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Newspapers in Microform - Title List

The UMI® Newspapers in Microform Title List is a comprehensive guide to US and international
newspapers in microform offered by UMI.

Availability subject to change. Please allow additional delivery time for newspapers with an asterisks * after the title name.
Subjects have been assigned to some of the newspapers based on geography and the Library of Congress subject headings.
Please note that date ranges do not indicate any missing years and incomplete runs. Only the dates of the earliest and latest
issues available are posted. Please inquire about availability.
800.521.0600 ext.2793 or 734.761.4700 ext. 2793

sive guide to US and international
by UMI.

s with an asterisks * after the title name.
d the Library of Congress subject headings.
ns. Only the dates of the earliest and latest
Tips for Searching: This worksheet has a "filter" row. Simply click on an arrow in the filter
down menu to select only the titles of interest. You may narrow a search by several categ
Country, then filter by Start Date. For more information about using the filter capability, p
then search for "About Filtering." Availability of titles on this list subject to change. See a
of this file.

NRP-575 Afghan Mellat* Kabul Kabul

NRP-576 Afghan Vulus* Kabul Kabul

NRP-574 Afghan* Kabul Kabul

NRP-577 Anis* Kabul Kabul

NRP-578 Aphkara* Kabul Kabul

NRP-579 Djabkhi Melli* Kabul Kabul

NRP-580 Djumkhuriat* Kabul Kabul

NRP-581 D'saur D'enkelab Nakikat* Kabul Kabul

NRP-582 Iktisad* Kabul Kabul

NRP-583 Ittikade Melli* Kabul Kabul
NRP-584 Karvan* Kabul Kabul

NRP-585 Khadaph* Kabul Kabul

NRP-586 Khakhikhate Enkelabe Saur* Kabul Kabul

NRP-587 Khivad* Kabul Kabul

NRP-588 Mossavat* Kabul Kabul

NRP-589 Nedaie Khak* Kabul Kabul

NRP-590 P* Kabul Kabul

NRP-591 Pamir* Kabul Kabul

NRP-592 Parcham* Kabul Kabul

NRP-593 Peiamme Wedjdan* Kabul Kabul

NRP-594 Peikar* Kabul Kabul

NRP-595 Ruschar* Kabul Kabul
NRP-596 Saba* Kabul Kabul

NRP-597 Sepidedam* Kabul Kabul

NRP-598 Tardjuman* Kabul Kabul

NRP-599 Ulus* Kabul Kabul

NRP-600 Vatan* Kabul Kabul

NRP-601 Vranga* Kabul Kabul

NRP-602 Zerai* Kabul Kabul

NRP-612 Tolue Afghan* Kandahar Kandahar

NRP-570 Mashraki Ittikad* Jalalabad Nangarhar

NRP-1816 Gazeta zyrtare Tirana

Gazeta zyrtare e Republikes
NRP-1817 Tirana
Popullore te Shoiperise

BritishLib9 al-Mubashshir* Algiers Algiers

BL Antigua Magnet* St. Johns
BL Antigua News Notes* St. Johns
BL Antigua Observer* St. Johns

BL Antigua Star* St. Johns

BL Sun* St. Johns

NA-49 Workers Voice* St. John's

al-'Alam al-'Uthmani (La
BritishLib32 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
Bandera Otomana)*

BritishLib33 al-Mursal (El Misionero)* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

al-Zaman (Azzaman/La
BritishLib34 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL Análisis (Pulso)* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL Argentine Weekly* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Herald Illustrated
BL Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
(Weekly Edition)*

NA-19 Di Idishe tsaytung* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL El Mundo* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL Gaceta de Buenos Aires* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL Gaceta del foro* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

68844 Gazeta de Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL Glas Sv. Autuna* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL Hatikva* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL Hrvatska gruda* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

NA-20 Israel* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

MP34 Juedische Wochenschau* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL La Nación* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
60194 La Prensa Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
BL Mensajero argentino* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL Nash klich* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

NA-21 Nasha strana* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL Ovid Horizonte* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL River Plate Observer* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL Standard & River Plate News* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL Tierra Vasca* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL Weekly Standard* Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

BL El Tiempo de Cuyo* Mendoza Mendoza

BritishLib85 al-Watan* Tucuman Tucuman

Aleksandropol (now
NRP-175 Akhurian Shirak
called Gyumri)

Aleksandropol (now
NRP-176 Gavari dzayn Shirak
called Gyumri)

Aleksandropol (now
NRP-177 Zhayr Shirak
called Gyumri)

NRP-530 Rabochii i soldat Gyumri Shirak

NRP-2194 Avrig Yerevan Yerevan

61048 Golos Armenii Yerevan Yerevan

NRP-2195 Nor mamul Yerevan Yerevan
NRP-2196 Psak Yerevan Yerevan
Pascoe-2 Australian Financial Review* Sydney New South Wales
Pascoe-3 Australian* Sydney New South Wales

Pascoe-4 Courier Mail* Brisbane Queensland
BritishLib90 South Australian
Zeitschrift Chronicle*
des berg-und Adelaide South Australia
BL huettenmaennischen Vereines Klagenfurt Carinthia
NRP-2151 fuer
Der Kaernten*
Dorfbote Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria
NRP-2152 Der Unabhaengige Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria
Deutsches Volksblatt [a.k.a.
NRP-2153 Wiener Neustaedter Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

NRP-2154 Die Wahrheit Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

NRP-2155 Gemeindeblatt Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

NRP-2156 Gleichheit Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

NRP-2157 Halboffizielle Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

Neostadia. Fortsetzung : Die
NRP-2158 Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

NRP-2159 Wiener Neustaedter Anzeiger Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

Wiener Neustaedter
NRP-2160 Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

Wiener Neustaedter
NRP-2161 Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

Wiener Neustaedter Lokal
NRP-2162 Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

Wiener Neustaedter
NRP-2163 Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

Wiener Neustaedter
NRP-2164 Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

NRP-2165 Wiener Neustaedter Tagblatt Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

Wiener Neustaedter
NRP-2166 Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria
Wiener Neustaedter
NRP-2167 Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

Wiener Neustaedter
NRP-2168 Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria

NRP-1507 Salzburger Nachrichten Salzburg Salzburg

Montan-Zeitung für Oesterreich-
BL Graz Styria
Ungarn, und die Balkanländer*

NRP-1923 Aesthetische Rundschau Vienna Vienna

BL Allgemeine Automobil-Zeitung* Vienna Vienna

Allgemeine Slawische
NRP-1924 Vienna Vienna

NRP-1925 Allgemeine Sport-Zeitung Vienna Vienna

NRP-1926 Allgemeine Volkszeitung Vienna Vienna

Allgemeine Volkszeitung,
NRP-1927 Vienna Vienna

Allgemeine Volkszeitung,
NRP-1928 Vienna Vienna

Amtliches Cursblatt der
NRP-1929 Vienna Vienna
Wiener Boerse

Amtliches Kursblatt der Wiener
BL Vienna Vienna

NRP-1930 Arbeiterblatt Vienna Vienna

Arbeiterinnen-Zeitung [a.k.a.
NRP-1931 Vienna Vienna
Die Frau, after 1926]
NRP-1932 Arbeiterzeitung Vienna Vienna

AZ am Abend
NRP-1933 Vienna Vienna

B'nai B'rith Mitteilungen fuer
MP60 Vienna Vienna

NRP-1934 British Morning News Vienna Vienna

Centralblatt für die oesterr. -
BL Vienna Vienna
ungar. Papierindustrie*

Central-blatt für Glas-Industrie
BL Vienna Vienna
und Keramik*

Centralblatt für Maschinen
BL Vienna Vienna
Industrie und Eisengiesserei*

BL Daily News Review* Vienna Vienna

BL Das Kleine Volksblatt* Vienna Vienna

NRP-1935 Das Welttheater Vienna Vienna

NRP-1936 Delnicke Listy Vienna Vienna

NRP-1937 Der Adler Vienna Vienna

NRP-1938 Der Anschluss Vienna Vienna
NRP-1939 Der Atheist Vienna Vienna

NRP-1940 Der Bund Vienna Vienna

NRP-1941 Der Eisbaer Vienna Vienna

NRP-1942 Der Filmbote Vienna Vienna

NRP-1943 Der Idealist Vienna Vienna

NRP-1944 Der Kampfruf Vienna Vienna

NRP-1945 Der Kinobesitzer Vienna Vienna

NRP-1946 Der Morgen Vienna Vienna

Der niederoesterreichische
NRP-1947 Vienna Vienna

BL Der Oesterreichische Volkswirt* Vienna Vienna

Der Österreichische Arbeiter und
BL Vienna Vienna

NRP-1948 Der Sozialist Vienna Vienna

NRP-1949 Der Wanderer Vienna Vienna

NRP-1950 Der Weckruf Vienna Vienna
Der Wiener Michel gerad und
glatt weg [a.k.a. Der gerade
NRP-1951 Michel; Der Gerade Michel Vienna Vienna
fuer Jeden Stand, fuer jedes
NRP-1952 Deutsche Worte Vienna Vienna

NRP-1953 Deutsche Zeitung Vienna Vienna

NRP-1954 Deutsches Volksblatt Vienna Vienna

BL Deutsches Volksblatt* Vienna Vienna

NRP-1955 Die Filmwelt Vienna Vienna

NRP-1956 Die Gegenwart Vienna Vienna

NRP-1957 Die Kinowoche Vienna Vienna

NRP-1958 Die moderne Welt Vienna Vienna

NRP-1959 Die neue Filmwoche Vienna Vienna

BL Die neuesten Erfindungen, etc.* Vienna Vienna
NRP-1960 Die Neuzeit Vienna Vienna
MP61 Die Presse* Vienna Vienna

NRP-1961 Die rote Fahne Vienna Vienna

NRP-1962 Die Zeit Vienna Vienna
BL Die Zeit* Vienna Vienna

NRP-1963 Die Zukunft Vienna Vienna

Dr. Bloch's oesterreichische
NRP-1964 Vienna Vienna

NRP-1965 Dramagraphische Woche Vienna Vienna

NRP-1966 Fremdenblatt Vienna Vienna

Hilfsverein fuer die
NRP-1967 Notleidende Juedische Vienna Vienna
Bevoelkerung in Galizien

NRP-1968 Illustriertes Wiener Extrablatt Vienna Vienna

NRP-1969 Vienna Vienna
Lehranstalt. Jahresbericht

Jahresbericht der Israelitisch-
NRP-1970 Theologischen Lehranstalt in Vienna Vienna

Journal von auswaertigen
NRP-1971 Vienna Vienna
und deutschen Theatern

MP62 Juedische Front* Vienna Vienna

MP63 Juedische Front* Vienna Vienna

MP64 Juedische Presse* Vienna Vienna
NRP-1972 Juristische Zeitung Vienna Vienna

Kalender und Jahrbuch fuer
NRP-1973 Vienna Vienna

NRP-1974 Kathpress Vienna Vienna

NRP-1975 Kikeriki Vienna Vienna

NRP-1976 Vienna Vienna

NRP-1977 Kinomusik Vienna Vienna

NRP-1978 Kleine Wiener Kriegszeitung Vienna Vienna

NRP-1979 Kuckuck Vienna Vienna

NRP-1980 Kunst Vienna Vienna

NRP-1981 Kurier, Steiermark Ausgabe Vienna Vienna

NRP-1982 Licht-Bild-Theater Vienna Vienna

Mitteilungen der Oesterreich-
NRP-1983 Vienna Vienna
Ungarischen Kinoindustrie
Mittheilungen der k.k.
Centralkommission zur
NRP-1984 Erforschung und Erhaltung Vienna Vienna
der Baudenkmale
NRP-1985 Narodni noviny Vienna Vienna

NRP-1986 Neu ankommender Kurier Vienna Vienna

NRP-1987 Neue Freie Presse Vienna Vienna

NRP-1988 Neues Oesterreich Vienna Vienna

NRP-1989 Neues Sportblatt Vienna Vienna

NRP-1990 Neues Wiener Extrablatt Vienna Vienna

NRP-1991 Neues Wiener Journal Vienna Vienna

NRP-1992 Neues Wiener Tagblatt Vienna Vienna

Oesterreichische Kronen
NRP-1993 Vienna Vienna

Oesterreichische Tanzlehrer-
NRP-1994 Vienna Vienna

NRP-1995 Vienna Vienna

NRP-1996 Vienna Vienna

BL Vienna Vienna
NRP-1997 Vienna Vienna

BL Österreichische Zeitung* Vienna Vienna

NRP-1998 Ostmark Vienna Vienna

NRP-1999 Pathe-Woche Vienna Vienna
NRP-2000 Politischer Studenten-Courier Vienna Vienna

NRP-2001 Reichspost Vienna Vienna

NRP-2026 Ruthenische revue Vienna Vienna

NRP-2002 Vienna Vienna

NRP-2003 Staats- und Stands-Calender Vienna Vienna

Theater-und Kinowoche,
NRP-2004 Vienna Vienna
Theater-und Musikwoche

NRP-2005 Ukrainische Nachrichten Vienna Vienna

NRP-2027 Ukrainische Nachrichten Vienna Vienna

NRP-2028 Ukrainische Rundschau Vienna Vienna

NRP-2029 Ukrainische Rundschau Vienna Vienna

NRP-2030 Vienna Vienna
Vaterlaendische Front, [fuer]
NRP-2006 Vienna Vienna

Verein zur Befoerderung der
NRP-2007 Handwerke unter den Vienna Vienna
inlaendischen Israelitischer

NRP-2008 Vestnik [Vistnyk] Vienna Vienna

NRP-2009 Voelkischer Beobachter Vienna Vienna

NRP-2010 Volia Ukra‹ny Vienna Vienna

NRP-2011 Volkspresse Vienna Vienna

NRP-2012 Volksstimme Vienna Vienna

NRP-2013 Volkswille Vienna Vienna

NRP-2014 Vorwaerts Vienna Vienna

NRP-2015 Wahrheit Vienna Vienna

Waldheim's Illustrierte
NRP-2016 Vienna Vienna
Waldheim's Illustrierte
NRP-2017 Vienna Vienna
BL Welt am Montag* Vienna Vienna

BL Weltpresse* Vienna Vienna

BL Wiener allgemeine Zeitung* Vienna Vienna
NRP-2018 Wiener Kurier Vienna Vienna

Wiener Landwirtschaftliche
NRP-2019 Vienna Vienna

NRP-2020 Wiener Mittagspost Vienna Vienna

NRP-2021 Wiener Montag Vienna Vienna

NRP-2022 Wiener Morgenzeitung Vienna Vienna

NRP-2023 Wiener Stimmen Vienna Vienna

NRP-2024 Wiener Student Vienna Vienna

BL Wiener Tageszeitung* Vienna Vienna

Wiener Weltausstellungs-
NRP-2025 Vienna Vienna

9009 Wiener Zeitung Vienna Vienna

BL Zeitschrift für Elektrotechnik* Vienna Vienna

MP65 Zionistische Rundschau* Vienna Vienna
Oesterreichische Forst-und
NRP-2031 Vienna Vienna

NRP-2032 Slawisches Tagblatt Vienna Vienna

Allergnaedigst privilegierte
NRP-2033 Vienna, Ghelen Vienna

NRP-2034 Figaro Vienna, Graz Vienna

Kronen Zeitung [Steirer
NRP-2035 Krone. Ausgabe fuer Vienna, Graz Vienna

NRP-2036 Werkruf Vienna, Steyr Vienna

Vienna, Stuttgart,
NRP-2037 Allgemeine Frauenzeitung Vienna

NRP-223 Arev Baku

67869 Baku
Rabochy (Baku)

NRP-224 Bagvi dzayn Baku

61045 Bakinskii Rabochii Baku
NRP-226 Basiret Baku
NRP-227 Borhan-I Taraqqi Baku

NRP-228 Gunes Baku

NRP-229 Haqiqat Baku
NRP-230 Hayat Baku

NRP-231 Iqbal Baku

NRP-232 Iqdam Baku

NRP-233 Irshad Baku

NRP-2224 Kaspii Baku

NRP-234 Makteb Baku

NRP-225 Molla Nasreddin Baku

NRP-235 Sada Baku

NRP-236 Sada-Ihaq Baku
NRP-237 Sada-Iqafgas Baku
NRP-238 Yeni Iqbal Baku

NRP-239 Yeni Iqdam Baku

NRP-240 Azerbajdzhanskie Izvestiia Baku

NRP-241 Bakinskii proletarii Baku

NRP-242 Bakinskii rabochii Baku

NRP-243 Bakinskii rabochii Baku

NRP-244 Bakinskii rabochii Baku

NRP-245 Baku Baku

NRP-246 Gudok Baku

NRP-247 Kaspij Baku

NRP-248 Narodnaia svoboda Baku

NRP-249 Volna Baku

NRP-250 Vyshka Baku

NRP-251 Znamia truda Baku
Elisavetpol'skii garnizonnyi
NRP-527 Gyandzha
Sovet soldatskikh deputatov
NRP-528 Polit-Boets Gyandzha

NRP-529 Tekuschii moment Gyandzha

67633 Bahama Argus Nassau

67635 Bahama Herald Nassau

67636 Grand Bahama Tribune Nassau
68598 News Nassau
NRP-1198 Official Gazette Nassau
Royal Gazette & Bahama
67639 Nassau
67640 Times Nassau
BL Watchman* Nassau
BL Barbados Agricultural Reporter* Bridgetown
Barbados Globe & Colonial
BL Bridgetown
BL Barbados Recorder* Bridgetown

BL Barbados Standard* Bridgetown

BL Barbados Times* Bridgetown
BL Torch* Bridgetown
BL Truth* Bridgetown
BL Weekly Illustrated Paper* Bridgetown

BL Weekly Recorder* Bridgetown

BL West Indian* Bridgetown

NRP-257 Baranovitsher kuryer Baranowicze Brest Voblast

NRP-367 Zaria Brest Brest Voblast

NRP-1441 Pruzaner Sztime Pruzany Brest Voblast
Gomel' (also called
NRP-514 Put' sovetov Homyel Voblast
Grodno (also called
NRP-519 Grodnenskaia pravda Hrodna Voblast
Grodnenskie Gubernskie Grodno (also called
NRP-517 Hrodna Voblast
vedomosti Hrodna)
Grodno (also called
NRP-518 Grodnoer Zeitung Hrodna Voblast
Izvestiia Mogilevskogo gub.
ispolnitel'nogo kom. Sovetov Mohylev (also called
NRP-1047 Mahilyow Voblast
krest'ianskikh, soldatskikh i Mahilyow or Mogilev)
rabochikh deputatov
Mohylev (also called
NRP-1048 Krasnoarmeets Mahilyow Voblast
Mahilyow or Mogilev)
Mogilevskie eparkhial'nie Mohylev (also called
NRP-1049 Mahilyow Voblast
vedomosti Mahilyow or Mogilev)

Mogilevskie Gubernskie Mohylev (also called
NRP-1050 Mahilyow Voblast
vedomosti Mahilyow or Mogilev)

NRP-1018 Belarus Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1019 Belarusskaia krynica Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1020 Golas Belarusa Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1021 Krynica Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1022 Literatura i matatstva Minsk Minsk Voblast
Minskie Gubernskie
NRP-1027 Minsk Minsk Voblast
NRP-1023 Nasha niva Minsk Minsk Voblast
NRP-1024 Svaboda Minsk Minsk Voblast
NRP-1025 Volnaia Belarus Minsk Minsk Voblast
NRP-1026 Zmaganne Minsk Minsk Voblast
NRP-1028 Belaruskae zhyts'tse
Izvestiia Minskogo Soveta Minsk Minsk Voblast
NRP-1029 rabochikh i soldatskikh Minsk Minsk Voblast
NRP-1030 deputatov
Kolkhoznaia Pravda Minsk Minsk Voblast
NRP-1031 Minskaia gazeta Minsk Minsk Voblast
Minskie eparkhial'nye
NRP-1032 Minsk Minsk Voblast
NRP-1033 Molot Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1034 Poiner Belorusi Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1035 Severo-Zapadnyi kraj Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1036 Sovetskaia Belorusiia Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1037 Tovarisch Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1038 Vechernii Minsk Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1039 Vserossiiskii zemskii soiuz Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1040 Za leninskiia kadry Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1041 Za proletarskiia kadry Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1042 Znamia iunosti Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1043 Zor'ka Minsk Minsk Voblast

NRP-1044 Zviazda Minsk Minsk Voblast
NRP-1310 Orshanskii uezd Orsha Vitebsk Oblast
Vitebskie Gubernskie
NRP-2063 Vitebsk Vitebsk Oblast
NRP-2064 K oruzhiyu Vitebsk Vitebsk Oblast

NRP-370 Moniteur Belge Brussels

60627 Wall Street Journal Europe Brussels

BL Belize Advertiser* Belize City

BL Belize Billboard* Belize City

BL Belize Independent* Belize City

BL Belize Times* Belize City

BL Clarion (Daily Clarion)* Belize City

BL Colonial Guardian* Belize City

NRP-285 Belize Government Gazette Belmopan
NRP-1405 Journal Officiel Porto-Novo
BL Bermuda Colonist* Hamilton
BL Bermuda Mid-Ocean News* Hamilton

BL Bermuda News Pictorial* Hamilton

BL Bermuda Recorder* Hamilton

BL Bermuda Sun Weekly* Hamilton

67645 Royal Gazette Hamilton

BL Royal Gazette Weekly* Hamilton

NRP-824 Gaceta Oficial La Paz

NRP-1523 Bosnjak Sarajevo
NRP-1524 Musavat Sarajevo
NRP-1525 Sarajevski list Sarajevo

NRP-1526 Vrhbosna katolickoj prosvjeti Sarajevo

NRP-1527 Zeman Sarajevo

NRP-502 Government Gazette Gaborone

BritishLib65 al-Siham (Asseham)* Manaus Amazonas

BL Pratsya Pracia* Prudentopolis Paraná

NRP-1485 Brazilyaner idishe prese Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro

BL Jornal de Letras* Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro

68999 Rio News Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro

BL Ukrainsky Khliborob* São Paulo São Paulo

BL Wileman's Brazilian Review* São Paulo São Paulo

NRP-254 Warta kerajaan negeri Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan

NRP-1558 Standart Sofia

NRP-1559 Bedniashka duma Sofia

NRP-1560 Globus' Sofia

NRP-1561 Ikonomicheski vesti Sofia

NRP-1562 Nauchnaia mysl' Sofia

NRP-1563 Pogled' Sofia

NRP-1564 Politika Sofia

NRP-1565 Rabotnicheskaia pomosch' Sofia

NRP-1566 Rabotnicheskoe delo Sofia

NRP-1567 Radikal Sofia

NRP-1568 Selski v'stnik Sofia
NRP-1569 Sotsialisticheska mladezh' Sofia
NRP-1570 Sotsialisticheska tribuna Sofia

NRP-1571 Studentsko zname Sofia

NRP-1572 Svoboda Sofia

NRP-1573 Tribuna Sofia

NRP-1574 Yeni isik Sofia
Zemlidelsko mladezhno
NRP-1575 Sofia
NRP-387 Bulletin Officiel du Burundi Bujumbura
Bulletin Quotidien
67655 Phnom Penh
Journal Officiel de la
68832 Phnom Penh
Republique Khmere
67656 Presse Phnom Penh

61142 Realites Cambodgiennes Phnom Penh

ACRPP22 Kambuja Suriya* Phnom Penh

69354 Khmaer ekarajy Phnom Penh

69352 Koh santibhab Phnom Penh

ACRPP23 Le Petit Cambodgien* Phnom Penh

69353 Nagar Dham Phnom Penh

69119 Prociaciat Phnom Penh
Journal Officiel de la
NRP-2190 Republique Federale du Yaounde
BL Cameroun
Calgary Daily Herald* Calgary Alberta
BritishLib Morning Albertan* Calgary Alberta
BL Provincial Standard* Calgary Alberta
BritishLib Weekly Herald (The)* Calgary Alberta
Western Standard Illustrated
BL Calgary Alberta
BritishLib Edmonton Bulletin (The)* Edmonton Alberta
BL Evening Bulletin* Edmonton Alberta
BritishLib Evening Journal (The)* Edmonton Alberta
BL Morning Bulletin* Edmonton Alberta
BL Ukrainski visti* Edmonton Alberta
AMMSA : Aboriginal Multi-
32556 Edmonton Alberta
Media Society of Alberta
32556.01 Windspeaker Edmonton Alberta
BL Times* Medicine Hat Alberta

BL Cowichan Leader* Duncan British Columbia

BL Daily Herald* Nanaimo British Columbia

BritishLib Nanaimo Gazette (The)* Nanaimo British Columbia

BL Daily News* Nelson British Columbia

BritishLib Miner (The)* Nelson British Columbia

BritishLib Nelson Weekly Miner* Nelson British Columbia

BritishLib Weekly News (The)* Nelson British Columbia

BritishLib Ledge (The)* New Denver British Columbia

BL British Columbian* New Westminster British Columbia

BL Mainland Guardian* New Westminster British Columbia

New Westminster Times
BritishLib New Westminster British Columbia
North Pacific Times, and
BritishLib New Westminster British Columbia
British Columbian Advertiser
BL Weekly Columbian* New Westminster British Columbia

BL Daily News* Prince Rupert British Columbia

BL Rossland Miner* Rossland British Columbia

BritishLib Rossland Weekly Miner* Rossland British Columbia

BritishLib Slocan Prospector* Three Forks British Columbia

BL B.C. Mining Exchange* Vancouver British Columbia

British Columbia Financial
BL Vancouver British Columbia
BL Daily News Advertiser* Vancouver British Columbia

68649 Georgia Straight Vancouver British Columbia
BritishLib Mining Tit-Bits* Vancouver British Columbia

BritishLib Province (The)* Vancouver British Columbia

BritishLib Vancouver Advertiser (The)* Vancouver British Columbia

BritishLib Vancouver Daily Advertiser* Vancouver British Columbia

Vancouver Daily Province
BritishLib Vancouver British Columbia

BritishLib Vancouver Daily World* Vancouver British Columbia
BritishLib Vancouver News (The)* Vancouver British Columbia
Vancouver News and Daily
BritishLib Vancouver British Columbia
Advertiser (The)*

BritishLib Vancouver Weekly World* Vancouver British Columbia

BritishLib Vancouver World (The)* Vancouver British Columbia
BL Western Lumberman* Vancouver British Columbia
Where to go - Vancouver's
BritishLib Vancouver British Columbia
weekly guide*

BritishLib World (The)* Vancouver British Columbia

World Journal - Vancouver
NRP-1906 Vancouver British Columbia
Shih chieh jih pao Vancouver
70108 Vancouver British Columbia

BL British Daily Colonist* Victoria British Columbia

BritishLib Evening Express* Victoria British Columbia

BritishLib Semi-Weekly Colonist (The)* Victoria British Columbia
Vancouver Daily Evening
BritishLib Victoria British Columbia
Post (The)*
Vancouver Times (The) -
BritishLib (The Vancouver Times and Victoria British Columbia
Evening Express)*
BL Victoria British Colonist* Victoria British Columbia

BritishLib Victoria Daily Chronicle* Victoria British Columbia
Victoria Daily Standard (The)*
BritishLib Victoria British Columbia

BritishLib Victoria Times* Victoria British Columbia
BritishLib Victoria Weekly Chronicle* Victoria British Columbia
Victoria Weekly Colonist
BritishLib Victoria British Columbia
BritishLib Victoria Weekly Times* Victoria British Columbia

BritishLib Week (The)* Victoria British Columbia

Weekly British Colonist
BritishLib Victoria British Columbia

BritishLib Weekly Colonist (The)* Victoria British Columbia

BL Brandon Daily News* Brandon Manitoba
BL Brandon Weekly Sun* Brandon Manitoba
Northwest Vindicator, and
BritishLib Rapid City Manitoba
Rapid City Standard (The)*
BL St. Andrews Beacon* St. Andrews Manitoba
BL Canadian Finance* Winnipeg Manitoba
BL Colonist* Winnipeg Manitoba

BL Commercial* Winnipeg Manitoba

NRP-2173 Der Keneder id Winnipeg Manitoba

BL Hrvatski glas* Winnipeg Manitoba
NRP-2170 Kanadiiskii ranok Winnipeg Manitoba
BL Kanadiisky Farmer* Winnipeg Manitoba
BritishLib Manitoba Daily Free Press* Winnipeg Manitoba
Manitoba Morning Free
BritishLib Winnipeg Manitoba
Manitoba Semi-Weekly Free
BritishLib Winnipeg Manitoba
Manitoba Weekly Free Press*
BritishLib Winnipeg Manitoba
Manitoba Weekly Free Press*
BritishLib Winnipeg Manitoba
BritishLib Manitoban (The)* Winnipeg Manitoba

BritishLib Morning Telegram (The)* Winnipeg Manitoba

BritishLib New Nation (The)* Winnipeg Manitoba

BritishLib Nor'-West Farmer (The)* Winnipeg Manitoba

BritishLib Nor'-Wester (The)* Winnipeg Manitoba
Postup Progress: Ukrainian
BL Winnipeg Manitoba
Robitnytsia: illiustrovanyi
NRP-2171 Winnipeg Manitoba
BritishLib Sun (The)* Winnipeg Manitoba

BL Ukrainski holos* Winnipeg Manitoba
NRP-2172 Ukrayins'kyi holos Winnipeg Manitoba
Weekly Free Press and
BritishLib Winnipeg Manitoba
Prairie Farmer*
BritishLib Western World (The)* Winnipeg Manitoba

BritishLib Winnipeg Daily Times* Winnipeg Manitoba

BL Winnipeg Evening Tribune* Winnipeg Manitoba

BritishLib Winnipeg Telegram (The)* Winnipeg Manitoba

BL Daily Gleaner* Fredericton New Brunswick

New Brunswick Reporter and
BritishLib Fredericton New Brunswick
Fredericton Advertiser (The)*

BritishLib Royal Gazette (The)* Fredericton New Brunswick

Sentinel and New Brunswick
BritishLib Fredericton New Brunswick
General Advertiser
Gleaner, and(The)*
Northumberland, Kent,
BritishLib Miramichi New Brunswick
Gloucester, and Restigouche
BritishLib Mercury (The)*
Schediasma (The)* Miramichi New Brunswick
BritishLib Union Advocate (The)* Newcastle New Brunswick

Provincialist, or Charlotte
BritishLib St. Andrews New Brunswick
County Advertiser (The)*

BritishLib Standard (The)* St. Andrews New Brunswick

BritishLib Daily Telegraph (The)* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib Evening Telegraph (The)* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib Leader (The)* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib Morning Telegraph (The)* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib New-Brunswicker (The)* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib News (The)* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib Quip* St. John New Brunswick
BritishLib Saint John Daily News* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib Saint John Globe* St. John New Brunswick

Semi-Weekly Telegraph
BritishLib St. John New Brunswick
BritishLib St. John Chronicle* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib St. John Semi-Weekly Sun* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib St. John Weekly Sun (The)* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib Sun (The)* - (Daily)* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib Weekly Globe (The)** St. John New Brunswick
BritishLib Weekly Sun (The)* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib Weekly Telegraph (The)* St. John New Brunswick

BritishLib Times (The)* Woodstock New Brunswick
Harbor Grace Standard and
Conception Bay Advertiser
BritishLib Harbour Grace Newfoundland
(The)* - (Harbor Grace
BL Daily News* St. John's Newfoundland
BritishLib Evening Herald (The)* St. John's Newfoundland

BL Evening Mercury* St. John's Newfoundland

BritishLib Evening Mercury* St. John's Newfoundland

BritishLib Evening Telegram (The)* St. John's Newfoundland
BritishLib Free Press (The)* St. John's Newfoundland

BritishLib Morning Chronicle (The)* St. John's Newfoundland

BL Morning Freeman* St. John's Newfoundland

BL Morning News* St. John's Newfoundland

Morning Post, and Shipping
BritishLib St. John's Newfoundland
Gazette (The)*
Newfoundland Indicator
BritishLib St. John's Newfoundland
BritishLib Newfoundlander (The)* St. John's Newfoundland
North Star, and St. John's,
BritishLib St. John's Newfoundland
Newfoundland, News*
BritishLib Our Country* St. John's Newfoundland
Patriot and Terrá-Nove
BritishLib St. John's Newfoundland
Herald (The)*
BL PublicPatriot*
Ledger, and St. John's Newfoundland
BritishLib Newfoundland and and
Royal Gazette General St. John's Newfoundland
BritishLib Advertiser (The)*
Newfoundland Advertiser St. John's Newfoundland
BritishLib St. John's Newfoundland
BL Semi-Weekly Telegraph* St. John's Newfoundland

St. John Daily Telegraph and
BL St. John's Newfoundland
Morning Journal*

BL St. John Weekly Freeman* St. John's Newfoundland

BL St. John's Daily Star* St. John's Newfoundland

BL Sun* St. John's Newfoundland
Times & General Commercial
BL St. John's Newfoundland
Times and General
BritishLib St. John's Newfoundland
Commercial Gazette (The)*
BL Weekly Sun* St. John's Newfoundland
BritishLib Free Press (The)* Bridgetown Nova Scotia
BL Acadian Recorder* Halifax Nova Scotia
Critic (Canadian Colliery
BL Halifax Nova Scotia
Evening Express, and
BritishLib Commercial Record (Evening Halifax Nova Scotia

BL Evening Mail* Halifax Nova Scotia

BL Halifax Citizen* Halifax Nova Scotia
Halifax Evening Reporter and
BritishLib Halifax Nova Scotia
Daily and Tri-Weekly Times*
BritishLib Halifax Herald (The)* Halifax Nova Scotia
BritishLib Halifax Sun (The)* Halifax Nova Scotia

BritishLib Mining Gazette (The)* Halifax Nova Scotia

BritishLib Morning Chronicle (The)* Halifax Nova Scotia

BritishLib Morning Herald (The)* Halifax Nova Scotia

BritishLib Morning Herald (The)* Halifax Nova Scotia
Morning Herald (The)* - [Tri-
BritishLib Halifax Nova Scotia
weekly edition]
BL Nova Scotia Gazette* Halifax Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Gazette; and the
BritishLib Halifax Nova Scotia
Weekly Chronicle (The)*
BritishLib Nova Scotian (The)* Halifax Nova Scotia
Nova Scotian and Weekly
BritishLib Halifax Nova Scotia
Chronicle (The)*
Nova Scotian and Weekly
BritishLib Halifax Nova Scotia
BritishLib Nova-Scotia Gazette (The)* Halifax Nova Scotia
Nova-Scotia Royal Gazette
BritishLib Halifax Nova Scotia

Novascotian and Weekly
BL Halifax Nova Scotia

Novascotian, or Colonial
BritishLib Halifax Nova Scotia
Herald (The)*
BritishLib Presbyterian Witness - Extra* Halifax Nova Scotia
BritishLib Times (The)* Halifax Nova Scotia
BritishLib Tri-Weekly Herald (The)* Halifax Nova Scotia
Weekly Chronicle and Nova
BritishLib Halifax Nova Scotia
Scotian (The)*
BritishLib Weekly Citizen (The)* Halifax Nova Scotia

BritishLib Wesleyan (The)* Halifax Nova Scotia
BritishLib Western Chronicle (The)* Kentville Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Packet and
BritishLib Shelburne Nova Scotia
General Advertiser (The)*
Royal American Gazette
BritishLib Shelburne Nova Scotia
BritishLib Mac-Talla* Sydney Nova Scotia
BL Sidney and Islands Review* Sydney Nova Scotia

BL Daily Intelligencer* Belleville Ontario

Weekly Ontario and Bay of
BL Belleville Ontario
Quinte Chronicle*
BL Courier* Bradford Ontario
BritishLib Kent Advertiser (The)* Chatham Ontario

BL Cochrane Northern Post* Cochrane Ontario
Fort William (now
BL Daily Times - Journal* Ontario
called Thunder Bay)
BL Goderich Star* Goderich Ontario

BritishLib Daily Spectator (The)* Hamilton Ontario
BL Daily Spectator* Hamilton Ontario
BritishLib Evening Times (The)* Hamilton Ontario
Hamilton Daily Spectator
BritishLib Hamilton Ontario
BL Hamilton Daily Times* Hamilton Ontario
BL Hamilton Herald* Hamilton Ontario
BritishLib Hamilton Spectator (The)* Hamilton Ontario
Hamilton Spectator and
BritishLib Hamilton Ontario
Journal of Commerce*
Semi-Weekly Spectator
BritishLib Hamilton Ontario
BritishLib Spectator (The)* Hamilton Ontario
BritishLib Weekly Spectator* Hamilton Ontario
Ingersoll Chronicle and
BritishLib County of Oxford Intelligencer Ingersoll Ontario
BritishLib Iroquois Chief (The)* Iroquois Ontario

BL Daily British Whig* Kingston Ontario

BL Daily Standard* Kingston Ontario

BritishLib Daily Whig (The)* Kingston Ontario

BL Kingston Whig-Standard* Kingston Ontario
BL Daily Telegraph* Kitchener Ontario
Farmer's Advocate and Home
BritishLib London Ontario
Magazine (The)*
BritishLib Free Press (The)* London Ontario

BritishLib London Advertiser (The)* London Ontario
London Evening Advertiser
BritishLib London Ontario
London Prototype and Daily
BritishLib London Ontario
Western Advocate (The)*
BritishLib Index (The)* Newburgh Ontario

BL Anglo-Saxon* Ottawa Ontario

NRP-1315 Canada Gazette Ottawa Ontario

BritishLib Evening Citizen (The)* Ottawa Ontario

BritishLib Evening Journal (The)* Ottawa Ontario

BritishLib Morning Citizen* Ottawa Ontario

BritishLib Ottawa Citizen (The)* Ottawa Ontario

Ottawa Citizen (The)* - [Daily
BritishLib Ottawa Ontario
Ottawa Citizen (The)* -
BritishLib Ottawa Ontario
[Weekly Edition]
BritishLib Ottawa Daily Citizen (The)* Ottawa Ontario

BritishLib Ottawa Free Press* Ottawa Ontario
BritishLib Ottawa Times (The)* Ottawa Ontario

BL Semi-Weekly Citizen* Ottawa Ontario

BritishLib Times (The)* Ottawa Ontario
BritishLib Twice-a-week Citizen (The)* Ottawa Ontario
BritishLib Union (The)* Ottawa Ontario
Petrolia Advertiser and
BritishLib Petrolia Ontario
WesternOil Herald,
Journal and
BritishLib Sandwich Ontario
Farmers' Magazine*
BL Porcupine Advance* Timmins Ontario

BritishLib A paper for the Home* Toronto Ontario

BL Batkivschchina* Toronto Ontario
BL Belaruski golas* Toronto Ontario
BL Board of Trade News* Toronto Ontario
Bookseller & Stationer and
BL Toronto Ontario
BL Toronto Ontario
BL Canadian Broadcaster* Toronto Ontario
BL CanadianElectrical
Canadian Countryman*
News Toronto Ontario
BL and Engineering Journal Toronto Ontario
BL Toronto Ontario
(Canadian Engineer Weekly)*
Canadian Life and
BL Toronto Ontario
Canadian Machinery &
BL Toronto Ontario
Canadian News*
Magazine of
BL Toronto Ontario
BL Canadian Municipal Journal* Toronto Ontario

BL Canadian Woodworker* Toronto Ontario

BL Daily Mail and Empire* Toronto Ontario
Ecclesiastical and Missionary
BritishLib Record for the Presbyterian Toronto Ontario
Echoes: of Canada (The)*
Organ of the
BL Imperial Order of the Toronto Ontario
Daughter of the Empire*

BL Economist* Toronto Ontario

Empire (The)* (Weekly
BritishLib Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Evening Globe* Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Evening Journal* Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Evening Leader (The)* Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Evening Mail (The)* Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Evening News (The)* Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Evening News (The)* Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Evening Star* Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Evening Telegram (The)* Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Farming World (The)* Toronto Ontario
Farming World and Canadian
BritishLib Toronto Ontario
Farm & Home (The)*
Farming World and The
BritishLib Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Fashions* Toronto Ontario

BL Financial Post of Canada* Toronto Ontario

Gas Journal of Canada
BritishLib Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Globe (The)* - Daily ed. Toronto Ontario

Globe (The)* - Tri-weekly
BritishLib Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Globe (The)* - Weekly edition Toronto Ontario

Globe and Canada Farmer
BritishLib Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Grip* Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Home News* Toronto Ontario

NRP-1825 Homin ukrayiny Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Industrial Canada* Toronto Ontario
Journal des débats législatifs
BritishLib Toronto Ontario
et littéraires du Canada (Le)*
BritishLib Labour Advocate (The)* Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Leader (The)* - [Daily edition] Toronto Ontario

Leader (The)* Semi-weekly
BritishLib Toronto Ontario

MM1 Maclean's* Toronto Ontario

Metropolitan Fashions* -
BritishLib Toronto Ontario
[Canadian edition]
Monetary and Commercial
BritishLib Times, Insurance Chronicle Toronto Ontario
Monetary Times and Trade
BritishLib Review and Insurance Toronto Ontario
Chronicle (The)*

BritishLib News (The)* Toronto Ontario

NRP-1826 Northern Miner Toronto Ontario

BL Novy domov* Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Oddity* Toronto Ontario

BL Power House* Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Presbyterian (The)* Toronto Ontario

BL Railway and Shipping World* Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Scotsman (The)* Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Secular Thought* Toronto Ontario

Sentinel and Orange and
BritishLib Toronto Ontario
Protestant Advocate (The)*

BritishLib Sun (The)* Toronto Ontario

BL Teviskes Ziburiai* Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Toronto Daily Mail (The)* Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Toronto Daily Star (The)* Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Toronto Evening News* Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Toronto Morning News* Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Toronto Saturday Night* Toronto Ontario
68871 Toronto Star Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Toronto Weekly Mail (The)* Toronto Ontario
BritishLib Toronto World (The)* Toronto Ontario

BL Ukrainsky robitnik* Toronto Ontario

NRP-1827 Vestnik Toronto Ontario

NRP-1828 Vokhenblat Toronto Ontario
Week. (The)* - A Canadian
BritishLib journal of politics, literature, Toronto Ontario
Weekly Globeand
science andarts
BritishLib Toronto Ontario
Farmer (The)*
BritishLib Weekly Leader (The)* Toronto Ontario

BritishLib Weekly Mail (The)* Toronto Ontario

BL Weekly Telegraph* Toronto Ontario

BritishLib World (The)* Toronto Ontario
NRP-1829 Yidisher zshurnal Toronto Ontario
BL Evening Record* Windsor Ontario
BritishLib Times (The)* Woodstock Ontario
Prince Edward
BL Charlottetown Herald* Charlottetown
Examiner (The)* A weekly Island
Prince Edward
BritishLib journal of politics, literature, Charlottetown
and news
Prince Edward
BL Examiner* Charlottetown
Islander, or Prince Edward
Prince Edward
BritishLib Island Weekly Intelligencer Charlottetown
and Advertiser (The)* Prince Edward
BritishLib Patriot (The)* Charlottetown
Prince Edward
BritishLib Royal Gazette* Charlottetown
Weekly Examiner & Island Island
Prince Edward
BL Charlottetown
Argus* and Island
Weekly Examiner, Island
Prince Edward
BritishLib Charlottetown
Argus (The)* Island
Summerside Journal and Prince Edward
BritishLib Summerside
Western Pioneer* Island
Eastern Townships Gazette,
BritishLib and District of Bedford Granby Quebec
BL British News of Canada* Montreal Quebec

BL Canadian Business* Montreal Quebec

BL Canadian Century* Montreal Quebec

BL Canadian Illustrated News* Montreal Quebec

BL Canadian Mining Review* Montreal Quebec

BL Canadian Pictorial* Montreal Quebec

BL Daily Telegraph & Witness* Montreal Quebec
BritishLib Daily Witness* Montreal Quebec
BL Dimanche-matin* Montreal Quebec
Echo, and Protestant
BritishLib Montreal Quebec
Episcopal Recorder (The)*
BritishLib Evening Star (The)* Montreal Quebec
Family Herald and Weekly
BritishLib Montreal Quebec
Star, etc (The)*
BL Financial Times* Montreal Quebec

BritishLib Gazette (The)* Montreal Quebec
BritishLib Herald (The)* Montreal Quebec

BritishLib Irishman
Journal (The)*
of Commerce, Montreal Quebec
BritishLib Finance and Insurance Montreal Quebec
NRP-1053 Review
Odler Montreal Quebec

BL Le Devoir* Montreal Quebec
Minerve (La)* - Journal
BritishLib politique, littéraire, agricole, Montreal Quebec
BritishLib commercial et d'annonces
Montreal Daily Herald* Montreal Quebec

BL Montreal Daily Mail* Montreal Quebec

BritishLib Montreal Daily Star (The)* Montreal Quebec

BritishLib Montreal Gazette* Montreal Quebec
BritishLib Montreal Gazette* Montreal Quebec
BritishLib Montreal Herald (The)* Montreal Quebec

Montreal Herald Abstract
BritishLib Montreal Quebec
Montreal Herald and Daily
BritishLib Montreal Quebec
Montreal Gazette*
Transcript, and
BritishLib Montreal Quebec
Commercial Advertiser*
Montreal Transcript, and
BritishLib Montreal Quebec
General Advertiser*
Montreal Weekly Herald
BritishLib Montreal Quebec
BritishLib Montreal Weekly Herald* Montreal Quebec
Montreal Weekly Newspaper,
BritishLib Commercial Review and Montreal Quebec
Family Newspaper*
Montreal Witness,
BritishLib Commercial Review and Montreal Quebec
Family Newspaper*
Morning Courier for the
BritishLib Montreal Quebec
Country (The)*
BritishLib National (Le)* Montreal Quebec
BritishLib Office Paper (The)* Montreal Quebec
Opinion publique (L')* -
BritishLib Montreal Quebec
Journal illustré
BritishLib Presse (La)* Montreal Quebec
Shareholder (The)*- Banking,
BritishLib Montreal Quebec
insurance and manufactures
BL Soldiers' Gazette* Montreal Quebec

