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These terrible disaster. so frequent in recent yeirs are signs of Chi
soon appearing. See page 140.



1 ULKNGW, MAY, 1912


Heralds of the Morning.

The Meaning of the Social and Political Problems of To-day and
the Significance of the Great Phenomena of Nature.


The contents of this interesting and instructive book include such



stirring subjects as. "He will come again," "Great Deceptions," " A
Remarkable Century," "The Gospel's Progress," "The Prevalence of
Crime," "Judgment is Turned Away Backward," "Lovers of Pleasure,"
"The Nations were Angry," "The Voice of the Elements," "There
shall be a Time of Trouble," "Our Refuge and Fortress," "In This
Generation," and " The Triumphant Victory and Everlasting Reward." Many other chapters of equal interest are included in the




volume which holds the reader spell bound from beginning to end.
For an intelligent understanding of the times and the conditions
there is no work of equal. Its sale has already passed the 160th
thousand and thousands are being sold every year.

Illustrated profusely from cover to cover, printed on ivory finfished paper, with embolished cloth covers, and containing over 400
pages of good, wholesome reading it is a most valuable addition
to any library and diligently studied must turn the hearts toward the
source of salvation of whom it speaks.


Price post paid

Rs. 6-8.

International Tract Society,
19, Banks Road, Luzknow, U. P.
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Life's Lessens
I LEARN,. as the years roll onward
And I leave the past behind,
That much I had counted sorrow
But proves that God is kind;
That many a flower that I'd longed for
Had hidden a thorn of pain,
And many a rugged by-path
Led to fields of ripened grain.
The clouds that cover the sunshine,
They cannot banish the sun;
And the earth shines out the brighter
When the weary rain is done.
We must stand in the deepest shadow
To, see the clearest light;
And often through wrong's own darkness
Comes the welcome strength of light.
The sweetest rest is at even,
After a wearisome day,
When the heavy burden of labour
Has been borne from our hearts away.
and those who have never known sorrow;
Cannot know the infinite peace
That falls on the troubled spirit
When it sees at last release.
We must live through the dreary winter
.- If we would value the spring;
And the woods must be cold and silent
Before the robins sing.
The flowers must be buried in darkness'
Before they can bud and bloom,
And the sweetest, v armest sunshine
Comes after the storm and gloom.
—Lutheran Witness.


The lartyr's faith and courage surprised Calvin and caused him to study the Bible . and that turned him away from the state church to be the great reformer of Geneva. .Calvin witnessed some such scene as this in Paris.

" in the vernaculars for the S. to save Buddhism from extinction. but it is a far-reaching admission which acknow. Buddhism is superior to Christianity. For years she has taught that she was not Protestant but "Catholic" in the broadest sense of the latter term but this later t definition of her purpose makes plain that the S. P.. and it is to-day in a pitiable condition. to turn out a new class of Buddhist teachers. even though she may in name be separated from that church. KATO. we may say that it has descended to the level of a sale of prayers and ceremonies for such payment as people can be induced to make. It is not the Buddhist religion that is bad. ledges that "Christian pastors are greatly superior to Buddhist priests. It still succeeds in giving a certain amount of comfort to ignorant old men and old women on whom its priests manage to impose. Speaking of the religion generally. The influence they exercise on the millions of professing Buddhists is infinitesimally small. A Protestant is one who disbelieves one or many or all of the articles of the Christian faith. It is just living on the small amount of more than half spent energy that remains to it."—Ifissionary Review or the World. one who is destitute of reverence and decency in religious matters. It is evident that she has lost none of the spirit or teaching of Roman Catholicism. P. An atheist is the most complete Protestant of all. MAY. at least and those at its head is alligning itself more and more in purpose and teaching at least with the most radical Romanism. but Christian pastors are greatly superior to Buddhist priests. A Catholic is one who believes all the church teaches. " No. I would be only logical that the union should be carried further and an indication of the possibility of such action . 1912 of THE OUTLOOK JAPANESE PHILOSOPHER AGAINST BUDDHA DR. and notably one who does not hold the Catholic Faith. G. It is only natural perhaps that a philosopher and scientist brought up and nurtured in Buddhist religious philosophy should consider it superior as a religion to Christianity. 15 LUCKNOW. Wbat the sect should aim to do is to effect a practical reform in the Buddhist ranks. because be protests against more of the Christian verity than any other Protestant does. now-a-days. PROTESTANT OR CATHOLIC? SUCH is the title of a pamphlet issued by "the Catholic Literature Association. they are known more as scholars and men of refinement than as teachers of religion. Yet even " our enemies themselves being judges. We had thought that Roman Catholicism had a monopoly of mud slinging at Protestantism until we came face to face with these quotations in a recent issue of the Indian standard Presbyterian organ for India. Here is the definition of Protestantism as given in this highly illuminating pamphlet. and which is being circulated among the Indian people by this society. one of the foremost of the thinkers In recent of the Flowery Kingdom. "It means the opposite of Catholic." Such is "Protestantism" according to the teaching of one of the great branches of the Church of England. Although there are among the Buddhists a small number of highly respected and highly virtuous priests. the philosophy of the plan of Salvation." It means." in that the power which produces superior men is manifest in christian pastors while not evident in Buddhist priest . G. says : times Buddhism has done nothing but go from bad to worse. one who desecrates them. 5 4 4 they can but recognize that "Their rock is not as our Rock." It is difficult for a mind trammeled with the shackles of pagan philosophy to see that the production of superior pastors is the result of that power which is inherent in true christianity.. one who brawls in the Churches. As a religion.THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN VoL. but its professors.

if it is separated from the care and protection of God. One lesson all must learn from these disasters which are becoming t o frequent of recent years. which states. the world's largest and most luxuriantly furnished steamship. is plainly evident. the navy department spent over $1. Rut the keen r ivalry of national feeling and carefully cultured hatred eng. The story as it c ime over the wires was at first confused and hopes were held out that more may have been saved but the later wireless messages gave• no hope other than that 868 souls had been picked up from the ship's boats by the -Carpathia" which had hastened to the scene at the distress call pf the wireless operator of the "Titanic. In the Saviour's words to his disciples.- 4 132 THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN is given in another quotation from the same pamphlet.000." It seems as if men would tire of footing such enormous bills simply for the ultimate purpose of destroying men's lives.000.896. the total expenditures of the war department were only $206.00. aside from the expenditures of the Panama Canal. 1911.000.000. no matter how great the precautions he may take.000. carrying down with her to a final rest 1.250.00. 16: 13-15) give but little room for hope that the conditions will change but rather that the work will go On till . the total expenditures were over $585. THE LOSS OF THE "TITANIC" SAILING from England on her maiden voyage to New York.000 or Rs.000. "And upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity. and of which the loss of the "Titanic" is an unprecedented example. in 1911.000 and the amount is simply staggering. 1911.006." In view of the course of world events it is clear that now as never before he who abides "under the shadow of the Almighty" is alone safe either now or for eternity.000 . he said. It says :— "The war department expenditures of this peace (7) government between May 1st. nature is still unconquered." WAR PREPARATION EXTRAVAGANCES IT is not at all surprising in the light of prophecy to see the enormous and extravagant expenditures made by the various nations in preparation for anticipated wars. water-tight bulkheads and re-inforced walls. Several other liners had narrow escapes from a similar experience. $4.00. do not withstand the effects of fire. and earth-quake. the sea and the waves roaring.466.000.508 of her passengers and crew.000. As an illustration of these extravagances an exchange quotes the figures of the United States government for the years to 1911. 9. They are a help toward greater safety and security. 1898 and July 1.000. Yet the very rapid increases made in the last decade can but give the pause to our thoughts in view of the world-wide hardship and unrest which these preparations are bound to provoke.000. and the further development of the change will be interesting to study. sea. 5. that no matter how much man may plan or purpose. a greater development of destructive storms and other natural phsnomena. It is this.ndered by spirits of evil which work among the nations (Rev. 1911. And during this same thirteen year period from 1898 to 1911. in 1896 it was only 25. The years of development whi . the "Titanic" of the While Star Line." Luke 21 :25.00.000. but that in the four years ending July 1. or Rs.000.000. increasing from $58.000 in 1898 to $119..000.000. men's hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which ate coming upon the earth. the "Niagara" of the French line which arrived in New York a day after the disaster repoi ting that while in a similar position two da s previous she had been compelhd to slow down on account of the field ice and that while the passengers were at dinner there came a terrific shock which flung the passengers to the floor and sent the dishes hurtling around the room. "The most ignorant Roman or Greek Catholic Priest could be admitted to minister at once if he signed the Thii ty-nine articles. Army and navy together spent over $ "He withdraweth his hand and they." When the "Carpathia" arrived on the scene of the disaster all that was to be seen was the boats and a mass of wreckage. amount to $1.000. During the four years from 1892-1896. It has been found in actual experience that fire-proof buildings. struck an iceberg in the icefloes off the banks of Newfoundland on the 14th of April and after an heroic effort on the Part of the crew to carry her safely to port sank suddenly a few hours after striking. and with the great developments of this remarkable century.11 we have watched show clearly that such a tendency is on." Surely with so liberal a spirit it would not be a long step to closer union if not identity. but not all the endeavours of man can make his life safe. The total enlisted strength of the army to day is limited to 100.perish. Add to this what has been paid for pensions from 1866 to July.

richer church members of other lands. making bareput to shame the sleek selfishness of their ly twenty-eight miles an hour. The article is headed. to prevent this station. who was at that time " This tower will be 600 feet high. The towers are expected to have a wings of his flyer. it sped vival of the Reformation in that land of much into the face of a frigid blast. will be nary river canoe. and one of them. Guantanamo. Who among the throng that working range of 2. and took the air as it wished. are flying. They saw the flag on the Singer tower tower. One who tragic religious history. In the year 1915 the watched from a river tugboat glanced southfive-hundredth anniversary of the martyrward through a window of the skipper's cabin dom of John Huss will be observed. Cuba. The crate from which this turning from the Roman Church. and under favourblackened Brooklyn Heights. remarked. THE most powerful wireless station in the world is now under 'construction at Fort Meyer. and the sky-and-sea skipper in charge was taught to fly by Wilbur himself. The crisis is believed to be a reabove which Wilbur Wright had flown. as chronicled by Collier's Weekly. His successor. the Battery. will therefore be of interest. where an important naval base is being installed.000. climbed view: " According to the Baptist World. It was for that time. The station will consist of three steel towers arranged in the form of a triangle. D. His aeroplane was fit to fly over which will cost about $150. tried to visit the Statue of Liberty and tons of steel will be used in the construction. PROGRESS IN AIR NAVIGATION THE last word has not yet been said in the improvement of the aeroplanes. and able conditions greater distances will be Riverside Park hazarded a guess as to what a covered. etc. "The Age of Miracles. made his way to a Broadway store." . Grant's Tomb. stood with another flyer on an other two 450 feet high.000 miles. awaiting a more favourable slabs and suphur fills. The following achievements of a new machine. As it Europe centering about the old city of Prague. supported in turn by a concrete foundashake of his head. wireless communication will be established between Washington and the Panthis. which will land. near Washington. over that land and the neighbouring Moravia. was making fifty miles.ama Canal." 133 first cousin of the mud-hen and the ducks had been taken was marked. swam in circles under control of the same WE note the follon ing in the Missionary Rerudder that was to operate it aloft. Wilbur Wright had denial of the Baptist brethren in Prague that flown thirty feet above the river. BIGGEST WIRELESS ST4TION. It is described in The Inventive Age (Washington) as follows: A builder of aeroplanes. where he purchased from a gaping salesman an ordi. rushed away over the same stretch of water in Bohemia. Each tower will rest on a caststeel standing straight out. and whole of Bohemia is said to he g' tting ready noticed the flag on the Singer tower. By meant its loss. Stories are told of the selfstanding straight out. there ice-floes at will. Thousands who witnessed within constant speaking-distance and warWright's first public flights on the eastern ships will be within control as far as the seaboard recall the canoe perched below the Azores. ducked down into the open water beyond. Navy officers predict that the new wedding of airmanship and seamanship this station will pick up San Francisco in one first move was to bring about? On February 6 direction and Paris in the other." of this year a web-footed creature of skids and wings slipped out over the ice-fields of the RELIGIOUS AWAKENING IN BOHEMIA Hudson. no one will be surprised to learn. All coming only twenty-eight months afterward. Wilbur Wright. laboratory. The aerial wires will island in New York Harbour looking at the be stretched from outriggers on the top of the wind. C. as coming from Dayton.THE Olt LENTAL WATCHMAN the day of Armageddon and the coming of the King of Kings. are strong indications of an imminent crisis in either from the ice or from the water." The anchorages will be insulated by marble Forthwith he folded his aeroplane and left the island. they are feet up in the air. The limitations of the machine are narrowed materially as intelligent thought and experimentation are brought to bear upon conditions. and anchored to the earth by great bolts. and was five hundred as the people get hold of the Bible. with a base. and the where he had sought shelter from the cold. Ohio. It is expected 'that 900 day. we birdmen keep the ground. but a drop into the water would have cover the cost of engine. The other. " When the flags tion.. and the a flyer of them.

