was released last year. 7. rózsaszín képet festett He definitely got the pick of the bunch. a helyes dolgot cselekedte Are you working to perfection within your job? a tökéletességre törekszik a munkájában The plus side of having no TV is that we go out more. egyetlen pozitív oldala It seems only right to ask him not to try that again. that soup was out of this world. 13. csodákat tett Jenny. 6. megelégszik a második legjobbal His new book put all the others in the shade. nem mutat javulást That book was right up my street. 8. As a holiday resort. 15. kb. kb. 12. thank you. udvariatlan lenne . jók a könyvei We had a reasonable meal.5. kevés. 9. 14. 11. kb. – KEDVES KIFEJEZÉSTÁR He did the decent thing and left the party. He felt we were not able to do/meet the challenge. A small flat will make/do nicely. a krémje He is second to none when it comes to sports. a jó oldala He tried to get them to buy him a better computer but to little or no purpose. Will is definitely no paragon of virtue! kb. She’s in a different class compared/from the rest of the players. I know he’ll soon get back on/in form. minden más könyvet elhomályosít All his life he’s been in the shadow of Bertolucci. nem maga a megtestesült erény Her absences had done wonders for their marriage. this place takes/needs some beating. You’re kind to them until/to a fault. kb. Your chicken soup has nothing/no equal. and he’s changed his way/ways since then. vagy semmi eredménnyel His books read very well. elég jó The only redeeming feature of this job is the summer holidays. That statement is rather/quite a contrast to what we’d expected. jobban szolgálja az érdekeit KEDVES It would look rude not to go to your brother’s wedding. senkihez sem fogható (olyan jó) We’ll have to settle for second best. He was found lacking/to lack and was fired in consequence. They were no match/matches for us. 10. kb. JÓ(L) 2.

egy gyenge pillanatomban He seems to be very strict but he is quite kind at heart. He must be the first one to answer the teachers’ questions. több ezer ember vére tapad a kezéhez I have nothing against him I just don’t like the look of that man. maga a megtestesült udvariasság She’s killing her children with kindness. won’t I? kézbe kell vennem téged! And it’s a great way for her to pay me back for interfering in their sordid little loveaffair. barátságtalan volt He makes mistakes sometimes.. távol tartottam magam tőle Don’t worry about him. but his heart is in the right place. kicsit korai/nem lenne időszerű That naughty child would try the patience of a saint. a világ türelme nem elég hozzá When I arrived half an hour late. He even makes her coffee sometimes. a légynek sem tudna ártani We have to make allowances for them.I tried to talk to him but he gave me the cold shoulder. túl kedves a gyermekeivel They’re not going to look kindly on gringos. she is always ready with a shoulder to cry on. megvolt a mai jócselekedetem He never talked to anyone and kept everyone at a distance. believe me. believe me. nyalizik mindenkinek He wants to be liked and likes to hang around and curry favour with the teacher. kb. kedves. nem tetszik nekem az az ember I’m sure he meant well. yet I decided to keep my distance from him. joviális How would he like it if someone took his car and didn’t even bother to ask? hogy tetszene? He was a dictator with the blood of thousands on his hands. kb. nem bírom elviselni Proposing to her would be jumping the gun. mindenkit távol tartott magától He was very friendly. nem akar rosszat We certainly don’t wish him any harm. tele van jószándékkal She was thought to be on intimate terms with her boss. jó szemmel nézik He’s a larger than life person with the character to put it all behind him. kedves volt tőled . they’ve been working for 20 hours. nem tesz engedményeket a kora miatt I told them the story with the best (of) intentions. bizalmas viszonyban van The waiter was courtesy itself. nem szabad szigorúnak lennünk velük We should make no concession to his age. kb. remek mód That was definitely a blow below the belt! övön aluli volt It was sweet of you to take me to the airport. aranyos Don’t worry about him. stréber He keeps licking everybody’s boots. the teacher gave me a hard stare. a legjobb indulattal . nem kívánunk neki semmi rosszat I appreciate what you did for me. nagyon kedves. kb. I’m in your debt. I feel I won’t be able to bear with him much longer. kb. keresi a tanár kegyeit He’s an eager beaver. They were full of good intentions. he couldn’t hurt a fly. I’m sure he means no harm. jószívű His only saving grace is his undying belief in the melodramatic. a tanár kedvence He’s so stressed out all the time. adósod vagyok/ le vagyok kötelezve I gave a beggar some money so I did my good deed for the day. egyetlen mentsége He’s always trying to butter up everybody he thinks could help him. jót akart Whenever I need her.. csúnyán nézett rám Then I’ll have to take you in hand. kisírhatod magad a vállán In a weak moment I said ‘yes’ to him. nyalja mindenki talpát Joe’s the teacher’s pet.

. 6. I simply can’t stand his . . hangulat változásai His profession would mean that he would listen to me with a sympathetic ear. 10. You shouldn’t try to . 9. licking the director’s . on this request. 8.. 5. the so-called rules of natural justice are not engraved on tablets of stone. nincsenek kőbe vésve JÓ(L) 2. he gave me a tough/hard stare. 4. He has a tendency to . Thank you so much for your help. with the president. 8.Matthew grew up in a family atmosphere of sweetness and light. 8. of mood.. – KEDVES FELADATLAP 1. . He is a disgrace.. 4. Everyone knows he’s the teacher’s . he’s always ready with a shoulder/an ear to cry on. 4.. 3. If you have some problems. we’re in/on your debt. együttérzően My Lords... She is said to be on intimate . ideális/harmonikus családi légkör The prince is famous for his swings of mood and changes of mind. 3. 2. but we all know that he’s kind in/at heart. up everybody from the board of directors. 7. hogy okos. I don’t think he would look . favour with him. Her beauty is her saving grace/feature. Úgy látszik kézbe kell vennem a fiút! Ez a munka pont nekem való. 2. The new hair tonic made/did wonders for him. Hagyd már! Joe a légynek sem tudna ártani. 2. picture of rural England in her books.. Egy gyenge pillanatomban odaadtam neki az autómat. kb. He’s second to none/nobody when it comes to working. 5. boots grim butter swings kindly pet curry terms 1. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.. Mennyei volt a vacsora! A legjobb indulattal sem mondhatom. Kedves volt tőled... 1. 3. 7. When we next met. 1.. 6. 6. Many feel that she paints a . These rules are not engraved in tables/tablets of stone. 5. KELL KIFEJEZÉSTÁR SWEET WEAK FLY WORLD BEST TAKE STREET SHOW . Sajnos a diákjaim nem mutatják a javulás jelét. 3. Mentioning that topic was a blow under/below the belt.. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. Doing the shopping for the lady next door was my good act/deed for the day... He seems a bit aggressive. 2. 7.. hogy bemutattál neki. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból.

követelt. definíció szerint It is desirable that the cost (should) be kept as low as possible. ajánlatos lenne He was taken to his parents’ house against his will. kötelességemnek érzem He said effective communication at work requires time and effort. because he’d feel honour bound to do something about it. kötelességem He wasn’t writing ‘It will be nice to see you’ out of a sense of duty. a körülmények áldozata Under the circumstances. She couldn’t help but wonder how they could find a solution so easily. Must you always remind me of that incident? muszáj neked? But the trick is to shoot the fucking tiger at all costs. igényelt I am to meet the boss next week. kötelességének érezné Fiona is under instructions to leave something we can eat for Saturday lunch. időt és energiát igényel Her father was a missionary and she felt the call to help him. utasították It is laid down that the business must be conducted in a prudent manner. nem kell mást tenned. kb. kellett volna He had to quit school through force of circumstance. nem tudtam uralkodni magamon I can’t help thinking he wants something from you.. most have the bare necessities. bármi áron Isn’t it about time you did something useful? nem lenne lassan ideje. azzal jár Don’t you tell him either. akarata ellenére . kötelességtudatból Being an English major entails reading a lot of books.. határidő But making individualism for the masses is by definition self-defeating. nem volt más lehetőségem She made a resolution to pass all her exams the following year. you should have been more sympathetic. a körülmények kényszerítő hatására I had no option but to call the police.. szerződés kötelez I feel called upon to express my concerns about his ideas. dolgoztatott Like a spur it challenges us to find out for ourselves. We’ve enjoyed the evening but it’s time we went/ for us to go. csak csodálkozni tudott But you’d do better to come down with me and make the long trip round. I started crying. ideje mennünk He was made to work 24 hours a day. mindig az a vége. nem tudok meglenni nélküle We all know that his plans are doomed to failure. I’m a victim of circumstance. alapvető létszükségletek I can’t do without coffee. kell All you need do is fill in this form. azért vannak Don’t blame me.. I couldn’t help myself. kötelességemnek tartottam When I saw her.We are bound by the contract to move out before the end of the month. nem tudok nem gondolni arra. as follows. jobban tennéd We’re hard up for some money. .. rosszul állunk (anyagilag) He was also crying out for an efficient office. kudarcra van kárhoztatva The front gate needs/requires/wants painting.. le van fektetve (szabály) Lectures are meant to stimulate study. le kell festeni It is my duty to warn you against entering that building without a written permit. fogadalmat tett You would do well to start showing up in school on time... ajánlatos Although many people in Esarn are poor. mint . hogy . nagy kihívás számunkra The deadline for the paper is next Monday. kb. I always end up having to tidy the whole house on my own. hogy .

All you need do is calling/call that number. 2. Sokkal udvariasabbnak kellett volna lenned vele. Ajánlatos lenne. all costs. You must finish this project . 5. They had to move out of that house . All his enterprises are doomed . failure.. When I saw how poor they were. Utasították. CALLED WELL SHOULD UNDER RESOLUTION OPTION DUTY . 3... 2. 3. Fogadalmat tett. mint hogy kirúgjam. too. hogy elmondjam az igazat. I felt the calling/call to help them. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. that women cannot enter the building. ha elkezdenéd megcsinálni a házidat. hogy mindenkit küldjön ki az épületből. Whatever you do... it’s time . hogy elmondjam neki az igazat. you to leave now. 9.. 5. 3. the agreement they had made. 3. 1. 6. Working here is entailing/entails having to talk to foreign customers. He wouldn’t go there from/out of a sense of duty. It’s already ten. This book needs to revise/revising. 2..KELL FELADATLAP 1. 1. 5. She is a victim . Kötelességem.. we’re hard/hardly up.. He was bound .. 10.. I can’t help only/but wonder how well you’ve completed that. to speak up for them. She felt called .. These books are meant being/to be a challenge for students. 14. Nem volt más lehetőségem. 7. 11. some changes. force of circumstance. She did/made a resolution never to see him again. 9.... 13. We were made . 1. hogy megváltozik. 8. 15. Kötelességemnek érzem. 4. I can’t help you. There/It is my duty to be there when he needs me. They were crying out . 4. circumstance. 7. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozícióval. 7. 6.. 6. 10.. you’ll end up to go/going back to him again. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. 8. They took him to the trip against his will/willpower.. 12. It is laid . 4.. I can’t do/make without the internet. All his projects are doomed for/to failure. 2. leave the building.. We felt honour bound/bounded to visit them on that occasion.

rosszul esett arra gondolnom. kb. Csak csodálkozni tudott azon. kb. . 9.8. 10. kb. if there wasn’t a chance that it might end in tears. Kötelességének érezte. keserű pirula There was a heavy silence in the room. közel vannak I’ve been in and out of places. nem tett jó szolgálatot If I feel at ease with someone. a saját kárukra He wouldn’t be caught dead being taken to school by his parents. Ez a munka azzal jár. 11. komollyá vált It was no hardship for him to give up what she called sinning. kb. partra vetett hal It hurt me to think that he was not interested in my future. a bitter pill to swallow. irigylésre méltó helyzetben van At the conference he felt like a fish out of water. 12. méltóságon aluli lenne You’ve disgraced yourself once too often. jól érzem magam I feel out of my element whenever I have to talk about literature.. nehezen elfogadható The Bosnians will have to look to the lesson the Palestinians have learnt to their cost. Jobban tennéd. but underneath the table because it embarrassed him to receive money in public. . her ex-boyfriend was present at the party. zavarban volt I nearly died of embarrassment when he saw that I was cheating. saját káromon kellett megtanulnom He gave me a hard time at the exam. ha segítenél neki. hogy sokat kell utazni. kb. kb. meghalt volna szégyenében Working for him would be beneath my dignity. Andrew. hogy felhívja őket. kényelmes. kellemetlen volt számára But it wouldn’t be worth doing. rosszul végződik He is in the enviable position of being allowed to leave early every day. majd’ meghaltam zavaromban Much to her embarrassment. nem volt nehéz számára And I think he’ll have it in for you. kb. BETTER WONDER ENTAILS HONOUR SENSE KELLEMETLENSÉG KIFEJEZÉSTÁR It was a bit of a blow. kb. kellemetlen/nehéz perceket okozott I find these ideas very hard to take. I’ve had to learn the hard way. this morning he got very heavy and actually grabbed me and tried to kiss me. hogy senki nem volt ott. Mindezt csak kötelességtudatból csinálta. csapás – kb. kellemetlenül érzem magam The sum changed hands. kellemetlen csend Well. kellemetlenkedni fog Our district is really convenient for shops.. szégyent hoztál magadra His behaviour did a great disservice to patients and the profession. I don’t find it necessary to talk all the time.

There was no good choice. nem kellene a szívedre venned Some of you may take it amiss if I were to describe you as veterans. kb. The end of his football career was a sore . is nothing but sour grapes... We were aware that it was a bitter .. megaláz The supermarket was a sore point with some villagers who never wished it there. He didn’t mean to hurt you. we had to choose the lesser of the two . 5. He dropped a . in my opinion. mentse a becsületét He was the sort of guy who jumped at every opportunity to make you look small. he’ll have to learn the hard . . kb. megtalálni az arany középutat KELLEMETLENSÉG FELADATLAP 1.. I hope you won’t take it . kellemetlen(kedő) kérdések To rub salt into the wound. but you don’t seem to do much work. was loaded from the start. vagy nevessünk Working in the summer is the lesser of two evils... félreérthetitek He didn’t realise he’d dropped a brick when he admitted that he knew where we were going. amiss point heart pain brick dice evils pill much way 1. . nem tudtuk. kb.. megforgatta a kést a sebben Wilko must do what is right for the team.. 10. savanyú a szőlő Well... Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. rosszul végződik Criticism from an ex-player. meg volt bundázva It’s a pain having walk four hours to the station. kb. you really shouldn’t take it to heart. felelősségre von Last year’s concert may have left a bad taste in the mouth for many fans. he fired his girlfriend. . kellemetlen kérdés The craftsmen there hope their careers won’t end on a sour note. kikérdez. I think it’s a bit unnecessary to put me on the spot – this isn’t a bloody inquisition.... 4. a week later. 6. to swallow and there was nothing to do. a kisebbik rossz They thought the dice was loaded in favour of better-off applicants. there was nobody wearing a black tie except me. in the neck.. kb. Don’t help him. kellemetlen He is such a pain in the neck. you shouldn’t take everything to ... 9. . not what is best to save face. too. 2. hogy sírjunk. They all thought that the .. elszólta magát When they told us everybody had failed.. with him. he keeps calling me every night.. kb. Johnny.. 8. Come on. 3.. idegesítő ember My knowledge of history and myself made me ask awkward questions. you’re such a . kb. when he mentioned her previous job. too.I’m sure he didn’t want to hurt you. rossz szájízt hagyott maga után He told friends he always believed in striking a happy medium. 7. we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. to my embarrassment.

We were afraid of the dogs. He seems to enjoy putting other people on spots. ENVIABLE 4. 1. We nearly died from embarrassment when the girls appeared. 9. you’d do better to avoid the subject. A találkozó rossz szájízt hagyott maga után a tanárok körében. Nagyon kellemetlenül éreztem magam a partin. hogy ennek a történetnek nem lesz szomorú a vége. 6. His previous marriages are a sour point with him. hogy sírjunk. 8. We are in the envious position of not having to work on Fridays. I never feel in ease when talking to a policeman. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. ELEMENT CRY COST SMALL 3. 5. nem tudtuk. 7. I guess we’ll have to swallow the bitterly pill. 12. 7. She takes everything I tell her to heart. hogy öt titkárnője van. You must always aim at striking the happy media. HARD Ha nem vigyázunk. mint a partra vetett hal. 2. 10. Azt mondta. She wouldn’t be caught dead to talk to him in public. 11. he said talking to Joe was beyond his dignity. 10. He said the announcement made a great disservice to our nation. 4. which I find hard to take. Javítsd ki őket! 1. MOUTH A főnököm kellemetlen perceket okozott az a múlt héten. NOTE WATER 6. vagy nevessünk.2. hogy nem volt jó az előadás. Later. 13. There was no hardship for him leaving everyone behind. 15. Going to Spain alone was the lesser of the two devils. 9. My sister is a pain on my neck. to rub salt on the wound. Abban az irigylésre méltó helyzetben van. 5. 14. A buliban úgy éreztem magam. majd megtanulod a magad kárán. Nem mondhatok semmit. KÉR – KEZDŐDIK KIFEJEZÉSTÁR . 3. Az alábbi mondatok tartalmaznak (sajnos) egy-egy hibát. TEARS Nagyon szereti megalázni az alkalmazottait. SOUR 3. Reméljük. 11. I especially felt like a fish out of the water. Nem nagyon sikerült neki megtalálni az arany középutat. Much to our embarrassment. MEDIUM 2. 12. he told her he was seeing someone else. ez még rosszul végződhet. de szerintem csak savanyú a szőlő. Amikor elmondta a tervét. 8.

kb. kezdetben To begin with.. will you/would you/could you? megtennéd? I wondered if you could help me with this letter. először is Of course. bevezetésképpen Well. rögtön az elejétől . the former Soviet Union had been invited to do the honours but declined. it’s much too expensive. he is too aggressive. első találkozáskor He didn’t seem very kind at first. elültette a kétely magvát I firmly believe that we should deal with these problems at source. in the first place. he speaks four languages. kiforratlanok. tedd meg azt a szívességet Have a heart! I can’t do it alone! legyen szíved It was his express wish that the Family Day celebration should continue.Would you be good enough to let me know the result tomorrow. első látásra. megszületett It’s time I got down to thinking about a solution. ha lenne szíves várni Go get some food. legyen szíves segítsen I know it’s difficult but you might at least try! legalább megpróbálhatnád Do you think I might ask him to give me a hand? esetleg megkérhetném. it is premature to propose Mr Lang to the Pope for canonisation. újrakezdtük az egészet What might have planted the seeds of doubt in his mind. kifejezett kérése volt Do yourself a favour and learn these poems for the test tomorrow. ha van kedved Actually. először is He behaved strangely right from the start. lenne szíves? Can you just listen for a change? a változatosság kedvéért Wakelate did not bother to conceal his surprise at this request. korai még The party was ready to roll when we arrived.. lenne olyan szíves Give me a moment. elsősorban With new acts. I’ll fetch the money. hogy segítsen What/How about going out tonight? mit szólnál hozzá? Why not do it without him? miért ne? Please do me the courtesy of answering my questions. menj. elkezdjek gondolkozni If we take the lead in this. már elég korán These plans are still very much in embryo form. felkérték KEZDŐDIK Look! They are on the point of starting. kb. kivirul It would probably be best if we started from square one. létrejött. életre kel. előrevetítette The valley springs into life in the spring. a brief biography is also often included by way of introduction. he seemed rather unfriendly. és hozz . kezdetlegesek I do not know. először It was to him first and last a land full of Heroes. ha kezdeményezünk In the beginning. először is Most people are nicer than you think they are on first acquaintance. if you would. minden készen állt We had to start the whole thing again from scratch. in what circumstances this document came into existence. which dates back to Roman times. mindjárt kezdenek What time does the news come on? mikor vannak a hírek? Its past activities included lace-making. az elejétől kezdtük Why not buy it? To start with. we might make huge profits. Post this letter for me. soha nem állította Would you care for some more sandwiches? kérsz? Would you be so good as to tell me everything you know. a gyökerénél By supporting them sowed the seeds of his own downfall. tegyél magadnak egy szívességet You might come with us if you feel like it. visszanyúlik It was profitable almost from day one. az első perctől kezdve We knew quite early on that we would leave the company very soon. ha lennél szíves If you would/could/will wait. elrejtette meglepettségét My wife has never laid claim to medical knowledge.

6. c.... she set herself to work with renewed determination. we at least were on the threshold of a new life. 5.take a taxi?’ Let’s go to the beach with/for a change. 8. At/In the first place. They decided to start the project from --/the scratch. 7.. 6. about her future career soon.. elindítottak Sooner or later something will trigger off her memory. belevetettem magam Several changes were set in train during his presidency. . 8.. g.. . b.The announcement was a taste of things to come. f. When do you think those planets came/started into existence? ‘That place is very far.’ ‘Why not to/-. d. 7. 6. beindította Meanwhile. He said a few words .... 7.. He seems nice . ízelítő volt abból. 5. kind as to of introduction of starting to thinking existence express wish good enough to acquaintance 1. 4.. 4. elindították His paintings have definitely set a new trend.. We were . 1. she has never been late. that all the lectures be held in the morning... on the point would you be so would you be it is my on first came into by way get down a. 2. 1. 2. 3.. 8. but is quite frightening if you really get to know him. 9. 2. before getting on to the main topic. e. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. elkezdett dolgozni KÉR – KEZDŐDIK FELADATLAP 1. ami következett Here. finish this letter for me? That species . . Would you be so kind to/as to leave now? Those changes were set/put in train in the 1980s. with all its endless possibilities. I told her she should . Párosítsd össze a két oszlopban található kifejezéseket. 4. 3. What time does your favourite programme come up/on? She hated them straight/right from the start. . majd egészítsd ki a mondatokat. 3. when he called and told us to cancel the performance. a long time before the rest. 5. call them and ask them to come over? 2. h. a küszöbén I discovered that time was money and threw myself into cleaning offices.

habár While I disapprove of what you say. bármilyen valószerűtlennek hangzik Call me when you get there. bármennyire is Try as he might. azért. he is widely respected. hogy So even if they don’t have much money. hogy I arrived early so that/in order that I should/could/might/would get a good seat. még akkor is. azért. he’s a kind person. Much as I would like to help you. bár Though tired. I would defend to death your right to say it. bár She is a kind. bármennyire próbáltuk However brilliant he may be. hogy ne So that I shouldn’t worry. you still have to practise. HOGY – ARRA AZ ESTRE. azért. what I’m telling you is right. even so.10.. bár While admitting that he had received the stolen jewellery. no matter how late it is. HA . élj száz évig! If I had only known! bárcsak tudtam volna If you would only be nicer to her! bárcsak lenne If more people were only willing to help others in need. only to be found weeks later in Ghar Hasan. if reserved girl. he came to the party. nehogy I stayed at home for fear that he might come back. bárcsak May you live to be a hundred. there was nothing I could do. she’s really kind. még ha így is van For all the criticism he aroused. a látszat ellenére BÁRCSAK If he was only here now.. arra az esetre I’ve arrived so early so that/in order that I may/can/will get a good seat. hogy I shut the door quietly so as not to wake the baby.. ha The concert started at 12. hogy I arrived so early in order that I might/should/would not miss anything. annak ellenére. he denied having taken part in the robbery. hogy ne The couple vanished.. I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do now. he phoned me. Would you do me the courtesy to read/of reading my script? KÖTŐSZAVAK 1. azért. csak.. nem számít milyen késő van . azért. bárcsak több ember . he couldn’t get the car started. bármilyen okos legyen is Unlikely as it may sound. bár In spite of her wealth. BÁRMENNYIRE IS . KIFEJEZÉSTÁR AZÉRT. nehogy We have installed an extinguisher in case there is/should be/might be a fire. ellenére Against all appearances. they’ve no choice but to buy. there were quite a lot of people. I didn’t mention his divorce lest he (should) be offended. hogy BÁR Although/Even though/Though I felt sorry for him..

. FEAR 2.. semmit. Alakítsd át az alábbi mondatokat úgy. ORDER Aláírtuk a szerződést nehogy meggondolja magát. 4. Try as . 10. 4. 3. Megírom a cikket függetlenül attól. függetlenül CSAK What could I do but offer to help? azon kívül. nem fog átmenni a vizsgán.. hogy a jelentésük ne változzon.. REMAINS A válás puszta gondolata is megrémítette. hogy itt voltak. MATTER Bárcsak ne beszélt volna ilyen sokat. hogy szorítkozzon a lényeges pontokra. WISH A látszat ellenére senki sem ért egyet vele. nehogy az ellenfél előbb odaérjen.. APPEARANCES Sietett. 8. . Though . 2. a puszta gondolat All but two MPs were women. REGARDLESS Bármennyire kedves is Jenny. azért hogy a testvérei megnézhessék a filmet. However hard they tried. 7. 3.. Fontos.. 1. mint hogy megköszönjem. Talented as . Although he is talented. He left the party although he had a good time. 6. 2. 9. 1.. MERE Megkértem. hogy az új mondatoknak a megadott szóval-szavakkal kell kezdődniük. nem marad más hátra The mere thought of having to go there gave him nightmares.I’m going away regardless of what you say. csak KÖTŐSZAVAK 1. All but . csak a konyhában volt I will confine myself to a few points. több mint csak egy barát All that remains for me is to thank you for your attention. they couldn’t get the car going. hogy mit gondol. I hope. (néhány) pontra szorítkozom He is more than a mere friend. he’ll have to go to school. The members signed the agreement with one exception. CONFINE Siettek. kettő kivételével I received nothing but sympathy and understanding from them. hogy The blaze was confined to the kitchen. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. 5. LEST Nem marad más hátra számomra. FELADATLAP 1.

a car. mindennek a tetejébe He bought a new house. terrible things clearly happened. to top it all. ÉS To cap it all. only kinder to us. 6.. to stay calm and call the police? He didn’t take his father’s car in ... I regret not going there last week. szívesebben lettem volna . satöbbi Later.. He told them everything in .. The riots were confined . our car broke down! mindennek a tetejébe HELYETT He did not come forward on their behalf.. 5. Strange as it . as I would like to go with you.5. – KÜLSŐ KIFEJEZÉSTÁR DE He keeps talking about going to college.... KÖTŐSZAVAK 2. In spite of all the mistakes he made. we can but try. ahelyett. more a garage.. 4.. What could I have told her . nem is beszélve In addition.. 2. legyen ez akárhogy I don’t think we’ll manage it. John. sound. she could feel the beginnings of a headache. vagy mit tudom én To crown it all. mégpedig He told me what he did. all the women were born either in Britain or Ireland. hogy It’s not so much a flat.. a cottage and what have you. he might need it. let alone fly an aircraft. he proved to be a great athlete. but on the other hand. I have never even seen him. If he .. kb.. de ha még így is van On the one hand I’d like to do sports. . There’s nothing else for me to say but to say good night! All . their king.. was captured in battle. 8. too. mint inkább It wasn’t a role he was particularly keen on – he’d rather have been a pilot. Even . 7... mindennek a tetejébe They don’t let women drive cars. she threw me out. az ő nevükben/képviseletükben Rather than/Sooner than wasting/waste your time doing it yourself.. nem is annyira . 7. 3.. de aztán. mégis But then again. He is short. why don’t you call in a plumber. 8. I don’t have enough time.... I wish you a happy life! May . If only . this unit must be finished today. yet he never does anything. nem tehetünk mást. For . másrészről In any event. 3.. she knew him too well. akárhogyan is van Be that as it may. where he’d been and so on. 1. 6. to help them.. Still. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy odaillő szóval. mint .. he is a kind person. ráadásul They realised a new star had emerged and a most unusual one at that... the outskirts of the city..

kb. you should ask someone to go with you. és a káposzta is megmaradjon Heads or tails? fej. his new girlfriend is as ugly as sin. vagy különben Failing that. 1. is I will never buy a car – nor a bike. jó ránézni She had always prided herself on her appearance. intelligens emberként It only took ten minutes. óráknak tűnt He made as if to say something.. a vita kedvéért VAGY We might buy it but then again we might not. 6. It is not so much a book. pálcika = nagyon sovány KÖTŐSZAVAK 2. for that matter – to be an actress. mellesleg Humans are creatures of instinct and emotion as well as reason. ha ezt nem teszi meg KÜLSŐ When we last met she was just a bag of bones. Rather than to go/going there on your own. 1. csont és bőr We put on our Sunday best for the wedding. John included. úgy tett. Mindennek a tetejébe. more/rather a booklet. SAKE SIN CROWN . come to that. Tegyük fel. you can’t have your cake and eat it. pálcika = nagyon sovány She definitely pleased the eye. Nagyon csúnya volt. rather than trying to do it on your own? ahelyett. hogy a kecske is jóllakjon. csak a vita kedvéért. kicsípte magát = csinosan felöltözött He is as thin as a rake. but it felt as/like hours. So has my father. mint aki Let us assume for the sake of argument that Smith is correct. He made/did as if to leave the room. 1. kb.. hogy . it would have to wait another twelve months. but it felt like hours. mint hogy IS I have got a new car. – KÜLSŐ FELADATLAP 1. nem lehet. Do your homework or else/otherwise you can’t watch television tonight. ronda. kb. he is nothing but bones/skin. As if you didn’t know! mintha nem tudnád! He acted as if certain of success. That new church was not a sight/view for sore eyes. 5. inkább . valamint You know how I longed – and long still. The meeting lasted 15 minutes only. beleértve She teaches and sells books on the side. 8. hogy beleegyezem az utazásba. 7.. vagy írás? Hurry up or/or else/otherwise you’ll be late. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. He works for a company and makes violins by/on the side. máskülönben. She’d sooner share a house with other students than live at home with her parents. 3. hogy milyen szép After the party he was not a sight for sore eyes. 2. kb. ha már itt tartunk The feeling’s mutual. aztán Well. kb. büszke volt rá. mint aki biztos The talked about them as intelligent people. He is so thin. 3. jó ránézni Actually. 2. 4. mint a bűn She was nothing but skin and bone when we last met.Why didn’t you ask for help. az ellenfél meg sem jelent.. kölcsönös Everybody left. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. ami azt illeti MINTHA He left two days ago.