BritishLib Standard (The)* Montreal Quebec
BritishLib Star (The)* Montreal Quebec
Stenographer's and
BritishLib Typewriter's Companion Montreal Quebec
BritishLib Montreal Quebec
BritishLib Trade Review (The)* Montreal Quebec

True Witness and Catholic
BritishLib Montreal Quebec
Chronicle (The)*

BritishLib Union ouvrière (L')* Montreal Quebec

BL Western Star* Montreal Quebec
67658 Chronicle Telegraph Quebec Quebec
BritishLib Daily Telegraph (The)* Quebec Quebec
Evénement Journal Quotidien
BritishLib Quebec Quebec
Journal de Québec (Le)* -
BritishLib Politique, commercial, Quebec Quebec
Morning et littéraire
Chronicle and
BritishLib Commercial and Shipping Quebec Quebec
BritishLib Morning Chronicle* Quebec Quebec
Quebec Daily Evening
BritishLib Quebec Quebec
BritishLib Quebec Daily Mercury (The)* Quebec Quebec

BritishLib Quebec Daily Mercury* Quebec Quebec

BritishLib Quebec Daily News (The)* Quebec Quebec
BritishLib Quebec Gazette (The)* Quebec Quebec
Quebec Gazette. (La Gazette
BritishLib Quebec Quebec
de Québec)*
Quebec Herald and
BritishLib Quebec Quebec
Commercial Chronicle (The)*
BritishLib Quebec Mercury (The)* Quebec Quebec
BritishLib Quebec Morning Chronicle* Quebec Quebec
Quebec Morning Chronicle* -
BritishLib Quebec Quebec
Weekly Edition
BL Québec Mercury* Québec City Quebec
BL Québec Telegraph* Québec City Quebec
Sainte Anne de
Bellevue (also called
BL Canadian Fisherman* Quebec
BL Evening Journal* Sainte Catherine Quebec

BritishLib Progress (The)* Qu'Appelle Saskatchewan

BL Moose Jaw Evening Times* Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

BL Morning News* Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

BritishLib Qu'Appelle Progress (The)* Qu'Appelle Saskatchewan
BritishLib Daily Standard (The)* Regina Saskatchewan

BritishLib Leader (The)* Regina Saskatchewan

BritishLib Regina Journal* Regina Saskatchewan

BL Regina Leader* Regina Saskatchewan
BritishLib West (The)* Regina Saskatchewan
BL Daily Phoenix* Saskatoon Saskatchewan
BL Novy shlyakh* Saskatoon Saskatchewan
BL Saturday Press* Saskatoon Saskatchewan
NRP-1439 Boletim Oficial Praia Santiago
Journal Officiel de la
NRP-256 Bangui
Republique Centrafricaine
Journal officiel de la
NRP-1199 N'Djamena
Republique du Tchad
BL Magellan Times* Punta Arenas Magallenes

BL La Información* Santiago Santiago
BL South Pacific Mail* Valparaiso Valparaiso

67675 Chin Jih Hsin Wen Beijing Beijing

China Daily* (not available as
ChinaIntl1 Beijing Beijing
of 4/6/06)

ChinaIntl2 Guangxi Ribao* Beijing Beijing

People's Daily - Index/
NRP-270 Beijing Beijing
Renmin Ribao Suoyin

ChinaIntl3 Renmin Ribao* Beijing Beijing

67678 Chinese Recorder Fu-Chou Fujian
Canton (also called
BL Canton General Price Current* Guangdong
Canton (also called
67665 Chinese Repository Guangdong

NRP-535 Novaia zhizn' Harbin Heilongjiang

NRP-536 Novyi kraj Harbin Heilongjiang
NRP-537 Vestnik Azii Harbin Heilongjiang

NRP-538 Vestnik Man'chzhurii Harbin Heilongjiang

BL China Mail* Hong Kong Hong Kong

BL China Overland Trade Reporter* Hong Kong Hong Kong
BL Daily Advertiser* Hong Kong Hong Kong

BL Daily Bulletin* Hong Kong Hong Kong

BL Hong Kong Catholic Register* Hong Kong Hong Kong

BL Hong Kong Daily Press* Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hong Kong Government
NRP-546 Hong Kong Hong Kong
BL Hong Kong Telegraph* Hong Kong Hong Kong

BL Hong Kong Tiger Standard* Hong Kong Hong Kong

BL Hong Kong Times, etc.* Hong Kong Hong Kong

Hong Kong Weekly Press &
BL Hong Kong Hong Kong
China Overland Trade Report*

67671 Kung Sheung Yat Po Hong Kong Hong Kong

BL Overland Friend of China* Hong Kong Hong Kong
Overland Register and Price
BL Hong Kong Hong Kong
67672 South China Morning Post Hong Kong Hong Kong
South China Sunday Post-
BL Hong Kong Hong Kong
BL Star* Hong Kong Hong Kong

67674 Wah Kiu Yat Po Hong Kong Hong Kong
Dairen (also called
BL Manchuria Daily News* Liaoning
BritishLib179 Celestial Empire* Shanghai Shanghai

LC20 Celestial Empire* Shanghai Shanghai

67676 China Press Shanghai Shanghai

67677 China Weekly Review Shanghai Shanghai
BL Evening Gazette* Shanghai Shanghai
BritishLib180 Far Eastern Review* Shanghai Shanghai
BL Finance and Commerce* Shanghai Shanghai
BL National Review* Shanghai Shanghai
BL North China Daily News* Shanghai Shanghai

61197 North China Herald Shanghai Shanghai
BL Shanghai Evening Courier* Shanghai Shanghai
BritishLib181 Zhong Wei Ribao* Shanghai Shanghai

Tientsin (also called
BL Chinese Times* Tianjin
NRP-983 Novyi kraj Lyujshun'
Cholon--Ch'eng Kung Jim
Chung Ch'eng Pao--
67669 (Wartabhakti Chinese
67681 Intermedio Bogota
NRP-350 Santafe y Bogota Bogota

BL Cromos* Bogotá
Journal officiel de la
NRP-1054 Republique Federale Moroni
Islamique des Comores
Journal officiel de la
NRP-366 republique populaire du Brazzaville

BL A.E.F.* Brazzaville

NRP-1521 La Gaceta. Diario Oficial San Jose

67664 La República San Jose
NRP-1718 Sloboda Susak

NRP-2199 Hrvatsko Slovo Zagreb
Novi List
NRP-2200 Zagreb
MP66 Novi Vjesnik* Zagreb

NRP-2201 Vijenac Zagreb

NRP-2202 Glas Zagreb
NRP-2203 Obzor Zagreb

NRP-2204 Pokret Zagreb

NRP-2205 Pozor Zagreb

BL Cuba Internacional* Havana
60664 Granma Havana
NRP-539 Havaner lebn Havana
Historic Journals and
BL Havana
Newspapers from Cuba*
BL L.P.V.* Havana
NA-24 País Excelsior* Havana
67686 Times of Havana Havana
NRP-1203 Cyprus Gazette Nicosia
Österreich's Wollen-und Leinen
BL Liberec
Zeitschrift fuer die Geschichte
NRP-368 der Juden in der Brno
NRP-1407 Der Neue Weg Prague

Der Simplicus: Satirische
MP55 Prague
Deutschlandberichte der
MP56 Prague
NRP-1408 Ekonom Prague
NRP-1409 Historicke listy Prague
70363 Instinkt Prague
Jahrbuch der Gesellschaft
NRP-1410 fuer Geschichte der Juden in Prague
Jahrbuch der Gesellschaft
der Cechoslov. Republik
fuer Geschichte der Juden in
NRP-1411 Prague
der Cechoslovakischen
70069 Literarni noviny
Republik Prague
NRP-1412 Mezinarodni Politika Prague

70026 Mlady svet Prague

NRP-1413 Narodni listy Prague
NRP-1414 Nova Ukraina Prague

70030 Nove Knihy Prague

34442 Perspectives Prague

70031.01 Pravo Prague

NRP-1415 Pravo [formerly Rude pravo] Prague

70001 Respekt Prague

NRP-1416 Rozvoj Prague

NRP-1417 Rude Pravo Prague

NRP-1418 Rude Pravo Prague

Sbirka z konu Cesk‚ a
NRP-1419 Slovensk‚ federativni Prague

NRP-1420 Selbstwehr Prague
NRP-1421 Slavianskaia zaria Prague

NRP-1422 Sloboda Prague

NRP-1423 Statistika Prague

NRP-1424 Vecerni Praha Prague

NRP-1425 Volia Rossii Prague

NRP-1426 Vychodoslovenske noviny Prague

NRP-1427 Zidovske zpravy Prague

NRP-1428 Zidovske zpravy Prague

NRP-1429 Hospodarske noviny Prague

68275 Hospodarske noviny Prague

NRP-1430 Kultura Prague

70020 Lidove noviny Prague

NRP-1431 Literarni noviny Prague

NRP-1432 Mlada Fronta Prague

70025 Mlada fronta dnes Prague

NRP-1433 Prace Prague

NRP-1434 Prace Prague

NRP-1435 Pravo lidu Prague

NRP-1436 Rude Pravo Prague

NRP-1437 Svet hospodarstvi Prague
Svobodne slovo: List
NRP-1438 Prague
68274 Tvorba Prague

NRP-452 Dos Vokhenblat Copenhagen

NRP-453 Statstidende Copenhagen
Journal officiel de la
NRP-461 Djibouti
republique de Djibouti
BL Dominica Herald* Roseau

68946 Dominica Official Gazette Roseau

67688 El Eco de la Opinion Santo Domingo Distrito Nacional

67690 La Nación Santo Domingo Distrito Nacional
Santiago de los
67689 La Informacion Santiago
69212 El Universo Guayaquil Guayas

BL Akhbar al-yawm* Cairo Al Qahirah

Al-Ahram1 al-Ahram* Cairo Al Qahirah

BL al-Akhbar* Cairo Al Qahirah

BL al-Balagh* Cairo Al Qahirah

BL al-Da'wah* Cairo Al Qahirah

BritishLib35 al-Hilal* Cairo Al Qahirah

BritishLib36 al-I'lam* Cairo Al Qahirah
BL al-I'tisam* Cairo Al Qahirah
BritishLib37 al-Jaridah* Cairo Al Qahirah
BL al-Jumhuriyah* Cairo Al Qahirah
BritishLib39 al-Kawab* Cairo Al Qahirah

BL al-Misri* Cairo Al Qahirah

BritishLib41 al-Mu'ayyad* Cairo Al Qahirah
BritishLib42 al-Muqattam* Cairo Al Qahirah
BritishLib44 al-Nur al-tawfiqi* Cairo Al Qahirah
al-Qahirah (al-Qahirah al-
BritishLib45 Cairo Al Qahirah
BL al-Sha'b* Cairo Al Qahirah

BL al-Tasawwuf al-Islami* Cairo Al Qahirah

BL al-Tawhid* Cairo Al Qahirah

NRP-392 Al-Waqa'i' Al-Misriyah Cairo Al Qahirah
BritishLib47 al-Waqa'I' al-Misriyah* Cairo Al Qahirah
BritishLib48 al-Waqa'I' al-Misriyah* Cairo Al Qahirah
BritishLib49 al-Watan* Cairo Al Qahirah
BritishLib50 al-Zaman* Cairo Al Qahirah
Jaridat Filastin (The Palestine
BritishLib38 Cairo Al Qahirah

BritishLib40 Majallat al-Manar* Cairo Al Qahirah

BL Misr al-fatah* Cairo Al Qahirah

BritishLib43 Nur al-Islam* Cairo Al Qahirah

NRP-393 Rose el-Youssef Cairo Al Qahirah
BritishLib46 Tabib al-a'ilah* Cairo Al Qahirah

BritishLib51 al-Muqtabas* Cairo/Damascus Al Qahirah

67662 La Prensa Grafica San Salvador
Norfolk News & Weekly
Abingdon Free Press &
BL Abingdon
Didcot News*
BL Oxfordshire Free Press* Abingdon

BL Accrington Division Gazette* Accrington
BL Accrington Herald* Accrington

BL Alcester Chronicle* Alcester

Alderly & Wilmslow Alderly Edge &
Advertiser* Wilmslow

BL Aldershot News* Aldershot
Buckinghamshire & Adjacent
BL Amersham & Uxbridge
Counties Advertiser*
BL West Sussex Gazette* Arundel
BL Ashford & Alfred News* Ashford
BL Ashford Advertiser* Ashford
BL Aston Chronicle* Aston

BL Auckland Chronicle* Auckland

Bucks Advertiser &
BL Aylesbury

BL Bucks Gazette* Aylesbury

BL Buck's Herald* Aylesbury

BL Banbury Advertiser* Banbury
BL Banbury Beacon* Banbury

BL Banbury Guardian* Banbury

BL Banbury Herald* Banbury
Banbury Telegraph &
BL Banbury
Farmer's Chronicle*

BL Barnsley Express* Barnsley

BL Barnsley Herald* Barnsley

BL Barnsley News* Barnsley

BL Barnsley Record* Barnsley

BL Barnsley Sporting News* Barnsley

BL Barnsley Times* Barnsley

BL Basingstoke & North Hants* Basingstoke

Basingstoke Midweek
BL Basingstoke

BL Gazette (Mid-Week Edition)* Basingstoke

BL Gazette (Weekend Edition)* Basingstoke

Gazette Basingstoke (Mid-
BL Basingstoke
Week Edition)*

BL Hants & Berks Gazette* Basingstoke

BL Bath Guardian* Bath

BL Batley Examiner* Batley

BL Batley News* Batley

BL Batley Reporter & Guardian* Batley
BL Beccles and Bungay Journal* Beccles & Bungay

BL Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire* Bedford

BL Bedworth News* Bedworth

BL Bedworth Times* Bedworth

BL Beeston Gazette & Echo* Beeston

BL Gazette & Echo* Beeston

BL Berkhamsted Gazette* Berkhamsted

BL Beverley Independent* Beverley

BL Beverley Weekly Recorder* Beverly

BL Bexhill-on-Sea Chronicle* Bexhill-on-Sea

BL Bexhill-on-Sea Observer* Bexhill-on-Sea

BL Bichester Advertiser* Bichester

Illustrated Oxfordshire
BL Bichester

Bideford & North Devon
BL Bideford

Bideford & North Devon
BL Bideford
Weekly Gazette*
North Devon and East
BL Cornwall Gazette and Bideford
Commercial Advertiser*

BL North Devon Journal* Bideford

BL Birkenhead Guardian* Birkenhead

BL Aris's Birmingham Gazette* Birmingham
Birmingham & Aston
BL Birmingham

Birmingham and Daily
BL Birmingham

BL Birmingham Daily Gazette* Birmingham

BL Birmingham Daily Mail* Birmingham

BL Birmingham Daily Post* Birmingham

BL Birmingham Journal* Birmingham

BL Birmingham Mercury* Birmingham

BL Birmingham Post* Birmingham

Birmingham Suburban
BL Birmingham

Handworth & Smethwik Free
BL Birmingham

Harborne & Edgbaston
BL Birmingham

BL Harborne Herald* Birmingham

Smith' s Hardware Trade
BL Birmingham

BL South Birmingham Chronicle* Birmingham

BL Bishop's Stortford Gazette* Bishop's Stortford

BL Bishop's Strortford Observer* Bishop's Strortford

BL Blaydon Courier* Blaydon-on-Tyne

BL Blyth Weekly News* Blyth

BL Cornish Guardian* Bodmin
Bogner Observer & Visitor's
BL Bognor-Regis

BL Bogner Post* Bognor-Regis

Bolton & Bury Catholic
BL Bolton

Bolton & District Independent
BL Bolton
Labour Party Pioneer*

BL Bolton Chronicle* Bolton

BL Bolton Evening Guardian* Bolton

BL Bolton Free Press* Bolton

BL Farnworth Chronicle* Bolton

BL Farnworth Observer* Bolton

BL Northern Wheeler* Bolton

BL Bootle Times* Bootle

BL Evening Echo* Bournemouth

BL Bradford Chronicle* Bradford

BL Bradford Daily Telegraph* Bradford

BL Bradford Observer* Bradford

BL Bradford Pioneer * Bradford

BL Bradford Review* Bradford

BL Bridgnorth Journal* Bridgnorth

Bridgwater and
BL Bridgwater
Somersetshire Herald*
BL Brierly Hill Advertiser* Brierly Hill

County Express, Brierly Hill,
BL Brierly Hill
etc., News*

BL Brighton Gazette* Brighton

BL Brighton Guardian* Brighton

BL Brighton Patriot* Brighton

BL Sussex Daily News* Brighton

Bonner & Middleton's Bristol
BL Bristol

BL Bristol Evening Post* Bristol

BL Bristol Express* Bristol

BL Bristol Magpie* Bristol

BL Bristol Observer* Bristol

BL Bristol Times* Bristol

BL Felix Farley's Bristol Journal* Bristol

BL Western Daily Press* Bristol

Bulwell & Bosford Local
BL Bulwell

BL Burnley Advertiser* Burnley

BL Burton Chronicle* Burton-on-Trent

BL Burton Daily Mail* Burton-on-Trent

BL Bury & Norwich Post* Bury St. Edmunds
BL Bury Free Press* Bury St. Edmunds

BL Cambridge Daily News* Cambridge

Cambridge General
BL Cambridge

Cambridge Independent
BL Cambridge

BL Cambridge Intelligencer* Cambridge

BL Cannock Advertiser* Cannock

BL Cannock Chase News* Cannock

BL Kentish Gazette* Canterbury

Kentish Post or Canterbury
BL Canterbury
News Letter*

BL Chatham Observer * Chatham & Rochester

BL Rochester Gazette* Chatham & Rochester

BL Bucks Examiner* Chelmsford

BL Essex County Chronicle* Chelmsford

Cheshunt & Waltham Weekly
BL Cheshunt

BL Adam's Weekly Courant* Chester

BL Chester Chronicle* Chester

BL Chester-le-Street Chronicle* Chester

BL Chester-le-Street Liberal* Chester

BL Chester-le-Street Observer* Chester
BL Chester-le-Street Times* Chester

BL Derbyshire Courier* Chesterfield

Chichester Express & West
BL Chichester
Sussex Journal*

BL Chichester Journal* Chichester

BL Oxfordshire Weekly News* Chipping Norton

BL Forest of Dean Examiner* Cinderford & Blakeney

BL Clay Cross Chronicle* Clay Cross

BL Coalville Times* Coalville

BL West Cumberland Times* Cockermouth

BL Consett Guardian* Consett

BL Coventry Herald* Coventry

BL Coventry Mercury* Coventry

BL Crawley & District Observer* Crawley

BL Crewe & Nantwich Chronicle* Crewe

BL Crewe Guardian* Crewe

BL Northern Echo* Darlington

South Yorkshire Times
BL Dearne
(Dearne Edition)*

BL Dewsbury Reporter* Dewsbury

BL Didcot Post* Didcot
BL Dorset County Chronicle* Dorchester

BL Dudley & District News* Dudley

BL Dudley Chronicle* Dudley

BL Dudley Guardian* Dudley

BL Dudley Herald* Dudley

BL Dudley Mercury* Dudley

BL Dunstable Chronicle* Dunstable

BL Durham Chronicle* Durham

BL Durham City & County News* Durham

BL South Durham Herald* Durham

BL East Grinstead Courier* East Grinstead

BL East Grinstead Observer* East Grinstead

BL Eastbourne Chronicle* Eastbourne

BL Eastbourne Gazette* Eastbourne

BL Eastleigh Weekly News* Eastleigh

BL Evening Post* Exeter

Trewman's Exeter Flying
BL Exeter

Falmouth & Penryn Weekly
BL Falmouth

BL Falmouth Packet* Falmouth
BL Faringdon Advertiser* Faringdon

BL Felixtowe Times* Felixtowe

BL Felling Gazette* Felling

BL Fleetwood Chronicle* Fleetwood

BL Folkestone Chronicle* Folkestone

BL Folkestone Express* Folkestone

BL Folkestone Observer* Folkestone

BL Framlingham & Eye Mercury* Framlingham

BL Framlingham Weekly News* Framlingham

Gateshead and Tyneside
BL Gateshead

BL Gateshead Guardian* Gateshead

BL Gateshead Observer* Gateshead

BL Herald of Progress* Gateshead

BL Glossop-dale Chronicle* Glossop

BL Record* Glossop

BL Gloucester Journal* Gloucester

BL Gravesend Argus* Gravesend

BL Gravesend Reporter* Gravesend

Kent Messenger &
BL Gravesend Telegraph & Gravesend
Dartford News*
BL Grimsby & County Times* Grimsby

BL Grimsby Guardian* Grimsby

BL Grimsby Herald* Grimsby

Grimsby Independent &
BL Grimsby

BL Guisborough Exchange* Guisborough

BL Hadleigh Weekly News* Hadleigh

BL Halesworth Times* Halesworth

BL Halifax Guardian* Halifax

BL Hardwick and Manning Tree* Hardwick

BL Harpenden Advertiser* Harpenden

Haslington Chronicle &
BL Haslington
Ramsbottom Times*

Hastings & St Leonard
BL Hastings

BL Echo* Haverhill

BL South-West Suffolk Echo* Haverhill

BL Mid-Sussex Times* Haywards Heath

BL Cannock Chase Examiner* Hednesford

BL Evening Post - Echo* Hemel Hempstead

BL Hemel Hempstead Gazette* Hemel Hempstead

Henley Chronicle & South
BL Henley-on-Thames
Oxfordshire Gazette*
BL Henley Free Press* Henley-on-Thames

BL Kinch's Henley Advertiser* Henley-on-Thames

BL Herne Bay Press* Herne Bay

BL Heywood Advertiser* Heywood

BL Hertfordshire Pictorial* Hitchin

BL Hitchin & Royston Express* Hitchin

BL Hitchin Comet* Hitchin

BL Hitchin Gazette* Hitchin

Hertfordshire Mercury
BL Hoddesdon
(Hoddesdon Edition)*

Horsham & Mid-Sussex
BL Horsham

BL Horsham Advertiser* Horsham

BL Horsham Times* Horsham

BL Huddersfield & Holmfirth* Huddersfield

Huddersfield Boro'
BL Huddersfield

Huddersfield Examiner &
BL Huddersfield
West Riding Reporter*

Worker: Organ of
BL Huddersfield
Huddersfield Socialist Party*

BL Hull Packet* Hull

BL Hull Times* Hull

BL Ilkley Free Press* Ilkley
BL Ilkley Gazette* Ilkley

BL East Anglian Daily Times* Ipswich

BL Evening Star* Ipswich

BL Ipswich Journal* Ipswich

BL Ipswich Mercury* Ipswich

BL Suffolk Chronicle* Ipswich

BL Suffolk Mercury* Ipswich

Ironbridge Weekly Journal &
BL Borough of Wenlock Ironbridge & Wenlock

BL Jarrow Express* Jarrow

BL Jarrow Guardian* Jarrow

Kettering Leader and
BL Kettering

Eastwood & Kimberley
BL Kimberley

BL Lynn Advertiser* King's Lynn

BL Denton Reporter* Lancaster

Denton, Haughton & District
BL Lancaster
Weekly News*

BL Lancaster Gazetteer* Lancaster

BL Lancaster Guardian* Lancaster

BL Leamington Advertiser* Leamington

BL Leamington Press* Leamington
BL Leamington Spa Courier* Leamington

Leeds & West Riding
BL Leeds

BL Leeds Intelligencer* Leeds

BL Leeds Patriot* Leeds

BL Leeds Times* Leeds

BL Leicester Chronicle* Leicester

BL Leicester Daily Post* Leicester

BL Leicester Guardian* Leicester

BL Leicester Journal* Leicester

BL Leicester Mail* Leicester

BL Leicestershire Mercury* Leicester
Pioneer-Official Organ of the
Labor Representation
BL Leicester
Committee – Leicester
Leighton Buzzard Observer &
BL Leighton
Linslade Gazette*

BL Leiston Observer* Leiston

Letchworth & Baldock
BL Letchworth

BL Lincoln Gazette* Lincoln

Lincolnshire Chronicle &
BL Lincoln
General Advertiser*

BL Lichfield Mercury* Litchfield

BL Mercury Midweek* Litchfield
BL Littlehampton Gazette* Littlehampton

BL Argus* Liverpool

BL Financial Reformer* Liverpool
Liverpool Journal of
Commerce (Journal of
BL Commerce - Journal of Liverpool
Commerce and Shipping
BL Liverpool Mail* Liverpool

BL Liverpool Mercury* Liverpool

Liverpool Telegraph &
BL Liverpool
Shipping Gazette*

BL Music and Dramatic World* Liverpool

BL Northern Press* Liverpool

West African Mail (African
BL Liverpool

BL Yr Amserau* Liverpool

BL Loftus Advertiser* Loftus

BritishLib145 African Colonizer* London

African Telegraph & Gold
BritishLib146 London
Coast Mirror*

African Times and Orient
BL London

BritishLib147 African Times* London

BL al-Dustur* London

BritishLib59 al-Haqiqah* London

BritishLib61 al-Khilafah (The Caliphate)* London
al-Nahlah (The Bee/The
BritishLib63 London
Queen Bee)*

LC12 al-Sharq al-Awsat* London

BL al-Sharq al-jadid* London

BL Bee-Hive* London

BL Blighty Newspaper* London

NRP-861 Britanskii soyuznik London

Catholic Standard (Weekly
BL Register and Catholic London
67693 Chambers Edinburgh Journal London
BL Christian World* London
Church League for Women's
BL London

BL Church Times* London

BL Clarion* London

BritishLib148 Colonial Gazette* London

BL Colonies* London

9012 Daily Express London

BL Daily Mail* London

BritishLib149 Daily Mirror* London

Darkest England Gazette
BL London
(The Social Gazette)*
Diya' al-khafiqayn (The Light
of Two Hemisphere/The
BritishLib58 London
Eastern and Western
English Churchman
Review)* (The
BL London
BL English Woman's Review* London

BL Era* London
European Trends/European
BL London
Policy Analyst*

BritishLib150 Evening Standard* London

BL Free Church Suffrage Times* London

BL Free Press* London

Freehold Land Times
BritishLib151 London
Building News*

Freewoman: A Weekly
BL London
Feminist Review*
Gospel Temperance Herald
BL and Blue Ribbon Official London
NRP-862 Hnchak London

Horizon: A Review of
BL London
Literature and Art*

67694 Illustrated London News London

BL Independent Suffragette* London

IrishMF67 Irish Exile* London

IrishMF88 Irishman (An t-Eireannach)* London

NRP-863 Jewish Guardian London
BL Jus Suffragii* London

BritishLib60 Khalil al-atfal* London

BL Ladies Field* London

BL Lady's Newspaper* London

League Leaflet (Labour
BL London

Link: Organ of Women's
BL London
Socialist Movement*

BritishLib152 London Chronicle* London
Kraus21 London Gazette* London
Pascoe-1 Methodist Recorder* London
BritishLib62 Mir'at al-ahwal* London
BL Music Halls' Gazette* London

Myra's Journal of Dress and
BL London

New Freewoman (The
BL London

BL New Times* London

BritishLib153 News of the World* London
Newspaper Cuttings Files of
MAP1 the Council of Foreign London
MAP2 Observer* London
BritishLib Our Western Empire* London
Parliamentary Debates
BL London
67695 Punch London
Radio Weekly (Federation
BritishLib154 London
BritishLib64 Raj 'al-sada (The Re-Echo)* London

BL Schoolmistress* London

BL Shafts* London
67696 Stars & Stripes London
67696 Stars and Stripes London
Stars and Stripes. (World
Kraus22 London
War II.)*

BL Suffragist* London

Talking Machine News &
BL London

BL Talking Machine News* London

BL Time and Tide* London

67697 Tribune London

NRP-864 Ukrains'ka dumka London

Vote: The Organ of the
BL London
Women's Freedom League*
Votes for Women: Official
BL Organ of the United London

BL Weekly Musical Transcript* London

West Africa and Trader's
BL London

BL Wheelwoman* London

BL Woman and Work* London
BL Woman Worker* London

BL Woman* London

BL Woman's Dreadnought* London

BL Woman's Opinion* London

BL Woman's Own* London

BL Woman's Signal Budget* London

BL Woman's Signal* London

BL Women Folk* London

Women's Industrial News:
BL Organ of the Women's London
Industrial Council*

BL Women's Penny Paper* London

BL Women's Suffrage Record* London

BL Women's Tribune* London

NRP-865 Zionist Review London

NRP-866 Daily Express London

NRP-867 Daily Worker London
NRP-868 Justice London

NRP-869 Kolokol London

NRP-870 Official Index to the Times London
BL Loughborough Advertiser* Loughborough

BL Loughborough Echo* Loughborough

BL Loughborough Herald* Loughborough

BL Loughborough Monitor* Loughborough

BL Lowestoft Weekly Journal* Lowestoft

BL Lowestoft Weekly Press* Lowestoft

BL Luton Advertiser* Luton

BL Luton Reporter* Luton

Macclesfield Courier & Macclesfield,
Herald* Stockport & Congleton

BL North Cheshire Herald*
Stockport & Congleton

BL North Cheshire Reformer*
Stockport & Congleton

BL Maidenhead Advertiser* Maidenhead

BL Maidenhead Argus* Maidenhead

Kent Messenger & Maidstone
BL Maidstone

BL Maidstone Gazette* Maidstone

BL Maidstone Journal* Maidstone

BL Alliance News* Manchester

BL Anti-Corn Law Circular* Manchester
BL Athletic News* Manchester

BL Daily Citizen* Manchester

9013 Guardian (Indexed 1986+) Manchester

Guardian Weekly (Indexed
1270.01 Manchester

Manchester & Salford
BL Manchester
Manchester Courier &
BL Lancashire General Manchester
BL Manchester Daily Examiner * Manchester
Manchester Guardian Weekly
1270 Manchester
(Indexed 1986+)
BL Manchester Reporter* Manchester

BL Manchester Times* Manchester

BL Star* Manchester

Women's Gazette and
BL Manchester
Weekly News*

BL Common Cause* Manchester & London

Market Harborough
BL Market Harborough

BL Midland Mail* Market Harborough

Middlesbro' Weekly &
BL Middlesbrough
Cleveland Advertiser*

BL North Eastern Daily Gazette* Middlesbrough

BL Middleton Albion* Middleton

BL Nantwich Chronicle* Nantwich

BL Nelson Leader* Nelson

BL Newark Advertiser* Newark
BL Newark Herald* Newark

BL London Coal Market* Newcastle

BL Newcastle Chronicle* Newcastle

BL Newcastle Courant* Newcastle

BL Newcastle Daily Chronicle* Newcastle

BL Newcastle Daily Journal* Newcastle

BL Newcastle Evening News* Newcastle

BL Newcastle Guardian* Newcastle

BL Newcastle Times* Newcastle

BL Newcastle Weekly Chronicle* Newcastle

North Mail & Newcastle Daily
BL Newcastle

BL Newcastle Journal*

Newcastle-under-Lyme Newcastle-under-
Times* Lyme

BL Northern Athlete* Newcastle-upon-Tyne

BL Northern Liberator* Newcastle-upon-Tyne

BL Newmarket Journal* Newmarket

Isle of Wight County Press,
BL Newport

Newquay Express and
BL Newquay
Cornwall County Chronicle*

Eastern Counties Daily
BL Norwich
BL Norwich Chronicle* Norwich

Nottingham & Newark
BL Nottingham

BL Nottingham Review* Nottingham

BL Nuneaton Chronicle* Nuneaton

Nuneaton Observer & District
BL Nuneaton

BL People's Tribune* Nuneaton

BL Evening Chronicle* Oldham

BL Ormskirk Advertiser* Ormskirk

BL Border Counties Advertiser* Oswestry

Oswestry & Border Counties
BL Oswestry

BL Jackson's Oxford Journal* Oxford

BL Oxford Chronicle* Oxford

Oxford Gazette and Reading
BL Oxford

BL Oxford Guardian* Oxford

Oxford University, City &
BL Oxford
County Herald*

South Oxfordshire News &
BL Oxford
Thame & Watlington Herald*
Commercial, Shipping &
BL General Advertiser for West Penryn
Cornish Post and Mining
BL Penzance

BL Cornish Telegraph* Penzance
BL Cornishman* Penzance

Peterborough Citizen &
BL Peterborough

BL Peterborough Times* Peterborough

BL Western Evening Herald* Plymouth

BL Western Morning News* Plymouth

BL Chat* Portsmouth

BL Portsmouth Telegraph* Portsmouth

Radlett & Borehamwood
BL Radlett

BL Redcar & Saltburn News* Redcar

Redcar & Saltburn-by-the-
BL Redcar

Redcar-South Bank Free
BL Redcar

BL Redditch Indicator* Redditch

Redruth Times and
BL Redruth
Camborne Advertiser*

BL East Retford Advertiser* Retford

Retford, Gainsborough &
BL Retford
Workshop Times*

BL Rochdale Observer* Rochdale

BL Rochdale Times* Rochdale

BL Rugby Advertiser* Rugby

BL Saltburn Times* Saltburn-by-the-Sea
BL Sevenoaks Chronicle* Sevenoaks

BL Sheerness Guardian* Sheerness

BL Sittingbourne & Sheerness* Sheerness

BL Evening Telegraph & Star* Sheffield

BL Sheffield Daily Telegraph* Sheffield

BL Sheffield Free Press* Sheffield

BL Sheffield Guardian* Sheffield

BL Sheffield Independent* Sheffield

BL Eddowes's Journal* Shrewsbury

BL Shrewsbury Chronicle* Shrewsbury

BL Smethwick Telephone* Smethwick

BL Knowle Journal* Solihull

Football Gazette and
BL South Shields

BL Free Press & Advertiser* South Shields

North & South Shields
BL South Shields
Gazette and Daily Telegraph*

BL Shields Advocate* South Shields

BL Shields Daily News* South Shields

BL Shields Morning Mail* South Shields

BL Shieldsman* South Shields
BL British Seafarer* Southampton

BL Hampshire Advertiser* Southampton

BL Hampshire Independent* Southampton

Southampton & District
BL Southampton

Southampton Observer &
BL Southampton
Winchester News*

BL Southern Daily Echo* Southampton

Southampton &
BL Hampshire Chronicle*

BL Sowerby Bridge Chronicle* Sowerby Bridge

BL Herts Advertiser* St. Albans

BL Review* St. Albans

BL St. Austell Star* St. Austell

BL Staffordshire Advertiser* Stafford

BL Stalybridge Reporter* Stalybridge

BL Rutland & Stamford Mercury* Stamford

BL Stamford Mercury* Stamford

Stanley News & North West
BL Stanley
Durham Observer*

BL Stevenage Comet* Stevenage

BL Stevenage Gazette* Stevenage

BL Stockport Advertiser* Stockport
BL Stockport Express* Stockport

BL Imp. Variety and Picture Hall* Stoke-on-Trent

BL Potteries Examiner* Stoke-on-Trent

Staffordshire Mercury, Pottery
BL Gazette & Newcastle Stoke-on-Trent

BL Stoke-on-Trent City Times* Stoke-on-Trent

BL Stourbridge Mercury* Stourbridge

Stowmarket Chronicle &
BL Stowmarket

BL Stratford-upon-Avon Herald* Stratford-upon-Avon

BL Stroud Free Press* Stroud

BL Stroud Journal* Stroud

BL Stroud News* Stroud

BL Sunderland News* Sunderland

Sutton Coldfield & Erdington
BL Sutton Coldfield

BL Sutton Coldfield & Erdington* Sutton Coldfield

BL Sutton Coldfield News* Sutton Coldfield

BL Evening Advertiser* Swindon

BL North Wilts Herald* Swindon

BL Swindon Advertiser* Swindon

BL Wiltshire Gazette & Herald* Swindon
Mexborough & Swinton
BL Swinton

Tamworth Miners' Examiner
BL Tamworth
& Working Men's Journal*
Thame Gazette &
BL Oxfordshire & Bucks Thame

BL Tipton Herald* Tipton

BL Tonbridge Free Press* Tonbridge

BL Tonbridge Telegraph* Tonbridge

Torquay Directory & South
BL Torquay
Devon Journal*

BL Royal Cornwall Gazette* Truro

BL Kent & Sussex Courier* Tunbridge Wells

BL Tunbridge Wells Gazette* Tunbridge Wells

BL Tunbridge Wells Journal* Tunbridge Wells

Wakefield Advertiser &
BL Wakefield

BL Wakefield and West Riding* Wakefield

Wakefield Free Press and
BL Wakefield
West Riding Advertiser*

BL Berks & Oxon Advertiser* Wallingford

BL Wallingford Times* Wallingford

BL Wallsend Herald* Wallsend

BL Brownhills & District Weekly* Walsall

BL Darlaston Weekly Times* Walsall
BL Walsall Advertiser* Walsall

Walsall Free Press & General
BL Walsall

Wednesbury, West Bromwich
BL Walsall
& Darlaston Examiner*

BL Wednesday Borough News* Walsall

BL Lea Valley Mercury* Waltham Cross

BL Waltham Telegraph* Waltham Cross

BL Wantage Chronicle* Wantage

BL Watford Observer* Watford

West Herts & Watford
BL Watford

Clifton Standard and West
BL West Bridgeford
Bridgford Times*

BL West Bridgford Advertiser* West Bridgeford

West Bridgford Times and
BL West Bridgeford

BL Labour Tribune* West Bromwich

BL Midland Sun* West Bromwich

Weekly News for West
BL Bromwich, Oldbury, West Bromwich
Smethwick, etc.*
West Bromwich Midland
BL West Bromwich

BL Northern Evening Mail* West Hartlepool

Stockton & Hartlepool
BL West Hartlepool

BL Weston Mercury* Weston-Super-Mare
BL Weston-Super-Mare Gazette* Weston-Super-Mare

BL Whitby Gazette* Whitby

Cumberland Pacquet/Ware's
BL Whitehaven
Whitehaven Advertiser*
BL Whitstable Times* Whitstable

BL Winchester Gazette Extra* Winchester

BL Wishaw Advertiser* Wishaw

BL Witney Express* Witney

BL Witney Gazette* Witney

BritishLib87 al-Haqa'iq* Woking

Derbyshire and Leicestershire
BL Wolverhampton

BL Wolverhampton Chronicle* Wolverhampton

BL Wolverhampton Journal* Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Spirit of the
BL Wolverhampton

BL Wombwell Guardian* Wombwell

BL Woodbridge Reporter* Woodbridge

BL Woolston Independent* Woolston

BL Worcester Herald* Worcester

BL Worcestershire Chronicle* Worcester

BL Worthing Gazette* Worthing

BL Worthing Herald* Worthing
BL Pulman's Weekly News* Yeovil

BL Cleveland News*

BL Cleveland Standard*

BL Dorset Evening Echo*

BL Hertfordshire Mercury*

Herts & Cambs Reporter and
Royston Crow*

Historic Labour Newspapers
from the British Library*

Kent & Sussex Courier (East
Sussex Edition)*

Labour Press & Miners' &
Workmen's Examiner*

BL Labourers' Union Chronicle*

Meyer's Mercantile

BL Mid-Tyne Observer*

BL Naval & Military Record*

BL Norfolk News*

Shropshire Examiner and all
round the Wrekin Advertiser*

BL South Bank Advertiser*

BL South Bank Express*

BL South Bank News*

BL South Midland Free Press*
BL South Notts Echo*

BL Sports Argus*

BL Staffordshire Evening Post*

BL Staffordshire Examiner*

BL Staffordshire Knot*

Staffordshire Potteries

BL Sunday Sun*

BL Thane Times*

BL Tuesday Express*

BL Tyneside Daily Echo*

BL Welwyn & Hatfield Times*

BL West Somerset Free Press*

BL Western Echo*

BL Western Evening News*

BL Wilts and Gloucestershire*

NRP-1734 Baltic Independent Tallinn Harju

61058 Sovetskaya Estoniya Tallinn Harju

NRP-1735 Molodezh' Estonii Tallinn Harju

NRP-1736 Nasha zhizn' Tallinn Harju
NRP-1737 Novaia Rossiia Tallinn Harju

NRP-1738 Russkoe revel'skoe delo Tallinn Harju

NRP-1739 Sovetskaia Estoniia Tallinn Harju

NRP-1740 Utro pravdy Tallinn Harju

NRP-1741 Vechernii Tallin Tallinn Harju

NRP-1742 Vernyi put' Tallinn Harju

Narvskii sovet rabochikh i
NRP-1196 Narva Ida-Viru
soldatskikh deputatov

Vestnik severo-zapadnoi
NRP-1197 Narva Ida-Viru

BL al-'Alam* Addis Ababa Addis Ababa

NRP-166 Negarit Gazeta Addis Ababa Addis Ababa

Amtsblatt der Europaeischen
60909 Union L and C series German Luxembourg
Den europaeiske Unions
60910 tidende L and C series Luxembourg
Danish edition
Diario Oficial de la Union
60913 Europea L and C series Luxembourg
Spanish edition
Gazzetta ufficiale dell'Unione
60914 europea L and C series Luxembourg
Italian edition
Journal officiel de l'Union
60912 europeenne L and C series Luxembourg
French edition
Official journal of the
60908 European Union. L and C Luxembourg
blad van de
Europese Unie. L and C
60911 Luxembourg
series. / EG, Commissie
Dutch edition
NRP-1703 Falkland Islands Gazette Stanley

NRP-1719 Fiji gazette Suva
NRP-1720 Fiji republic gazette Suva

NRP-1721 Fiji Royal Gazette Suva

NRP-540 Suomen virallien lehti Helsinki Southern Finland

NRP-541 Novaia russkaia zhizn' Helsinki Southern Finland

NRP-542 Politicheskie Izvestiia Helsinki Southern Finland
NRP-543 Priboj Helsinki Southern Finland
NRP-544 Volna Helsinki Southern Finland
Sovet deputatov armii, flota i
NRP-1845 rabochikh Abo-Olandskoi Turku Western Finland
ukreplennoi pozitsii
Menton & Monte Carlo News
BL Menton Alpes-Maritimes
(Riviera News)*
Strasbourg (aka
BL Strassburger Post* Alsace
Quellen und Forschungen zur
BL Sprach-und Kulturgeschichte der Strassburg Alsace
Germanischen Voelker*
BritishLib98 Sud-Ouest* Bordeaux Aquitaine

BL L'En Dehors* Orleans Centre

NRP-548 Alpes-libres Hautes-Alpes

BritishLib71 Abu Naddarah* Paris Île-de-France
BritishLib73 (l'Almonsef/l'Equitable d'Abou Paris Île-de-France
BritishLib74 al-Mustaqbal* Paris Île-de-France

BritishLib75 al-Tawaddud* Paris Île-de-France
al-Urwah al-wuthqa (al-Urwah
BritishLib77 al-wuthka/Le Lien Paris Île-de-France
BL al-Urwah al-wuthqa* Paris Île-de-France
al-Watani al-Misri (The
BritishLib78 Paris Île-de-France
Egyptian Patriot)*
BL Arts* Paris Île-de-France

BL Aujourd 'hui* Paris Île-de-France

67698 Biulleten Oppozitsii Paris Île-de-France
NRP-1320 Cahiers juifs Paris Île-de-France
NRP-1321 Chestnyi slon Paris Île-de-France
ACRPP3 Cine-miroir* Paris Île-de-France
NRP-1322 Diskussionnyi listok Paris Île-de-France
ACRPP4 Dni* Paris Île-de-France
ACRPP5 Droit et libert* Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1323 Evreiskaia tribuna Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1324 Forces francaises Paris Île-de-France

BL France-outre-mer* Paris Île-de-France

BL Gazette des Tribunaux* Paris Île-de-France

BL Gazette du Palais* Paris Île-de-France

BL Gil Blas Illustré* Paris Île-de-France

60142 International Herald Tribune Paris Île-de-France

Journal des debats et des
ACRPP6 Paris Île-de-France
Journal des débats, politiques et
BL Paris Île-de-France
Journal officiel de la
NRP-1325 Republique francaise. Lois et Paris Île-de-France
MP54 Juedische Weltrundschau* Paris Île-de-France

Kashf al-niqab (Kaschf-ul-
BritishLib72 Paris Île-de-France

BL La Bataille (La Marseillaise)* Paris Île-de-France

La Caoutchouc et la gutta-
BL Paris Île-de-France

BL La Cocarde* Paris Île-de-France

BL La France de Demain* Paris Île-de-France

BL La France Libre* Paris Île-de-France
BL La Libertà* Paris Île-de-France
ACRPP7 La Lune* Paris Île-de-France

BL La Mémorial Diplomatique* Paris Île-de-France

BL La Politique Coloniale* Paris Île-de-France

ACRPP8 La Presse* Paris Île-de-France

ACRPP9 La Republique francaise* Paris Île-de-France

BL La Revue Technique* Paris Île-de-France
NRP-1326 La Terre retrouvee Paris Île-de-France
BL La Tribune Juive* Paris Île-de-France
La Verité: Organe de
BL Paris Île-de-France
l'Opposition Communiste*
NRP-1001 L'Ami du peuple (Marat) Paris Île-de-France
BL L'Antijuif* Paris Île-de-France
ACRPP10 Le Constitutionnel* Paris Île-de-France
BL Le Courrier Français* Paris Île-de-France