If this can be effected on earth. " " Mr. has been brought about by the use of a dictagraph.— alloch. It is needless to day that such a course is being avoided as far as possible. who was at the head of the transport workers' struggle in Liverpool. in addition to numerous concessions referring to the conditions under which the men would work in future. MANY of the papers are calling for the United States to take over control of Mexico and the Central American states who are constantly in the throes of a revolution for the sake of the stability of the states and of the guarantee of the financial arrangements made by them. standing 650 feet high and considered as one of the great feats of German engineering was blown down in a recent heavy gale. "The mouthpiece of this instrument was placed immediately below the McNamaras' desk in the Union offices in that city and remained there several months. Schaeffer." THE enormous tower for the wireless telegraphy station at Potsdam. Thibet is reported from Indian sources and it is stated that the Chinese Amban has taken refuge in a monastery. STRENUOUS efforts are being made in secret to bring about peace between Italy and Turkey. the arrest of some fifty officials of the Iron Workers' Union in the States on charges of using dynamite. Germany. It will be dangerou-ly interesting to see the turn of events when he passes from the stage of action. A caists was reached in the relations of Hunary to Austria recently owing to Hungarian opposition to the bills for Army expenditures. but some authorities state that this will be the only solution of the difficulty as it has been in Morocco. Chaoprengehum . THE first lady to fly the Channel from England to France is Miss Craig. As the aged Emperor is the one man who holds the peace of Europe in his hands the only possible course was to yield. etc. .134 THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN NEWS AND NOTES A MASSACRE of the Chinese resident in Lhassa. Minister of Finance. or the General Strike. lisuinghsiling. THE grand knowledge for a man to know is the essential and eternal difference between right and wrong. and all North Africa. Tom Mann. but just before he was arrested the Federal officers pointed out the dictagraph to him. arid other prominent officers. Minister of the Interior. Luchengshiang. the President of the indicted Union.—Dr." One is reminded of the fact that in the great judgment which will reveal every secret. The wires passed through several floors to a receiver in a room where two stenographers recorded verbatim the conversations going on above between Mr. THE 11E7 Chinese Cabinet include the following: Premier and acting Minister of Communications. Ryan. But up to the present moment there appears to be hut little hope of a speedy end of hosti ities as the Turks are said to oppose very definitely any acceptance of the terms laid down by It tly. between base and noble. A TENTH of a grain of helpful suggestion is worth many tons of destructive criticism. THE advocates of what is called Syndicalir m. say : "The extra money accruing to seamen from the success of the strike last June is computed at one million pounds a year. One Liberal voted against the bill and one abstained. indicated where the wires disappeared into the offices hired by the Government below and took a flashlight photograph of the incident. summing up their achievements as against those who rely for progress on Parliamentary action. and Minister of War General Tuanchijni. The cabinet is not regarded as a strong one but is said to be progressive.. She crossed from Dover to Hardelot. Ryan at first said such a thing was impossible. Minister for foreign Affairs. how much easier it must be for heaven to preserve a record of every word that human lips have uttered. A stronger cabinet could not be formed it is said. as well as in Persia a•nd other Asian countries. THE Home Rule Bill for Ireland has passed its first reading before the British House of Commons by a vote of 360 to 266. and the Emperor Francis Joseph only managed to obtain the passage of the bill by threatening to abdicate in the event of further opposition. owing to the refusal of the ablest men in the empire to act. claims that in Liverpool alone over thirty thousand dock workers won an increase of wages averaging eight shillings per week each. Tang-Shao-Yi. ACCORDING to the papers. men's words will testify against them. an American.

His genius and application soon made him the pride of the Lv college. While still engaged in these fruitless struggles." "I will have none of your new doctrines. good works. the ceremonies of the church. "His sacrifice has appeased Thy wrath. quiet youth. WHITE But thoughts had been awakened in his mind which he could not banish at will. witnessed there the burning of a heretic. nothing doubting that the heretics deserved the fire to which they were given. The mediation of saints. In vain the doctors of the church endeavored to relieve his woe. while living in strictest obedience to the church." said Olivetan. Confession." exclaimed Calvin. "There are but two religions in the world. and discover. the heretics rested their faith. who had joined the Reformers. and which teaches men to look for salvation solely to the free grace of God. they could not reconcile the soul with God. His death has atoned for me. in order that I may hold in abomination all other merits save those of Jesus. and discussed together the matters that were disturbing Christendom. Alone in his chamber he pondered upon his cousin's words. he saw himself without an intercessor. and Thou hast touched my heart. and no less marked for the blamelessness of his life than for intellectual ardour and religious devotion. He heard of the new doctrine with a shudder." Calvin had been educated for the priest- GOD was still preparing workers to extend His cause. Calvin. His cross has borne my curse. But a ray of divine light penetrated even within the walls of scholasticism and superstition by which Calvin was inclosed. He could see before him nothing but the blackness of eternal despair. In one of the schools of Paris was a thoughtful.John Calvin MRS. but Thou hast placed Thy Word before me like a torch. the secret of their joy. Yet all unwittingly he was brought face to face with the heresy. Conviction of sin fastened upon him. in all of which man saves himself by ceremonies and good works. Upon the Bible. E. in the presence of a holy and just Judge. The two kinsmen often met. A cousin of Calvin's. In the Bible he found Christ. were resorted to in vain. if he could. already giving evidence of a powerful and penetrating mind. and under the more terrible condemnation of the church. and it was confidently anticipated that John Calvin would become one of the ablest and most honoured defenders of the church. the other is that one religion which is revealed in the Bible. His blood has wished away my impurities. penance. he knew. Amid the tortures of that dreadful death. and forced to test the power of Romish theology to combat the Protestant teaching. He was filled with wonder at the expression of peace which rested upon the martyr's countenance. G. He determined to study it. chancing one day to visit one of the public squares. "The one class of religions are those which men have invented. all were powerless to atone for sin. "think you that I have lived in error all my days?" ." he cried. the Protestant. was in Paris. We have devised for ourselves many useless follies. "0 Father. he manifested a faith and courage which the young student painfully contrasted with his own despair and darkness.

There was unwonted agitation in the circle of learned men and scholars. ordered that two of the churches of Paris should be opened. Now. The King still refused to interfere to stop the . and artisans. Calvin was still a youth. Thousands every day assembled —nobles. The spirit of life from heaven seemed to be breathed upon the people. Not only the chaper. An apartment was fitted up as a chapel. he read the Bible. however. and it was announced that every day. He was naturally timid. The study of the ancient languages had led men to the Bible." Quietly did Calvin enter upon his work. Never before had the city been so moved by the Word of God. Surrounded by the members of the household. The call of Lefevre and Farel had been rejected. of gentle. and* desired still to devote himself to study. In God's providence. The earnest entreaties of his friends. and his head had been shorn by the bishop in accordance with the canon of the church. order. purity. who. He did not receive consecration. unpretentious bearing. loving the Gospel. holding the title of his office. Calvin. at a specified hour. and his words were as the dew falling to refresh the earth. Thd King. licentiousness. "Wonderful it is. a sermon would be preached. lawyers. but the antechambers and hallS. This being forbidden by the papal dignitaries. He had left Paris. witnesses for the truth. During the absence of the King. While the halls of the universities were -filled with the clamour of theological disputation. The minds of men were stirred. she ordered a Protestant minister to preach in the churches of the city. nor did he fulfil the duties of a priest.:3(3 THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN hood.had not yet fully sided with Rome against the Reformation. and idleness. "that one of so lowly an origin should be exalted to so great dignity. Crowds flocked to the service. and was burdened with a sense of the weighty responsibility of the position. and many whose hearts were untouched by its truths were eagerly discussing them and even giving battle to the champions of Rornanism. feeling that he could never become a priest. and he went forward. To both the castle and the cabin he found entrance. Temperance. laying the foundations of churches that were to yield fearless. strife. but finally abandoned this purpose. and the people of every rank and station were invited to attend. \\Then only twelve years of age he bad been appointed to the chaplaincy of a small church. and now was the time to open to them the truth. at last won his consent. carried the good news to others. but he became a member of the clergy. and opened the truths of salvation. opening the Bible to the people and speaking to them of Christ and Him crucified. had a higher mission to accompliSh than that of these noisy schoolmen. The King. She resolved that the reformed faith should be preached in Paris. But the hierarchy were not idle. the princess threw open the palace. statesmen. but again the message was to be heard by all classes in that great capital. Those who heard the message. and Spdn the teacher passed beyond the city to the outlying towns and hamlets. influenced by political considerations. But he hesitated to become a public teacher. Paris was to receive another invitation to accept the Gospel. instead of forbidding the assemblies. Margaret still clung to the hope that Protestantism was to triumph in France. merchants. extended her protection to its disciples. His work began with the people at their homes. and receiving an allowance in consideration thereof. and was now in a provincial town under the protection of the princess Margaret. and determined to devote his life to the Gospel. he turned for a time to the study of law." he said.were thronged. and industry were taking the place of drunkenness. Calvin was making his way from house to house. A few months and he was again in Paris. tho an able combatant in the fields of theological controversy.