mint a kör négyszögesítése Getting him to give you money is like getting blood from a stone. teszem azt It was just a pity that the small stock of provisions did not allow of imaginative cuisine.. He was a b.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval. kb. semmi esélye sincs There’s no way we’ll pass that exam.. a. 7. 7... A kezdőbetűket megadtuk. You act a. Let’s see who’ll do the washing-up tonight. Nem olvasott könyveket.. Ahelyett.. itself o. valamint két drága autót.. 5. your c.. and e. meg mit tudom én. do I. He was less than 50 kilos... hogy másokat hibáztatsz. hogy There is no chance that he’ll finish everything in time.. H...? The actress thanked the award o.. of the whole crew. WHAT HAVE Egyedül nyerte meg a versenyt.. ami azt illeti. mit.... azt a napot megvárom! This is as difficult as trying to square a circle. olyan nehéz.... mégis megköszönte a barátainak.. when we last met. MATTER Vett több házat. 8.. 2. it. a whole book.. of b.. The school p. I’m afraid. lehetetlen. you never know. WELL YET 3. nincs esély He said he would marry her? That’ll be the day! kb. 8. 6. b. you didn’t care! She hasn’t even written an article l... He trains three times a week and s. 6.. you can’t h. kb. You either work as a teacher or earn money. 5. van némi esély He doesn’t stand a chance of being elected.. its new gym. RATHER Kölcsönvett öt CD-t. mintha kőből akarnánk bort fakasztani I suppose we could take the next train. LEHETETLEN KIFEJEZÉSTÁR There’s an outside chance you might meet yourself... de újságokat sem. or t. 1. i.4. I guess. benne van a pakliban . 3. 4. vagy nyolc könyvet. nem hagyott helyet = nem lehetett Losing is on the cards. el kellene kezdened dolgozni.

soha nem lesz abban a helyzetben It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that they’ll come back. végső esetben However. of course. they gave every appearance of being determined to get a divorce. több mint valószínű I’m afraid we have little or no choice in this matter. nothing could have been more natural. . az a valószínű The chances are a million to one against her winning the lottery.. hogy elfelejtette It’s easily the best performance of this year. teljesen úgy néztek ki There was always better than an even chance of something like this happening. aligha valószínű But if I were in your shoes I’d be worried silly with that debt hanging over me. kb. minden valószínűség szerint The police are more than likely to ban the march. hogy lehet? But she knew that in the last resort she could always turn to me. kb. él a lehetőséggel He will never be in a position to settle this matter. . mi sem lehetett volna természetesebb I grasped the opportunity to ask the president a few questions. nincs teljesen kizárva I will do everything in my power to settle the matter. vagy semmi választásunk sincs To look at him you’d never think he was really rich. nagyon kevés esélyünk van The chances are you’ll have to be there at 8. as the case may be. amit tudok One can speak here only of strong probability. nem is hinnéd They have failed to capitalise on the opportunities for better stock provision.Tomorrow everybody might be invited to the party – or not. megragadtam a lehetőséget How come every time I see you you’re even lovelier than I remember.. don’t hesitate. It is arguable that ten lessons a day might be too many. nagy valószínűség – teljes bizonyosság In all probability this is my earliest memory. amire szintén van esély We have only a slim chance of winning the cup. egy a millióhoz az esély Both teams have a fifty-fifty chance of success./ígérkezik .. több. megragadtam az alkalmat In all likelihood they will lose all the matches. ötven-ötven százalék az esély When the right opportunity comes along. könnyen megeshet He is hardly likely to pass such a difficult test. elzárkózott attól a lehetőségtől He could easily have forgotten to lock the safe. mint ötven százalék esély Since our knowledge is finite.. minden valószínűség szerint It promises to be a tough task. lehetséges Is there any chance of Joe being able to finish it on time? van rá esély He has hardly any hope of getting accepted. kivitelezhető ötlet ‘Has he talked to the landlord about the heating?’ ‘He could have done. az égvilágon semmi esély nincs arra They closed the door on the possibility of further talks. mindent megteszek.. hogy . nagyon csekély. not of absolute certainty. könnyen lehet At first. kizárja a lehetőségét annak...? That would seem a workable idea to all of us. These two possibilities are not mutually exclusive. alig van remény Couldn’t there have been a mistake? nem lehet.. elvethetjük azt a lehetőséget He hasn’t a dog’s chance of beating me in the final. ha a helyedben lennék We can discount the possibility that Fermat was lying. kölcsönösen kizárják egymást On the face of it.’ kb. a megfelelő alkalom kínálkozik This is arguably the best film since Casablanca. lehet. könnyen előfordulhat. none of us can exclude the possibility of our being wrong. kb. úgy néz ki. hogy . kb. I leapt at the chance of studying art in Paris.

Nem (nagyon) lehetséges: B. 10. nagyon halvány esély volt One in three marriages end in divorce. . teljesen lehetetlen volt There was a remote chance that their efforts might help. könnyen megeshet The Olympic Games was a golden opportunity for the hotels and restaurants. 3.. There isn’t any way you can do that on your own.. This is a golden . It has hardly any hope that he’ll pass this exam. to help you. 6.. 7. 5. 1. 9.. In all likelihoods. 3. There’s no such thing as absolute . that all the family will be together. The evidence excluded the opportunity of the investigator’s being wrong. hogy mennyire erős valószínűséget fejeznek ki. I’m sorry but I’m not in a .. but the plan doesn’t allow on imaginative thinking. You can’t buy another car. chance opportunity opportunities position choice certainty possibility probability 1. 4. That’s out of question! 8.. 3. 4. 5. remek lehetőség LEHETETLEN FELADATLAP 1. 5.. 2. A. nagy a valószínűsége It may well be that he will never find a job. I grasped at the opportunity. in this matter. They make a mistake by not capitalising on the numerous . How does it come that all the teachers are absent? 6. 2.. ki van zárva I wouldn’t have thought it was beyond the realms of possibility... They don’t get a chance of winning against Liverpool.. és javítsd ki ezeket. In all .. 3.. none of the students will have done such a thing. 2. You would be stupid not to go. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy odaillő szóval a dobozból.. When he asked me to work with him. I’m afraid students have little or no . kb. I’m sorry. Lehetséges: 1. 2. 7. 8.. Keresd meg. that we’ll get there on time. Johnny. . There’s an outside . He gave all the appearance of a determined soldier. so it is safe to assume that there’s something wrong. 4. biztonsággal feltételezhetjük There’s a strong possibility that they’ll not make it here on time. Csoportosítsd az alábbi kifejezéseket aszerint.. they’re given. kb. nobody will miss out on that occasion. a strong possibility workable idea hasn’t a dog’s chance absolute certainty more than likely . There’s a strong .Buying those expensive sunglasses is out of the question.. Az alábbi mondatok egy-egy hibát tartalmaznak.

he won’t listen to you. is to stand reality on its head. the bosses will collapse. fejébe vette He’s got it into his head that he must buy a cottage in the country. hogy egyezzenek meg He will never change his mind. nehéz megértetni vele dolgokat But what else could be expected from such a stiff-necked people? nyakas = makacs He is as stubborn as a mule. levenni a lábamról = meggyőzni I’m not someone with the gift of the gab. I’m paying a fortune for this. megénekeltetett minket I tried to make him come round to my way of thinking. ragaszkodott hozzá But plenty of people either can’t pay. rávettük őket. remote chance 12. jó a beszélőkéje He won’t get off my back about that book. kb. kb. we hold fast to the alliance. or won’t pay on principle. a valóság teljes kifordítása Talking to them was like banging my head against a brick wall.6. why should I have faulty goods? ragaszkodnom kell ehhez MEGGYŐZ You’d better just argue her into going back where she belonged. an outside chance 7. discount the possibility 9. ha határozottan kitartunk Many windsurfers have very fixed ideas about how they should look and feel. elvből I have to stick to my guns. rávette You can talk till the cows come home. elzárkózott He took it into his head that he’ll go mountaineering next week. safe to assume 13. keresztülvisz (terveket) You will not find it quite so easy to get round me. továbbra is kitartunk mellette If we stand firm. of course. as a country. and I don’t have that sort of charm. fejébe vette Her father is dead set against our marriage. beyond the bounds of possibility 8. próbáltam érvelni He invited neighbours to meet me. hardly any hope 10. ellene van They dug in their heels and wouldn’t give us an answer. mintha a falnak beszélnék She had the boss eating out of her hand in no time. rábeszélnéd We had a hard time getting them to agree. the chances are a million to one MAKACS – MEGGYŐZ KIFEJEZÉSTÁR MAKACS The problem is he closed his mind to everything we said. cajoled them into opening their houses. kb. beszélhetsz. kb. rögeszméik vannak Sometimes I find it very difficult to get through to him. kb. a tenyeréből eszik He was here to hammer home plans to spend more on education. meggyőzni őket That. amíg bele nem kékülsz A bottle of bourbon would convince them of our honesty. but it was all in vain. megmakacsolták magukat It makes it all the more important that. megváltoztatni a döntését I tried to reason with him. though. nem száll le rólam . makacs. meggyőzöm We persuaded her to go with us for a walk. better than an even chance 11. rábeszélte őket In half an hour she had the had us all singing. mint az öszvér She had stupidly given him the name Marie and he had latched on to it.

The management is . she had them eating out .. 1. She can do whatever she wants to. nyitottak vagyunk javaslatokra Try to talk some sense into your sister. ott liheg a nyakamban Enough has been said.. most már mindent értek Others find that line of argument too bleak. a zsebében vannak He wants to prove a point to his doctor. . . befeketített nála If pressed. tovább érvelni He’s too easily led. you’re open to persuasion. to my way of thinking. Whatever they say. ha rábeszéljük.. 8. you don’t do something on principle. megkérjük The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 5. They closed their minds . In two weeks.. be akar bizonyítani valamit He was intent to poison her mind against me. 5. her hand.... manipulált We felt the film got the message across. I couldn’t make him come . 3.. türelemmel megnyerheted magadnak MAKACS – MEGGYŐZ FELADATLAP 1. ... your guns. érveket He simply wouldn’t listen to reason... but they dug . nyitott vagyok.. their heels.... Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. kb. her pocket.. Egészítsd ki a mondatokat egy-egy prepozícióval. térítsd észre It taught me a lesson about drinking and driving that I’ll never forget. könnyen befolyásolható I now see the light – many thanks. she might have revealed just how eager she was to be gone. a férfi szívéhez a gyomrán keresztül vezet az út I am sure you will win her over with patience. 6. you’re dead set against something. 2. 6. nem ő került ki győztesen I’m sure he will give us a lift home if we twist his arm.. 7... . meg lehet győzni The banks are in her pocket. 3.. . nem hallgat az észérvekre Like a fool I let him manipulate me into working at weekends. I think you should stick . Folytasd a mondatokat értelemszerűen. túl nyíltan kezdett bele I am still not fully persuaded of their intentions. If If If If If If If If you have a gift of the gab.The bank was breathing down my neck about the loan. ... too. 7. you’re not fully persuaded of something. but it might take some time. but I’m open to persuasion. and there is no need to labour the point. my neck. nem gyakorolt nagy nyomást ránk We are open to suggestions. ha nyomást gyakorolnak rá He certainly did not put pressure on us. . nem vagyok teljesen meggyőződve I was not planning to get a new job.. 8. it’s easy to get round someone. 1.. 2. 2. nagy lecke volt It’s the first time in his career he hasn’t come out on top. ... you are easily led. our arguments. 4. ellenem fordította. 3.. she wants to go abroad.. working for me next year. közvetítette a mondanivalót Greg was panicked into opening too baldly the subject closest to his heart... . I hate him because he’s always breathing . I tried to manipulate her . kb.. 4. We tried to reason with them. you won’t get off someone’s back.

5. hogy részt vesz a versenyen. kb. Actually. ideas about the role of a teacher. We found his .. labour over stomach line sense top principle fixed 1. Ha megkérjük. meglepetésemre To my amusement he couldn’t get the door open. kb.. you know. meglepetten nézett rá To my amazement. a frászt hozza rám You scared the living daylights out of me. MEGIJED/MEGIJESZT – MEGLEPŐ(DIK) KIFEJEZÉSTÁR MEGIJED / MEGIJESZT The scream made my blood run cold. beijedt His voice gives me the creeps. A fejébe vette.. 3. halálra rémisztettél minket If she had behaved like you. I don’t want to see him. 5. kb. makacs mint az öszvér.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. kb. 2.. halálra ijedtem I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard someone whispering in my ear. halálra rémített ‘Why are you always on the defensive?’ he asked. The way to his heart is through his ... into that girl! You can’t win them . 3. He left the company on . nagyon megrémített His looks made my blood freeze. the point. gondosan elkerül The way he looked at her sent shivers down her spine. he would have run a mile. Nem akarok beszélni vele. megijedt. amíg végre megértette. nagyon megijedtem You scared the life out of us screaming like that. 6. meglepetésemre His resignation came right out of the blue. kb.. kb.. Nagy nyomást gyakoroltak ránk.1. borsódzik a hátam MEGLEPŐ(DIK) She looked at him in amazement. megfagyott a vér az ereimben You gave me a fright shouting so loud at night. kb. with money.. 2. LIGHT TOOK HEAD HAMMER PRESSURE TWIST TAUGHT MULE 4. borsódzik a hátam That man gives me the shivers.. A tegnapi beszélgetés nagy lecke volt számára. 6. megijed. Sikerült keresztül vinnie a programot... 7. védekezik His idea did put the fear of God into me. kihűlt a vér az ereimben Unfortunately he. He seems to have . . 8. You did well to . 8. the lover. 4. he was able to recite the whole poem from memory. It was more than enough. Ezt állítani a valóság kifordítása. . 7. 4. it was very rare that he didn’t come out on . had got cold feet at the last minute.. . megijesztettél I got the fright of my life when the dog jumped at me.. kb. Öt órán keresztül vitatkoztunk. of argument convincing. mint derült égből a villámcsapás . nagyon-nagyon megijesztettél He nearly frightened me to death. Do try to talk some . biztos ad kölcsön egy kis pénzt.. kb.

legnagyobb megdöbbenésére His jaw dropped when I told him my name. she never did any work.. nem tudom túltenni magam She listened to his confession without turning a hair. úgy nézett ki I was startled by her question. meglepett. 1. kb.. majd’ hanyatt esett She didn’t bat an eyelid when I told her my news. meg vagyok lepődve. megdöbbentő volt At one stage it looked as though they would win. lehetetlen módon The letter shocked and disturbed me. megdöbentett We were all struck dumb with amazement. he could feel himself starting to cry. megdöbbentett There was a stunned silence when I told them the news. minden várakozással ellentétben Words fail me. döbbent csend It comes as no surprise to learn that they broke their promises. the plan succeeded. óriási nagy kár It’s hardly surprising she was fired. elég nagy felzúdulást keltett I was speechless with shock when I heard the news. van még egy meglepetés a tarsolyukban I was struck by her youth and enthusiasm. sokan furcsán néztek My immediate reaction was one of shock.. szörnyű sokként ért minket His resignation came as no surprise. elállt a szavam a meglepetéstől A little tiredness after taking these drugs is only to be expected. That stopped him short. you’ve been walking for hours. A viszavonulása nagy csapás volt a cég számára. megdöbentette They think it’ll be easy but they have a surprise in store. nem ért meglepetésként Visitors to the gallery are in for a few surprises. kb. kb. she was enjoying herself. döbbenten megállt ‘I’m pregnant. teljesen meg voltam döbbenve Eyebrows were raised when he arrived without his wife. hogy . Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. Teljesen meg voltam döbbenve. láttam már mindezt azelőtt is The news of his death came as a shock to us all. Her resignation caused quite a stir. nem találtam a szavakat He stopped short when he heard his name. giving a double take as he realised who it was. leesett az álla You could have knocked me down with a feather when I saw he was there.’ she said. szeme sem rebbent I’m surprised at you/your not having noticed.Her dismissal came as a bolt from the blue. nem ért meglepetésként She was shaken to the core by the news. nem csoda To his horror. a közvetlen reakció sokk volt It didn’t surprise her – she had seen it all before. 3. mint derült égből a villámcsapás One of the men glanced at him. a lelke mélyéig megdöbbent It’s a crying shame to waste all that food. meg vagyok döbbenve Her sudden death dealt a blow to the whole country. 2. kb. aligha meglepő I’ve been in a complete daze since hearing the news. 4. kb. ez várható Against all expectations. nem találok szavakat I can’t get over how rude she was. teljes megdöbbenésemre MEGIJED/MEGIJESZT – MEGLEPŐ(DIK) FELADATLAP 1. szeme sem rebbent No wonder you’re tired.. she agreed. kb. megdöbbentem It startled me to find her sitting in my office. BLOW CAME IN FOR FEATHER LIFE . vár rájuk néhány meglepetés To everyone’s surprise. She was completely taken aback by his anger. kb. Halálra rémisztetted szegény macskákat. A hírek megdöbbentettek mindenkit. megdöbbentett Her death came as a terrible shock to us. 5. hogy . nagy csapás volt The baby boy defied all the odds and survived. vár még rád néhány meglepetés. mindenki meglepetésére To my utter amazement. kb. Ha azt hiszed kedves. kb.

levágja a kanyart She made a dart for the door. álldogáltak . For/To everyone’s surprise. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.. from the blue. 10. 3. AGAINST 9. 1. United lost the final. the children were silent. Leesett az álla amikor elmondtam neki.. 5. Amikor megláttuk. my amazement. with shock when he heard the news. elállt a szavunk a meglepetéstől. 3. His scream made my blood freezing/freeze.. UTTER 7. they all survived the accident.. keresztülvágok – hazafelé menet He took to his heels when he saw my father coming. 9. words fall/fail me. Nem tudja túltenni magát a macskája halálán. 4... hogy megbukott. We were all ... He didn’t move/bat an eyelid when they told her what had happened. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval. Against all/every expectations. kilőtt = gyorsan elindult He elbowed his way through the crowd. 8. Eyebrows were raised/risen as he dropped his trousers at the party. then turn left. to be expected. aback by his cruelty. We all know him! His resignation came .. 8. He .6. Minden várakozás ellenére. . OVER 10. a shock to all of us. 7. átküzdötte magát She made her entrance after all the other guests had arrived. lassan átment People were standing about in the road.. That statement was a . fordulj balra He inched his way through the narrow passage.. He was . 4. 6. senki nem volt ott a csoportból. with the others hot on his heels. 1. JAW 8... MEGY – MENNYI 1. after her death. 3. Teljes megdöbbenésemre. berontott Carry on until you get to the junction. 2. megjelent Suddenly the door flew open and Jo burst in. a sarkában voltak Where are you two headed? hová tartotok? There’s a worn patch on the grass because everyone cuts off the corner. His dark look stop him short/shortly. He was shaken to the . DUMB 2. a lakodalom érdekes volt. kb. a double take when we told him what he had done. 2. kb. He nearly jumped out of/from his skin when he saw that huge dog. 7. 6. 5. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR I usually cut across the park on my way home. I think we’re in with/for some surprises. nyakába szedte a lábát He ran ahead. I know how you feel... I’ve been there/seen it all before. That reaction was . kb. I don’t know what to say..

néhány font ide. Whole towns were evacuated. fele I can’t lend you any money. elhagyta Why not look in on him tomorrow? benézni hozzá It seems we can’t make it tomorrow. rengeteg pénz That car costs Ł1000 give or take a few pounds. soha többé nem hallottak róluk Drop by sometime. rengeteg ‘You’re no worse than the rest. kb. eltűnt nyom nélkül They set off/set out at dawn and were there by midday.’ he said. sokkal kevesebb There is hardly any beer left in the fridge. alig volt sör A great number of students have failed. offering one small crumb of comfort. kimentette magát Suddenly. I have little enough as it is. kb. sok mostanában az influenza Eastern mythologies abound with terrifying monsters. nem tudok menni. and I did both. hemzseg Unfortunately. training has been cut by 40 per cent. nem tudom megoldani We picked our way across the broken mountain heights. kb. keresztül verekedte magát There is a spring in the step of people here. kb. 18000 font környékén There were thirty or so people at last evening’s meeting. hemzseg She went through any amount of stockings in a week. nekem is kevés van I’d like a little/a bit of time to think about it. több. amit csökkenthetnék There was a lot to be done. elindultak MENNYI 1.We all crowded around the stove to keep warm. vagy oda We are expecting to pay somewhere in the region of £18 000. kb. túl sok . sok tennivaló volt We’d have more than enough time to catch up. elég sok Your son gets much/far too much pocket money. egy kevés idő I’ve got much/a lot/far less free time than I used to have. rengeteg Luckily Wittgenstein’s text bristles with such arguments. even overtake them. csökkentve There were some influential people at the party. húzzunk innen After the trial the family was never heard of again. katasztrófasorozat The room was crawling with nervous students waiting for the test to start. ugorj be I thought I’d drop in on you to see how you’re doing. to name but two. please. maradj távol I’m glad you came along. benézek hozzád It seemed a good time to make my excuses and leave. nagyon sok I’m up to my ears in work. eljöttél Do come around and see us some time. egész városok Some more cheese – there’s heaps more. hogy csak kettőt említsek Their holiday has been a chapter of accidents. mutatta az utat Steer clear of the centre of town at this time of the evening. felszívódtam He shouldered his way through the crowd and left the building. kb. nyakig ülök (a munkában) There’s a lot of flu about. Mr Deloche took leave of his friend. the prime minister. the president. cseppnyi vigasz The evidence is there in abundance. meglátogatott Your uncle hasn’t put in an appearance yet? nem jelent meg? Let’s get the hell out of here. látogass meg She came by our house the other day. óvatosan lépkedtünk I didn’t wait to be told twice and I made myself scarce. ruganyosan léptek When the porter entered the room the stranger melted/vanished into thin air. körülbelül 30 Jimmy’s caused quite/rather a lot of trouble at his new school. odasereglettünk The receptionist led the way to the boardroom. rengeteg diák A great amount of money is spent on books every year. tele volt There’s nothing I could cut back on. mint elég idő Half (of) the eggs were broken. kimentettem magam She excused herself and left at noon. kb.

c. 1. átvágott a kerten. Aztán eltűnt nyom nélkül. 3. 6. one small crumb of to name make give or take to put in a chapter of to pick a. Azt gondoltuk az öcsémmel. Mikor legközelebb hallottunk róla.. The whole article bristles .. spelling mistakes... 1. thin air. He took leave . 2.. 2. e. 4.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy prepozícióval.. g. You really should cut back . hogy értelmes kifejezést alkossanak. d. 20 per cent in most European countries. The costs are thought to be somewhere ... amelyek állítólag mind hármunkkal estek meg. leült és alig szólt néhány szót. Könyvei hemzsegtek a izgalmas gyerekkori történetekkel. mintha valaki a nyomában volna...... b.MEGY – MENNYI FELADATLAP 1. már híres író volt. After the robbery the two men melted . you know.. 7.. the region of 10000 pounds. a few dollars our way but two accidents an appearance comfort your excuses . f.. 2. álldogáltunk a kertben egy picit (néha le is ültünk). 3. A fiú jött. 5. the crowd. he shouldered his way . De a helyzet egy év alatt semmit sem változott (pedig egy év több mint elég idő az ilyesmire). 6.. Fordítsd le az alábbi kis szöveget. nyakába szedte a lábát. Kösd össze a két oszlopban levő szavakat. his family one day and was never heard . I’ll drop in .Holnap nem tudok jönni. hogy felodódjon. taxes have been cut . Egy nap berontott a házunkba és azt mondta: . 9. 11. her ears in studying. Gyerekkoromban lakott melletünk egy furcsa fiú. 4. 8.. 5. kimentette magát. you around Monday.. again. Luckily. When he saw the girl. early in the morning but we couldn’t leave until late in the afternoon.. smoking. 7.. 10. de ha kérdeztünk tőle valamit. hogy egy kis időre van szüksége. She couldn’t come to the reception because she is up . We planned to set . Gyakran meglátogatott bennünket.

zsúfolásig telve volt She’s gone out to do a spot of shopping. a néhány kiválasztott – a köznép The air overhead was packed solid with noise that did not move. we’ll need about four days to get it done. sokkal jobb There are no fewer than 45 people in the room waiting for you. kb. nagyon sok But that’s an inconsiderable amount of money! irreálisan nagy összeg Unemployment is on the increase... a többsége He won’t talk to the common herd. rengeteg It is used by vast numbers of people who do not live there but go there for lunch. nincs hiány By the law of averages he’ll be married one day. nem kevesebb mint The examination board has been flooded with applicants. kevéssé érdekelt There’s a list of presents as long as your arm. thanks – I’m trying to cut down. ő a kivétel. annyira sok . plusz mínusz egy nap He has a good few influential friends.MENNYI 2. kb. mint a karom I have an awful lot to study. kevsebbet szívni I could list only a handful of companies with smoking restrictions. baromi sokat The vast majority of people are against the plan. lábra kaptak There is a full range of activities for children. kb. maroknyi = kevés I can go out for the odd meal without suffering from the binge factor because we had a dessert. mint There was such a lot of rain (that) we could not leave. néha egy-egy vacsora ‘How much money do you need?’ ‘Twenty pounds will do. jelentős emelkedés It’ll cost you about 500 $. rumours started to gather pace. vagy semmi Little did we care what they said. minél több.’ elég lesz I’d plunge all my earnings into the estate. too. a nagy többség Even if one person is hurt that is one too many. rengeteg ember . ki kell jönnöd You’ve made just/twice/ten times as many mistakes as I have. körülbelül Roughly speaking. aki erősíti a szabályt He has more than his fair share of problems. egyre kevesebb This book contains no less than 5000 expressions in English! nem kevesebb mint They said little or nothing about the management meeting. give or take a day or so. csepp a tengerben One in every three marriages ends in divorce. kevés. kb. but it would be a drop in the ocean. kb. hogy I won’t have a cigarette. eggyel több. visszafogni. kb. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR Much has been done to improve conditions at work. fele annyit. hemzsegett She created a wide variety of exercises based on this analysis. pont/kétszer/tízszer annyit He didn’t sell half so/as many videos as he thought he would. ez a legkevesebb He gave us less and less information. egy pici The beach was swarming with photographers. mint amennyi igazságos lenne I suppose theirs is a far better idea. sokat There were some thirty people at the meeting. a nagy számok törvénye alapján It’s the least they should have done. körülbelül The book was written for the select few and not the common crowd. mit kellene ‘Can I bring a friend to your party?’ ‘The more the merrier!’ kb. mintegy You’ll have to make your pocket money do. olyan hosszú a lista. több. You won’t get any more money this month. at a rough guess. a ‘köznép’ As soon as he left the country. annál jobb The majority of the workers voted against the proposal. but he is the exception rather than the rule. teljes skálája There has been a sharp rise in prices lately. minden harmadik He helps you free. emelkedik There was no lack of applicants.. elárasztották It’ll take about three weeks.

és D.. iszonyú sok pénz We can’t afford to buy a new car.. 2. (B) The book cost such much money that we decided not to buy it. 8. 1. be kell érnünk I’ll only have two days in Madrid. rengeteg időd/pénzed van MENNYI 2. 3. . (B) He ate half as many cakes as I did.. (A) He doesn’t seem to worry. I’m sure he has money to play with. minden egyes eleme I’d go to the ends of the earth just to talk to her again. ha egyik sem.. B. 2. you have money/time to play with. of his time in school. nagyon messzire elmegy We bought that company lock. 6. 1. so we’ll have to make do with it. C ha mindkettő. 2.. kb. tokkal.. on the amount we eat. Az alábbi mondatpárokban A a megoldás. . The hotel was . The train was packed . (B) The popularity of Japanese cars is in the increase. ha csak a B. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy odaillő szóval. majority of workers voted in favour of the strike. kb. speaking.. (A) One in five students fail this exam every year. a józan ész határain belül At a rough estimate. He’d go to the .There was a whole lot of money at stake. minden egyes That book has all the elements of science fiction.. The . hozzávetőlegesen Each/Each one/Every one of my students has been asked to come at 9. 4. He never drinks... (A) There was definitely no lack for money at the company. 7. 3. (A) There were not fewer than 25 candidates for the job. with politicians. vonóval = az egészet It’s easy for you. FELADATLAP 1. but he is the . (B) I’m afraid that’s only book I have on Blake.. (B) Little has he said about the accident. 4.. . of the earth to get that job.. 5.. He decided to make the .. stock and barrel. kb. we’re going to finish tomorrow morning. kb. herd. but I’ll try to make the most of it. 9. (A) He ate half so many cakes as I did. The managers won’t have lunch with the . there’ll be about 3000 people tomorrow. kb.. mindent magával visz They would go to extraordinary lengths to save their children’s health. kihozom belőle a legtöbbet I’m ready to pay any amount of money within reason. ha csak az A mondat helyes. rather than the rule. 5.. We’ve been trying to cut .. so we have to make do with the old one. kivétel nélkül She takes everything but the kitchen sink when she goes on holiday. a világ végéig is elmegy Everybody without exception must sign the document.