67702 Le Figaro Litteraire Paris Île-de-France

InfoPrint2 Le Figaro* Paris Île-de-France

ACRPP11 Le Journal* Paris Île-de-France

12256 Le Matin Paris Île-de-France

ACRPP12 Le Matin* Paris Île-de-France

BL Le Monaco* Paris Île-de-France
ACRPP13 Le Monde illustree* Paris Île-de-France

FlashCopy1 Le Monde* Paris Île-de-France

ACRPP14 Le Petit journal* Paris Île-de-France
ACRPP15 Le Petit Parisien* Paris Île-de-France
ACRPP16 Le Siecle* Paris Île-de-France

ACRPP17 Le Temps* Paris Île-de-France

BL Le Voltaire* Paris Île-de-France
BL L'Eclipse* Paris Île-de-France

Les Annales Politiques et
BL Paris Île-de-France

ACRPP18 Les Dossiers du Canard* Paris Île-de-France

BL L'Homme Libre* Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1327 L'Illustration. Paris Île-de-France

BL L'Imprimerie* Paris Île-de-France

BL L'Intransigeant* Paris Île-de-France
Mechroutiette (Le
BL Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1328 Mysl' Paris Île-de-France

ACRPP19 Naie presse* Paris Île-de-France
BL Oui (L'Avenir)* Paris Île-de-France

BL Paris* Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1329 Rossiia i slavianstvo Paris Île-de-France
Rouge-Hebdomadaire d'Action
BL Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1330 Russkie novosti Paris Île-de-France

BL Russkie novosti* Paris Île-de-France
Russkii soldat-grazhdanin vo
NRP-1331 Frantsii / Otriadnyi komitet Paris Île-de-France
Russkikh voisk vo Frantsii
BL Russkoe voskresene* Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1332 Sotsial'-demokrat Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1333 Sovetskii patriot Paris Île-de-France
NA-37 Stars and Stripes* Paris Île-de-France
BL Toute l'édition* Paris Île-de-France
Turkiya al-Fatat (Le Jeune
BritishLib76 Paris Île-de-France
ACRPP20 Undzer Stime* Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1334 Vestnik Paris Île-de-France

ACRPP21 Vu* Paris Île-de-France
BL Weekly Critical Review* Paris Île-de-France
NRP-1335 Gazette medicale de Paris Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1336 La Caricature Paris Île-de-France
NRP-1337 La Haute-Saone libre Paris Île-de-France
NRP-1338 La Humanite Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1339 La Marseillaise du Berry Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1340 La Terre Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1341 La Vie du Parti Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1342 La Vie ouvriere Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1343 La Voix des dauphinoises Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1344 La Voix du maquis Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1345 La Voix du peuple Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1346 Le Charivari Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1347 Le cri du peuple Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1348 Le Figaro Paris Île-de-France
67700 Le Figaro Paris Premiere Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1349 Le Journal du maquis Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1350 Le Libre Comte Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1351 Le Maquis Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1352 Le Partisan Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1353 Le Patriote Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1354 Le Pere Duchenne Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1355 Le Peuple Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1356 Le Resistance de la Drome Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1357 Le Resistance Paysanne Paris Île-de-France
NRP-1358 Le Reveil Paris Île-de-France
NRP-1359 Le Socialiste Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1360 Le Temps Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1361 Lyon-liberte Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1362 Quarante-quatre Paris Île-de-France

NRP-1363 Resistance en Picardie Paris Île-de-France

BL Revue industrielle de l'est* Nancy Lorraine
BL La Légitimité* Toulouse & Bordeaux Midi-Pyrénées
BL Le Cri des Flandres* Hazebrouck Nord-Pas de Calais
L'Indicateur de la Région
BL Hazebrouck Nord-Pas de Calais

NRP-835 Echos de Russie Lille Nord-Pas de Calais
BL L'Aiòli* Avignon
Côte d'Azur
BritishLib66 Utarid* Marseilles/Paris
Côte d'Azur
InfoPrint1 Nice Matin* Nice
Côte d'Azur
BL La Revue de Monte Carlo* Nice & Beausoleil

NRP-560 Dauphine libre Veurey Rhone-Alpes

BL L'Orient* Paris & Brussels Île-de-France

67704 Conscience Guyanais Cayenne

67705 Debout Guyane Cayenne
La Semaine en Guyane et
67707 Cayenne
Dans le Monde
67708 La Vigie Cayenne

67703 Le Combat Cayenne

67706 L'Union Cayenne
Journal Officiel de la
NRP-833 Libreville
Republique Gabonnaise
NRP-1715 Apsny kapsh Sukhumi Abkhazia
NRP-1716 Sovetskaia Abkhaziia Sukhumi Abkhazia
NRP-1717 Sukhumskii vestnik Sukhumi Abkhazia

NRP-266 Sovetskaia Adzhariia Batumi Adjara

NRP-267 Svobodnaia zhizn' Batumi Adjara

NRP-268 Trudovoi Adzharistan Batumi Adjara

NRP-1773 Akhpiur Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1774 Arshaloys Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1775 Enker Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1776 Gordz Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1777 Horizon Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1778 Hosank Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1779 Iveriia Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1780 Kavkazskii kalendar' Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1781 Kovkasi Lraber Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1782 Meghu Hayastani Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1783 Meghu Hayastani Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1784 Mshak Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1785 Nor dar Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1786 Surhandak Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1787 Vacharakan Tbilisi Tbilisi

61068 Vestnik Gruzii Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1788 Vtak Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1789 Bor'ba proletariata Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1790 Dro Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1791 Edinenie Tbilisi Tbilisi
NRP-1792 Elva Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1793 Gantiadi Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1794 Golos Kavkaza Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1795 Kajts Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1796 Kavkaz Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1797 Kavkazskii rabochii Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1798 Kavkazskii rabochii listok Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1799 Listok "Bor'by proletariata" Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1800 Molodezh' Gruzii Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1801 Novoe obozrenie Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1802 Tiflisskii listok Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1803 Vechernii Tbilisi Tbilisi Tbilisi

NRP-1804 Zaria Vostoka Tbilisi Tbilisi
Heidelberg, Stuttgart &
BL Deutsche Kommentare* Baden-Wurttemberg
NRP-998 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim Baden-Wurttemberg
MP49 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt* Mannheim Baden-Wurttemberg
MP50 Juedische Schulzeitung* Mannheim Baden-Wurttemberg

MP51 Mannheimer Morgenpost* Mannheim Baden-Wurttemberg

BL Ostatnie wiadomosci* Mannheim Baden-Wurttemberg
Gemeinde-Zeitung fuer die
NRP-1714 Israelitischen Gemeinden Stuttgart Baden-Wurttemberg
BL Schwäbische Merkur* Stuttgart Baden-Wurttemberg

MP59 Stuttgarter Zeitung* Stuttgart Baden-Wurttemberg
Württembergisches Wochenblatt
BL Stuttgart Baden-Wurttemberg
für Landwirtschaft*
BL Seifensieder-Zeitung* Augsburg Bavaria
BL Eesti rada* Augsburg & Geislingen Bavaria

BL Sprech-Saal* Coburg Bavaria
Chas: ukrains'kyi nezalezhnyi
NRP-501 Furth Bavaria
BL Eesti post* Geislinger & Neu-Ulm Bavaria
Bayerische Israelitische
MP53 Munich Bavaria
Gemeinde Zeitung*
BL Der Münchner Post* Munich Bavaria

BL Deutsche National-Zeitung* Munich Bavaria

BL Iskra* Munich Bavaria
BL Munich Bavaria
BL Münchner illustrierte Presse* Munich Bavaria

NRP-1185 Nashe obshchee delo Munich Bavaria

NRP-1186 Palaestina Munich Bavaria

BL Suchasna Ukraïna* Munich Bavaria

BL Sudetendeutsche Zeitung* Munich Bavaria

BL Ukraïnska tribuna* Munich Bavaria

NRP-1187 Ukrayins'kyΠsamostinyk Munich Bavaria

NRP-1188 Visti Munich Bavaria
Zeitschrift für das gesammte
BL Munich Bavaria
BL Fränkischer Tagespost* Nuremberg Bavaria

NRP-2176 Belaruskae slova Regensburg Bavaria

NRP-1452 Laubhuette Regensburg Bavaria

Allgemeine deutsche
BL Berlin Berlin
polytechnische Zeitung*

BL Allgemeine Fleischer Zeitung* Berlin Berlin

NRP-293 Altneuland Berlin Berlin
Bericht ueber die Hochschule
NRP-294 fuer die Wissenschaft des Berlin Berlin
Judenthums in Berlin

MP3 Berliner Boersen-Courier* Berlin Berlin

MP4 Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung* Berlin Berlin

BL Berliner Montags Echo* Berlin Berlin
BL Berliner Montags-Zeitung* Berlin Berlin

MP5 Berliner Morgenpost* Berlin Berlin

BL Berliner Morgenpost* Berlin Berlin

MP6 Berliner Zeitung* Berlin Berlin
Blaetter der Juedischen
MP7 Berlin Berlin
Blaetter des Juedischen
MP8 Berlin Berlin
NRP-295 Blau-Weiss Blaetter Berlin Berlin

BL BZ am Mittag* Berlin Berlin

BL Continental Times* Berlin Berlin

MP9 Das dritte Geschlecht* Berlin Berlin

BL Das evangelische Deutschland* Berlin Berlin

MP10 Das Juedische Volk* Berlin Berlin

MP11 Das Juedische Wille* Berlin Berlin
NRP-296 Der Gemeindebote Berlin Berlin

BL Der Papier Fabrikant* Berlin Berlin

BL Der Tag* Berlin Berlin

BL Deutsche Hutmacher-Zeitung* Berlin Berlin

BL Deutsche Kurier* Berlin Berlin
67710 Deutsche Rundschau Berlin Berlin

MP12 Die Arbeiterin* Berlin Berlin
MP13 Die Welt* Berlin Berlin
BL Die Welt* Berlin Berlin
Dies Blatt gehoert der
MP14 Berlin Berlin
BL Elektrotechnischer Anzeiger* Berlin Berlin

BL Färber Zeitung* Berlin Berlin

General -Anzeiger fuer die
MP15 gesamten Interessen des Berlin Berlin
Geschaeftsbericht des
NRP-297 Hilfsvereins der Deutschen Berlin Berlin

BL Giesserei-Zeitung* Berlin Berlin

NRP-298 Golos rodiny Berlin Berlin

NRP-299 ha-Shiloah Berlin Berlin

NRP-300 Hebraeische Bibliographie Berlin Berlin

Hillfsverein der Deutschen
NRP-301 Berlin Berlin

Jahrbuch fuer die Juedische
NRP-302 Berlin Berlin
Gemeinden Preussens

Jahrbuch fuer Juedische
NRP-303 Berlin Berlin
Geschichte und Literatur

Jahresbericht der
Gesellschaft zur Foerderung
NRP-304 Berlin Berlin
der Wissenschaft des

Jahres-Bericht des Rabbiner-
NRP-305 Seminars fuer das orthodoxe Berlin Berlin

NRP-306 Jedidja Berlin Berlin
Juedische Allgemeine
MP16 Berlin Berlin

Juedische Familien-
MP17 Berlin Berlin
MP18 Juedische Handwerker* Berlin Berlin
MP19 Juedische Rundschau* Berlin Berlin
Juedische Wohlfahrtspflege
MP20 Berlin Berlin
und Sozialpolitik*
MP21 Juedisches Gemeindeblatt* Berlin Berlin
NRP-307 Juedisches Nachrichtenblatt Berlin Berlin

MP22 Juedisches Nachrichtenblatt* Berlin Berlin

MP23 Juedisch-Liberale-Zeitung* Berlin Berlin
MP24 Lustige Blaetter* Berlin Berlin
Magazin fuer die
NRP-308 Berlin Berlin
Wissenschaft des Judentums

Mitteilungen der Juedischen
MP25 Berlin Berlin

Mittheilungen Verein zur
NRP-309 Berlin Berlin
Abwehr des Antisemitismus
NRP-310 Morgen Berlin Berlin

Morgenblatt fuer gebildete
MP26 Berlin Berlin

NRP-311 Nakanune Berlin Berlin
BL National-Zeitung* Berlin Berlin

NRP-312 Ost und West Berlin Berlin

BL Papier-Zeitung* Berlin Berlin

BL Petroleum Zeitschrift* Berlin Berlin

NRP-313 Revoliutsionnaia Rossiia Berlin Berlin

MP27 Rul'* Berlin Berlin
Statistisches Jahrbuch des
NRP-314 Deutsch-Israelitischen Berlin Berlin
Stein und Mörtel (Ziegel-und-
BL Berlin Berlin
BL Textil-Zeitung* Berlin Berlin

BL Thonindustrie-Zeitung* Berlin Berlin

NRP-315 Unser Werk Berlin Berlin

Volkskalender fuer Israeliten
NRP-316 Berlin Berlin
auf das Jahr

BL Volks-Zeitung* Berlin Berlin

Wirtschaftszeitung der
BL Berlin Berlin

Zeitschrift fuer Demographie
NRP-317 Berlin Berlin
und Statistik der Juden

Zeitschrift fuer Hebraeische
NRP-318 Berlin Berlin

Zeitschrift für
BL Berlin Berlin
Zeitschrift für Calciumcarbid-
Fabrikation und Acetylen
BL Berlin Berlin
Beleuchtung (Carbid und
Zeitung des Vereins deutscher
BL Berlin Berlin

Zentralblatt der Deutschen
NRP-319 Berlin Berlin
Demokratischen Republik

NRP-320 Zion Berlin Berlin

NRP-321 Concordia Berlin Berlin

NRP-322 Die Rote Fahne Berlin Berlin

NRP-323 Die Wirtschaft Berlin Berlin

NRP-324 Golos Rossii Berlin Berlin

NRP-325 Nash mir Berlin Berlin
NRP-326 Reichsarbeitsblatt Berlin Berlin

NRP-327 Taktik und Organisation Berlin Berlin
Tribune der proletarischen
NRP-328 Berlin Berlin
NRP-329 Ukrainskoe slovo Berlin Berlin

BL Gummi-Zeitung* Berlin & Dresden Berlin

BL Der Metallarbeiter* Berlin & Vienna Berlin

MP30 Brandenburgischer Anzeiger* Brandenburg Brandenburg

BL Bremer Handelsblatt* Bremen Bremen

BL Bremer Nachrichten* Bremen Bremen

MP31 Juedisches Gemeindeblatt* Bremen Bremen

MP32 Weser Kurier* Bremen Bremen
NRP-184 Der Treue Zions-Wachter Altona Hamburg
MP46 Hamburg Hamburg

BL German Tribune* Hamburg Hamburg

BL Hamburger Nachrichten* Hamburg Hamburg

BL Hamburger Tageblatt* Hamburg Hamburg
BL Hansa* Hamburg Hamburg
NRP-532 Israelitisches
Jahrbuch Familienblatt
fuer die Juedische Hamburg Hamburg
NRP-533 Gemeinden Schleswig- Hamburg Hamburg
BL Niederdeutsche Zeitung* Hamburg Hamburg

BL Pädagogische Reform* Hamburg Hamburg

BL Pommern-Brief* Hamburg Hamburg

BL Sonntagsblatt*
Staats- und Gelehrte Zeitung des Hamburg Hamburg
Hamburgischen unpartheyischen
BL Correspondenten Hamburg Hamburg
Blaetter der Juedischen
MP43 Frankfurt Hesse

Frankfurter Allgemeine
MP44 Frankfurt Hesse

67711 Frankfurter Zeitung Frankfurt Hesse

NRP-498 Nachalath Z'wi Frankfurt Hesse
Notizblatt der Gesellschaft
MP45 fuer Erforschung Juedischer Frankfurt Hesse
Zeitschrift fuer die
NRP-512 alttestamentliche Giessen Hesse
Zeitschrift fuer die
NRP-513 Giessen Hesse
Wissenschaft und die Kunde
Stars Urchristentums
Stripes. (Post
Kraus24 Pfungstadt Hesse
World War II)*
NRP-2169 Zvilgsniai Wiesbaden Hesse

Yidisher heftlings-kongres in
NRP-292 Bergen-Belsen Lower Saxony

BL Deutsche Reichs-Zeitung* Braunschweig Lower Saxony

Zeitschrift fuer die Geschichte Braunschweig and
NRP-365 Lower Saxony
der Juden in Deutschland Berlin

Hannoverscher Kurier
BL Hannover Lower Saxony
Jahres-Bericht ueber die
Religionschule der
NRP-534 Hannover Lower Saxony
Synagogen-Gemeinde zu
BL Norddeutsche Zeitung* Hannover Lower Saxony

BL Der Spiegel* Hannover & Hamburg Lower Saxony
NRP-545 Molkerei-Zeitung Hildesheim Lower Saxony
North Rhine-
BL Aachener allgemeine Zeitung* Aachen

Westfalen Zeitung (Westfalen- North Rhine-
BL Bielefeld
Blatt)* Westphalia

North Rhine-
NRP-353 Bundesanzeiger Bonn

Das Parlament (includes Aus North Rhine-
70076 Bonn
Politik und Zeitgeschichte) Westphalia
North Rhine-
MP28 Juedisches Volksblatt* Bonn

North Rhine-
MP29 Rheinischer Merkur* Bonn

Juedischer Kulturbund Rhein- North Rhine-
MP37 Cologne
Ruhr* Westphalia

North Rhine-
NRP-449 Neue Rheinische Zeitung Cologne

Nachrichten fuer die
North Rhine-
MP39 Juedische Dortmund
North Rhine-
BL Westdeutsches Tageblatt* Dortmund
North Rhine-
BL Westfälische Rundschau* Dortmund
North Rhine-
BL Düsseldorfer General-Anzeiger* Dusseldorf

Juedisches Gemeindeblatt North Rhine-
MP41 Dusseldorf
fuer die Britische Zone* Westphalia
Juedisches Gemeindeblatt
North Rhine-
MP42 fuer die Nordrhein-Provinz Dusseldorf
und Westfalen*
North Rhine-
NRP-477 Verein deutscher Ingenieur Dusseldorf

North Rhine-
BL Der Gnom* Düsseldorf

North Rhine-
BL Industriekurier* Düsseldorf

North Rhine-
BL Rhein Echo* Düsseldorf

North Rhine-
BL Rheinische Post* Düsseldorf

North Rhine-
BL Der Berggeist* Köln

North Rhine-
BL Volksstimme* Köln
BL Messer und Feile* Ludwigshafen Rhineland-Palatinate

NRP-988 Die Tabak-Zeitung Mainz Rhineland-Palatinate

BL Trierische Landeszeitung* Trier Rhineland-Palatinate

Nachrichtenblatt der
NRP-1504 Synagogen-Gemeinde des Saarbrucken Saarland
Kreises Saarbruecken
BL Saar-Volksstimme* Saarbrücken Saarland

MP35 Der Kaempfer* Chemnitz Saxony

MP36 Neueste Nachrichten* Chemnitz Saxony

BL Volksstimme* Chemnitz Saxony
Central-Blatt für die deutsche
BL Dresden Saxony
BL Dresdener Nachrichten* Dresden Saxony

MP40 Dresdner Tageblatt* Dresden Saxony

NRP-471 Dresdner Morgen-Zeitung Dresden Saxony

NRP-826 Leipzig Saxony

Berg- und Hüttenmännische
BL Leipzig Saxony
BL Chemische Zeitschrift* Leipzig Saxony

BL Der Maschinenbauer* Leipzig Saxony

BL Deutsche allgemeine Zeitung* Leipzig Saxony

BL Deutsche Töpfer-Zeitung* Leipzig Saxony

NRP-827 Deutsch-soziale Blaetter Leipzig Saxony

BL Hesperos* Leipzig Saxony
Illustrirte Zeitung für
BL Leipzig Saxony

Illustrirte Zeitung für
BL Buchbinderei und Cartonnagen Leipzig Saxony

Industrie- und Handels-zeitung,
BL Leipzig Saxony
Berlin, Der Industriebau*

Israelitisches Predigt-
NRP-828 Magazine, homiletische Leipzig Saxony
Jahrbuch fuer die Geschichte
NRP-829 der Juden und des Leipzig Saxony

NRP-830 Juedisches Volksblatt Leipzig Saxony

BL Leipziger Färber Zeitung* Leipzig Saxony
Leipziger Juedische
NRP-831 Leipzig Saxony

Leipziger Monatschrift Für
BL Leipzig Saxony

BL Leipziger Tageblatt* Leipzig Saxony

MP48 Leipziger Volkszeitung* Leipzig Saxony

BL Rundschau über die Leistungen* Leipzig Saxony

Skizzen-Buch für Ingenieure und
BL Leipzig Saxony

Zeitschrift des Deutschen
NRP-832 Leipzig Saxony
Palaestina Vereins

BL Zeitschrift für Bürsten* Leipzig Saxony

Illustrierter Juedischer
NRP-531 Halberstadt Saxony-Anhalt

BL Braunkohle* Halle Saxony-Anhalt

BL Hallisches Tageblatt* Halle Saxony-Anhalt
BL Chemiker-Zeitung* Köthen Saxony-Anhalt

BL Elektrotechnisches Echo* Magdeburg Saxony-Anhalt

BL Magdeburgische Zeitung* Magdeburg Saxony-Anhalt

Allgemeine Berg- und
BL Quedlinburg Saxony-Anhalt
Hüttenmännische Zeitung*

BL Flensburger Tageblatt* Flensburg Schleswig-Holstein

BL Kieler Zeitung* Kiel Schleswig-Holstein

BL Sönumid* Lübeck Schleswig-Holstein

Zeitschrift für comprimirte und
BL Weimar Thuringia
flüssige Gase*


Vereinigte Ofner-Pester
eutscher Ingenieur

BL Der Bergwerksfreund* Eisleben

BL Voitleja* Etllingen
Quellenschriften fuer
Kunstgeschichte und
Kunsttechnik des Millelalters
und der Neuzeit*
NRP-77 Staedtische Preaburger

BL Ashanti Pioneer* Kumasi Ashanti

BL Ashanti Times* Obuasi Ashanti

BritishLib107 Gold Coast Aborigines* Cape Coast Central
BL Gold Coast Assize* Cape Coast Central
BL Gold Coast Echo* Cape Coast Central

BL Gold Coast Leader* Cape Coast Central
BL Gold Coast Methodist Times* Cape Coast Central

BL Gold Coast Methodist* Cape Coast Central

BL Gold Coast Nation* Cape Coast Central

BL Gold Coast News* Cape Coast Central

BL Gold Coast People* Cape Coast Central

BL Gold Coast Times* Cape Coast Central

BL Star of West Africa* Cape Coast Central

BL Western Echo* Cape Coast Central

BL African Morning Post* Accra Greater Accra

BL Echo (Daily Echo)* Accra Greater Accra

NRP-164 Ghana gazette Accra Greater Accra

BL Gold Coast Chronicle* Accra Greater Accra

BL Gold Coast Express* Accra Greater Accra

BL Gold Coast Free Press* Accra Greater Accra

BL Gold Coast Independent* Accra Greater Accra

BL Gold Coast Independent* Accra Greater Accra

BL Gold Coast Pioneer* Accra Greater Accra

BL Gold Coast Spectator* Accra Greater Accra

BL Spectator Daily* Accra Greater Accra
BL Vox Populi* Accra Greater Accra

West Africa Times (Times of
BL Accra Greater Accra
West Africa)*

BL West African Gazette* Accra Greater Accra

NRP-511 Gibraltar gazette Gibraltar

BL Achropolis* Athens Attica

BL Aion* Athens Attica

BL Anaplasis* Athens Attica

BL Athenai* Athens Attica

BL Chronos Athenon* Athens Attica

BL Deltion plerophorion* Athens Attica

BL Ekklesia* Athens Attica

BL Eleutheria* Athens Attica

BL Eleutheron bema* Athens Attica

BL Ellenikon aima* Athens Attica

BL Empros* Athens Attica

NRP-217 Ephemeris tes kyverneseos Athens Attica

BL Ephemeris* Athens Attica

BL Estia (Estia eikonographemene)* Athens Attica

BL Ethnos* Athens Attica

BL Journal d'Athens* Athens Attica
BL Kateria* Athens Attica

BL Le Messager d'Athènes* Athens Attica

BL Mache* Athens Attica

BL Nea Ellas* Athens Attica

BL Nea Emera* Athens Attica

BL O Noumas* Athens Attica

BL O Romeos* Athens Attica

BL Ora* Athens Attica

BL Paliggenesia* Athens Attica

BL Panathenaia* Athens Attica

BL Patris* Athens Attica

Phonetes Eleutherias: Organon
BL ton ek Poumanias Prosphulon Athens Attica
(Vocea libertatii)*
BL Proia* Athens Attica

BL Rizospastes* Athens Attica

BL Sion* Athens Attica

BL Skrip* Athens Attica

BL Stratiotika nea* Athens Attica

BL Zoe* Athens Attica

BL Equilibrium* St. George's

BL Federalist* St. George's
BL Grenada Guardian* St. George's

St. George's Chronicle &
BL St. George's
Grenada Gazette*

BL Torchlight* St. George's

NRP-522 Diario de Centro America Guatemala City

NRP-523 Diario de Centro America Guatemala City

68719 Prensa Libra Guatemala City

NRP-524 Revista Cronica Guatemala City

70165 Siglo Veintiuno Guatemala City

Journal Officiel de la
NRP-451 Conakry
Republique Guinee

68947 Berbice Gazette Berbice

BL Argosy* Georgetown

BL Colonist* Georgetown

67647 Creole Georgetown

BL Daily Argosy* Georgetown

BL Demerara Daily Chronicle* Georgetown

Guiana Chronicle & Demerara
BL Georgetown

Guiana Graphic (Guyana
BL Georgetown

BL Guyana Star* Georgetown

BL Independence* Georgetown

BL Labour Advocate* Georgetown
BL Mirror (Evening Edition)* Georgetown

New Daily Chronicle of
67651 Georgetown

Royal Gazette (Evening
BL Georgetown

Royal Gazette of British
67652 Georgetown

BL Sun* Georgetown

BL Tribune* Georgetown

67714 Le Nouveau Monde Cap-Haitien Nord

67715 Haiti Herald Port-au-Prince Ouest

68648 Le Moniteur Haitien Port-au-Prince Ouest

67712 Le Nouvelliste Port-au-Prince Ouest

BL El Estado* Tegucigalpa

BL Gaceta Judicial* Tegucigalpa

NRP-378 Budapest Sun Budapest
NA-18 Ember*
Forradalom Kiadja a kulfoldi Budapest
70012 Figyelo
proletarok, nemzetkozi Budapest
NRP-379 szocialdemokrata munkas Budapest
partjanak deres
magyar Landes-
NRP-380 Budapest
Rabbinerschule in Budapest
NRP-381 Magyar Hirlap Budapest
NRP-382 Magyar kozlony Budapest
NRP-383 Mult ‚s j"vo Budapest
NRP-384 Uj Ember Budapest
26273 Budapest sun Budapest
70023 Magyar hirlap Budapest
70024 Magyar nemzet Budapest
70028.01 Nepszabadsag Budapest
70028 Szabad nep Budapest
NRP-1453 Loegbirtingabla÷ Reykjavik
Times of India (Overland
BL Delhi Delhi
Bangalore (now called
BritishLib93 Bangalore Examiner* Karnataka
Bangalore (now called
BL Daily Post* Karnataka
Bangalore (now called
NRP-255 Deccan Herald Karnataka
BL Indian Industries & Power* Bombay & Calcutta Maharashtra
Bombay (now called
BL Bombay Courier* Maharashtra
Bombay Gazette (Overland Bombay (now called
BL Maharashtra
Summary)* Mumbai)

Bombay (now called
BL Bombay Gazette* Maharashtra

Bombay Standard and Western Bombay (now called
BL Maharashtra
Chronicle* Mumbai)

Bombay (now called
BL Bombay Telegraph & Courier* Maharashtra

Bombay Times & Journal of Bombay (now called
BL Maharashtra
Commerce* Mumbai)

Bombay (now called
BL Bombay Times and Standard* Maharashtra

Economic and Political Bombay (now called
NRP-352 Maharashtra
Weekly Mumbai)

Bombay (now called
BL Indian Social Reformer* Maharashtra
Bombay (now called
BL Indian Spectator* Maharashtra
Bombay (now called
BL Overland Bombay Courier* Maharashtra
Bombay (now called
BL Star of India* Maharashtra
Voice of India (Indian Spectator Bombay (now called
BL Maharashtra
and Champion)* Mumbai)
Poona (also called
BritishLib174 Deccan Herald* Maharashtra

Poona (also called
BL Poona Observer* Maharashtra

National Capital
NRP-1200 Mainstream New Delhi
Territory of Delhi

National Capital
NA-33 Times of India* New Delhi
Territory of Delhi
National Capital
NRP-1201 Indian Worker New Delhi
Madras (now called Territory of Delhi
BritishLib156 Anthenaeum* Tamil Nadu
Madras (now called
BritishLib157 Athenaeum Overland* Tamil Nadu
Madras (now called
BL Athenaeum* Tamil Nadu
Madras (now called
60193 Hindu Tamil Nadu
Madras (now called
BL Indian Social Reformer* Tamil Nadu
Madras (now called
BritishLib158 Madras Courier* Tamil Nadu

Madras (now called
BL Madras Mail* Tamil Nadu

Madras (now called
BL Madras Standard* Tamil Nadu

Madras Times (Overland Madras (now called
BL Tamil Nadu
Edition)* Chennai)

Madras (now called
BL Madras Times (Overland Mail)* Tamil Nadu

Madras (now called
BL Madras Times* Tamil Nadu

Madras (now called
BL Mail* Tamil Nadu

Madras (now called
BL Spectator* Tamil Nadu
Ootacamund (also called
BL South of India Observer* Ooty or Tamil Nadu

BritishLib91 Delhi Gazette* Agra Uttar Pradesh

BL Aligarh Institute Gazette* Aligarh Uttar Pradesh

BL Indian Herald* Allahabad Uttar Pradesh

67719 Pioneer Allahabad Uttar Pradesh
Pioneer Mail and Indian
67720 Allahabad Uttar Pradesh
Weekly News
BritishLib92 Pioneer* Allahabad Uttar Pradesh
BL Sunday Pioneer* Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Berhampore (also
BritishLib97 Moorshedabad News* spelled Baharampur West Bengal
or Berhampur)
Calcutta (now called
BL Bengal Catholic Expositor* West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BL Bengal Catholic Herald* West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BL Calcutta Christian Herald* West Bengal
Calcutta Gazette & Oriental Kolkata)
Calcutta (now called
BritishLib99 West Bengal
Advertiser* Kolkata)
Calcutta (now called
BL Calcutta
Calcutta Gazette*
Journal, or Political, West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BritishLib100 Commercial and Literary West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BritishLib101 Gazette* Gazette*
Calcutta Municipal West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BL Century Review* West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BL Commerce* West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BL Englishman* West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BL Englishman's Overland Mail* West Bengal
Englishman's Saturday Evening Calcutta (now called
BL West Bengal
Mail* Kolkata)

Calcutta (now called
BritishLib102 Friend of India & Statesman* West Bengal

Calcutta (now called
BL Indian Agriculturist* West Bengal

Calcutta (now called
BritishLib103 Indian Daily News* West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BL Indian Engineer* West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BL Indian Mirror (Sunday Edition)* West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BL Indian Mirror* West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BL Indian Observer* West Bengal
Indian Planters' Gazette & Calcutta (now called
BL West Bengal
Sporting News* Kolkata)

Calcutta (now called
BL Indian Railway Gazette* West Bengal

Calcutta (now called
BritishLib104 Military Gazette* West Bengal

Calcutta (now called
BritishLib105 Oriental Observer* West Bengal

Calcutta (now called
BL Railways & Shipping* West Bengal

Calcutta (now called
BL Referee and Sporting Chronicle* West Bengal

Calcutta (now called
BL Reis and Rayvet* West Bengal
Southern Cross or Indian Church
Calcutta (now called
BL Gazette (The Indian Church West Bengal
Gazette late Southern Cross)*
Calcutta (now called
BL Statesman & Friend of India* West Bengal

Calcutta (now called
BL Statesman (Sunday Edition)* West Bengal
Calcutta (now called
BL Weekly Examiner* West Bengal

Calcutta (now called
BritishLib106 World* West Bengal
Calcutta, Cawnpore &
BL Indian Churchman* West Bengal
Calcutta, Meerut &
BL Mofussilite* West Bengal
Serampore (also
BL Friend of India Quarterly Series* called Serampur or West Bengal
Serampore (also
BritishLib178 Friend of India* called Serampur or West Bengal
Serampore (also
BL Overland Friend of India* called Serampur or West Bengal
Banda Atjeh (also
69109 Kappi Berdjuang Aceh
called Banda Aceh)

69114 Penjoeloe Bali Bali

67770 Sin Min Semarang Central Java

69101 Berita Ekonomi Surakarta Central Java

69102 Dharma Kanda Surakarta Central Java

Surabaja (also called
67771 Bulletin Management East Java

Surabaja (also called
67772 De Vrije Pers East Java

Surabaja (also called
69104 Djalan Rakyat East Java

Surabaja (also called
67773 Manifesto East Java

Nieuw Soerabaiasch Surabaja (also called
67774 East Java
Handelsblad Surabaya)

Surabaja (also called
67775 Nieuwe Courant East Java

Surabaja (also called
68483 Obor revolusi East Java
Surabaja (also called
68479 Pewarta Surabaja East Java

Surabaja (also called
61155 Trompet Masjarakat East Java

69111 Membangun Samarinda East Kalimantan

Angkatan Bersendjata (Edisi
67767 Medan North Sumatra

Angkatan Bersendjata (Edisi
68465 Medan North Sumatra

68477 Sinar Pembangunan Medan North Sumatra

67768 Waspada Medan North Sumatra

69096 Analisa Medan North Sumatra

68476 Medan news Medan North Sumatra

67764 Mercu Suar Medan North Sumatra

Ujung Pandang (now
69107 Identitas South Sulawesi
called Makassar)

69115 Pertja-Selatan Palembang South Sumatra
Special Territory
Djakarta (also spelled
68481 Dhurma bhakti Province of Great
Special Territory
Djakarta (also spelled
68485 Djihad edisi pusat Province of Great
Special Territory
Djakarta (also spelled
68466 Mata Wart Province of Great
Special Territory
Djakarta (also spelled
68467 Mingguan berita Province of Great
Special Territory
Djakarta (also spelled
68484 Pelepor baru edisi pusat Province of Great
Special Territory
Djakarta (also spelled
68486 Suar Rakjat Province of Great
Special Territory
Djakarta (also spelled
68611 Suara Islam Province of Great
Special Territory
67725 Antara (Bonn Edition) Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67726 Antara (Cologne Edition) Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67729 Antara (Hague Edition) Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67727 Antara (New York Edition) Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
Antara Berita Ekonomi and
67728 Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67730 Antara Ichtisar Sepekan Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67732 Antara Weekly Review Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67733 Berita Indonesia Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67734 Berita Minggu Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67735 Bintang Timur Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67738 Digest Operasi Daily Bulletin Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67739 Duta Masjarakat Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67830 Ekonomi Nasional Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67740 El Bahar Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
68468 Fadjar Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67741 Harian Rakjat Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67742 Indonesian Herald Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67744 Info Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
NRP-569 Jakarta Post Jakarta Province of Great
BL Javasche Courant* Jakarta Special Territory Province of Great Jakarta
Special Territory
Kantorberita Nasional
67745 Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67746 Kengpo Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67759 Medan Press Summary Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
68469 Minggu Merdeka Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67748 News Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67749 Nieuwsgier Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67750 Nusantara Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67751 P.I.A. News Bulletin Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
68470 PIA Warta Berita Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
68471 Pos Indonesia Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67752 Pusat Pemberitaan Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67753 Republik Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67754 Risalah Stenografis Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67755 Sapta Marga Jakarta Jakarta
Special of Great
Shou Tu Jih Pao/Harian Jakarta
67756 Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67757 Sin Po Jakarta Jakarta
Province of Great
BL Sluyter's Monthly* Jakarta Special Territory Province of Great Jakarta

Special Territory
67758 Suluh Indonesia Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
67760 Warta Bhakti Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
Warta Bhakti (Chinese
67761 Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
68472 Warta C.A.F.I Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
68473 Yin-Tu-Ni-Hsi-Ya Jih Pao Jakarta Province of Great
Special Territory
Yin-Tu-Ni-Hsi-Ya Jih Pao Su
68474 Jakarta Province of Great
69097 Api Revolusi Jakarta Special Territory Province of Great Jakarta

69099 Berita Buana Jakarta Special Territory Province of Great Jakarta

69100 Berita Djajakarta Jakarta Special Territory Province of Great Jakarta

69103 Djakarta Miscellany Jakarta Special Territory Province of Great Jakarta

69105 Dunia Baru Jakarta Special Territory Province of Great Jakarta

68480 Mahasiswa Indonesia Bandung West Java

67721 Mingguan Harapan Bandung West Java

67723 Sipathahoenan Bandung West Java

67724 Warta Bandung Bandung West Java

68478 Semangat Padang West Sumatra

Jogjakarta (also called Yogyakarta Special
61194 Indonesia Raya
Yogyakarta) Region

Jogjakarta (also called Yogyakarta Special
67763 Kedaulatan Rakjat
Yogyakarta) Region

Jogjakarta (also called Yogyakarta Special
68475 Masi Kini
Yogyakarta) Region

Jogjakarta (also called Yogyakarta Special
68875 Mertju Suar
Yogyakarta) Region

Jogjakarta (also called Yogyakarta Special
69112 Mertju Suar: Djawa Timur
Yogyakarta) Region

Jogjakarta (also called Yogyakarta Special
67765 Nasional
Yogyakarta) Region
Suluh Indonesia Edisi Jogjakarta (also called Yogyakarta Special
Jogjakarta Yogyakarta) Region

Jogjakarta (also called Yogyakarta Special
67766 Suluh Marhaen
Yogyakarta) Region

69098 Bahari

69108 Indonesia Bangun (Abe')

BritishLib10 al-'Arab* Baghdad

BL al-Bayan* Baghdad

BritishLib12 al-Falah* Baghdad

BritishLib13 al-Iraq* Baghdad

BritishLib14 al-Istiqlal* Baghdad

BritishLib15 al-Mufid* Baghdad

BL al-Mustaqbal* Baghdad

BritishLib16 al-Rafidan* Baghdad

BL al-Thawrah* Baghdad

BritishLib17 al-Yakin* Baghdad

BritishLib11 Dijlah* Baghdad

BL Sawt al-ahrar* Baghdad
BritishLib69 al-Jazirah* Mosul

BritishLib70 al-Mawsil* Mosul

BL Achill Missionary Herald* Achill Mayo

IrishMF22 Kerryman*

IrishMF28 Munster Express*

BL Athlone Sentinel* Athlone

BL Athlone Times* Athlone

Tullamore and King's County
BL Athlone

BL Westmeath Independent* Athlone

BL Ballina Advertiser* Ballina

BL Ballina Chronicle* Ballina

BL Ballina Herald* Ballina

BL Ballina Impartial* Ballina

BL Connaught Watchman* Ballina

BL Tyrawly Herald* Ballina

BL Western Argus* Ballina

BL Western News* Ballina

BL Western People* Ballina
BL Ballinasloe Herald* Ballinasloe

BL East Galway Democrat* Ballinasloe

BL Western Star* Ballinasloe

BL Ballinrobe Chronicle* Ballinrobe
BL Ballyshannon Herald* Ballyshannon
BL Donegal Independent* Ballyshannon
BL Donegal Vindicator* Ballyshannon
Roscommon and Leitrim
BL Boyle
BL Roscommon Herald* Boyle
IrishMF30 Roscommon Herald* Boyle
BL Western Nationalist* Boyle
BL Carlow Independent* Carlow
BL Carlow Morning Post* Carlow
Carlow Nationalist and Leinster
BL Carlow
BL Carlow Post* Carlow
BL Carlow Sentinel* Carlow
Carlow Weekly News and
BL Carlow
General Advertiser*
BL Leinster Reformer* Carlow

BL Carrick Gazette* Carrick

BL Leitrim Journal and Carrick* Carrick

BL Leitrim Observer* Carrick

BL Cashel Gazette and Weekly* Cashel

BritishLib108 Cashel Sentinel* Cashel

BL Mayo Constitution* Castlebar
BL Mayo Examiner* Castlebar
BL Telegraph* Castlebar
BritishLib111 Anglo Celt* Cavan
BL Cavan Observer* Cavan
BL Cavan Weekly News* Cavan

BL Clonmel Advertiser* Clonmel

BL Clonmel Chronicle* Clonmel

BritishLib112 Clonmel Herald* Clonmel
BL County Tipperary Independent* Clonmel

Limerick Tipperary & Waterford
BL Clonmel

BL Nationalist* Clonmel

BritishLib113 Tipperary Constitution* Clonmel

BL Tipperary Examiner* Clonmel

BritishLib114 Tipperary Free Press* Clonmel

BL Tipperary People* Clonmel

IrishMF31 Tipperary Star* Clonmel

BL Constitution* Cork

BL Cork Advertising Gazette* Cork

BL Cork Evening Herald* Cork

IrishMF5 Cork Evening Post* Cork

BritishLib115 Cork Examiner* Cork

IrishMF27 Cork Examiner* Cork

BL Cork Herald* Cork
BL Cork Mercantile Chronicle* Cork

BL Cork Sun* Cork

Cork Weekly Examiner and
BL Cork
Weekly Herald*

BL Cork Weekly News* Cork

BL Evening Echo, City Final* Cork
IrishMF21 Hibernian Chronicle* Cork

BL Province of Munster* Cork

BL Scraggs General Advertiser* Cork

BL Southern Reporter etc.* Cork

BL Standard* Cork

BL Weekly Herald* Cork

BL Weekly Star etc.* Cork

Advertiser for the Counties of
BL Louth, Meath, Dublin, Drogheda
Monaghan and Cavan*

BL Drogheda Argus* Drogheda

BL Drogheda Conservative Journal* Drogheda

BL Drogheda Conservative* Drogheda

BL Drogheda Independent* Drogheda

BL Drogheda Journal etc.* Drogheda

BL Drogheda Reporter etc.* Drogheda

IrishMF55 An Gaedheal* Dubin

IrishMF132 A Sinn Fein* Dublin

BL Advocate* Dublin

BL An Claideam Soluis* Dublin

IrishMF95 An Long* Dublin
IrishMF113 An Phoblacht* Dublin

IrishMF126 An Saogheal Gaedhealach* Dublin

IrishMF109 An t-Oglach* Dublin

BL Anois* Dublin

Bankrupt and Insolvent
BL Dublin

IrishMF37 Blueshirt* Dublin

BL Bray Herald* Dublin

BL Catholic Layman* Dublin

BL Catholic Telegraph* Dublin

BL Christian Examiner* Dublin

BL Commercial Journal* Dublin

BL Constitution & Church Sentinel* Dublin

BL Constitution* Dublin

Current Prices of Grain at
BL Dublin

Customs, Dublin, Bill of Entry
BL Dublin

IrishMF41 Daily Bulletin* Dublin

BL Daily Express & Irish Daily* Dublin

BL Daily Express* Dublin

IrishMF42 Daily Sheet* Dublin
BL Dublin Advertising Gazette* Dublin

Dublin Argus etc. Dublin
BL Dublin

BL Dublin Correspondent* Dublin

BL Dublin Courant* Dublin

IrishMF6 Dublin Courant* Dublin

BL Dublin Courier* Dublin

BL Dublin Evening Herald* Dublin

BL Dublin Evening Mail* Dublin

IrishMF7 Dublin Gazette* Dublin

BL Dublin Hospital Gazette* Dublin

BL Dublin Intelligence* Dublin

IrishMF8 Dublin Intelligencer* Dublin

IrishMF14 Dublin Labour Bulletin* Dublin

BL Dublin Lantern* Dublin

BL Dublin Literary Journal etc* Dublin

BL Dublin Local Advertiser* Dublin

BL Dublin Medical Press* Dublin

BL Dublin Mercantile Advertiser* Dublin

BL Dublin Mercury* Dublin
BL Dublin Monitor* Dublin

BL Dublin Morning Post* Dublin

IrishMF15 Dublin News* Dublin

IrishMF9 Dublin Newsletter* Dublin

BL Dublin Observer* Dublin

IrishMF12 Dublin Penny Journal* Dublin

BL Dublin Postal Guide* Dublin

BL Dublin Record* Dublin

Dublin Shipping and Mercantile
BL Dublin

BL Dublin Sporting News* Dublin

IrishMF16 Dublin Strike News* Dublin

BL Dublin Times* Dublin

IrishMF10 Dublin Weekly Journal* Dublin

BL Dublin Weekly Register* Dublin

IrishMF44 Eire - Ireland* Dublin

IrishMF43 Eire - The Irish Nation* Dublin

IrishMF45 Election Bulletin* Dublin

BL Evening Echo* Dublin

BL Evening Freeman* Dublin
BL Evening Herald* Dublin

IrishMF163 Evening Herald* Dublin

BL Evening Irish Times* Dublin

BL Evening News* Dublin

Evening Packet &
BL Dublin

IrishMF162 Evening Press* Dublin

BL Evening Press* Dublin

IrishMF46 Eye Opener* Dublin

IrishMF47 Factionist* Dublin

Farmers Gazette and Journal of
BL Dublin

IrishMF11 Faulkner's Dublin Journal* Dublin

IrishMF49 Fenian* Dublin

IrishMF51 Fianna Fail Bulletin* Dublin

IrishMF50 Fianna* Dublin

BL Flag of Ireland* Dublin

BL Flying Post* Dublin

IrishMF54 Free State* Dublin

IrishMF52 Freedom* Dublin

IrishMF53 Freeman* Dublin
Freeman's Journal (Evening
BritishLib118 Dublin

IrishMF19 Freeman's Journal* Dublin

BL General Advertiser* Dublin

BL General Evening Post* Dublin

BL Hardings Dublin Impartial* Dublin

BL Hibernian Journal* Dublin

IrishMF58 Hibernian* Dublin

BL Hodges' and Smith's Estate* Dublin

IrishMF59 Honesty* Dublin

IrishMF60 Honesty* Dublin

BL Illustrograph* Dublin

Impartial Occurrences, Foreign
BL Dublin
and Domestick*

BL Independent Irishman* Dublin

BL Ireland's Gazette* Dublin

IrishMF62 Iris an Airm* Dublin

NRP-472 Iris Oifigiuil Dublin

Irish Athletic and Cycling
BL Dublin
IrishMF63 Irish Bulletin* Dublin

BL Irish Catholic Chronicle* Dublin

BL Irish Catholic* Dublin
BL Irish Church Advocate* Dublin

BL Irish Churchman* Dublin

IrishMF65 Irish Citizen Army Bulletin* Dublin

IrishMF64 Irish Citizen* Dublin

BL Irish Daily Independent* Dublin

BL Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette* Dublin

BL Irish Echo* Dublin

BL Irish Emerald* Dublin

BL Irish Farm List* Dublin

Irish Farmer's Gazette, Irish
BL Dublin
Farmer's Journal*

BL Irish Farming World* Dublin

BL Irish Fireside* Dublin

IrishMF70 Irish Freedom* Dublin

IrishMF69 Irish Freedom* Dublin

IrishMF68 Irish Front* Dublin

BL Irish Golfer* Dublin

IrishMF71 Irish Hammer and Plough* Dublin

IrishMF156 Irish Independent* Dublin
Irish Insurance Banking &
BL Dublin
Finance Journal*