Here for a few months he remained. found their way hither. but in the home of the chief magistrate. had he remained. Once more Calvin returned to Paris. There was no public preaching. and where already 137 the new opinions had found favour. in his own lodgings. At the instant a loud knocking was heard at the outer entrance. and prayer. There was not a moment to be lost. and sometimes in a public garden. But his heart was set upon the evangelization of France. And the dogmatism of a narrow and stolid prejudice which believes itself to be theological learning is. merely to serve his own purposes. He could not even yet relinquish the hope that France as a nation would accept the Reformation. Here the Lord's Supper was celebrated for the first time by the Protestants of France. Calvin opened the words of eternal life to those who desired to listen. and the fanaticism of the ignorant and superstitious multitudes. But he found almost every door of labour closed. and engaged.—Dean Farrar. Regarding himself as secure in his seclusion. Finding shelter in the cottage of a laborer who was a friend to the reform. and he rapidly made his way to the outskirts of the city. but while there were many who accepted the Gospel. After a time. meditation. Paris. however. and continning to spread the light. knew not the time of her visitation. like Jerusalem of old. no blindness so incurable as the blindness which will not see. Little companies. it was thought safer to assemble outside the city. of all others. and he could not long remain inactive. and the papists succeeded in regaining the ascendency. where was a university. it the prejudices. must surely have involved him in the general ruin. as before. the most ignorant and the most blind. A cave in the side of a deep and narrow gorge. Francis had made a • show of toleration. the world rushes on to the goal of the day of God. the very light that is in him becomes darkness to him. when friends came hurrying to his room with the news that officers were on their way to arrest him. Persons of all classes gladly listened to the Gospel. Yielding blindly to her false teachers. In this retired spot the Bible was read and explained. he disguised himself in the garments of his host.THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN preaching. in study. . and the stake was set up. Again the churches were closed. where trees and overhanging rocks made the seclusions still more complete. started on his journey. leaving the city by different routes. and they turned to the populace. while others assisted the Reformer to let himself down from a window. THERE is no ignorance so deep as the ignorance that will not know . Calvin was still in Paris. nor the things which belonged unto her peace. Scarcely had he left France when a storm burst over the Protestants. was chosen as the place of meeting. No means were spared to excite the fears. and he at last determined to depart to Germany. lite majority of the people rejected it. that. he sought a new field of labor in Poitiers. The authorities determined to bring him to the flames. Some of his friends detained the officers at the door. At last. For two years the Word of God was preached in the capital. WHEN a person rejects divine truth. suspicion fastened upon him. Traveling southward he again found refuge in the dominions of Margaret. for his future labors. From this little church several faithful evangelists were sent out. preparing himself by study. and then how great is that darkness! EVER more swiftly year by year. safe under the protection of powerful friends. To teach the Gospel was to take the direct road to the stake. as the number of hearers increased. and shouldering a hoe. As soon as the storm had somewhat abated. he had no thought of danger.

and consequently diminishing in bulk. The New York Sun said. Thus for long centuries the creature has been against the Creator. as a physical centre. Once these spots appeared only on the sun's equatorial region. We may easily conclude that when the last great storm is coming and the frame of the world is to be dis- warning of the ushering in of the kingdom of our Lord. Our earth through all the ages has ever felt the throbbing pulses of the Source of Power.. Neither Luke nor Peter knew from personal observation what these words meant." Under the action of some power. the sun is fast changing. which. increase in number. and stellar phenomena have appeared in the last few years—phenomena that have greatly perplexed our learned men. Acts 2 : 19. "The sun is beginning to be an object of great anxiety to many scientific men. Our day has seen the heavens bear witness to God's Word. and science long ago determined that from some far-away locality. WESTON And I will show wonders in heaven above . fl ishing. we can not but observe that before their eruptions there are usually some changes in the earth or in the air. Some scientists claim that the sun is shrinking. This can not always last. the divine Power would seek to warn men. He has shunned his maker. tragic fate. and in the stars. there will be previous signs in the before that great and notable day of the Lord heavens and on the earth to introduce this cone. in the sea or in the sun. Bishop Burnett in his "Sacred Theory of the Earth" (written 1681). size. so different from what was believed a century ago. The sun has acted strangely. and in The passages before us speak of remark." And so there will be. now there are extending over a large area. as signs and forerunners of the ensuing storms. It is known . as the years go by. ebb and flow the mighty tides of creative and sustaining power. Luke 21 : 25. This is the teaching of His Word. and giving all the world THE throne of Jehovah is established in the heavens. solved. man has felt that the Power was adverse to him. consummation. and from that celestial centre His kingdom rules over all.. and felt it in his own nature as a delightful experience. And fearful sights and great signs shall there able celestial tokens preceding the day of he from heaven. We do. There was a time when man was in harmonious relation with this divine Power. "If we reflect upon the history of burning mountains.Signs of Christ's Coming The Witness of the Stars FRANK S. He has feared it. This begun in 1859. The great luminary evidently is affected by causes unknown to us. and has grown as the years go on. creates alarm. and mysterious spcts. the moon. Strange and wonderful solar. The discovery of this fact. In all the eighteenth century no s:ientist expressed alarm for the sun's fixity or safety. irregular. 20. At times its face has assumed a wild and menacing aspect. We might naturally expect that as this long era of inharmony draws to a close. violence. Luke 21 : 11. It is covered in places with tortuous. lunar. says. And there shall be signs in the sun. But ever since the evil hour when he chose to turn away from God. And this is what the Bible proclaims will happen. But to-day there is alarm.

These disturbances predicted in God's Word were disbelieved. An officer of the United States army says: vaporized by intense heat." "It is the general opinion amongst astronomers that the condition of the sun and other heavenly bodies is abnormal." there was something new around it." No satisfactory explanation has ever been given of this grand display. Such a blaze over-spread London that a cry of fire was raised. T." They were sure of reign of THE FALLING STARS-1833. Now the fact is addmitted." He also says. having strangely. which extended from England to India. days observed around it. " In November and December. Says Prof. Then there have been seen what never until within a third of a century past have been witnessed by man—fearful explosions." Says Prof. 1883. for fully an hour it appears as if bathed in all hues from pale orange to blood-red. J. It has been seen to change the color of its light. Its entire face has been for weeks covered with the metal magnesium. sail: "As the sun goes down. "The planet Mercury is evidently feeling some constraining power that astronomers have not been able to discover. Strange rings "On the 14th of February we had the most of an unknown composition have been for remarkable phenomenon I ever heard of. as if billions of tons of dynamite were bursting from the burning surface. Townsend: " Scientific men are somewhat uneasy. and the bridges were lined by spectators to feast their eyes on the outline of the town standing out against a background of luminous red. the world was startled by blood-red sunsets. Not many years ago scientists scorned the idea of solar disturbances. These gave occa- to show increased and then diminished light and heat.THE ORIENTA WATCHMAN 139 sion for the remark that if there was "noth• ing new under the sun. Steele: "Through the whole system of the universe a change seems to be proceeding. law. . Her actual place in the heavens is so far from her calculated place that a sailor may be misled as to his longitude at least five miles. The moon is be. The most learned are as ignorant of the cause as are we. affirming that "all things continue as they were from the beginning. in describing this phenomenon. The Standard (London). L. D.

and . That Jesus predicted such conditions to precede his coming none can doubt. "No less grand and impressive have been the celestial phenomena. which had been obscured by a cloud. There is a power now at work in the heavens which will fufill all His Word in due time. God is Master of the physical univeise: This is the explanation of the novel and inexplicable physical phenomena now seen. burst forth a deep red color. famines. On the contrary his answer is among the. the moon. Earthquakes. but not one was regarded as satisfactory by leading astronomers." He further states. 34:16. 26.. Mark 13. He is giving signs of what is to come. and in it he gives many signs by which that generation which should live just before his second advent might know that that event was "near. In this article we will call attention only to the signs in the earth. A scientific writer states that "the closing years of last century were a period of the greatest and most universal terrestrial convulsion which history has on its records. 24. But the earthquakes gradually increased until in the nineteenth century they averaged one hundred each year. longest of his discourses on record. Kingston. beginning of this century they have leaped to an average of thousands each year. are given:—" And great earthquakes shall be in divers places." Luke 21: 11. the sea and the waves roaring.140 THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN At 3 A. fearful sights. sea and waves roaring. We daily take up our morning paper not knowing what further additions will be made to this list of sad fatalities." These signs call the world to prepare for the coming King. men's hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coining upon the earth. Isa. 24: 3. That such conditions exist today. San Francisco. none can deny. Earthquakes." Matt. and men's hearts failing for fear as they look into the future! Surely the generation which shall experience all these things will have sufficient evidence to forewarn them of the coming of this. That these earthquakes are not only more numerous." In 1844 the moon assumed a bluish green hue which lasted for several nights." This discourse is recorded in Matt. and famines and pestilences. even at the doors. that this was a matter concerning which they were not to trouble themselves. with a black cross of equal proportions over its face. Still it is hard for many. God's Word has never failed. Scientists tell us that at the beginning of the Christian Era there was scarcely one earthquake in one hundred years. 25. There were many theories as to the cause." Dr. Foster pronounces the occurrence "wholly inexplicable by any law of natural philosophy.M. viz. "What shall be the sign of thy coming and the end of the world. among others. the greatest event of all the ages. In the record by Luke the following signs. the earth beneath and the heavens above being prolific of wonders. distress of nations. to agree that there is any connection whatever between these plait' statements of Scripture. The Witness of the Earth AT one time the twelve disciples asked Jesus that one question which many would like to ask him today. and in the. particularly for those whose minds are warped by certain illogical a priori geological theories. but also more deadly than at any time in the past is proven by the mere mention of such names as Simla and Northwest India. and Mesina. and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven And upon earth distress of nations with perplexity. pestilences. Pestilences. Jesus did not reply. and Luke 21. Famines.

" Acts 2: 19. 1907. none of which are now living there. and that the whole face of nature was changed.. The truth concerning this great catastrophe is written in God's two books. Recent events have emphasized the fact that this is not so. We cannot ignore the great fact of the deluge. There is much loss of life in wrecks by sea in spite of the wonderful stride's in the science of shipbuilding. and the moon into blood before that great and notable day of the Lord come. and others. and Mt. "The sea and the waves roaring." which are to be among the signs heralding the approach of that terrible day of the Lord. and the perfection of life-saving apparatus. heavy upon it. with Storms.a busy city of 40.000.THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN these evident happenings of our generation. the sun shall be turned into darkness. The buried fossils of animals. fire. that it will reel to and fro and stagger like a drunken man. furniSh striking fulfillments of this prophecy. We can only reply. and that the world that then was. These preliminary warnings of earthquake and volcano are but premonitions that that dreadful day is near. The Bible teaches us that this great catastrophe was the flood. as well as the great buried forests teach us that a semi-tropical climate was at one time uniform over all the globe reaching to what is now the eternal snows of the Arctic. The frozen bodies of great animals found in Siberia. That such an event is possible no devout believer in the Bible can deny. 6-9. Even so the same God. Cyclones and Tidal Waves. 2 Pet. Volcanoes. Isa. and that in the end it will be folded up and cast aside. etc. 102: 25. and signs in the earth beneath. 1: 1012. 24. Apparently travel by sea should be as safe as by land. Psa. The very great increase of storms by land and sea. JA. Gen. Such may even turn the solemn warning aside with a sneer about ignorance. that God the Son. was destroyed because of its exceeding wickedness. the Creator and Preserver of the universe has spoken these words and we dare not charge him with ignorance of nature or nature's laws." was to be a prominent sign. for the same reason will again destroy the world but by fire. Famine conditions threaten many vast tracts of coun- . 20. The forces of nature which shall accomplish this work are already manifesting themselves. together with the unusual meteorological conditions prevailing in most parts of the world are also a fulfillment' of these prophecies. "And I will show wonders in heaven above. Soufriere in St. Here we are told that this earth will wax old like a garment. See Heb. and fire. Vincent A RUINED CHURCH—KINGSTON. Thy Earth Waxing Old The causes of these conditions is plainly stated in other scriptures. blood. 3. by the same power. and vapour of smoke. which destroyed instantly with its "fire t'rl vapour of smoke. Volcanoes are doubtless' included in this "blood. which destroyed its 10. the Controller and Fountain of all the laws of nature. that the transgression of man will be 141 their flesh perfectly preserved prove conclusively that eternal winter settled over the Arctic regions in one night. Mt in Mat tiaique.000 inhabitants.. nature and revelation. and vapour of sinoke.