Neki volt egy sokkal jobb terve.. a pillanat hevében I have a bone to pick with her. nagyon mérgesnek tűnt Feelings are running high about the new law on discrimination. He’s like a bear with a sore head.. dührohama volt . I didn’t mean to hurt you. 5. 1. Ha gondban vannak. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. Nem kevesebb. szikrázott a szeme a dühtől He seemed cut up about the result of the test. begurult What gets me is having to read so much. I wouldn’t talk to him this morning. van egy kis ‘megbeszélnivalóm’ vele Her eyes were ablaze with anger as she spoke. dühödt pillantást lövellt felém In the heat of the argument you said things you shouldn’t have. 2. neheztel There was nothing I could do.10.. kb. felkorbácsolta az érzelmeket There was a lot of bad feeling between the two groups. az isten szerelmére Wait till I see them again! várj csak amíg . I had to bite back my anger. a vita hevében ‘Don’t go there’ she said with heat in her voice. 3. Megvettük a cégüket tokkal vonóval.. 6. He took great exception to the fact that management was not informed in time. Iszonyú sok gondjuk van. Irreálisan nagy összeget költött a fejlesztésekre. nagyon neheztelt amiatt When I entered the room I saw his face was like thunder. nagyon haragszanak egymásra When I told her to leave. 8. dühében She bears her boss a grudge. magamon kívül voltam a dühtől I’m sorry about yesterday. kb. INCONSIDERABLE FAR TOO SINK REASON WHOLE BARREL FEWER MÉRGES KIFEJEZÉSTÁR He kicked the door in anger. kb. picit túlzásba vittem Her face clouded over with anger. mint 5000 ember volt ott a koncerten. 4. mérges volt For crying out loud! How could you do such a thing? kb. sok sérelem volt She had a fit last night because I wouldn’t let her go out. ami felidegesít. kb.. szívesen segítek a józan ész határain belül. az az . mérges pillantás He went berserk when she was told the truth. megnyugtatni a kedélyeket In the heat of the moment she said some really ugly things. Eggyel többet ivott a kelleténél.. 7. select. nagyon harapós kedvében van A look of annoyance crossed his face. Ha utazunk. düh volt a hangjában The judge didn’t manage to take the heat out of the situation. a feleségem mindent el akar hozni. bántó kijelentései – felforr tőlük a vérem If I were you. elkomorult az arca Joe and Jack seem to be at daggers drawn. she looked daggers at me. That table was reserved for the . visszafojtottam a mérgemet His biting remarks really make my blood boil. I just got carried away. I was beside myself with rage when I saw him leaving. 3.

The only problem with her is that she flies off the handle/door easily. I shouldn’t get upset about it? ‘ugyan miért is lennék ideges’ = nagyon ideges vagyok She flies into a passion whenever I’m late.He seems to fly off the handle pretty easily nowadays. habzott a szája They frowned at me for smoking in their house. lobbanékony volt I’m sure he meant no harm and he said it on the spur of the moment. kb. a falra mászom tőle She tends to take my jokes the wrong way. kb. kb. azért nem kell leharapni a fejem She got mad when she heard the results. forogna a sírjában She certainly had a grudge against me. a mérgénél csak a frusztrációja volt nagyobb What do you mean. mérges lett I’m certain that she bears you no malice. begurult He is rather hot-tempered and aggressive at times. 4. nem neheztel rád Her anger was only matched by her frustration. When I saw him. He was beside/besides himself with rage when he saw the contract. neheztelt rám I felt my hackles rise as he started talking to me. ne vedd személyes sértésnek He is known to have a quick temper. megsértődik. It is nothing personal/personally. kb. mert félreérti MÉRGES FELADATLAP 1. nagy balhét csinálunk Don’t take offence at his remarks. 9. but I can’t go with you tonight. . but you can’t go there with me. könnyen felhúzza magát He was foaming at the mouth when he heard the results. gyorsan begurul He flies into a rage whenever we start talking about politics. but you must not enter that room alone. 3. nehezteltek rám Can’t you see the funny side of it? nézd a vicces oldalát She kicks up a fuss every time I stay out late. ne sértődj meg = ne vedd magadra A businessman assaulted his wife and son in a fit of temper. . 10. a lehető leghatározottabban His constant complaining is driving me up the wall. 8. 2. Our neighbour has a dog that drives me into/up the wall. 1. I’m sure they’ll bear you no anger/malice. a pillanat hevében He was getting steamed up about that letter! kb. it’s like a red rag to a bull. 7. nem tudta türtőztetni magát Mozart would turn in his grave if he heard him playing the piano. his face was like thunder/lightning. She hits the floor/roof very easily. mérges lesz Many have lost patience with him and his party. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. nagy botrányt csinál Her temper slipped out of gear and she said things she shouldn’t have. vörös posztó volt számára Impolite shop assistants make me see red. nagyon feldühít His voice was beginning to rise and it was obvious that his temper was on a short fuse. What beats/gets me is when I see children smoking. elvesztették a türelmemet Nothing personal. semmi személyes. dühroham I wish to protest in the strongest possible terms. kb. Her grandfather would turn in his grave/tomb if he saw how she lives. 5. 6. lobbanékony There is no need to jump down my throat! kb... be volt gőzölve We’ll kick up a stink if they really fire half of the staff. Please don’t take this personally. dühös lesz Don’t mention her name. kb. kezdett felmenni a pumpa When I told him I had crashed his car he hit the roof/ceiling. She flies into a fit/rage whenever she sees him.

emberi hiba következtében .. . is o.. 3. annak az oka I told her everything about us. it is like a r. hogy . Mr. Joe was f. the strike was not successful. az okát The stranger’s haste was in part accounted for by the spear in his chest. these days. he .. d. for we cannot afford it. a g... 2. the h. into a passion... When he heard his car had been crashed.. I felt that she h. 10. A kezdőbetűket megadtuk. the a grudge? 5. against us. 7. His irresponsibility makes me see .. F. 9...2.. . h. annyiban.. out of the situation. mivel As/Because/Since there was little support. He has a q. okozta The plane crashed due to human error. He keeps g.. 6. 4. Don’t ask him about school.. I’m sure he won’t . I’m sure he only said it i.. . Whenever I make a mistake. Do you think he . my t. 3.... 5. She just ...... 7.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval.. 2. Nice said there was no cause for concern.. . Nobody knows the reason why he hates his neighbours.. s... I wonder where she is now. 1. 8.. When we arrived.. MIÉRT – MERT KIFEJEZÉSTÁR We rarely stay in hotels. in our high school... Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. but I don’t know why. the h. 6... He felt his hackles .. at the m. it personally. 8..... – What ever for? mi az ördögért? Why ever did you fire her? mi az ördögért? Why on earth did you do that? mi az ördögért? Just don’t do it on my account... to a b. f.... I was shocked! 9... miattam I think circumstances have a lot to do with it though.. I think he . of the m. megmagyarázta However.. he j..... up about having to go abroad. when she started talking about a new job.. nem lévén The demonstration was peaceful in that/inasmuch as/in so far as there were only two clashes with the police..... nagyban hozzájárult Her problems were down to her age... nincs ok az aggodalomra That’s the reason for which he dislikes me. t. your remarks the wrong way. It seems his t.. out of gear for a second. 10... he gets angry very easily. . I wish to protest in the strongest possible . I tried to t.. 4.. ... I have a bone to .. I declare the meeting closed.. a s... are r. mivel There being no further matters to discuss. Well. 3.. Took pick red bears rise slipped hit take terms flew 1.. His temper must have . with her. r..

. és D. ha csak az A mondat helyes. That’s why he dislikes me.. minden okom megvan rá I decided to buy the car for fear (that) he might change his mind. B. azon az alapon How come you failed all your exams this semester? hogy lehet I can’t stand the smell of cats. ennyi erővel akár ‘Why did you break up with Jenny?’ ‘It’s a long story. let’s divide the class into two teams. a cél szentesíti az eszközt A food import programme was aimed at reducing and stabilising prices. hogy .There’s no earthly reason why we should wait for him for another hour. kb. what else would you suggest? tudván azt What is the good of introducing this formula? mi a haszna The case was dismissed on the grounds that there was no crime.. nehogy Given that I’m a businessman.’ megvannak az indokai All the more reason why we should turn back. ‘I would like to meet the president!’ ‘What for?’ ugyan miért? ‘Why did she leave him?’ ‘She must have her reasons. you did the right thing. következésképpen Just because you’re older than me doesn’t mean you know everything. ez az oka In consequence. the concert will be called off. az egyszerűség kedvéért In view of the weather..’ ez egy hosszú történet What do you mean by not taking this test? hogy érted azt. Az alábbi mondatpárokban A a megoldás. hogy . ha egyik sem. hogy . ennek megfelelően Sport sponsorship was an excellent means of contributing to this end.. The first few days in any organisation are all about issues like these. önmagában cél The end justifies the means.. . kb. they were a bit short of space. csak azért mert This bus is so slow we might just as well have gone on foot. 1. hasonló dolgokról szól I think I have every reason to be angry. egy okkal több. C ha mindkettő. (A) We have every reasons to say that he betrayed us. 2. In consequence. ha csak a B. ennek a célnak az eléréséhez Learning a foreign language might be an end in itself. ami megmagyarázza 1. (B) Given that there were not enough books. az volt a célja. figyelembe véve She was ill. valamilyen okból kifolyólag For the sake of simplicity. For some reason we were asked not to enter the building. which accounts for her absence at the meeting. nincs olyan értelmes ok They will be reprimanded accordingly. we were all fired. (A) What’s the good from walking 50 km to see a destroyed castle? (B) We failed to show up at the meeting.

. EARTHLY Nem tudom. his success.. for concern. 3. 7.. 8.. His success was down . 7. let’s talk in English. 15.... (B) For sake of simplicity.. 11... What did you leave the party . 10. I’m sorry I did that.. In . nem most van itt az ideje .. hogy ne hívd fel. No one has been informed of the reasons for . his absent-mindedness. reason to believe that he’s spy. We have . de biztos megvan a maga oka..? 12. that he can’t do that alone. egyetlen nap sem telik el It’s hardly the time to bring up the topic. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR There is not a day goes by that Joan does not think of her youngest child. 2.3.. 6. I went home at ten . Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. 8.. hazamentünk. . 13. would you go with him? 14. His manager has a lot to do . hogy nem jár többet iskolába. 4. he decided to postpone the meeting. His remarks were aimed . 3. (A) We might as well have gone to the movies or something.. 5. money. 1. 9. (A) He was acquitted on the ground that there was no evidence.. What’s the good . The meeting was successful inasmuch . His illness might account . 2.... (A) He didn’t call you back? All the more reasons you should drop that business. justifies the means. He told us there was no . we have some new customers now. (B) What do you mean by not going to meet him? 4. 3.. helping the rest of us. hogy ezt csináld.. miért teszi ezt. I suppose. his dedication and hard work. ALL Hogy lehet.. SOME Mi az ördögért nem hívtál fel? EARTH MIKOR 1. REASONS Egy okkal több. BEING Valamilyen okból kifolyólag elhatározta. 2.. His books are all . Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy odaillő szóval. MEAN Nincs semmi érthető oka annak.. (B) Why on earth did he say that for? 5. 1. 5.. fear that my mother might worry. hogy még senki sem hívott fel? COME Mivel nem volt semmi magyarázat.. Csak azért mert sokat dolgozol nem lesz több pénzed. but you know: the .. 6. he doesn’t stand a chance of winning... of his previous results. sweating in a gym every day? 4.

előre Visitors can tour the mill by prior arrangement. bármelyik percben He has to work day in day out. shaking in anticipation of the telephone call. ami elmúlt elmúlt – nem forgathatod vissza az időt At the time. we haven’t been given any information. we had to wear uniform to school. fényes nappal The Agendas for these meetings will be issued in due course. he didn’t do his homework. we had only one employee. we met as recently as last week. egy napon majd One day. korán We were asked to pay the money in advance. hajnalodott He arrived home at the small hours. kb.What is past is past and you cannot turn the clock back. egész nap In my day.. amíg csak akarsz Never have I seen anything like that. he said he would apply for a job in Vienna. akkoriban We hardly ever go out. mostanáig He should arrive any minute now. pontban tízkor Dawn was breaking when the first car appeared. sok barátnője volt He left home. előre várva He behaves rather strangely at times. nem tudok nem megdöbbenni I’ve always liked getting up at the crack of dawn. az éjszaka közepén I have yet to meet the managing director. éppen a múlt héten He is always smoking in the staff room.’ ‘Yeah. még nem találkoztam I’m convinced we’ll hear about him in the not too distant future. kb. kb. a hajnal hasadtával I fell down the stairs as I was running upstairs. To date.. amíg . várj csak. napra pontosan 4 éve történt To this day. a határidő előtt If you think he’ll pay back the money. we looked for a cafe.. never to return/never to be seen again. a minap None of them has as yet discovered a deep. he still hasn’t called us. Wait till he hears about this. mint mindig I never cease to be amazed at the damage human beings do to one another. egy napon majd Some day we’ll meet again. the exams are around the corner. soha nem láttam . miután megérkeztünk He will work with us for some time to come. minden második napon He had not a few girlfriends back in high school. rewarding love. nagyon ritkán This is the first time you’ve said this! ez az alső alkalom The results will be made public several months hence. néha ‘You look nervous. több hónap múlva We arrived on the precise dot of ten. amilyen gyorsan csak tud They beat her up and took her money in broad daylight. egy napon It’s been four years to the day since we met. a nem túl távoli jövőben . mind a mai napig He entered the building in the dead of night.’ mindjárt itt vannak Could you therefore please telephone me at your earliest convenience? kb. és soha nem tért vissza On arriving at the airport. az én időmben One of these days you’ll realise that you’ve made a bad decision. mostanában I saw her the other day.. egy ideig More small firms will go bankrupt in years to come. kb. előzetes megbeszélés alapján She waited outside in the street. az elkövetkező években He’s never finished anything ahead of the deadline. boldogan éltek amíg meg nem haltak As always. még nem fedezte fel Each time we visit him he has some important guests from abroad. állandóan dohányzik! She’s working these days. you can wait till the cows come. akárhányszor I have tennis training every other day. miközben Actually. várhatsz. a megfelelő időben They would have beautiful children and live happily ever after.

. Azt mondták. .. Néha elég furcsa dolgokat kérdezel.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozícióval. h. a közeli. but it’s impossible. várjunk még egy picit. I went down to the station. If you think he’ll help you out..Think of a place that you remember from your recent or distant past. Sokat kell fejlődnünk az elkövetkező években. Még nem találkoztam az igaz szerelemmel. 8. kb. halál pontosan He started studying languages at an early age. hogy ne hívnám fel.. He is . on the dot. 6. 8. We arrived . 7. .. 4. 4. 7. day . wait till lived happily an early turn back in broad at the crack one of on the precise a... you’ll see that I was right. of dawn ever after the clock these days dot the cows come home bird daylight 1. 5.. 5. 1. 5. . Találkozzunk pontban nyolckor. . korán kel MIKOR 1. b. 2. Készen volt a munkával határidő előtt. he’s always the first one to arrive.. 2. . d. Terrible! They were robbed . at around 4. Alig múlik el úgy nap. 4.. 3. Kösd össze a két oszlopban lévő szavakat. . you can . Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével.. 6. 10. AHEAD YET TO COME ANY GOES BY TIMES ON DOT 3.. We must be in the canteen . He gets up at 5 every morning... Bármelyik percben itt lehet.. meglátta a vázát. e. 7. 6... A minap összefutottam egy kedves ismerősömmel. g. vagy távoli jövőben At nine o’clock. 2. 1.. of 12. fiatalon He’s an early bird. Miután belépett a szobába. 1...30. They’re working on the new project day . OTHER ADVANCE . f. hogy nem kell semmit sem fizetnünk előre. They got married in May and .. 3. 3. 9. FELADATLAP 1. c. I wish that I could . majd egészítsd ki a mondatokat. 2. 8.

mostantól Nobody knows what the future holds. örökmozgó At this point we’d better not interfere. some time to come. that he doesn’t write a letter to her. azóta már régen We were made to wait. pár hetenként So much was at stake that jokes were few and far between. a 24-ik órában They go out together every now and again. 9.. az utolsó éveiben I’ll call you by 5 at the latest.. ezalatt James had to work the whole weekend... He’s going to stay with me . alig volt egy percem No sooner had I sat down than there was a loud knock on the door... mit tartogat a jövő In future.2. the dead of the night. date. alighogy What with all the activity and everything. 8. Luckily. eközben The best part was yet to come.. prior arrangement. legkésőbb You’ll have to finish in less than no time. the company was profitable.. nagyon későn I knew who it was the instant (that) he spoke. I hope to meet him . már a múlt évben = ilyen gyorsan Better late than never. néha-néha He introduces us his new girlfriend every week without fail. abban a pillanatban.. mint soha Everybody is required to leave the hostel no later than 15 July. legkésőbb július 15-én He wrote his best pieces in his later years. 3. még hátra volt This administration is a perpetual motion mess. the day since we last heard of him. the not too distant future. 5.. hogy . after this lapse of time. .. I pay someone to come over here at regular intervals to keep an eye on the place... 7. korán kel As late as last year. Not a day goes .. kb. villámgyorsan We’ll go to see him as soon as it’s light. kivétel nélkül. 10. a jövőben Animals used to live here long before the dawn of recorded history. 6. az írott történelem előtt You won’t be back here till all hours.. amint kivilágosodik That investment is going to be profitable in the long run. néha-néha Every now and then he wrote us a letter or called us. már egy ideje . mindig The position of goods may be changed every few weeks. he’s always up with the lark. Meanwhile. kb. 4. ezen a ponton I try to read a daily paper whenever possible. we have been told nothing about the operation. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR The Billabong had been saved at the eleventh hour. It’s been five years .. I can look at it more calmly. . rendszeres időközönként Hardly had he done so when another unmarked limousine entered the base.. jobb későn. You can meet the president only . amikor csak lehetséges Talks with the management have been in progress for some time now. He was kidnapped . ezalatt az idő alatt You know him. MIKOR 2. alighogy The books are yours for keeps. he started working . my day. you must not leave the building without my permission.. an early age. ritkák voltak We’re not planning to visit them in the foreseeable future. a belátható jövőben From now on you’ll have to start work at 8.. hosszú távon Don’t worry.. his family went on a short trip. örökre Now. there were twice as many students here as now. nemsokára The lake had long since disappeared from view. In the meantime he was playing squash with his friends. He’ll be here before long. I’ve hardly had a moment to myself.

kb. Nem érdemes azon töprengeni. ebben a percben It’s raining so we’ll have to put the game off until next week. időről időre We’ll meet them a week today. örökre When all at once the youth disappeared. jöjjön bármi. 2. 1. vagy utóbb At one stage she seemed to break down in tears. Befejezzük a munkát nemsokára. 1. 4. egyszer sem She talks in class all the time.They go out on Saturdays. egy ponton At no time did I tell him I wouldn’t help him. sokára In the course of my lifetime I’ve seen some systems fail. mindeddig MIKOR 2. tíz esetből kilencszer Will you agree that we do that. I’ll take that exam or rain shine come. mindeddig I’m going to leave England for good. Megkeressük az órádat amint kivilágosodik. Biztos vagyok benne. állandóan We’ll find you some accommodation. 9. 7. egyszer csak As of now. 6. LATEST LIGHT CALLED RUN HOLDS BEFORE KEEPS WHENEVER KEEPS BASIS 2. He enjoys getting up early. néha At length we managed to convince him to come with us. Rendszeresen találkozik a miniszterelnökkel. Meglátogatom a szüleimet amikor csak lehetséges.. 3. 4. A koncertet elhalasztották a hideg miatt. 5. come rain or shine. rendszeresen Sooner or later we will have to meet them. but we still have arguments at times. Legkésőbb négy nap múlva elkezdjük a munkát. FELADATLAP 1. rather than have the same thing coming up time after time. az életem során I have no information as yet about the child. Rakd a szavakat helyes sorrendbe.. állandóan . addig is Nine times out of ten she says the wrong thing to the wrong people. We get on well. amikor néha He visited the Bristol branch on a regular basis. we have not received reliable information on the subject. 5. 3. 2. kb. 8. kivétel nélkül mindig On the rare occasions when they met they had nothing to say to each other. előbb. mához egy hétre He’s talking to her at this very moment. 10. 6. hogy mit hoz a jövő. Nekem adta a füzetét örökbe. but you can stay here for the time being. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. elhalasztották a jövő hétig The lecture was called off because the teacher was ill. You can stay here being the time for. Az alábbi mondatokban néhány kifejezés véletlenül összekeveredett. I’ve met many successful people lifetime of the in my course. . We usually talk shop occasions the on we meet when rare. He disappears for weeks now again every and. he’s always larks with up the. 7. They left the building time no less than in. You know the saying: late than never better. 8. Állandóan a munkájára panaszkodik. hogy ez jó befektetés hosszú távon. lemondták I’m really fed up with him because he keeps on forgetting everything.

As of/for now. dolgozott. mint egy megszállott We studied like hell for the test.3. teljes szívemből We bought a house where they can play to their heart’s content. 9. 12. hogy . 10. baromi hosszú út volt She was trembling now from head to foot. tetőtől talpig He’s feeling a good deal better now after the operation. gyakran The book requires the user to look at each area of painting in depth. kifejezett szándéka It is impossible for the business at that pub to be increased to such an extent. They won’t open a new store in the foreseeing/foreseeable future. No sooner had we arrived than/then the police were called. kb. betéve tudja He gave me every encouragement from the first moment on. They’ve been living here for some time/sometimes now. mint az állat I hope with all my heart that you’ll find someone to love.. kedvükre He knows the topics from A to Z. a heated argument started. kibírhatatlanul I came here with the express purpose of blackmail. ahogy a kedvük tartja. 3.. sokkal jobban We saw each other a great deal. kb. minden bíztatást megadtak I haven’t got any idea at all/whatever what he has said. tanultunk.. In/At this point.. annyira . 6. 14. ilyen mértékben . too. Before/Sooner or later this place will be closed down. olyan gyorsak. With/At length they managed to pull her out of the water. 2. akkor a legveszélyesebb It proved to be a hell of a long journey. 15. hogy . 1. egyáltalán It was that cold (that) I couldn’t even start the car. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.. I’ll be with you whenever it will be/is possible. He left the country for --/the good. 11. sokat. nem is annyira rossz He wanted to marry her so badly. His reactions are such/so quick that no one can match him. hogy . He can be really aggressive at times/some times. részletesen Vologsky was tormented beyond endurance. nagy érdeklődést mutatott We all worked like nobody’s business the whole week.. 13. we know nothing of the children that went missing. He’s not as bad as all that. In the chase. He used to paint in his late/later years. annyira (hideg volt). 5. nagyon akarta She has taken an avid interest in his works. kb. They attend meeting on/at a regular basis. 8. the beast is at its most dangerous when it is cornered. 4. At no time I asked/did I ask him to do such horrible things. NAGYON KIFEJEZÉSTÁR They are such wonderful players (that) no one can beat them.. She keeps on talking all the time/times. Every now and then/then and again they invite us to their place. 7...

She spent money as if there was no tomorrow. 7. annyira így volt. túl messze mennek Giovanni was an artist to his fingertips. He visited them with the express/expressed purpose of getting the painting back.’ hogyne. They’re such/so wonderful people that we’ll visit them next year. 4. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. but that’s as far as it goes. . 2.He can pay his bills. nagyon nagy He expressed his concern at great length. too. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. disturbed him beyond measure. . the problems seem to be all too familiar. He is a teacher until/to his fingertips. csak részben It is patently obvious how a fear which is openly expressed can be passed on. kb. unfortunately. They danced and drank as if there was/had been no tomorrow. 10. 5. 2. giving up everything. teljesen nyilvánvaló She already compromised herself beyond recall by accepting the invitation. He explained the story to us with/at great length. It was so/such cold that the match had to be cancelled. messze a legintelligensebb But I think they take things too far. rengeteg időnk van I agree with the proposal to some extent. hosszasan Successful sportsmen must be selfish to a greater or lesser degree. His name is all/very too familiar to us. kimondhatatlanul My expectations have been met in full measure. fenntartások nélkül I am happy to agree without reservation with his proposal. az ésszerűség határán túl But the political and economic landscape of Poland has changed beyond recognition. kb. too. markáns ellentétben állt ‘Could I just take a look?’ ‘By all means. túlságosan is ismerős He was rich beyond their wildest dreams. however. a felismerhetetlenségig His mother flatly refused to receive a daughter-in-law. 6.. de ez minden He’s far and away the most intelligent lawyer. messze NAGYON FELADATLAP 1. 9. The noise from the street bothered her behind/beyond measure. kereken visszautasította Jarvis always talked to people without reserve. teljes egészében I only partly agreed with what he said. mintha holnap vége lenne a világnak Outside the gates. kb. természetesen That notion. we’ve got all the time in the world.. 3. rendkívüli módon. 8. bizonyos mértékig He is by far the most intelligent student in the class. a velejéig (művész) His explanation for this reversal of his campaign promises is stupidity on a heroic scale. I hope with my whole heart/all my heart that you’ll pass. kb. kisebb. vagy nagyobb mértékben The ego of this man knew no limits. nem ismert határokat It was in marked contrast to its owner’s shy smile of welcome. a legvadabb álmaiknál is Relax. They are by most/far the most talented students. so much so that won’t even have dinner. 1. fenntartások nélkül He doesn’t have any time.

the best school in the country. 5.... interest in hiking. He analysed the poems in . 2. hogy 8 autójuk van. I have to agree with him to some .. 5.. 8. It was . Nem kell sietned. what the meeting would be about. No need to rush. NEHÉZ KIFEJEZÉSTÁR Packing for holidays is quite an art.. 10. Here you can play .far extent beyond away depth avid patently whatever reservation flatly 1. nehéz a kedvére tenni . He was shaking from head . I have no money .. 8. 2. the world... kb. .. WORLD Azért nem annyira nehéz ez a feladat. .. This report is . az élet nem fenékig tejföl We started the project a week ago. és ez annyira így van. 6. 1.. KNEW Mindig fenntartások nélkül beszélt mindenkivel.. 7. kisebb. marked contrast to last year’s plans. 1. rengeteg időnk van. 2. This is far and . LESSER ‘Bemehetek ebbe a szobába?’ ‘Hát persze. great length. 8. your heart’s content. you know that life is not a bed of roses. nyakig benne vagyok = próbálom megoldani We need to get this thing done. RESERVE Messze ez a legérdekesebb kiállítás a városban.. 3.... FAR Mindenkit érdekel a pénz. 3. and it seems that I am in over my head. all. 4.. . whatever the cost in time and energy.. He suggested a new package and we agreed without . He talked to us about the project . their wildest dreams. The reception was .. a legnagyobb nehézség He is really hard to please.. obvious that they wouldn’t leave the country on their own accord.. SO MUCH 4. vagy nagyobb mértékben. By not letting them enter the building you might be taking things too ..’ MEANS Nagyon gazdagok.. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével.. 4.. THAT A kedvessége nem ismert határokat.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy prepozícióval.. 3. We had no idea . He is a businessman . refused to give me a grant. recognition. He has changed . 7. we have all the time ... his fingertips. 6. . 5. 3. 7.. bármennyire időbe telik is It was lack of funding that was the main burden for writers in this period. 9. He . 6.. He’s taken an . foot when she entered... 4... nagy művészet = nehéz Well.