BL Irish Jurist* Dublin

BL Irish Land Schedule* Dublin
BL Irish Law List* Dublin

BL Irish Law Times etc.* Dublin

BL Irish Life* Dublin

BL Irish Manufacturer's Journal* Dublin

BL Irish Missionary Record etc.* Dublin

IrishMF72 Irish Nation* Dublin

IrishMF73 Irish Nation* Dublin

9020 Irish Newspapers Dublin

IrishMF74 Irish Opinion* Dublin

BL Irish Patriot* Dublin

IrishMF75 Irish Peasant* Dublin

BL Irish Peasant* Dublin

IrishMF78 Irish People War Special* Dublin

BL Irish People* Dublin

IrishMF13 Irish People* Dublin

IrishMF76 Irish People* Dublin

IrishMF77 Irish People* Dublin

IrishMF17 Irish Press* Dublin

BL Irish Press* Dublin
IrishMF18 Irish Press* Dublin

BL Irish Racing Book and Sheet* Dublin

BL Irish Railway Gazette etc.* Dublin

BL Irish Schoolmistress etc.* Dublin

BL Irish Society* Dublin

BL Irish Sportsman etc.* Dublin

BL Irish Star* Dublin

BL Irish Times* Dublin

IrishMF79 Irish Volunteer* Dublin

IrishMF80 Irish War News* Dublin

BL Irish Weekly Independent* Dublin

IrishMF81 Irish Work* Dublin

BL Irish Worker* Dublin

IrishMF82 Irish Worker* Dublin

IrishMF83 Irish Worker* Dublin

IrishMF84 Irish Worker* Dublin

IrishMF85 Irish Worker* Dublin

IrishMF86 Irish Workers' Voice* Dublin

IrishMF87 Irish Workers' Weekly* Dublin

IrishMF35 Irishman* Dublin

BL Irishman* Dublin
BL Jarvey* Dublin

BL Kelly's Life In Paddy* Dublin

BL Kingstown Monthly* Dublin

IrishMF90 Labour News* Dublin

BL Lady of the House etc.* Dublin

BL Lady's Herald* Dublin

IrishMF92 Land and National Democrat* Dublin

BL Legal Diary* Dublin

Liberator and Irish Trade
IrishMF94 Dublin

BL Magee's Weekly Packet etc.* Dublin

BL Morning Mail* Dublin

BL Morning Register* Dublin

BritishLib119 Nation* Dublin

IrishMF96 Nation* Dublin
IrishMF97 Nation* Dublin

IrishMF98 Nation* Dublin

IrishMF20 Nation, The* Dublin

BL National Advertiser* Dublin

IrishMF93 National Democrat* Dublin

BL National Press* Dublin

BL National Teacher etc.* Dublin
IrishMF99 National Volunteer* Dublin

IrishMF159 Nationalist & Leinster Times* Dublin

IrishMF102 Nationalist* Dublin
IrishMF100 Nationality* Dublin

IrishMF101 Nationality* Dublin

IrishMF106 Needle* Dublin

IrishMF103 New Ireland* Dublin

IrishMF104 New Ireland/Old Ireland* Dublin

IrishMF105 New Way* Dublin

IrishMF108 Notes from Ireland* Dublin

BL Old Ireland* Dublin

BL Parnellite* Dublin

BL Patriot* Dublin

IrishMF110 Peasant* Dublin

BL Penny Dispatch etc* Dublin

IrishMF117 Phoenix* Dublin

BL Pilot* Dublin

IrishMF112 Pioneer* Dublin

BL Plain Dealer* Dublin

IrishMF111 Plain People* Dublin
Poblacht na h-Eirann
IrishMF115 Dublin
(Scottish Ed)*

Poblacht na h-Eirann
IrishMF116 Dublin
(Southern Ed)*

Poblacht na h-Eireann War
IrishMF114 Dublin
BL Press* Dublin

BL Public Gazetteer* Dublin

BL Public Register* Dublin

BL Racing Calendar* Dublin

BL Reformer* Dublin

BL Repealer* Dublin

IrishMF120 Republic* Dublin
IrishMF121 Republic* Dublin

IrishMF122 Republican Congress* Dublin

IrishMF123 Republican File* Dublin

IrishMF125 Republican War Bulletin* Dublin

BL Saturday Herald* Dublin

Saunders Newsletter and Daily
BL Dublin
BL Saunders Newsletter* Dublin

IrishMF133 Scissors and Paste* Dublin

BL Sentinel* Dublin
IrishMF127 Separatist* Dublin

BL Shamrock* Dublin

IrishMF130 Sinn Fein (Daily)* Dublin

IrishMF129 Sinn Fein (Weekly)* Dublin

Kraus18 Sinn Fein* Dublin

IrishMF131 Sinn Fein* Dublin

BL Social Review* Dublin
IrishMF136 Spark* Dublin

BL Sport* Dublin

BL St. James Evening Post* Dublin

BL Star (Irish Edition)* Dublin

IrishMF137 Star* Dublin

BL Statesman* Dublin

BL Steeple Chase Calendar* Dublin
BL Stewart's Telegraphic Dispatch* Dublin

IrishMF138 Straight Talk* Dublin

Stud & Stable Hall &
BL Dublin

BL Sunday Business Post* Dublin

IrishMF161 Sunday Independent* Dublin

BL Sunday Independent* Dublin

BL Sunday Press* Dublin

IrishMF160 Sunday Press* Dublin

BL Sunday Tribune* Dublin

BL Sunday World* Dublin

BL Telegraph* Dublin

BL Today's Woman* Dublin

IrishMF139 Toiler* Dublin

BL Tribune* Dublin
IrishMF140 Tribune* Dublin

IrishMF142 Truth that is news* Dublin

IrishMF141 Truth War Issue* Dublin

BL Ulster Conservative* Dublin

BL Union* Dublin

IrishMF144 United Ireland* Dublin

IrishMF36 United Irishman* Dublin

IrishMF145 United Irishman* Dublin
Kraus19 United Irishman* Dublin

IrishMF146 United Irishman* Dublin

IrishMF147 United Irishman* Dublin

Voice of Labour (Irish
IrishMF148 Dublin

Voice of Labour (Irish
IrishMF149 Dublin

BL Warder* Dublin

IrishMF150 Watchword of Labour* Dublin

IrishMF151 Watchword* Dublin

BL Weekly Agricultural Review* Dublin

BL Weekly Freeman* Dublin

BL Weekly Freeman's Journal* Dublin
BL Weekly Irish Times* Dublin
BL Weekly News* Dublin

BL Whiskey Trade Review* Dublin
Wine Merchant & Grocer's
BL Dublin

IrishMF153 Wolfe Tone Weekly* Dublin

IrishMF154 Woman Worker* Dublin
IrishMF155 Worker* Dublin
BL World* Dublin

BL Young Ireland* Dublin

60261 Irish times Dublin

60260 Irish times Dublin
60262 Irish times magazine Dublin

BL Bray Gazette* Dun Laoghaire Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown

BL Argus* Dundalk

BL Dundalk Democrat* Dundalk

Dundalk Examiner and Louth
BL Dundalk

BL Dundalk Herald* Dundalk

BL Newry Examiner* Dundalk

BL Dundalk & Newry Express* Dundalk & Newry

Dungarvan Leader and Southern
BL Dungarvan

BL Clare Champion* Ennis

BL Clare Examiner* Ennis

Clare Freeman and Ennis
BL Ennis

BL Clare Independent* Ennis
Clare Journal and Ennis
BL Ennis

IrishMF40 Dalcassian* Ennis
Ennis Chronicle & Clara
BL Ennis
BL Enniscorthy Guardian* Enniscorthy

Enniscorthy News & County of
BL Enniscorthy

BL Enniscorthy Recorder* Enniscorthy

BL Watchman etc.* Enniscorthy
BL Connacht Champion* Galway

BL Connacht Journal* Galway

BL Connacht Sentinel* Galway

Connacht Tribune and Tuam
BL Galway

IrishMF158 Connacht Tribune* Galway

Connaught People and
BL Galway
Ballinasloe Independent*

BL Galway Express* Galway

BL Galway Free Press* Galway

BL Galway Independent Paper* Galway

Galway Mercury and Connaught
BL Galway
Weekly Advertiser*

BL Galway Observer* Galway

Galway Packet and Connaught
BL Galway

BL Galway Patriot* Galway

Galway Pilot and Connaught
BL Galway

BL Galway Press* Galway

BL Galway Vindicator* Galway

BL Galway Weekly Advertiser* Galway
BL Meath Herald* Kells

BL All Ireland Review* Kilkenny

BL Kilkenny Journal* Kilkenny

BL Kilkenny Moderator* Kilkenny

BL Kilkenny People* Kilkenny

IrishMF135 Southern Bulletin* Kilkenny Barracks

BL Kingdom Now and Then* Killarney

BL Clare Advertiser* Kilrush
BL Kilrush Herald* Kilrush
IrishMF38 Bottom Dog* Limerick

BL General Advertiser* Limerick

BL Limerick and Clare Examiner* Limerick

BL Limerick Chronicle* Limerick

IrishMF25 Limerick Chronicle* Limerick

BL Limerick Evening Post* Limerick

BL Limerick Herald* Limerick

BL Limerick Leader* Limerick

BL Limerick Reporter* Limerick

BL Limerick Standard* Limerick

BL Limerick Star & Evening Post* Limerick

BL Limerick Times* Limerick

Munster Journal and Limerick
BL Limerick
Commercial Advertiser*

BL Munster News* Limerick
IrishMF118 Red Flag* Limerick

BL Southern Advertiser* Limerick

BL Southern Chronicle* Limerick

IrishMF152 Watchdog of Labour* Limerick

BL Craigavon Echo* Lisburn

BL Lisburn Echo* Lisburn

BL Lisburn Herald* Lisburn

BL Lisburn Standard* Lisburn

BL Ulster Star* Lisburn

BL Longford Journal* Longford

Longford Leader, Cavan Leitrim
BL Roscommon and Westmeath Longford

BL Longford News* Longford

Maryborough (also
BL Leinster Independent*
called Portlaoise)

BL Leitrim & Longford Advertiser* Mohill

BL Leitrim Gazette* Mohill
Argus and Monaghan
BL Monaghan
BL Monaghan People* Monaghan

BL Northern Standard* Monaghan

BL People's Advocate* Monaghan

Midland Chronicle &
BL Mullingar
Westmeath Independent*
BL Westmeath Examiner etc* Mullingar

BL Westmeath Guardian* Mullingar

BL Leinster Leader etc* Naas

BL Meath Chronicle* Navan

BL Meath People* Navan

BL North Meath Election News* Navan

BL Nenagh Guardian* Nenagh

BL Tipperary & Clare Independent* Nenagh
BL Tipperary Advocate* Nenagh

BL Leinster Express* Portlaois

BL Leinster Independent, Kildare* Portlaois

BL Outlook* Rathfrilla

Boyle Gazette & Roscommon
BL Roscommon

Roscommon Journal & Western
BL Roscommon
Roscommon Weekly
BL Roscommon

BL Kings County Chronicle* Roscrea

BL Skibbereen and West Carbery* Skibbereen

Southern Star & Cork County
BL Skibbereen

BL Champion* Sligo

BL Donegal People's Press* Sligo

BL Sligo Chronicle* Sligo
BL Sligo Independent* Sligo

BL Sligo Journal* Sligo

BL Sligo Nationalist etc.* Sligo

BL Sligo Star* Sligo

BL Sligo Times* Sligo

IrishMF134 Sligo-Leitrim Liberator* Sligo

BL Strokestown Democrat* Strokestown

BL Tipperary Leader* Thurles

BL Devon Valley Tribune* Tipperary

BL Tipperary Star* Tipperary

BL Chute's Western Herald* Tralee

BL Kerry Advocate* Tralee

BL Kerry Evening Post* Tralee

BL Kerry Evening Star* Tralee

Kerry Examiner and Munster
BL Tralee
General Observer*

BL Kerry Independent* Tralee

BL Kerry News* Tralee

BL Kerry People* Tralee

BL Kerry Press* Tralee
BL Kerry Sentinel* Tralee
BL Kerry Star* Tralee
Kerry Weekly Reporter and
BL Tralee
Commercial Advertiser*
BL Kerryman* Tralee

Killarney Echo & South Kerry
BL Tralee
BL New Kerrys Eye* Tralee

BL Tralee Chronicle* Tralee

BL Tralee Mercury* Tralee

BL Connaught Patriot* Tuam

BL Herald & Western Advertiser* Tuam

Tuam News & Western
BL Tuam

BL Tullamore Tribune* Tullamore

Citizen and Waterford
BL Waterford
Commercial Register*

IrishMF56 Harp* Waterford

IrishMF57 Harp* Waterford
Mail & Waterford Daily
BL Waterford
BL Mail* Waterford

BL Munster Express* Waterford

Nationalist & Munster
IrishMF29 Waterford
BL New Ross Reporter* Waterford
BL Ramsey's Waterford Chronicle* Waterford
BL Standard and Waterford* Waterford

BritishLib184 Waterford Chronicle* Waterford

BL Waterford Evening News* Waterford

BL Waterford Freeman* Waterford

BL Waterford Mirror* Waterford

BL Waterford Newsletter* Waterford
BL Waterford Star* Waterford

BL Weekly Waterford Chronicle* Waterford

BL Mayo News* Westport

BL Bray People* Wexford

BL County Wexford Express etc* Wexford

Guardian New Ross Reporter
BL Wexford

BL New Ross Standard etc.* Wexford

BL People* Wexford

BL Sporting* Wexford

BL Wexford Conservative* Wexford

BL Wexford Constitution* Wexford

BL Wexford Evening Post* Wexford

BL Wexford Freeman* Wexford

BL Wexford Herald* Wexford

BL Wexford Independent* Wexford

BL Arklow Reporter* Wicklow

BL Kingstown & Bray Observer* Wicklow

BL Wicklow Newsletter* Wicklow

BL Wicklow People* Wicklow
BL Wicklow Star* Wicklow

IrishMF157 Anglo-Celt*

IrishMF39 Claidheamh Solais*

IrishMF164 Evening Echo*

IrishMF48 Felon Setter*

IrishMF61 Ireland Over All*

IrishMF23 Kerry News*

IrishMF24 Kerry Reporter*

IrishMF33 Pue's Occurances*

IrishMF34 Saunders Newsletter*

BL al-Ittihad* Haifa

BritishLib54 Filastin* Jaffa

BL al-Fajr* Jerusalem

BL al-Quds* Jerusalem

MP47 Juedische Welt-Rundschau* Jerusalem

NRP-572 Kol yisrael Jerusalem

BL Mir'at al-sharq* Jerusalem

60151 Aretz Tel Aviv

60182 Ma Ariv Tel Aviv

NRP-1805 Mishar ve-ta'asiyah Tel Aviv
NRP-1806 Yediot Tel-Aviv Tel Aviv

Gazzetta Ufficiale della
NRP-1486 Rome Lazio
Republica Italiana

NA-42 L'Idea Nazionale* Rome Lazio

NRP-1487 L'Unita Rome Lazio

NA-44 Osservatore Romano* Rome Lazio

3067 Stars and Stripes Rome Lazio

9000 Sole 24 Ore Milan Lombardy

BL L'Italia evangelica* Florence Tuscany

BL San Francesco di Assisi* Assisi Umbria

NA-47 Il Gazzetino* Venice Veneto
Journal officiel de la
NRP-2189 Republique de la Cote- Yamoussoukro
Falmouth Gazette & Jamaica
BL Falmouth
General Advertiser*

Falmouth Post and Jamaica
BL Falmouth
General Advertiser*

BritishLib120 Jamaica Witness* Falmouth

BL Trelawny & Public Advertiser* Falmouth

BL Budget* Kingston

BL Daily Advertiser* Kingston

BL Daily Chronicle* Kingston

67778 Daily Gleaner Kingston

BL Evening Express* Kingston
BL Gall's "Packet" Newsletter* Kingston
Gleaner and De Cordova's
BL Kingston
Advertising Sheet*

BL Gleaner Packet Edition* Kingston

Jamaica Christian Chronicle
BL Kingston
(People's Paper)*

BL Jamaica Churchman* Kingston

BritishLib129 Jamaica Creole* Kingston

BL Jamaica Daily Telegraph* Kingston

Jamaica Despatch & Jamaica
BL Kingston

NRP-753 Jamaica Gazette Kingston

BL Jamaica Guardian* Kingston

BritishLib130 Jamaica Journal* Kingston

MAP5 Jamaica Labour Weekly* Kingston

BL Jamaica Mail* Kingston

Jamaica Mercury and Kingston
BL Kingston
Weekly Advertiser*

BL Jamaica Post* Kingston

BL Jamaica Times* Kingston

BL Jamaica Tribune* Kingston

67779 Jamaican Weekly Gleaner Kingston

BL Jamaican* Kingston

BL Morning Journal* Kingston
People's National Party
87549 (PNP) News Letter, 1950-52 Kingston
& PNP News, 1955-57*

BL Star* Kingston

BL Sunday Gleaner* Kingston

Telegraph & Guardian (Daily
BL Kingston

Weekly gleaner North
67779.01 Kingston
American ed.

BL County Union* Montego Bay

BritishLib169 Jamaica Standard* Montego Bay

BL St. Jago de la Vega Gazette* Spanish Town

Hyogo News*
BL Kobe Hyogo

BL Japan Chronicle* Kobe Hyogo

Kobe Chronicle (Japan
BL Kobe Hyogo

BritishLib185 Eastern World* Yokohama Kanagawa

BL Japan Mail* Yokohama Kanagawa

BritishLib186 Japan Weekly Mail* Yokohama Kanagawa

Osaka Mainichi (English Daily
BL Edition)* Osaka & Tokyo Osaka

BL Ahahi Evening News* Tokyo Tokyo

39999 Japan Times Tokyo Tokyo

BritishLib159 Japan Today and Tomorrow* Tokyo Tokyo

BL Japan Weekly Times* Tokyo Tokyo
Japanese Press, Daily
Tokyo Tokyo
Summary of (US Embassy)

9027 Mainichi Daily News Tokyo Tokyo

Yushodo-1 Mainichi Daily News* Tokyo Tokyo

Kraus29 Pacific Stars and Stripes* Tokyo Tokyo

BL Tokyo Times* Tokyo Tokyo

BL British Press & Jersey Times* St. Helier

BL Chronique de Jersey* St. Helier

BL Evening Post* St. Helier

BL al-Dustur* Amman

Alma-Ata (now called
LC1 Kazakhstanskaia Pravda* Almaty

NRP-178 Dzhetysujskaia iskra Almaty Almaty

NRP-179 Ogni Alatau Almaty Almaty

NRP-180 Pravda Almaty Almaty

Semirechenskie oblastnye
NRP-181 Almaty Almaty

NRP-182 Uchitel' Kazakhstana Almaty Almaty

NRP-183 Vechernyaia Alma-Ata Almaty Almaty

NRP-193 Turgajskaia nov' Arkalyk Almaty

Taldy-Kurgan (also
NRP-1732 Semirechenskaia pravda Almaty
called Taldykorgan)

Taldy-Kurgan (also
NRP-1733 Zaria Kommunizma Almaty
called Taldykorgan)
Akmolinsk (now called
NRP-167 Maiak stepi Aqmola

NRP-208 Tselinogradskaia pravda Astana Aqmola

NRP-216 Atbassarskaia zhizn' Atbassar Aqmola

Kokchetav (now called
NRP-756 Kokchetavskaia pravdv Aqmola
Koksetau )

Kokchetav (now called
NRP-757 Stepnoi maiak Aqmola
Koksetau )

Aktyubinsk (now
NRP-169 Aktiubinskaia pravda Aqtobe
called Aqtobe)

Ural'sk (now called
NRP-1869 Listok ural'skii Batys Qazaqstan

Ural'sk (now called
NRP-1870 Priural'e Batys Qazaqstan

Ural'sk (now called
NRP-1871 Uralets Batys Qazaqstan

Ural'sk (now called
NRP-1872 Ural'skie oblastnye vedomosti Batys Qazaqstan

Ural'sk (now called
NRP-1873 Ural'skie voiskovye vedomosti Batys Qazaqstan

Ural'sk (now called
NRP-1874 Ural'skii listok Batys Qazaqstan

NRP-168 Ogni Mangyshlaka Aktau Mangghystau

Chimkent (also called Ongtustik
NRP-437 Iuzhnyi Kazakhstan
Shymkent) Qazaqstan

NRP-1290 Qazaq Orenburg Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1364 Biulleten' gazety 'Golos stepi' Pavlodar Pavlodar

NRP-1365 Bol'shevistskii put' Pavlodar Pavlodar

Dnevnik Pavlodarskogo
NRP-1366 Pavlodar Pavlodar
otdeleniia osvedstepi

NRP-1367 Pavlodarskii telegraf Pavlodar Pavlodar
NRP-1368 Zvezda Priirtysh'ya Pavlodar Pavlodar

NRP-478 Dzhezkazganskaia pravdv Dzhezkazgan Qaraghandy

NRP-613 Industrial'naia Karaganda Karaganda Qaraghandy

NRP-614 Karaganda Qaraghandy

Kustanaj (also called
NRP-815 Golos naroda Qostanay

Kustanaj (also called
NRP-816 Krasnaia step' Qostanay

Kustanaj (also called
NRP-817 Leninskii put' Qostanay

Kustanaj (also called
NRP-818 Na pomosch' derevne Qostanay

Kustanaj (also called
NRP-819 Stalinskii put' Qostanay

Kustanaj (also called
NRP-820 Stepnaia kommuna Qostanay

NRP-822 Leninskaia smena Kzyl-Orda Qyzylorda

NRP-823 Put' Lenina Kzyl-Orda Qyzylorda

Semipalatinsk (now
NRP-1538 Irtysh Shyghys Qazaqstan
called Semey)

Semipalatinsk (now
NRP-1536 Priirtyshskaia pravda Shyghys Qazaqstan
called Semey)
Semipalatinsk (now
NRP-1537 Priirtyshskii kraj Shyghys Qazaqstan
called Semey)
Semipalatinsk (now
NRP-1539 Semipalatinskaia zhizn' Shyghys Qazaqstan
called Semey)

Semipalatinsk (now
NRP-1540 Semipalatinskii listok Shyghys Qazaqstan
called Semey)

Semipalatinsk (now
NRP-1541 Semipalatinskii vestnik Shyghys Qazaqstan
called Semey)

NRP-1879 Poslednie sobytiia Ust'-Kamenogorsk Shyghys Qazaqstan
NRP-1880 Rudnyi Altai Ust'-Kamenogorsk Shyghys Qazaqstan

NRP-1385 Ishimskaia step' Petropavlovsk Soltustik Qazaqstan

NRP-1386 Ishimskii kraj Petropavlovsk Soltustik Qazaqstan

NRP-1387 Petropavlovskii Sovet rk i kd Petropavlovsk Soltustik Qazaqstan

NRP-1388 Priishim'e Petropavlovsk Soltustik Qazaqstan

NRP-1389 Sibirskii spravochnyi listok Petropavlovsk Soltustik Qazaqstan

NRP-1390 Smychka Petropavlovsk Soltustik Qazaqstan

NRP-1391 Stepnaia zhizn' Petropavlovsk Soltustik Qazaqstan

Kustanajskii obschestvennyi

Aktyubinsk (now
NRP-170 Aktiubinskii uezd
called Aqtobe)

Aktyubinsk (now
NRP-171 Aktiubinskii vestnik
called Aqtobe)

Aktyubinsk (now
NRP-172 Put' k kommunizmu
called Aqtobe)

Aktyubinsk (now
NRP-173 Stepnaia pravda
called Aqtobe)

NRP-526 Prikaspijskaia kommuna Gur'ev

NRP-1745 Kiribati Gazette Tarawa

BL al-Ra'y al-'amm*

NRP-1311 Leninskii put' Osh Osh

Przheval'sk (now
NRP-1443 Issyk-Kul'skaia pravda Ysyk-Kol
called Karakol)

Przheval'sk (now
NRP-1444 Issyk-Kul'skaia pravda Ysyk-Kol
called Karakol)
NRP-340 Sovetskaia Kirgiziia Bishkek

NRP-341 Vechernii Frunze Bishkek

Frunze (now called
61059 Sovetskaya Kirgiziya

67792 Kao Kosana Gan Vientiane Vientiane

Lao Presse, Bulletin
67793 Vientiane Vientiane

68582 Xat Lao Vientiane Vientiane

NRP-809 Padomju Kuldiga Kuldiga Kurzeme

Liepaya (also called
NRP-834 Soldat Kurzeme

NRP-458 Dvinskii golos Daugavpils Latgale

Tsesis (also called
NRP-1839 Novoladozhskii polk Vidzeme

Okopnaia pravda Tsesis (also called
NRP-1840 Vidzeme
(bol'shevistskaia gazeta) Cesis), Riga
Okopnyi nabat (ekstrennoe
Tsesis (also called
NRP-1841 prilozhenie k gazete Vidzeme
Cesis), Riga
Okopnaia pravda sm

NRP-1902 Kavi Valka Vidzeme

NRP-571 Speks Jelgava Zemgale

NRP-1454 Briva Zeme Riga Zemgale

NRP-1455 Brivais Strelnieks Riga Zemgale

NRP-1456 Cina Riga Zemgale

NRP-1457 Diena Riga Zemgale

NRP-1458 Diena (Latvian Edition) Riga Zemgale
NRP-1459 Diena (Russian Edition) Riga Zemgale

NRP-1460 Duna Zeitung Riga Zemgale

Duna Zeitung. Beilage: Sport
NRP-1461 Riga Zemgale

NRP-1462 Kamf Riga Zemgale

NRP-1463 Labrit Riga Zemgale

Latvijas Jaunatne / Labrit
NRP-1464 Riga Zemgale

NRP-1465 Lauku Avize Riga Zemgale

NRP-1466 Literatura un Maksla Riga Zemgale

NRP-1467 Literaturas Avize Riga Zemgale

NRP-1468 Neatkariga Cina Riga Zemgale

NRP-1469 Neatkariga Rita Avize Riga Zemgale

Neue Zeitung fuer Stadt und
NRP-1470 Riga Zemgale

NRP-1471 Ovntpost Riga Zemgale

MP57 Rigaer Juedische Rundshau* Riga Zemgale

NRP-1472 Rigaer Tageblatt Riga Zemgale

Rigaer Tageblatt (Neue
NRP-1473 Riga Zemgale

NRP-1474 SM Riga Zemgale

NRP-1475 SM Riga Zemgale

NRP-1476 Social Demokrats Riga Zemgale
61061 Sovetskaya Latvya Riga Zemgale

NRP-1477 Valdibas Vestnesis Riga Zemgale
NRP-1478 Golos Rigi Riga Zemgale
NRP-1479 Jauna Dienas Lapa Riga Zemgale
NRP-1480 Novyi golos Riga Zemgale

NRP-1481 Pravda molodezhi Riga Zemgale
NRP-1482 Sobytiia dnia Riga Zemgale
NRP-1483 Sovetskaia Latviia Riga Zemgale
NRP-1484 Zu Schauer Riga Zemgale
NRP-825 Shtyk

NRP-2237 Sovetskaia Latvia Riga

NRP-2241 Kahwi Walka

NRP-2218 Latviesu Avize

BritishLib18 Akhbar Tibbiyah* Beirut

BL al-Anwar* Beirut
BritishLib19 al-Bashir* Beirut

BL al-Hayah* Beirut

BritishLib21 al-Kanisah al-Kathulikiyah* Beirut
BritishLib25 al-Mashriq* Beirut
BL al-Nahar* Beirut
LC4 al-Nahar* Beirut

BritishLib26 al-Safa'* Beirut

BritishLib27 al-Shirakah al-shahriyah* Beirut

BritishLib28 al-Tabib* Beirut
BritishLib29 al-Tabib* Beirut
BL Bayrut* Beirut
BritishLib20 Hadiqat al-akhbar* Beirut
BL Kawkab al-subli al-munir* Beirut
BritishLib22 Kawkab al-subli al-munir* Beirut
BritishLib23 Lisan al-Hal* Beirut

BritishLib24 Majmu'fawa'id* Beirut
BritishLib30 Thamarat al-funun* Beirut

BritishLib31 al-Muqtataf* Beirut/Cairo

NRP-1052 Liberia Official Gazette Monrovia

BL Observer* Monrovia

NRP-1901 Vaduz

NRP-339 Birzieciu balsas Birzai Aukštaitija

NRP-621 Akademikas Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-622 Apzvalga Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-623 Athenaeum Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-624 Der Emes Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-625 Di Jidise Stime Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-626 Dienovidis Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-627 Dos naje Vort Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-628 Dos Vort Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-629 Ekonomika Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-630 Folksblat Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-631 Folksceitung Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-632 Frimorgen Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-633 Garnys Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-634 Haintinge Nais Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-635 Idenstot Kaunas Aukštaitija
NRP-636 Jidiser lebn Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-637 Karo archyvas Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-638 Karys Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-639 Kosmos Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-640 Kriminalines policijos zinios Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-641 Lietuva Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-642 Lietuvos mokykla Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-643 Lietuvos zinios Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-644 Logos Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-645 Nais Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-646 Naujoji Romuva Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-647 Naujoji vaidilute Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-648 Ovent Blat Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-649 Policija Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-650 Pradai ir zygiai Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-651 Rytas Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-652 Tautos mokykla Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-653 Trimitas Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-654 Unzer moment Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-655 Vairas Kaunas Aukštaitija
NRP-656 XX amzius Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-657 Zidinys Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-658 Truzhennik Kaunas Aukštaitija

NRP-1317 Panevezio balsas Panevezys Aukštaitija

NRP-1318 Panevezio garsas Panevezys Aukštaitija

Kraus32 Der Veker* Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2038 Di Cait Vilnius Aukštaitija

61062 Ekho Litvy Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2039 Far Unzer Shul Vilnius Aukštaitija
NRP-2040 Filologisze Szriftn Vilnius Aukštaitija
NRP-2041 Hazman Vilnius Aukštaitija
NRP-2042 Heid Hazman Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2043 Jidise caitung Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2044 Lecte nais Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2045 Literarisze Monatszriftn Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2046 Literatura ir Menas Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2047 Mlot Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2048 Nasha dolia Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2049 Nasha niva Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2050 Ovent Kurjer Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2051 Sovetskaia Litva Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2052 Szul-Frajnd Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2053 Tog Vilnius Aukštaitija
NRP-2054 Unzer tog Vilnius Aukštaitija

70082 Valstieciu Laikrastis Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2055 Vechernie novosti Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2056 Vilenskii kur'er Vilnius Aukštaitija
Vilenskii listok spravok,
NRP-2057 Vilnius Aukštaitija
ob'yavlenii i telegramm
NRP-2058 Vilenskii vestnik Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2059 Vilner expres Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2060 Vilner kurjer Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2061 Vilner Radio Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-2062 Vilner Togblat Vilnius Aukštaitija

35186 Diena. Latvian ed Vilnius Aukštaitija

35187 Diena. Russian Ed Vilnius Aukštaitija

70021 Lietuvos aidas Vilnius Aukštaitija

70022 Lietuvos rytas Vilnius Aukštaitija

35190 Respublika Vilnius Aukštaitija

NRP-342 Apeveta Bitenai Lithuania Minor
Klajpeda (also called
NRP-754 Sovetskaia Klaipeda Lithuania Minor
NRP-2219 Gimtasai krastas Siauliai Samogitia

NRP-1002 ºaltinis Marijampole Sudovia
Memorial du Grand-Duch‚ de
NRP-876 Luxembourg. Memorial des Luxembourg
Grossherzogtums Luxemburg
MP58 Nova Makedonija*ny
Gazetim-panjakan' Skopje
Repoblika Demokratika
NRP-191 Malagasy. Journal officiel de Antananarivo
la Republique democratique
Journal officiel de
de Madagascar
NRP-192 Antananarivo
BL Central African Times* Blantyre

BL Nyasaland Times (The Times)* Blantyre
25473 Business Times Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

67802 Eastern Sun Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

BritishLib131 Grenier's Rubber News* Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

NRP-806 Harakah Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

BritishLib132 Indian Pioneer* Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

BritishLib133 Indian* Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

67803 Malay Mail Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

60704 Malay Mail & Sunday Mail Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

BritishLib134 Malayan Daily News* Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

BritishLib135 Malayan Observer* Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

25472.01 New Straits Times Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

BritishLib136 Planter* Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

67804 Straits Budget Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

BritishLib137 Sunday News* Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

BritishLib138 Tiger Press* Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

60704 Weekend Mail Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

BritishLib160 Malacca Guardian* Malacca Malacca

BritishLib161 Malacca Observer* Malacca Malacca

BritishLib122 Penang Argus* George Town Penang
Penang Maritime Journal (Straits
BritishLib170 George Town Penang
Maritime Journal)*
Straits Independent & Pengang
BL George Town Penang
Straits Maritime Journal &
BritishLib124 George Town Penang
General News*
BritishLib125 Straits Observer* George Town Penang

BritishLib121 Eastern Courier* Georgetown Penang
Penang Daily Imports &
BritishLib123 Georgetown Penang
BritishLib126 Sunday Gazette* Georgetown Penang

BritishLib171 Penang Times* Penang Penang

BL Pinang Times* Penang Penang

BritishLib172 Straits Echo Mail Edition* Penang Penang
Straits Independent &
BritishLib173 Penang Penang
Penang Chronicle*
BL Daily News* Ipoh Perak

BritishLib128 Malay Daily Chronicle* Ipoh Perak

BL Malaya Tribune (Perak Edition)* Ipoh Perak

BL Malayan Observer* Ipoh Perak
Times of Malaya (Weekly Mail
BL Ipoh Perak
BL Times of Malaya* Ipoh Perak
Perak Pioneer and Native States
BL Advertiser (Perak Pioneer and Taiping Perak
Malay States Advertiser)*
Jesselton (now called
67796 North Borneo news Sabah
Kota Kinabalu)
Kinabalu Times and Sunday
67795 Kota Kinabalu Sabah
67797 Ya-Pi Shan Pao Kota Kinabalu Sabah
67806 Borneo Times Sandakan Sabah
British North Borneo Herald
BritishLib177 Sandakan, Jesselton Sabah
Fortnightly Record*
BritishLib139 Sarawak Gazette* Kuching Sarawak

BritishLib140 Sarawak Tribune* Kuching Sarawak

BL Harakah* Kuala Lumpur

BL Malay Mail (Weekly Edition)* Kuala Lumpur
BL Malaya Tribune (FMS Edition)* Kuala Lumpur
Sunday Mail (Sunday Edition of
BL Kuala Lumpur
Malay Mail)*
Journal officiel de la
NRP-253 Bamako
Republique du Mali
Malta government gazette.
NRP-1903 Valletta
Gazetta tal-Gvern ta Malta
67945 Gazette des Petites Antilles Fort-de-France
Journal Officiel de la
NRP-1225 Republique Islamique de Nouakchott
Bulletin Commercial du
BL Port Louis
BL Commercial Gazette* Port Louis
Daily Publisher les Petites
BL Port Louis
BL La Sentinelle de Maurice* Port Louis
BL L'Argus* Port Louis
BL Le Progrès Colonial etc.* Port Louis
BL L'Oeuvre* Port Louis
Mercantile Record Overland
BL Port Louis

BL Overland Commercial Gazette* Port Louis

NRP-1007 Der Veg Mexico City
NRP-1008 Diario oficial Mexico City

BritishLib163 El Explorador Minero* Mexico City
NRP-1009 El Heraldo de Mexico Mexico City
BritishLib164 El Minero Mexicano* Mexico City
NRP-1010 El Nacional Mexico City

BritishLib165 El Pueblo* Mexico City
60213 El Universal Mexico City
60214 El Universal Grafico Mexico City

60212 Excelsior Mexico City

NRP-1011 Farn Folk Mexico City

BritishLib166 Far'n folk* Mexico City

BritishLib167 La Madre celestina* Mexico City

Kraus23 Machete* Mexico City

NRP-1012 Mexico City News Mexico City
Gaceta del Gobierno de
68720 Mexico City
35189 Uno mas uno Mexico City

68176 El Imparcial Sonora
NRP-438 Bessarabskaia pravda Chisinau

Bessarabskie Gubernskie
NRP-439 Chisinau
NRP-440 Iskra Chisinau

NRP-441 Sovetskaia Moldaviia Chisinau

NRP-442 Vechernii Kishinev Chisinau

Kishinev (now called
61063 Sovetskaya Moldova
NRP-1051 Journal de Monaco Monaco

LC22 Unen* Ulan Bator

Urga (now called Ulan
NRP-1875 Urginskaia gazeta
NRP-1449 Bulletin Officiel Rabat

BritishLib84 al-Maghrib* Tangier
BL Beira News (Noticias de Beira)* Beira
BL Beira Post* Beira
BL Lourenço Marques (now called Maputo)
Lourenço Marques Guardian*

NRP-999 Boletim da Republica Maputo

NRP-1000 Boletim Oficial Maputo
Mawlamyaing (also
BritishLib162 Maulmain Chronicle* called Moulmein or Mon
Rangoon (also called
BL Burma Echo* Yangon
Rangoon (also called
LC19 Greater Asia* Yangon
Rangoon (also called
67653 Nation Yangon
Rangoon Gazette Weekly Yangon)
Rangoon (also called
BL Yangon
Budget* Yangon)
Rangoon (also called
BritishLib175 Rangoon Times* Yangon
Times of Burma (Weekly Rangoon (also called
BL Yangon
Summary)* Yangon)
Rangoon (also called
BL Times of Burma* Yangon
Weekly Rangoon Times & Rangoon (also called
BritishLib176 Yangon
Overland Summary* Yangon)
Rangoon (also called
67654 Working People's Daily Yangon
LC23 Namibian* Windhoek
67716 De Amsterdam Amsterdam
NRP-2258 De Standaard Amsterdam
67952 Amigoe di Poeblo Willemstad Curacao

68600 Curacaosche Courant Willemstad Curacao

68601 De Onpartijidge Willemstad Curacao

68602 El Imparcial Willemstad Curacao

68603 El Sol Willemstad Curacao

67807 La Prensa Willemstad Curacao

NZM-1 New Zealand Herald Auckland

NRP-219 Peoples' Voice Auckland

NZM-2 Dominion Christchurch

NZM-3 Press Christchurch

67661 La Informacion Bluefields

NRP-994 La Gaceta Managua

67663 La Prensa Managua
Journal Officiel de la
NRP-1202 Niamey
Republique du Niger
BL New Nigerian* Kaduna Kaduna
BritishLib192 Nigerian Citizen* Zaria Kaduna
Nigerian Morning Post (Morning
BL Apapa Lagos
BL Anglo-African* Lagos Lagos
BL Comet (Daily Comet)* Lagos Lagos
BL Comet* Lagos Lagos

BL Daily Service* Lagos Lagos

BL Daily Telegraph* Lagos Lagos
BL Eagle and Lagos Critic* Lagos Lagos

BL Lagos Observer* Lagos Lagos

BL Lagos Standard* Lagos Lagos
BritishLib141 Lagos Times* Lagos Lagos
BritishLib142 Lagos Weekly Record* Lagos Lagos
BL Mirror* Lagos Lagos
BL Nigerian Chronicle* Lagos Lagos
Nigerian Daily Times (Daily
BL Lagos Lagos
BL Nigerian Pioneer* Lagos Lagos
Nigerian Times (Times of
BL Lagos Lagos
BL Sunday Express* Lagos Lagos
BL Sunday Post* Lagos Lagos

BritishLib127 Nigerian Tribune* Ibadan
CAN4 Chosun Ilbo* Pyongyang
LC17 Nodong Sinmun* Pyongyang
LC18 Nongmin Sinmun* Pyongyang
CAN5 Pyongyang Times* Pyongyang
BL Armagh Gazette* Armagh

BL Armagh Guardian* Armagh
Ulster Gazette & Armagh
BL Armagh

BL Antrim Guardian* Ballymena

BL Ballymena Advertiser* Ballymena

BL Ballymena Guardian* Ballymena

BL Ballymena Observer* Ballymena

BL Ballymena Weekly Telegraph* Ballymena

BL Ballymoney Free Press* Ballymoney

BL North Antrim Standard* Ballymoney

BL Northern Herald* Ballymoney
BL Banbridge Chronicle* Banbridge
County Down Spectator &
BL Bangor
Ulster Standard*
BL Banner of Ulster* Belfast

BL Belfast & Newry Standard* Belfast

BL Belfast Advertiser and Literary* Belfast

BL Belfast Advertiser* Belfast

BL Belfast Commercial Chronicle* Belfast
BritishLib94 Belfast Evening Telegraph* Belfast

IrishMF3 Belfast Labour Chronicle* Belfast

BL Belfast Linen Trade Circular* Belfast

BL Belfast Mercantile Register* Belfast

Belfast Mercury and Belfast
IrishMF2 Belfast
Evening Post*

BL Belfast Mercury* Belfast

BL Belfast Morning News* Belfast

BritishLib95 Belfast Newsletter* Belfast

BL Belfast Protestant Journal* Belfast
IrishMF4 Belfast Strike Bulletin* Belfast
BL Belfast Weekly News* Belfast
BL Belfast Weekly Post* Belfast
BL Belfast Weekly Telegraph* Belfast

BL Carrickfergus Advertiser* Belfast

BL Evening Press* Belfast

BL Guardian and Constitutional* Belfast

BL Insurance Gazette of Ireland* Belfast

BL Irish Christian Advocate* Belfast
IrishMF66 Irish Democrat* Belfast

BL Irish Friend* Belfast

Irish News & Belfast Morning
BritishLib96 Belfast

BL Irish News* Belfast

BL Irish Presbyterian* Belfast

Irish Temperance League
BL Belfast

BL Irish Templar* Belfast

BL Irish Weekly* Belfast

IrishMF89 Irishman* Belfast

Labour Opposition of
IrishMF91 Belfast
Northern Ireland*

BL Linen Market* Belfast

BL Midland Tribune* Belfast

BL Newsletter Ulster Edition* Belfast

IrishMF107 Northern Patriot* Belfast

BL Northern Star* Belfast

IrishMF32 Northern Star* Belfast

BL Northern Whig* Belfast

IrishMF119 Red Hand Magazine* Belfast

IrishMF124 Republican Review* Belfast

IrishMF128 Shan Van Vocht* Belfast
BL Silent Messenger* Belfast

BL Sunday Life* Belfast
BL Sunday News* Belfast
BL Ulster Cyclist & Football News* Belfast
BL Ulster Echo* Belfast
BL Ulster Examiner* Belfast

BL Ulster General Advertiser* Belfast
Ulster Newsletter Ulster
BL Belfast
BL Ulster Saturday Night* Belfast

BL Ulster Times* Belfast

BL Ulster Weekly News* Belfast

BL Ulsterman* Belfast
BL Vindicator* Belfast

BL Weekly Examiner* Belfast

BL Weekly Northern Whig* Belfast

BL Weekly Observer* Belfast

BL Weekly Press* Belfast

BL Weekly Vindicator* Belfast

BL Witness* Belfast

BL Democrat* Coalisland

BL Coleraine Chronicle* Coleraine

BL Coleraine Constitution* Coleraine

BL Coleraine Herald* Coleraine

BL Coleraine Times* Coleraine

BL Mid Ulster Mail* Cookstown

BL Mid Ulster Observer* Cookstown
BL Newry Reporter* Down

BL Newtonards Chronicle* Down

BL Down Independent* Downpatrick

BL Downpatrick Recorder* Downpatrick

BL Downshire Protestant* Downpatrick

BL Dromore Leader* Dromore

BL Dromore Star* Dromore

BL Dromore Weekly Times* Dromore

BL Armagh Observer* Dungannon

BL Ballymena Chronicle* Dungannon
Dungannon News & County
BL Dungannon
Tyrone Advertiser*