Satan will be forced to lead an inactive life—bound by the chain of his circumstances. At the end of the thousand years the books of heaven are opened. and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. From this brief survey of conditions prevailing in old mother earth.142 ORIENTAL WA'I'UHMAN try in spite of the great advance in meteorological knowledge. lo. and all the birds of the heavens were fled. 6). all of which are not only unprecedented in their frequence during the last 50 years but dreadful in their destruction. and the living wicked are destroyed by the overpowering brightness of the coining King. and. lo. 14. I beheld. As the prophet Jeremiah under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit looks into the future he also sees the dire effects of God's wrath upon the earth. it was without form. there to spend a thousand years with their Lord Whom they served faithfully when upon earth. " Behold to-day." Jer. Rev. and. and they had no light. there was no man. and the heavens. harden not your hearts." Hence so far from the millennium (which begins at the second advent and the first resurrection. it will mean for this earth a thousand years of desolation and darkness. 16. 17). 10. xx." "Now is the accepted time. vi. 1 Thess. When the living righteous are translated and together with the newly-resurrected saints are taken to heaven. 23-26. but it will ar§O return to its former chaotic condi- tion before "the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 6. I beheld the mountains. uninhabited waste. and. they trembled. if you will hear his voice. iv. The protecting hand of God is being withdrawn from the guity race of rebels and soon the uniningled wrath of God will engulf the whole world in the besom of destruction which shall purify it forever from all sin. being a time when the earth shall blossom as a rose. the fruitful place was a wilderness." Rev. and by His fierce anger. f beheld. and judgment was given unto them. and all the hills moved lightly. and improvement of transportation facilities. It is evident from these words that at the return :of Christ in glory. Says the Revelator: "I saw thrones. -I beheld the earth. The saints. from her earthquakes. iv. Rev. tornadoes. 4. and the record of men's lives are . 5. the wrath of heaven will fall upon the earth itself as well as upon its inhabitants. even the task of sitting in judgment on the wicked. Baffled and disappointed. and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the Lord. They will be deeply occupied with a very solemn task. and. During this period of desolation only one being will be left on earth to contemplate the havoc which he as the author of sin has wrought. As "priests of God and of Christ" they will reign with Him during the millennium. Meanwhile. So when Christ comes a second time to take just vengeance upon them that obey not the Gospel. The Golden Age When May We Expect It WHEN sin entered the world it not only defiled man." E. Rev. now is the day of salvation. xx. not only will the earth become bereft of all its inhabitants. lo. and void . volcanoes. With no human soul upon which to practise his wily arts there will be no scope for the restless energy of the arch-adversary of the human race. however. xx. 1. the earth must be left a desolate. tidal waves and famines. Wrapt in holy vision the Seer of Patmos describes the disruption of this earth at the coming of Christ : " The heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together . but also brought a curse upon the earth. dismantled. the saints have all been taken to heaven (1 Thess. xx. will not be idle during their sojourn in heaven. iv. Rev. we learn that the end of all things is at hand. and they sat upon them.

neither sorrow. and know not what treasuries are hidden beneath. and those who had already died out of Christ did not come forth in the first resurrection. i. they call them new truths. So centuries of men pass over the Scriptures. the God of heaven. But before the satanic forces can so much as strike the first blow. "And the dead were judged out of the things which were written in the books. and they shall be His people. will it be universally true that there is peace on earth and good will toward men. will the ten thousand wrongs of earth be put right. Write: for these words are true and faithful. Who has command of every destructive force known to man. 6: 2. 3-5. Behold I make all things new. newly dug. when they discover them. And He that sat upon the throne said. Then. to receive punishment?" From the fourth and fifth verses of the twentieth chapter of Revelation it is clear that at the end of the thousand years those who did not come up in the first resurrection at the beginning of the millennium will then be raised to life. And He said unto were destroyed by the dazzling brightness of the return of heaven's King. xx. neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. the tabernacle of God is with men. is eternally destroyed. Then it will be fully demonstrated that the disease which has so long been responsible for this world's ills is the malady of sin." . xxi. 8. and God Himself shall be with them. too. at the beginning of the millennium. Not until this final act in the great drama has been accomplished. Whole generations walk over it. 7." Rev. 8. Sometimes. Vainly supposing that the forces of evil may yet prevail over those of righteousness. D. and not till then. they will have to endure the untold agony of a keen and bitter remorse when they realize what a glorious future they have so foolishly forfeited in order to enjoy the delusive pleasures of sin for a season. " THE truths of the Bible are like gold in the soil. Thus all those who have wilfully rebelled against the government of God will. "If. and there shall be no more death. 143 he and his deluded followers eventually surround in battle array the holy city in which the saints descend from heaven. Upon these myriads of newly raised sinners Satan at once begins to practise his deceptions.THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN laid bare. There can be no doubt that Paul had this judgment in mind when he wrote to the Corinthians: "Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world?" 1 Cor. and then only by divine intervention. xx. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. 9. "Behold. the wicked . nor crying. Then the saints will have completed their divinelyappointed task of examining the heavenly records. according to their works. at the end of the thousand years. and know not what riches lie under the feet of their interpretation. 2 Thess. Freed from his prison house he devotes all his pent-up energies to organizing his forces for the last great stand against the armies of heaven. and Satan. be raised to receive the final reward of their unconfessed and unforsaken sins. xxi. Rev. Verse 10." says one. who will be on the earth. Rev. and will have decided the measure of punishment to be meted out to rebellious sinners. F.. in Present Truth. sends down fire from heaven. 2. "But. Then those who have put their faith in the true and living God and His Son Jesus. Then. and be their God." Verse 12. One might as well call gold. and He will dwell with them. And this second resurrection must include those who have been lying dead on the earth during that period as a result of the divine vengeance inflicted upon them at the second advent of Christ.—H. will hear a voice from heaven saying. together with sin and sinners. new gold. when all traces of sin and sinners have been completely blotted out.

declare his doings among their own selves. For men shall be lovers of call upon his name. the people. rebellion for loyalty. than lovers of God : haring a form of godliness. disobedient to parents. nor can it mock man's hope unchallengheady." Ps. the church shall be the arbiter of all legisla. ORIENTAL WATCHMAN The Power of Godliness R." 1 Peter 1 : 5. not destructive. bondage for freedom. the groveling". 12: 3. worldly power for a Christian can say : " My God shall supply all your my need according to his riches the wooing power of the Spirit. unholy. gave utterance to the following. 4: 13. traitors. 8: 10. " I can the great churches of the country can do all things through Christ which strength-_ get together harmoniously and issue their eneth rue. so essenIt is seekifig water from empty cisterns. They issuing from the throne of Jesus Christ. 4. weakness for strength. and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. that bringeth forth fruit in his season . make mention that his name is blasphemers. and municipal: when your [ my ] strength. times slutll come. The Word of God points to the source of power and of spiritual life.He can exclaim : "The joy of the Lord is tion. and the effect of righteousness quietclass: " I want to see the day come when ness and assurance forever. and life to the healing of the sores of sin. and nourishment from heavens modern times among a large class who seek storehouse of supply. and is the source from it and enact it into laws. 1:3. proud. incontinent. and the legislative powers will respect Ghost " ( Rom. which repre. The motive power. A prominent churchman some time ago in glory by Christ Jesus. false accusers." Neh. UNDERWOOD THIS know also. fearfulness for courage. Praise the Lord." Phil. So surely as there is supplied power to the but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. without natural affection." And the work of righteousness shall be sents a growing sentiment among a large Peace . plant and tree which constantly draws moisThis is i graphic picture of the perils of ture. tial to Christian life. power of God. Of the devoted Christian it is said . 5 : 5 ). 32: 17. or any other material' means for the bearing of the Christian. trucecan not rob life forever of its sweetbreakers." The church. fierce. It is the builder of the only character that will abide. "Who are kept by the power to save the soul. covetous. gospel do not consist in outward forms or in state authority. It is the thus seeking to substitute the power of the love of Christ that produces the active fruitstate. and spiritual power provided for the individual who deny the power of God and forsake the abiding and walking in the streams or light only source of spiritual life and power. in whence all this power is generated. "11e shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water. as well as the keeping power of God. boasters. "Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation The need of the world can be met only by the God-like-Hess of Spirit-filled Christians. Men may receive and possess by giving brain. his leaf also shall not wither . is leaning upon broken reeds. Such have never power of God through faith unto salvation. sunlight. " Phil. national. A. We may exchange in Jesus Christ darkness for light.144 tHle. ness." Isa. lovers of pleasures more ed. 3: 1-5. that in the last 0 tys perilous And in that day shall ye say." Isa. heart. despisers of those that are good. Such seek to substitute human. highminded. 2 Tim. The malaria of sin ful. learned that godliness and the power of the revealed in the last time.unthankexalted. state. Such a faith is constructive. The Word itself is a quickening power. there is a reservoir of worldly pleasures in self-gratification. sensual . "The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy edict. is received by the power trusting in machinery possessing no life or of the Holy Spirit. 4 : 19.

and place his feet upon the Rock of Ages. It is a gift imputed and imparted by Jesus Christ to the The call of God to service. . and a life of failure become one of success. 14: 13. that I may win The labour and the wounds are vain. Surely God-likeness is great gain. "But what things There are crosses in afflictions. It is this power that man needs to raise him out of the quicksands of sin. 145 even the priceless gift of redeeming grace and saving power. 'Neath thy.THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN desires of the carnal heart for purity of soul . Say not. which is of the law. if the conditions are accepted. the lost may be saved. may be turned into a diadem of knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord. and the power of his From height to height we climb. into the ways of life and honour. if any man will come "I surrender All. uncertainty and despair . it is expressed in other his cross daily. Righteousness can not be inherited as a legacy from a parent to a child. and God-like-ness of Christ and the power atmaketh manifest the savour of his knowledge tendant for a life of service. And still from strength to strength we go." Rev." always say: "Now thanks be unto God which Only by surrendering all naay we obtain the always causeth us to triumph in Christ. Godliness is not an abstract theory: it is the tower attending righteousness. a church composed of those who know likeness of him" that created it. Yea doubtless. yet all may obtain the treasure. and do count them but dung. Christ. The influence of such a life is not lost in death." 1 Sam. "and their works do follow them. by us in every place. like the care of trusting believer. and be found in him. "And The beautiful sentiment of the hymn'. The and without it there can be no abiding joy. edicts into lawq. resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferThe individual who walks with God can ings. but a church set on fire by shalt be turned into another man. it lives must be molded into the image and ed. This necessitates (not by state law) the cross must be lifted a committal to God of all that we are or and borne to victory before the Christian is hope to be. The new man is created "after the men. The struggle naught availeth. John 3: 3. in privations for Christ's Christ. honoured in the sight of a glorified"God. The receiver will be God. in were gain to me. and I count all sake. he can feel the need of giving his life and . being made conformable unto his death. even when repuls. he said to them all. the righteousness which is of God by faith. Thou leadest onward . from the paths of shame and death the soul may be translated. we may have assurance. Service brings happiness. we pursue but that which is through the faith of Christ.— mine own righteousness." is a prerequisite essential after me. whom I have suffered the loss of all things. not having 0 Spirit. The heavenly march sublime. in labours. regenerated and born again. and follow me. for victory and eternal glory. those I counted loss for trials." Such a life is al ight and power in the world. Such a God and know no defeat. who makest all things new. By faith character of Jesus Christ. that I may know hint. No substitute can take the place of the power of godliness. and hope in place of sorrow. . thus: "The spirit of the church clothed by state authority to enact her Lord IA ill come upon thee. is universal. peace." Luke 9:23. words by the apostle. let him deny himself and take up to receiving the gift. and poverty may be exchanged for eternal riches. renewing fire we glow. Every wound sin has made and every things but loss for the excellency of the cross borne." Triumph and victory Man must be "born from above" before are assured. in suffering. this is the demand of the hour. and thou . I t can not be bartered for in the commerce of the world with gold and silver. prophet describes the change necessary to The great need of the world to-day is not a obtain the gift. the spirit of love to labour for the souls of 10: 6.