They’ve gone through hell in the last two weeks. megjárták a poklot
What she did to him lay heavy on her conscience. nyomasztotta a lelkiismeretét
She resigned with a heavy heart. nehéz szívvel
I thought his book was a bit heavy going. nehezen érthető
Well, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. kb. ha nem bírsz valamit,
akkor ne csináld
Whenever I want some information from them, I always run up against a brick wall.
falakba ütközöm
I’ll finish this report even if/if it kills me. akkor is, ha belepusztulok
Teaching them to read and write will definitely take some doing. kb. nem lesz egyszerű
Bring up the subject and he’s hard pressed to take it seriously. rá lesz kényszerítve
Small businesses have been hit hard/hard hit by the new laws. kellemetlenül,
hátrányosan érinti őket
Their success was hard won. nehezen megszerzett
He was thrown in at the deep end when he started working for us. bedobták a
The last week in the office hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs. kb. nem volt csupa
My first years at school were fraught with difficulties. tele volt problémákkal
Our maths teacher is making life very difficult for us. megkeserítette az életünket
Even talking to her was quite an effort. nem volt egyszerű
I couldn’t face seeing people. nem tudnám elviselni
You’ll have a job getting some money out of him. nem lesz könnyű dolgod
Pneumonia is no joke, you know. nem tréfadolog
Were her shoulders too small to bear the load? kb. nem tudta elviselni a nyomást
But college life is no picnic, admit Barclays, who sign up nearly a third of students. kb.
nem sétagalopp
I really want to do less for the cracker bar now, because that was hard pushed. nehéz
Bed and breakfast is readily available and there is much to see in the area. könnyen
It was no small achievement making her go with you. nem kis eredmény volt
He’s been going through a bad patch lately. rossz passzban van
Nigel felt the project was a strain on him. nehéz volt
It proved to be an uphill struggle, and was far from successful. nehéz küzdelem
I don’t think there is a major stumbling block. buktató
I’ve sweated blood to get him to agree to see me at all. vért izzadtam
By any standards, it was a tall order. kb. nehéz feladat
It was no wonder that the journal had no easy task making ends meet. nem volt
‘Was our sadness too much for you to bear?’ asked an Iranian woman. túl nehéz
Also the Russians failed to help their allies in time of need. szükség idején
Now daily Hansard is at hand, to get us out of a tight corner. nehéz helyzetben
The exam was a piece of cake. kb. semmiség
That maths problem was child’s play. gyerekjáték
Writing poems comes easily/naturally to her. könnyű számára
They were no contest for Liverpool. nem voltak ellenfelek
It’s not difficult, you could do it standing on your head. fejen állva is meg tudod
She found the place without difficulty. nehézség nélkül
It’s all downhill from now on. kb. innen már sétagalopp
Getting into that school was as easy as falling off a log. kb. nagyon egyszerű
Some children do not have any easy time of it. nem egyszerű számukra
‘Why don’t you get married?’ ‘That’s easier said than done.’ könnyű azt mondani
They’re not going to hand you that scholarship on a plate. ezüst tálcán nyújtják át az

Chris says I could do it with my eyes shut, but he’s biased. becsukott szemmel
That test was an insult to our intelligence. megalázóan könnyű
He tends to choose the line of least resistance. a legkisebb ellenállás felé halad
It was no easy matter making him apologise. nem könnyű dolog
It’ll be plain sailing from now on. kb. sétagalopp
The exam was no pushover. kb. nem volt könnyű
That book is not exactly light reading. könnyű olvasmány
In theory the task should have been simplicity itself. maga az egyszerűség
That test is so easy you can do it in your sleep. kb. álmodból felébresztve is meg tudod
1. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval.
This year has been ... with problems for our company.
Life is no ... for anybody, you know.
We’ve been going thorough a bad ... lately.
Singing comes ... to her, she’s so talented.
We sweated ... last week, and this week isn’t going to be easier either.
I was thrown in at the deep ... and asked to organise the next meeting.
He left his country with a ... heart.
Don’t worry, it’s all ... from now.
It wasn’t hard at all, it was a piece of ... .
Well, that was definitely the line of ... resistance.
2. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.
The exam was a stress/strain on him.
It was as easy as falling down/off a log.
Working abroad? That’s easier said than made/done.
You could do that with your eyes closed/shut.
That question was an insult for/to my intelligence.
That night laid/lay heavily on his conscience.
That test was child’s play/game.
I’ll pass that test even if it will kill/kills me.
We were hard/hardly hit by the new law. We might even go out of business.
Finishing that task in time seemed to be a high/tall order.
3. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból.
picnic sleep art tight plain kitchen contest doing easy small

1. After November it was ... sailing for us.
2. They’re no ... for us. We’re much better.
3. It’s so easy you can do it in your ... .
4. Once he got me out of a ... corner.
5. That school is no ..., remember!
6. None of his books are really ... reading, but I enjoy their complexity.
7. We felt her shoulders were too ... to bear the load of her work.
8. You know the staying; if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the ... .
9. Trying to make him do his tasks on time is quite an ... .
10. Convincing them to go with you will take some ... .

Did you read that book or didn’t you? elolvastad ... vagy nem
Don’t you do anything but work these days? nem csinálsz semmit csak dolgozol
You aren’t anywhere near finding the answer. közelében sem jársz
The performance was far from being interesting. közel sem
But on no account let anyone know we’re interested. semmi esetre sem
Neither my brother nor my sister is/are interested. sem ... sem
I’m afraid I can’t help her. Nor/Neither can I. én sem
It’s not so much that he dislikes his parents, as/but that he wants to live his own life.
nem annyira az, hogy
This competition is not so much for food as it is genetic. nem is annyira az ételért,
He was last but one at the competition. utolsó előtti
He was by no means convincing. egyáltalán nem
On no condition should you let them in the flat. semmi esetre sem
I could hardly believe it when he showed me the article. alig
He didn’t do anything to help us whatsoever! egyáltalán
I haven’t got any idea at all/whatever where they might be. semmi ötletem sincs
‘Let’s leave.’ ‘Hell no, we just got here.’ dehogyis
‘I’m coming with you.’ ‘Like hell you are.’naná, hogy nem
This car wasn’t expensive at all. On the contrary, I bought it really cheap. ellenkezőleg
‘I’ll marry Sharon Stone.’ ‘In your dreams.’ kb. álmodik a nyomor
I wouldn’t dream of doing anything like that. nem is álmodnék arról, hogy
Nothing on earth could have hurt them more. az égvilágon semmi sem
The test was not exactly easy. nem éppen könnyű
Everybody had a hard time finding work and I was no exception. nem voltam kivétel
She is not half such a fool as they think. fele annyira sem buta
‘Do you like working there?’ ‘Far from it. It is the most boring job I’ve ever done.’ közel
‘Are you going out tonight?’ ‘No fear!’ de nem ám!
‘This lesson was horrible!’ ‘No, it was nothing of the kind.’ egyáltalán nem
The last thing I needed was another book to translate. még csak ... hiányzott
Hubert Gaily was not in the habit of thieving, still less of being caught thieving. még
‘Shall I go with you?’ ‘If you like.’ ha akarsz
Nobody has been told, have they? Senkinek sem szóltak, ugye?
Carl, by no stretch of the imagination, could ever be called good-looking. a
legnagyobb jóindulattal sem
‘Would you like to come with us?’ ‘Not for all the tea in China!’ kb. a világ minden
kincséért sem
The look in his eyes was none too friendly. a legkevésbé sem volt barátságos
The last thing I wanted to do was teach. semmire sem vágytam annyira kevéssé,
He’s not the slightest bit interested in what we are saying. legkevésbé sem érdekelte
Going out with him? Perish the thought! felejtsd el!
Come along! It’s ten past already. ugyan menj már!
Come off it! Nobody would be interested in such a stupid idea. elég legyen!
You can’t really believe that yourself! ezt magad sem hiszed
‘Will she be accepted?’ ‘Do me a favour! She hasn’t studied a word.’ ugyan már

hogy I find lawyers really annoying. to finding the solution. mintha el is rendeztük volna We were within an inch of being captured. közel jár az igazsághoz To be able to produce such a variety. way but exception like point verge take will excepted sense 1. 3. közel járt ahhoz. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból... He was on the .. csodával határos volt She seemed to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.. a jelenlévők kivételek ‘When did you arrive?’ he asked. He was in no . We are well on the .. was little short of miraculous. that matter is as good as settled.. of a nervous breakdown when we met. his new book is not particularly well-written.. 5. saját vesztébe rohan Well.. 4. 2. Semmi esetre sem szabad egyedül hagynod őket. You can come with us if you . TEA ACCOUNT PERISH BUT PRICE . a forradalom szélén állt He seems to be heading for a fall. semmi pénzért sem. not with the best . éppen kérni akartalak It seemed as if Glasgow was on the brink of revolution.. 7. with only a microwave and a supply of hot water.. 4. and I was no . Everybody failed to show up on time. Spanyolországba utazni? Felejtsd el! Kettő kivételével mindenki egyetértett velem.. 9. biztosan nem What do you take me for? mit képzelsz rólam With the best will in the world we couldn’t say that he is suitable for that job.. in the world. nem különösebben She was on the point of giving everything up when we met... egy kivételével mindegyik They way she talked about him bordered on hysteria. . not at any price! semmi pénzért sem We’ve just about finished. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. 3. 5. He does nothing . read articles these days.But he was in no sense putting on an act. 1. You can’t let him do that. majdnem All but one of the students passed. azon a ponton volt. 2. . hisztériával volt határos I was just about to ask you the same thing.. ‘szagot fog’. an ideal leader. 8.. a legjobb indulattal sem There are things I wouldn’t do.. 6. feeling that he might be on the scent of something. hogy NEM FELADATLAP 1. Going to a night club?! What do you .. of resigning when the fax arrived. of course. Nem mehetsz oda. Nem mennék oda a világ minden kincséért sem. She was on the . of course. 10.. me for? It seems that no one knows the meaning of ‘deadline’ here. present company .. gyakorlatilag Walter was well on the way to knowing his way around. hajszál híján The question was uncomfortably close to the mark. az idegösszeropanás szélén állt He knows virtually all the important people in town. közel járt az igazsághoz To be honest. 2.. present company excepted.

10. kezd hitelessé/elfogadottá válni He is training to be cream of the crop. The matter is so/as good as settled.6. His ideas were none too/very liberal. kedvező fogadtatásban részesült . she had hoped for fame overnight. hatalmas stadionokat képes megtölteni The concept of greater parental involvement was favourably received. 9. Az elméletei közel jártak az igazsághoz. kb. IMAGINATION Hajszál híján megkaptuk a munkát. sokat beszélnek róla He quickly made his mark as a district administrator. élő legendák voltak Neither he nor Peter can conceal excitement at being back in the limelight again. 8. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. Her behaviour last night bordered with/on madness. The country is in/on the brink of collapse. Going to a party this late? Come on. szédületes magasságokat She was believed to be the Liz Taylor of her day. megnyerte az emberek szívét It is bizarre that people who play other people’s records can reach these dizzy heights of stardom. He is not half so/such a fool as you think. csak egy ember a sok közül He can still pack out huge halls. INCH MARK 3. We all felt that they were heading/going for a fall. korának Liz Taylor-a I’ve fulfilled a lifelong dream this season for which I’ve worked very hard. 6. We’ve just about finishing/finished. nem szereti a kormány Nicholson and Hopper suddenly became the flavour of the month. 7. 8. 4. sokat beszélnek róla = népszerű The Trabant can achieve cult status. nem kell bemutatni They were a legend in their own lifetime. egyik napról a másikra híres She’s not in favour with the government. letette a névjegyét He is one of the crowd. His speech was little short of/for an insult. A legnagyobb jóindulattal sem lehetett a filmet érdekesnek mondani. 3. NÉPSZERŰ – NÉZ KIFEJEZÉSTÁR The view that family law is not really law seems to be gaining credence. kb. Nobody has finished it yet. kultusztárgy lehet There are some players who captured the hearts of the nation. népszerű = rövid ideig felkapott The author of this book needs no introduction. Well. kultikus személy He’s been much talked about since his victory. 1. 5. rivaldafényben His name is on everyone’s lips. egy élet álma valósult meg Like all actresses in a similar position. a legjobb During the next few days Stevie was to find himself something of a cult figure. make/do me a favour! 7. has he/have they? 2. then.

... sasszem All eyes were on him as he put the ball behind the keeper. If you’re not in favour with someone.. He is just one in/of the crowd.Then the influence that he exercised rather than his generosity. minden tekintet rajta pihent We were all eyes as she entered the room in that dress. szabad szemmel látható At the sight of it. If someone needs no introduction. The cream of the crop is . the blood froze in my veins. oldalpillantást lövelltem felé It was a great movie. levenni róla a szemét All he did was feast his eyes on that beautiful painting.. 3.. lopva pillantott Because they are so faint. kellemes a szemnek The new factory was a blot on the landscape. the problem becomes more complex.. a távolba bámult I must be imagining things or seeing double. a saját szemük előtt Shall we run an eye over the figures? átfutni She couldn’t take her eyes off him. elcsúfítja a tájat There was a real embarrassment of riches. The new program is winning/gaining credence. . 3. our eyes were glued to the screen. kb. on closer inspection. 1. not a single one is visible to the naked eye. mindenki erről beszélt NÉZ She gazed into the darkness.. . madártávlatból They stood there drinking in the scenery. kb. . Fejezd be az alábbi mondatokat értelemszerűen. kb. állta a pillantásomat We had a bird’s eye view of the city.. 4. a sötétségbe meredt She was standing there staring into the distance. He ran an eye through/across the figures.... but he met my eyes. If you’re seeing double. eyes dry and burning. pillantásokat váltottak I shot her a sideways glance. 2.... képzelődöm – kettőt látok Nothing escaped her eagle eye. ha jobban megvizsgálod A look passed between us. kb. állta a tekintetét They exchanged glances during the evening. csupa szem voltunk They said their family was killed before their very eyes. An embarrassment of riches is .. a képernyő elé szegezett minket However. 8. a látványra NÉPSZERŰ – NÉZ FELADATLAP 1. . 1.. . If you’re drinking in the scenery. The flavour of the month is . 2. legeltette a szemét He met her gaze and seemed to be relaxed. itták a látványt Garda is a charming old village that is very easy on the eye. egymásra néztek I thought he would turn away. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. or you were a twin. a bőség zavara Mrs Haskins stopped dressing in order to steal a glance at the order. 5. 2. 6. If a band can pack out huge halls. became the talk of the town. 7.

7. . megfontoltabb lennél I put some extra money aside. Nem tudta róla levenni a szemét.. jobb. Az új színdarab kedvező fogadtatásban részesült... vigyázz nehogy You really must be more cautious about making such remarks. 5.. Pillantásokat váltottak az este során. 2. We had a bird’s eye view/sight of the castle. He fulfilled a . He reached . 6.. They said nothing. they were just drinking in the .. 3. Ő volt a nyolcvanas évek Marylin Monroe-ja.. I don’t want to take any chances. dream by playing for Manchester United. 5. That beautiful castle is really . he tried to . He is/His name is on everyone’s lips since his brilliant performance. biztosít ezzel a valószínűtlen esettel szemben is We would do well to take heed of the American experience. ... Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. 9. eye. betartom a szabályokat Third party insurance will cover you against this unlikely possibility. . 6. nem akarok kockáztatni I prefer to play by the book. there was an embarrassment of . He’s made his signature/mark in the last couple of years. it is better to err on the side of caution. He didn’t know what to do at/on the sight of that gun. That was a beautiful little village.. 3. He is a lot/much talked about these days. 8. 2. BLOT FAVOURABLY GLANCES BETWEEN OFF OF FEASTING DISTANCE 4.. After his victory he became the talk of the . 7. ha inkább túl óvatos az ember Let’s wait and see what he has to say about this before we do anything. csak állt a távolba meredve. They killed her before his . eyes.. kb. heights of stardom overnight. 4. 6. óvatosabbnak kell lenned I’ll leave at 8.. That kind of gas is visible to the . Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. ÓVATOS – ŐRÜLT KIFEJEZÉSTÁR Be very careful not to mention this topic to them. 10...4. Ez az új modern épület elcsúfítja a tájat. várjuk meg . Élvezettel legeltette a szemét a képeken. 1... Nem mondott semmit. 8. While passing the table. in his own lifetime. He became a . 5. 8. kb. very legend town riches easy lifelong naked steal dizzy scenery 1. 4. 3.. on the eye.. a glance at the questions.. megfontolni I wish you’d use your head. Egymásra néztek. kb. 7.

kb. figyelj oda. gondosan válogasd meg a szavaidat Better safe than sorry. can you? ésszerű óvintézkedés When talking to them. megőrjít His constant complaints are driving me insane. There’s a very f. nem vagy magadnál! He says really strange things at times.. . nem viselkedik értelmesen It is sports that keep me sane. kerülni a feltűnést There’s a very fine line between laughing and crying. egy őrült pillanatomban Mr James is losing his marbles. kezd megőrülni ÓVATOS – ŐRÜLT FELADATLAP 1. son... mint később sajnálkozni If you are still worried. az arany középút He didn’t succeed. weighing his words. r... and I say it again. Jenny.. 3. we must tread carefully from now on. jobb óvatosnak lenni.. I think he’s going to crack up soon. gondosan megfontolva a szavait ŐRÜLT I’m afraid my brother has gone completely round the bend. kb. figyelj... but you can’t think of anything. megőrjít You’re out of your mind. you had better choose your words with precision. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval. I suppose. ami segít normálisnak maradnom I think he has a screw loose. completely r. óvatosabbnak kell lennünk Watch out for him. the b. tanult a leckéből After the scandal he decided to lie low for a while. kb. m. hová lépsz = gondolkozz mielőtt cselekszel I think he has learnt his lesson and would never do such a thing again. I don’t think he’s quite all there. then play safe and go to the nearest source of help. you’d better watch your step with him. hiányzik egy kereke Are you out of your senses? They’ll fire you for that.. nem túl okos Taken to extremes. kb. meg vagy őrülve? She is going soft in the head. kb.. menj biztosra He is a cruel businessman. vigyázz vele A stitch in time saves nine... kb. hogy . feldühödött The neighbour’s dogs are driving me crazy. bekattant He’s studying 20 hours a day. being helpful can be dangerous. finoman szólva If you talk to him.. A kezdőbetűket megadtuk. to put it mildly. 1.. Everybody seems to believe that she is s.. But whatever happens. He’s g. egy idejében tett kis erőfeszítés megóv a későbbi bonyodalmaktól Make sure (that) you know all the rules before you start playing... ha túlzásba viszik They said he went stark raving mad. l. and smashed the room up. he’s a real trouble-maker. nagyon kevés választja el What I like about him is that he always tries to look for the happy/golden mean. 2. . megkattan When I told him I would leave he went crazy. between friendship and love.Look before you leap. you should pick your words carefully. kb. kb. gondosan válogasd meg a szavaidat Don’t play around with those guns! ne játssz! Of course we took all reasonable precautions. vigyázz vele He spoke slowly.. dühöngő őrült In a moment of madness I lent him my car.

you can’t just go in there! 3.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. 7.. 6. We had the feeling that she was going s. 3. You’d better watch out for/with him! 2.. He seems crazy... carefully..... No cheating this time. You must teach them not to play off/around with that clock. in the head. poor Mr Jones is l... 10. . He’s gone completely around/round the bend. 14.. You must be out of your sense/senses... 7. Whenever I talked to him. Make sure/surely that no one leaves the building before the police arrive. he decided to marry her. FELADATLAP . 5. He seems to have a screw lose/loose.... 8. ŐSZINTE – PÉNZ 1. He’s not done much work.. I’ve decided to p. by the b..... I felt I had to . with him.. Be careful not letting/to let him get away with that book. 7. 1. 15... 3. We thought she was going . Everyone thought she was .... you’ll crack/break up sooner or later. obviously w. in time s.. 9. my words carefully. 11. his m. 9. than sorry.. 10. He’s always smiling but you should still w. your s. to extremes. pick madness tread stark safe lesson screw taken sane soft 1. . In a moment of . Better . . 8. You are out of your mind/head if you think he’ll help you. . I think he has a s.4. If I were you. I would play safe/safely and go there only after 20. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. 12.. 5. n. It is my job and my hobbies that keep me .. l. I don’t want to take any chances/chance.. . from that accident. You should choose your words precisely/with precision. He is old and senile. 9. 6. . He was talking slowly. It’s better to err in/on the side of caution. 13. 2.. his w. ... You know: a s. generosity can be crazy. in the h.. 10. If you don’t go anywhere the whole summer.... raving mad. and not three months later. 4... In a mad moment/moment of madness we agreed to join them.. you must . 4. I’ve learnt my . 5.. 2.. We thought she had a . . to say/put it mildly.. 8. loose. Go to the dentist now... Think twice... 6.

my mind started to wake up a bit during this period. szívből jött She’s still angry with him at heart. halálosan komolyan mondja I’m ready to look him in the eye and tell him he is a liar. kb. kb. valójában The women. van betyárbecsület is I think we should stick to our principles. szembe kell néznünk a ténnyel To be fair. kb. őszintén meg kell mondanom I’m certain he made that comment in good faith. a szemébe nézett He hates her but he’s afraid to tell her so to her face. you will never get a job here. are portrayed as being fair and just. that snake in the grass. he’s unreliable and incompetent. kb. you should always speak your mind. you want to come because of the food. she is a lot more intelligent than her brother. I’ve not even heard of that writer. Well. He is a man of his word. don’t pile on the drama! ne játssz rá a drámára The plain fact is we are not interested in buying a house there. megmutatta az igazi énjét If he said 5 o’clock. báránybőrbe bújt farkas Stop beating about the bush and get to the point. legyünk őszinték! There is honour among thieves. nem beszélt félre What I like about him is that he always plays by the rules. I don’t think you’ll be successful as a writer. kb. őszinte beszélgetés He’s as straight as a die. rátér a lényegre I told him straight what I thought about him. she’s done a great job this time. hogy őszinte legyek To be honest. ez nem szigorúan véve igaz She’s had her fill of children and she makes no pretence at understanding them. őszintén szólva Let’s be honest. nem akarja fenntartani a látszatot He certainly pulled no punches in his TV show last week. csak szerepet játszik To be perfectly honest. that viper! kígyó = hazug He turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. jóhiszeműen Not to put too fine a point on it. nem kertelt I decided to lay my cards on the table. but for practical purposes it is normally close enough. tiszta lelkiismerettel He was in deadly earnest. hűek meradunk az elveinkhez He’s always playing a part. hogy őszinték legyünk She told him fair and square to leave. he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. nagyon gazdag családban született They don’t get paid but work for the love of it. teljesen őszinte Let there be no doubt it has shown the IRA’s true colours. nem ködösítve. tisztességes és őszinte I can say in all sincerity that we have never even seen that photo. teljesen őszintén Remember. nyílt lapokkal játszom To be blunt. In point of fact. I can’t tell my staff that everything’s all right.. amit gondolsz Vaguely he wondered when Siban was going to come to the point. áll a szavának She knew what she was doing. a színtiszta igazság az.. kb.ŐSZINTE Daddy made no bones about his answer. őszinték és igazságosak That is not strictly correct. you know. to an audience of that period. fél a szemébe mondani We have to face up to the fact we cannot get that contract. teljes szívemből kívánom In all conscience. either. szerelemből dolgoznak = fizetség nélkül . világosan és egyértelműen I have in fairness to say that nothing has been decided yet. a szíve mélyén I love you and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. kb. hogy egészen őszinte legyek Come on. ne kertelj – térj a tárgyra PÉNZ 1. egyenesen megmondtam neki Do you think he might not be playing straight with me? nyílt lapokkal játszik It’s time for some straight talking. nyíltan megmondva To be frank with you. I’m afraid. nyíltan megmondva I’m convinced that what he said came from the heart. azt mondd. he’ll be here at 5 o’clock. hogy .

you can trust him. 6. 7. 6. Keresd meg a szavak helyes sorrendjét. egy kisebb vagyont örököltünk I said I’d pay Jack’s fare – the fine cleaned him out.... 5. I still manage to keep my head above water.. majd egészítsd ki velük a mondatokat. 8. but we’re comfortably off. his mouth. They don’t get paid. 2. They at pretence make no worrying about us. soha nem kellett a pénz miatt aggódnunk 1.. még mindig folyik be pénz I wouldn’t say we’re rich. I’m (flat) broke.. 1. a. You have nothing to worry about. She is still in love with him . 2. 4. nem fenékig tejföl itt az élet The cream of Los Angeles society was there. 3. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozícióval... . a felszínen tudok maradni = éppenhogy kijövök Times were hard at the turn of the century. 3. you know. I wish you happiness my heart of from the bottom. She no about bones made her opinion of the project. 5. kb. Could you tell him to stop beating . 4. We were waiting for him to point come the to. the bush at last? 2. 8. 4. a little fortune last year. kb... He just about managed to water his the keep above head.. 8. heart. 7. If he said he’d help you. they are it working love the of for. fedezi a költségeket We came into a little fortune last year. set aside as straight as suffered showed his flat in deadly snake pulled earnest . sokat nélkülöztek I’m trying to set aside some money for a trip in summer. We should have known he was sheep’s a clothing in wolf. We’ll have to set . 7. 5. csődbe ment Could you lend me some money. is thieves there among honour.He supports researchers in seeking funds to cover these costs where necessary. he is a man . a társaság krémje They must have suffered many hardships in the war. 1. all sincerity. 3.. jómódúak vagyunk How soon can you come up with the money? előteremteni a pénzt Well. 2.. The school fees and the bills cleaned him . kb. he was born with a silver spoon . 1. nehéz idők voltak We never really had to worry about money. 3. 6.. félretesz egy kis pénzt We still have money coming in from the bakery.. His business went broke last month. some money for the holidays. Az alábbi mondatokban néhány kifejezés összekeveredett.. minden pénze ráment He is unemployed now. My best friend came . I could answer them . teljesen le vagyok égve It’s not exactly fun city here is it? kb. his word. Párosítsd össze a kifejezéseket. He is stinking rich.

during the war.. alig tudtak megélni She no longer had the money to make ends meet. kevésből is kijön They got through a fortune before Christmas! egy vagyont költött They usually go halves on the bills. . úgy költekezik. and they had to sell their furniture. I’m afraid I can’t go with you tonight.. OK. egyik napról a másikra él They ended up deep in debt. let’s go Dutch. g. nem sokat ér He’s spending money like it’s going out of fashion. sok pénzbe kerülhetnek . nagy csapás volt a költségvetésünkben If they are unwilling to dip into their pockets. nyereség nélkül. h. kb. 3.. e. sem vesztesége Fifty dollars doesn’t go very far these days. alig volt pénze These drinks are on Frank. nagy adósságokba keveredtek The school fees made a dent in our finances. fenntartom magam He doesn’t like putting his hand in his pocket. gazdát cserélt Where did you get your hand on that car? kb... so they came quite cheap. kb.. mindenki a saját fogyasztását fizeti I know they earned a fortune in Germany. szerezted meg The computers were sold at cost. felvásárolják They were about to buy a new TV set on hire purchase. mintha holnap vége lenne a világnak Wetherby may have decided to feather his nest by blackmail. 5. this is . kb. 1. He definitely .. and it turned out that he was . in the interview. kb. nullszaldós volt = nem volt nyeresége.. but I can earn my keep.. 6. for the repairs. a die broke true colours no punches in the grass some money hardships The people of this town . KIFEJEZÉSTÁR Can’t you ask him to cough up some money for the trip? felköhög egy kis pénzt At first it was very difficult. f. c. egy vagyont keresett This job doesn’t pay well. bekerülési áron adták el Our company deals in dairy products.. szorongatott helyzetben vannak He made a fortune in publishing. kb.. kb. 2. 7. PÉNZ 2.. He was . Finally.. felezik a számlákat How much is he asking for that old car? mennyit kér? The company has changed hands four times in the last two years. Frank fizeti az italokat Here’s the bill. megszedi magát And it’s not only rail travellers who’ll feel the pinch.. he would never lie to you. . . We’d better . I’m .. I’m not joking.. I have no sympathy. kijönni a pénzből His company broke even for the first time only last year. egy vagyont keresett We never went hungry but sometimes had to get by on very little.. nem szeret a zsebébe nyúlni But there were also many petty traders who barely eked out a living. but now we’ve learned to live from day to day. 4. d. a zsebükbe kellett nyúlni He said he was down to his last dollar.. tejtermékekkel foglalkozik (cég) They seem to be buying up half Europe.b. részletre vettek Holidays can make a big hole in your savings. at last week’s meeting he .

kb. a saját lehetőségük szerint At that time. kb. megélt Their standard of living is very high. 6. kb. it’s daylight robbery! kb. so he lacked for nothing. It’s strange but they managed to buy that for/at a discount. Joe was down/broke to his last dollar when we met. and at that time no expense was spared. we should make sure he’ll want for nothing in the future. luxust árasztott Installing central heating will more than pay for itself. nagyon kifizetődik They run over cross-country courses and pay through the nose for it. 1. kb. egyik napról a másikra élnek He’s inherited some money but he seems determined to live it up and have a good time. tejjel-mézzel folyó kánaán Mary recalls how they were flat broke and almost living hand to mouth. They couldn’t eke out/-. leértékelve I’d be great to have a new car. 3. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. nagyon sokat kell fizetni érte There is an apartment next door that is going for a song. mint a cukrot Employees also received a grant towards incidental expenses like buying carpets and curtains. kb.His new book sells like hot cakes. az árskála két végén vannak In the 1960s it was totally re-built. életszínvonal Dental charges have risen sharply since the 1970s. ez rablás = nagyon drága Buy them there. but it costs the earth. nem volt elérhető German cars don’t come cheap. kúsznak felfelé az árak Oil is coming down in price at last. They have a very low standard of living/life. They decided to go half/halves on the bills. 2. rengeteget fizetsz érte Buying less than the best is a false economy. radio sets were beyond the means of all but a very limited number of them. jómódú – mindene megvolt Britain in the 1920s was not a land of milk and honey. semmiben sem szenved hiányt No sign of any more money than is needed to keep the wolf from the door. It’s hard to make/get ends meet here. often at half price. sokba fog kerülni Fifty pounds for three beers. nagyon olcsón árulják Buckingham Palace said Di wanted to tighten her belt along with everyone else. kb. nagyon sokba fog kerülni If you want to go to Sri Lanka on holiday. veszik. felélik What does he do for a living? miből él? When he was younger. 8. 4. nagyot emelkedtek Everybody should pay according to their means. járulékos költségek His parents are rather well-off. felment az ára The hotel had an air of luxury. kb. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. kb. 7. We got away with/through a fortune in Italy. szorosabbra húzza a nadrágszíjat While he is with us.a living These tapes sell like hot cakes/chocolate. 2. éppenhogy megéljenek 1. kezd lefelé menni az ára We have Cuban cigar but it’ll cost you. nem sajnálták a pénzt A car like that costs a small fortune. kb. . you’ll have to pay the earth for it. nem olcsó Prices are creeping up again. hibás/ál-takarékosság These two cars are from opposite ends of the price range. 5. and almost always at a discount. he scraped/scratched a living from working in farms. egy kisebb vagyonba kerül Oil increased in price.


Kicsit spórolnunk kellene, nem gondolod?
Ezek a szegény emberek egyik napról a másikra élnek.
Miből él?
Ez a márka nem olcsó.
Mennyit kértek a házért?
Rengeteg pénzt keresett Ausztriában.
Ez az autó kétszer gazdát cserélt.
Nem vagyok jómódú, de fenntartom magam.

3. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból.
by beyond nose cost daylight wolf scraped up go spared

1. He worked hard just to keep the ... from the door.
2. They don’t earn enough to get ... .
3. You should buy things that are not ... your means.
4. When the new shop was opened, no expense was ... .
5. So far we’ve ... a living from this shop.
6. They earn a lot but they live it ... .
7. All right, here is the bill, let’s ... Dutch.
8. We found ourselves paying through the ... for that house.
9. We make no profit as the books are sold at ... .
10. Expensive! It was ... robbery!!