BL Dungannon Observer* Dungannon

BL Tyrone Courier* Dungannon
BL Enniskillen Advertiser* Enniskillen
Enniskillen Chronicle & Erne
BL Enniskillen
BL Enniskillener* Enniskillen
BL Fermanagh Herald* Enniskillen
BL Fermanagh News & Cavan* Enniskillen
BL Fermanagh Times* Enniskillen
BL Impartial Reporter* Enniskillen
BL East Antrim Times* Larne
Larne Times & Weekly
BL Larne
BL Larne Weekly Reporter* Larne

BL County Derry Liberal* Londonderry

Derry Journal (Tuesday and
BL Londonderry
Friday Edition)*
BL Derry People & Donegal News* Londonderry

BL Derry Weekly News & Tyrone* Londonderry

BL Londonderry Guardian* Londonderry

BL Londonderry Journal* Londonderry

BL Londonderry Standard* Londonderry

Londonderry (also
IrishMF26 Londonderry Journal*
called Derry)

BL Antrim Times and Ballymena* Lurgan

BL Ballymena Times* Lurgan
BL Ballymoney Times* Lurgan
BL Carrick Times* Lurgan
BL Limavedy Sentinel* Lurgan
BL Londonderry Sentinel* Lurgan
BL Lurgan Mail* Lurgan
Lurgan Times and Portadown
BL Lurgan
BL Portadown Times* Lurgan
BL Protestant Watchman* Lurgan
BL Roe Valley Sentinel* Lurgan
Mourne Observer (South Down
BL Newcastle
Mourne Observer (West Down
BL Newcastle

BL Weekly Observer* Newcastle

BL Frontier Sentinel* Newry

BL Newry Commercial Telegraph* Newry
BL North Down Herald* Newtownar
BL Omagh News* Omagh
BL Strabane Chronicle* Omagh
BL Strabane Morning Post* Omagh

BL Strabane Weekly News* Omagh

BL Tyrone Constitution* Omagh
BL Ulster Herald etc.* Omagh

BL Advertiser etc.* Portadown
BL Portadown Echo* Portadown
BL Portadown Express etc* Portadown

BL Portadown Weekly News* Portadown

BL Tyrone Herald and Strabane* Strabane

NRP-1312 Aftenposten Oslo
BritishLib143 Civil & Military Gazette* Lahore Punjab
Indian Public Opinion and
BritishLib144 Lahore Punjab
Punjab Times*
BL Lahore Chronicle* Lahore Punjab
Pakistan Economics and
BL Lahore Punjab
BL Tribune* Lahore Punjab

BL al-Islam* Karachi Sindh

BL Economic Observer* Karachi Sindh

BL Karachi Commerce* Karachi Sindh

BL Morning News* Karachi Sindh

Statesman & Weekend

al-Quds (also called
BritishLib55 Mir'at al-Sharq*

NRP-1403 National Gazette Port Moresby

BL La Libertad Restaurada* Cuzco

BL Boletin Bibliográfico* Lima

NRP-836 El Peruano. Diario Oficial Lima

Kraus20 Historia* Lima
National Capital
BL El Eco de Filipinas* Manila

National Capital
BL El Ilocano* Manila

National Capital
BL La Espana oriental* Manila

La Iglesia filipina National Capital
BL Manila
independiente* Region

National Capital
BL La Lectura popular* Manila
National Capital
BL La Redención del obrero* Manila
National Capital
BL Revista católica de Filipinas* Manila
67811 Mindanao Cross Cotabato Cotabato
68482 Mindanao mail Davao City Davao del Sur

67812 Mindanao Times Davao City Davao del Sur
National Capital
67814 Chronicle Manila
National Capital
67815 Daily Mirror Manila
National Capital
NRP-997 Malay Mail Manila
National Capital
NRP-995 Manilla Times - Daily Manila
National Capital
NRP-996 Manilla Times - Weekly Manila
67816 Reporter Maasin Southern Leyte

67813 Sulu Star Jolo Sulu
Breslau (now called
MP33 Der Jude* Dolnoslaskie
NRP-2177 Gazeta Wroclawska Wroclaw Dolnoslaskie
Gazeta Wroclawska
NRP-2178 (formerly: Robotnicza Gazeta Wroclaw Dolnoslaskie
Jahresbericht des juedisch-
NRP-2179 theologischen Seminars Wroclaw Dolnoslaskie
Juedischer Volks- und
Fraenckelscher Haus-
NRP-2180 Verband zur Erziehung Wroclaw Dolnoslaskie
NRP-2181 hilfsbeduerftiger Israelitischen Wroclaw Dolnoslaskie
Verein Jahres-Berichte
Kinder. fuer Juedische
NRP-2182 Wroclaw Dolnoslaskie
Geschichte und Literatur
NRP-2174 Vlotslavker shtime Wloclawek
NRP-2175 Vlotslavker shtime Wloclawek

NRP-846 Der Lodzher shpigl Lodz Lodzkie

Ilustrirter Pojliszer
NRP-847 Lodz Lodzkie

Jidysze Turn un Sport-
NRP-848 Lodz Lodzkie
Cajtung Lodz

NRP-849 Literarisze Tribune Lodz Lodzkie

NRP-850 Lodzer Handelscajtung Lodz Lodz Lodzkie

Ojfn Literariszn Horyzont
NRP-852 Lodz Lodzkie

Ojfn Literariszn Horyzont
NRP-851 Lodz Lodzkie

NRP-853 Panorama Lodz Lodzkie

Poalej Emuna Isroel be
NRP-854 Lodz Lodzkie

NRP-855 Republika Lodz Lodzkie

NRP-856 Kuznica Lodz Lodzkie

Sprawozdanie zarzadu
NRP-857 Gminy Wyznaniowej Lodz, Warsaw Lodzkie
Piotrkovskie Gubernskie
NRP-1397 Piotrkow Lodzkie

NRP-1822 Tomaszower Wochenblat Lodzkie

NRP-402 Khelemer shtime Chelm Lubelskie

NRP-1015 Mezriczer Klejnhendler Międzyrzecz Lubelskie

Czas (formerly Czas
NRP-779 Krakow Malopolskie

NRP-780 Di Havatselet Krakow Malopolskie
NRP-781 Die Burg Krakow Malopolskie

NRP-782 Diwrej Akiba Krakow Malopolskie

NRP-783 Gazeta zydowska Krakow Malopolskie

NRP-784 Sprawozdanie Wydzialu
General-Gouvernement Krakow Malopolskie
towarzystwa Biblioteki i
NRP-785 Krakow Malopolskie
Czytelni Publicznej Ezra w
68272 Tygodnik Powszechny Krakow Malopolskie

70010 Dziennik Polski Krakow Malopolskie

70014 Gazeta krakowska Krakow Malopolskie

NRP-162 Zeszyty Oswiecimskie Oswiecim Malopolskie

NRP-1045 Mlawer Najes Mlawa Mazowieckie
Plotskie Gubernskie
NRP-1398 Plock Mazowieckie
Radomskie Gubernskie
NRP-1451 Radom Mazowieckie

NRP-2089 Biuletyn Informacyjny Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2090 Biuletyn polsko-ukrainskii Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2091 Biuletyn zbrodni hitlerowskich Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2092 Boznice Starozytne w Polsce Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2093 Czerwony Sztandar Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2094 Degel ha-torah Warsaw Mazowieckie
Deutscher Volks-Kalender un
NRP-2095 Warsaw Mazowieckie
NRP-2096 Dos Naje Wort Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2097 Dostrzegacz Nadwislanski Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2098 Dziecko Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2099 Dziennik Ludowy Warsaw Mazowieckie
BritishLib183 Dzis i jutro* Warsaw Mazowieckie

70013 Gazeta Bankowa Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2100 Glos Gminy zydowskiej Warsaw Mazowieckie
Handelscajtung. Gazeta
NRP-2101 Warsaw Mazowieckie
Handlowa Warszawa
NRP-2102 Haynt Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2103 Haynt: ilustrirte baylage Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2104 Idiszes Wochenblat Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2105 Ilustrierte folks-shtime Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2106 Iton Katan Warszawa Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2107 Izraelita Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2108 Izraelita Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2109 Jungt-Weker Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2110 Kierunki Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2111 Lad Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2112 Lebens-Fragen Warsaw Mazowieckie
NRP-2113 Majn Redniker Film Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2114 Mesilot Warsaw Mazowieckie

Miecz i Plug (1940-1944).
NRP-2115 Warsaw Mazowieckie
Barykada (1942-1944)

NRP-2116 Miesiecznik zydowski Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2117 Miesiecznik zydowski Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2118 Miesiecznik zydowski Warsaw Mazowieckie
NRP-2119 Miesiecznik zydowski Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2120 Monitor Polski Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2121 Nowe Drogi Warsaw Mazowieckie
NRP-2122 Nowe Slowo Warsaw Mazowieckie
NRP-2123 Nowe Slowo dla Mlodych Warsaw Mazowieckie
NRP-2124 Nowe Zycie Warsaw Mazowieckie
NRP-2125 Palestyna i Bliski Wschod Warsaw Mazowieckie
NRP-2126 Palestyna i Bliski Wschod Warsaw Mazowieckie

68288 Polityka Warsaw Mazowieckie
Przebudova (1941-1943).
NRP-2127 Warsaw Mazowieckie
Polska Ludowa (1943-1944)
NRP-2128 Przeglad Codzienny Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2129 Roczniki humanistyczne Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2130 Slowo - Dziennik Katolicki Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2131 Slowo - Dziennik Katolicki Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2132 Toz-Jedijes Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2134 Tygodnik Debata Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2133 Tygodnik Debata Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2136 Tygodnik Literacki Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2135 Tygodnik Literacki Warsaw Mazowieckie

70002 Tygodnik Solidarnosc Warsaw Mazowieckie

Ukrayins'kyi Naukovyi
NRP-2137 Warsaw Mazowieckie
Instytut. Pratsi
NRP-2138 Unser leben Warsaw Mazowieckie
Varshavskie Gubernskie
NRP-2139 Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2140 Warszawer Almanach Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2141 Wiadomosci Polskie Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-161 Wychodzca Warsaw Mazowieckie

Yedies (Byuletin fun Yidishn
NRP-2142 Warsaw Mazowieckie
historishn Institut)
Yedies (Prese-byuletin fun
NRP-2143 Tsentral komitet fun poylishe Warsaw Mazowieckie

68273 Zycie Gospodarcze Warsaw Mazowieckie
NRP-2144 Zycie Literackie Warsaw Mazowieckie
NRP-2145 Argumenty Warsaw Mazowieckie

68572 Gazeta wyborcza Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-79006318 Izraelita Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2146 Kierunki Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2147 Robotnik Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2148 Russkii golos Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2149 Rzeczpospolita Warsaw Mazowieckie

70035 Rzeczpospolita Warsaw Mazowieckie
70038.02 Trybuna Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-2150 Varshavskii dnevnik Warsaw Mazowieckie

70040 Warsaw voice Warsaw Mazowieckie

70041 Wspolnota Warsaw Mazowieckie

70042 Zycie Warszawy Warsaw Mazowieckie

NRP-1442 Folksfrajnd Przemysl Podcarpaskie

Avgustov (also called
NRP-220 Avangard Podlaskie

NRP-334 Dos Wort Bialystock Podlaskie

Lomzhinskie Gubernskie
NRP-860 Lomza Podlaskie
Suvalkskie Gubernskie
NRP-1722 Suwalki Podlaskie
NRP-269 Zaglembyer tsaytung Bedzin Slaskie

Beuthen (now called
BL Zeitschrift für Gewerbe* Slaskie

NRP-335 Juedische Wochenpost Bielsko Slaskie

NRP-454 Unzer Weg Czestochowa Slaskie
Hindenburg (now
NRP-1450 Grenzwacht Slaskie
called Zabrze)

Kaliszskie Gubernskie
NRP-604 Kalisz Wielkopolskie

NRP-1406 Przeglad Judaistyczny Poznan Wielkopolskie
BL A Capital* Lisbon
BL A Luta* Lisbon

BL A Manhi* Lisbon
BL A Vanguardia* Lisbon

BL A Voz* Lisbon

NRP-839 Avante Lisbon

NRP-840 Di rio da Republica Lisbon

NRP-841 Di rio do governo Lisbon

BL Diário da manhã* Lisbon

70110 Diario de Noticias Lisbon

BL Jornal do comércio* Lisbon

BL O Século* Lisbon

NRP-842 Povo Livre Lisbon

BL República* Lisbon

BL O Comercio do Porto* Oporto

60645 El Mundo San Juan

NRP-356 Unzer oyfleben Brasov Brasov

NRP-374 Convorbire literare Bucharest Bucharest

NRP-375 Literatura si Arta Bucharest Bucharest

NRP-376 Monitorul Oficial Bucharest Bucharest
NRP-377 Romania literara Bucharest Bucharest
70003.01 Adevarul Bucharest Bucharest

70033 Romania libera Bucharest Bucharest
70004 Adevarul de Cluj Cluj-Napoca Cluj

70037 Szabadsag Cluj-Napoka Cluj

NRP-550 Ziarul de Iasi Iasi Iasi

Ziarul de Iasi (formerly
70027 Iasi Iasi
Monitorul - 4/2002)

70027 Monitorul Iasi Iasi

Majkop (also called
NRP-989 Adygeiskaia pravda Adygea

Maikopskii Sovet narodnykh Majkop (also called
NRP-990 Adygea
deputatov Maykop)
NRP-259 Altaiskaia pravda Barnaul Altai Krai
Altaiskaia torgovo-
NRP-260 Barnaul Altai Krai
promyshlennaia gazeta
NRP-261 Altaiskii kraj Barnaul Altai Krai
NRP-262 Altaiskii krest'ianin Barnaul Altai Krai

NRP-263 Barnaul'skii listok Barnaul Altai Krai

NRP-264 Golos truda Barnaul Altai Krai

NRP-265 Zhizn' Altaia Barnaul Altai Krai

Bijsk (also called Biysk
NRP-336 Altai Altai Krai
or Biisk)

Bijsk (also called Biysk
NRP-337 Bijskaia pravda Altai Krai
or Biisk)
Bijsk (also called Biysk
NRP-338 Bijskii rabochii Altai Krai
or Biisk)
NRP-608 Telegrammy Kamen' Altai Krai

Gorno-Altajsk (also
NRP-515 Zvezda Altaia Altai Republic
called Gorno-Altaysk)
NRP-343 Amurskaia gazeta Blagoveschensk Amur Oblast
NRP-344 Amurskaia Pravda Blagoveschensk Amur Oblast
NRP-345 Amurskii komsomolets Blagoveschensk Amur Oblast

Arkhangel'skie gubernskie
NRP-194 Arkhangel'sk Arkhangelsk Oblast
Arkhangel'skii Sovet
NRP-195 rabochikh i krest'ianskikh Arkhangel'sk Arkhangelsk Oblast
NRP-196 deputatov
Pravda Severa Arkhangel'sk Arkhangelsk Oblast
Totem govorit: Organ
NRP-197 Arkhangel'sk Arkhangelsk Oblast
Arkhangel'skikh skuratov
NRP-1576 Bor'ba i trud Sol'vychegodsk Arkhangelsk Oblast
NRP-1920 Krasnyi nabat Vel'sk Arkhangelsk Oblast
NRP-616 Kargopol'skaia kommuna Kargopol' Arkhangel'sk Oblast

NRP-209 Idel' Astrakhan Astrakhan Oblast

NRP-210 Khaliq Astrakhan Astrakhan Oblast

NRP-211 Lraber Astrakhan Astrakhan Oblast

Astrakhanskie gubernskie
NRP-212 Astrakhan' Astrakhan Oblast
NRP-213 Astrakhanskii vestnik Astrakhan' Astrakhan Oblast

NRP-214 Russkaia pravda Astrakhan' Astrakhan Oblast

NRP-215 Volga Astrakhan' Astrakhan Oblast

NRP-1853 Turmish Ufa Bashkortostan
NRP-1854 Izvestiia Ufimskogo gubkoma Ufa Bashkortostan
NRP-1855 Komsomolets Bashkirii Ufa Bashkortostan
NRP-1856 Krasnaia Bashkiriia Ufa Bashkortostan
NRP-1857 Sovetskaia Bashkiriia Ufa Bashkortostan

NRP-1858 Ufimets Ufa Bashkortostan

NRP-1859 Ufimskii rabochii Ufa Bashkortostan
Ufimskii sovet rabochikh i
NRP-1860 Ufa Bashkortostan
soldatskikh deputatov
NRP-273 Belgorodskaia pravda Belgorod Belgorod Oblast
NRP-1502 Borisovskaia kommuna Borisovka Belgorod Oblast
NRP-772 Svobodnyi grazhdanin Korocha Belgorod Oblast
Valujskaia narodnaia Valujki (also called
NRP-1904 Belgorod Oblast
zemskaia gazeta Valuyki)
Valujki (also called
NRP-1905 Valujskii uezd Belgorod Oblast
NRP-333 Brianskii rabochii Bezhitsa Bryansk Oblast

NRP-371 Brianskii golos Bryansk Bryansk Oblast

NRP-372 Brianskii komsomolets Bryansk Bryansk Oblast
NRP-373 Brianskii rabochii Bryansk Bryansk Oblast
NRP-1240 Zapadnyi front (SSSR) Novozybkov Bryansk Oblast

NRP-1837 Trubchevskii sovet rk i kd Trubchevsk Bryansk Oblast

NRP-1838 Vozrozhdenie Trubchevsk Bryansk Oblast

LC11 Baikal* Kiakhta Buryat Republic

NRP-1862 Buryat-Mongol'skaia pravda Ulan-Ude Buryat Republic

NRP-1863 Pravda Buryatii Ulan-Ude Buryat Republic

Groznyj (also called
NRP-520 Groznenskii rabochii Chechen Republic

Groznyj (also called
NRP-521 Terskii kraj Chechen Republic

NRP-403 Cheliabinskii rabochii Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk Oblast

NRP-404 Golos Priural'ya Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk Oblast
Izvestiia cheliabinskogo
soveta krest'ianskikh,
NRP-405 Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk Oblast
rabochikh i soldatskikh
NRP-406 Sibirskii strelok
deputatov Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk Oblast
NRP-407 Vechernii Cheliabinsk Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk Oblast

NRP-987 Magnitogorskii rabochii Magnitogorsk Chelyabinsk Oblast

NRP-1013 Kazak Miass Chelyabinsk Oblast

NRP-1831 Aqmulla Troitsk Chelyabinsk Oblast

NRP-1832 Ay Qap Troitsk Chelyabinsk Oblast
NRP-1833 Troichanin Troitsk Chelyabinsk Oblast

NRP-1834 Troitskaia gazeta Troitsk Chelyabinsk Oblast

NRP-1835 Troitskii vestnik Troitsk Chelyabinsk Oblast

NRP-1836 Zaural'e Troitsk Chelyabinsk Oblast

NRP-1921 Verkhneural'skii kraj Verkhneural'sk Chelyabinsk Oblast

NRP-2214 Nashe vozrozhdenie Zlatoust Chelyabinsk Oblast
LC8 Zabaikal'skii rebochii* Chita Chita Oblast
NRP-443 Boets i pakhar' Chita Chita Oblast
NRP-444 Krest'ianskaia gazeta Chita Chita Oblast
Zabajkal'skii oblastnye
gub. komitet.
NRP-445 Chita Chita Oblast
Izvestiia Zabajkal'skogo
NRP-446 Chita Chita Oblast
komiteta Rossiiskoi
NRP-447 Zabajkal'skii rabochii
kommunisticheskoi partii (b). Chita Chita Oblast
Zabajkal'skii tserkovno-
NRP-448 Chita Chita Oblast
obschestvennyi vestnik Chukotka
NRP-185 Sovetskaia Chukotka Anadyr'
Autonomous Okrug
NRP-399 Krasnaia Chuvashiia Cheboksary Chuvash Republic
NRP-400 Sovetskaia Chuvashiia Cheboksary Chuvash Republic
NRP-401 Trudovaia gazeta Cheboksary Chuvash Republic
Bujnaksk (also called
NRP-386 Sovetskii Dagestan Dagestan
Derbentskii rajonnyi sovet
NRP-460 rabochikh i voennykh Derbent Dagestan
NRP-992 Dagestanskaia pravda Makhachkala Dagestan
NRP-1808 Golos Dagestana Dagestan
(also called Buynaksk)
NRP-346 Bodajbo Bodajbo Irkutsk Oblast
Izvestiia rossiiskogo
NRP-347 Bodajbo Irkutsk Oblast
telegrafnogo agenstva
LC9 Irkutskii vestnik* Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast

LC10 Siberskoe obozrienie* Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast

NRP-552 Amur Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast
Irkutskie gubernskie
NRP-553 Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast
NRP-554 Irkutskii gor Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast

NRP-555 Irkutskoe slovo Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast

NRP-556 Nasha gazeta Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast
NRP-557 Sovetskaia molodezh' Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast
Svodka osvedomitel'nogo
NRP-558 otdela shtaba Irkutskogo Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast
voennogo okruga
NRP-559 Vostochno-Sibirskaia pravda Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast

NRP-1209 Nizhneudinskie byulleteni Nizhneudinsk Irkutsk Oblast
Usol'e (now called
NRP-1878 Usol'skii uezd Irkutsk Oblast
NRP-562 Rabochii kraj Ivanovo Ivanovo Oblast
NRP-563 Iunyi tekstil'schik Ivanovo Oblast
(now called Ivanovo)
NRP-564 Leninets Ivanovo Oblast
(now called Ivanovo)
NRP-565 Nasha zvezda Ivanovo Oblast
(now called Ivanovo)
NRP-566 Rabochaia zhizn' Ivanovo Oblast
(now called Ivanovo)
NRP-1550 Izvestiia Shujskogo Soveta Shuya Ivanovo Oblast

NRP-2198 Mir Yur'ev Ivanovo Oblast
Tikhonkaya (now Jewish Autonomous
NRP-1699 Birobidzhanskaia zvezda
called Birobidzhan) Oblast
Kabardino-balkarskaia Kabardino-Balkar
NRP-1190 Nal'chik
bednota Republic
Kabardino-Balkarskaia Kabardino-Balkar
NRP-1191 Nal'chik
pravda Republic
NRP-1192 Kavkazskaia kommuna Nal'chik
NRP-603 Kaliningradskaia pravda Kaliningrad Kaliningrad Oblast
Tilze (Tilsit) (now
NRP-1813 Garsas Kaliningrad Oblast
called Sovetsk)
Tilze (Tilsit) (now
NRP-1814 Naujasis Tilzes keleivis Kaliningrad Oblast
called Sovetsk)
Tilze (Tilsit) (now
NRP-1815 Naujoji LietuviÊka ceitunga Kaliningrad Oblast
called Sovetsk)
NRP-489 Sovetskaia Kalmykiia Elista Kalmykia
Kaluzhskii gubernye
NRP-605 Kaluga Kaluga Oblast
NRP-606 Znamia Kaluga Kaluga Oblast
Kozel'sk (also called
NRP-778 Kozel'skii uezd Kaluga Oblast
Kamchatskij (also
NRP-1392 Kamchatskaia pravda Kamchatka Oblast
called Petropavlovsk-
Kamchatskij (also
NRP-1393 Kamchatskii vestnik Kamchatka Oblast
called Petropavlovsk-
Kamchatskij (also
NRP-1394 Poliarnaia zvezda Kamchatka Oblast
called Petropavlovsk-
Kamchatsky) Karachay-Cherkess
NRP-409 Krasnaia Cherkessiia Cherkessk
NRP-410 Leninskoe znamia Cherkessk
NRP-1395 Krasnaia Kareliia Petrozavodsk Karelia

NRP-1396 Krasnyi Sever Petrozavodsk Karelia

NRP-680 Kuzbass Kemerovo Kemerovo Oblast
Priamurskie Gubernskie
NRP-682 Khabarovsk Khabarovsk Krai
NRP-683 Dal'ne-Vostochnyi kraj Khabarovsk Khabarovsk Krai

NRP-684 Priamurskaia zhizn' Khabarovsk Khabarovsk Krai

NRP-685 Priamurskie vedomosti Khabarovsk Khabarovsk Krai

NRP-686 Tikhookeanskaia zvezda Khabarovsk Khabarovsk Krai
Dal'nevostochnyi Komsomol'sk - na -
NRP-770 Khabarovsk Krai
komsomolets Amure
NRP-163 Sovetskaia Khakassiia Abakan Khakassia
Khanty-Mansijsk (also
NRP-687 Leninskaia pravda called Khanty-
Autonomous Okrug
NRP-1877 Urzhumskii uezd Urzhum Kirov Oblast
Vyatka (now called
NRP-2086 Kirovskaia Pravda Kirov Oblast
VyaTsKie gubernskie Vyatka (now called
NRP-2087 Kirov Oblast
vedomosti Kirov)
NRP-1725 Za novyi Sever Syktyvkar Komi Republic

NRP-1726 Zyrianskaia zhizn' Syktyvkar Komi Republic
NRP-808 Po leninskomu puti Kudymkar
Koryak Autonomous
NRP-1316 Koriakskii communist Palana

NRP-774 Povolzhskii vestnik Kostroma Kostroma Oblast

NRP-775 Severnaia pravda Kostroma Kostroma Oblast
NRP-776 Severnyi rabochii Kostroma Kostroma Oblast

NRP-198 Kubanskaia Pravda Armavir Krasnodar Krai

NRP-199 Sovetskii Kavkaz Armavir Krasnodar Krai

NRP-787 Adygeiskaia zhizn' Krasnodar Krasnodar Krai

NRP-788 Kubanskie vedomosti Krasnodar Krasnodar Krai

NRP-789 Listok voiny Krasnodar Krasnodar Krai

NRP-790 Narodnaia volia Krasnodar Krasnodar Krai

NRP-791 Prikubanskie stepi Krasnodar Krasnodar Krai

NRP-792 Sovetskaia Kuban' Krasnodar Krasnodar Krai

NRP-793 Svobodnaia Kuban' Krasnodar Krasnodar Krai
Vestnik Kubanskogo obl.
NRP-794 Krasnodar Krasnodar Krai
ispolnitel'nogo komiteta.
Novorossijsk (also
NRP-1233 Maiak Krasnodar Krai
called Novorossiysk)
NRP-1557 Chernomorskaia zdravnitsa Sochi Krasnodar Krai

NRP-165 Achinskaia pravda Achinsk Krasnoyarsk Krai

NRP-1503 Biulleten' Soedinennogo
Sovetskii Tajmyr Dudinka Krasnoyarsk Krai
ispolnitel'nogo biuro Komiteta
obschestvennoi bezopasnosti
NRP-796 Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk Krai
i Soveta rabochikh,
soldatskikh i krest'ianskikh
NRP-797 Evenkijskaia novaia zhizn'
deputatov Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk Krai

NRP-798 Krasnoyarskii rabochii Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk Krai

NRP-799 Nash golos Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk Krai
NRP-800 Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk Krai
NRP-1843 Sovetskaia Evenkiia Tura Krasnoyarsk Krai

NRP-1546 Shadrinskaia zhizn' Shadrinsk Kurgan Oblast
NRP-1547 Shadrinsk Kurgan Oblast
Telegrammy "Narodnoi
NRP-1548 Shadrinsk Kurgan Oblast
NRP-1549 Krasnaia vaga Shenkursk Kurgan Oblast
Kurskie Gubernskie
NRP-811 Kursk Kursk Oblast
NRP-812 Kurskaia bednota Kursk Kursk Oblast

NRP-813 Kurskaia voennaia gazeta Kursk Kursk Oblast

NRP-814 Kurskii gor Kursk Kursk Oblast

NRP-2088 Vyborgskii soldatskii vestnik Vyborg Leningrad Oblast

NRP-456 Nabat Dankov Lipetsk Oblast
Elets (also called
NRP-488 Elets Lipetsk Oblast
NRP-837 Leninskoe znamia Lipetsk Lipetsk Oblast

NRP-986 Magadanskaia pravda Magadan Magadan Oblast
Joshkar-Ola (also
NRP-573 Mariiskaia pravda Mari El Republic
called Yoshkar-Ola)
NRP-1498 Vlast' truda Ruzaevka Mordovia

NRP-1528 Krasnaia Mordoviia Saransk Mordovia

NRP-1529 Sovetskaia Mordoviia Saransk Mordovia

NRP-1057 Aktsioner Moscow Moscow Federal City
Biulleten' TsK partii levykh
NRP-1058 sotsialistov - revolyutsionerov Moscow Moscow Federal City
NRP-1059 Bol'shevistskaia Pechat' Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1060 Brachnaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1061 Delo naroda Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1062 Derevenskaia pravda Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1063 Di Idishe Gas Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1064 Ekonomicheskaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1065 Ekonomicheskaia zhizn' Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1066 Evreiskoe slovo Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1067 Finansovaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City
NRP-1068 Gazeta futuristov Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1069 Golos Moskvy Moscow Moscow Federal City

67873 Gudok Moscow Moscow Federal City

16210 Iskusstvo kino Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1070 Istina Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1071 Iuridicheskaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

60663 Izvestiia Moscow Moscow Federal City

Izvestiia sovetov deputatov
NRP-1072 Moscow Moscow Federal City
trudiashchikhsia SSSR
Izvestiia Tsentral'nogo
NRP-1073 komiteta Vsesoiuznoi Moscow Moscow Federal City
kommunisticheskoi partii (b)
NRP-1074 Knizhnoe obozrenie Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1075 Kommunar Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1076 Kommunisticheskii trud Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1077 Komsomol'skaia Pravda Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1078 Krasnaia armiia Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1079 Krasnyi flot Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1080 Krasnyi voin Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1081 Krest'ianskaia Rossiia Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1082 Krest'ianskii deputat Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1083 Kul'tura i zhizn' Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1084 Lesnaia promyshlennost' Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1085 Literatura i iskusstvo Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1086 Literaturnaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1087 Literaturnaia Rossiia Moscow Moscow Federal City

67887 Meditsinskaya Gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City
NRP-1088 Meditsinskii rabotnik Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1089 Molva, gazeta mod i novostei Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1090 Morskoi flot Moscow Moscow Federal City
Moskovskaia gorodskaia
NRP-1091 Moscow Moscow Federal City
Moskovskaia meditsinskaia
gazeta, izdavaemaia
NRP-1092 Moscow Moscow Federal City
Obschestvom russkikh
Moskovskaia potrebitel'skaia
NRP-1093 Moscow Moscow Federal City
NRP-1094 Moskovskaia pravda Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1095 Moskovskaia vest' Moscow Moscow Federal City

68416 Moskovskaya pravda Moscow Moscow Federal City
Moskovskie gubernskie
NRP-1096 Moscow Moscow Federal City
68553 Moskovskie novosti Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1097 Moskovskie vedomosti Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1098 Moskovskie vedomosti Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1099 Moskovskii komsomolets Moscow Moscow Federal City
Moskovskii sovet rabochikh
NRP-1100 Moscow Moscow Federal City
NRP-1101 Moskovskii stroitel' Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1102 Moskovskii tserkovnyi vestnik Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1103 Moskva Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1104 Na boevom postu Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1105 Narodnaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1106 Narodnoe prosveschenie Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1107 Narodnyi sotsialist Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1108 Narodnyi vestnik Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1109 Nash put' Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1110 Ne bejte detei Moscow Moscow Federal City
70080 Neues Leben Moscow Moscow Federal City

16225 New Times Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1111 Novyi put' Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1112 Ofitsial'naia khronika Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1113 Osvobozhdenie truda Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1114 Patriot rodiny Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1115 Pechatnik Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1116 Pionerskaia pravda Moscow Moscow Federal City

67892 Pionerskaya Pravda Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1117 Pomosch' gazete Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1118 Prilozhenie "Sobesednik" Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1119 Prodovol'stvennaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1120 Proletarskaia diktatura Moscow Moscow Federal City
NRP-1121 Moscow Moscow Federal City
ekonomicheskaia gazeta
NRP-1122 Moscow Moscow Federal City
NRP-1123 Rabochee znamia Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1124 Rabochii deputat Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1125 Rabochii kontrol' Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1126 Rechnoi transport Moscow Moscow Federal City
RSFSR. Vysshij sovet
NRP-1127 Moscow Moscow Federal City
narodnogo khozyajstva
NRP-1128 Rus' Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1129 Russkie vedomosti Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1130 Russkii styag Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1131 Russkoe delo Moscow Moscow Federal City
NRP-1132 Russkoe slovo Moscow Moscow Federal City

67899 Selkoe Khozyaistvo Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1133 Sel'skaia zhizn' Moscow Moscow Federal City

67900 Selskaya Zhizn Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1134 Sel'skoe khozyajstvo Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1135 Soldat -grazhdanin Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1136 Sotsial-Demokrat Moscow Moscow Federal City
NRP-1137 Moscow Moscow Federal City
rabochii listok
NRP-1138 Sotsialisticheskaia industriia Moscow Moscow Federal City

67903 Sotsialisticheskoe Zemledelie Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1139 Sotsialisticheskoe zemledelie Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1140 Sovetish Heymland Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1141 Sovetskaia Kul'tura Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1142 Sovetskaia kul'tura (Kul'tura) Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1143 Sovetskaia Rossiia Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1144 Sovetskaia torgovlia Moscow Moscow Federal City

61060 Sovetskaya Kultura Moscow Moscow Federal City

61002 Sovetskaya Rossiya Moscow Moscow Federal City

61064 Sovetskaya Torgovliya Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1145 Sovetskii sport Moscow Moscow Federal City

LC13 Sovetskii sport* Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1146 Sovetskoe iskusstvo Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1147 Sovetskoe khlopkovodstvo Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1148 Sovkhoznaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1149 Stalinskii shturm Moscow Moscow Federal City
NRP-1150 Stalinskii sokol Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1151 Stroitel'naia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1152 Suz Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1153 Svobodnoe slovo Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1154 Szocialis forradalom Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1155 Teatral'naia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1156 Torgovaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

EVP1 Tribuna* Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1157 Uchitel'skaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1158 Udarnik Metrostroya Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1159 Utro Rossii Moscow Moscow Federal City

EVP2 Vecherniaia Moskva* Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1160 Vechernii kur'er Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1161 Vechernyaia Moskva Moscow Moscow Federal City
Vedomosti [Verkhovnogo
NRP-1162 Moscow Moscow Federal City
soveta SSSR]
Vedomosti Moskovskoi
NRP-1163 Moscow Moscow Federal City
gorodskoi politsii
67918 Vercherniay Moskva Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1164 Vestnik promyshlennosti Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1165 Vestnik truda Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1166 VLKSM Moscow Moscow Federal City

67919 Vodnii Transport Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1167 Vodnyi transport Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1168 Voennoe obuchenie Moscow Moscow Federal City
Volia i dumy
NRP-1169 Moscow Moscow Federal City
68299 Vosdushnyi transport Moscow Moscow Federal City
Vse! Illyustrirovannyi
NRP-1170 Moscow Moscow Federal City
NRP-1171 Vsemirnaia revolyutsiia Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1172 Za rubezhom Moscow Moscow Federal City

67920 Za Rubezhom Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1173 Zemlia i volia Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1174 Zheleznodorozhnik Moscow Moscow Federal City
Zhivotnovodstvo Organ
NRP-1175 Narodnogo komissariata Moscow Moscow Federal City
zemledeliia Soiuza SSR
NRP-1176 Zhizn' natsional'nostei Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1177 Zhurnalist Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1178 Znamia truda Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1179 Znamia trudovoi kommuny Moscow Moscow Federal City

67923 Zuezda Moscow Moscow Federal City

68715 Argumenty i fakty Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-79 Armiia 11-aia Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-80 Armiia 7-aia Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-81 Armiia 8-aia Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-82 Armiia 9-aia Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-85 Bednota Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-91 Derevenskaia bednota Moscow Moscow Federal City

61046 Ekonomika i zhizn Moscow Moscow Federal City

61020 Komsomolskaia pravda Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-110 Kooperativnaia zhizn' Moscow Moscow Federal City

61050 Krasnaia zvezda Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-111 Krasnoarmeiskaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City
NRP-113 Krasnoe znamia Moscow Moscow Federal City

61060.01 Kultura Moscow Moscow Federal City

61019 Literaturnaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

67886 Literaturnaiia Rossiia Moscow Moscow Federal City

70000 Luridicheskaia Gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-118 Meditsinskaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

67888 Moscow news Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-2227 Moskovskii Vestnik Moscow Moscow Federal City
Nachrichten fur die
NRP-1180 Deutschen Kriegsgefangenen Moscow Moscow Federal City
in der Sowjetunion
NRP-123 Pogranichnik Moscow Moscow Federal City

60662 Pravda Moscow Moscow Federal City

70034 Rossiiskaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-2231 Russkii Stiag Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-128 Sovetskaia torgovlia Moscow Moscow Federal City

61065 Trud Moscow Moscow Federal City

61067 Uchitelskaia gazeta Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-142 Vympel Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-1181 Welt-Revolution Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-153 Za Rodinu Moscow Moscow Federal City

NRP-369 Bronnitskii uezd Bronnitsy Moscow Oblast
Orekhovo-Zuevskii Sovet
NRP-1281 Orekhovo-Zuevo Moscow Oblast
rabochikh deputatov
Podol'skie gubernskie
NRP-1399 Podol'sk Moscow Oblast
NRP-1731 Krest'ianin i rabochii Taldom Moscow Oblast
Zvenigorodskii uezdnyi
NRP-2217 Zvenigorod Moscow Oblast
ispolnitel'nyi komitet sovetov
NRP-1189 Poliarnaia pravda Murmansk Murmansk Oblast
Nyr'ian Vynder (Krasnyi Nenets Autonomous
NRP-1807 Tel'viska
tundrovik) Okrug
Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-810 Kurmyshskii uezd Kurmysh
Nizhnij-Novgorod (also
Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-1211 Golos nizhegorodtsa called Nizhny
Novgorod) (also
Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-1212 Gor'kovskaia kommuna called Nizhny
Novgorod) (also
Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-1213 Gor'kovskaia pravda called Nizhny
Novgorod) (also
Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-1214 Gor'kovskii rabochii called Nizhny
Novgorod) (also
Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-1215 Internatsional called Nizhny
Novgorod) (also
Nizhegorodskaia rabochaia Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-1216 called Nizhny
gazeta Oblast
Novgorod) (also
Nizhegorodskaia zemskaia Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-1217 called Nizhny
gazeta Oblast
Novgorod) (also
Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-1218 Nizhegorodskii rabochii listok called Nizhny
Nizhegorodskii sovet Novgorod) (also
Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-1219 rabochikh i soldatskikh called Nizhny
deputatov Novgorod) (also
Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-1220 Osvobozhdennyi Promete called Nizhny
Novgorod) (also
Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-1221 Povolzhskaia byl' called Nizhny
Varnavinskaia sovetskaia Nizhny Novgorod
NRP-1912 Varnavin
gazeta Oblast

NRP-2223 Gorets Vladikavkaz North Ossetia-Alania

NRP-2065 Gorskaia Pravda Vladikavkaz North Ossetia-Alania

NRP-2226 Kazbek Vladikavkaz North Ossetia-Alania

NRP-2066 Narodnaia vlast' Vladikavkaz North Ossetia-Alania

NRP-2233 Terek Vladikavkaz North Ossetia-Alania

NRP-2067 Terek Vladikavkaz North Ossetia-Alania

NRP-2235 Terskoe ekho Vladikavkaz North Ossetia-Alania

NRP-459 Krest'ianskaia Pravda Dem'yansk Novgorod Oblast
Kholmskie gubernskie
NRP-703 Kholm Novgorod Oblast
NRP-704 Kholm/Sedlets Novgorod Oblast
Gubernskie vedomosti
Novgorod (also called
NRP-1227 Novgorodskaia pravda Novgorod Oblast
Velikiy Novgorod)
Novgorodskie Gubernskie Novgorod (also called
NRP-1226 Novgorod Oblast
vedomosti Velikiy Novgorod)
Novo-Nikolaevsk (now
NRP-1232 Altaiskoe delo Novosibirsk Oblast
called Novosibirsk)
NRP-1235 Sibirskaia Gazeta Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Oblast
Novonikolaevskii Sovet
NRP-1236 rabochikh i soldatskikh Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Oblast
NRP-1237 Sovetskaia Sibir' Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Oblast

NRP-1238 Vechernii Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Oblast
Akmolinskie Gubernskie
NRP-1252 Omsk Omsk Oblast
Akmolinskie Oblastnye
NRP-1253 Omsk Omsk Oblast
NRP-1254 Dala Vilayeti Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1255 Golos Sibiri Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1256 Golos stepi Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1257 Kirgizskaia stepnaia gazeta Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1258 Novosti Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1259 Omskaia pravda Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1260 Omskaia zemlia i volia Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1261 Omskii telegraf Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1262 Omskii vestnik Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1263 Omskoe slovo Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1264 Revoliutsionnaia mysl' Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1265 Rodina Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1266 Sibirskii den' Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1267 Sibirskii kazak Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1268 Sibiryak Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1269 Slovo trudovogo krest'ianstva Omsk Omsk Oblast
NRP-1270 Step' Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1271 Stepnaia nedelia Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1272 Stepnaia rech' Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1273 Stepnoe ekho Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1274 Stepnoi kraj Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1275 Stepnoi pioner Omsk Omsk Oblast
Torgovo- promyshlennyi
NRP-1276 Omsk Omsk Oblast
NRP-1277 Vestnik Sibiri Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1278 Voeroes ujsag Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-1279 Zapadno-Sibirskaia obl Omsk Omsk Oblast

NRP-391 Buzulukskii uezd Buzuluk Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1287 Chkalovskaia kommuna Orenburg Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1288 Din Ve Maqishet Orenburg Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1291 Shura Orenburg Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1292 Vagit Orenburg Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1293 Iuzhnyi Ural Orenburg Orenburg Oblast
Izvestiia Turgajskogo
NRP-1294 Orenburg Orenburg Oblast
oblastnogo Komissarmata
NRP-1295 Nash kraj Orenburg Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1296 Nash put' Orenburg Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1297 Orenburgskaia zhizn' Orenburg Orenburg Oblast
Orenburgskie gubernskie
NRP-1298 Orenburg Orenburg Oblast
NRP-1299 Orenburgskii kraj Orenburg Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1300 Orenburgskii listok Orenburg Orenburg Oblast
Orenburgskii Sovet rabochikh
deputatov Izvestiia
NRP-1301 Orenburg Orenburg Oblast
Orenburgskogo Soveta
rabochikh deputatov
NRP-1302 Orenburgskii spravochnik Orenburg Orenburg Oblast
NRP-1303 Orenburgskii vestnik Orenburg Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1304 Orenburgskoe ekho Orenburg Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1305 Prostor Orenburg Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1306 Svobodnoe slovo soldata Orenburg Orenburg Oblast

NRP-1307 Turgajskaia gazeta Orenburg Orenburg Oblast
Turgajskie oblastnye
NRP-1308 Orenburg Orenburg Oblast
Bolkhovskie Izvestiia sovetov
NRP-351 rabochikh, krest'ianskikh i Bolkhov Oryol Oblast
krasnoarmeiskikh deputatov
NRP-1239 Serp i molot Novosil' Oryol Oblast
Orel (also called
NRP-1283 Delo sotsialdemokrata Oryol Oblast
Orel (also called
NRP-1284 Izvestiia Orlovskogo gub Oryol Oblast
Orel (also called
NRP-1285 Orlovskaia pravda Oryol Oblast
Orlovskie Gubernskie Orel (also called
NRP-1282 Oryol Oblast
vedomosti Oryol)
Orlovskie gubernskie Orel (also called
NRP-1286 Oryol Oblast
vedomosti Oryol)
Izvestiia Chembarskogo
Belinskij (also called
NRP-284 Soveta rabochikh i Penza Oblast
krest'ianskikh deputatov
Narovchatskii uezdnyi
Nizhne-Lomovskii Sovet
NRP-1195 Narovchaty Penza Oblast
rk i kd
komitet. Izvestiia. Organ
Nizhne-Lomovskogo Nizhnij-Lomov (also
NRP-1210 Penza Oblast
uezdnogo komiteta Rossiiskoi called Nizhny Lomov)
kommunisticheskoi partii (b) i
NRP-1369 Golos pravdy
uispolkoma. Penza Penza Oblast

NRP-1370 Penzenskaia bednota Penza Penza Oblast

NRP-1371 Penzenskaia kommuna Penza Penza Oblast

NRP-1372 Penzenskaia pravda Penza Penza Oblast

NRP-1373 Penznskaia gub Penza Penza Oblast

NRP-1374 Rabochaia Penza Penza Penza Oblast

NRP-1375 Stalinskoe znamia Penza Penza Oblast

NRP-1250 Narodnoe svobodnoe slovo Okhansk Perm Krai

NRP-1251 Okhonskii sovetskii vestnik Okhansk Perm Krai
NRP-1376 Narodnaia volia Perm' Perm Krai

NRP-1377 Permskaia gub Perm' Perm Krai

NRP-1378 Permskaia zemskaia nedelia Perm' Perm Krai
Permskie gubernskie
NRP-1379 Perm' Perm Krai
NRP-1380 Ural'skie oblastnye Izvestiia Perm' Perm Krai

NRP-1381 Vechernyaia Perm' Perm' Perm Krai

NRP-1382 Zvezda Perm' Perm Krai

NRP-2072 Golos krest'ianina Vladivostok Primorsky Krai
Izvestiia Vladivostokskogo
NRP-2073 soveta rabochikh i soldatskikh Vladivostok Primorsky Krai
NRP-2074 Novosti dnia Vladivostok Primorsky Krai

NRP-2075 Priamurskii kooperator Vladivostok Primorsky Krai

NRP-1234 Plamya Novorzhev Pskov Oblast
Porkhovskii Sovet
NRP-1402 krest'ianskikh, rabochikh i Porkhov Pskov Oblast
krasnoarmeiskikh deputatov
NRP-1445 Pchela Pskov Pskov Oblast

NRP-1446 Pskovskaia pravda Pskov Pskov Oblast
Pskovskie gubernskie
NRP-1447 Pskov Pskov Oblast
NRP-1535 Syn respubliki Sebezh Pskov Oblast