and then He shall reward every man according to his works." DON'T plant thorns. What ' other text shows that " this same Jesus " will come literally and personally ? For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord. why stand ye gazing up into heaven ? Verses 10. "GoD is not only a present help in the time of trouble.146 THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN service unreservedly to a cause unappreciated by the world. How closely did the disciples watch Him while He was going away ? And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up. Matt 16: 27. but now his measurement of man is changed. had-missed the goal. which also said. and this all mastering power urges on the man of faith to bind his life to the ministi y of uplifting humanity. behold. . He was taken up. Trouble others. Matt. 24 :26. What promise was given to the disciples as they were thus gazing so intently at their ascending Lord ? this same Jesus. and a cloud received Him out of their sight. Verse 11. When the Son of Man shall come in His glory. For as the lightning cometh out of the east. This gives man a new vision worthy of his highest ambitions which are controlled by the love of Christ. and you will reap a harvest of gladness. He cometh with clouds : and every eye shall see him. and you will get hurt. he is possessed with a new life and filled with the love of Christ. go not forth : behold. How literal was Christ's going away from this earth after His first advent ? And when He had spoken these things. It is better not to live than not to know the power of magnetic love that draws human hearts to God. and with the trump of God : and the dead in Christ shall rise first. which is taken up from you into heaven. in measuring him by the world's standard in its mad rush for the fleeting. so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be. 1 Thes 4 : 15-18. that are left. with the voice of the Archangel. What are some of the texts that speak definitely of the people seeing the Lord when He comes ? And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven : and 1 hen shall all the tribes of the earth mourn. Verse 30: Behold. shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into heaven. while they beheld. then shall He sit upon the throne of His glory. and all the holy angels with Him." The Personal Advent of Christ 1. and they also which pierced Him : and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him. Acts 1 : 9. that we that are alive. 3. Amen. shill together with them be caught up in the clouds. 1:7. and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. Ye men of Galilee. Paul's former estimate of man. How bright will the glory of the coming of Christ be ? For the Son of Man shall come in the glory of His Father with His angels. Wherefore comfort one another with these words. that are left unto the coming of the Lord shall in no wise precede them that are fallen asleep. and shineth even unto the west. Matt. You never can protect yourself against them. Even so. but a great help in keeping out of trouble. 5. For the Lord Himself shall clescand from heaven. 4. Behold. then we that are alive. two men stood by them in white apparel . Scatter seeds of kindness. 11. believe it not. 2. Bev. 25 : 31. to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Be is in the secret chambers. Wherefore if they shall say unto )ou.27. He is in the desert . 6. with a shout. perishing wealth and honours of earth.

preferred to turn from the world to the. no freedom. freedom of choice. or to the power which seeks only to pull down and to destroy. To every man. every human being. for "No man can serve two masters. a faithful few in all ages. character. Noah. Nor can one serve in both ranks. the hope of one who should redeem from sin the transgressor. Either surrender must be made of the entire life to righteous living. and it is impossible to take a middle course. his power to choose. 3:15). The vast majority have taken the side of the enemy. "He bath been faithful that promised" us a Saviour. the situation throughout all the centuries has appeared to be. those who have taken side with the latter have ever been called upon to suffer persecution. and sometimes death. man took the word of the serpent and broke the direct command of his 'Maker. Yet God has given. life through the coming Seed." but to man he left his free will.came the enemy. Enoch. have. And from that day down through the ages the conflict has raged between the two forces. In the beginning God created man with the power of choice for the reason that in his government there is no compulsory obedience. God has not forsaken his people nor any of the sons of men. We have the evidences of the conflict in the lives of patriarch and prophet." The choice must be definite. on the one side." Yet throughout the conflict. I3ut it was man's own choice. In the words' of the poet. merciful. in which all things were described as "very good. and decisive. but has ever placed behre them his warnings against evil and his invitation to a better life. not even toleration. and in the exercise of his power of choice. Evil gives to truth no opportunity. "Truth forever on the scaffold.. nor could there be and God remain consistent with his. placed hint in a world uncursed by sin. and gracious. from sin to righteousness. the privilege of individual decision. from pleasure to duty. and those who have followed the banner of truth have given always. His desire has been that all men should come unto him and find peace and rest.tL *II DI TORAAL It Is Ours To Choose THE choice is ours. from death to the hope and promise of eternal life. iniquity and sin. trial. long-suffering. Wrong forever on the throne. of Cain and Abe]. no. He formed man in his own image. final. death. Yet to man when he had fallen came the promise of a Saviour (Gen. bringing upon the race the consequences of transgression. Abraham. good and evil. made in full knowledge of the consequences. even when the way has seemed darkest. to the present day. Jacob and a multitude of others. have continued in transgression. is given the power of making nis own decision as to where he will stand in the great conflict which from the beginning of the world has been waged between good and evil. on the other. . death as a consequence of continuance in transgression. as evil has sought to overthrow good. In the course of the conflict of the ages. With this hope set before him he was still given the choice. word of God. It has ever sought to destroy both it and those connected with it. Then. a small minority. There are but two sides.

and still the few are with truth and right and freedom. present day. With joy manifest upon their countenances they walked to the dungeon or to the ampitheatre. as always. will be in the last days.counted not their lives dear but chose the way which to many meant death. with the conditions to be met. and looking forward to the life to come. we are told. they . With cunning art and craftiness the power of evil seeks to deceive. The constancy of the maiden in the picture as she refuses to accept release by the denial of her Lord is a type of that true manhood and womanhood which is manifest in all who choose Truth in the lace of worldly opposition. of hatred. to blind. others who had continued in the light of truth. it came into mortal conflict with the forces of evil. had endured and still stood with the Master. or had discovered and chosen to follow its gleam. scorn and ridicule. of malice. or suffer death for their constancy to the faith. of business. to mislead or to destroy as is most in keeping. were persecuted by those who professedly followed the light. Through . while the world moves on in the giddy whirl of pleasure. endured all things for the sake of the Truth. and with eyes turned heavenward as seeing him who is invisible.148 THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN In the early days of the church as the Christian community grew. and their kindred. Later when a large portion of the world had been conquered by Christianity and the outcroppings of apostasy were becoming manifest within a worldly church. and only a few. Men's lives were transformed. Thus the conflict has continued to the ••• CHRIST OR DIANA? IN the days of Ancient Ro•ne the Chri•tian community were oftitnes called ni on to offer incense to the Gods. There had been a gradual but steady return of the bearers of light to the ranks of the prince of darkness. they made their choice. of bitterness. she had turned to the banner of evil. hope took the place of despair. being recruited from day to day by converts from the heathen world. and when her desire for power led her to seek the control of the consciences of all mankind: when instead of following the torch of truth. The most intense period of the great struggle. It is still being waged.

the drawing power of worldliness will be stronger. The edge is taken off the enjoyment of our own little home because we are watching the palatial residence of our neighbour. the deceptions will be greater. On the other hand Truth to-day as never before is letting her light shine. because we long for the automobile or victoria that some one else owns. to a man like themselves. Indifference to its claims will in no wise excuse us from obedience. professedly the followers of the Gleam. but it is impossible to be on the side of the Creator without a full knowledge of the principles underlying our choice of his truth. or with our eyes wide open choose the side of wrong." And the dragon (Satan) . eternal life. to make void the law of God. The time of final. every power of a superhuman enemy of right will be exercised to blind and lead on to destruction the unwary and the listless. By such an attitude we make our choice on the wrong side. .—Selected. if we would only make up our minds to make the very most of every opportunity that comes our way. We must have a knowledge that will enable us to give a reason of the hope that is in us. He who is not of the Truth is against the Truth. indecision or deliberate choice on the side of the enemy? "Satan hath come down knowing that he hath but a short time. . to reduce Christ the Divine One. Life has its full measure of happiness for every one of us. We lose a great deal of the joy of living by not cheerfully accepting the small pleasures that come to us every day. she seeks the soul in darkness and sets before him as in all time the Light of Life. or through indifference. deny the truths of the Scriptures seek to belittle the divine inspiration. Intollerant of evil. . or exonerate us for standing idle in the midst of the conflict. went to make war with the 149 remnant of her seed. instead of longing for the things that come our neighbour's way. to exalt men to equality with God. To-day evil either fiercely opposes all that is true and right. 12: 17. And "to them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality. because some one else can enjoy his own carriage or yacht. In the few short years remaining to the world and its inhabitants. No one can enjoy his own opportunities for happiness while he is envious of another. or it ignores it as of no account in the affairs of life. We must make decision as to where we will stand. the age-long conflict will be intensified. We do not take any pleasure in our own modest horse and carriage. in meekness and in fear. the choice is ours. instead of longing and wishing for what belongs to others. definite decision must inevitably come. How to Be Happy MANY of us miss the joys that might be ours by keeping our eyes fixed on those of other people. What is your choice? What will you do? God grant us courage to seek to know his truth and to choose to follow its gleam. 2:7." Rev. ." Rom. We may act blindly through lack of knowledge. Where will we stand when we must make the choice? With intelligent knowledge of the requirements of God's word will it be on the side of right.THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN him men. Never has the opportunity for a right decision been better. We can get no satisfaction out of a trolley ride or a sail on a river steamer. is placing before men the gleam which points the wanderer to the gates of the Holy City. Only those who by diligent application gain a knowledge of the truth can hope to choose aright or stand faithfully in the coming days. The word of God is open for our study and consideration in all its clearness. the choice of the two ways. And as in the days of oid.

and it is as much our duty to supply it to them. How about Smith? This case is of the greatest importance. it was learned later. rebreathing into his system the very `'seeds" which caused the disease. pitched his tent on a certain spot. Note that fa:t. he avoided Mr.EXHARVAMOMMIWARM Health and Temperance Conducted by Why Consumption Is Not Cured IN the month of May. There are thousands upon thousands of Browns. in turn. whose story if told in its true light. — From " Throwing Death off the Trail. Mr. By autumn he had contracted tuberculosis. His moral sense was not developed. It was learned later that several different families. he could have slept each night in an atmosphere practically germf ree." in the Technical World Magazine. The disease got a hold on him the second time for the simple reason that he :ame back to the original source of his disease. How fully does our civilization satisfy this longing on the part of the boy? Often the boy's body atrophies. Mr. living and dying this very day. who went to Arizona and recovered. by five different consumptives at various times. and did not know it. The open-air treatment is all right. stole two hundred dollars' worth of the fixtures. such as he manifested on the playground. and returned to his home feel- J. James M C. and never made any charge from that one spot until his de ith. He recovered his health in the West. did change his location every day. but by love of danger and adventure. which had occupied this same house in succession. which had been occupied. Mr. had lost. Brown went at once to Arizona. Later he obtained a position as janitor of a church. These three cases cited are but typical instances. Play as an Antidote to Civilization WE had a boy in one of our playgrounds who was always attempting some dangerous feat. at night. All early cases of consumption wh ch have failed to recover by outdoor treatment must !ay the blame to the fault of the treatment. What we must realize is that boys—the live boys who grow up to be live men—need danger and difficulty as much as they need food. He was repoisoning himself nightly. and particularly the room he occupied. He should have sought new quarters. his soul . and in doing so. or else the house. ing fine—back to what?—To the very same plague-ridden room in which he had first contracted the disease. would match exactly the simple but pathetic histories of these three men. —a room reeking with tubercular germ-life. His act was not prompted by need. His system would have been able to throw off the original germ poison which he contracted. Had he daily changed the location of his tent. Brown moved into a house in another part of the town from that where he had always lived. There is a lesson in this. but it was not strong enough to withstand a new dose of the poison every night. No attempt had ever been made to disinfect the house. several members from tuberculosis. and Joneses. Jones. S. and sold them for ten dollars. should have been bisinfected before being occupied by him or by any one else. As a result the soil over which he slept night after night. but it must he carried out by right methods. Brown's fatal mistake. and worse. and Smiths. so that he was continually. became saturated with the accumulated germs which he expelled in coughing.