A man swallowed small parcels of drugs in an attempt to smuggle them into Britain.
He made no attempt to turn away. nem tettem kísérletet
I tried my hardest to explain how it had come about. mindent megpróbáltam
So you decided to go it alone and quit this place. egydül próbálod meg
Perhaps we should chance it. meg kellene kockáztatnunk
This won’t lead us anywhere – let’s come at it from another angle. nézzük meg egy
másik szemszögből
There’s no way you can take a chance on it, Flora. tenni vele egy próbát
Give me credit for knowing an illness when I see it, Shelley. bízz bennem annyira, hogy
Think twice before you dip a toe in this business. kétszer is fontold meg
At least it showed that the girl’s mind was working in the right direction. helyes
irányban próbálkozott
Philosophers have been going insane for hundreds of years in an effort to find the
meaning of life. hogy megpróbálják
She made a real effort to pull herself together. valós erőfeszítést tett
He’ll go to extremes in order to get an A. a végletekig elmegy

He wants to get rid of the president by fair means or foul. kb. tisztességes, vagy
tisztességtelen eszközzel
He gambled on being able to buy a last minute holiday. arra játszott = megpróbált
Any chance they had to get out of doing their job, they’d grab at it. megragadnák a
Well, they’re very big things to grapple with, and I don’t know if there are any
answers. megbírkózni
The optimum time must be determined by trial and error. próbálkozva tanulás
I’ll retire, of course, but I’d like more time to lay my plans. kb. mindent el tudjak
And the doctor was doing his level best. a legjobb tudása szerint dolgozott
They are looking to find a new solution. keresik a legjobb megoldást
Artemis said nothing, struggling to get out of her coat and gloves, hiding the panic she
felt. megpróbálta
Herrick had taken great pains to make sure he was protected. kb. gondosan ügyelt rá
At least now they can get their act together. kb. összeszedik magukat
He was silent in order to collect himself. összeszedte magát
If you don’t intend giving it your best shot, why play it at all? legjobb tudásod szerint
Tell you what, I’ll have a stab/shot at that on Monday morning. megpróbálom
Pure separatism involves a woman taking steps to remove men from her life. lépéseket
We shall leave no stone unturned in our search for the culprit. mindent követ
He would stop at nothing to put pressure on you. semmi sem állítja meg
Vincent strained every nerve to turn himself into a draughtsman. minden idegszálával
azon dolgozott
The initial idea will be to test the waters with the lesser-known prisoners. kb. próbát
I’ve had enough and I’m going to try my luck in a country I can actually understand.
próbára teszem a szerencsémet
He did his utmost to prove that he was innocent. mindent elkövetett
A few big banks have ventured into more dangerous territory. merészkedett
Newman controlled himself with an effort. nehezen sikerült erőt vennie magán
I don’t want to put you to any bother. gondot okozni
It is less of a problem than we thought. kevésbé jelent gondot
He realised that he’d opened up a can of worms. kb. belenyúlt valamibe
Joe is in a fix, we should do something to help him. gondban van
It’s all right, Jim, no harm done. semmi probléma
Has everything been settled. No, it’s just the calm before the storm. vihar előtti csend
But it was the second part of the package that really put the cat among the pigeons.
súlyosbította a bajt
I can’t get a job because I have no work experience, but I can’t get work experience
without a job-it’s a catch-22 situation. 22-es csapdája
The last three months have been hell. maga volt a pokol
We are now facing the most serious challenge in our history. legnagyobb kihívással
kell szembenéznünk
If I were you, I wouldn’t try to cross them. megpróbálja keresztezni az útjaikat
I do not know why the Minister is making such heavy weather of this matter. nagy
ügyet csinál belőle
We went to a pub and drank a few beers, where’s the harm in that? mi ebben a gond?
Your education is enough of a problem for me. elég nagy baj nekem
You’re in deep trouble, my friend. komoly gondban vagy
His attitude poses considerable problems to us. jelentős problémákat okoz
1. Fordítsd le az alábbi kifejezéseket.


nem tett kísérletet - ..............................................................
kétszer is gondold meg - ..............................................................
kipróbálom a szerencsémet - ..............................................................
minden idegszálát megfeszítette - ..............................................................
jelentős problémákat okoz - ..............................................................
vihar előtti csend - ..............................................................
a legjobb tudása szerint cselekedett - ..............................................................
tisztességes, vagy tisztességtelen eszközökkel
- ..............................................................

2. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval.

1. He was caught by the police and now he’s in deep ... .
2. His case is ... of a problem for me, I don’t want to deal with you, too.
3. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ... you to any bother.
4. So, did you decide to go ... alone, or are you looking for a partner?
5. Come on, Jimmy, get your ... together and get yourself a job.
6. Whatever you do, you must never ... them!
7. Giving him another week off would be to put the ... among the pigeons.
8. The government is taking ... to reduce unemployment.
9. If I were offered the chance to go abroad, I would ... at it.
10. Be careful with him, he will stop ... nothing to get what he wants.
3. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével.


Bajban vagy, barátom!
Megnéztem egy filmet egyedül, mi eben a baj?
Jim merészkedett be először a házba.
Nem értem, miért csinál ilyen nagy gondot belőle.
Azt javasolta, hogy meg kellene kockáztatnunk.
Tavaly nagyobb kihívásokkal kellett szembenéznünk.
Itt dolgozni maga volt a pokol.
Komoly erőfeszítést tett, hogy megoldja a problémát.


4. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.

Finding a suitable office was much/less of a problem than we thought.
He gave it its best shoot/shot, but didn’t succeed.
We all went home and there was no harm made/done.
He didn’t say a word but it was the silence/calm before the storm.
He’s obviously taken big/great pains to exclude all the newspapers.
She left no stone unmoved/unturned to prove her innocence.
Everybody made/did their utmost to find a solution.
He seems dedicated and they say he’ll stop at/for nothing to achieve his goals.

kb. na most jól benne vagyunk The police threw the book at me yesterday. father knew. we are in a no-win situation. nem volt egyszerű They say our marriage is already on the rocks.’ ‘Well. mint aki nem vett észre semmit The Boozebuster went off without a hitch. hogy minden visszatérjen a normális kerékvágásba I wouldn’t like to be in their place. darázsfészekben And last night it got me into hot water. ha odaértünk Have there been any attempts to resolve the conflict? feloldani a konfliktust Naturally. kidumálta magát a nehéz helyzetekből If you tell my dad.PROBLÉMA 2. bajba sodort It is Joe that is making an issue of it... Did he help to pick up the pieces or did he watch the poor man’s agony from afar? kb. nincs megoldás . kb. The only fly in the ointment was that we ran out of food very quickly. kb. kb. kb. everything is in hand. nehéz helyzetbe hozta magát I know he was late. az egyetlen szépséghiba Now we’re really in for it. there’s the little matter of decorations to be considered. the performance went like a dream. vihar előtti csend After all. a szakadék szélén áll He believes quite simply that unemployment lies at the root of the problem. úgy tett. which poses a question. kilátástalan helyzet. szégyen-gyalázat All the problems have been settled. kézben tartjuk a dolgokat The markets have exposed the fatal flaw of his government.kétszer The boss didn’t say anything. csalánba nem üt a mennykő . végzetes hiba It was a great party. ez a probléma gyökere There must be a way round the problem. nekem annyi/végem van We’ve run into difficulties trying to find a suitable bank. but we knew it was just the lull before the storm. látjuk a fényt az alagút végén Lightning never strikes (in the same place) twice. since it may hold the clue to the whole case. nem a világ vége You can go home now. although it’s been a rough ride. he thought. hell broke loose in the classroom. nehéz helyzetben vagyunk As soon as the teacher left. nem szeretnék a helyükben lenni Yet these two enemies are also enemies of each other. elrendeződtek There’s not much I can do. kell lennie megoldásnak It is a scandal that the best players are paid the least. but why do you have to make a drama out of it. minden gond nélkül You lads really are sitting in the middle of a hornet’s nest. I’m dead meat. KIFEJEZÉSTÁR He told me his life was coming apart at the seams. nagy drámát csinál belőle ‘You seem pleased. kb. ezzel majd akkor foglalkozunk. and that’s for sure. megbüntettek Even when not evident it is always worth looking for. but it’s not the end of the world. segíteni. nehézségekbe ütközött Now he’s really dug himself into a hole. kérdést vet fel Well. megoldás kulcsa lehet We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. homokba dugod a fejed Somehow he always managed to talk his way out of tight corners. van még ez az apróság . kb. it’s turned out not so badly. elszabadult a pokol You make a mistake by burying your head in the sand. gondot csinál belőle Now we see the light at the end of the tunnel.’ úgy ment mint az álom I know she’s left you. kb. az élete szétesőben volt We have been up the creek since our accountant left the company. but turned a blind eye to it.

I know I can always count on her if I’m in a spot. bajban vagyok
All he does is stir up trouble with the teachers and his classmates. kb. kötözködik,
keresi a bajt
It was just a storm in a teacup. kb. vihar a biliben
The storm has taken a heavy toll on the city. áldozatokat követelt
We’ve been having a tough time of it lately. kb. problémáink vannak
I’m sure he didn’t mean to put you to a lot of trouble. sok gondot okozni
By trying to talk to him you just made the problem worse. csak rontottál a helyzeten
He’s already passed four exams, but he isn’t out of the woods yet. kb. ezzel még nincs
The more he eats, the fatter he is, the fatter he is, the harder it is to eat less. This is a
vicious circle. ördögi kör
I’m afraid that bill is just the tip of the iceberg. a jéghegy csúcsa
I know it was unpleasant but you shouldn’t make a mountain out of a molehill.
bolhából elefántot csinál
He married again, but he realised that he had jumped out of the frying pan into the
fire. kb. cseberből vederbe

1. Alkoss kifejezéseket a két oszlopban lévő szavakból, majd egészítsd ki az alábbi


make a mountain
stir up
put him
at the root
tip of
not the end
of the world
broke loose
out of a molehill
of the problem
the iceberg
to a lot of trouble
You can’t get work without experience and you can’t get experience without work.
This is a ... .
As soon as the police arrived, ... in the stadium.
I felt sorry to have ... . He had to spend the whole afternoon looking for my things.
The hotel had no running water but that was only the ... . Later we found out some
really horrible things.
I was five minutes late, so what? I wish you wouldn’t ... al the time.
Lack of funding is ... . That’s what we’ll have to solve somehow.
He would go to football games just to ... with the police.
Come on, a bad mark is ... .

2. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.

1. His telephone calls just made the problem worse/worst.
2. The earthquake has got/taken its toll on the city.


We could pay the workers but we’re not out of the wood/woods yet.
I went home to pick up the peaces/pieces.
He’s got me into deep/hot water the other day.
They’ve been having a heavy/tough time of it lately.
That man poses considerable/considerate problems to the company.
You shouldn’t worry, everything is at/in hand.

3. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval. A kezdőbetűket megadtuk.

1. There was no serious trouble, just a s... in the t... .
2. You know that we’re sitting in the m... of the h... n... .
3. Could you lend me a few pounds? They t... the b... at me and I must pay the fine.
4. It is indeed a difficult situation but now we can s... the l... at the end of the t... .
5. They’re about to break up, their relationship is o.. the r... .
6. Don’t worry, l... never s... in the same place t... .
7. I feel my whole life is c... a... at the s... .
8. We talked to them and all the p... have been s... .
9. I know I was late but why should you m... an i... of it all the time?
10. There must be a w... r... this. Every problem has a solution.
11. The last year has been a r... r..., but it’s soon over.
12. The journey was great, the only f... in the o... was that the train was late.

Not being fired is about the best we can hope for. ez a legtöbb amiben
I’m crossing my fingers that I will be accepted. kb. nagyon drukkolok
Keep your fingers crossed for us! drukkolj nekünk
He left the country in the forlorn hope of finding a peace formula. híú remény
She was hoping against hope that he didn’t really mean what he said. kb. a végsőkig
All we can do is send her the papers and hope for the best. reméljük a legjobbakat
I sincerely hope that he’ll never do such a thing again. őszintén remélem
They have given up hope of ever going to the USA. feladták a reményt
‘You’re not entirely beyond hope, then,’ she said. nem teljesen reménytelen
All is not lost, you could still go back to school and take up a new job. nincs minden
Finally it would be unrealistic to raise hopes of restoring part of the railway itself.
reményt keltett
There was just one small ray of hope. egy halvány reménysugár
I asked to see him in the vain hope that he might change his mind. abban a híú
We visited his mother in hope of meeting him. abban a reményben
It may be wishful thinking, but I hope to come on top of my class. csak álmodozás
He does in fact fail some students sometimes, but he’s not as black as he’s painted.
nem annyira rossz, mint ahogy mondják
Too many cooks spoil the broth. kb. sok bába között elvész a gyermek

Have I not told you again and again not to eat all the bread! hányszor elmondtam
He is a teacher from hell. kb. szörnyen rossz tanár
These kids give him hell, he can’t deal with them. pokollá teszik az életét
She’s made my life hell. pokollá tette az életemet
He has a heart of stone. kőszívű
It caused certain computer programs to go haywire. megbolondította a programokat
The final results didn’t come up to expectations. nem felelt meg a várakozásnak
His latest book doesn’t come up to his usual high standard. nem éri el a szokásos
magas színvonalat
You’re just the detective hound who will write me off as beneath contempt. kb. teljesen
The real headache will be trying to convince them to go with you. komoly fejfájást fog
All of a sudden the phone went dead. a telefon süket lett = elromlott
The hotel left a lot to be desired. sok kívánnivalót hagyott maga után
Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. kb. jobb az a ‘rossz’ amit tudsz,
mint az, amit nem
We are between the devil and the deep blue sea. kb. két rossz közül kell
He had no work experience, which put him at a disadvantage. hátrányt okozott neki
His speech did great discredit to our cause. nagy kárt tett
His last article was a poor effort. gyenge kísérlet volt
She was saved from a fate worse than death by a stranger. ami még a halálnál is
He said he wouldn’t play second fiddle to me. kb. másodhegedűs (valaki mögött)
Inspiration seemed to be at a very low ebb. hanyatlóban van
He has no manners. nincs modora
We bought a new car, the old one is falling to pieces. darabokra hullik
I have heard of some stupid fashion details in my time, but this is the pits. ez
mindennél rosszabb
Her comments served no useful purpose. semmi hasznuk sem volt
Do you see room for improvement for the company? kb. fejlődési lehetőséget
They said the restaurant fell far short of their expectations. nem felelt meg a
This evening seems to be going up the spout. elpocsékolódik
The lesson got off to a bad start. rosszul indult
When the new manager arrived, things went from bad to worse. sokkal rosszabb lett
a helyzet

1. Az alábbi mondatpárokban A a megoldás, ha csak az A mondat helyes, B, ha csak a B,
C ha mindkettő, és D, ha egyik sem.

(A) I’m sure you’ll make it, I’ll keep my finger crossing for you!
(B) Our holiday got off to a bad start, as we couldn’t find the camp site.

(A) Better the evil you know than the evil you don’t.
(B) All is not losing, you can still find some work in Spain or something.

our phones went . Nobody knows what’s going to happen. 1. 4. (B) Don’t worry about what they say. vérzik érted a szívem I think I owe you an apology for what I said last week. 7. STONE Az új törvény komoly fejfájást fog okozni nekik. 3. 6. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. DISCREDIT A kutyája pokollá tette a szomszédok életét. 7.... to pieces. but I’m broke too.. they have no manners. Joe egy kőszívű ember. we’ll really need to put some money aside for repairs.. 5. They entered the house in the .. 6. jóvá teszem You poor little dear – my heart goes out to you. hogy soha nem menj oda! AGAIN Nem beszélt angolul. he has no manner. GIVEN Hányszor megmondtam neked.. of our expectations. 2. 8. We can’t call them now.. REAL A cikke nagy kárt okozott az ügyünknek. she is a marketing manager from . 5. HELL Nem teljesen reménytelen.. Our house is . (A) He wanted to live somewhere in Africa... 9. 4.. 5. (B) We won’t play second fiddle for him. to make amends for the fright I have put you in. . 2. vérzik érted a szívem I was so sorry to hear of the accident. it is much worse than the previous one. 8. The film fell . (B) Their meals leave a lot to be desired with. sajnálattal hallottam . hope finding him there. BEYOND Feladta a reményt arra. You know. 1. (A) You can’t talk to him. but let’s hope . 4.. They thought of him as . contempt. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval. waiting all this time.. but it was only wishful thoughts. bocsánatkéréssel tartozom Here... 2.. . PUT SAJNÁL VMIT My heart bleeds for you. ami nagy hátrányt okozott a számára. That speech .. . hogy utazunk Franciaországba.. and the deep blue . I feel we’re between the . no useful purpose. 3.. Everyone hates her. hogy munkát találjon külföldön. (A) We went to the stadium early in hope for getting a good seat. 3..3.. the best. 10. says Betty Maxwell.. Their new book was a poor .

yes. magyarázatokat/kifogásokat keresni That man is an arsehole. but that’s life.’ attól tartok We all feel for the victim’s families. Has she actually played Cupid to them?! kb. more’s the pity!’ sajnos He bitterly regretted ever talking to him about it. nyomasztja a lelkiismeretemet The way he’s playing at the moment is a convenient excuse to get him out of the team. megbántani az érzéseit This sort of advertising plays on people’s sense of guilt. if you’ll pardon the expression. that boy had a much better trick up his sleeve. inkább hátráltatott.I didn’t have the heart to fire him. égisze alatt . felemésztette a lelkiismeret-furdalás I don’t think we should make excuses for her. kb. semmi harag I despair of him. barátai legnagyobb sajnálatára He is shattered by what has happened and filled with remorse and shame. szégyenükben lehajtották a fejüket ‘I didn’t get the job this time. nagy kár volt ‘Can you not come tomorrow.’ pech! The car can simply not take any more people but no hard feelings.. egy számítógépes program segítségével Sometimes my father asks me to help out in the restaurant. I didn’t call her back. he was not much of a help. mint segített With the help of a computer program. az a sorsom. ‘I don’t know but I’ll try to find out’. much to the regret of his friends. milyen kár There is no shame in saying. nincs abban semmi szégyen SEGÍT(SÉG) 1. kisegít God help us if he gets to know. ilyen az élet . senki sem tökéletes It was a great pity you decided to do it on your own. már elnézést a kifejezésért ‘Has he really eaten everything?’ ‘I fear so. tele volt lelkiismeret-furdalással To my shame. the boys hung their heads in shame. együttérzünk Nobody wanted to hurt his feelings. volt még valami a tarsolyában He hasn’t played his best/strongest/winning card yet.. kb. isten óvjon minket. kényelmes kifogás When they were caught. either?’ ‘No.’ ‘Hard luck. sajnálom I feel I am destined not to pass this stupid test. ha . they worked out a solution. he can’t keep a job for more than six months. either. Joe. hátat fordít Oh. nem volt valami nagy segítség He proved to be more of a hindrance than a help. talpra segítette Instead they seem to close ranks against any criticism and label it persecution. He’s always ready to give/lend us a helping hand in trouble. szégyenszemre What a shame she didn’t want to come. Her death was a big loss to all of us.. nagy veszteség volt How do you want to make it up to him? jóvá tenni I know that was a mistake. egységesen lépnek fel Actually. but in three days he went back to London. but nobody’s perfect. hogy The kids were eaten up by regrets. segít He usually also went off somewhere under the auspices of some ecologically minded group. nagyon megbánta He decided to work in Austria. utat nyisson It was a great comfort to have him here.. kb. az emberek lelkiismeretfurdalására játszik rá It’s a shame you failed. kerítőt játszott I’m positive that he will not turn his back on his friends. nem volt szívem It’s still on my conscience that I decided not to take him with me. nem játszotta ki az adu ászt The question of responsibility was brushed aside to clear the way for the new era. nagy könnyebbség They helped her to her feet.

3. I saw her fall and I helped her . future development.. He went to the conference under the . 2. 4.. her feet. them an apology for last night’s scandal. I think you . to the whole nation. This discovery cleared the way . 6. a help in the kitchen.. 6.. 10. He didn’t turn up at the meeting much for/to the regret of his boss.. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást... 4.. but sometimes they ask me to help . all criticism.’ ‘Hard/Little luck. He is dull. them.. of the Japanese government.. ‘Has he thrown out the cup?’ ‘Yes. Do you think I’ll ever be able to take/make it up to him? 3. 8.. London. . to her? 4. 9. Come on.... Her death was a big . that stupid actor.Jeff while he’s on holiday? 2.In his enthusiasm for living he wanted to share the burden of his son’s illness. 3. 5. You’re taking your cue . 6. 2. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozícióval. It is unfortunate but I had to play Cupid .. .. 1. For/To my shame. out bitterly on hand sleeve owe auspices pardon loss remorse 1. 7. courtesy of the British Museum. if you’ll . I’m afraid he isn’t much . It was a great/big pity nobody called them. 8. I’m sure they still have a trick up their . Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból.. I feel . regret that decision... utánozza 1. How do you intend to make it . I fear that/so’. none of my friends arrived on time... Will you cover for/-. 5. give us a helping . . ‘Their car was stolen last week.. 10.. After the war he was filled with . There’s no shame/pity in going to a ball alone. One day you’ll .. 5. osztozni a gondban Who’s going to cover for you while you’re away? helyettesít Reproduced by courtesy of the Natural History Museum. kb. 2. He would never turn a/his back to people in need. 4. 3. 1.. 9. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. .. My heart goes out out with/to the children suffering. hozzájárulásával He is taking his cue from the boss and is talking to everybody in the same way...... 7.. the expression.’ 8. I really do. They seemed to have closed ranks .. 7.. engedélyével. I don’t work here. and anger. you. The picture is reproduced ... Jim.

we felt that he had left us in the lurch. nem érti a célzást Give him an inch and he’ll take a mile/yard. de senki sem tökéletes. which didn’t help matters. Vérzik értük a szívem. kb. kb. a bíró szeszélyének volt kiszolgáltatva Don’t worry about the costs. rendelkezésedre állok The agreement will open the door to further talks on the issue.1. 2. 3. mindenkit meghallgat (panaszokat) He didn’t agree to lend his name to their project. He’s heavily dependent on government aid. hogy ne . Ennek a könyvnek a segítségével minden sokkal könnyebb FEET HINDRANCE BLEEDS HURT PERFECT SHAME MUCH lesz. I have my family to fall back on.. so I had to fill in for him. hogy ilyen korán haza kell menned. 5. I’m at your disposal. cserben hagyott minket Next he mentioned her ex-husband. kicsit rugalmasan kezelni a szabályokat He was ill. megoldjuk She is ready to lend an ear to me when I’m in trouble. HELP SEGÍTSÉG 2. nem adta jelét Please tell them not to go to any trouble because of me! ne csináljanak gondot maguknak The papers were quick to leap to the president’s defence. helyettesíteni I must leave early today. utal. Milyen kár. Nem akartam megbántani az érzéseidet. utat nyit Working hard and asking no questions is the door to success here. 6. a nevét adja hozzá When he left. kb. közelebb vitt minket He would never bend the rules in anyone’s favour. 8. nagyban függ You shouldn’t have left them to their own devices. apróbb ügyeket elintézni If all else fails.. elintézzük. Inkább hátráltatott. Legnagyobb sajnálatomra nem volt ott. Ez a vacsora nem valami finom. 4. számítunk I need an extra pair of hands to be ready on time. meg van kötve a kezem = nem segíthetek Do you need a hand with all the paperwork? segítségre van szükséged His lecture did in fact give us a better handle on understanding the issue. és a karod kell They gave no indication of how satisfied he was with my work. Will you hold the fort for me? tartod a frontot? Maybe I can drop a hint or two and put her right. – SIKERES 1. 7. it’s all being taken care of. céloz (valamire) I told him I was married but some people just can’t take a hint. mint segített. még egy ember = segítség Don’t you think it would be advisable not to tell him anything? ajánlatos lenne. nem használt a dolgoknak He was at the mercy of the judge. my hands are tied. a kisujjadat nyújtod. . gyorsan az elnök segítségére siettek Don’t worry. saját magukra hagyni Well. we’ll sort it out somehow. minden el van rendezve We’re banking on their help. Talpra segítette az idős hölgyet. de nem tehettem semmit. a sikerhez vezető út We sometimes have to run errands for the boss. akire támaszkodhatom I’m afraid there’s not much I can do.

.............. 8....... Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.. diadalmaskodni fog ........... protekciót szerez If I were in your shoes............ az ő tanácsára SIKERES 1.. 2.... sikere soha nem látott magasságokban szárnyalt We must remember that if we want something badly enough... kikövezte az utat = segített Don’t you think he could pull strings for you? kb.. I won’t stand in his way...................... vesztes csatát vív The essay gave me a sense of achievement............. 9... 4...... az ő tanácsára ......... nagyot szólt = sikeres volt I’m sure I can make to make it big one day................ I’d leave the country as soon as possible. a szárnyai alá vette His teaching method worked wonders for us. jót cselekszik ....... győzedelmeskedni fog Smith says the act will bring the house down..................... that you haven’t done so..... ........ óriási siker lesz (színházban) A leadership campaign then had been dead in the water....... 7........ kb....... sikerélményt adott They were on the crest of the wave after they won the cup final.. akadályozta The firemen went to the aid of the poor child... I suppose you could say that the occasion went with a bang. győzni................ megy a szekér It’s much to your credit...dicséretedre legyen mondva Her success reached new heights after the publication of her new book......... 6........ nyugodt erő No one from your past comes to mind who might want to do you a good turn? aki jót akar tenni veled If he really wants to leave.......................................... kb........ kb...... csodát tett I decided to go to that school on his advice.......... rugalmasan értelmezi a szabályokat ...... segítségére sietett It’s an open secret now......... sikeres lesz He has been fighting a losing battle against failing sight for the past year..... 5.... ajánlatos... nem szeretnék a helyében lenni He put a spoke in the management’s wheel by not showing up.... reménytelen ügy 1...................................... ha a helyedben lennék I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes at tomorrow’s meeting........ hátráltatta............ kb.......... nagyban függ ......... úsznak a sikerben............. persistence will win the day................... 3...............It is advisable to practise each exercise individually before doing the whole routine... my darling Alice... thanks to you! nyílt titok He’s been a tower of strength throughout her illness........ hogy The French intervention paved the way for the success of the liberals in Spain.................................... 2......... csodát tesz ..... sikerélmény ... kb......................... reménytelen ügy .................................................... meghallgat ... 1.. hamvába holt = reménytelen Recruiting outsiders is a dead duck for the moment.. segítő támasz.......... nem állok az útjába She took the new girl under her wing.. Fordítsd le az alábbi kifejezéseket....

az biztos bukás All their efforts ended in failure. kb. Their success reached new ... in the water. 5. well-known // open // big 3.. kb. felfelé bukott . kudarccal végződött The course was successful far beyond our expectations. 6. kb... He must have a hell of a time. valóra vált álom You’ve tried to pass that test five times.. SIKERES 2. The diet worked . so I decided to .. the house down... rövid ideig tartó siker Unfortunately. wonderful // greatly // wonders 5. sokkal sikeresebb volt a várakozásoknál I’m convinced he’ll go far. It is an . Our journey in the Andes was a dream come true. You’re lucky because the boss has . for him. 4. everyone knows that.. the lesson fell flat on its face. megbukott = nem sikerült That essay is the fruit of hard work... hősöknek járó fogadtatásban részesült Their new album has hit big everywhere.. Their advertising campaign is .. He made a huge loss and left us in the .1... everything is being . nem tud elindulni = sikeressé válni The last prisoner of war was given a hero’s welcome... care of.. secret that he doesn’t prefer women at work.. Do you think you could pull . right now. jól ment Their new company cannot get off the ground. kb. for me? He put a . . No need to panic. elismerni a kudarcot His book died a death. nagy siker volt Their new album was a smash hit. He took up tennis .. óriási siker After that scandal they kicked him upstairs. he lost 50 kilos in a month. on // for // from 4. The play was a great success.. 2. 1. your advice. 8. He didn’t seem to notice the time... 7. kemény munka gyümölcse I thought the lecture went down well with the audience. it . I know you have some influential friends. a hint. drop // have // dip 3. they won’t go very far. you under her wings. sokra viszi Everybody thought their success was just a flash in the pan.. gyors halált halt = nagy bukás Asking her to be the lead singer is a recipe for disaster. took // pulled // brought 2. during their concert tour in Europe. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval. 3. in the company’s wheel. I think it’s time to admit defeat.. I wouldn’t like to be in his .