NRP-1224 Mer dzayne Nor Nakhichevan Rostov Oblast

NRP-1230 Krasnyi Don Novocherkassk Rostov Oblast

NRP-1229 Vol'nyi Don Novocherkassk Rostov Oblast

NRP-1231 Kuznetskii rabochii Novokuznetsk Rostov Oblast
Rostov-na-Donu (also
NRP-1491 Malen'kaia gazeta Rostov Oblast
called Rostov-on-Don)
Rostov-na-Donu (also
NRP-1492 Nashe znamia Rostov Oblast
called Rostov-on-Don)
Rostov-na-Donu (also
NRP-1493 Rostov-na-Donu Rostov Oblast
called Rostov-on-Don)
Rostovskii na Donu gorodskoi Rostov-na-Donu (also
NRP-1494 Rostov Oblast
Sovet rk i ka called Rostov-on-Don)
Rostov-na-Donu (also
NRP-1495 Voennyi listok Rostov Oblast
called Rostov-on-Don)
NRP-1730 Taganrogskaia pravda Taganrog Rostov Oblast
Mikhajlov (also called
NRP-1016 Krasnaia derevnya Ryazan Oblast
NRP-1499 Priokskaia pravda Ryazan' Ryazan Oblast

NRP-1500 Zemledelets Ryazan' Ryazan Oblast

NRP-1501 Znamia bor'by Ryazan' Ryazan Oblast
Kronshtadt (also
Saint Petersburg
NRP-803 Kronshtad called Kronstadt or
Federal City
Kronshtadt (also
Saint Petersburg
NRP-804 Kronshtadskii vestnik called Kronstadt or
Federal City
Kronshtadt (also
Saint Petersburg
NRP-805 Proletarskoe delo called Kronstadt or
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1384 Krasnyi listok Petergof
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1578 Antrakt St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1579 Birzhevye vedomosti St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1580 Bol'nichnaia gazeta Botkina St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1581 Budil'nik St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1582 Chernyi peredel St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1583 Damskii listok St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1584 Derevenskaia kommuna St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-92 Derevenskaia pravda St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1585 Drug zdraviia St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1586 Edinstvo St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1587 Ekho St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1588 Ekonomist Rossii St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1589 Etazherka St. Petersburg
Federal City
Ezhenedel'naia klinicheskaia Saint Petersburg
NRP-1590 St. Petersburg
gazeta Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1591 Fakel St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-2222 Gazeta Chinovnika St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1592 Gazeta devyatogo oktyabrya St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1593 Gazeta lesovodstva i okhoty St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1594 Golos St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1595 Golos trudovogo krest'ianstva St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-101 Grazhdanin St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1596 Ha-yekov St. Petersburg
Historische genealogische Federal City
und geographische Saint Petersburg
NRP-1597 St. Petersburg
Anmerckungen ueber die Federal City
Zeitungen Saint Petersburg
NRP-1598 Hyusis St. Petersburg
Federal City

Saint Petersburg
NRP-1599 Illyustrirovannaia gazeta St. Petersburg
Federal City

Saint Petersburg
NRP-1600 Iskorki St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1601 Iskusstvo kommuny St. Petersburg
Federal City
Izvestiia Vserossiiskogo
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1602 Soveta krest'ianskikh St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
Kraus26 Kniga i Revoliutsiia* St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1603 Kommercheskaia gazeta St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1604 Leningradskaia pravda St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1605 Luch St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1606 Meditsinskii vestnik St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1607 Mitspeh St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1608 Molodaia Rossiia St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1609 Narodnoe bogatstvo St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1610 Narodnoe slovo St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1611 Nash vestnik St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1612 Nasha rabochaia gazeta St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1613 Nashe ekho St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1614 Nedelia St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1615 Nevskaia zvezda St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1616 Nevskii golos St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1617 Nevskoe vremia St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1618 Novaia pravda St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1619 Novaia rabochaia gazeta St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1620 Novaia zhizn' St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1621 Novoe slovo St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1622 Novoe vremya St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1623 Novosti i birzhevaia gazeta St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1624 Novyi luch St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1625 Novyi luch St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1626 Novyi russkii bazar St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1627 Nur St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1628 Okrainy Rossii St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1629 Perelom St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1630 Peterburgskaia gazeta St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1631 Peterburgskii dnevnik teatrala St. Petersburg
Federal City
Petrogradskaia vecherniaia Saint Petersburg
NRP-1632 St. Petersburg
pochta Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1633 Petrogradskii golos St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1634 Petrogradskii vestnik St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1635 Piter St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1636 Pochtovo-telegrafnoe ekho St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1637 Pochtovo-telegrafnyi zhurnal St. Petersburg
Federal City
Pravda truda (vremennoe Saint Petersburg
NRP-1638 St. Petersburg
nazvanie gazety "Pravda") Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1639 Pravitel'stvennyi vestnik St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1640 pravda(vremennoe nazvanie St. Petersburg
Federal City
gazety "Pravda")
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1641 Proletarskii golos St. Petersburg
Federal City
Promyshlennyi Mir (Russkii Saint Petersburg
NRP-2228 St. Petersburg
Ekonomist) Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1642 Prostye rechi St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1643 Put' pravdy St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1644 Rabochaia molva St. Petersburg
Federal City
Rabochaia pravda
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1645 (vremennoe nazvanie gazety St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1646 Rabochee delo St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
67898 Rech' St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1647 Rech' St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1648 Revoliutsiia v Evrope St. Petersburg
Federal City
Russkaia muzykal'naia Saint Petersburg
NRP-1649 St. Petersburg
gazeta Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1650 Russkaia volia St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1651 Russkii invalid St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1652 Russkii vrach St. Petersburg
Federal City
Sankt-Peterburgskie Saint Petersburg
NRP-1653 St. Petersburg
vedomosti Federal City
Sankt-Peterburgskii rabochii Saint Petersburg
NRP-1654 St. Petersburg
listok Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1655 Sankt-Peterburgskoe Ekho St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1656 Severnaia kommuna St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1657 Severnaia oblast' St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1658 Severnaia pchela St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1659 Severnaia pochta St. Petersburg
Federal City
Severnaia pravda
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1660 (vremennoe nazvanie gazety St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1661 Severnaia rabochaia gazeta St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1662 Severnyi golos St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1663 Signal St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1664 Slovo St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1665 Slovo St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1666 Smena St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1667 Sobytiia St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1668 Soiuz osvobozhdeniia St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1669 Soldatskaia pravda St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1670 Sovremennoe slovo St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1671 Strekoza St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1672 Stroitel'nyi rabochii St. Petersburg
Federal City

Saint Petersburg
NRP-2232 Suflior St. Petersburg
Federal City

Saint Petersburg
NRP-1673 Svobodnaia shkola St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1674 Teatr St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1675 Ternii truda St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1676 Trudovaia pravda St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1677 Ulfet St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1678 V mire musul'manstva St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1679 Vechernii Leningrad St. Petersburg
Federal City
Vedomosti Sankt-
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1680 Peterburgskogo St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1681 Vek St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1682 Velikoruss St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1683 Vestnik russkikh evretv St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1684 Vol'nost' St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1685 Vooruzhennyi narod St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
Kraus27 Voskhod. (Monthly ed.)* St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
Kraus28 Voskhod. (Weekly ed.)* St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1686 Vrach St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-141 Vrachebnye vedomosti St. Petersburg
Federal City
Vserossiiskii komitet Saint Petersburg
NRP-1687 St. Petersburg
spaseniia Rodiny i revolyutsii Federal City
Vserossiiskii sovet Saint Petersburg
NRP-1688 St. Petersburg
krest'ianskikh deputatov Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1689 Za pravdu St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1690 Za pravo naroda St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1691 Zemledel'cheskaia gazeta St. Petersburg
Federal City
Zemlia i volia.Organ
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1692 rabochego i krest'ianskogo St. Petersburg
Federal City
pravitel'stva Narodn
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1693 Zhivaia zhizn' St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1694 Zhivoe delo St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-154 Zhizn' iskusstva St. Petersburg
Federal City
Saint Petersburg
NRP-1695 Zrenie St. Petersburg
Federal City

Saint Petersburg
NRP-1696 Die Fackel St. Petersburg
Federal City

Saint Petersburg
NRP-1697 Galvas Pilsetas Avize St. Petersburg
Federal City

Saint Petersburg
70029 Nevskoe vremia St. Petersburg
Federal City
Vechernii Peterburg : gazeta
Saint Petersburg
70095.01 Sankt-Peterburgskogo soveta St. Petersburg
Federal City
narodnykh deputatov
St. Petersburg, Saint Petersburg
NRP-1698 Il
Moscow Federal City
Sakha Republic
NRP-174 Aldanskii rabochii Aldan
(also called Yakutia)
Iakutskie Eparkhial'nye Sakha Republic
NRP-549 Yakutsk
vedomosti (also called Yakutia)
Sakha Republic
NRP-2184 Sotsialisticheskaia Iakutiia Yakutsk
(also called Yakutia)
NRP-1505 Sovetskii Sakhalin Sakhalin Sakhalin Oblast
Samara (formerly
NRP-1508 Krasnoe slovo Samara Oblast
called Kuybyshev)
Samara (formerly
NRP-1509 Nash golos Samara Oblast
called Kuybyshev)
Samara (formerly
NRP-1510 Privolzhskaia pravda Samara Oblast
called Kuybyshev)
Samarskie gubernskie Samara (formerly
NRP-1511 Samara Oblast
vedomosti called Kuybyshev)
Samara (formerly
NRP-1512 Samarskii spravochnyi listok Samara Oblast
called Kuybyshev)
Samara (formerly
NRP-1513 Samarskii vestnik Samara Oblast
called Kuybyshev)
Samara (formerly
NRP-1514 Soldat, rabochii i krest'ianin Samara Oblast
called Kuybyshev)
Sredne-Volzhskii Samara (formerly
NRP-1515 Samara Oblast
komsomolets called Kuybyshev)
Samara (formerly
NRP-1516 Volzhskaia kommuna Samara Oblast
called Kuybyshev)
Samara (formerly
NRP-1517 Volzhskaia zaria Samara Oblast
called Kuybyshev)
NRP-1727 Syzranskii kommunar Syzran' Samara Oblast

NRP-1728 Syzranskii uezd Syzran' Samara Oblast

NRP-1729 Zemlevolets Syzran' Samara Oblast

NRP-252 Krasnyi pakhar' Balashov Saratov Oblast

NRP-1530 Pochta Saratov Saratov Oblast

NRP-1531 Proletarii Povolzh'ya Saratov Saratov Oblast
Saratovskie gubernskie
NRP-1532 Saratov Saratov Oblast
NRP-1533 Stalinets Saratov Saratov Oblast

NRP-1534 Zaria molodezhi Saratov Saratov Oblast

NRP-503 Gzhatsk Gagarin Smolensk Oblast

NRP-1488 Roslavl'skii Sovet rk i ka Roslavl' Smolensk Oblast

NRP-1554 Rabochii put' Smolensk Smolensk Oblast
Smolenskii gubernskii
NRP-1555 Smolensk Smolensk Oblast
ispolnitel'nyi komitet
Smolenskii sovet rabochikh i
NRP-1556 Smolensk Smolensk Oblast
soldatskikh deputatov
NRP-1723 Sychevskii uezd Sychevka Smolensk Oblast

NRP-1724 Znamia kommunara Sychevka Smolensk Oblast

NRP-510 Georgievskii gor Georgievsk Stavropol Krai

NRP-1448 Pyatigor'e Pyatigorsk Stavropol Krai
Stavropol'skie Gubernskie
NRP-1704 Stavropol Stavropol Krai
NRP-1705 Kavkazskaia zdravnitsa Stavropol' Stavropol Krai

NRP-1706 Severnyi Kavkaz Stavropol' Stavropol Krai

NRP-1707 Severokavkazskii kraj Stavropol' Stavropol Krai

NRP-1708 Severokavkazskoe slovo Stavropol' Stavropol Krai

NRP-1709 Stavropol'skaia pravda Stavropol' Stavropol Krai
Stavropol'skie gubernskie
NRP-1710 Stavropol' Stavropol Krai
Stavropol'skii gubernskii
ispolnitel'nyi komitet Soveta
NRP-1711 Stavropol' Stavropol Krai
krest'ianskikh i rabochikh
deputatov Ekaterinburg (also
NRP-480 Bor'ba Sverdlovsk Oblast
called Yekaterinburg)
Ekaterinburg (also
NRP-481 Na smenu Sverdlovsk Oblast
called Yekaterinburg)
Sredne-Ural'skii sotsial- Ekaterinburg (also
NRP-482 Sverdlovsk Oblast
demokraticheskii listok called Yekaterinburg)
Ekaterinburg (also
NRP-483 Ural'skaia gazeta Sverdlovsk Oblast
called Yekaterinburg)
Ekaterinburg (also
NRP-484 Ural'skii rabochii Sverdlovsk Oblast
called Yekaterinburg)
Ekaterinburg (also
NRP-485 Vechernii Sverdlovsk Sverdlovsk Oblast
called Yekaterinburg)
Ekaterinburg (also
NRP-486 Vilagforradalom Sverdlovsk Oblast
called Yekaterinburg)
Ekaterinburg (also
NRP-487 Vol'nyi Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast
called Yekaterinburg)
NRP-551 Irbitskii Sovet rk i kd Irbit Sverdlovsk Oblast
Kamyshlovskii uezd. komitet.
Izvestiia Kamyshlovskogo
NRP-611 Kamyshlov Sverdlovsk Oblast
uezdnogo komiteta Rossiiskoi
kommunisticheskoi partii (b).
NRP-795 Irkutskii strelok Krasnoufimsk Sverdlovsk Oblast
Nizhne-Tagil'skii Sovet
Nizhnij-Tagil (also
NRP-1222 rabochikh i soldatskikh Sverdlovsk Oblast
called Nizhny Tagil)
Nizhnij-Tagil (also
NRP-1223 Tagil'skii rabochii Sverdlovsk Oblast
called Nizhny Tagil)
St. Alpaevsk (also
NRP-1577 Okopnaia pravda Sverdlovsk Oblast
called Alapayevsk)
NRP-1014 Soldat i rabochii Michurinsk Tambov Oblast

NRP-1055 Morshanskaia kommuna Morshansk Tambov Oblast
Morshanskii sovet rabochikh,
NRP-1056 soldatskikh i krest'ianskikh Morshansk Tambov Oblast
NRP-1743 Tambovskaia pravda Tambov Tambov Oblast
Tambovskii gubernskii
NRP-1744 Tambov Tambov Oblast
ispolnitel'nyi komitet sovetov
NRP-385 Bugul'minskaia gazeta Bugul'ma Tatarstan

NRP-659 Al-Islah Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-660 An Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-661 Azad Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-662 Baianul'khak Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-663 Bayan Ul-Hag Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-672 Bedniak Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-664 Ehbar Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-673 Kamsko-Volzhskaia gazeta Kazan Tatarstan
Kazanskie Gubernskie
NRP-665 Kazan Tatarstan
Kazanskie gubernskie
NRP-674 Kazan Tatarstan
NRP-2225 Kazanskie Izvestiia Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-675 Kazanskii telegraf Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-676 Krasnaia Tatariia Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-666 Maktab Kazan Tatarstan
NRP-1289 Qazan Mukhbire Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-667 Quoyash Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-677 Rabochii Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-668 Riza Fakhretdin Asar Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-678 Sovetskaia Tatariia Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-669 Suyum Bike Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-670 Yalt Yult Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-671 Yulduz Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-679 Znamia revolyutsii Kazan Tatarstan

NRP-993 Nashi dni Mamadysh Tatarstan

LC21 Sibirskii vestnik* Tomsk Tomsk Oblast

NRP-1823 Put' naroda Tomsk Tomsk Oblast

NRP-1824 Sibirskii vrach Tomsk Tomsk Oblast

NRP-271 Belevskii Ispolnitel'nyi komitet Belev Tula Oblast

NRP-272 Belevskii proletarii Belev Tula Oblast

NRP-348 Zvezda kommunizma Bogoroditsk Tula Oblast

NRP-349 Krasnoe znamia Bogorodsk Tula Oblast
Tul'skie gubernskie
NRP-1842 Tula Tula Oblast
Tuva Republic (also
NRP-821 Tuvinskaia pravda Kyzyl
called Tyav)
NRP-287 Bel'skii Sovet Belyj (also called Bely) Tver Oblast

NRP-288 Bel'skii uezd Belyj (also called Bely) Tver Oblast

NRP-331 Bezhetsk Bezhetsk Tver Oblast

NRP-332 Bezhetskii vestnik Bezhetsk Tver Oblast

NRP-607 Golos bednoty Kalyazin Tver Oblast
NRP-619 Kashin Kashin Tver Oblast

NRP-620 Kashinskii proletarii Kashin Tver Oblast

NRP-801 Krasnokholmskii uezdnyi isp Krasnyj Kholm Tver Oblast

NRP-1313 Ostashkovskaia pravda Ostashkov Tver Oblast

NRP-1314 Ostashkovskii Sovet rk Ostashkov Tver Oblast

NRP-1846 Kalininskaia pravda Tver' Tver Oblast

NRP-1847 Tverskaia pravda Tver' Tver Oblast
Tverskie gubernskie
NRP-1848 Tver' Tver Oblast
Vestnik otdela snabzheniia
NRP-1849 Tver' Tver Oblast
goroda Tveri
NRP-1922 Krasnyi Ves'egonsk Ves'egonsk Tver Oblast

NRP-2215 Zubtsov Zubtsov Tver Oblast
Biulleten' o tekuschikh
NRP-1818 Tobol'sk Tyumen Oblast
NRP-1819 Sibirskaia zemskaia derevnya Tobol'sk Tyumen Oblast

NRP-1820 Sibirskii listok Tobol'sk Tyumen Oblast
Izvestiia gubernskie
NRP-1821 Tobol'sk Tyumen Oblast
gubernskogo i uezdnogo
ispolnitel'nykh komitetov
NRP-1850 Tyumen' Tyumen Oblast
rabochikh,krest'ianskikh i
NRP-1851 K oruzhiyu
krasnoarmeiskikh deputatov Tyumen' Tyumen Oblast

NRP-1852 Tyumenskaia pravda Tyumen' Tyumen Oblast

NRP-2208 Sovetskoe Zaural'e Zavodoukovsk Tyumen Oblast
Izvestiia Izhevskogo Soveta
NRP-567 rabochikh, soldatskikh i Izhevsk Udmurt Republc
krest'ianskikh deputatov
NRP-568 Udmurtskaia pravda Izhevsk Udmurt Republc
Sengilej (also called
NRP-1542 Sengileevskii uezd Ulyanovsk Oblast
Simbirskie gubernskie Ul'yanovsk (formerly
NRP-1864 Ulyanovsk Oblast
vedomosti called Simbirsk)
Simbirskii gubernskii Sovet
Ul'yanovsk (formerly
NRP-1865 rabochikh i krest'ianskikh Ulyanovsk Oblast
called Simbirsk)
Ul'yanovsk (formerly
NRP-1866 Tkach Ulyanovsk Oblast
called Simbirsk)
Ul'yanovsk (formerly
NRP-1867 Ul'ianovskaia pravda Ulyanovsk Oblast
called Simbirsk)
Ust-Orda Buryat
NRP-1881 Znamia Lenina Ust-Ordynsky
Autonomous Okrug
NRP-516 Klich Gorokhovets Vladimir Oblast

NRP-777 Trudiashchaiasia bednota Kovrov Vladimir Oblast
Vladimirskie eparkhial'nie
NRP-2068 Vladimir Vladimir Oblast
Vladimirskie gubernskie
NRP-2069 Vladimir Vladimir Oblast
Vladimirskie gubernskie
NRP-2070 Vladimir Vladimir Oblast
NRP-2071 Vladimirskii gub Vladimir Vladimir Oblast
Volgograd (formerly
NRP-2076 Volgogradskaia pravda called Tsaritsyn or Volgograd Oblast
NRP-286 Belozersk Belozersk Vologda Oblast

NRP-408 Kommunist Cherepovets Vologda Oblast

NRP-1830 Totemskii uezd Tot'ma Vologda Oblast
Velikij Ustyug (also
NRP-1916 Bor'ba bednoty Vologda Oblast
called Veliky Ustyug)
Velikij Ustyug (also
NRP-1917 Krest'ianskie i rabochie dumy Vologda Oblast
called Veliky Ustyug)
Velikij Ustyug (also
NRP-1918 Severo-dvinskii kraj Vologda Oblast
called Veliky Ustyug)
Veliko-Ustyugskii Sovet
Velikij Ustyug (also
NRP-1919 rabochikh i soldatskikh Vologda Oblast
Arkhangel'skogo called Veliky Ustyug)
gubernskogo ispolnitel'nogo
NRP-2077 Vologda Vologda Oblast
komiteta sovetov rabochikh i
krest'ianskikh deputatov
NRP-2078 Vologodskii komsomolets Vologda Vologda Oblast

NRP-354 Borisoglebsk Borisoglebsk Voronezh Oblast
Izvestiia Voronezh.
gubernskogo ispolnitel'nogo
NRP-2079 Voronezh Voronezh Oblast
komiteta sov. rabochikh i
krest'ianskikh deputata
NRP-2080 Kommuna Voronezh Voronezh Oblast

NRP-2081 Put' zhizni Voronezh Voronezh Oblast

NRP-2082 Voronezhskaia bednota Voronezh Voronezh Oblast
Voronezhskie gubernskie
NRP-2083 Voronezh Voronezh Oblast
NRP-2084 Voronezhskii rabochii Voronezh Voronezh Oblast
NRP-2085 Zvezda krasnoarmeitsa Voronezh Voronezh Oblast

NRP-2210 Zemlianskii uezd Zemlyansk Voronezh Oblast
NRP-1506 Krasnyi Sever Salekhard
Autonomous Okrug
NRP-1489 Trudovye dni Rostov Yaroslavl Oblast

NRP-1490 Vechernii Rostov Rostov Yaroslavl Oblast

NRP-1861 Uglichskaia pravda Uglich Yaroslavl Oblast

NRP-2191 Golos Yaroslavl' Yaroslavl Oblast

NRP-2192 Krest'ianin-kooperator Yaroslavl' Yaroslavl Oblast
Laroslavskie Gubernskie
NRP-2193 Yaroslavl' Yaroslavl Oblast
NRP-83 Armiia chetvertaia

NRP-84 Armiia pyataia

NRP-86 Bezhenskaia Pravda

NRP-87 Birzhevaia gazeta
Biulleten' sotsialisticheskogo

NRP-89 Boevoi udar

NRP-90 Bol'shevik-chekist

NRP-93 Doroga na Zapad

NRP-94 Dorogu frontu

NRP-95 Dozor

NRP-96 Dunaets - Zaschitnik Rodiny

NRP-97 Dzerzhinets

NRP-98 Geroi Rodiny
NRP-100 Geroicheskii pokhod
NRP-102 Grenaderskii korpus

NRP-103 Gvardeets

NRP-104 Gvardeiskii udar

NRP-105 Gvardeiskoe znamia

NRP-106 Gvardiia

NRP-107 Izvestiia ofitserov armii
Izvestiia Polkovogo komiteta
NRP-108 685 pekh. Logishinskogo
Izvestiia Tsentral'nogo
komiteta RSD rab. Partii
NRP-112 Krasnoarmeiskoe slovo

NRP-114 Krasnyi dneprovets

NRP-115 Krasnyi kavalerist na fronte

NRP-116 Lesnoi rabochii
Letuchie listki Tsentral'nogo
komiteta RSD rab. Partii.
NRP-119 Na shturm

NRP-120 Na strazhe svobody

NRP-121 Na vraga

NRP-122 Pobeda za nami
Poslednie Izvestiia:Organ
NRP-124 dobrovol'cheskoi
armii,polevaia kontora
NRP-125 Rabochii Universitet

NRP-126 Rodnoe slovo

NRP-127 Sel'skii vestnik

NRP-129 Udarnyi trud

NRP-130 V boj za Rodinu

NRP-131 Vechernie vesti
NRP-132 Vechernii telegraf

NRP-133 Vo slavu Rodiny

NRP-134 Voroshilovets

NRP-135 Voroshilovskii zalp

NRP-136 Vpered

NRP-137 Vpered k pobede

NRP-138 Vpered na vraga

NRP-139 Vpered na zapad

NRP-140 Vpered za Rodinu

NRP-143 Za bol'shevizm

NRP-144 Za chest' bat'kovschiny

NRP-145 Za chest' Rodiny

NRP-146 Za kadry

NRP-147 Za nashu pobedu

NRP-148 Za otchiznu

NRP-149 Za otechestvo

NRP-150 Za otvagu

NRP-151 Za pobedu

NRP-152 Za pravoe delo

NRP-155 Zvezda sovetov

NRP-497 Rozvaga Frajnshtad

NRP-618 Sovetskaia Kara-Kalpakiia Kartkul'

NRP-1309 Orlovskaia gub Orlovskaya gub.
Peshekhonskii Sovet
NRP-1383 rabochikh i krest'ianskikh Peshekhon'e
NRP-2197 Put' kommunista Yunkhov

NRP-2221 Evreiskie Izvestiia

NRP-2230 Razsvet

NRP-2234 Terskaya zhizn'
Gazeti ya Leta ya Republika
NRP-752 Kigali
y'u Rwanda
NRP-396 Gazette Castries

BritishLib109 St. Lucia Observer* Castries

BritishLib110 St. Lucian* Castries
Bollettino ufficiale della
NRP-1522 San Marino
Repubblica di San Marino
BritishLib67 al-Qublah* Mecca

BritishLib68 Umm al-qura* Mecca

BL al-Riyad* Riyadh

BL Aberdeen Herald* Aberdeen

BL Aberdeen Journal* Aberdeen
Airdrie Advertiser and
BL Airdrie & Coatbridge
Linlithgowshire Standard*
BL Coatbridge Express* Airdrie & Coatbridge

BL Alloa Advertiser Journal* Alloa

BL Alloa Advertiser* Alloa

BL Alloa Journal* Alloa

BL Clackmannanshire Advertiser* Alloa

BL Midweek Advertiser* Alloa

BL Banffshire Journal* Banff

BL West Lothian Courier* Bathgate

BL Milngavie Herald* Bearsden & Milgavie
BL Brechin Advertiser* Brechin

BL Banffshire Advertiser* Buckie
Broughty Ferry Guide and
BL Carnoustie
Carnoustie Gazette etc*
BL Dalkeith Advertiser* Dalkeith

BL Dufftown News* Dufftown

BL People's Friend* Dundee

BL Daily Scotsman* Edinburgh

BL Edinburgh Advertiser* Edinburgh

BL Edinburgh Evening Courant* Edinburgh

BL Scots Observer* Edinburgh

BL Scotsman* Edinburgh

BL True Scotsman* Edinburgh

BL Elgin & Morayshire Courier* Elgin

BL Elgin Courant* Elgin

BL Elgin Courier* Elgin

BL Forres, Elgin & Nairn Gazette* Elgin

BL Moray & Nairn Express* Elgin

BL Moray Weekly News* Elgin

BL Morayshire Advertiser* Elgin

BL Forfar Herald* Forfar

BL Forfar Review* Forfar

BL Fraserburgh Advertiser* Fraserburgh
BL Fraserburgh Herald* Fraserburgh

BL Christian News* Glasgow

Clyde Bill of Entry & Shipping
BL Glasgow

Distillers Magazine and Spirit
Trade News (Distillers' and
BL Glasgow
Brewers' Magazine - Distillers'
Brewers' and Spirit Merchants*
BL Forward* Glasgow

BL Glasgow Examiner* Glasgow

BL Glasgow Mercantile Advertiser* Glasgow

BL Glasgow Observer* Glasgow

BL Glasgow Saturday Post* Glasgow

BL Glasgow Sentinel* Glasgow

BL Herald* Glasgow

BL Kirkintilloch Gazette* Glasgow

BL Kirkintilloch Herald* Glasgow

BL Morning Journal* Glasgow

BL Protestant Vanguard* Glasgow

BL Single Tax* Glasgow

IrishMF143 Unionist* Glasgow

BL Weekly News (Irish Edition)* Glasgow

BL Greenock Advertiser* Greenock Renfrewshire

BL Greenock Herald* Greenock Renfrewshire

BL Hamilton Advertiser* Hamilton
BL Inverness Courier* Inverness Inverness-shire

BL Banffshire Herald* Keith

BL Kilmarnock Herald* Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock Journal and
BL Kilmarnock
Ayrshire Advertiser*

BL Kilmarnock Standard* Kilmarnock

BL Kilmarnock Weekly Post* Kilmarnock

BL Orcadian* Kirkwall

BL Orkney Herald* Kirkwall

BL Kirriemuir Free Press* Kirriemuir

BL Kirriemuir Herald* Kirriemuir
Kirriemuir Observer and Local
BL Kirriemuir
BL Zetland Times* Lerwick

BL Paisley & Renfrewshire Gazette* Paisley
Paisley & Renfrewshire
BL Paisley
BL Paisley Advertiser* Paisley

Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire
BL Paisley

BL Renfrewshire Independent* Paisley

BL Tillicoultry News* Tillicoultry

BL Uddingston Standard* Uddingston
BL Fife Free Press*
BL Fifeshire Advertiser*
BL Linlithgowshire Gazette*
BL Lothian Courier*
Journal officiel de la
NRP-455 Dakar
Republique du Senegal
NRP-274 Bilten vesti Belgrade Belgrade

MP2 Borba* Belgrade Belgrade

LC5 Die Donau* Belgrade Belgrade

NRP-275 Nasa borba Belgrade Belgrade

NRP-276 Novoe vremia Belgrade Belgrade

Publications de L'Institut
NRP-277 Belgrade Belgrade

NRP-278 Radnicke novini Belgrade Belgrade

NRP-279 Revoliutsioner Belgrade Belgrade

NRP-280 Samouprava Belgrade Belgrade

NRP-281 Sluzbeni List Belgrade Belgrade

NRP-282 Tsarskii vestnik Belgrade Belgrade

NRP-283 Voin - grazhdanin Belgrade Belgrade

NRP-1228 Zastava Novi Sad Vojvodina

BL Seychelles Clarion* Victoria

Seychelles Government Bulletin
BL Victoria
(Seychelles Bulletin)*

BL Early Dawn* Bonthe

BL African Interpreter & Advocate* Freetown

Agency and Mercantile,
BL Shipping, Agricultural, Freetown
Advertising & General Register*
BL Artisan* Freetown

BL Aurora* Freetown

BL Colony & Provincial Reporter* Freetown

BL Commonwealth* Freetown

BL Daily Guardian* Freetown

Freetown Express and Christian
BL Freetown

BL Independent* Freetown

Methodist Herald & West
BL Freetown
African Educational Times*

Royal Gazette and Sierra Leone
BL Freetown

Sawyerr's Bookselling, Printing
BL Freetown
and Stationery Trade Circular*

BL Shekpendeh* Freetown

BL Sierra Leone Church Times* Freetown

Sierra Leone Daily Mail (Daily
BL Freetown

Sierra Leone Farm & Trade
BL Freetown

BL Sierra Leone Guardian* Freetown

NRP-499 Sierra Leone Royal Gazette Freetown

BL Sierra Leone Weekly News* Freetown

BL Trader* Freetown

Watchman & West African
BL Freetown
BL West African Reporter* Freetown

BL al-Akhbar* Singapore

BL al-'Arab* Singapore

BritishLib79 al-'Arab* Singapore

BL al-Dhikra* Singapore

BL al-Hisab* Singapore

BritishLib80 al-Huda* Singapore

BritishLib81 al-Nahdah al-Hadramiyah* Singapore

BritishLib82 al-Qisas* Singapore

BritishLib83 al-Sha'b al-Hadrami* Singapore

BL Daily Advertiser* Singapore

BritishLib193 Eastern Daily Mail* Singapore

BL Eastern News* Singapore

BL Economic X-Ray* Singapore

BL Malaya Catholic Leader* Singapore

BritishLib182 Malaya Tribune* Singapore

BL Malayan Catholic News* Singapore

Malayan Saturday Post
BL Singapore

BL Malayan Saturday Review* Singapore
BritishLib194 Mid-day Herald* Singapore

BL Radio Weekly* Singapore

BL Sawt Hadramawt* Singapore

BL Shopping News* Singapore

BL Singapore American* Singapore

Singapore and F.M.S. Weekly
BL Singapore

BL Singapore Daily Times* Singapore

BL Singapore Herald* Singapore

BL Straits Intelligence* Singapore

BL Straits Observer* Singapore

BL Straits Times Overland Journal* Singapore

BritishLib155 Straits Times Radio Weekly* Singapore

BL Straits Times Weekly Issue* Singapore

MAP3 Straits Times* Singapore

BL Student World* Singapore

MAP6 Sunday Straits Times* Singapore

MAP4 Sunday Times* Singapore

BL Sunday Tribune* Singapore

BL Weekly Sun* Singapore
LC6 Cas* Bratislava

LC7 Gardista* Bratislava

NRP-357 Knizna Revue Bratislava

NRP-358 Literarny Tyzdennik Bratislava

NRP-359 Mishakim Bratislava

NRP-360 Narodna obroda Bratislava

NRP-364 Podkarpatoruska Revue Bratislava

NRP-361 Pravda (Bratislava) Bratislava

70036 SME Bratislava

NRP-362 Smena Bratislava
NRP-363 Trend Bratislava
35188 Narodna obroda Bratislava
NRP-843 Delo Ljubljana

NRP-844 Sloveniia Ljubljana

NRP-845 Oslobodjenje Ljubljana, Sarajevo

NRP-547 Solomon Islands Gazette Honiara

BritishLib168 Faafinta della
Corriere rasmiga ah ee
Somalia* Mogadishu
jumhuriyadda dimoggraadiga
NRP-1046 Soomaaliya. al-Jaridah al- Mogadishu
rasmiyah lil-jumhuriya al-
Natl Lib S. Africa4 Izwial-dimuqratiyah
Sumali Labantu* East London Eastern Cape

Natl Lib S. Africa5 Abantu-Batho* Johannesburg Gauteng

NA-27 Mail & Guardian* Johannesburg Gauteng

Natl Lib S. Africa6 Workers' Herald* Johannesburg Gauteng

Natl Lib S. Africa7 Tsala Ea Becoana* Kimberley Northern Cape
Natl Lib S. Africa1 Blackman* Cape Town Western Cape

67819 Cape Times Cape Town Western Cape

Contact Cape Town Western Cape

Natl Lib S. Africa2 Grassroots* Cape Town Western Cape

NRP-394 Idisher advokat Cape Town Western Cape

Natl Lib S. Africa3 South African Spectator* Cape Town Western Cape

CAN1 Pusan Sinmun* Busan (Pusan)

CAN2 Cheju Sinbo* Cheju

CAN3 Taegu Sinbo* Daegu (Taegu)

CAN6 Bunye llbo* Seoul

CAN7 Chosunjungang llbo* Seoul

CAN8 Chosunkeungjae Sinbo* Seoul

CAN9 Daedong Sinmun* Seoul

CAN10 Daehan llbo* Seoul

CAN11 Daehandoklib Sinmun* Seoul

CAN12 Daejung llbo* Seoul

CAN13 Doklib Sinbo* Seoul

CAN14 Doklib Sinmun* Seoul

CAN15 Dongbang Sinmun-Daejun* Seoul
Dongbang Sinmun-
CAN16 Seoul

CAN17 Dongkwang Sinmun* Seoul

CAN18 Hansung llbo* Seoul

CAN19 Honam Sinmun* Seoul

CAN20 Hyundai llbo* Seoul

CAN21 Janguknodongja Sinmun* Seoul

CAN22 Jayu Minbo Seoul

CAN23 Jayu Sinmun* Seoul

CAN24 Je 3 Tek* Seoul

CAN25 Jeil Sinmun* Seoul

CAN26 Jungang Sinmun* Seoul

CAN27 Jungwoe Sinbo* Seoul
CAN28 Jungyangkyungjai Sinmun* Seoul
CAN29 Kajung Sinmun* Seoul
CAN30 Kangwon llbo* Seoul

CAN31 Kongup Sinmun* Seoul

67781 Korea Bookman Seoul

67784 Korea Magazine Seoul

67785 Korea Methodist Seoul

67786 Korea Mission Field Seoul

67787 Korea Morning Calm Seoul
67788 Korea Review Seoul

67790 Korean Repository Seoul

67791 Korean Republic Seoul

Korea-Royal Asiatic Society
67789 of Grt. Britain & Ireland Seoul
(Korea Branch) Tran
Kugjae llbo - Japanese
CAN32 Seoul

CAN33 Kugjae llbo* Seoul

CAN34 Kukdo Sinmuri* Seoul

CAN35 Kukmin Sinmun* Seoul

CAN36 Kunsan Sinmun* Seoul

CAN37 Kwangmung llbo* Seoul

CAN38 Maeil Sinbo* Seoul

CAN39 Minguk llbo* Seoul

CAN40 Minjing Ilbo* Seoul

CAN41 Minju Jungbo* Seoul

CAN42 Minju llbo* Seoul

CAN43 Munhwa Ilbo* Seoul

CAN44 Muyeok Sinmun* Seoul

CAN45 Nongmin Jubo* Seoul

CAN46 Puin Sinbo* Seoul
CAN47 Puin Sinmun* Seoul

CAN48 Pyonghwa Sinmun* Seoul

CAN49 Sanup Sinmun* Seoul

CAN50 Segae Ilbo* Seoul

CAN51 Seoulsuk-Gan* Seoul

CAN52 Sinjosun-Bo* Seoul

CAN53 Sinmun Ilbo* Seoul

CAN54 Susankeungjae Sinmun* Seoul

CAN55 Taeyang Sinmun* Seoul

CAN56 Woori Sinmun* Seoul

CAN57 Yeonhap Sinmun* Seoul

CAN58 Yeosung Sinmun* Seoul

CAN59 Yesul Tongsin* Seoul

BL El Campo de Gibraltar* Algeciras Andalusia

NRP-2207 Heraldo de Aragon Zaragoza Aragon

BL Hierro* Bilbao Basque Country

BL Libertad* Valladolid Castile and Leon

BL La Noticias* Barcelona Catalonia

BL La Publicidad* Barcelona Catalonia
NRP-258 La Vanguardia Barcelona Catalonia
BL Arriba* Madrid Madrid
NRP-985 Boletin Oficial del Estado Madrid Madrid
NRP-984 Boletin Oficial del Estado Madrid Madrid

BL Correo literario* Madrid Madrid

BL Economía Mundial* Madrid Madrid

BL El Cascabel* Madrid Madrid

BL El Correo español* Madrid Madrid

BL El Crisol* Madrid Madrid

BL El Debate* Madrid Madrid
El Economista (El Economista
BL Madrid Madrid
BL El Imparcial* Madrid Madrid

70111 El Mundo Madrid Madrid

BL El País* Madrid Madrid

BL El Parlamentario* Madrid Madrid

BL El Tiempo* Madrid Madrid

BL España económica y financiera* Madrid Madrid

BL España* Madrid Madrid

BL Español* Madrid Madrid

NRP-2238 Expansion Madrid Madrid

BL Gil Blas* Madrid Madrid

Insula: Revista Bibliográfica de
BL Madrid Madrid
Ciencias y Letras*

BL La América* Madrid Madrid
BL La Correspondencia de España* Madrid Madrid

BL La Época* Madrid Madrid

BL La Igualdad* Madrid Madrid

BL La Luz* Madrid Madrid

BL La Nación* Madrid Madrid

BL Madrid* Madrid Madrid

BL Nueva economía nacional* Madrid Madrid

BL Pueblo* Madrid Madrid

BL Revista de Telegrafos* Madrid Madrid

BL YA* Madrid Madrid

BL Arriba España* Pamplona Navarre

BL Amicus* Colombo

BL Ceylon Morning Leader* Colombo

Ceylon Overland Bi-Monthly
BL Colombo

BL Ceylon Standard* Colombo

BL Ceylon Times* Colombo
BL Ceylonese (Overland Edition)* Colombo

BL Ceylonese* Colombo

BL Colombo Journal* Colombo

Colombo Overland Observer,
BL Colombo

NRP-450 Janarajaye gasat patraye Colombo

Overland Ceylon Times (and
BL Commercial Planting Colombo

Times of Ceylon Sunday
BL Colombo

BL Tribune* Colombo

BL Democrat* Baseterre

BL Labour Spokesman* Baseterre
Saint Christopher Advertiser &
BL Baseterre
Weekly Intelligencer*
BL St. Kitts Daily Express* Baseterre

BL St. Kitts-Nevis Daily Bulletin* Baseterre

BL Union Messenger* Baseterre

BL Voice* Castries

BL Challenge* Kingstown

BL Sentry* Kingstown

BL Times* Kingstown

BritishLib57 al-Sudan* Khartoum
BL Hadarat al-Sudan* Khartoum

BritishLib56 Khartum (Khartoum)* Khartoum

Sudan Daily Herald (Sudan
BL Khartoum

BL al-Sihafah* Khartum

67844 De West-Indier Paramaribo

67841 Paramaribo

NRP-1319 Staatsblad Paramaribo

67842 Surinaamsche Courant Paramaribo

67843 Suriname Paramaribo

NRP-1712 Politiken Stockholm

Russische Korrespondenz
NRP-1713 Stockholm

BL Basler Nachrichten* Basel

NA-17 Die Basler Zeitung* Basel

BL National Zeitung* Basel

MP1 Zionistische Nachrichten* Basel

NRP-330 Switzerland. [Official Gazette] Bern
NRP-504 Iskra Geneva

NRP-505 Narodnoe delo Geneva

NRP-506 Sotsial'demokrat Geneva

NRP-507 Vpered Geneva

NRP-508 Zerno Geneva

NRP-509 La Voix ouvriere Geneva

NA-48 Neue Zrcher Zeitung* Zurich

BL Schweizerische Bauzeitung* Zürich

BL Zürich
Elektrotechnische Zeitschrift*

NRP-2216 Zurich

BL La Tribune des Nations* Geneva & Paris

BritishLib52 al-Sharq* Damascus

BL al-Wahdah al-Arabiyah* Damascus

BL Barada'* Damascus

BL Alif ba'* Damascus & Baghdad

BL al-Jazirah* Damascus & Amman
BL Free China Weekly* Taipei

61049 Kommunist Tadzhikistana Dushanbe
Sharki Surkh.
Ezhemesyachnyj lit.-khudozh.
NRP-473 Dushanbe
i obschestvenno-politich.
NRP-474 Kommunist Tadzhikistana Dushanbe
NRP-475 Sovetskii Tadzhikistan Dushanbe

NRP-476 Vechernii Dushanbe Dushanbe

NRP-702 Leninabadskaia pravda Khodzhent

Daily News Digest Dar es Salaam

BritishLib116 Habari za leo* Dar es Salaam

BritishLib117 Mambo leo* Dar es Salaam
Tanganyika Gazette. Gazette
NRP-457 of the United Republic of Dar es Salaam

BL Sunday News* Dar-es-Salaam

BL Tanganyika Opinion* Dar-es-Salaam

BL Tanganyika Standard* Dar-es-Salaam

BL Africa kwetu* Zanzibar

BritishLib187 Afrika kwetu* Zanzibar

BritishLib188 Maarifa* Zanzibar

BritishLib189 Mwangaza* Zanzibar

BritishLib190 Mwongozi* Zanzibar

BritishLib191 Samachar* Zanzibar

BL Zanzibar Voice* Zanzibar

67851 Chao Thai Bangkok

67845 Daily News Digest Bangkok

BL Democracy* Bangkok
67846 Hsin Hsien Jih Pao Bangkok

67853 Hsing T'ai Wan Pao Bangkok

68581 Kiattisak Bangkok

BL Liberty* Bangkok

67847 Post Bangkok

67854 Prachathippati Bangkok

67855 Sayam Nikon Bangkok

67857 Sayamrat Sappada Wichan Bangkok

67858 Siam Rath Weekly Review Bangkok

BL Standard* Bangkok

Summary of the Thai and
67848 Bangkok
Chinese Press

67859 Thai Rat Bangkok

67849 Times Weekly Mail Bangkok

67850 World Bangkok

69110 Kittisap Bangkok

68622 Phim thai Bangkok

68623 Prachachat Bangkok

69116 Prachakorn Bangkok

Prachathippatai Chabap
68876 Bangkok

69118 Prajadhipata Bangkok
BL Gambia Outlook* Bathurst

BL Vanguard* Bathurst

Journal Officiel de la
NRP-859 Lome
Republique du Togo

BL Catholic News* Port of Spain

BL Evening News* Port of Spain

BL Fair Play, etc.* Port of Spain

BL Mirror* Port of Spain

BL New Era* Port of Spain

67863 Trinidad Chronicle Port of Spain

67864 Trinidad Gazette Port of Spain

BL Trinidad Palladium* Port of Spain

NRP-1404 Trinidad and Tobago Gazette Port of Spain

68599 Trinidad Royal Gazette Port of Spain

Kraus35 Stars and Stripes at Sea* off shore

BL al-'Amal* Tunis

BritishLib86 al-Ra'id al-Tunisi* Tunis

LC2 Baris (formerly Ulus)* Ankara
Hakimiyeti milliye (Ankara
BL Edition/Française Ankara
Trkiye Cumhuriyeti resmi
NRP-189 Ankara