Every individual is wound up for some certain career in life in which he would be successful. One thing we need to develop in our boys is more of the play spirit. and the hen is not present at the critical age. it will probably do so within this generation. he manifests a high degree of courage. C. But in this we forget that habits and instincts develop naturally at certain stages of life. before fifth annual meeting. our civilization is not yet secure. It lies with us to say what form this boyish courage shall take. we need to realize the value of play as a means of self-expression and self-development. If he does not have opportunity to give expression to his bent he is to a certain extent a failure. which to us seem crude and semibarbarous. nor hunting and fishing. If the chick is of the incubator type. We may think this courage ought to be sublimated into a form of moral courage. The former verdict has already been reversed. the boy will lack something in his nature later in life. Exercising his physical courage at the heroic age. and depend for life and growth upon serving them.. What is the remedy for the disease of civilization? It is certainly not to return to barbarism. We need to introduce the trade school. wellestablished civilizations have vanished in the past. if this quality does not express itself then. for it will not form later. But even with this change in verdict. more real recreation. May. which to him are instructive. Old. because be has no activities that legitimately call forth his budding power.HIE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN atrophies. Knowledge is the most important factor in this crusade against evil. You can not strike him on any old surface. In order that we may have more play. we must arrange our work so that it can be done in shorter hours. The boy period of life is the time for the expression of physical courage. Within each one there have been destructive forces at work which have eventually made for the downfall of the civilization. D. In defending himself. in attempting to work out his ideals. the habit is never formed. No civilization has thus far been able to perpetuate itself.— Joseph Lee. The disease of civilization is that we have sacrificed the end—life--for the means. 1911. we should be fearfully disappointed in them. nor is it war. he will be in a better condition to develop true moral courage later. Social instability. We sometimes think it would be much better if boys were more docile and fitted better into the scheme of civilization. The integrity of society depends upon the selfinhibition of its members. All mankind also are headed toward certain general ends. The hen-following habit of the young chick comes at a certain age. It is conscience and not cussedness that makes the boy fight. What was once known as "water of life" is now known to be the water of death. He has his ideals. selfcontrol and curbing of . that is. President of Playground and Recreation Association of America. he must come in touch with the surface adapted to him. with the rest sitting on the benches yelling for their favourites. We need to enjoy life instead of always getting ready to live. but if it were possible to'have one generation of boys fitting nicely into the 151 ways of the previous generation. There are two menaces to our present civilization:— I. Our Civilization Menaced THOUGH England does not now prohibit the sale of liquors. The boy is a safety-match. teaching the boy what will be useful to him: we need to observe the element of competition and team-play in all his work. giving them games in which all will take a part. he does not live in the highest sense of the word. Washingtom. and not a mere picked few. If he is to serve his purpose.

There is a constant warfare between the cells of the body and these germ cells. When loose reign is given to appetites and impulses. before the British Temperance League.we know that physicians who give no alcohol are the most successful. ceremony. The tests of success with doctors is far more rigorous than formerly. When a man leaves the asylum. which regulate conduct. Saleeby." or for the more sinister reason that alcohol is a drug that demands a repetition of itself. persiflage. Recently in England the loss of selfcontrol was caused by alcohol. but recently he has treated the disease without alcohol. The emotions. C. I AN1 . Sept. I know that alcohol is a cause of insanity. and there has been at the same time a marked diminution in the deathrate. the most important measure is to get alcohol out of the way. Does Alcohol Cause Insanity? not an abstainer. "once a patient. The Hague. but the experiments and observations made in lunatic asylums almost persuade me to be an abstainer. In the hospitals the aLohol bill has been steadily going down to almost nothing. Alcohol takes away the memory. Aside from maternal ignorance alcohol is the greatest single cause of infant mortality. The disgraceful riots in Wales were shown to be due to the free use of alcohol. This will eventually mean a supremacy of the yellow race. That in Japan is rising. paradox. Lowered vitality. does exactly the opposite. Consumption is the chief disease of our Western civilization. are greatly changed under the influence of alcohol. and pruriency. who is not an abstainer. courtesy. for thirty years treated pneumonia with alcohol.151 THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN appetites for the benefit of the community. The birth-rate in Western civilizations is falling. chaos succeeds. 13. Nowadays we have ceased to speak of alco-: hol as a cause but as a factor. without which one can not get along in society.—Robert Jones. 1911. By modern methods of precision and by carefully compiled statistics. If you want to find an individual's weakest link. As a result of our extensive experience I feel free to tell my students that alcohol takes away from a man the three C's. always a patient. Degenerative diseases are caused by germs. and we have learned that in this disease alcohol definitely favours the germs rather than the tissues. and adds the three P's. the consequence being a lowering of the mortality rate of his patients. We now consider disease in terms of resistance. When the problem of maintaining civilization is difficult. The most they can do is to save the babies that are born. the milk bill has been making a corresponding increase." We now know that alcohol. When they do. give him alcohol. and convention. so far from increasing health and efficiency. 2. or an antecedent. Medical men are not able to overcome the tendency to small families. Physicians once relied on alcohol in the treatment of nearly everything. Old doctrines have been completely subverted. Here we have another way in which alcohol is undermining our Western civilization. this instability of the• p)pulace will be more manifest. when a man's success was gaged by the feelings of his patients. With the coming of democracy and the decadence of militarism. it is because they get immediate "results. W. Now physicians seldom prescribe alcohol. and then has to be committed again after drinking half a glass of beer. Pearson has spoken of alcohol as a coefficient.—Dr. when peace is threatened. and there will be additional reasons why alcohol should be kept away from the people. Sir Thomas Frazer. and.

But when the funeral was over. plenty young enough the president wrote. Contrary to their expectations." she announced calmly when the brothers and sisters gathered to expostulate wjth her for leaving the mountains." There had been little affection between Zonia and her of Big Hill. The coverlet. the coverlet with the rest. What does she want with a coverlet ? " As an after thought they comforted themselves with the idea that whoever Zonia lived with would possess the family treasure. "the rest of you have homes of your own. For years the girl had taken care of the invalid. Zonia packed her e few belongings." The daughters-in-law grumbled a little to themselves. when it was displayed on state occasions. " I'll give it to Zonia. I wrote to the president. Her children. He left literature describing the school and the opportunities for self-help. Great-grandmer's coverlet shall go to her. as they grew older admired this thing of beauty. When September came. and husbands. It was hand-woven in dazzling squares and intricate webs and correct circles. From that day the girl's mind was settled upon that place. So worry no more about it. and bade them good-bye. " Bill Pig took my box yesterday . and he promised me work enough in the kitchen of Ladies' Hall to pay all my expenses. The blue was as dark and unfadable as the midnight skies . Good-bye. In spite of the many things that she was obliged to do. the white was as lustrous as the silver of its stars. which constituted all of Pecky McCone's earthly possessions. and I'll have time to get my lessons besides. twelve of the children were already married and settled in other log cabins on other hills. "There's a college for mountain folks not far from here. and provided her with food and clothing. and John Pretty said if I'd come there to-night. If I keep my health." decided the failing mother . "I always wanted to go to school. I'll write when I get there. "She has no home. but never had the chance. but she and her mother had been bosom companions. Now I'm going. and she never lost her desire for an education. There's no. I had to take care of her. and the mountains were arrayed in a festive dress of gold and crimson. Zonia has only her two hands. be a school-teacher after a while. The work won't be any harder than what I do at home. I don't want to be a burden on any of i ou. Zonia always managed to read every scrap of literature that came to the cabin. but she's gone now. In spite . One summer day an agent for the college happened to stop at the cabin. thing to hinder. long before the days of factories and flying looms. I'm only twenty years old. I'm going. When Zonia's mother died. W hen Zonia's mother married and went to the log cabin on the . and the cabin passed into the hands of strangers. woven by Zonia's great-grandmother. " So long as mother lived. the grumbling sisters-in-law and sisters were surprised again. the coverlet had gone with her as her one valuable possession. At one o'clock the next day Zonia McCone waited in the house of the president. I could go with him in the morning. Zonia did not settle down to take up the thankless burden of rearing their children and tilling their fields.-q4t The Home lay e• • The Great Gift IT was a beautiful piece of work. could not be divided among the thirteen without impairing its usefulness and robbing the stars of their luster..ENNNWANAM WaftM. and I'm by • myself.

Two hundred dollars ! She smiled as she lovingly folded the beautiful coverlet and wrapped it in strong paper. when the terrible. Holly wreaths. she expended the enormous sum. " I will send you a check as soon as I reach home.toned instruments.the while she felt her mother's eyes upon her. a Northern girl. Zonia started for the chapel. With her on the same train was an old man. take it with you." Zonia accepted the offer joyfully. Palmer came. She planned her wardrobe. I'm sure she'll give you at least two hundred dollars for it. with trembling lips. " You can't know what this means to me." How little her mother had known the value of this legacy ! When she had donned her wraps. As winter approached." she said kindly. and that vet you may be a worker for the Lord. too. " and you may express the beauty to me. And as she thought of what these children's lives would have been were it not for the coming of the Christ . listening attentively to each speaker who visited the chapel. for I am far behind the youngest student. The first time she had seen a railway train was ten minutes before. Without the money I would have been obliged to quit school. she's coming for Christmas." After they had gone. Zonia was pale and trembling.154 THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN of the kindness of every one whom she met. As truly as did the psalmist give thanks. " Where did you get this lovely thing ! " she cried. Palmer examined the coverlet. In a few days Zonia became accustomed to the new order of living. She forgot her own desperate straits. and with strains of music that filtered from many sweet. tied with bright red ribbons. A light snow covered the ground and crusted the grand old forest trees on the campus. " If you like." begged Zonia. the need of suitable clothing troubled her. Zonia saw bright lights. 'She was still trembling when she entered the velvetcarpeted room of the president's house. Zonia . One evening when Hettie Palmer. All. spitting out fire and columns of black smoke. like a ship in a storm. and on the day before Christmas Mrs. Good-bye. Palmer. The very earth trembled. and she seemed to hear the dearly loved voice: "Zonia has only her two hands. which was filled with choice pictures and glittering ornaments. When do you go. Mrs. Zonia went about her work as if she were in a dream. as she recalled the stories that she had heard but lately. I hope that success will attend you. Great Grandmer's coverlet shall go to her. plunging giant careered through the little town. visited Zonia's room. and the sum which she would deposit in the college bank. in fancy. The stars shone brilliantly from out a clear sky. so did Zonia sing as she compared . She was faithful at class and attended every lecture and meeting and concert. pouncing upon the treasure as if it had been a piece of gold. I'll write auntie about this . and promised to take it." " Dear Mrs. Madam Venus smiled in at the windows of happy homes where preparations were being made for the celebration of the birthday of the Prince of Peace. dangled from the windows of the president's cottage. of India's little child wives and Turkey's women of the harem. Zonia trembled. and happy children dancing about a fireplace as their father fastened to a small box a gay Christmas tree. and the suffering of her people. Palmer ? " " To-night. " Don't you know that you could sell it for enough to pay your expenses for a whole year ? " Zonia shook her head. bowed and gray. she saw the blue and white coverlet displayed for the first time. her heart cried out in thankfulness. A hundred times. She listened eagerly as Hettie told of hand-woven blankets and coverlets which her aunt in Chicago had bought. and I feel as if I could not bear that. Mrs. To her the piece of blue and white cotton had been but a treasured heirloom. Hettie and her aunt were in Zonia's room as soon as supper was over.