We had different plans but they all came to nothing. kb. éppenhogy No it’s as you say. óramű pontossággal működik I strongly believe that I will be able to realise my ambitions. nem tudom megoldani He was certain of victory and making a clean sweep of the male athletics competitions. mellényúltak We tried as hard as we could. meghozza a gyümölcsét If you’ve made a woman laugh you’ve won half the battle. nagyon sikeresek One day. betakarítjuk a gyümölcsét She shot to stardom overnight after that interview. 3. Az alábbi mondatok közé keveredtek hibásak is. halott volt a project Scientists are claiming a major breakthrough in the fight against Aids. every road that we’ve been down has turned out to be blind alley. we will have many years to carry it out. all the cards/odds are stacked against us. kivitelezni I’ve got round it with a couple of amplifiers that I’ve built myself. elcsúsztam = hibáztam We then tried to rent a garage but this fell through too. but only by the skin of his teeth. can it? kb. kb. 2. but it was not to be. azonnal meghódította az országot His success surpassed all expectations. elszúrta a lehetőségeit Mr McCormack said this did not mean the project was dead and buried. nem ez volt megírva In practice. kezd magával valamit = viszi valamire His attitude sets the pattern for all the politicians in the country. All his plans to take charge of the company fell over. fél győzelmet arattál They wanted to leave together. győzedelmesen Last year he had the world at his feet. This is a good idea but I don’t think it’s going to work in the practice. nem úgy alakult.You have really made it as a plumber. but it just wasn’t meant to be. jól mutasson a tévében I was to see Mr Eggs tomorrow. we will reap the harvest of this silence. 5. nem adatott meg He blew his chances when he told her he was not even Spanish. kb. hogy megvalósul He won. minden ellenünk szól I guess I slipped up this time. kb. mindent megnyer In mid-February Norwich appeared on the verge of crisis. halad Two graduates of Manchester University drew a blank at the job centre. lábai előtt hevert a világ Hard work will always bear fruit. however. . kb. egyik napról a másikra híres lett His new book took the country by storm. elméletben . A hibásakat javítsd ki. semmi sem lett belőle He has talked about it before and nothing came of it. példaként állhat Jungle Boy and City Girl reach for the stars but it can’t last. 4. semmi sem lett belőle It’s a pity that it did not come off. megvalósítsam az ambícióimat The candidate should come across well on TV news programmes. a helyeseknek örülj. kb. nem valószínű. krízis szélén állt His plans came to nothing. sikerült megoldanom Drivers respect speed limits in theory but not in practice. sikere minden várakozást felülmúlt He held the trophy up in triumph. nagy áttörés I can guarantee that it works like clockwork. nem sikerült Happily. zsákutca 1. His new record has big hit all over the world. nem sikerült Robert was fairly sure he was making headway. this is unlikely to become a reality. kb. 1. but I can’t make it.gyakorlatban So far. Her book appeared and she shot for stardom overnight. mellétrafáltak. haven’t you? nagyon sikeres vagy I always knew he would make something of himself.

. in science. it! 3. DEATH VERGE SLIPPED BLANK REALISE BLIND BEYOND MADE . A titkárnője az idegösszeroppanás szélén állt. Neki sikerülni fog valóra váltania az ambícióit. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szó segítségével.. 6. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. 1. 10. 6. 5.... To be honest. You could have done lots of things but you . 2. 3. his feet now. the pattern for all of us. I haven’t been able to get . 2. 4.. 8. the odds are staked/stacked against us. you’ve beaten/won half the battle. this problem for days. It seemed a good idea but nothing came from/of it. 9. Whatever he did to get a job. 7. this idea is unlikely becoming/to become reality. but I simply can’t . If you can’t make him listen to you. it surely ended with failure.. He had a hero’s welcome and the whole world is . Employing him is a receipt/recipe for disaster. 9. The campaign ended . far. your chances.. 6. 4. Ha Te igen. Azt hitte a másik cég a hibás.. 3. We can’t win..6. of our teeth. His new house was a dream becoming/come true. It was a close call. 3. I know we’re supposed to be there at 5. 7. failure. His dedication and modesty . 10. Ideje. but it was not to be/become. 7. 4. 2... She is a nice person otherwise... 8. 4. és küldünk ajándékot. 7. írj nekünk. 9. 8. hogy kezdj magaddal valamit. 1. but we reached the train by the . He raised the trophy in/with triumph... He is a lot more talented and will go farther than any of us. The discovery of electricity was a major . 5. 5.. 2. 1. Állítólag a diákok nagy része el sem olvassa az instrukciókat. de mellényúlt. Ez a megoldás sem jó. A filmje sokkal sikeresebb volt a várakozásnál. It felt as if the plans for a new factory were killed and buried. but she didn’t come . 8. Now you can reap the harvest/fruit of your hard work. The plan seems to work as/like clockwork. Wherever we turn.. as one in the show. The new band took the whole world by storm. we find ourselves in a blind ally. Minden filmje gyors bukás volt. ismét zsákutcában vagyunk. He is a talented musician who will . Sajnos többször is hibáztam a vizsgán.. We wanted to start a new company together. 10.

kb. nagyon megszerettem They all helped me decorate the room. semmi sem állhat közénk Everybody’s been crazy about that movie. . egy kis szerencsével I could hardly believe my luck when I saw the numbers on the screen. lekopogom ‘I was not taken because I was two minutes late. kéz. túllelkesedett Deep down I still love her. but luckily the concert didn’t start on time. a szívem legmélyén Why not fall in love with someone you actually like and feel easy with? jól érzed magad vele She is the apple of her father’s eye.. jó buli We love each other so much. In an excess of enthusiasm he said he would do it free. ilyen szomorú időknek a tanúja lenni We got caught up in the traffic. made to suffer. I know nothing could come between us. ilyen az én szerencsém Break a leg! kb.’ ‘That’s tough luck. so they’re in my good books. inkább szerencsével. kudarcra volt kárhoztatva Don’t worry about preparing for that test. hogy szerencse SZERET/NEM SZERET 1. nagyon élvezik Washing up is a real chore for her.’ pech! Missing the plane was a blessing in disguise as it exploded. meg vagyok átkozva rossz szerencsével It’s a blessing dear old Miss Jones isn’t alive to witness such sad time. kb. Damn. olyan szerencsétlenség.. vesztes típus He’s a born loser. kb. but they’re the bane of my existence. alig hittem a szerencsémnek He is down on his luck these days. kb. it’s just not my day. jók nálam All women seem to get a buzz out of shopping. szerencsére He studied ten hours a day for ten months to pass this exam. kb. She counted herself lucky that she was not fired. majd’ megőrülnek We like to see them brought low. megalázzák – szenved – megfizet To be honest. kb. ő az édeapja szeme fénye She was in awe of the mountains around. I seem to be cursed with bad luck. kb. amiről kiderül. Most of our students will be accepted this year as well. megtalálta a hangot It’s fun travelling with your friends. kb. we’ll be able to meet them there.SZERENCSE – SZERET/NEM SZERET 1. szerencsésnek mondhatod magad I have my ups and downs like everyone else. született vesztes With any luck. ilyen az én formám . semmi köze a szerencséhez Consider yourself lucky you could stay. csak a szerencsén múlik It’s a good thing you didn’t sign that document. nekem is megvannak a hullámvölgyeim I left all my books at home. made to pay. le volt nyűgözve.és lábtörést She’s one of life’s losers. it’s just a question of luck. nagyon nem szereti The new chemistry teacher has struck a chord with the students.. mintsem megfontoltsággal Just my luck. szerencse kérdése We had a narrow escape last week. touch wood! kb. nem az én asztalom He gave his heart to the first woman who was interested in him. fortune smiled on us. ránk mosolygott a szerencse He gets what he wants more by luck than judgement. Well.. tisztelte I love them dearly. szerencsésnek mondhatta magát It’s pot luck whether they take you or not. luck doesn’t come into it. kb. I guess! nem az én napom It’s been one of those days! ez is egy olyan nap = szerencsétlen Their relationship was doomed from the start. szerencse. éppenhogy megúsztuk Finally. translating ten pages a day is not really my cup of tea. kb. odaadta a szívét . az életem megrontói They’ve grown very attached to the animals in the farm. kb. kb. elég peches Just my luck to arrive just when the performance has finished.

3. us. halálos ellenségek He seems to derive great pleasure from talking to well-known people. He was the best candidate. touch/knock wood. They never talk to each other. We had a slight/narrow escape the other day. We loved each other so much. they’re sworn/swearing enemies. out of mountain climbing.You mustn’t let your heart rule your head. kb. nagyon keskeny a határvonal szeretet és gyűlölet között That job holds little appeal for me. 4.. Bill and Jeff are . nagyon vágyik rá He is pretty sad. kevéssé vonzó 1. 4.. ‘I’m taking my exam tomorrow. minden porcikájában Jack and Judy are deadly enemies. 1. buzz sworn dislike core come grown between downs 1. beleszerettem They left the party hand in hand.. 8... kb. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. 8... Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. tetszik neki I love her for all her faults. Nothing serious has happened so far. megvetéssel A teaching job would be right up her alley. I believe. He has his ups and . szemet vetett He fell for her the moment they met. kb. . 2. 5. 6. pont neki való She’s a teacher to the core. enemies. kb.. They took an instant .. we thought nothing could come . esküdt ellenségek She got promoted and all her colleagues were green with envy. fülig beleszeretett He talked to his employees with contempt. She was in awe with/of the tanks and the planes. ne engedd. 5. 7. nagy boldogságot okoz neki He doesn’t even try to hide her dislike of anyone younger than her.. 6. 7. to the new secretary. meg sem próbálta elrejteni ellenszenvét They took an instant dislike to the book.’ ‘Break a(n) arm/leg. hogy a szíved uralkodjon a fejed helyett She lost her heart to the gentle knight. his girlfriend gave him the elbow. Being late turned out to be a blessing in disgust/disguise. szakít vele I had mixed emotions about him. . vegyesek az érzéseim They are sworn enemies... 3. kéz a kézben She’s taken a fancy to my boyfriend. kb. 2.. He seems to get a . luck doesn’t . just like everyone else. 2. sárga az irigységtől He’s got his eye on one of the secretaries... There’s a fine border/line between love and hate. szívem szerint való Have you got anything against him? van valami kifogásod ellene? She’s fallen head over heels in love with one of her classmates. visszakerült a tanárok kegyeibe There’s a fine line between love and hate. He’s a soldier to the . you know. azonnal megutálták He seems to have set his heart on a country wedding. really attached to that new car of his. szeretem minden hibájával együtt She seems to be back in favour with the teachers. He’s . elnyerte a szívét a herceg a fehér lovon She is definitely a woman after my own heart. He is a lawyer of/after my own heart. into it at all..

but later we just drifted apart. kb. DERIVES Nem sikerült a vizsgám. HEELS Nagy boldogságot okoz neki. rosszul indított Here. ejtett The EU extended the hand of friendship to all European countries. baráti jobbot nyújtott . kb. 5. kezdtem megszeretni őket He seems to have made a big hit with the boss. BANE Miért nem beszélsz vele? Van valami kifogásod ellene? AGAINST Azonnal megtetszett neki. fekete bárány Travelling abroad is meat and drink to her. don’t you think so? egymásnak lettek teremtve They were made for each other. kb. this kind of attitude is frowned upon. kb. nagyon szimpatikus volt They get on like a house on fire.3. well. van még más férfi/nő is a világon We’ve grown fond of this car although we didn’t really like it at first. CONTEMPT Ő az anyja szeme-fénye. ne ítélj a látszat alapján They get their kicks from translating. kb. ízlések és pofonok Remember. you mustn’t judge a book by its cover. just like she’s dropped you. there’s no accounting for taste. a világot jelenti a számára She may get into bad company and be at risk in some way. a szeme-fénye She is too fat for my liking. mindene a költészet He talked to his teacher with fear and loathing. Megvetéssel válaszolt a kérdéseinkre. amint meglátta. CURSED SZERET – NEM SZERET 2. tökéletes pár We get along well with the landlord. kb. 3. FANCY Fülig beleszerettem amint megláttam. a fordításra indulnak be = élvezik He didn’t seem to take kindly to us. rossz társaságba keveredik He has nothing to do with these people. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. APPLE Ez a két könyv az életem átka. megkedvelte I think you’ve got off on the wrong foot with her. kb. nem nagyon szeretik egymást Everybody thinks we were made for each other. vonzódtak egymáshoz Don’t worry. kb. kb. amit a legjobban utálok Sam is the black sheep of the family. They really hate each other. nagyon jól kijönnek He had been nursing a grievance against his boss for months. mindenkit az ujja köré csavar He just lives and breathes poetry. They were attracted to each other from the moment they met. 1. 6. They are a perfect match. hogy verseket tanul. félelemmel és gyűlölettel He was the love of my life. az életem szerelme There’s no love lost between them. jól kijönnek egymással She said she was deep in love with him. az én ízlésemnek She is able to twist everyone around her little finger. alkalmatlannak nyilvánítja Her grandson is the light of her life. rossz szemmel nézik We get along just fine together. semmi köze ezekhez az emberekhez We used to be best friends. nem találom a helyem Translating sentences is my pet hate. jól kijönnek I’m not an academic type. sérelmei vannak His poems started growing on me. kb. kb. there are plenty more fish in the sea. kb. 8. 4. eltávolodtunk egymástól She’s dropped me. 2. kb. kedvel You mustn’t label her as unfit for the job. Rossz szerencsével vagyok megátkozva. 7. so I often feel out of place at conferences. kb.

He is just a fair-weather friend. olyan barát. 3.. 2.. .. I can read you like a book. rossz ízlésű volt He was all the world to her. struck up 6. sheep e. They seemed nice people and she . short stories are more his style. az egész világot jelentette számára 1. tetszett.. for instance. fair-weather 7. összabarátkoztak – volt bennük valami közös We hit it off with the landlord as soon as we moved in. amíg jól mennek a dogok But then one does not have to make friends with people in order to influence them. erős gyomor kell He’s never written poems. tartani a kapcsolatot ‘Have you finished your essays yet?’ ‘I can’t be bothered.. Interestingly enough. of the family.. He’s dropped out of school and did time. 1. drifted 5. I . majd egészítsd ki a mondatokat. I have no problems with the teachers. a szívünkön viseljük az érdekeit I try to keep up with as many friends from high school as I can. he’s the . 5. ki nem állhatom. he disappeared when you were in trouble. of his life c. a friendship f. bad company 1. got into 2. Why are you so disgusted with it? undorodik I was disgusted by the thought that I had to talk to her.. got off a. kb. úgy olvasok benned. felfordult tőle a gyomra I can’t stomach his ideas. nem bírja a gyomrom And it’s been turned into fairground attraction but be warned.. inkább az ő stílusa Just when she was about to sweep you off your feet. they had something in common. aki csak addig az. apart b. black 4. with the boss. levesz a lábadról I took to her as soon as we met. hasn’t she? kb. megkedveltem I was particularly taken with the Folkestone branch specials. kb. lenyűgözött His furniture was in very poor taste. nagyon behálózott I’ve always had a soft spot for children. on the wrong foot g. with them h.’ nem érdekel Come on. büszke This book. leküzdötte az undorát He takes no pleasure in his work. You . fine. mint egy könyvben She really has got under your skin. nem talál élvezetet I take (a) pride in my work. turned her stomach. friend d. you shouldn’t have said such things. undorodtam a gondolattól He insisted that I eat another piece of toast. the light 3. jól kijött a főbérlővel I can assure you that we have your interests at heart. . Kösd össze a két oszlopban a kifejezéseket. undorodva kimentem He fought down his disgust. összebarátkozni He and Matthew struck up a friendship. a gyerekek voltak a gyengéi I can’t stand it when you talk to me like that. you’ll need a strong stomach.. so I walked out in disgust. get along 8. their attitude to life. with them. now that’s what I call a ... .. 4.

Joe és Jenny tökéletes pár. kb.. He . mégis együtt vannak. elővették His mother told him off because he forgot to do his homework. between them. They used to be good friends. 2. 5. leszidta They looked me up and down and asked me what I wanted. on // at // in 4. 8. 2. nagy elismerés He said he had made a complaint to the police.. . kb.’ ‘I’ll take that as a compliment!’ ezt bóknak veszem! It’s fantastic. I’m not in the mood to argue today. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. hit // smash // success 5. Nincs bennük semmi közös.. makes // takes // gets 2. kb. szembesülök a problémával . Él-hal az sportért. I frequently come up against the problem of transporting my work. There is certainly no love . veszélyesnek ítélték Come on... Nagyon jól kijövök az új titkárnővel. please give me a break. Az a nő levette a lábáról. jól lehordta He got called on the carpet for not doing his job. 7. 8. I know they have my interest . no pleasure in working here. hagyj már békén! His new ideas to solve the crisis came under attack from all sides.. and started taking drugs..... kb. 6. leszidta In 1965 it was condemned as unsafe and locked up.. a great compliment. SWEPT TAKES BREATHES FINGER MATCH HIT COMMON FOOT SZID(ALMAZ) . Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével.KRITIZÁL Her boss bawled her out for mixing up the numbers. Nagyon büszke a családjára.. He seems to have made a big . Th furniture in the kitchen was . with the managers. Rosszul indított az új igazgatónál. pokollá tette a napomat Don’t you think you came down too hard on them? túl kemény voltál velük IBM have come in for/come under a lot of criticism for their business policy. támadták The boss gave me hell yesterday. sokat kritizálták ‘You are the most experienced model I know. tetőtől talpig végigmért Sophie Johnson starred as a soap queen yesterday – and poured cold water on the show. . poor taste.. with // in // for 3. missed // missing // lost 3.. but after high school they .6.. kb. If he . 3. 1. tell him to find another job. Az ujja köré csavarta a bizottságot. panaszt tett As a travelling artist. heart. 4. He would do everything to save her.. she is . 1. 7.

. from all sides. lelkes hangon Sounds like someone is giving you grief? kb.. kb. utazik rám Never look a gift horse in the mouth.I’m sorry.. jól viselte.. nagyon erősen kritizálták 1. letorkollták It’s time somebody cut her down to size. for their mistakes in the past. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. hibát keres In God’s name why pick on me? miért pikkelsz rám? He gave them a piece of his mind.. állandóan leszidja mindenért He seemed so angry I thought he was going to eat me alive. They got called on the .. She’s too aggressive these days. 4.. . csúfolták The president has come under fire from all sides. I think I’d better give them a . 7. kioktat We made mistakes but we took our lumps. kicsit túl szigorú voltam There was a lot of criticism but he took it on the chin. keresztbe lenyel He hated school because the kids were always calling him names. pikkel rám Now the Tory party are forever lecturing us about choices we have to make. kb. 5. kb. nagyon dicsérte Mr Hoving had nothing but praise for the exhibition: It was sensational. They spoke of the film in . a helyére teszi You’re going to turn it off because I want to tear you off a strip about something. megkapod a beosztásodat I’m fed up. . You must learn to take these things on the . még ne gratulálj magadnak He’s always paying her compliments.? He’s done nothing.. kb. kb. csak dicséretet mondott They praised his colleagues to the skies. 10. kb. Why don’t you give him a . kb. volna egy kis megbeszélnivalónk You shouldn’t be in politics if you have such a thin skin.. egekig dicsérte Their proposition got shot down in flames for.kritizálták Now we have Stanley taking potshots at America as a society vile in culture.. carpet gift glowing fire flames chin size break skies piece 1. can’t you see he’s always getting at me? kb. I was a bit too hard on you yesterday. 2. kb. Her ideas got shot down in . lenyeltük a kritikát Don’t pat yourself on the back too soon. ajándék lónak ne nézd a fogát They spoke of their new teacher in glowing terms. 8. minden oldalról támadták Of course I feel I’m being got at. They praised the performance to the .. 9. . kritizálja He was full of praise for the government. . You must never look a . of my mind. vékony a bőr az arcodon They came down on him like a ton of bricks. dicséretet kapott . bókol neki It’s a great opportunity to pick holes in the way the class is conducted.. 3.. Their project came under .. állta a sarat I hate the way she keeps dressing down her child for everything.... kb. I think we should cut her down to . utazik rám.. terms. he’s been gunning for me all week. 6.. horse in the mouth. jól leszidta Her neat footwork won her plaudits even from those who were inclined to knock her for her lack of substance.. .

. graft – our daily bread. rape.. the government’s policy.. Why don’t you cut her ... mindennapi kenyerünk = amivel együtt kell élnünk] I used to smoke. Make // have // et 4. 6. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével... [a bevett gyakorlattal ellentétes] Used he to work for your company? [valaha dolgozott?] He usedn’t to smoke. he’s always getting .... he’s going to eat you . Everything about Shanti’s adoption was against accepted practice. too hard on her. live // lively // alive 3.. He’s been taking potshots . 1. OFF Mit gondolsz. On // at // for 3. COME Jól leszidta amiért nem ért haza időben. calumnies. She is going to make a complaint . PAYS SZOKÁS – SZOMORÚ 1.. 5. 4. He is always dressing . 3. 2.. you can pat yourself . 3. 4. We all felt he came . They were full . [valaha dohányzott] In fine weather he will often sit in the sun for hours. miért pikkel rám? PICKING Minden nőnek bókol... BAWLED Már többször szembesültünk ezzel a problémával.. down // off // up 2. Is he really giving you . 5. 7.. 6. HOLES Nagyon keményen megkritizálták. praise for the new program. I hate him. the back. 4. theft. [kb. ma.. That’s a great job. If the boss sees that.. amit csinálok. She decided to . Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozícióval.. 2. A gyerekek csúfolták az iskolában.. a strip. [gyakran szokott] . [soha nem dohányozott] Murders. 7. 8. 1. the manager. fire from the opposition.. but I don’t any more. 8. everyone around him. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. a complaint.? problem // fears // grief 5. . to size? He said he was going to tear you .. 1. His plans came .. BRICKS Jól lehordta amiért késett..2.. NAMES Mindenben hibát keres.

to have him hold her and comfort her. [kb. war is alien to Marxist-Leninist thinking. [hajlamos] Working twelve hours a day is par for the course here. [kinövi] In the New Year. staff will be given advice on how to kick the habit. [megszokták] It may take a little time to adjust to anything. [hagyományosan] They broke with the family tradition and decided to go to university. both by nature and by inclination. fájó szívvel] My heart sank when I saw the hill. [megszakad a szívem] It broke my heart. emotionally drained.She won’t stop drinking my beer. [nehéz szívvel] . knowing already who it was. [szakítottak a családi hagyománnyal] Some people are in the habit of immediately criticising ideas. [kb. alkoholról)] I’m a creature of habit. [nem nagyon vannak hozzászokva] However it goes against the grain to tell them anything. [az a szokásuk] SZOMORÚ 1. [puszta formalitás] As a general rule. [vigasztalja] She was tired. a szokásaim rabja vagyok] Some of them are inadequate women. [kb. [átlagosan] They’re not much given to advertising such things. [idegen] What you’ve just suggested is flying in the face of common sense. I just couldn’t leave them. [hozzászoktatták] They accustomed themselves to the new situation. bevett gyakorlat] He started working here 40 years ago. [kb. Lizzy. [kb. shops are open on the Sunday before Christmas. elszomorodtam] I came home with a heavy heart and wondered how on earth I could foster vocations. [természeténél – hajlamánál fogva] You are apt to think of your pain in very big letters PAIN rather than thinking of something else. it is a good idea not to choose the same accountant as your manager. [bele kell rázódnod a dolgokba] By tradition. [tipikus kifogás] You really must learn to get into the swing of things. [általánosan elfogadott] Her stock excuse was: ‘I have to get up early tomorrow’. from strange surroundings to a new mattress. [a szokás hatalma] My courtship of your grand-daughter is then only a matter of form. a józan észnek ellentmond] I could hear everyone and every so often I would try to speak out of force of habit. many domestic horses have been conditioned to expect food from people. [hozzászoktatták magukat] My eyes grew accustomed to the darkness and I glimpsed her dark shape on the bed. [kb. [általában] It is generally accepted that the life span of the traditional roof is about 10 years. [legnagyobb részt alkalmazkodtak] What did you mean. [nem hajlandó abbahagyni] However. [a bútorzat része lett = régóta dolgozik ott] It is standard practice to have exhibitions open only during normal office hours. teljesen normális. how did Pete cope with that? [megbirkózol] He has taken to her like a duck to water. azonnal megszokta. with sinking heart. he became part of the furniture. [majd’ megszakadt a szívem] I turned round. [alkalmazkodik] Modern living things are for the most part adapted to the modern atmosphere. leszokik (pl. [kb. [érzelmileg kiégett] It breaks my heart to part with them but I am going to live abroad and cannot take them with me. How her heart ached to see him now. [a szokás ellen való] I told him he was being silly but he’d grow out of it. [általánosan elfogadott] On average one person dies in a farm accident every week. megszerette] In one sense.

Last week all my hopes were . children are not allowed in the building.. to writing letters to other companies. What he said was for/of little comfort to us. 9. 4. to call the opponents before the game....She abandoned herself to despair.. 10. He was the d.. to see so many children in the street. 8... Faxes.. b... the g. 4. A kezdőbetűket megadtuk. He had no problem getting into the . [szétzúzták az álmaimat] It depresses me to waste time being photographed and hyped. . of despair.... .. but I think it is just a . 7. When he learnt he had not been accepted he was in the . . [kicsi vigasz volt] So within about three years. excuse.. He was not going to get married in church.. tr.. she felt em.. himself to despair.. g.. 5.. 6. 1. 6... . They’re not m.. 2.. him but in vain. He still picks his nose. According/By tradition... 7. 2... 6. 4. [rosszul/nehezen viselte] Console yourself with the thought that all the others failed. my h. . As a general . His doctors and his family tried to help him to k. .. to w. heart.... abandoned comfort depths sinking swing dashed apt stock course rule 1.. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. I’m sure he said all those things out of power/force of habit... which b. It b. [kb.. It g.. ... Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. She’s taken to the new job like a d. teljesen el voltak keseredve] I am sure that I was the despair of Ron’s coaching life. letters and meetings – their d. [elszomorít] He was in the depths of despair after losing the match.. 3. of things. [kb. 3. When she died. .. but I’m sure he’ll grow out from/of it. 9... You are .. my hopes were dashed. d. 3.. 7.... megkeserítettem az életét] 1. emails. [vigasztaljon a tudat] He said their efforts were appreciated but it was of little comfort to them. the h.. He was sad when he had to go. His ideas are flying in/against the face of common sense. He looked at her with .. 5. Slowly they grew accustomed to watch/watching TV in Spanish. h.. 5.. They’re in the habit to criticise/of criticising everyone... ag. but still he made no comment.. with the f. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. We tried to . She was in despair. [átadta magát a kétségbeesésnek] He took being fired very hard. . 2. All that became a matter/thing of form after the engagement. too. 3. He left the room with a h.. of my teaching l. 8.. 1... the woman has to make the first step. 2. 8. he . She called and said she had a headache... to think that it is him who did all this.

there was also a sense of loss. more in sorrow than in anger. [ne veszítse el a kedvét] Subconsciously. Nagyon rosszul viselte. [inkább fájdalmamban. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. Annyira régen itt dolgozik. They all felt let down. [döbbenten] She announced. to my dismay. in this field of work.. [veszteség] And Sam Spiro – he had been like a lost soul since his wife died. [kihúzta a lába alól a talajt] To our irreparable loss Margaret died from heart failure 6 April 1951. and bitterly disappointed. that she was coming to Salamanca for a week or so. 6. [feltépi a régi sebeket] . Teljesen a szokásai rabja. ‘What’s wrong. she had no ties in England. [kb. 3. Általánosan elfogadott tény.10. [kb. but it grieved her to leave. [veszteség] Marianne laughed as she twisted the knife still deeper. 1. CREATURE CONSOLE HARD PART ALIEN ACCEPTED COPE PRACTICE SZOMORÚ 2. [melankolikus volt a hangulat] Despair hangs heavy in the air. nagy fájdalmunkra] ‘We see these job losses as a kick in the teeth. hogy sokat tanultál. A veszély nem idegen ettől a munkától. [becsapottnak érezte magát] To our great disappointment. [szomorú volt] He felt she had cut the ground from under his feet. [kb. 7.’ said a spokesman. [a szívébe hatolt] I didn’t bring you here to open up all the old wounds again. [nagy csalódásunkra] They tried to hide their dismay at the result. depressziós] He was feeling down in the dumps after the exam. [szomorú volt] In any case. [beárnyékolta] I speak. [kb. mint mérgemben] Tug found that his fury had gone and he was feeling sorry for her. szomorította] It took some effort for Charles not to lose heart. nobody turned up for the conference. swallowing. 5. [kb. a sudden bleakness in her face that tore at his heart. 2. 4. [nagy döbbenetemre] They run one or two groups for people in distress. [elkeseredettség üli meg a levegőt] After the death of her dog she will be scarred for life. [megforgatta a kést] Laura Ashley had a loyal following among country people who were being let down. [cserben hagyott] He took one look at her long face and said.. hogy a bútorzat része lett. Travelling 400 km a week is par for the . sugar plum?’ [szomorú arca] Despite relief in returning to the familiar. szomorú. [sajnálom] She looked down. Szerinted sikerült megbirkóznia ezzel a feladattal? Mindaz amit csinált a megszokott gyakorlattal ellentétes. depresziós volt] As the kidnapping wasn’t what was eating his heart out he knew he couldn’t pretend it was. the family still grieved the loss of its only daughter. hogy elhagyta a férje. 8. you understand. [egy életre megsérül] And she shivered as if for a moment the reality of grief cast a shadow on her. [próbálta elrejteni a döbbenetét] They all glanced at each other in dismay. 4. elveszett lélek] He was smoking a cigarette and staring with an air of melancholy towards the island. Vigasztaljon a tudat. hogy a kacsák sokat alszanak.

