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Simple Desktop

Solution for General
Educational Institution Base on Centerm C75 Zero Client and Windows
Multipoint Server 2012

Challenges of desktop solution
Concerns of education

Concerns of teachers
and students 'usage

Concerns of IT

Demands of general educational IT desktop Get more student receive computer education Easy for teachers to arrange teaching environment Reduce upfront cost and Maximize technology investments Provide students an experience of cooperative learning environment Reduce power expense and consumption Traditional IT desktop requires professional maintenance personnel 3 .

com .How to select a proper desktop solution Or Other App Software www.centerm.

Education Solution .

. HOST COMPUTER STATION 1 STATION 2 STATION 3 STATION 20 Windows Multipoint Server 2012 * Windows Multipoint Server is a shared resource computing solution * Outstanding user experience, better than VDI or other remote forms * Use network zero client 6 .Centerm Education Solution .centerm.. .The flexible deployment of network zero client Host side deployment Host remote Manage learningdeployment when students have their own computers Enables teachers to orchestrate activities and support collaboration in the classroom www.

Benefits of Centerm education solution Share computing power Reduce integrated costs Empower educators& Engage students Simple Setup & Easy Management Enhances collaboration between teacher and students Flexible deployment Manage through the host PC and management software .centerm.

higher BW connections to lower CPU usage www. window2 window3 windowN ( .dll) Client window covers display Station1 • • • • Station2 Station3 .. contains client windows client client client client window1 .exe) covers extended desktop.How Multipoint Server works MultiPoint Server Computer session1 session2 session3 sessionN RDP connection to localhost WMS shell (srcshell. RDP thin clients: >local loopback adapters with custom RDP listener >RDP settings for local. StationN Allocate a portion of extended desktop to a client window for each display Map USB hub and devices to client window to create a station Connect each station’s client window to a local RDSH session Optimizations vs.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 .

control.WMS 2012 Key Feature Summary Broad client support • Local stations and thin clients • Orchestrate across X86 Windows 7 and Windows 8 clients in 1:1 scenario* Classroom guidance Simplified administration Familiar Windows experience Disk protection Application compatibility Non–IT pro Reboot to known good state www. single box VDI .centerm. collaborate Latest version: Windows 8 Monitor.

The Familiar Windows Experience —the Latest Version.centerm. Too Windows 8 experience for all users  Familiar. modern Windows speeds adoption  Includes support for touch screens and devices Supports all personal USB devices Runs in multiple languages  All USB devices visible only to one station  18 languages available for teachers using MultiPoint Dashboard and MultiPoint Manager  USB devices plugged in to host system can be used by all  17 additional language packs for student and teacher desktops  Different users can run different languages at the same time .

centerm.MultiPoint Dashboard for Teachers  Monitor the classroom  Guide student activity  Collaborate with students .

com  Share one host computer among up to 20 students  Take initial step toward or complement 1:1 computing .centerm.Makes Classroom Computing More Affordable Put computing power into the hands of more students Challenge Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 can help  Technology access necessary for 21st century skills  Reduce computing costs by up to 66% per station  Limited budgets to acquire new technology  Easily scale the solution  Rationing of student computers  Limited technology access at home www.

Makes Classroom Computing More Efficient Challenge Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 can help  Ongoing maintenance costs  Service fewer computers to reduce operating costs  Schools may want green IT  Power fewer computers to reduce energy consumption  Need to reduce utilities costs .centerm. 16 . not maintaining technology  Fewer computers to maintain  Designed for non-technical professionals  Multiple hosts and computers managed from a single MultiPoint Manager console  Restore system to a known good state  Enable use of most Windows-based educational software www.Maintain Technology with Limited IT Skills and Resources Challenge Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 can help  Limited (if any) IT staff  Teachers without IT skills  Teachers want to focus on teaching.

0 devices Storage options Supports 18 languages 17 . Empowers Students Challenge Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 can help  Students expect rich multimedia  Students need 21st century computer skills to prepare for the workplace  Diverse.Engages Educators. multilingual student populations       Students work independently Familiar Windows experience Student-teacher collaboration Use of all USB 2.

com . Easy Management MultiPoint Manager for IT Administrators  Discover MultiPoint and personal computers  More station configuration options  Virtual Desktops wizard for Windows 7 and Windows 8  Disk protection  Broad support for ultra-low-cost clients www.centerm.Simple Setup.

Simple Setup.centerm. Easy Management Manage host systems or PCs from MultiPoint Manager  Control multiple host systems on the network  Simple discovery of Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers Get more station configuration options  Enable auto-logon—all stations log on at startup  Status alerts for hardware troubleshooting  Can assign one IP address per station  Suspend or disconnect stations .

Zero Client C75 Support Windows Multipoint Server Processor NO Memory NO Storage NO Display VGA max 1920*1080 QWXGA max 2048*1152 Power consumption <4W Front USB *4 I/O Peripheral Network 100/1000Mbps Output: 1/8-inch mini jack Input: 1/8-inch mini jack Back .

com Simple setup Just attach a keyboard. mouse. Together with its fanless design. c75 helps create a simple and noiseless workplace environment. system management. The total cost of ownership is then drastically reduced.all hardware and software issues are sighificantly reduced on the client side. The slim desitn allows it to be mounted to the back of a monitor with a VESA mount. . and then perform the initial setup. Easy management and maintenance Since all computing tasks are performed on a server. software installations.Centerm C75 Features LAN-based connection C75 connects to the host server through the Ethernet interface.centerm. Low total cost of ownership Additional computing access is as simple as adding more I/O devices. A station is ready for use right away. www. This connection type exceeds the length limit of a USB connection and provides more flexibility in the layout of a MultiPoint Server system. and upgrades are done on a single server. Slim and quiet design C75 is feather light weithing only 350g. and monitor to your c75. All user management. connect it to the host server.

Zero Client C75 Support Monitor wall mode .centerm. . MT = Multithreading .2C = 2 cores. web browsing CPU: 2C1 CPU: 2C CPU: 4C1 CPU: 4C CPU: 4C+MT or 6C1 RAM: 2GB RAM: 4GB RAM: 6GB RAM: 8GB RAM: 8 GB Mixed productivity plus some video CPU: 2C CPU: 2C CPU: 4C CPU: 4C+MT or 6C1 CPU: 4C+MT or 6C RAM: 2GB RAM: 4GB RAM: 6GB RAM: 8GB RAM: 8 GB Media intensive2 productivity plus frequent video CPU: 2C CPU: 4C CPU: 4C+MT or 6C CPU: 4C+MT or 6C CPU: 4C+MT or 8C RAM: 2GB RAM: 4GB RAM: 6GB RAM: 8GB RAM: 8 GB .System Hardware Guidelines Session-based virtual desktops Application scenario Up to 4 stations 5-6 stations 7-10 stations 11-14 stations 15-20 stations Productivity Office.264 video at its native resolution 3 .Video testing was performed using 360p H. 4C = 4 cores. or equivalent technology for RDP. 6C = 6 cores.RemoteFX. is required when 15—20 remotely connected thin clients running full motion video within their session 1 2 www.

com D .E N Thank you ! www.centerm.