I shall never again look into the bright faces of these bonny boys and girls. the awful yearning to return to the poor people seized me."THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN her lot with that of the women across the sea. slowly. Hettie Palmer. John. slowly. starving crowd who are drifting from one place to another with the hope of securing food enough to keep life in their feeble bodies. and had gone with his young wife into suffering China to tell the story. " After I had been in this country twelve months. One day they would be willing to kiss our feet . Last week I visited him. The people listened breathlessly. your child. began to sing in a glorious voice the old missionary hymn. and to the officers of every mission- 155 ary board that I knew. A few called me cranky. The purpose for which I had written the book was still strong in my heart. Zonia walked up the aisle tightly clutching the coverlet. Then a girl stumbled . she was on tiptoe. girls. Think of parents killing their children rather than see them die of hunger. settle down and enjoy life." he almost sobbed. They refused to send me on account of my feeble health and my old age. When the snug ended. sleping beneath the foreign sod. "but I left my wife and my boy. yet so impressive that every person. the highways crowded with a half-naked. Think. "My wife and I taught the people and fed them. A friend grew positively angry when I tried to borrow the money necessary for the trip. After this exercise the old man with snowy hair walked to the front of the stage. I came back to this country two years ago." said the old man. the next they would revile and persecute us.' he declared. With the other missionaries we were obliged to flee. starving millions ? Who will give something to the hungry across the sea ? " There was a moment's pause. You who have never lacked for clothing. who had fallen victims to the heathen's rage.' " I wrote the book. I went from one church to another. picture." he said. "From Greenland's lcy Mountains. Almost as soon as she took the seat offered her near the stage. He told how in youth he had given up a position of honor and a good salary. His language was simple. of the thousands who are dying without hope or knowledge of the life beyond the grave. In all that twenty years we had but one convert. 'You've given your health. "You are preparing to celebrate Christmas. You've earned it. never to return. her friend. which was freighted with feeling. you have never known the hunger or cold of the sufferers dying in China. " At the end of ten months I sent it to the publisher. John. so when the first beautiful coloured picture was thrown on the screen to illustrate the song. was interested. how they at last secured entrance into the city. Not noticing nor caring for the curious eyes. The great Boxer trouble found us still there.' he said. "`You're crazy.' But I laughed him to scorn. He gave me a check for one hundred thousand dollars." Zonia had never seen a stereopticon. " In one week I sail for China. how in the waiting time they had healed the sick and comforted the sorrowful. too. You who feed on the luxuries of the continents. there were tears in her eyes. how their beautiful boy had been born there . man. for a lot of yellow heathen who didn't so much as thank you for what you've done. He told how for nine long years they had all but starved outside the city wall . " For twenty year we lived in the outskirts of Peking. if you will. " Boys. Now. the room became dark. but we did not give up. but I want to make this appeal to them before I go. I could not go for lack of means. It will make your fortune. but think a moment. It was late when she and the package reached the chapel. think of people trying to live on husks and roots and grasses. your wife. can't you sacrifice something for these untaught. Settle down and write into a book what you have told me.

and holds on tight Until he gets down on the pound Again." But Zonia did not leave school. too.156 THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN up the steps and stood by the old man. You hear him pipe up stalll and speak. and doesn't care For any troubles in the world. It is all I have ! " she sobbed. you see. Before the end of the week ten thousand dollars had been added to the nucleus that had gathered about Zonia's gift. He had a little rest. " THERE is no spiritual arithmetic by which you can bring together any number of half Christians and . It fell to the floor. And wants to have his share Of all the tun . nor forsake thee . coins. He always wants to go along. Because he always knows That none of us will let him fall. So then we buys take turn about And carry him a while." " She bath done what she could. Before the end of the term she received all her bills receipted. Because when he was tired out. she had planned for a campaign of giving among the young people in her own church. And if we have to cross the creek 011 stepping-stones. And walk across the slippery stones As if it was just play. -Who's going to carry me?" And then Bill Briggs or Henry Jones Will lift hint the same way. All wondered over the strange beauty of the upturned face. stood in Zonia's place. A word of comfort came to her as she plodded at her unceasing task: "I was an hungered. but h -'s tired out Before we go a mite. When she had finished. as we do. but there was a quiet smile on her face. And he is never scared at all.him. With a dexterous fling she tossed the blue sea and the lustrous stars of the coverlet over the old man's shoulders. When Mrs. At the end of the month. In another instant Mrs. and ye gave me meat. taking it with her that she might repeat the touch ing story. And then somebody pats his face. Palmer added to them the price of the coverlet. He never knows it's night. " Take thig'. And carries him a while. A few noticed that she worked longer hours. and tender. fast Asleep. He knows some one of us will take And carry hint a ways. Before the audience recovered from their astonishment. No matter where he goes. But when we go somewhere. And my he runs and jumps about And feels his very hest. And if his legs should start to ache Front 110W he runs and plays." • X0X-MNICN4-NCNICMX Our Young Folks THE LITTLE BROTHER HE'S not so big as we. And then he wraps his arms around Your neck. the wife of a Chicago minister.—United Presbyterian. And pretty nearly there. We carry . One of the hap piest missionaries in all the Southern mountains is Zonia. and jewelry fell upon the azure robe like rain. So he can't stand a couple hours Of walking. And when we're going home at last. Zonia appeared at class the next day as usual.. She kept at work until she was graduated. nor strong. . make a whole qne. But she did not teach school. a protecting mantle. And when we reach a stony place. Her eyes shone like stars. she was gone. and walks all right. the one-time owner of the blue coverlet. His lett aren't brown and tough like ours But white. Few looked at the gown or the package. and went on her way. He looks up with a smile. Palmer. telling the story of the great gift. and he is. which not even her best friends understood. a trunk filled with good clothes came to her address. an effective picture in her skimped yellow gown." " I will never leave thee.

that's enough. The trembling. I can't run!" he faltered. when I have been utterly depressed and discouraged.—The Olive Leaf. for I know him so slightly. In an unlucky moment. TV. "Run. Kendrick." "No. Foley. sir. The stern man paused. he's coming! Coward! Why don't you run? I guess he wouldn't catch me. Ned! we won't tell. and that helped me. delicate-looking culprit. Unconscious Kindness A YOUNG woman who had passed through deep sorrows said to a friend one day. the little. pelting . I'll do it every time. and as they turned away. as no one answered. When the next snow falls. wherein the. sir. "Come here. and more too. "Won't old Kendrick be angry? Run. "Who did this. shrinking boy drew near. the youngest sent his spinning through the frosty air against the large plate glass of the druggist's window. Run quick!" "I can't!" he gasped. but if he did not talk. but none so much as the little fellow.l'HE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN And both his little ar•ns are curled Around your neck so tight."—his eyes filled with tears." •"Well. I tell you. sir!" "Will you shoved my walk when the next snow falls?" 157 Ned's face was radiant. I just looked at his face. "Little fool! he'll be caught! Well. it has been a comfort just to feel he was beside me. be sure you come to me. and three more for the boy that dared not run away. as he answered: "All winter. the frightened eyes. gazing at the mischief he had wrought. with startled eyes.—"only don't -make my mother pay it. and. I dare not tell a lie. —J. has been such a help to me to sit next to him. I'll-do anything." muttered the older boy. There is something so good and strong and kind about him. Sometimes. The door opened." "We'll all help him!" shouted the others. while others look as if they had been . and . sir. Goodness that is aware of itself has lost much of its charm. "I did another with snowballs. it's because you're not afraid to tell the truth. in Youth's Companion. "Who did this?" came in fierce tones from the owner's lips. Proper Appearance HAVE you ever noticed how some boys always seem to be nice and tidy about their clothes. The -best people are not aware of their goodness." "I will. sir." "And you dare tell me of it?" "I darenotdeny it. "I Dare Not" A GROUP of boys stood on the walk before a fine large drug store. I like a boy that tells the truth always. Moses wist not that his face shone. and his heart was touched. three hearty cheers rose for Mr. 0! what can I do to pay you? I'll do anything. The crash terrified them all. he has seemed somehow to know just the right word to say to me. faced the angry man.—Selected. you know why I let you off so easy? Well. soul of truth and true courage shone. Kindnesses that are done unconsciously mean the most. and in tones of truth replied. an angry face appeared." The reply was unexpected. he saw the pale cheek. and -I do not suppose people half realize how much they me helping or hindering others!" ' There is a great deal of this unconscious kindness in the world. what is your name?" "Edward Howe. He probably has not the leak idea of it either. who now stood pale and trembling. in speaking of the comfort certain persons had given her unconsciously: "I wish some people knew just how much their faces can comfort one! I often ride down in the same street-car with your father. I've done all I can for him. I say?" he shouted. sir.

No. I have perhaps noticed this more than does the ordinary person. Many persons will say that these two types. Let us consider what constitutes a normal tidy boy. boys. or because they do not have nice. "BE not in overmuch haste about forming friendships. a boy is untidy and dirty because he is slovenly. The friend who.—J.— Christian Herald. His reply was as follows: "The boy with clean teeth and nails. the dirtiest boys I ever met came from homes where things were always clean and tidy. comfortable homes. HoWard Frick. We shall first talk about the boy as he appears on the street corner. His head looks like a thistle field. hands. and under each one is seen a black streak of dirt. because he wants to be dirty. had selfrespect enough to wash himself after he was through his work. is worth more than a long prayer. and was not caused by our own fault." Now. What he did want was a boy who could work. but should be something in a colour suitable for a boy. he will have them turned up above his shoe tops. while as a rule. M. His hands are dirty. if the work made him dirty. The hat should be worn evenly on the head. a contradiction. provided the loss was inevitable. is always sure of a job if I need a boy. His face is hardly ever clean. nails. Better wait. Time tests.158 THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN digging potatoes or something about as dirty? Since I happen to be the superintendent of a boys' club having over two hundred members. This is not the case. His face. after a probation period. G. First of all. The tendency of imperious youth is to declare lasting affection for the first comrade that pleases the fancy. He should see that his clothes are always clean that there are no marks on the trousers where particles of food have been dropped while eating. His hat is almost always on the side of his head. The collar and necktie should be of a comfortable size. be does not bother about a necktie. you can easily see what this man considered of prime importance. should be cleaned at least once each day by a bath. a wrong received and endured as in His presence. and. a harsh word. in fact his whole body. his teeth are black. and an ordinary suit of clothes. and we do not lose time if we bear its loss with gentleness and patience. If he is large enough to wear long trousers. the teeth should be clean. and not on one side. Now after we have the outward appearance of the boy taken care of. is the one to grip to your life with all the strong cords of affection and service". The shoes should be blacked and clean. and a bright-red or a green hand on it. made in God's image and destined to be a man among men. the nails being long and pointed. because he lacks ambition. with the tie neatly tied. appeals to your reason as well as your heart. an annoyance. To be neat and tidy. His hands are almost always in his pockets. Some time ago I asked the manager of one of our large department stores what he considered the mark of personal tidiness on the part of a boy.. his clothes should not be the gaudy kind. his mouth holds a cigarette. in Boys' World. When we have a boy neat in appearance and clean in body. a boy must be clean. we have a true boy. . Now let us look. There are two kinds of unkempt boys: one who has plenty of fine clothes of a gaudy kind and the other fellow who has ragged and dirty clothes. of boys are of this appearance because their parents are poor. and the only way to keep clean teeth is to clean them after each meal. with combed hair. He did not want a sport nor did he want a boy who was afraid to work for fear of getting dirty. at the second type—the dirty one. The hair should be combed. which makes it visible some distance away. his shirt or blouse is crusty. A DISAPPOINTMENT. showing dirty teeth. while his smile is of a sickly kind. let us look at his inner body.