What is the point in opening up the old . heavy in the air as she talked... 8.. [túljutott a kezdeti sokkon] When she was told the news. [kb..... To my . to tears as they heard the priest talking. The children . and she seemed to be talking in riddles. elkezdett sírni (mert el akart érni valamit)] He tried hard to keep control of her voice. [kb. everybody started shouting.. of tears. szemünk megtelt könnyel] She was in floods of tears. [remegett a hangja] She dissolved into tears whenever he suggested a little work. [elsírta magát] As she walked into the room. fight back 2. we were on the verge of tears. 5. 2. majd egészítsd ki a mondatokat. her eyes filled with tears. [kb.. They were . We saw that she was on the . again? 9. [megríkatta] Throughout the play. He is a lost . Kösd össze a két oszlopban a kifejezéseket. . 3. Despair . 10.. [fájdalmas zokogás] She turned on the waterworks. tears started rolling down her face. into tears when they saw the tiger..... 2... [könnyekig meghatott] She wiped a tear from her eye. potyogtak a könnyei] She swallowed hard and forced back her tears. [könnyekben tört ki] There won’t be a dry eye in the place by the time you’ve finished. [elsírta magát] When she saw him.. the flow of words interrupted by painful sobs. The children’s voices tore at his . [szem nem marad szárazon] Our eyes filled with tears.. she suddenly burst into tears. I’m sure he’ll .. [könnyek közt] A teacher told of an incident when a girl of ten was reduced to tears when she had to go out. [gombóc volt a torkomban] It pains me to see my best friends in tears. there wasn’t . [elsírta magát] Her voice broke.. [majdnem elsírta magát] She was close to tears throughout the play. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. [visszatartotta a könnyeit] 1. with tears as he spoke. [elmorzsolt egy könnycseppet] The sight of dead animals brought a tear to her eye. [megteltek könnyel a szemei] The book moved all of us to tears. [visszatartotta a könnyeit] There were tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat.He’d got over his initial shock. over the initial shock and things’ll be much better.. 7. there’s nothing we can do to help him. 6. [küzdött a könnyeivel] She tried to fight back the tears. 4. burst soul hung heart verge close dismay get wounds filled 1. she burst out crying.. Their eyes . [nem tudott uralkodni a hangján] Her voice was shaking as she started talking. [elkezdtek potyogni a könnyei] When he started talking. 1.

e. g. 4. Nagyon elszomorított. 7. [érezd magad otthon] He skipped going to university to move to the bright lights of London. When she finished her speech. Amikor meglátta a kiskutyát. there was a lump turns on a sense tore at lost to our irreparable loss the waterworks in her throat a dry eye their tears her heart heart of loss Whenever she wants a new dress.... . they were never to return to us. 2.. h. . Megpróbálta visszatartani a könnyeit. 5. a nagyváros fényei] She is content to hang out with her girlfriends. 3. 7. ... [áttáncolták az éjszakát] It almost seems as though they shot people for the hell of it.. a. A legfontosabb az. His words . hogy ne kedvetlenedj el.. . but she couldn’t do anything to help. 8. c. she just . elkezdtek potyogni a könnyei. They were moved but tried to . [nagyon jól érezték magunkat] They must have had an ace time. [kb így képzelem el a poklot] Mrs Smith’s only entertainment is television and she has her TV on all day. 1. f. [csak a buli kedvéért] It seems they are thoroughly enjoying themselves. 4. 8. nagyon jól éreztük magunkat] Having to study four hours a day is my idea of hell on earth. b. . [kb. he was filled with a great .. 4... Mialatt beszélt. she felt .. 1. 6. After her death. d. Potyogtak a könnyei egész este. állati jól éreztük magunkat] We had a whale of a time at the concert yesterday. in the room.. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével.. no doubt the team . 3. They lost five times in a row. . 6. . As she saw her ex-boyfriend. 8. 7. ROLLING GRIEVED DUMPS FIGHT THROAT LOSE FLOODS CAST SZÓRAKOZIK – TALÁLKOZIK They danced the night away in the city. hogy megbuktattam. 5. 5. Nagyon depressziós mostanában. 2.3.. 6. [kb. 3. A tüntetések beárnyékolták a konferenciát.. gombóc volt a torkában. [kb. [egyetlen szórakozása] Make yourself comfortable while I get the files.. [eljár szórakozni] .

he said. TV őrült] Part of their work involved taking handicapped children out for entertainment. [soha nem találkoztak személyesen] . [teljes életnagyságban] His name is ‘Samuel Jonson’. [megismerkedtem] He was sitting in a pub chatting up some girl when I saw him. [nem így képzelem a szórakozást] I think you really ought to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. ráérzett a darab hangulatára] I hate football. smile and enjoy the party. a második otthonom] I’ll never invite him again. [meglátogattam] They’ve been writing each other for years but he never met her in person. [egy bizonyos Mr Jonson keresi] It is sensible to acquaint yourself with some basic knowledge before you start working. [összefutottam] In my opinion nobody dares to cross her path or they end up being executed. which is quite strange. [telt ház előtt játszott] After the exams they decided to paint the town red. [összefutottam] I don’t know how she dare show her face.He is a real couch potato. [kb. [kb. Does that mean anything to you? [ez jelent neked valamit = ismerős?] We met up with Sonia and she’s looking great but then is it any wonder? [összetalálkoztam] There’s a Mr Jonson to see you. ünneprontó] Come on. [minden lehetőséget maximálisan kihasznál] So in a few years’ time mobile phones will be brought to the masses. [nagyon jól éreztem magam] TALÁLKOZIK I came across one of my classmates back in primary school. [elemében volt] Eva entered into the spirit of the play with energy and determination. ezerrel pörög a buli] You should’ve come yesterday. [kb. [szemben találta magát] Did you manage to make contact with them in the end? [felvenni a kapcsolatot] We haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since school broke up. lazíts] I love working here. [tartsuk a kapcsolatot] I know nothing about her. [meglátogatjuk] We waited for hours but he didn’t turn up. He didn’t leave until 4 a. He wants his money back. [felélénkíti a dolgokat] Make the most of every opportunity. [kb. szórakozz egy picit. all he does is sit in front of the box. [kb. He is such a killjoy. [nem jelent meg] I called on Frank the other day to see how he was doing.m. [elvitte szórakozni] He was in his element yesterday. as large as life. let yourself go! [engedd el magad] They decided to tell some jokes to liven things up. kirúgnak a hámból] In the dorm there is another end-of-course party in full swing. semmit sem hallottunk róluk] There they were. [kikezdett vele] I ran into/across James the other day. [hozzáférhetővé teszik a tömegek számára] Elvis always played to packed houses. We’ve been out of touch for some time. [kb. [keresztezi az útját] But then she was confronted with a game she could not play. [nem vagyunk kapcsolatban] We decided to pay a visit to all the local pubs. I had the time of my life. [kb. Kicking an air-filled pig’s bladder up and down isn’t my idea of fun. it’s like home from home. [ismerkedj meg] He made the acquaintance of a lot of politicians in Granada. [kb. [felszed] She said her boss made a pass at her. [oda merte tolni a képét] We must keep in touch.

They had a good time.. b. He left the country but promised to keep .. And then suddenly there he was.. We’ve come . a. big // great // large 3. 1. He found himself confronted . majd egészítsd ki a mondatokat. the town red. for the meeting.. We’ve written her a lot of emails.. We’d been working for five months... h. as . got // made // took 3. 8. c. 3.... 5. 2. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. He didn’t seem to be . they played . make // paint // clean 5. 7.. relax // enjoy // go 2. Stop worrying and let yourself . f. but never met her .. We drank ten beers . 4. 3. they danced the night . e. your stay in Sydney. person. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy prepozícióval.. They are really popular.. ideas he’d never imagined could exist. Only five people turned . packed houses all over the country. 2. 1.. as life. touch. 2.. g. .. 7.. Párosítsd össze a kifejezéseket a két oszlopban. his element yesterday. so we decided to go out and . d. pay them chatting haven’t seen hide make yourself had the time couch made a pass cross comfortable nor hair of of my life his path a visit up at her potato ..1.. the acquaintance of several rock stars after the concert. 4.. You should try to make the most . We . . full swing. an old friend of ours from high school.. When he entered.. 9. 1. away // thorough // on 4.. 6... the hell of it.. 10. 6. 5.. 8.. the party was ..

[kb. 4. [lefölözték] The child studies it. TANUL – TEHETSÉGES She’s been taking extra classes in maths. [kb.. [képességeit] Learning a language does not consist in learning grammar rules. [olyan tanfolyam. [angol szakos volt] Everybody hates him. elsajátít] Everybody has access to the library. I .. [kimaradnak az iskolából] If he wants to get another club. Is that true? We were sitting in the pub . [magolok] He breezed through his exams. of her since the exam. 2.] She passed with distinction. [tanárnak lett teremtve] . memorises it and writes it on his paper from memory.. kitűnő eredménnyel vizsgázott] The tone of the last sentence taught Constance a lesson she never forgot. 3. [arra született] He’s not cut out to be a teacher. [lépést tartok] While they were able to recite Newton’s laws by rote. 8... [elsajátított] I am trying to keep abreast of developments associated with this complex issue. .. will have mastered it completely just when I have no more use for it. The party was just brilliant. [kívülről kellett verseket megtanulni] They always have their head in a book.. [kb.1. [előre kitanították] But are you really clued up on modern skincare? [felvilágosított] I’ve been cramming for my exams for weeks... [fejből] He had to learn poems by heart. 5.. . [nem abból áll. [külön órákat vesz] He was doing English evening classes last year. Come in. [magolva] She has always been a straight A student.. [nagy lecke volt] She majored in English at Oxford.. [kb. they couldn’t explain them. [abbahagytam a vívást] A lot of children drop out of school these days.. Would you like a drink? She was furious and said you’d . ahol az elméleti oktatás mellett gyakorlat is van] TEHETSÉGES He seemed born to be a professor. Jenny and . he is an eager beaver. he has to pull his finger out. [csupa kitűnő] It was soon clear that rowing was not my strong point. 6.. [simán átment (vizsgán)] He had to commit a lot of data to memory.. All he does is watch TV and eat pizza. some girls when the war started. stréber] The essay was marked down because of its content. . 7. he is a real . el kell kezdenie valamit csinálni] She passed the exam with flying colours. tomorrow? They .. Why not . [hozzá tud férni] They took what was left after the church schools had creamed off the more academic pupils. bele vannak temetkezve egy könyvbe] We have confidence in our country and in the qualities and potential of its people. hogy .. make sure you don’t . Whatever you do.. . [lepontozták = kevesebb pontot adtak] As always happens. [esti angol tanfolyamra járt] Sometimes you come across patients you feel have been coached on what to say. [dicsérettel vizsgázott] The methods of quality control should be drilled into Britons and Americans. [nem volt az erősségem] Students who undertake the four-year sandwich course spend the third year in industrial placement. . [bele kellene vésni a fejükbe] I dropped fencing when I started secondary school. [megtanul.

. Andy’s quick on the draw.. [kb. [megelőzték a korukat] I regard Dick as a safe pair of hands who can be relied upon to help anytime. to a f. . kezében van minden ütőkártya] He has a head for business. 9. 4... [ő az agy] You can’t do anything. nem lehet átverni] You shouldn’t worry about him.. h... kiteljesedhet a tehetséged] If you do that. [ügyetlen] He’s getting on/getting along very well in his new job. [érdemeik alapján] I know how far ahead of their time they were.. you know he’s all (fingers and) thumbs. [a saját sírodat ásod] Well.... .. he always lands on his feet. [kb. [példaként állhat] We were shocked by the extent of his knowledge. [ihletet szerzett] His latest film lacks inspiration. [hiányzik belőle az ‘ihlet’] In the future people will be selected for posts on merit.. [kb. [kb.. [jó érzéke van az üzlethez] Brighter times are ahead.. so I’ve got packing d. them. 2.. a. and t. . he holds all the aces. some useless details t.. Próbáld meg megtaláni őket. [nagy beleéléssel játszott] His idea is doubtless the product of a fertile imagination... ötlete] She came up with the idea of a new advertising campaign. 1. [jól érzi magát] Joe is the brains behind this project. [azzal az ötlettel állt elő] 1. someone we can actually rely on. .] You shouldn’t have asked him to do that.. t. [közel állt hozzá] He was one of the working-class and he drew his inspiration from the working-class. a. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval.. p. i.[zseniális ötlet] The new book was his wife’s brainchild. 8. Her description of people are the product of a f.. when you will get the opportunity to realise your full potential. Everyone agrees she’s really talented and that she has a b. .. There’s not much we can do.. he is a. f. He is always the first to hand in his homework. of h. f.. 5. [kb.. the a. I have to travel a lot. 2. [tudtuk... [kb.... [minden tudás forrása] At the time. [termékeny képzelet] He’s always late and got making up excuses down to a fine art.He played with great feeling. he is an e. We need a s. amilyen jól csak képes volt rá] He’s nobody’s fool when it comes to selling things.. . [kb. 6.. We were told to learn the whole story b. [tehetség] Success was within her grasp... . hogy mi a jó neki] You can’t fool him.. 3. you’ll be digging your own grave.. ... .... You can’t ask him to do anything around the house. [a talpára esik] They never get a day off and yet they are expected to be the fount of all knowledge. megbízható munkaerő] He has (got) what it takes to be successful.. He had no problems with the exams. [a tudása mértéke] We always knew you had it in you. he b.. he certainly knows which side of his bread is buttered. his appointment seemed a stroke of genius. regardless of gender or race.. [kb. he h. A kezdőbetűket megadtuk.. a.. gyorsan felfog dolgokat] He sets an example to all the teachers. 10.... of her.. [kb. művészi tökélyre fejlesztette] We all agreed that she has a great/bright future ahead of her. We had to c. hogy képes vagy rá] He translated the text to the best of his ability. b. 7. tudja. Az alábbi mondatokban összekeveredett néhány kifejezés... [megvan benne minden ahhoz... [nagy jövő áll előtte] The most highly organised and valuable system of giving in kind is the gift of blood. m.

levágta az aranytojást tojó tyúkot] He killed two birds with one stone. 2. He dropped out of/from school and has had several jobs since. Appointing her was a strike/stroke of genius. 4. He has a head/mind for business. He is really talented and feeling great plays with. 3. TEHETSÉGES 2. Don’t worry about him. Working here. 13. 8.1. You can’t cheat him. [kb. [célzatos kérdés] . 3. Nobody had access to/for that information. 8. He’s come top of class and he’s a straight/pure A student. Don’t you think it’s time you finger out your pulled and looked for a job. he’s fast/quick on the draw. Don’t ask him to do that. 9. The extension/extent of his knowledge was amazing. He is the fountain/fount of all knowledge. I’m sure he did the job ability his the best to of. 7. you are own your grave digging. 5. 4. 3. 5. Going through those days definitely learned/taught him a lesson. [kb. The best universities creamed down/off the best students. 2. They time of were ahead their. Who is the brain/brains behind that project? 6. 10. By selling a part of your company. you’ll be able to potential your realise full. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. – TISZTEL He certainly knows his job. He certainly is bread knows of buttered his side which. 1. két legyet egy csapásra] Looks as if Dora’s going to have the last laugh. he’s all left hands/thumbs. 6. The problem with that book is that it lacks/misses inspiration. he always lands on his legs/feet. [jól ismeri a szakmáját] He killed the goose that laid the golden egg by resigning from his position. Miss Lightbody. 7. 14. 15. but no one understood him. 12. [ő nevet a végén] That’s what one might call a loaded question. they say. 11. He passed all the exams colours with flying. He was cut out/down to be a teacher.

hogy ne szégyenüljek meg] And its spectacular fall from grace should serve as a warning. nagy tisztelettel beszélt] He contributed much to the life of York. he does whatever she wants him to. [kb. [irodalomtudósok] TISZTEL The rest of us might also stand in awe of this season. az ostobaság csúcsa] He’s making a fool of himself. [kb. nem tudta legyőzni] We all hope that the law will work to our advantage. gyorsan jár az esze] Men of letters have always been ready for exciting literary discoveries. [kb. [kb. the pilot needs all his wits about him. [ismeri az üzlet csínját-bínját] It would be the height of folly not to finish the job now. [nevet saját magán] She’ll just become a laughing stock if she’s not that already. can’t you see? [hülyét csinál magából] He said he would pay back all the money and I was fool enough to believe him. tekintélyvesztés] He spoke highly of his teachers. a bűvöletébe került] Ah I think I’ve got a bit of a mental block against it myself. [arra a szintre süllyed] Jameson advised the prince to stand on his dignity with de Marie. [kb. [elég ostoba voltam] I’m afraid that is a mistake you cannot turn to your advantage. [kb. [sokat szidták] Train passengers used to stand up as a mark of respect when they passed Mother Volga.She seems to have a magic touch with him. [kb. she’s not just a pretty face. nevetség tárgya] He took the liberty of holding her hand briefly. Of all the stupid things to do! [micsoda hülyeség!] We cannot yet know the ins and outs of this business. [meghajolt] . [nagyot zuhant a szememben] I kept on taking shots anyway so as not to lose face. [kb. [kb. [tiszteletük jeleként] Manufacturers have been reluctant to acknowledge the difficulties. was much maligned by the critics. you know! [nem csak egy csinos pofi = okos] Her latest poems show great promise. [sikereim elismeréseként] Jim had bowed to Jack’s pleading request for protection for his family. én is nehezen tudom elfogadni] I’ve left the backdoor open. [a szemébe nevetne] She is not afraid to laugh at herself. [kb. [kezdő. ott van a fenekén a tojáshéj] When an emergency situation arises. kb. [vette magának a bátorságot] We are the lowest of the low. [kb. [lenyűgözve] I take my hat off to his determination. [kb. [saját hasznodra fordítani] She simply couldn’t get the better of him in the argument. itta a szerző szavait] She gives the orders and the servants defer to her. akkor sem] Can’t you talk sense for a change? [értelmesen beszélnél] Of course. they descended to the level of personal insults. ha lelőnék. [kb. tájékozott. not everyone is well versed in moral philosophy. [elismerjék a nehézségeket] Apparently it’s in appreciation of my success at the club. nagy tudású] He is still wet behind the ears. [megemelem a kalapom] He was hanging on the author’s words. [engedelmeskednek neki] Finally. [kb. kedvező lesz számunkra] She has three degrees. aljanép] He wouldn’t lower himself by talking to us. [nagyon ígéretes] He couldn’t solve a maths problem to save his life. who was a most able draughtsman. and was held in high regard there. [nagyra tartották] If she warned Ace what her father expected of him he’d laugh in her face. [megkövetelje a kijáró tiszteletet] After the party he’s certainly gone down in my estimation. [odáig süllyed] Modigliani.

Nagy tisztelettel beszélt a rendőrségről.‘I take your points. Credit goose grace height stand low appreciation ins salt dirt 1. [kb. of folly.. [nem lehet vele szórakozni] After what had happened last time.. A nép magasztalta a győzelemért. but she treated me like . [kb. [kb.... 2. and expect to do badly. Ezt a levelet még a saját hasznodra is fordíthatnád. Nagyra tartotta az ellenfeleit. nem szeretnék rá válaszolni. és felhívta a feleségemet.. [magas színvonalúként van számon tartva] Mr Lamont is not widely regarded as a great Chancellor... mint] Everybody held the composer in high regard. szenvednek attól. ha lelőnének. nagyon jó/tisztességes ember] Some children suffer from low self-esteem. That restaurant was highly/greatly rated for its service. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. He seems to have fallen from . 3. 2. ESTIMATION 6. [kb. kifogástalan] Old Jeff is the salt of the earth. Ez egy elég célzatos kérdés volt. HIGHLY 5. possum.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból... He certainly knows the . . of the earth... [nagyra tartotta a szerzőt] He won renown as a professor. [kb. You must . 2. The bonus was in . [tiszteletet vívott ki magának] His behaviour was beyond reproach. [becsületedre válnak] Let’s face it. and they do you credit. LIBERTY 9. Megemelem a kalapom az eredményei előtt.. and outs of this business. [éles a nyelve] For years I allowed him to treat me like dirt. 1.. [nem tekintenek rá úgy. One thing he’s never suffered from is . Nagyot esett a szememben miután lelőtte a szomszédját. . Leaving her alone now would be the . That announcement definitely did him . on your dignity with them! 5. hogy kevés az önbizalmuk] She certainly has a sharp tongue. Akkor sem tudnám felsorolni az összes elnököt. He is the best person I’ve ever known.. 7. . HAT 8. I tried to be nice to her. FACE 3. of his successful deals.. Ha ezt tőlem kérné. ADVANTAGE 4. It seems we’ve killed the . after that loss. 1.. a szemébe nevetnék. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. SAVE 2. self-esteem. úgy bánjon velem. he’d need to earn her trust. He held them with/in high regard. mint a kapcájával] An animal may be brightly coloured as a warning to its enemies that it is not to be trifled with. [meg kellett szereznie a megbecsülését] 1. 4. 9. 10. 8. Vette magának a bátorságot. magasztal] The place was highly rated for good food with wide choice of menu. PEDESTAL 3. 6. LOADED 10. that laid the golden eggs.’ Sir Daniel said smoothly.. there are some who would put me on a pedestal. REGARD 7. he is the ..

[kb. köztünk kell maradnia] Unfortunately. they’re for your eyes only! [csak te láthatod] All this mustn’t go further than these four walls. beköp. Luke!’ [kb. valljunk színt] She supposed I was dying to spill the beans. [uralkodnom kell a türelmetlenségemen] Don’t worry. too. You must understand he is not a person to be trifled with/about. my lips are sealed. [nem avatták be] It’s not yet the time to show our hand. hiding his feelings behind the veil of secrecy. [titokzatosságba burkolózott] One of them was a real wally. 6. 7. előre elmondta] You will be secure. tartsd titokban] He did time last year? He kept that dark. [elárulta] Let’s find the hidden meaning in everything. [kb. [kb. 8. [a szőnyeg alá söpörték] If he knows someone has a tape recorder. You must be able to laugh on/at yourself. [köztünk marad] He let the cat out of the bag with his email. 10. She’s more than just a pretty face/head. [elhallgat. He suffered from/of low self-esteem during his childhood. provided you keep your own counsel and stay well away from the Germans.3. Godwin’s illustrative examples give the game away. 9. nem hajlandó beszélni] But keep this business about Steinmark under your hat. [távolról] He’ll drop you in it as fast as he can if it will help him. 5. so the others didn’t let him in on their plan. No one could get the better from/of him at the meeting. [teljesen bizalmasan kezelem] What ulterior motive lay behind his desire to ride? [hátsó szándék] It looked as if Luke’s pride had allowed him to draw a veil over last night’s final moments. [tartsd meg magadnak] Perhaps he’s just playing his cards close to his chest and the first we’ll know about it is his engagement. [kb. [kb. [a mögöttes jelentés] Up with the lark and wanting to get out of town. 4. [elárulja a titkot] Have you been spying on them? [kémkedik utánuk] But things are being done by stealth. you know. didn’t he! [kb. [titokban] Any information given during the interview will be treated in the strictest confidence. She has a magic touch/move with the children. he immediately clams up. titokban tartom] However this work is shrouded in secrecy because of the patent lawyers. beárul] But my God. His character was over/beyond reproach. [kb. [kb. [fátylat borít] He had recovered from his visit to Jenny. lelkük rejtett mélységeiből] She loved her boss at a distance for years. [elárulta] It was his shoes that gave him away. I have to keep the lid on my impatience. nem mondta el] One glimpse brought all his prejudices bubbling up from their hidden depths. TITOK – TÖRTÉNIK All I said is between you and me. [a titokzatosság fátyla] . He seems to have a mental/mentally block against her ideas. titkolózik] He suggested we should sweep everything under the carpet.

majd a kifejezésekkel egészítsd ki a mondatokat. [mit tartogat a számukra] She was confused. All the other prisoners of war . megneszelik] It was an open secret that the scheme had its supporters in West Germany. upset and bewildered by the train of events. .. let’s get this done before the Press get wind of what’s happened. [folyamatban vannak] It came about not for economic reasons but as a consequence of complex political processes. [soha nem történt velem ilyesmi] I’m sure it’s going to come off one day. [létrejött] I never had such a thing happen(ing) to me. [nyílt titok] She was rather tight-lipped about her future plans. 6. 4. [sikerül. . [szűkszavú] TÖRTÉNIK Meanwhile preparations for the festival which takes place next week are under way. Kösd össze a két oszlopban lévő szavakat. He was wearing a costume but his tennis shoes . b. 3. g. 7. do you hear?!. . 1. 2. 1. h. megvalósul] I can’t see you tonight. 5. something urgent has come up. these things happen. van ez így] In the normal course of events he’d have to go there on his own... [kb. c. d. [normális esetben] All the prisoners suffered the same fate. e. . a. .’ [kb. [közbejött] ‘She’s left me. 8.Right. [nem valósultak meg] The real turning point was in the middle of the tour. szemed előtt formálódik a történelem] Our plans failed to materialise. [a dolgok ilyetén alakulása] 1... [események] Evelyn was utterly unprepared for this turn of events. gave him drop you ulterior turn suffered keep it my lips keep the lid are sealed motive under her hat on his anger the same fate in it away of events I won’t tell anyone. [hasonló sorsuk volt] What you saw was history in the making. July and August. [megtörténik] They had a firmer idea of what the new country holds in store for them. 3.’ ‘Well. a change in attitude takes place. [kb.. [fordulópont] But once the user sees the potential of the system. 2. f.

I think she’d better . Everything I told you is among/between you and me. They did their best to sweep everything below/under the carpet. kb. A járvány titokban terjedt Afrikában. nem gondolod? 2. Nobody seemed interested in the . 7. 8.. Mindig kikotyog mindent. [fogalmam sincs] To be honest. if they think it’ll help them. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével..’ Ruth said with confidence.lipped about the future of the company. sokat látott] As a framework it can make no claim to be exhaustive or final. 7. 8. They are rather tight-/narrow. semmit sem tud róla He speaks English fluently and has a smattering of Spanish. elért hozzá. 12. 9. Borítsunk fátylat a tegnapi eseményekre.. magabiztosan Genetics is a closed book to him. His disturbed voice gave/got the game away.. which is lucky. 1. he is a dark horse. 10. I don’t have a clue! fogalmam sincs He has no conception of how to deal with handicapped children. 4. 3. Meglepte az események alakulása. [kb. hogy ilyen dolog történjék velem. but it’ll surely come up/off one day. 6. fogalma sincs He knew in her heart of hearts that she still loved him. Lassan ideje. 5. . The next tour is going to take/hold place in Britain. megtudta I managed to cajole some information out of the receptionist. 1. Don’t trust them they’ll .wind of what was coming next. my mouth is/lips are sealed. 2. What we’ve said cannot go out of/further than these four walls. They failed this time. That day was a turning/an important point in the history of the company. 6. [kitalál valamit] . [nem állítja] Whether or not the opportunity is taken up is another matter! [az más kérdés] I’m sure she will come across with something that you can use. kb. Ki tudja mit tartogat számunkra a jövő? 9. that lay behind his words.. biztos forrásból tudja We know nothing about him. Elég szűkszavú volt a tervekkel kapcsolatban. Preparations for the meeting are on/under way. 5. Sajnos a terveink nem valósultak meg. TUD VMIT He has it on good authority that we are going to be fired. and not say a word to anyone. Nagyon titkolózott a bulival kapcsolatban. a szíve legeslegmélyén tudta He has been around and knows what to do. Their relationship is an open/opened secret. 4. 10. 2. Nem tudom elképzelni. 3. 7. Don’t worry. 8. He was no less surprised by that . kiszed belőle ‘Something will turn up. We feared they would get the/-.. too. .. [kb. [sötét ló] None of what we said reached her ears.. 6... 11. 5. pötyög (nyelven)] I don’t have the least idea where he could have gone. HANDS HAPPENING CHEST TRAIN TIGHT BEANS STEALTH STORE VEIL MATERIALISE 3.4. hogy színt valljanak. After that row he found it hard to . Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.

when the arguments against smoking are so widely known? [köztudott] ‘Has anyone called?’ ‘Not that I know of. it is common knowledge. the light suddenly dawned.’ [amennyire én tudom. so it has to be open to doubt. nem] They could be in Spain for all I know. [kb. [kb. [kb. [kb. [kb. hirtelen] The last I heard of him he was about to get married. bizonytalan kimenetelű] When I saw them together in the park. [be kell vallanom. nem tudom] I need to get hold of that book as soon as possible. legutolsó információm szerint] Many of her students have a good command of English. pusztán találgatás] At this stage anything else would be pure guesswork.’ [fogalmam sincs] It has come to my attention that the money has not been sent yet. hogy semmit sem tudok] He must be acutely conscious of the problems a conflict of interest might impose. a little bird told me. [látszólag] She spoke almost as if she could read his mind/thoughts. [nem tudják ösztönösen] If in their judgement he was a CIA man. [nem tudtak meg semmit] Please make sure you have the correct figures. [halványan tudta] ‘Is he ready yet?’ ‘It’s hard to say. [kb.’ [nehéz megmondani] In this case my comment was not a stab in the back or a shot in the dark. [szerény véleményem szerint] They are children: they do not know by instinct how to behave. tagadta.’ [kb. legutolsó információm szerint] I didn’t know whether that was good or not and even Joe admitted it was a leap in the dark. he could see how. that is a mistaken assumption. [ismerem a várost. [amennyire én tudom] I know the city like the back of my hand. and as if on cue.’ [kb. [van némi kétség] Faith is something which is merely believed. [egyszer csak. megkérdőjelezhető] They haven’t found out anything about us. [tudomásomra jutott] You don’t have to be a genius to see that they’ll soon get married. [kb. mint a tenyeremet] He knew full well I would be upset. [köztudott] It has come to our knowledge that he has been charged with murder. [megítélésük szerint] Why is this. [ellenőrizd] ‘Do you know when it usually starts?’ ‘Sorry. was vaguely conscious of a flickering blue light. kevés ismeretem volt] He doesn’t know anything – he’s speaking off the cuff. [teljesen tudatában volt] British Gas denied all knowledge of such an incident. rögtönöz] He wanted to start again. [olvas a gondolataiban] . [meg kell szereznem] In my humble opinion. [nem kell zseninek lenni] ‘What is “fűnyíró” in English?’ ‘You’ve got me there!’ [megfogtál!] ‘Where’s he gone?’ ‘Your guess is as good as mine. that’s a matter of opinion. [kb. hirtelen minden világos lett] ‘How did you know I was here?’ ‘Well. [jól beszélnek] He could hear the siren.I must confess to knowing nothing about banking. [tudatában kell lennie] I had little acquaintance with English grammar before the course. [pusztán találgatás] There is some doubt about whether such a system is the most effective. hogy bármit is tudott volna róla] He was in prison. it had been a completely normal day. [tudomásunkra jutott] ‘Has he phoned yet?’ ‘Not to my knowledge. [kb. I haven’t the foggiest. csiripelik a verebek] Well.’ [nem tudok róla] The last I heard he was about to join a company in Spain. that’s good enough for me. [kb. ez nézőpont kérdése] To all appearances.