NRP-190 Turkish Daily News Ankara

NRP-492 Kavkazskii voin Erzerum
BritishLib53 al-Jawa'ib* Istanbul
67867 Cumhuriyet Istanbul
BL Ekklesiastike aletheia* Istanbul
NA-25 Evrensel Istanbul
NRP-561 Ha-mevaser Istanbul
BL Hilal* Istanbul
Journal de la Chambre de
BL Istanbul
Commerce de Constantinople*
BL La Turquie* Istanbul

BL Le Matin* Istanbul
Levant Herald (Constantinople
BL Istanbul
Messenger - Eastern
Levant Times Express)*
& Shipping
BL Istanbul
BL Neologos* Istanbul

BL Orient News* Istanbul

BL Stamboul* Istanbul

BL Vechernaya Pressa* Istanbul

BL Weekly Budget* Istanbul

NA-26 Zaman Istanbul
BL Smyrna Mail* Smyrna
Turkmenbashi (also
called Turkmenbasy,
NRP-1844 Znamia truda Balkan
formerly called
Tashauz (now called
NRP-1746 Tashauzskaia pravda Dasoguz
Chardzhou (now
NRP-397 Chardzhouskaia pravda Lebap
called Turkmenabat)
Chardzhou (now
NRP-398 Chardzhouskii rabochii Lebap
called Turkmenabat)

NRP-1005 Maryiskaia pravda Mary Mary
NRP-1006 Trudovaia mysl' Mary Mary

Ashgabat (also called
NRP-201 Sovet Edebiiaty

Ashkhabad (also
NRP-202 Askhabad
called Ashgabat)

Ashkhabad (also
NRP-203 Nabat revolyutsii
called Ashgabat)

Ashkhabad (also
NRP-204 Prizyv
called Ashgabat)

Ashkhabad (also
NRP-200 Turkmenistan
called Ashgabat)
Ashkhabad (also
NRP-205 Turkmenskaia iskra
called Ashgabat)
Ashkhabad (also
LC3 Turkmenskaia iskra*
called Ashgabat)

Ashkhabad (also
61066 Turkmenskaya Iskra
called Ashgabat)
Ashkhabad (also
NRP-206 Vechernii Ashkhabad
called Ashgabat)
Ashkhabad (also
NRP-207 Znamia Oktyabrya
called Ashgabat)
NRP-500 Tuvalu gazette Funafuti
BL Taifa empya* Kampala

BL Uganda Argus* Kampala

BL Uganda Herald* Kampala

Chernigovskie Gubernskie Chernihiv (also called
NRP-411 Chernihiv Oblast
vedomosti Chernigov)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-414 Borba Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)

Chernovtsy (also
NRP-415 Bukovinskaia Zoria Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)

Chernovtsy (also
NRP-416 Bukovyna Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)

Chernovtsy (also
NRP-417 Bukovynski Vidomosty Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)

Chernovtsy (also
NRP-418 Bukowina Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-419 Czernowitzer Zeitung Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)

Chernovtsy (also
NRP-420 Lopata Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)

Chernovtsy (also
NRP-421 Narodna Biblioteka Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)

Chernovtsy (also
NRP-422 Narodna Biblioteka Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)

Chernovtsy (also
NRP-423 Narodna rada Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-424 Narodna sprava Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-425 Narodne Bohatstvo Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-426 Narodnyi Holos Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-427 Nedilia: Dodatok do Bukoviny Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-428 Nova Bukovyna Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-429 Pravoslavnaia Rus' Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-430 Rodymyilystok Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-431 Ruska rada Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-432 Sel'skii Hospodar' Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-433 Ukrania Chernivsti Oblast
Vistnyk Soiuza Russkikh called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-434 Chernivsti Oblast
Vistnyk spilok
Soiuza Vyzvolennia called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-435 Chernivsti Oblast
Ukrainy called Chernivtsi)
Chernovtsy (also
NRP-436 Volia naroda Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
Czernowitz (also
MP38 Ostjuedische Zeitung* Chernivsti Oblast
called Chernivtsi)
NRP-221 Millet Bakhchisarai Crimea
NRP-222 Tercuman Bakhchisarai Crimea
Feodosiya (also called
NRP-493 Okraina Crimea
NRP-615 Vatan Hadimi Karazubazar Crimea
NRP-681 Kerchenskii rabochii
Sevastopol'skii sovet Kerch' Crimea
Sevastopol' (formerly
NRP-1543 voennykh i rabochikh Crimea
called Sebastopol)
Sevastopol' (formerly
NRP-1544 Slavadeputatov
Sevastopolia Crimea
called Sebastopol)
Sevastopol' (formerly
NRP-1545 Vechernee slovo Crimea
called Sebastopol)
NRP-1551 Krasnyi Krym Simferopol' Crimea
Tavricheskie gubernskie
NRP-1552 Simferopol' Crimea

NRP-2185 Ialtinskii vestnik Yalta Crimea

NRP-2186 Krymskii kur'er Yalta Crimea

NRP-2187 Kurortnaia gazeta Yalta Crimea
Lzvestiia yaltinskogo soveta
NRP-2188 rabochikh i soldatskikh Yalta Crimea
Dnepropetrovsk (also
NRP-462 Dneprovskaia pravda Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
called Dnipropetrovsk)
Dnepropetrovsk (also Dnipropetrovsk
NRP-463 Dnepr-vechernii
called Dnipropetrovsk) Oblast
Dnepropetrovsk (also Dnipropetrovsk
NRP-464 Ekaterinoslav
called Dnipropetrovsk) Oblast
Ekaterinoslavskie gubernskie Dnepropetrovsk (also Dnipropetrovsk
vedomosti called Dnipropetrovsk) Oblast

Dnepropetrovsk (also Dnipropetrovsk
NRP-466 Golos soldata
called Dnipropetrovsk) Oblast
Dnepropetrovsk (also Dnipropetrovsk
NRP-467 Letuchii listok
called Dnipropetrovsk) Oblast
Dnepropetrovsk (also Dnipropetrovsk
NRP-468 Petrovets
called Dnipropetrovsk) Oblast
NRP-1280 Sotsialisticheskaia Osetiia Ordzhonikidze

NRP-469 Sotsialisticheskii Donbass Donetsk Donetsk Oblast

NRP-470 Vechernii Donetsk Donetsk Donetsk Oblast
Enakievo (also called
NRP-491 Enakievskii Sovet rk i kd Donetsk Oblast
Makeevka (also called
NRP-991 Makeevskii rabochii Donetsk Oblast
Mariupol'skii Sovet rabochikh
NRP-1003 Mariupol' Donetsk Oblast
i soldatskikh deputatov
NRP-1004 Priazovskii rabotnik Mariupol' Donetsk Oblast
Nikitovskii Sovet rabochikh i
NRP-1204 Nikitovka Donetsk Oblast
soldatskikh deputatov
NRP-758 Hromada Kolomyia
NRP-759 Khliborob Kolomyia

NRP-760 Khlopska Pravda Kolomyia
NRP-761 Narodna shkola Kolomyia
NRP-762 Nauka Kolomyia
NRP-763 Postup Kolomyia
NRP-764 Postup Kolomyia
NRP-765 Prapor Kolomyia
NRP-766 Priiatel' Ditei Kolomyia
NRP-767 Russkaia rada Kolomyia
NRP-768 Vesna Kolomyia
NRP-769 Zoria Kolomyiska Kolomyia
Stanislawow (now
NRP-1700 Nova Sich called Ivano-
Stanislawow (now
NRP-1701 Stanislavivs'ki Visti called Ivano-
Stanislawow (now
NRP-1702 Sztegn called Ivano-
Kharkiv (also called
NRP-690 Chervonyi Shliakh Kharkiv Oblast

Kharkiv (also called
NRP-691 Donetskii proletarii Kharkiv Oblast

Kharkiv (also called
NRP-692 Iuzhnyi kraj Kharkiv Oblast

Kharkiv (also called
NRP-693 Izvestiia iuga Kharkiv Oblast
Izvestiia Khar'kovskogo
soveta i gubernskogo Kharkiv (also called
NRP-694 Kharkiv Oblast
ispolnitel'nogo komiteta Kharkov)
Khar'kovskie Gubernskie Kharkiv (also called
NRP-689 Kharkiv Oblast
vedomosti Kharkov)

Khar'kovskie gubernskie Kharkiv (also called
NRP-695 Kharkiv Oblast
vedomosti Kharkov)

Kharkiv (also called
NRP-696 Khar'kovskii rabochii Kharkiv Oblast

Kharkiv (also called
NRP-688 Kommunarka Ukrainy Kharkiv Oblast
Kharkiv (also called
NRP-697 Molodoj leninets Kharkiv Oblast
Kharkiv (also called
NRP-698 Narodnoe delo Kharkiv Oblast
Kharkiv (also called
NRP-699 Proletarii Kharkiv Oblast
Kharkiv (also called
NRP-700 Rabochaia mysl' Kharkiv Oblast
Kharkiv (also called
NRP-701 Robitnik Kharkiv Oblast
NRP-773 Korotoyakskii uezd Korotoyak Kharkiv Oblast
NRP-609 (also called Khmelnytskyi Oblast
Gubernskie vedomosti
NRP-610 Podolianin (also called Khmelnytskyi Oblast
NRP-412 Pravda bolshevitska Chernobyl Kiev Oblast

NRP-413 Vil'ne zhittya Chernobyl Kiev Oblast

70043.02 Demokratychna Ukraina Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-706 Golos Sotsial-demokrata Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-707 Iuzhnaia gazeta Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-708 Iuzhnaia kopeika Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-709 Iuzhnaia kopeika Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-710 Khar'kovskii vestnik Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-711 Khreshchiatik Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-712 Kiev Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-713 Kievskaia gazeta Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-714 Kievskaia mysl' Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-715 Kievskaia mysl' Kiev Kiev Oblast

Kievskaia mysl'. Vechernii
NRP-716 Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-717 Kievskaia pochta Kiev Kiev Oblast
Kievskaia spravochnaia
NRP-718 Kiev Kiev Oblast
NRP-719 Kievskaia Zemskaia Gazeta Kiev Kiev Oblast
Kievskie Gubernskie
NRP-705 Kiev Kiev Oblast
NRP-720 Kievskii golos Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-721 Kievskii kinematograf Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-722 Kievskii kur'er Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-723 Kievskii teatral'nyi kur'er Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-724 Kievskiia vesti Kiev Kiev Oblast
NRP-725 Kievskiia zaria Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-726 Kievskoe slovo Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-727 Kyivs'ka Zems'ka Hazeta Kiev Kiev Oblast

61185 Literaturna Ukraina Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-728 Literaturna Ukraina Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-729 Narodna hazeta Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-730 Nova Rada Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-731 Otgoloski zhizni Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-732 Poslednie novosti Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-733 Robitnycha Gazeta Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-734 Ruslan Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-735 Znamia Truda Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-737 Dvuglavyi orel Kiev Kiev Oblast

70017 Holos Ukrainy Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-738 Kievlianin Kiev Kiev Oblast

Kievskie gubernskie
NRP-739 Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-740 Kievskii kinematograf Kiev Kiev Oblast
Kievskii oblastnoi soiuz
NRP-741 Kiev Kiev Oblast

Kievskii oblastnoi soiuz
NRP-742 Kiev Kiev Oblast
zemel'nykh sobstvennikov

NRP-743 Kievskii telegraf Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-744 Komunist Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-745 Literaturna gazeta Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-736 Literaturnaia gazeta Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-746 Rabochaia gazeta Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-747 Sovetskaia Ukraina Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-748 Sovremennaia meditsina Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-749 Ukrainskaia bednota Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-750 Zhizn' i iskusstvo Kiev Kiev Oblast

NRP-751 Znamia truda Kiev Kiev Oblast
Elizavetgrad (now
NRP-490 Trud Kirovohrad Oblast
called Kirovohrad)
Lugansk (also called
NRP-871 Donetskii kolokol Luhansk Oblast
Lugansk (also called
NRP-872 Donetskii proletarii Luhansk Oblast
Lugansk (also called
NRP-873 Luganskaia pravda Luhansk Oblast
Lugansk (also called
NRP-874 Voroshilovogradskaia pravda Luhansk Oblast
NRP-877 Artystychnyi Vistnyk L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-979 Bat'kivschina L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-878 Bat'kovshchyna L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-879 Beseda L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-880 Bohoslovskii Vistnyk L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-881 Bohoslovskii Vistnyk L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-882 Buduchnist' L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-883 Budushchnist' L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-884 Chasopys' Pravnycha L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-885 Chasopys' Pravnycha L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-886 Chervonaia Rus' L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-887 Chytal'nia L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-888 Der Kooperator L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-889 Dilo L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-890 Dnewnyk Ruskij L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-891 Dobra Novyna L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-892 Dodatok do Bat'kovshchyny L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-893 Dom i shkola L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-894 Druh L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-895 Druh Naroda L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-896 Dushpastyr' L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-980 Dziennik literacki L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-897 Dzvonok L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-898 Ekonomichnyi listok L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-899 Ekonomist L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-900 Emigrant L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-901 L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
chasopys (L'viv)
NRP-902 Halychanyn L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-903 Halycho-Ruskii Vistnyk L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-904 Halytskaia Rus' L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-905 Halytskii Sion L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-906 Hospodar' i Promyshlennik L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-907 Hospodar'ska chasopys L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-908 Hromads'kyi Holos L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-909 Karpatskii zvon L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
Khliborobs'kyi Shliakh /
NRP-910 L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
Ukrains'ke Slovo
NRP-911 Lastovka L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-912 L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-981 L'vovskaia pravda L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-913 L'vovskii Vestnik L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
Lyteraturnaia Pryloha dlia...
NRP-914 L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-915 Lyteraturnyi Sbornyk L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-916 Meta L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-917 Moloda Ukraina L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-918 Myr L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-919 Narod L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-920 Narodna Chasopys' L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-921 Narodna Sprava L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-922 Narodne slovo L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-923 Nash Prapor L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-924 Nash Prapor / Nashi Dni L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-2246 Nasha Pravda L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-925 Nasha Shkola L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-926 Nauchno-Literaturnyi Sbornik L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
Nauchno-Literaturnyi Sbornik.
NRP-927 Povremennoe izdanie L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
"Galitsko-russkoi matitsy"

NRP-928 Naukovyi Sbornyk L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-929 Nedilia L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-930 Nedilia L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-931 Nove Slovo L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-932 Novost' L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-933 Novyi Halichanyn L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-934 Nyva L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-935 Osnova L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-936 Pchola L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-937 Pcholka L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-938 Pravnychyi Vistnyk L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-939 Prikarpatskiaia Rus' L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-940 Prykarpatskaia Rus' L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-941 Pys'mo do Hromady L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-942 Ridna Zemlia L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-982 Ridnii kraj L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-943 Rusalka L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-944 Ruskii Sion L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-945 Russkaia Niva L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-946 Russkoe slovo L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-947 Samopomich L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-948 Shkola L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-949 Shliakh Natsii L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-950 Shliakhy L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-951 Stara Ukraina L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-952 Strakhopud L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

Students'yi Vistnik / Dazhboh
NRP-953 L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
/ Ridna Zemlia

NRP-954 Svit L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-955 Svit L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-956 Svoboda L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-957 Togblat L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-958 Torhovi Visty L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-959 Uchytel' L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-960 Ukrains'ke Slovo L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-961 Ukrains'ki Visti L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-962 Ukrains'ki Visti L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
Ukrains'ki Visti / Ukrains'ki
NRP-963 L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
Shchodenni Visti
NRP-964 Ukrains'kyi Beskyd L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-965 Vechernytsi L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-966 Venochek L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-967 Viche L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-968 Vikna L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast
NRP-969 Vistnyk (L'viv) L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-970 Vistnyk Narodnoho Doma L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

Vremennik Instytuta
NRP-971 L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-972 Wsch¢d L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-973 Zdorovle L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-974 Zerkalo L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-975 Zhivaia Mysl' L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-976 Zhyttie i Slovo L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-977 Zoria L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

NRP-978 Zoria Halytska L'viv (also called Lvov) Lviv Oblast

Nikolaev (now called
NRP-1205 Bil'shovitskii shliakh Mykolaiv Oblast

Nikolaev (now called
NRP-1206 Luzhnaia Pravda Mykolaiv Oblast

Nikolaevskii Sovet rabochikh i Nikolaev (now called
NRP-1207 Mykolaiv Oblast
voennykh deputatov Mykolaiv)

Nikolaev (now called
NRP-1208 U Krosta Mykolaiv Oblast

LC14 Iuzhnoe obozrienie* Odessa Odessa Oblast

LC15 Odesskiia novosti* Odessa Odessa Oblast
NRP-1241 Bol'shevistskoe znamia Odessa Odessa Oblast

NRP-1242 Golos proletariia Odessa Odessa Oblast

Izvestiia Soveta rabochikh
NRP-1243 deputatov i predstavitelei Odessa Odessa Oblast
armii i flota

NRP-1244 Odesskaia pochta Odessa Odessa Oblast

NRP-1245 Odesskie Novosti Odessa Odessa Oblast

NRP-1246 Odesskii gub Odessa Odessa Oblast

NRP-1247 Slovenski iug Odessa Odessa Oblast

NRP-1248 Soldatskaia mysl' Odessa Odessa Oblast

NRP-1249 Vechernyaia Odessa Odessa Odessa Oblast

Kremenchug (also
NRP-802 Pridneprovskii golos Poltava Oblast
called Kremenchuk)

Lokhvitsa (also called
NRP-858 Lokhovitskii grazhdanin Poltava Oblast

Poltavskie Gubernskie
NRP-1400 Poltava Poltava Oblast

NRP-1401 Poltavskii Sovet rk i kd Poltava Poltava Oblast

Rowne (also called
NRP-1496 Voliner leben Rivne Oblast
Rovno or Rivne)

Rowne (also called
NRP-1497 Voliner shtime Rivne Oblast
Rovno or Rivne)

Borschev (also called
NRP-355 Chervonii Zhovten' Ternopil Oblast

Kopichintsy (also
NRP-771 Stalins'kim shliakhom Ternopil Oblast
called Kopychyntsi)
NRP-1553 Chervonii Skalat Skalat Ternopil Oblast

Terebovlya (also
NRP-1809 Leninskim shliakhom Ternopil Oblast
called Terebovlia)

NRP-1810 Molodizh Ternopil Ternopil Oblast

NRP-1811 Molodizh Ternopil Ternopil Oblast

NRP-1812 Poslannik Ternopil Ternopil Oblast

Zborov (also called
NRP-2209 Prapor voli Ternopil Oblast

Lipovets (also called
NRP-838 Lipovets'ki visti Vinnytsia Oblast

Mukachevo (also
MP52 Juedische Revue* Zakarpattia Oblast
called Mukacheve)

Mukachevo (also
NRP-1182 Karpatskii krai Zakarpattia Oblast
called Mukacheve)

Mukachevo (also
NRP-1183 Uchytel's'kyi Holos Zakarpattia Oblast
called Mukacheve)

Vistnyk Narodnoi Rady Mukachevo (also
NRP-1184 Zakarpattia Oblast
Zakarpats'koi Ukrainy called Mukacheve)
Priashev (also called
Presov), Rusky
NRP-1440 Slovo Naroda Kerestur (also called Zakarpattia Oblast
Ruski Krstur),
NRP-1868 Bet Ya'akov Ungvar Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1882 Zakarpat'ska Ukraina Uzhgorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1883 Zakarpatskaia pravda Uzhgorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1884 Felvidek Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1885 Gorog Katholikus Szmele Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast
NRP-1886 Karpat Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1887 Karpati Hirnok Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1888 Karpatskii svet Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1889 Listok Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1890 Lyteraturna Nedilia Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1891 Magyar Karpat Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast
Naukovyi Zbornyk Tovarystva
NRP-1892 Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1893 Nedelia Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1894 Nedelia Rusina Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1895 Nova Svoboda Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1896 Novyi Svit Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1897 Podkarpatska Rus' Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1898 Russkii Narodnyi Golos Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1899 Ungvari Hirlap Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-1900 Zoria/Hajnal Uzhhorod Zakarpattia Oblast

NRP-291 Berdiansk Berdyansk Zaporizhia Oblast

Zaporozh'e (also
NRP-2206 Industrial'noe Zaporozh'e Zaporizhia Oblast
called Zaporizhia)
NRP-289 Selian'ska dumka Berdichev Zhytomyr Oblast

NRP-290 Svobodnaia mysl' Berdichev Zhytomyr Oblast

Volynskie Gubernskie Zhitomir (also called
NRP-2211 Zhytomyr Oblast
vedomosti Zhytomyr)

Volynskie gubernskie Zhitomir (also called
NRP-2212 Zhytomyr Oblast
vedomosti Zhytomyr)

Volynskii gubernskii Zhitomir (also called
NRP-2213 Zhytomyr Oblast
komissariat Zhytomyr)

NRP-156 Ukrainskii kozak

NRP-157 Za radzan'sku Ukrainu!

NRP-2220 Alem-i Nisvan Bakhchisarai

NRP-1913 Misiachnyi kalendar' Veden

Vistnyk dlia Rusynov
NRP-1914 Veden
Avstriiskoi Derzhavy

NRP-1915 Zolotaia Hramota Veden

NRP-2239 Chorna rada

NRP-2240 D'iakovski Vidomosti

NRP-2242 Kameniary

NRP-2243 Katolyts'kyi Vskhid

NRP-2244 Malyi Misyonarchyk
NRP-2245 Misionar

NRP-2247 Nove Zerkalo

NRP-2248 Otechestvennyi Sbornik

NRP-2249 Peremys'kyi Vistnyk

NRP-2250 Pidhirskyi Dzvin

NRP-2251 Promin'

NRP-2252 Prosveshchenie

NRP-2253 Russka Pravda

NRP-2254 Selians'ka Rada

NRP-2255 Sion, Tserkov' , Shkola

NRP-2256 Soborna Ukraina

NRP-2257 Vestnik peremyskoi eparkhii

61975 Outlook Alexander City Alabama

61979 Age Birmingham Alabama

61980 Age Herald Birmingham Alabama

61981 Alabama Independence Birmingham Alabama
61996 Birmingham World Birmingham Alabama

61982 Cahoba Valley News Birmingham Alabama

61983 Citizen Birmingham Alabama

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61985 Eastern Sun Birmingham Alabama

61986 Evening News Birmingham Alabama

61987 Independent Birmingham Alabama

61988 Ledger Birmingham Alabama

61989 News Birmingham Alabama

60102 News Birmingham Alabama

61990 Post Birmingham Alabama

60400 Post Herald Birmingham Alabama

61992 Southern News Almanac Birmingham Alabama

61991 Sun Papers Birmingham Alabama

61993 Weekly Herald Birmingham Alabama

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Montgomery Advertiser 2nd
69503 Montgomery Alabama
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62031 Alabama Journal 1st edition Montgomery Alabama

Montgomery advertiser 1st
62033 Montgomery Alabama
Edition - Alabama Edition

62035 Morning Times Selma Alabama

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62037 Daily Enterprise Sheffield Alabama

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60903 Arizona business gazette Phoenix Arizona

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68799.01 Arizona daily citizen Tucson Arizona

68799 Daily Arizona citizen Tucson Arizona

68799.04 Tucson citizen Tucson Arizona

68799.02 Tucson citizen Tucson Arizona

68799.03 Tucson daily citizen Tucson Arizona

69781 Alma journal Alma Arkansas

68018 Daily Siftings Herald Arkadelphia Arkansas

68164 Southern Standard Arkadelphia Arkansas

Carroll County news -
69902 Berryville Arkansas
Weekend edition

69901 Star tribune Berryville Arkansas

62062 Democrat Booneville Arkansas
69777 Charleston express Charleston Arkansas

68129 Log Cabin Democrat Conway Arkansas

61219 Log Cabin Democrat Conway Arkansas

69676 Eureka Springs times-echo Eureka Springs Arkansas

69624 Elevator Fort Smith Arkansas

69626 Fort Smith journal Fort Smith Arkansas

69434 Fort Smith news record Fort Smith Arkansas

69436 Fort Smith times Fort Smith Arkansas

69435 Fort Smith times record Fort Smith Arkansas

69625 New Era Fort Smith Arkansas

61220 Southwest Times Record Fort Smith Arkansas

69675 Rifle report & sentinel Fort Smith Arkansas

69672 Southwest American Fort Smith Arkansas
Carroll County Historical
62066 Green Forest Arkansas
60685 Akransas Democrat Gazette Little Rock Arkansas

60407 Arkansas Democrat Little Rock Arkansas
Arkansas Democratic Gazette
69429 Little Rock Arkansas
N.W. Ed
Arkansas Democratic
69428 Little Rock Arkansas
Gazette, 2 Star Ed
MFA1 Arkansas Echo* Little Rock Arkansas

60408 Arkansas Gazette Little Rock Arkansas
Arkansas Gazette (News
62069 Little Rock Arkansas
68971 Arkansas Times Little Rock Arkansas

69730 Baxter bulletin Mountain Home Arkansas

69779.01 Paris express Paris Arkansas
69779 Paris express-progress Paris Arkansas

61218 Daily Commercial Pine Bluff Arkansas

69703 White Hall progress Pine Bluff Arkansas

62070 Daily News Rogers Arkansas

61221 Northwest Arkansas News Rogers Arkansas

69667 Hometown news Rogers Arkansas

61217 Courier Russellville Arkansas

61214 Daily Citizen Searcy Arkansas

61215 Morning News Springdale Arkansas
Morning News of Northwest
69090 Springdale Arkansas
62071 Crittenden County Times West Memphis Arkansas

62072 Daily Sun West Memphis Arkansas

61216 Evening Times West Memphis Arkansas

62073 News West Memphis Arkansas

62074 News & Arkansas News West Memphis Arkansas

V10-1 Mountain Echo Yellville Arkansas

62075 Times Star Alameda California

62078 Cottonwood Press Anderson California

62079 Valley Press Anderson California

62080 Flightline Antelope Valley California

62081 Star Tribune Arcadia California

69117 Prachamari Arleta California

62082 News Press Arvin California

62083 Tiller Arvin California

62084 Tiller Booster Arvin California
62085 Canyon City News Azusa California

61222 Herald Azusa California

62086 Journal Azusa California

62087 Pomotropic Azusa California

62088 California Oil Worker Bakersfield California

62089 Caravanner Bakersfield California

62090 El Sol Bakersfield California

62091 Farm News Bakersfield California

62092 Metro Bakersfield California

62093 News Bulletin Bakersfield California

62094 Outlook & Pred. Bakersfield California

62095 Press Bakersfield California

62096 Southwest Enterprise Bakersfield California

62097 United Pictorial Review Bakersfield California

62098 Barb Berkeley California

62099 Daily Gazette Berkeley California

62101 Tribe Berkeley California

62102 Urban Education Beverly Hills California

62103 Butte County Register Biggs California

62104 Enterprise Boron California

62105 Sun Boron Valley California

62106 Reporter Buttonwillow California

62107 Times Buttonwillow California

62108 California City Press California City California

62109 Chronicle California City California
61967 Clarion Camp Cooke California

61968 California Historian Carmel California

62112 Californian Carmel California
62118 Carmelite Carmel California
62113 Controversy Carmel California

62114 Cymbal Carmel California

62115 Pacific Weekly Carmel California

61223 Pine Cone Carmel California

62116 Spectator Carmel California

62117 Sun Carmel California

62119 Town Crier Carmel California

68758 Weekly Sun Carmel California

62120 Herald Carpenteria California

62121 Progressive Chester California

62122 Chronicle Record Chico California

62123 Courant Chico California

62124 Daily Enterprise Chico California

62125 Daily Enterprise Chico California

62126 Post Chico California

62127 Record Chico California

62128 Review Chico California

62129 Semi Weekly Record Chico California

62130 Weekly Chronicle Record Chico California

61965 Rocketeer China Lake California

68926 Claremont Courier Claremont California
68927 West End Independent Claremont California

62132 Courier Colton California

62133 Daily Sun Colusa California

62134 Green's Land Paper Colusa California

62135 Sun Herald Colusa California

62136 Tri Weekly Colusa Sun Colusa California

62137 Weekly Sun Colusa California

69205 Concord transcript Concord California

69205.01 Concord transcript Concord California
Our times (Conejo Valley,
69594 Conejo Valley California
62138 Courier Corona California

62139 Daily Independent Corona California
Daily Independent (Norco
62140 Corona California
68760 Weekly Independent Corona California

62141 American Crescent City California

62142 Courier Crescent City California

62143 Del Norte Triplicate Crescent City California

62144 Record Delano California

62145 Sun Delano California
Edwards Air Force
61966 Edwards Flyers California
62147 Valley News El Cajon California

62148 Sierra Breeze El Dorado California

62149 Star El Sereno California

62152 Sun Exeter California

62154 Mountain Breeze Frazier Park California
62155 Newark Sun Fremont California

25521 Fresno Bee Fresno California

MFA2 California Post* Fresno California

MFA3 California Vorwärts* Fresno California

62157 News Garden Grove California
Orange County Evening
62156 Garden Grove California
62158 Gleaner Glendora California

62159 News Glendora California

62160 Press Glendora California

62161 Press Gleaner Glendora California

68638 Signal Glendora California

62162 Gazette Goleta California

62163 Gazette Citizen Goleta California

62164 Goleta Valley Today Goleta California

62165 Valley Sun Goleta California

62166 Valley Times Goleta California

62167 Indian Valley Record Greenville California

68519 News Hemet California

62168 Easy Reader Hermosa Beach California

69605 Our times (Inland Valley, CA) Inland Valley California

62169 Review Inyokern California

62170 Kern Valley Sun Kernville California

62171 Territorial Dispatch Lake lsabella California

62173 Reporter Lamont California

62174 Antelope Valley News Lancaster California
61226 Record Lompoc California

62175 News Los Altos California

NRP-1 20 De Mayo Los Angeles California

62176 Belvedere Citizen Los Angeles California
Belvedere Citizen & East
62177 Los Angeles California
Side Journal
MFA4 California Presse* Los Angeles California

MFA5 California Staats-Zeitung* Los Angeles California

MFA6 California Weckruf* Los Angeles California

62178 Eagle Rock News Herald Los Angeles California

62179 Eagle Rock Sentinel Los Angeles California

62180 East Side Journal Los Angeles California

NA-1 Epic News* Los Angeles California

62181 Free Press Los Angeles California

60135 Herald Examiner Los Angeles California

62182 Highland Park Journal Los Angeles California

60648 La Opinion Los Angeles California

NRP-2 La Voz Libre Los Angeles California

62183 Lincoln Heights Bulletin News Los Angeles California

60186 Los Angeles herald examiner Los Angeles California

60225 National Sports Daily Los Angeles California
Our times - Crenshaw District
69607 Los Angeles California
(Los Angeles, CA)
61971 Sentinel Los Angeles California

60198 Times (Lib. Edition) (silver) Los Angeles California
Times (Library Edition)
60205 Los Angeles California
60200 Times (Record Ed.) (silver) Los Angeles California
Times (Record Edition)
60204 Los Angeles California
60199 Times Index Los Angeles California
Wall Street Journal (Western
60642 Los Angeles California
60185 Evening herald & express Los Angeles California

62186 Press McFarland California

69666 Our times (Mission Viejo, CA) Mission Viejo California

33133.02 Modesto Bee Modesto California

62188 Bristlecone View Mojave California

62189 Desert News Mojave California

69590 Our times (Montebello, CA) Montebello California

68322 Bay Tribune Monterey California

62190 Peninsula Herald Monterey California
Peninsula Herald (Art Week
62191 Monterey California
62193 News Mountain View California

62192 Desert Wings Muroc California

62194 Record National City California

62195 Star News National City California

62197 Booth's Bazoo Needles California

62196 Eye Needles California

62198 Inner City Express Oakland California

62199 Oakland Post Oakland California

62201 Blade Oceanside California

62203 Daily Blade Tribune Oceanside California

62204 News Oceanside California

62205 News Oildale California
25520 Business press Ontario California

62207 Daily News Orange California
Our times (Orange County,
69630 Orange County California
69199 Pacific Grove Beacon Pacific Grove California
Tribune & Pebble Beach
62210 Pacific Grove California
Green Sheet
69762 Desert sun Palm Springs California

62211 Daily News Pasadena California

62212 Daily News Pasadena California

62213 Daily Union Pasadena California

62215 Evening Star Pasadena California
Miscellaneous Early
62214 Pasadena California
62218 New Era Perris California

62219 Argus Petaluma California

62220 Argus Courier Petaluma California

62221 Daily Argus Petaluma California

62222 Journal & Argus Petaluma California

62223 Sonoma County Journal Petaluma California

62224 Weekly Argus Petaluma California
Weekly Journal & Sonoma
62225 Petaluma California
County Advertiser
62226 Dispatch Pittsburg California

62227 Independent Pittsburg California

62228 Post Pittsburg California

62229 Post Dispatch Pittsburg California

62230 Sentinel Pittsburg California

62231 Courier Placentia California
62232 El Dorado Reporter Placerville California

62234 Post Pleasant Hill California

62235 Sun Pleasant Hill California

62236 Reporter Portola California

62237 Feather River Bulletin Quincy California

62238 Plumas County Bulletin Quincy California

62239 Plumas Independent Quincy California

62240 Courier Free Press Redding California

62241 Free Press Redding California

62242 Free Press Redding California

62243 Record Redding California

61231 Record Searchlight Redding California

62244 Republican Free Press Redding California

62245 Searchlight Redding California

62246 Searchlight Redding California

62247 Searchlight Redding California

62248 Shasta Courier Redding California

62249 Shasta Sun Redding California

62250 Weekly Free Press Redding California

62251 Facts Redlands California
Indian Wells Valley
62252 Ridgecrest California
62253 Daily Press Riverside California

62254 Enterprise Riverside California

62255 Press & Horticulturist Riverside California

62256 Weekly Press Riverside California
69608 La Prensa Riverside California

68806 Press-enterprise Riverside California

62258 Sun Rosamond California

62259 Press Roseville California

62260 Tribune Roseville California

17901.02 Bee Sacramento California

62261 Roseville Register Sacramento California

69731 Californian Salinas California

62262 Daily Courier San Bernardino California

62264 Kaleidoscope San Bernardino California

69376 Sun post news San Clemente California

62265 Door San Diego California

60228 National Sports Daily San Diego California
Süd California Deutsche
MFA7 San Diego California
60415 Tribune San Diego California

60416 Union San Diego California

60686 Union Tribune San Diego California

62266 Black Panther San Francisco California

MFA8 California Demokrat* San Francisco California

MFA9 California Freie Presse* San Francisco California

MFA10 California Journal* San Francisco California

67984 California Voice San Francisco California

62267 Call Bulletin San Francisco California

60418 Chronicle San Francisco California

BritishLib88 Daily Evening Bulletin* San Francisco California
29565.01 El Bohemio News San Francisco California

62269 Examiner San Francisco California

60417 Examiner (Final Edition) San Francisco California

60666 Examiner (First Edition) San Francisco California

62270 Examiner (News Edition) San Francisco California

62271 Golden Era San Francisco California

62272 Il Corriere Del Popolo San Francisco California

BL Mining and Scientific Press* San Francisco California

62273 News Call Bulletin San Francisco California

NRP-3 Novaia zaria San Francisco California

BL Pacific Coast Miner* San Francisco California

62200 Post San Francisco California

NRP-4 Russkie novosti San Francisco California
San Francisco Chronicle
60637 San Francisco California
68014 Sun Reporter San Francisco California
San Francisco chronicle
68111 San Francisco California
change pages

62275 Weeklies San Gabriel California

60419 Mercury News San Jose California

60420 San Jose News San Jose California

62278 West Valley Times San Jose California
San Luis Obispo County
68943.04 San Luis Obispo California
San Luis Obispo telegram-
68943 San Luis Obispo California
68943.02 Telegram-tribune San Luis Obispo California

68943.05 Tribune San Luis Obispo California
68943.03 County telegram-tribune San Luis Obispo California
San Luis Obispo County
68943.01 San Luis Obispo California
68118 Marin Journal San Rafael California
Orange County Register
60414 Santa Ana California
(Evening Edition)
Orange County Register
67967 Santa Ana California
(Morning Edition)
Orange County Register
60413 Santa Ana California
Community News
62280 Journal & News Santa Clara California

69598 Our times (Santa Clarita, CA) Santa Clarita California

62283 Times Santa Maria California

62281 Advertiser Santa Maria California
Our times (Santa Monica,
69589 Santa Monica California
60703.01 Press democrat Santa Rosa California

60703 Santa Rosa press Democrat Santa Rosa California

62284 Press Shafter California
Our times (Sherman Oaks,
69592 Sherman Oaks California
69610 Our times (Simi Valley, CA) Simi Valley California

62285 Santa Ynez Valley News Solvang California

62286 Journal South Pasadena California

62287 Bee South Riverside California

62288 Daily Midway Driller Taft California

62289 Free Press Taft California

62290 Petroleum Press Taft California

62291 Petroleum Reporter Taft California

62294 North Tahoe World Tahoe California

62295 World Tahoe City California
62296 News Tehachapi California

69732 Tulare advance-register Tulare California

62298 Daily Journal Turlock California

62299 Journal Turlock California

62300 Tribune Turlock California

Weekly Miscellaneous
62301 Turlock California

68865 Visalia times-delta Visalia California

69809 Contra Costa times Walnut Creek California

69814 Valley times Walnut Creek California

69812 West County times Walnut Creek California

62303 News Wasco California
Our times (West Ventura,
69609 West Ventura California
62304 Quaker Campus Whittier California

62305 Kern River Valley Review Wofford Heights California

62306 Echo Woodlake California

62309 Calico Print Yermo California

62310 Today Aspen Colorado

60421 Daily Camera Boulder Colorado

MFA11 Rätsel-Humor* Camp Greeley Colorado
Colorado Springs gazette-
25477 Colorado Springs Colorado
25477.01 Gazette Colorado Springs Colorado

62311 Mail Cripple Creek Colorado

62312 Blade Denver Colorado

60423.01 Denver Rocky Mountain Denver Colorado
Denver Rocky Mountain
60423 Denver Colorado
MFA152 Fidibus-Herald* Denver Colorado

NRP-5 Industrial Advocate Denver Colorado

60422 Post Denver Colorado

60632 Post Index Denver Colorado

60423.02 Rocky mountain news Denver Colorado

68853.01 Coloradoan Fort Collins Colorado

68853.02 Fort Collins Coloradoan Fort Collins Colorado

68853 Fort Collins Coloradoan Fort Collins Colorado

62314 Triangle Review Fort Collins Colorado

61240 Daily Sentinel Grand Junction Colorado

62315 News Grand Junction Colorado

62316 Sentinel Grand Junction Colorado

69501 La Junta daily tribune La Junta Colorado

61242 Chieftain Pueblo Colorado

62318 Indicator Pueblo Colorado

62322 Individual Pueblo Colorado

62319 Le Hermandad Pueblo Colorado

62320 Leader Pueblo Colorado

62321 Star Journal Pueblo Colorado

61243 Valley Sentinel Ansonia Connecticut

62323 Home News Bethel Connecticut

62325 Gleaner Branford Connecticut

62324 News Branford Connecticut

62326 Opinion Branford Connecticut
61244 Review Branford Connecticut

62327 Suburban Spokesman Branford Connecticut

BL Brass World and Platers Guide* Bridgeport Connecticut

69076 Commercial Record Bridgeport Connecticut

62328 Daily Standard Bridgeport Connecticut

61028 Evening Post Bridgeport Connecticut

62330 Morning News Bridgeport Connecticut

62332 Morning Telegram Union Bridgeport Connecticut

62333 Morning Union Bridgeport Connecticut

62334 Sunday Herald Bridgeport Connecticut

62335 Telegram Bridgeport Connecticut

62336 Herald Bristol Connecticut

61245 Press Bristol Connecticut

62337 Valley Press Bristol Connecticut

68101 Brookfield Journal Brookfield Center Connecticut

61246 Greenwich time Greenwich Connecticut

62364 Village Gazette Greenwich Connecticut

62344 Shore Line Times Guilford Connecticut
Shore Line Times & County
62345 Guilford Connecticut
69737 Guilford courier Guilford Connecticut

61263 Advocate Hartford Connecticut

61247 Catholic Transcript Hartford Connecticut
Catholic Transcript
62346 Hartford Connecticut
(Bridgeport Edition)
62347 Connecticut Catholic Hartford Connecticut

60156 Connecticut Courant Hartford Connecticut
MFA12 Connecticut Staatszeitung* Hartford Connecticut

60152 Courant Hartford Connecticut

62353 Times Hartford Connecticut

62350 Times Hartford Connecticut

62352 U S Catholic Press Hartford Connecticut

62357 Daily Journal Meriden Connecticut

62358 Daily Republican Meriden Connecticut

62359 Record Meriden Connecticut

61262 Record Journal Meriden Connecticut

62348 Weekly Republican Meriden Connecticut

61088 Middletown Press Middletown Connecticut

62360 Citizen Milford Connecticut

61264 Advocate New Haven Connecticut

68938 New Haven Register New Haven Connecticut

61251 Day New London Connecticut

68613 Fairpress Norwalk Connecticut

60015 Golf digest Norwalk Connecticut

62362 Hour Norwalk Connecticut

61252 Hour Norwalk Connecticut

62363 Hour (County Edition) Norwalk Connecticut

61266 Bulletin Norwich Connecticut

62365 Redding Pilot Redding Connecticut

62366 Press Ridgefield Connecticut

60891 Southington Citizen Ridgefield Connecticut

68634 Weekend Magazine Ridgefield Connecticut
62367 News Southington Connecticut

67993 Observer Southington Connecticut

62368 Weekly Phoenix Southington Connecticut

68586 Mirror Southington Connecticut

68661 Advocate Stamford Connecticut

61253 Advocate Stamford Connecticut

68588 Mail Stamford Connecticut

61000 Sentinel Stamford Connecticut

68764 Trader Stamford Connecticut

68132 Express Thomaston Connecticut

62371 Wolcottville Register Torrington Connecticut

61256 American Waterbury Connecticut

62372 American Waterbury Connecticut

62373 American Waterbury Connecticut

61257 Republican Waterbury Connecticut

68587 Chesire Hamden times West Cheshire Connecticut

61265 Fairfield County Advocate Westport Connecticut

61261 Weston Fair Press Westport Connecticut

69363 Minuteman Westport Connecticut

69035 Westchester County Weekly Westport Connecticut

62374 Chronicle Willimantic Connecticut

61258 Chronicle Willimantic Connecticut

62375 Enterprise Willimantic Connecticut

62376 Journal Willimantic Connecticut

67992 Wilton Bulletin Wilton Connecticut
69364 Wilton Villager Wilton Connecticut

62377 Journal Windsor Connecticut

60425 Delaware State News Dover Delaware

68133 Whale Lewes Delaware

62379 Daily Eagle Milford Delaware

62380 County Post Millsboro Delaware

68686 Evening Journal Wilmington Delaware
Evening Journal Every
62381 Wilmington Delaware
62382 Every Evening Wilmington Delaware

62383 Journal Every Evening Wilmington Delaware

60427 News Journal Wilmington Delaware

62384 Sunday Star Wilmington Delaware

60426 Wilmington Evening Journal Wilmington Delaware

66999 News Federal Way District of Columbia

62387 American Federalist Washington District of Columbia
B'nai B'rith. Supreme Lodge.
NRP-6 General Convention. Washington District of Columbia
16702 Book Week Washington District of Columbia

16702.01 Book World Washington District of Columbia

62388 County News Washington District of Columbia

62389 Daily Globe Washington District of Columbia

62390 National Era Washington District of Columbia

62391 National Intelligencer Washington District of Columbia

62392 National Intelligencer Washington District of Columbia

62393 National Intelligencer Washington District of Columbia
Official Gazette of US Patent
61269 Washington District of Columbia
Office Index
Official Gazette of US Patent
61268 Washington District of Columbia
Office Patents
Official Gazette of US Patent
61267 Washington District of Columbia
Office Trademarks
60208 Post (Indexed 1971+) Washington District of Columbia

60660 Post Index Washington District of Columbia

60209 Post Ntl. Weekly Ed. Washington District of Columbia

60167 Star (aka Evening Star) Washington District of Columbia

60173 Star-News Index Washington District of Columbia

60428 Times Washington District of Columbia

60429 Times (National Edition) Washington District of Columbia

60669 Times Index Washington District of Columbia

62395 Times of the Americas Washington District of Columbia
USA TODAY (International
60431 Washington District of Columbia
60430 USA Today (silver) Washington District of Columbia

60668 USA Today (vesicular) Washington District of Columbia

60661 Watergate Index Washington District of Columbia
Afro-American (Capital
62385 Washington District of Columbia
Afro-American (Red Star
62386 Washington District of Columbia
69542 Hill Washington District of Columbia
IUE News (International
NA-2 Union of Electrical, Radio, Washington District of Columbia
and Machine Workers)*
Labor's Daily Washington District of Columbia

62394 National Observer Washington District of Columbia

60638 USA today index Washington District of Columbia

MFA13 Washington Journal* Washington District of Columbia
Washington Staatszeitung
MFA14 (Seattle and Washington, Washington District of Columbia
We (aka " мы ") newspaper-
68912 English edition (independent Washington District of Columbia
We (aka " мы") newspaper-
68913 Russian edition (independent Washington District of Columbia
60950 Pineda Post Melbourne Florida

61289 Times Apalachicola Florida

69618 Polk County news Bartow Florida

60432 News Boca Raton Florida

60433 Herald Bradenton Florida

68717 Manatee River Journal Bradenton Florida

62397 Breeze Cape Coral Florida

62398 Times Carrabelle Florida

61270 Sun Clearwater Florida

68390 Sunrise Clearwater Florida

61271 Florida Today Cocoa Florida

62399 Tribune Cocoa Florida

69465 Space Coast press-tribune Cocoa Florida

68527 Cocoa Beach Current Cocoa Beach Florida

62400 Guide Coral Gables Florida

68718 Times Coral Gables Florida

62401 Beach Journal Daytona Beach Florida

61273 Evening News Daytona Beach Florida

61272 News Journal Daytona Beach Florida

62402 News-Journal Daytona Beach Florida

68005 News Journal Delray Beach Florida

62403 Courier Eau Gallie Florida
Broward Daily Business
62404 Fort Lauderdale Florida
69379 City Link Fort Lauderdale Florida
68904 Exito Fort Lauderdale Florida