but the number is the number of the beast. 8. V. Revelation 19 : 19-21. 1 can take my English friend Lawrence Davis and put his name in Latin characters. during this period the blood of 70. 3. We disagree with the statement that any one man is meant. which was the power that condemned Jesus to death. " J. This head was to receive a deadly wound. Therefore from the fact that that Religio-political system we know as the Papacy fulfills the other nine specifications of this prophecy as well as this tenth one. Revelation 13 : 5 . 'Apparently this refers to some well known man. Revelation 13 : 2. and get 666. it continued its supremacy for 1260 years from about 538 A. and that sentence is Vicarius Filii Dei. Most Protestants agree that this is a prophecy of the Papacy. and we believe when Jesus comes it will be cast into the lake of fire. Revelation 13: 15-18. Revelation 13:7. Daniel 7 : 25. 100 . Total. in the person of the Pope its visible head it has blasphemed God . is the number of the beast not of some one man. Let us look at a few other particulars prophesied of this same beast. The limits of our space in this department forbid further detail. 500 . And that formula which is pronounced on the elevation of each man who becomes Pope sums up the assumption of this entire iniquitous system. This beast was to make war with the saints and overcame them. D. I. Revelation 12 :45. 5 . And in Latin the language in which this consecration formula is pronounced its numbers are 666. THE NUMBER 666. But at that time Jesus will come and cast the beast into the lake of fire. Then to make his interpretation fit 666 he takes a Roman Emperor and put his title in Hebrew characters and asks us to accept it as sound Bible exequsis. 14 . If we take the Hebrews letters for the title Emperor Nero they are 666'. before our eyes today that deadly wound is being healed . In those days as in the Indian alphabet today they had not the Arabic or Roman letters but used the letters of the alphabet to represent numbers. I. 5. the mouth of a lion.2. Do you think therefore that my friend Lawrence Davis is the beast of Revelation 13? Most certainly not. "IN a little book that has just come to my attention I find this statement concerning 666 the number of the beast as given in Revelation 13:18. it received its authority and seat from Pagan Rome .. One of these had received authority and a throne from the dragon. By this rule we can find any amount of interpretations. Rev. and ten horns. and why is that not just as consistent as puttieg Latin Nero in Hebrew characters. B. 12 : 6. I. that is it was a leopard with the feet of a bear.000. to 1798 A. who could not perhaps be safely mentioned by name. Revelation 13: 5. This beast while under the control of this seventh head was to have a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies against God. 6. And why not? Because he in no other particular fulfills this prophecy of Revelation 13.11=1111. This beast was to have supremacy for 42 months or counting thirty days to a month 1260 days. Your author is correct in saying that Arabic numerals were not in use when thiS was written. we are sure it is the beast of Revelation 13. 666. and all the world were to wonder after the beast. It. But this deadly wound was to be healed. Papal Rome was one of the seven heads of the beast. We have seen the little book referred to and from further reading the writer himself does not seem satisfied. D. L. by the Reformation this bead received a deadly wound . 4. D. In the same way I do not think that Nero fulfills any other specification of this prophecy. But the same concept was expressed by letters of the alphabet so there is •no difference. 2. W. It is to be numbered according as men number.000 martyrs testify that it made war with and overcame the saints . 7. C. It was a composite beast. 13 : 3. (Vicar of the Son of God). or even Nero's Hebraizee name fulfills it. also f even heads. 50 . . For instance. 10 . But it is certainly absurd to say that my friend Lawrence Davis or Bonapart.

Anger is an irritant. Stowe. this little naouthly is invaluable: THE more we know of the world. If you do not receive your paper. Please read the WATCHMAN and hand It to your friends. THE April issue of the -Bible in the World. H. The world wants the best work. JAmEs. G. Each day is a new beginning endowed with possibilities of work and pleasure. in joy or care. The volume is an excellent one and invaluable to those who desire to know more of the Bible revelations concerning the soon coming of Chi ist. A. while life is spared to thee: In crowds or solitude." S. "Can such a world be saved?" And the more we know of Christian nations. Bend thou the knee in prayer. if we begin the day with it the fine flower of our nits1 strength is exhausted in the effort to ge t back to serenity. S. WELLMAN. but strictly limited in its allowance of energy.f YEAR. ENOCH. lest we make ourselves responsible for fail ure. veith loved ones there. No.—Selected.TV."with much else of interest to all. To those who wish to keep in touch both with the circulation of the Bible and the extension of the Gospel in all the world. F. say that Christ's cause is dead?" —C. Such papers are forwarded by other parties or sent from this o ffice at their request.UOKNOW„ . TIME TO PRAY "WHEN is the time for prayer?— In every hour. This is the experience which m iny of us can recognise. Oua next issue will contain articles on "The Witness of the Social World." ‘tRiches and Their Witness to Our Master's Appearing. 10 Ranks Road. 2-8: PAYABLE IN APVANCE Persons receiving copies of the WATCHMAN without having ordered them will not be asked to pay for the same." "France and the Reformers. a fever. Fully illustrated with a cover design in which is incorporated a picture depicting the breaking waves on the iron Coast of Ceylon. look and hope for WE desire to call the att." .. Spurgeon. At home. A thoroughly good and interesting number. be sure to give both your old end your new address." official organ of the British and Foreign Bible Society. RE.. If children go scolded and angry to school. Forsyth." "highland Villages of Korea. with lament for days which did not bring their full harvest of accomplishment.THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN- IGO .day. A.-itdoo of the reader to the advertisment of the volume "heralds of the Morning" on page 2 of the cover. sowing to the Wind. ORIENTAL WATCHMAN Devoted to the proclamation of " the Faith once delivered to the saints. and will reward nothing less than that. If the boys or husbandTob the mother or housewife of her serenity of soul he i'ore they leave for their evoilc they have ronbed their home of energy all. contains excellent articles on "The South African Negro. 8. Lucknow 9A. t us not provoke one another to anger in the hour of beginnings. the more incrednluonsly we ask. L. ANGRY WORDS ANGRY words in the-Morning spoil the whole day. POSY FREE." -A Savage Creed. If there were no other argument for peaceful home morning hours. notify ue promptly and we shall takesplessesure in rectifyflg any such mistake.EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITORS MAY. the more doubtfully we ask." etc." —P. 1912 Published Monthly by the INTERNATIONAL TRACT SOCIF. The . 456 "SHALL we as we look upon the tombs of our Missionaries. they are in no mood to make the best of their oppoi tunities. J. and we work all day with the poorer forces of our mind and spirit. -Can But the more these he the saviours?" we know of Christ's Cross for ourselves the less we can believe that anything is beyond its power or any soul outside the destined range. this of itself would be worth considering. • If you request change of address. t. T. Thy thoughts should heavenward flee. at morn and eve. IT is only to the most perfect Being in the most perfect Universe that imperfection can N. Registered.

U. . Price's striking book. Author of "The Bible and Modern Criticism. MOOREHEAD. Cal. It seems to me that you 'have rendered a noble service to the cause of evangelical truth in demonstrating that the fundamental idea of Darwinism and the prevailing notion of geology no longer suffice to account for the origin of species or the chronology of fossil remains. JAMES ORR. . U. Naturally I have read it with great interest. PUBLISHED IN INDIA BY THE International Tract Society. Many thanks for Mr. A. England. H. Oxford University. S. It will be a perfect armory for use in meeting attacks on Holy Scripture by false science and false criticism. PROF. and yet cast in a form that should make it not only intelligible but attractive to ordinery readers. London. Cal. Bank. Scotland. I have never seen any answer to Sir Henry Howorth's "Mammoth. S. PROF. I have read it with much interest. I wish it were published in England. College of Medical Evangelists. Xenia. Road. S. But does it not rest upon geology so greatly that when geology is destroyed. Loma Linda. A. SAYCE." "Daniel in the Critics' Den. President of Leland Stanford University. U. for we have no book quite like it—a book which is both scholarly and popular. President of Xenia Theological Seminary.. I rejoice in the good work you are doing. - - - - - Lucknow. DAVID STARR JORDAN. U. Professor of Ecclesiastical History. P.. STRONG TESTIMONIALS It is valuable for the excellent portraits of distinguished men.EGod's Two Books By GEORGE McCREADY PRICE. and must try to see your "Illogical Geology. Professor of Geology and Physics. Your certainly bring out a number of very interesting points. SIR ROBERT ANDERSON. . University of Chicago. . 19. and the same seems to me to be the case as regards Professor Price's argument." etc. England. fitted to influence men of science. The book is a cogent argument against evolution in so far as that theory rests upon geology." . A. ." nor do I see what answer is possible. Loma Linda. Author of "The Problems of the Old Testament. Glasgow. Ohio. and I am sure every believer in the Book also does. . its very foundation is destroyed? FRANKLIN JOHNSON. A. U. A. WILLIAM G. S..

.. For the strong and healthly it is equally valuable and should be found on fie breakfast table of all who desire to remain well.. .... D. .II..... : .. Calcutta. .. ow A Book of Practical Health Culture with Helps toward the Prevention of . . In two bindings. and can be digested by the most delicate stomach. .4. 75 Park Street.-.... H....a..F.. and M..... •. Aptt $4 THE IDEAL FOOD S 4 For sick or w‹11.... a ?'3 Disease and the Attainment of the Highest Physical Efficiency. As 4! ...... by Alfred B.. . paper Rs.. ... A. O IIIII *P • . The chapter headings of this excellent little volume are as follows: " What is Health?—Physical Deterioration—A Good Physique and How to Train for It—The Heart. -....... with an introduction by G.... r Lucknow.. ...0 .... .. -."...... si/0 ff Iftfelp /11 le If% or /lir fp MI fp fp fp /II /0 /PM eh fp fp fp fp fp fp fp ff fel Printed by W. cloth at Rs. adult... Sims \Voodhead. 19.. B 1.. r.. Banks Road. •Kg " P• D ID 61 r -fto -fto II oi . ..... 0.." For the weak stomach their is nothing better... Ns... 2-8-. M. .-_• Health for the Million . A.. M. and Blood—Hygiene of the Throat and Nose—Care of the Lungs—How we Digest Our Food—Liver Complaints —Hygienic Care of the Kidneys—Hygiene of the Brain and Nerves—Hygiene of the Skin—The Care of Sight and Hearing—Hygiene of the Hair and Scalp—The Care of the Teeth—Headaches--Rheumatic Disorders—Nature's Remedies—Love and Marriage—Infant Feeding—The Growing Child—Woman's Health—Rational Beauty Culture—Personal Hygiene—Hygiene of the Home—Food in Relation to Health—Popular Narcotics—Boys and Cigarettes—First Aid to the Injured. . An immense amount of valuable health information in small space... .... Ellsworth Olsen... . full nutrition while being of such a character as to be non-irritant and healing. none of those nutrient portions next the outer shell of the kernal being eliminated as in the case of bread made from "white flour.... 1.. Cambridge. .... giving as it does..r... full page... Eight illustrations.. • 0. ..U...f... ... U. .... .A..• . Such is GRANOSE 47' It is simply wheat so thoroughly cooked that it will almost melt in the mouth. Ea.. . Blood Vessels..X0... ... ""-• .. . Full information from ( ( Sanitarium health Food Co.. ..8.rrin at the Waielintau Pre.. . ... P.. The International Tract Society... ..14. E P.. .. . 19.. . or infant...... It is the whole wheat.... D..U...... . -ft . . a ... .. et . O. ... .. Olsen. •-...... ......... . ... child...... P.•. M.... ii.nektiow. • -. .. ?"3 1 -9 •a ..