[kb. 8.. [sokat elmond rólad] He would pick you up and squeeze you dry and leave you the next day. I don’t have a cue/clue where they might be. I know him like the . 2. He speaks French well and has a . [amennyire én tudom] My sixth sense told me to stay here. 9. Please make . 8. He could be in Spain . His sixth feeling/sense told him someone was watching him. They didn’t know what to do from/by instinct. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. nem tudom követni] From my point of view/As I see it/The way I see it.. I called him with/in the knowledge that he knew all about everything. you’ve got all the numbers right. [megbízható forrásokból értesültem] I didn’t have the remotest idea what they’re doing in there. of Italian. 2.. [kisajtol belőled mindent] The church was staring us in the face all the time. He has it on reliable/good authority that the plane will be blown up.. It is . 10.. ott volt az orrunk előtt] I’ve read all the books on the subject. [kb. 7. 1... there are no problems at all. I looked up all the words in the dictionary. 7. Amikor elolvastam a cikket.I’m reliably informed that he only knows a few words in Spanish.. It seems he’s able to read your mind/head. For/To all appearances. [abban a tudatban] I’m all at sea with these new regulations. She had no . Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. the wiser. I have to admit that maths has always been a . vége volt a tudományának] As far as I know. [kb. too.. [hatodik érzék] 1. book for me.. your .. 2. We didn’t know what the result would be. . [fogalmam sem volt] I used the information in the knowledge that it was coming from a reliable source. of my hand. miért nem telefonált. 9. it was a shot in the . A little/small bird told me you were going to move to the country.. hirtelen minden világos lett.. [nem lettem semmivel sem okosabb] She was at her wit’s end.. nobody failed the end-of-term test. 10. He was all in/at sea with the new copyright law. You don’t have to be a genie/genius to guess the result of that match. they had a balanced family life.. [nem értem.. 1. 4. all I know.. she really didn’t know what to do. alapos/mély tudása van] What you read speaks volumes about you.. 3. is as good as mine. Egészítsd ki a mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. but I became . 6.. 3.. [véleményem szerint] He has a sound grasp of nuclear physics. 5. I have no idea where he is. Fogalmam sincs róla. 5. 3. but I’m still none the wiser. 4. knowledge that he’s been married to her twice. REMOTEST DAWNED . 6. Back conception closed sure dark for guess smattering none common 1. of how to deal with such a situation. 2.

ténylegesen . Reméljük ez nem fog a fülébe jutni. valójában The rooms were not as big in actuality as we had thought. kb. csak hasalt. so it’s back to the drawing board. 4. amit mond pusztán találgatás. na már megint . újrakezdték I would like to come back to the point at issue. hogy az év sikeres volt-e nézőpont kérdése. kb. 9. megint egy .. but then he turned over a new leaf and now he has his own shop. új megvilágításba helyezte Well. új megvilágításban mutatja be It made a refreshing change to go out alone. a másik véglet ÚJRA They started life anew somewhere in France. hogy többször is kirúgták. A múzeum egész végig ott volt az orrunk előtt. kb. kezdődik elölről History repeats itself.. vérfrissítés He was a changed man after the course. kb. 10. hogy semmit sem értek a joghoz. the rules aren’t hard and fast. újra csak a tanuláshoz térünk vissza There he goes again – jumping to conclusions. The figures got mixed up so everything had to be done over. Bármi. visszavitték a tervezőasztalhoz ‘Here we go again’ he said. napról napra változik He was really generous. kb. friss sztori There are startling revelations which throw new light on Elvis the man. Tudomásomra jutott. please. új életet kezdett VALÓJÁBAN He seems to be kind and understanding but in actual fact he is really cruel.. kb. régen nem divatosak This story is hot off the press. hogy Kanadában él. he’s still finding his feet. visszatérnék a tárgyra It all comes back to a question of studying. keresi a helyét Punk bands went out with the ark.3. újra After she left. nagy felfedezőút His new book was a far cry from the previous two. Legutoljára azt hallottam róla. Nem tudott semmit. kellemes újdonság volt This year the association has tried to make a clean break from the past. don’t panic. kb. szakított a múlttal This fact put a new/different complexion on the whole case. but now he’s gone to the opposite extreme. újra kellett csinálni We didn’t get the green light.. ‘Oh no!’ she whispered to herself yet again. előnye That restaurant has seen better days! jobb napokat is látott His book is/represents a new/radical departure from his previous works. we tried to pick up the threads. 6. felvenni a fonalat She got fed up with working here and went to India to make a fresh start. megváltoztathatatlan Nobody could possibly ask them to change their ways. a történelem ismétli önmagát The next day I took the train to London. újrakezdik He used to be a thief. Be kell vallanom. megváltoztak Prices might vary from day to day. 7. 5. teljesen más The cutting edge of computer technology is being used by a number of artists worldwide. Az. közel sem olyan jó He’s new with the company. kb. (radikálisan) új irányvonal He imagined his future as a voyage of discovery. 8. kb. yet another tiring journey. új ember lett It makes a change and gets you out of the house. COME MATTER FACE CONFESS LAST EARS CUFF GUESSWORK ÚJ – ÚJRA – VALÓJÁBAN – VÁR I think we need to bring in some new blood.

valójában VÁR He had known that a policeman would be in attendance. in effect. kb. is that none of them has done anything to help us. 6.. before you do anything else. b.. That book r. megúszhatja 1. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval. kb. The f.. b. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével. . she thought. over a n... your t. Don’t be impatient.. A kezdőbetűket megadtuk. Egy picit pihenhettünk. az igazság az. 1. in some n.. on the murder case. 9. you’ll have to wait your turn like everyone else. mindjárt megnézem. like everybody else.. They decided to m. pihenhettünk Hang on a second – we’ll have to buy the tickets first. 2. 5.... n. the s.. they adored each other.. megszakítják a karrierjüket Mrs Snell must have been lying in wait behind the standard roses. megint egy fárasztó nap.. kb. nem kellett sokat dolgoznunk. I can wait hardly/hardly wait to see them again. l. hitegetnek We were hanging around outside waiting for the star to appear... hogy itt van-e.. 1. one could do it in forty minutes. BETTER THREAD HANGING REPEATS HEELS ANEW YET HANG . a c. Wait for the d. we live together. Holnap vidékre utazom. to s.. ténylegesen Yes.. 8... csak hitegetik a jelentkezőket.... 1.And yet... A szálloda ahol laktunk szebb napokat is látott. 7. 3. After he was released from prison. 6. b. a r. at bottom.. a szívük mélyén The judge held. . lesben We’re really looking forward to seeing you again. 8. in fact. valójában I would love to stay with you but the fact of the matter is that I’ve already booked a room. megvárta. A történelem ismétli önmagát. . The whole project has to go back to the d... Nem mondanak semmit. Újrakezdték az életüket egy kis faluban. várj egy percet Nobody would tell me anything – they just keep me hanging. tolerant and bide your time. 10. ki kell várnod a sorod I can hardly wait for the summer to come.. 5. You have to w. d. That piece of evidence t.. 2.. Everyone is above 50 in the management. l.. várakozva. lógtak = várakoztak She waited for the dust to settle after the scandal before she announced she would divorce him.. from the past and start their life anew. alig várom If she calmed down. türelmesen várd ki a magad idejét A lot of women put their careers on hold to start a family. . we should b. 4.. no power to deal with that situation. as a matter of fact... készenlétben áll Today we were left to cool our heels with nothing special to do and no particular place to go. 7. from the style of his previous works. You might stay here for a while and w. nagyon várjuk I’m sorry...... he t. kb. hogy . Amikor visszajött..... 3. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. 3... He said the exam would take two hours but. 4. Várj egy percet.... megpróbáltuk felvenni a fonalat. of the m.. We’ve been married for four years. 2. she might just weather the storm. amíg elült a vihar Be patient.

I’m afraid. az álmaim vége The police have closed the book on the case. They started their life new/anew after the war. 14. Going abroad now would mean taking/putting my career on hold. 10. end of story. and act when it’s appropriate. a mosógépnek annyi It was the end of all my hopes and dreams. He pretended he didn’t care but. 13. he still loved her. 9.your turn just like everyone else. meghalsz . There was nobody I knew. szögre akasztja a balettcipőt Horatio Nelson destroyed the French fleet at the cost of his own life. You have to bid/bide your time. 12. a befejezéshez közeledik When I saw his gun. kb.2. nekem befellegzett After the scandal offers of work began to dry up. VÉGE – VÉGÜL (IS) The payments come out. kb. the exam period is nearing the end. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for/-. 7. 15. I thought it was curtains for me. kezdtek elmaradozni There’s no end in sight to this situation. one pays out the other. a saját élete árán If Gordon Gekko is still around. in/at bottom. On/In effect. közeledik a vége Her life was drawing to a close. That hairstyle went out on/with the ark. 8. That story was hot from/off the press. 3. meg vannak számlálva a napjai Biography is when you’re dead and gone and they write about you. azt hittem. nekem befellegzett The Oscar-winner’s shock brought down the curtain on a 30-year career. Two soldiers were standing there on/in attendance. kb. there are no strict/hard and fast rules about how take an exam. 5. ennyi = ez minden When I saw the death squad approaching me. 11. I thought I’d had it. 6. be kell fejezni She decided to hang up her dancing shoes. Don’t worry. kb. közeledik a befejezéshez The development is due for completion in December. He’s still looking for/finding his feet in the music business. elég legyen The washing machine had had it. 4. there was nothing he could do. kb. his days are numbered. lezárták az ügyet The painting is nearing completion. We were looking forward to see/seeing the children again. pontot tett Let’s have done with this silly argument. as a/the matter of fact. nem látjuk a végét Fortunately. kb. That book is a distant/far cry from the previous one. 1994.

az utolsó csepp véremig harcolok Well. he decided to kick the habit. pink. ennyit a művészet megbecsüléséről There’s no stopping them now. összességében . until the fighting died down. végül is To finish with. szakított You can leave. leszokik (pl. in the final analysis. összességében The losers will be society as a whole. we had some red wine. de nem utolsósorban At long last something is being done to stop this. kb.He was spending his declining years in considerable financial comfort. so she is staying with us now. kb. faképnél hagyta VÉGÜL (IS) Eventually they got divorced. elejétől a végéig The meeting did not come to an end before two. I’ll fight them every inch of the way. ez minden If they try to fire me. if you can’t get any help. nincs semmi. black. kb. az utolsókat rúgja The heater gave its last gasp last week. kilehelte a lelkét He protested his innocence to the last. befejezni határidőre It was concluded that good schools have a positive influence on children. következtetésekre juthatunk We all waited for the storm to pass. that’s about it for now. a végsőkig They just managed to make the deadline. fejezzük be When I saw him entering the room. blue. végül – a lényeg I always end up doing the shopping at the weekend. utolsó évei We thought we were going for a month or so. végül So why did she decide to leave after all? mégis But. hogy At the end of the day. kb. ‘teljesen’ meghalt Old Jimmy kicked the bucket in 1966. ami megállíthatná You’ve got to put a stop to this. végül. elcsitult a harc There’s one thing he feared and that was dying in his bed. I knew my fate was sealed. kb. kinőtte She walked out on her husband when she realised he was cheating on her. utolsó előtti napon He was determined to lie to her to the very end. a sorsom megpecsételődött He was about to put the finishing touches to the essay when you called. nagy sokára All in all. arra a következtetésre jutottam We can safely draw some conclusions/jump to conclusions from what they’ve told us. arra az eredményre jutottak I have come to the conclusion that you simply can’t win. italról) Our car is on its last legs. a legvégéig Offred doesn’t tell her story from beginning to end. cold water on its own. az utolsó simításokat végezte She finished with Jack last week. mindig az a vége. ennyi/vége Well. as a last resort. feldobta a talpát Finally. the learning process is fast. change your doctor! végső soron In the end. kb. white or ágyában hal meg It is the last but one day of this programme and I hope you are feeling good. but he grew out of it. a múlté You can use washing-up liquid or. végezetül And last but not least. végső esetben So much for art appreciation. it was worth the money. it doesn’t matter what colour you are. véget vetni So you’ve got to tie all your loose ends up. I thought. nem fejeződött be Let’s put an end to these arguments once and for all. it seems he’s as dead as a doornail. that’s it – we’re beaten. which was so good for the family. it all boils down to money. a végső simitásokat elvégezni He used to bite his nails. vártak amíg elül a vihar Tuberculosis should be a thing of the past. haven’t you? kb.

. 10. .. Well.. 3. 10.. Whatever they say. 5. Let’s have done . 6. all? 3. 8. At/In the final analysis... conclusions. to conclusions very easily. sight. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy prepozícióval. 8. mindent összevetve 1.. 7. 1... 9. but I suppose he’s . He is always quick to jump . the whole. You came here to tie up the . there was Joe. 4.. the waiter appeared with our drinks. 2. He used to cry in the morning.. . 4. 5.. 3. this violence. its last legs. That guy hit/kicked the bucket last week... last.... everyone seemed happy to be there. finish long jump after story boils storm grown kick loose 1. mindent összevetve All things considered. . these fake magicians.. didn’t you? 9. At .. out of it.. 2. He never manages to do/make the deadline. 7. 2.On the whole... 8... 6. They decided to wait for the . the habit this time. the past. it was a successful year.last but not least. At/-. .... 7. all. He tends to . . All things considering/considered. it all . she’s left him. He seems really determined to . ends. the end of the day. The cooker made/gave its last gasp on the first day... with.. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. down to money and success.. He has walked out on/from her several times.. Did you go to see them . To . the party was a success. I wish you all a happy Christmas. 6.. to pass. 5. 1. the fighting died . I was satisfied.. the party was a success.. After the negotiations. Famine in the USA is a thing . They’ve decided to put a stop . I’m afraid the fridge is .. I’m glad we did it.. 4. 2. end of . Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. We always end up arguing/to argue about money. 3.. We’ve been working for years and there is no end .. All .. it was good fun.

az életeddel játszol It’s been said before that being well-known is a double-edged sword. véletlenül VESZÉLY ‘Well. amilyen a véletlen It is no accident that she chose Friday the 13th to resign. nem gyereknek való hely I admired his presence of mind. veszély leselkedik I think you shouldn’t mess with him. egy darabban hazaért The pub is no place for a child to be alone at night. by any chance? egészen véletlenül It was pure chance that he was there. kb. although he said he didn’t mean it. felesleges veszélynek tette ki magát You are playing with fire if you try to have him fired. all the tickets were sold. halk figyelmeztető hang We all thought he was lucky to get home in one piece. megszólalt a riasztó At the back of my mind was a small. meleg helyzet volt You’d be on dangerous ground if we talked with him about politics. that was a close shave. semmit sem bíztál a véletlenre Have you not forgotten something. the date was Richard Burton’s birthday. Incidentally. életeddel játszol If we don’t meet the deadline. nem kellene szórakoznod vele They took his family to the countryside where they would be out of harm’s way. kb. telling me to go away.’ he said. véletlenül Bridge is not a game of chance. szükségállapot You are dicing with death if you drive so fast in the hills. kétélű fegyver I’ve had a number of close encounters with animals in Sri Lanka. there is another key to the flat. a sors furcsa fintora. . veszélyes helyzet/találkozás I think he was exposing himself to unnecessary risks when working alone. a vesztébe rohan That substance poses little risk to human health. vicces egybeesés That happens to be my wife you’re talking about! történetesen a feleségem az. veszélyben van a munkám Are you ready to enter the lion’s den? az oroszlán barlangja At night. danger lurks in the jungle. my job is on the line. kb. nem véletlen By a happy coincidence. lélekjelenlét But the truth is that Jonathan was riding for a fall. have you heard anything about Frank? véletlenül As luck would have it. szerencsejáték I see you have left nothing to chance. az életét kockáztatta You take your life in your hands if you’re driving at breakneck speed in the city. there was a man living just down the road who also kept animals. véletlen találkozás volt I know he did it on purpose.. nem esik bántódásuk Don’t panic – everything’s under control! minden a legnagyobb rendben Warning bells started ringing in her head as she felt there was something strange. too. veszélyes vizekre evez Mrs Thatcher never decreed a state of emergency. szándékosan I seem to have stumbled into a painting by Picasso. véletlenül úgy esett We met by accident/by chance on Saturday. hogy As it happens. nem voltak veszélyben They promised the children would come to no harm.VÉLETLEN(ÜL) – VESZÉLY It just so happened they had booked a room in the same hotel. a tűzzel játszol The fireman risked his life to save the children from the wreckage. warning voice. amilyen a szerencse It was a chance meeting that changed his life.. tiszta véletlen I was shopping the other day when I chanced upon an old friend of mine. belebotlottam By a curious twist of fate we met again three years later at a conference. véletlenül találkoztam As chance would have it. kb. kevés veszélyt rejt .

.... 4. We didn’t plan to meet. 1... the managing director was fired. 3. 6.. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. 10. 2. As soon as they saw the policeman. az állásoddal játszol. too. A.. 8... 10. öngyilkosság lenne When they saw two men running towards them.. He is d. 4. When he started talking about love and devotion. to sell most of the company to foreign investors. 5.. I knew I was running the risk of losing the game/to lose the game.. there are no more teachers in the school. A kezdőbetűket megadtuk.. .. 6. All the children got home safe/safely and sound.. Ha késel. He was happy to get out of the club in one peace/piece. 2.. you’ll run the risk of losing her. I came across him b.. they turned tail and ran. 1. összeszedtem a bátorságomat It would be suicidal to risk leaving in such weather. 1.. 5. 7. b. Az életét kockáztatta. nyakukba szedték a lábukat He is skating on thin ice by taking his exam in the last minute. kb.. ... if he really tries to climb that mountain.. Nem te etted meg a csokit egészen véletlenül? 8. Threatening someone with taking him to court is a d. by a c. was declared in the city because of terrorist activity. 9.The safety of patients was put at risk! veszélyezteti If you go now. It was pure/clean chance that we met on that Sunday evening. We felt that he had taken/put all the children at risk. 6. It was s... 4. 8. egyetlen karcolás nélkül So I have decided to stick my neck out and to make some predictions for the next 30 years. 7. 4. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. A s. Going in there would be p. and ran towards the rails. Nem lenne szabad szórakoznod a barátaimmal. 7. MESS PLACE LINE RISKED CAME STUMBLED ANY MIND CHANCE EXPOSES . épen és egészségesen The tractor driver walked away without a scratch. s.... the situation is under/in control.. That bid poses small/little risk to us. of e. Minden a rendőr lélekjelenlétén múlott. t. azt kockáztatod They turned up safe and sound.. Ez a klub nem való gyerekeknek. . Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével.. Later. A gyerekeknek nem esett bántódásuk. 2. 9. hogy segítsen nekem. with d.. t. they t. 2.. We got out of it alive but that was a near/close shave. 3.-e. of f.. nagyon veszélyes 1.... Felesleges kockázatnak teszi ki a gyerekeket. started r.. w.. 9.... You put/take your life in your hands by going there alone at night. a.. it h.. 10. A betörők semmit nem bíztak a véletlenre.. .. You needn’t do anything. Belebotlottam egy érdekes könyvbe tegnap. with f. 3. So did you finally enter the lion’s den/cave? 5. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval. 3.

valakinek a pártját fogni She always sided with the boss against me. nincs beszélő viszonyban . nem akart megbántani. vitában állnak.. az ő pártját fogja He made peace with her after she agreed to marry him.neck purpose poses close sound ice scratch riding 1. nem akart rosszat You haven’t seen him for five years. kb. rájuk szól These facts are not in dispute any longer.. szikrázott a levegő He’s not been on speaking terms with his parents since he was 20. . nem riadunk vissza a konfliktustól I do not wish to take sides in their argument. jelenetet rendezett We told them plainly that we would not shrink from confrontation. amiből nincs kiút I’m certain he meant no harm/he didn’t mean any harm.. 3. szót váltottak = veszekedtek An eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth). . 8. 6. kb. kb. out and say something? I’m convinced he did everything on . 7. nem képezik vita tárgyát He said they had exchanged words. Can’t you see that they are . Asking him to represent you would be skating on thin . a főnök pártjára állt We need to sink our differences to be able to solve this problem. kibékült He seems to have touched her on the raw... kb. kínos pontjára tapintott She made a scene at work. 5.. .. for a fall? He had a . They survived the accident without a .. 4. VESZEKEDÉS – VICCEL The examination system has long been a serious bone of contention in this country.. He isn’t going to bite/snap your head off. ellentmondásos téma He often comes into conflict with his lawyers.. összeakasztották a bajszukat They are locked into a bitter dispute. konfliktusban találta magát Don’t worry. Don’t you feel it’s time to stick your . szemet szemért She left the company as she didn’t want to cross swords with the boss. az összetűzés felé haladtunk They have locked horns with the management over working long hours. encounter with a tiger. little risk to any of us. konfliktusba kerül She found herself in conflict with her boss over the holidays.. leharapja a fejedet It’s about time somebody knocked their heads together. félretesszük az ellentéteket Sparks flew at the meeting. Don’t you think you should bury the hatchet? elásd a csatabárdot My father always takes his part. At 10 they arrived safe and . 2.. elkötelezni magát... tengelyt akasztani It needed no great powers of prophecy to realise that Nigel and I were on a collision course.. That threat .. .

viccből csináltam I’m sure he didn’t mean it. biztos viccelt They have always been able to see the funny side of a situation. majd egészítsd ki a mondatokat a kifejezésekkel. 7. nagyon komolyan mondta It’s a standing joke. csak hülyéskedett She is an object of ridicule in the whole country. komolyan gondolja She’s always poking fun at the teachers. egymás kárára viccelnek I really didn’t mean to hurt you. h. d. he was just pulling your leg. gúnyolja a tanárokat I’m sure he didn’t mean it. csak viccből csináltam They all had a good laugh at my sister’s expense. kb.The two candidates will square off on this issue in a debate tomorrow. a. are you? csak ugratsz. Kösd össze a két oszlopban lévő szavakat. vicceket mondanak I’m afraid he just didn’t get the joke. halálosan komolyan beszélek She told us in all seriousness that he wanted to marry the headmaster. vihar a biliben VICCEL I don’t believe you. haven’t you? muszáj nevetnem I just did it for a laugh. I’m deadly serious. nincsenek beszélő viszonyban They fell out with each other over which channel to watch. 6. e. összevesztek egymással They are always at odds with each other about where to go on holiday. valaki kárán nevet They told him that the stork brings babies and he took it literally. 4. a vicces oldalát nézték Well. összemérik erejüket Frank and Jenny aren’t talking to each other right now. 1. You’re not having me on. I’m sorry you’ve fallen down the stairs. g. but you’ve got to laugh. állandó/régi vicc 1. nevetség tárgya He didn’t see the joke. nem értette meg a viccet They often make jokes at each other’s expense. He must have been kidding. but they seem to have taken it seriously. I only did it as a joke. nem értette a viccet Believe me. 2. 3. szó szerint/komolyan vette He walks like a man who means business. nem értenek egyet Their argument was just a storm in a teacup. b. 5. f. 8. c. ugye They’re always cracking jokes. in all cracking on speaking take they took it storm in found himself bury sides jokes a teacup the hatchet terms seriousness in conflict literally .

Of course they’re not getting divorced. He was joking when he asked if there was an elephant in the room... felt out // fell off // fell out 6. is that right? taking // getting // having 2. Did they finally .. .. it’s too silent upstairs. nehezen kezelhető He disciplined himself to study at least two chapters a day.. rosszban sántikálnak . your head off. .. 8. 7... in the room.. They’re married.. he’s not going to . When he says he wants that job done.. pofát vág And don’t make faces at the teachers. flew // flowed // shot 4.. . I’ll be a(n) . hogy viselkedhettek így The children were as good as gold in the evening. ne vágj pofákat I really don’t understand how they could behave in such a fashion. 2.. with each other some days ago. .. They are not on talking terms. 5. ne udvariaskodj I could hardly contain my excitement. from confrontation. object // subject // exposed 7. . That can’t be serious. If I go there wearing that shirt.. we know he means .. It was a heated argument. Don’t worry.. with the new management. afraid // shrink // get away 8. sink // disguise // dispose 9.. you’re .. nem tudta türtőztetni magát Her children can be a real handful.. .. mint az angyalok The kids are up to no good. jók voltak. They must be made aware that we will not .. fun at the new teachers. Frankie. half snarling. What I hate most about these argument is that I feel I have to .. but they hate each other so much that they are not . 1.... I told them to ..’ she said... 2. all night. 6. Joe’s expense. They’re always . they . of ridicule. 4. 3. it was a .1. Jim . Jeff. viselkedj a korodhoz illően Come on now. for // at // with 3.. their differences and work together for the common cause. or are they still angry with each other? He told me he was getting married . me on. don’t stand on ceremony here at home.. but . alig bírtam magammal He was so angry he just couldn’t contain himself.... We had a good time talking and .. They made joke .. seriously // business // working 10. Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást. sparks . poking // taking // making 5. kényszerítette magát The boy stared at him from a distance of two feet before pulling a face and running away. eat // snap // chew VISELKEDIK ‘Act your age.

van benne annyi udvariasság Why did you not have the common decency/courtesy to inform James of where you were going?természetes udvariasság He told me to drop the formalities and call him Sam. mint ameddig szívesen látják You think he’d at least have the courtesy to tell us he wouldn’t be able to make it. többet gondoltam róla ‘Kindly keep a civil tongue in your head. hagyjuk a formaságokat He kept talking about him behind his back. nincs önbizalomhiánya.. magabiztosnak látszanak I think it was stupid of you to talk down to her like that.’ he said. better welcome contain knees drop level faces character civil grip 1. kb. myself. hírességekkel/nevekkel dobálózik My first impression was that he was rather full of himself. 2.. saját magát dicséri He certainly doesn’t lack confidence. . but he seemed quite happy. at the conductors. szállj le a magas lóról She has put herself beyond the pale. kb. túllőtt a célon = elfogadhatatlanul viselkedett They seem very sure of themselves. hogy ő a legjobb/legokosabb She thinks she’s the cat’s whiskers.. tudták a helyüket She was really rude – I thought better of her. Fred! vigyázz a nyelvedre It looks bad not talking to the boss at the party. túlzásba viszi a kedveskedést What I really hate about him is that he is always blowing his own trumpet. azt hiszi. rosszul veszi ki magát What he said today was completely out of character.. uralkodnia kell magán Why don’t you grow up? miért nem viselkedsz felnőtt módjára? I refuse to sink to their level. I can’t teach him not to make . 3. az biztos 1.azt hiszi.. el volt telve magától He definitely seems to have a high opinion of himself! sokra tartja magát Don’t get on your high horse with me. the formalities. he thinks he’s the bee’s . kb.. megtalálni a középutat He believed in a society where people knew their place. he always drops names. 4. I think I’m leaving. megjátsza magát She thinks she’s the bee’s knees. lenézően beszél She wondered whether she was laying it on too thick.. fejébe szállt Whenever we talk. He is so pleased with himself. .. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval a dobozból. kibeszélte a háta mögött Watch your language. nem vette a fáradságot ‘Watch your mouth’ she said vigyázz a nyelvedre He never did intend to outstay my welcome. kulturáltan beszélj She didn’t even take the trouble to call me and say she wouldn’t come. there’s no need to put on airs. hogy ő a legjobb/legokosabb They say his success has gone to his head. tovább maradni. lesüllyed a szintjükre You’ll have to find a mean between honesty and cruelty. which annoys everybody.He must take a grip on himself. What he said made me so mad I could hardly . egyáltalán nem volt jellemző rá Come on Jack. Why don’t we just .

. 3. 8. 5. don’t you think you are laying it .. 2. to everybody who is not as rich as he is. What I hated about him was that he kept talking about me .. to no good. 7. Can’t you keep a . himself.. the pale... airs wherever we went.. cat’s as good pulling full of keeps dropping get on blowing his the common your high horse own trumpet a face whiskers names himself decency as gold He is so . Going to a club on his own was totally out of .. Kösd össze a két oszlopban lévő szavakat. on yourself. at everyone no matter what her mother tells her. I’ve never seen such well-behaved children. tongue in your head? 9.. I don’t want to outstay my . himself. himself.. doesn’t he? 10. He really seems to have a high opinion . 7. .. f. 1. e. g. Last week she really put herself . 3.. 4. . and say such things.. don’t . . 1. a. I’d better go. he’s always . He is really satisfied with himself. she . I thought . 4... I have a sneaking suspicion that they are . . 7. too thick this time? 9... her head. 10. .. 8. Come on Frank. 3. of him. He found it hard to take a grip ... .. 2. You simply can’t talk to her... b. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy prepozícióval. He would always put .... c..... 3. 6.. my back. 1. I’m afraid success has gone . himself. 6. You must learn to take a . It’s strange he left her... I would never sink to their . with us! She can’t behave and will keep on .. He always talks . 6. they are . 2. 6.5. no matter what the topic is...... 8. Johnny. majd egészítsd ki a mondatokat.. he thinks he is the . to tell us what he is planning to do.. 7.. 4.. . d. He might at least have ... 2.. h. 5. He seems very sure ... 5.