62405 Herald Fort Lauderdale Florida

62406 Morning Sun Fort Lauderdale Florida
News and Sun Sentinel
68314 Fort Lauderdale Florida
Community News
News Sun Sentinel (Snowbird
68541 Fort Lauderdale Florida
62407 Sentinel Fort Lauderdale Florida

69191 South Florida Parenting Mag. Fort Lauderdale Florida
Sun Sentinel and Ft.
61146 Lauderdale News (Main Fort Lauderdale Florida
62408 Times Fort Lauderdale Florida

68903 US Express Fort Lauderdale Florida

68777 XS Weekly Fort Lauderdale Florida

69496 El Sentinel Fort Lauderdale Florida

69009 ICE Fort Lauderdale Florida

61146.01 South Florida sun-sentinel Fort Lauderdale Florida

61275 News Press Fort Myers Florida

62410 Press Fort Myers Florida

62411 Tropical News Fort Myers Florida

62409 Weekly Press Fort Myers Florida

69378 Fort Pierce news Fort Pierce Florida

60023 Sun Gainesville Florida

62412 Home News Hialeah Florida

68518 Davie Cooper City Sun Hollywood Florida

62413 Homes Hollywood Florida
Miramar Pembroke Pines
68517 Hollywood Florida
62414 News Hollywood Florida
62415 South Broward Tattler Hollywood Florida

62416 Sun Hollywood Florida

61288 Sun Hollywood Florida

61159 Enterprise Homestead Florida

62418 Leader Enterprise Homestead Florida

62419 Leader Perrine Post Homestead Florida

62420 Redland District News Homestead Florida

61278 South Dade News Leader Homestead Florida

62421 South Florida Banner Homestead Florida

68618 Leader Indialantic Florida

68687 Beaches Leader Jacksonville Florida

62422 Florida Dispatch Jacksonville Florida
Florida Farmer & Fruit
62423 Jacksonville Florida
62424 Florida Metropolis Jacksonville Florida
Florida Times Union (Star
62425 Jacksonville Florida
Florida Times Union (State
62426 Jacksonville Florida
60434 Florida Times-Union Jacksonville Florida

60435 Journal Jacksonville Florida
Mandarin News and St.
69136 Jacksonville Florida
John's River Pilot
69386 Mirror Jacksonville Florida

69833 Jupiter Courier Jupiter Florida

62427 Osceola Sun Kissimmee Florida

60017 Ledger Lakeland Florida

62428 National Enquirer Lantana Florida

62429 Florida Keys Keynoter Marathon Florida
62430 Jackson County Floridian Marianna Florida

68413 Bay Bulletin Melbourne Florida

70298 Cape Canaveral Current Melbourne Florida

70285 Indialantic Wave Melbourne Florida

70297 Melbourne Beach Breeze Melbourne Florida

61279 Times Melbourne Florida

69001 Viera Sun Melbourne Florida

62432 Courier Miami Florida

61280 Daily Business Review Miami Florida

68159 Diario Las Americas Miami Florida

61953 El Nuevo Herald Miami Florida

MFA15 Flordia's Deutsches Echo* Miami Florida

60437 Herald Miami Florida

62433 Herald (Final Edition) Miami Florida

60643 Herald (Lib. Edition) Miami Florida

62434 Metropolis Miami Florida

60436 News Miami Florida

62435 Sun Reporter Miami Florida

68021 Today Miami Florida
Times of Havana Caribbean
67687 Miami Florida
62437 Reporter Miami Beach Florida

68135 Suncoast News New Port Richey Florida

60019 Star-Banner Ocala Florida

69817 El Sentinel Orlando Florida

62438 Evening Reporter Star Orlando Florida
62439 Florida Catholic Orlando Florida

70387 Forum Orlando Florida
60439 Sentinel Orlando Florida
60438 Sentinel Star Orlando Florida
69570 Downtown Orlando monthly Orlando Florida
68807 Magic Orlando Florida
68795 U S Express Orlando Florida
Ormond Beach Observer and
69023 Ormond Beach Florida
predecessor titles
68116 Palm Beach Daily News Palm Beach Florida
69330 Argot Panama City Florida
69331 Beach-Bay news Panama City Florida
69332 Gull's cry Panama City Florida
69333 Star Panama City Florida
62441 Journal Pensacola Florida
62442 News Pensacola Florida
61287 News Journal Pensacola Florida
69529 Perry News Herald Perry Florida
69528 Taco Times Perry Florida
61283 Sun Sentinel Pompano Beach Florida
62443 Town News Pompano Beach Florida
69387 Ponte Vedra Leader Ponte Vedra Florida
68528 Record Rockledge Florida
62444 lsland Reporter Sanibel Florida
62445 County Breeze Sarasota Florida

61286 Herald Tribune Sarasota Florida
Herald Tribune (Manatee
62446 Sarasota Florida
Herald Tribune Magazines
70188 (incl. Charlotte Life and Sarasota Florida
62447 Journal Sarasota Florida

62448 News Sarasota Florida

68529 Orbiter Satellite Beach Florida

62449 Evening Record St. Augustine Florida

61285 Record St. Augustine Florida

60440 Evening Independent St. Petersburg Florida

62451 Floridian St. Petersburg Florida
60441 Times St. Petersburg Florida

68797 News Stuart Florida

68530 Suntree in Review Suntree Florida

60442 Democrat Tallahassee Florida

60144 Times Tampa Florida

60145 Tribune Tampa Florida

69437 Daily Sun-Villages Ed. The Villages Florida

62452 Star Advocate & Pred Titusville Florida

68617 Life Vero Beach Florida

68616 Mirror West Melbourne Florida

61292 Evening Times West Palm Beach Florida

60306 La Palma West Palm Beach Florida
Palm Beach Daily Business
68022 West Palm Beach Florida
61291 Palm Beach Post West Palm Beach Florida

62453 Wilcox County Chronicle Abbeville Georgia

68191 Albany Independent Albany Georgia

62454 Albany Journal Albany Georgia

61294 Herald Albany Georgia
Atlanta Constitution & Journal
60202 Atlanta Georgia
Index Atlanta
60245 Atlanta journal-constitution Atlanta Georgia

60191 Constitution Atlanta Georgia

61958 Daily World Atlanta Georgia

62456 Great Speckled Bird Atlanta Georgia

62457 Independent Atlanta Georgia

NRP-218 Jewish Sentiment Atlanta Georgia
60192 Journal Atlanta Georgia

60235 Journal Card Index Atlanta Georgia

69446 Journal Constitution Zones Atlanta Georgia
Southern Confederacy &
62458 Atlanta Georgia
62459 Voice Atlanta Georgia

62460 Atlanta daily world Atlanta Georgia

60443 Chronicle Augusta Georgia

60444 Herald Augusta Georgia

69169 News Buford Georgia

68169 Times Calhoun Georgia

68495 Times Plus Calhoun Georgia

62462 Polk Press Cedartown Georgia

68372 Standard Cedartown Georgia

68134 East Alabama Today Columbus Georgia

60445 Enquirer Columbus Georgia

68247 Enquirer Plus Edition Columbus Georgia

62463 Fort Benning Bayonet Columbus Georgia

68376 Ledger-Enquirer Columbus Georgia

68669 Weekly Enquirer Columbus Georgia

68808 Benning leader Ft. Benning Georgia

60446 Ledger Ft. Benning Georgia

61296 Times Gainesville Georgia

68532 Walker County Messenger La Fayette Georgia

68894 Georgia Weekly Telegraph Macon Georgia

68897 Journal & Messenger Macon Georgia
60447 News Macon Georgia

62466 Telegraph Macon Georgia

60448 Telegraph Macon Georgia

61298 Observer Moultrie Georgia

61297 Observer Moultrie Georgia

68700 Catoosa County News Ringgold Georgia

62461 Bartow Press Rome Georgia

62467 Floyd County Press Rome Georgia

68776 Ft. Ogelthorne Press Rome Georgia

61299 News Tribune Rome Georgia

67987 Rockmart Journal Plus Rome Georgia

68371 Rome Times Tribune Plus Rome Georgia

62468 Tribune Rome Georgia

62469 Tribune Herald Rome Georgia

60449 Evening Press Savannah Georgia

60450 Morning News Savannah Georgia

62470 Press Savannah Georgia

62471 Chattooga Press Summerville Georgia

62472 News Thomasville Georgia

68024 Southeastern Peanut Farmer Tifton Georgia

62474 Daily Times Valdosta Georgia

62475 South Georgia Times Valdosta Georgia

62476 Times Valdosta Georgia

68830 Excalibur Valdosta Georgia
Hagåtña (formerly
69761 Pacific daily news Guam
called Agana)
61303 Hawaii Tribune Herald Hilo Hawaii

60451 Advertiser Honolulu Hawaii
Pacific Commercial
62477 Honolulu Hawaii
62480 Polynesian Honolulu Hawaii

62478 Star Bulletin Honolulu Hawaii

60453 Star Bulletin (Final Edition) Honolulu Hawaii

60452 Star-Bulletin Honolulu Hawaii

61106 West Hawaii Today Kailua - Kona Hawaii
Westside weekly Morning
69770 Kailua-Kona Hawaii
69775 North Hawaii News Kamuela Hawaii
North Hawaii news Morning
69775 Kamuela Hawaii
60454 Idaho Statesman Boise Idaho

61304 Morning Tribune Lewiston Idaho

62481 Tribune & Pred. Lewiston Idaho

62482 Observer Alton Illinois

61307 Beacon News Aurora Illinois
Beacon News Weeklies (incl.
Batavia Sun, Geneva Sun,
60381 Aurora Illinois
St. Charles Sun, Fox Valley
Villages Sun)
62495 Blade Aurora Illinois

62496 Daily Express Aurora Illinois

62497 Daily News Aurora Illinois

62498 Daily Star Aurora Illinois

62499 Economist Aurora Illinois

62500 Fox River Leader Aurora Illinois

62502 Herald Aurora Illinois

62503 Herald Express Aurora Illinois
62504 Herald Express Aurora Illinois

62506 Star Aurora Illinois

68642 Algonquin Countryside Barrington Illinois

68644 Carpentersville Countryside Barrington Illinois

68643 Cary Grove Countryside Barrington Illinois

68646 Countryside Miscellaneous Barrington Illinois

62508 Countryside Reminder News Barrington Illinois

62507 Courier Review Barrington Illinois

68145 Crystal Lake Countryside Barrington Illinois

68144 Dundee Countryside Barrington Illinois

62509 Fox Valley Countryside North Barrington Illinois
Fox Valley Countryside
68645 Barrington Illinois
62510 Fox Valley Countryside South Barrington Illinois

68353 Lake Zurich Courier Barrington Illinois

62511 Lakes Countryside Barrington Illinois

62512 Palatine Countryside Barrington Illinois

68663 Review Barrington Illinois

68667 Barrington review weekly Barrington Illinois

62513 Advisor Bartlett Illinois

68615 Advocate Belleville Illinois

62514 Advocate (wkly) Belleville Illinois

MFA16 Belleviller Post und Zeitung* Belleville Illinois

61308 News Democrat Belleville Illinois

61309 Daily Republican Belvidere Illinois
Daily Republican (Special
62515 Belvidere Illinois
Edition of Buyer's Guide)
69093 Press Bensenville Illinois

62516 Franklin County Chronicle Benton Illinois

61311 Daily Pantagraph Bloomington Illinois

62518 Family Circle Bloomington Illinois

68146 Beacon Sun Bolingbrook Illinois

68147 Metropolitan Bolingbrook Illinois

69068 Romeoville Metropolitan Bolingbrook Illinois

69502 Sun-Bolingbrook/Romeoville Bolingbrook Illinois

69320 Bolingbrook sun Bolingbrook Illinois

69321 Romeoville sun Bolingbrook Illinois

62520 Independent Brookport Illinois

62521 Bulletin Cairo Illinois

68993 Cairo City Weekly Gazette Cairo Illinois

62522 Citizen Cairo Illinois

61312 Evening Citizen Cairo Illinois

62523 Herald Cairo Illinois

61314 Times Carmi Illinois

68697 Daily Journal Carol Stream Illinois

62525 Reporter Casey Illinois

62526 Democrat Centralia Illinois

62527 Egyptian Republic Centralia Illinois

62529 Illini Times Champaign Illinois

61316 News Gazette One Star Champaign Illinois
News Gazette Vermillion
69213 Champaign Illinois
New York Law Revision
62531 Champaign-Urbana Illinois
Commission Report
69724 Times-courier Charleston Illinois
Abendpost und Milwaukee
MFA17 Chicago Illinois
Deutsche Zeitung*
BL America* Chicago Illinois
American Artisan, Tinner and
BL Chicago Illinois
House Furnisher*

62532 American Contractor Chicago Illinois

62533 American Lumberman Chicago Illinois

BL American Miller* Chicago Illinois
American Soap Journal and
BL Chicago Illinois
Perfume Gazette*
BL American Stone Trade* Chicago Illinois

MFA18 Amerika-Woche* Chicago Illinois

62535 Black Diamond Chicago Illinois

BL Brewer and Malster* Chicago Illinois

BL Brewers Journal* Chicago Illinois

62536 Calumet World Chicago Illinois

BL Cement and Engineering News* Chicago Illinois

NRP-7 Chicago Chronicle Chicago Illinois

69040 Chicago Defender Chicago Illinois
Chicago Defender (Big
69069 Chicago Illinois
Weekend Edition)
Chicago Defender (National
69082 Chicago Illinois
NRP-8 Chicago Jewish Chronicle Chicago Illinois

60655 Chicago Sun-Times Index Chicago Illinois

MFA19 Chicagoer Arbeiter-Zeitung* Chicago Illinois

MFA20 Chicagoer Deutsche Zeitung* Chicago Illinois

MFA21 Chicagoer Weckruf* Chicago Illinois

BL Citizen* Chicago Illinois
62570 Crusader Chicago Illinois

60646 Daily Law Bulletin Chicago Illinois

62537 Daily Law Record Chicago Illinois

61319 Daily Municipal Court Record Chicago Illinois

60455 Daily News Chicago Illinois

60456 Daily Times Chicago Illinois

MFA22 Der Deutsche Arbeiter* Chicago Illinois
MFA23 Chicago Illinois
BL Draugas* Chicago Illinois

MFA24 Eintracht* Chicago Illinois

NRP-9 Golos truzhenika Chicago Illinois

BL Graphic* Chicago Illinois

MFA25 Heimat-Bote* Chicago Illinois

BL Ice and Refrigeration Illustrated* Chicago Illinois

MFA26 Illinois Staatsherold* Chicago Illinois
Indiana Mortgage Marker's
69381 Chicago Illinois
62567 Journal Chicago Illinois

62568 Journal of Commerce Chicago Illinois
Katholisches Wochenblatt
MFA27 Chicago Illinois
Omaha, NB & Chicago*
BL Katolik* Chicago Illinois

NRP-10 Leader Chicago Illinois

68023 Metro Chicago Office Guide Chicago Illinois
Metro Chicago Real Estate
61321 Chicago Illinois
Kraus3 Muhammad Speaks* Chicago Illinois

61025 Muslim Journal Chicago Illinois
National Corporation
61320 Chicago Illinois
60226 National Sports Daily Chicago Illinois

69026 New City Newspaper Chicago Illinois

BL Occident* Chicago Illinois

BL Railway Age* Chicago Illinois

BL Railway Master Mechanic* Chicago Illinois

62571 Sales Management Chicago Illinois

BL Sloboda* Chicago Illinois

MFA28 Sonntagspost* Chicago Illinois

60457 Sun Chicago Illinois

62572 Sun Chicago Illinois

60458 Sun-Times Chicago Illinois

60190 Tribune Chicago Illinois

60189 Tribune (Paris Edition) Chicago Illinois

60201 Tribune Index Chicago Illinois

BL Ukrainske zhittya* Chicago Illinois

NRP-11 Ukrains'ke zhyttia Chicago Illinois

MFA29 Verbote* Chicago Illinois

BL Western Electrician* Chicago Illinois

Western Rural & American
62575 Chicago Illinois
62576 Woodlawn Booster Chicago Illinois

60183 Chicago American Chicago Illinois

69669 Chicago law journal Chicago Illinois

60184 Chicago today Chicago Illinois

62540 Daily Times Chicago Illinois
62541 Economist Newspapers Chicago Illinois

68605 Final call Chicago Illinois

62573 Tribune Chicago Illinois

62582 Daily Journal & Public Clinton Illinois

68143 Monroe County Clarion Columbia Illinois

62583 Star Columbia Illinois

68379 Northwest herald Crystal Lake Illinois

62584 Commercial Danville Illinois

61326 Commercial News Danville Illinois

62585 Daily Commercial Danville Illinois

62586 Daily News Danville Illinois

62587 Daily Times Danville Illinois

62588 Morning Press Danville Illinois

62589 News Danville Illinois

62590 Press Democrat Danville Illinois

62591 Bulletin Sentinel Decatur Illinois

62592 Daily Labor Bulletin Decatur Illinois

62593 Daily Review Decatur Illinois

62594 Evening Bulletin Decatur Illinois

62595 Evening Herald Decatur Illinois

62596 Herald Decatur Illinois

68142 Herald Decatur Illinois

62599 Herald & Review Decatur Illinois

62597 Herald Dispatch Decatur Illinois

62598 Herald Dispatch Decatur Illinois
62600 Illinois State Chronicle Decatur Illinois

62601 Local Review Decatur Illinois
Miscellaneous Early
62602 Decatur Illinois
62603 Morning Herald Decatur Illinois

62604 Morning Herald Dispatch Decatur Illinois

62605 Republican Decatur Illinois

62606 Republican Decatur Illinois

62607 Saturday Herald Decatur Illinois

70474.01 Tribune Decatur Illinois

62610 Sun Dixon Illinois

62616 Madison County Courier Edwardsville Illinois

68696 Courier News Elgin Illinois

69621 Elgin Daily Courier Elgin Illinois

69622 Elgin Daily News Elgin Illinois

69628 Elgin Democrat Elgin Illinois

69583 Every Saturday Elgin Illinois

62623 Golconda Herald Golconda Illinois

68998 Warren-Newport Press Gurnee Illinois

62626 Herald Harvard Illinois

62627 Herald & Independent Harvard Illinois

62628 Independent Harvard Illinois

62629 News Bulletin Harvard Illinois

62630 Herald Hebron Illinois

61332 Chronicle Hoopeston Illinois

62554 Herald Hyde Park Illinois
61333 Courier (Evening Edition) Jacksonville Illinois

62632 Daily Illinois Courier Jacksonville Illinois

61334 Journal Courier Jacksonville Illinois

62633 Sentinel Jacksonville Illinois

69828 Jacksonville daily journal Jacksonville Illinois

62635 Daily News Joliet Illinois

62636 Evening Herald Joliet Illinois

62637 Evening Herald News Joliet Illinois

MFA30 General-Anzeiger* Joliet Illinois

61335 Herald News Joliet Illinois

62638 Signal Joliet Illinois

61336 Star-Courier Kewanee Illinois

V215 Quill La Harpe Illinois

61153 Daily News Tribune La Salle Illinois

62640 Daily Post Tribune La Salle Illinois

62641 Daily Tribune La Salle Illinois

68085 Illinois Agri News La Salle Illinois

68104 Indiana Agri News La Salle Illinois

68086 Iowa Agri News La Salle Illinois

62639 Daily Record Lawrenceville Illinois

68385 Advertiser Lebanon Illinois

62642 Independent Libertyville Illinois

62643 Lake County Independent Libertyville Illinois

62644 Lake County Register Libertyville Illinois

61338 News Sun (SW Edition) Libertyville Illinois
68160 Courier Lincoln Illinois

62645 News Herald Litchfield Illinois
Huntley Beacon Republican
68367 Marengo Illinois
Marengo Beacon Republican
61366 Marengo Illinois
62646 Star Tribune Markham Illinois

62647 Tribune Markham Illinois

62650 Herald Metropolis Illinois

62651 Journal Republican Metropolis Illinois

62648 Massac Journal Metropolis Illinois

62652 News Metropolis Illinois

67988 Planet Metropolis Illinois

62654 Promulgator Metropolis Illinois

62653 Republican Herald Metropolis Illinois

62655 Times Metropolis Illinois

69155 News Bulletin Mokena Illinois

61343 Daily Dispatch Moline Illinois

61343 Dispatch Moline Illinois

62656 Review (Wkly) Moline Illinois

62657 Review Dispatch Moline Illinois

62659 Journal Mound City Illinois

62662 Herald Mundelein Illinois

69178 Sun Publications Naperville Illinois
Wall Street Journal (Midwest
60640 Naperville Illinois
69586 Lisle sun Naperville Illinois

69495 Naperville sun Naperville Illinois
69497 Sun publications weeklies Naperville Illinois

62665 Press New Lenox Illinois

61347 Oak Leaves Oak Park Illinois

62667 Wednesday Journal Oak Park Illinois

62668 World Oak Park Illinois

61348 Daily Mail Olney Illinois

62670 Daily Free Trader Ottawa Illinois

61349 Daily Times Ottawa Illinois

62671 Free Trader Ottawa Illinois

62672 Free Trader Journal Ottawa Illinois

62673 Illinois Free Trader Ottawa Illinois

62674 Republican Times Ottawa Illinois

61350 Beacon News Paris Illinois

62675 Advocate Park Ridge Illinois

62676 Times Herald Park Ridge Illinois

62677 Enterprise Patoka Illinois

68088 Daily Times Pekin Illinois

61351 Daily Record Peoria Illinois

62678 Journal Peoria Illinois

60459 Journal Star (Evening Edition) Peoria Illinois

60460 Journal Star (Morning Edition) Peoria Illinois

62679 Labor Paper Peoria Illinois

BL Peoria Sonne* Peoria Illinois

MFA31 Peoria Sonne* Peoria Illinois

62680 Post Peoria Illinois
62681 Shooting Times Peoria Illinois

62682 Star Peoria Illinois

61351.01 Legal record Peoria Illinois

61354 Herald Whig Quincy Illinois

62686 Constitution Robinson Illinois

62687 Daily News Robinson Illinois

61356 Argus Rock Island Illinois

62689 Hemlandet Rock Island Illinois

61356 Rock Island Argus Rock Island Illinois

69733 Rockford register star Rockford Illinois
Sauk Village/Dyer/St.
69506 Journal Illinois
68087 Times Journal Savanna Illinois

60462 Illinois State Journal Springfield Illinois

60461 Illinois State Journal Springfield Illinois
Illinois State Journal (4 star
62692 Springfield Illinois
68737 Illinois State Register Springfield Illinois

60463 Illinois State Register Springfield Illinois

68190 Illinois Times Springfield Illinois

62694 Sangamo Journal Springfield Illinois

60464 State Journal Register Springfield Illinois

62696 Star Times Staunton Illinois

62697 Times Staunton Illinois

62698 Daily Free Press Streator Illinois

62699 Daily Independent Times Streator Illinois

62700 Free Press Streator Illinois
61359 Times Press Streator Illinois

61360 Breeze Courier Taylorville Illinois

62701 Artery Vienna Illinois

62703 Daily Gazette Waukegan Illinois

62704 Daily News Waukegan Illinois

62705 Daily Sun Waukegan Illinois

62706 Gazette Waukegan Illinois

62707 Lake County Circle Waukegan Illinois

62708 Lakehurst News Waukegan Illinois

62709 Little Fort Porcupine Waukegan Illinois

61098 News Sun Waukegan Illinois

62710 Post (City Edition) Waukegan Illinois
62711 Post (Final Edition) Waukegan Illinois
61362 Daily American West Frankfort Illinois

62712 DuPage County Times Wheaton Illinois

62713 Akron Mentone News Akron Indiana

62714 News Akron Indiana

69473 Sonoco news Akron Indiana

68793 Alexandria times tribune Alexandria Indiana

62715 Daily Ledger Tribune Attica Indiana

69526 Fountain County Neighbor Attica Indiana

62716 Fountain Ledger Attica Indiana

62717 Fountain Warren Democrat Attica Indiana

62718 Ledger Attica Indiana

68286 Star Tribune Attica Indiana
62720 Courier Auburn Indiana

62721 DeKalb Democrat Auburn Indiana

62722 Evening Dispatch Auburn Indiana

61370 Evening Star Auburn Indiana

62723 New Era Auburn Indiana

69328 Garrett Clipper Auburn Indiana

62724 Record Herald Auburn Indiana

62725 Daily Times Mail Bedford Indiana
Times Mail & Sunday Herald
61371 Bedford Indiana
62726 Courier Tribune Bloomington Indiana

61372 Herald-Times Bloomington Indiana

62727 World Telephone Bloomington Indiana

62728 Banner Bluffton Indiana

62729 Chronicle Bluffton Indiana

62730 Evening Banner Bluffton Indiana

62731 Evening News Bluffton Indiana

61373 News Banner Bluffton Indiana
News Banner (Bicentennial
62733 Bluffton Indiana
68168 Standard Boonville Indiana

68166 Warrick Enquirer Boonville Indiana

69472 Tri-valley news Bourbon Indiana

62734 American Brookville Indiana

62735 Democrat Brookville Indiana

62736 Franklin Democrat Brookville Indiana

62737 Indiana American Brookville Indiana
62738 Inquirer Brookville Indiana

62739 Laurel Review Brookville Indiana

68975 Banner Brownstown Indiana

62719 Butler Bulletin Butler Indiana

62740 Tribune Chesterton Indiana

61416 Tribune Chesterton Indiana

61375 Daily Clintonian Clinton Indiana

62741 Commercial Mail Columbia City Indiana

62743 Evening Post Columbia City Indiana

62744 News Columbia City Indiana

61376 Post & Mail Columbia City Indiana

62745 Whitley County Commercial Columbia City Indiana
Whitley County Republican &
62746 Columbia City Indiana
Whitley County Commercial
69077 Columbia City times Columbia City Indiana

62742 Commercial Mail Columbia City Indiana
Evening Republican (Filmed
61149 Columbus Indiana
with Herald)
61377 Republic Columbus Indiana

62748 Republican Columbus Indiana

62750 News Examiner Connersville Indiana

62751 Daily Argus News Crawfordsville Indiana

62752 Evening Argus Crawfordsville Indiana

62753 Journal Crawfordsville Indiana

62754 Journal Crawfordsville Indiana

62755 Journal Crawfordsville Indiana

61378 Journal Review Crawfordsville Indiana
60953 Paper of Montgomery County Crawfordsville Indiana

62756 Pictorial News Crawfordsville Indiana

62757 Record Crawfordsville Indiana

62758 Review Crawfordsville Indiana

62759 Saturday Evening Journal Crawfordsville Indiana

62760 Saturday Mercury Crawfordsville Indiana

62761 Star Crawfordsville Indiana

62762 Weekly Argus News Crawfordsville Indiana

62763 Lake County Star Crown Point Indiana

62764 Register Crown Point Indiana

69520 Star Crown Point Indiana

69520 Crown point star Crown Point Indiana

62765 Democrat Decatur Indiana

62766 Eagle Decatur Indiana

62767 Kankakee Valley Post DeMotte Indiana

69034 Kankakee Valley post news DeMotte Indiana
Sun Journal-Indiana Saturday
69540 Dyer Indiana
69515 Sun Journal-Saturday Edition Dyer Indiana

69539 Sun Journal-Thursday Edition Dyer Indiana
Sun journal - Indiana
69524 Dyer Indiana
Thursday edition
Sun journal - Indiana Tri-
69581 Dyer Indiana
Town Saturday ed
Sun journal - Indiana Tri-
69579 Dyer Indiana
Town Thursday ed
Sun journal - Indiana Tri-
69575 Dyer Indiana
Town Tuesday ed
Sun journal - Indiana
69525 Dyer Indiana
Tuesday ed
Sun journal - Indiana-Ridge
69580 Dyer Indiana
Saturday ed
Sun journal - Indiana-Ridge
69576 Dyer Indiana
Thursday ed
69504 Sun - Saturday edition Dyer/Schererville Indiana

69505 Sun - Thursday ed Dyer/Schererville Indiana

62768 Indiana Courier East Chicago Indiana

68559 Latin times East Chicago Indiana
East Gary (now called
62769 Times Indiana
Lake Station)
62770 Evening Review Elkhart Indiana

62771 Review Elkhart Indiana

62772 Review Elkhart Indiana

61380 Truth Elkhart Indiana

61381 Call Leader Elwood Indiana

62773 Daily Press Elwood Indiana

62774 Daily Record Elwood Indiana

62775 Free Press Elwood Indiana

69801 Elwood daily record Elwood Indiana

60465 Courier Evansville Indiana

68573 Daily Journal Evansville Indiana

62777 Gazette Evansville Indiana

62776 Journal Evansville Indiana

62778 Journal News Evansville Indiana

60466 Press Evansville Indiana

62779 Sunday Courier & Journal Evansville Indiana

60753 Evansville courier and press Evansville Indiana
Evansville courier composite
68151 Evansville Indiana
MFA32 Freie Presse Staatszeitung* Fort Wayne Indiana
60468 Journal Gazette Fort Wayne Indiana

60467 News Sentinel Fort Wayne Indiana

68443 Fortville tribune Fortville Indiana

68051 Apple Press Frankfort Indiana

69937 Frankfort crescent Frankfort Indiana

69935 Frankfort crescent-news Frankfort Indiana

69936 Frankfort daily crescent Frankfort Indiana

69934 Frankfort daily news Frankfort Indiana

69940 Frankfort evening news Frankfort Indiana

69939 Frankfort weekly crescent Frankfort Indiana

69941 Frankfort weekly times Frankfort Indiana

62780 Times Frankfort Indiana

69938 Frankfort Saturday banner Frankfort Indiana

69933 Morning press Frankfort Indiana

61382 Daily Journal Franklin Indiana

62781 Democrat Franklin Indiana

62782 Examiner Franklin Indiana

62783 Johnson County Press Franklin Indiana

62784 Republican Franklin Indiana

62785 American Gary Indiana

62786 Central Labor Union News Gary Indiana

62787 Commonwealth Gary Indiana

62788 Crusader Gary Indiana

62789 Daily News Gary Indiana

62790 Daily Tribune Gary Indiana
62791 Evening Post Gary Indiana

62796 Gary Life/Truth Gary Indiana
Hobard Index &
62792 Gary Indiana
62793 Info Gary Indiana

62794 Lake County Democrat Gary Indiana

62795 Lake County Star Gary Indiana

62797 Morning Journal Gary Indiana

62798 Northern Indianian Gary Indiana

62799 Northwest Indiana Sentinel Gary Indiana

62800 Polish Weekly Record Gary Indiana

60469 Post Tribune Gary Indiana

62801 Sun Gary Indiana

62802 Tribune Gary Indiana

62800 Polish Weekly Record Gary Indiana

62803 Herald Geneva Indiana

62804 News Glen Park Indiana

69424 Daily News Goshen Indiana

62805 Daily News Times Goshen Indiana
Daily News Times &
62806 Goshen Indiana
61383 News Goshen Indiana

69422 News-Democrat Goshen Indiana

67995 Daily Reporter Greenfield Indiana

62815 Southeast Calumet News Griffith Indiana

69510 Griffith journal Griffith Indiana
69514 Journal - Griffith ed Griffith Indiana

69508 Sun - Griffith ed Griffith Indiana

69509 Sun - Saturday ed Griffith Indiana

69516 Sun journal - Griffith ed Griffith Indiana
Sun journal -
69511 Griffith Indiana
Thursday/Griffith ed

68341 News Hamilton Indiana

62816 Lake County Globe Ledger Hammond Indiana

69343 Hammond journal Hammond Indiana

69519 Hammond scene Hammond Indiana

69344 Region journal Hammond Indiana

69406 Highland journal Highland Indiana
Highland journal - Saturday
69577 Highland Indiana
Highland journal - Thursday
69538 Highland Indiana
69517 Sun - Highland ed Highland Indiana

69507 Sun - Saturday ed Highland Indiana
Sun journal - Highland
69512 Highland Indiana
Saturday ed
Sun Journal - Highland
69518 Highland Indiana
Thursday ed
70183 Chronicle Hobart Indiana

62817 Gazette Hobart Indiana

70183.01 Hobart Chronicle Hobart Indiana

62818 News Hobart Indiana

69668 Ashley-Hudson paper Hudson Indiana

62819 Argus Huntingburg Indiana

62820 Independent Huntingburg Indiana
62821 Signal Huntingburg Indiana

68421 Catholic Answer Huntington Indiana

69071 Catholic Parent Huntington Indiana

62822 Daily Democrat Huntington Indiana

62823 Daily Evening Herald Huntington Indiana

62824 Daily News Democrat Huntington Indiana

62825 Evening Herald Huntington Indiana

62826 Herald Huntington Indiana

68282 Indiana Herald Huntington Indiana

62829 Living Light Huntington Indiana

62830 Morning Times Huntington Indiana

62831 News Huntington Indiana

62832 News Democrat Huntington Indiana

68192 Our Sunday Visitor Huntington Indiana

68525 Parish Family Digest Huntington Indiana

62834 Press Huntington Indiana

62837 Weekly Democrat Huntington Indiana

62838 Weekly Herald Huntington Indiana

68934 Catholic Heritage Huntington Indiana

69319 U.S. Catholic historian Huntington Indiana

BL Clay Worker* Indianapolis Indiana

62840 Freeman Indianapolis Indiana

62841 Freie Presse Von Indiana Indianapolis Indiana

62842 Indiana Catholic Indianapolis Indiana

62844 Indiana Deutsche Zeitung Indianapolis Indiana
62845 Indiana Herald Indianapolis Indiana

62846 Indiana Journal Indianapolis Indiana

62847 Locomotive Indianapolis Indiana

60470 News Indianapolis Indiana

62848 Recorder Indianapolis Indiana

62849 Register Indianapolis Indiana

62850 Republican Indianapolis Indiana
Sonntags Blatt Der Indiana
62851 Indianapolis Indiana
Deutsche Zeitung
62852 Spottvogel Indianapolis Indiana

60471 Star Indianapolis Indiana

62853 Taeglicher Telegram Indianapolis Indiana

62854 Telegraph & Tribune Indianapolis Indiana

62855 Times Indianapolis Indiana

62856 Topics Newspapers Indianapolis Indiana

62857 World Indianapolis Indiana

62843 Indiana Deutsche Zeitung Indianapolis Indiana

62828 Indiana Herald Indianapolis Indiana

69574 Indianapolis daily journal Indianapolis Indiana

62858 Herald Jasper Indiana

61386 Herald DuBois County Jasper Indiana

61387 Evening News Jeffersonville Indiana

61388 Kendallville News-Sun Kendallville Indiana

62859 Standard Kendallville Indiana

68149 Newton County Enterprise Kentland Indiana

62860 KT Adition Kokomo Indiana
62868 Argus Lafayette Indiana

62869 Call Lafayette Indiana

62862 Daily Courier Lafayette Indiana

62870 Daily Journal Lafayette Indiana

62864 Democrat Leader Lafayette Indiana

62865 Evening Call Lafayette Indiana

62866 Free Press Lafayette Indiana

62871 Friday Leader Lafayette Indiana

62867 Home Journal Lafayette Indiana

68591 Journal Lafayette Indiana

61390 Journal & Courier Lafayette Indiana

62872 Leader Lafayette Indiana

62873 Morning Journal Lafayette Indiana

62874 Sunday Times Lafayette Indiana

62875 Weekly Courier Lafayette Indiana

62876 Weekly Journal Lafayette Indiana

69022 Herald Argus LaPorte Indiana

69823 Indiana palladium Lawrenceburg Indiana

62877 Reporter Lebanon Indiana

62886 Press Logansport Indiana

62890 Tribune Lowell Indiana

62891 Chronicle Marion Indiana

62892 Chronicle Marion Indiana

61393 Chronicle Tribune Marion Indiana

62893 Daily Leader Marion Indiana
62894 Leader Marion Indiana

62895 Leader Tribune Marion Indiana
Miscellaneous Early
62896 Marion Indiana
62897 News Tribune Marion Indiana

62898 Weekly Leader Tribune Marion Indiana

61394 Reporter Times Martinsville Indiana

62899 Republican Martinsville Indiana

68450 Herald Merrillville Indiana

69591 Northwest Indiana Catholic Merrillville Indiana

69317 Sun Journal Merrillville Indiana

62900 Dispatch Evening News Michigan City Indiana

62901 Evening Dispatch Michigan City Indiana

62902 News Michigan City Indiana

61395 News Dispatch Michigan City Indiana

62903 Times Mishawaka Indiana

62904 News Monroeville Indiana

70472.09 Mooresville-Decatur Times Mooresville Indiana

62905 Courier Morocco Indiana

62906 Ball State Daily News Muncie Indiana

62907 Daily Herald Muncie Indiana

62908 Daily News Muncie Indiana

62909 Easterner Muncie Indiana

61396 Evening Press Muncie Indiana
Miscellaneous Early
62910 Muncie Indiana
Nickerson Newspaper
62911 Muncie Indiana
61397 Star Muncie Indiana

69202 Star Press Muncie Indiana
Times (Daily & Evening
62912 Muncie Indiana
69407 Munster journal - Saturday ed Munster Indiana
Munster journal - Thursday
69578 Munster Indiana
Munster sun journal -
69537 Munster Indiana
Thursday ed
Sun journal - Munster
69513 Munster Indiana
Saturday ed
62913 News & Advance News Nappanee Indiana

68110 Banner gazette New Albany Indiana

61399 Daily Ledger Noblesville Indiana

62923.03 Daily Times Noblesville Indiana

62919 Democrat Noblesville Indiana

62928 Enterprise Noblesville Indiana

62921 Hamilton County Ledger Noblesville Indiana

62922 Hamilton County Register Noblesville Indiana

62923 Hamilton County Times Noblesville Indiana

62924 Independent Noblesville Indiana

62925 Ledger Noblesville Indiana
Miscellaneous Early
62926 Noblesville Indiana
68612 Republican Noblesville Indiana

62927 Republican Ledger Noblesville Indiana

62929 Times Noblesville Indiana

62930 Jennings County Review. North Vernon Indiana
North Vernon Plain Dealer
61400 North Vernon Indiana
62931 Plain Dealer North Vernon Indiana
62932 Sun North Vernon Indiana

62933 Vernon Banner North Vernon Indiana

62934 Vernon Journal North Vernon Indiana

62935 Vernon News North Vernon Indiana

61401 Peru Daily Tribune Peru Indiana
Miami County sentinel
69541 Peru Indiana
[Weekly ed.]
69571 Peru Republican Peru Indiana

62936 Clayton Commercial Plainfield Indiana

62937 Friday Caller Plainfield Indiana

61403 Messenger Plainfield Indiana

62938 Progress Plainfield Indiana

61402 Commercial-Review Portland Indiana

62940 Clarion Democrat Princeton Indiana

62941 Clarion Leader Princeton Indiana

61404 Daily Clarion Princeton Indiana

62942 Daily Clarion News Princeton Indiana

62939 Democratic Clarion Princeton Indiana

62944 Democratic Sentinel Rensselaer Indiana

62945 Jasper Banner Rensselaer Indiana

62946 Jasper County Democrat Rensselaer Indiana

62947 Jasper County News Rensselaer Indiana

62948 Jasper Republican Rensselaer Indiana

62949 Journal Rensselaer Indiana

62950 People Pilot Rensselaer Indiana

62951 Republican Rensselaer Indiana
62952 Republican Rensselaer Indiana

61405 Republican Rensselaer Indiana

62953 Standard Rensselaer Indiana

62954 Stuff Rensselaer Indiana

62955 Union Rensselaer Indiana

62956 Daily Sun Telegram Richmond Indiana

62957 Evening Item Richmond Indiana

62958 Item Richmond Indiana

62959 Palladium Richmond Indiana

62960 Palladium Richmond Indiana

62961 Palladium Item Richmond Indiana
Palladium Item (City 3 Star
62962 Richmond Indiana
61406 Palladium Item (Final Edition) Richmond Indiana

62963 Quaker City Telegram Richmond Indiana

62964 Weekly Telegram Richmond Indiana

69410 Broad axe of freedom Richmond Indiana

69411 Day betwixt Richmond Indiana

69413 Democratic herald Richmond Indiana

69416 Humming bird Richmond Indiana

69702 Indiana true Republican Richmond Indiana

69420 Richmond daily free press Richmond Indiana

69419 Richmond daily independent Richmond Indiana

69418 Richmond daily telegram Richmond Indiana

69412 Richmond Democrat Richmond Indiana

69414 Richmond enterprise Richmond Indiana
69415 Richmond free press Richmond Indiana

69417 Richmond independent Richmond Indiana

69421 Richmond sun Richmond Indiana

62965 Daily News Rochester Indiana

62966 Daily Republican Rochester Indiana

62967 Fulton County Sun Rochester Indiana

61407 Rochester sentinel Rochester Indiana
Rochester Sentinel (Compass
69021 Rochester Indiana
68576 Planter Rockford Indiana

62968 Journal Rockport Indiana

68767 Chronicle Scottsburg Indiana

68766 Scott County Journal Scottsburg Indiana

69946 Giveaway Scottsburg Indiana

62970 Daily Democrat Seymour Indiana

62971 Daily Lever Seymour Indiana

62972 Daily Republican Seymour Indiana

61409 Daily Tribune Seymour Indiana

62973 Weekly Democrat Seymour Indiana

62974 Weekly Sun Seymour Indiana

62975 Weekly Times Seymour Indiana

62976 Democrat Shelbyville Indiana

61410 News Shelbyville Indiana

62978 Republican Shelbyville Indiana

62977 Shelby Democrat Shelbyville Indiana

60149 Tribune South Bend Indiana
62979 Eel River Weekly South Whitley Indiana

68150 South Whitley Tribune News South Whitley Indiana

62980 Tribune South Whitley Indiana

70388 Evening World Spencer Indiana

62981 News St. Joe Indiana

69768 Community Courier Upland Indiana

62983 Courier Upland Indiana

69766 Upland enterprise Upland Indiana

69767 Upland monitor Upland Indiana

69765 Upland monitor weekly Upland Indiana

62984 Daily Vidette Valparaiso Indiana

62985 Evening Messenger Valparaiso Indiana

62986 Porter County Vidette Valparaiso Indiana

62987 Practical Observer Valparaiso Indiana

62988 Western Ranger Valparaiso Indiana

61413 Sun Commercial Vincennes Indiana

62989 Valley Advance Vincennes Indiana

69885 Vincennes capital Vincennes Indiana

69886 Vincennes capital Vincennes Indiana

69890 Vincennes commercial Vincennes Indiana

69889 Vincennes commercial Vincennes Indiana

69893 Vincennes gazette Vincennes Indiana

69895 Vincennes gazette Vincennes Indiana

69896 Vincennes post Vincennes Indiana

69894 Vincennes Saturday gazette Vincennes Indiana
69897 Vincennes sun Vincennes Indiana

69884 Wabash telegraph Vincennes Indiana

69829 Weekly western sun Vincennes Indiana

69892 Morning commercial Vincennes Indiana
Vincennes semi-weekly
69830 Vincennes Indiana
western sun
69831 Western sun Vincennes Indiana
Western sun & general
69757 Vincennes Indiana
61414 Plain Dealer Wabash Indiana

62990 Daily Union Warsaw Indiana

62991 Indianian Republican Warsaw Indiana

62992 Kosciusko Union Warsaw Indiana

62993 Northern Indianian Warsaw Indiana
Northern Indianian & Daily
62994 Warsaw Indiana
62995 Times Warsaw Indiana

61415 Times Union Warsaw Indiana

62996 Union Warsaw Indiana

62997 Weekly Inter Mountain Warsaw Indiana

62998 Weekly Republican Warsaw Indiana

62999 Daily Times Washington Indiana

63000 Democrat Washington Indiana

63001 Democrat Washington Indiana

63002 Gazette Washington Indiana

63003 Herald Washington Indiana

63004 Times Herald Washington Indiana

68407 Tri County News Washington Indiana
69862 Washington weekly telegraph Washington Indiana

67973 Purdue Exponenet West Lafayette Indiana

63439 Ben Franklin News Whiting Indiana

63005 Call Whiting Indiana

69032 Calumet Day Whiting Indiana

63006 Daily Times Whiting Indiana

63007 Democrat Whiting Indiana

63008 Lakeview Beacon Whiting Indiana

63009 Saturday Sun Whiting Indiana

63010 Sun Whiting Indiana

63011 Times Whiting Indiana

63012 Times Graphic Whiting Indiana

63060 Boonesboro Democrat Boone Iowa

63061 Boonesboro News Boone Iowa

63062 Boonesboro News Boone Iowa

63063 Daily News Boone Iowa

63066 Standard Boone Iowa

63065 Montana Standard Boone Iowa

MFA33 Ostfreisische Nachrichten* Breda Iowa

63076 Saturday Evening Post Burlington Iowa

63082 Daily Herald Carroll Iowa

63085 Record Cedar Falls Iowa

61421 Ad Express Daily Iowegian Centerville Iowa

63088 Appanoose Iowegian Centerville Iowa

63090 Daily Citizen Centerville Iowa
63091 Journal Centerville Iowa

63092 Semi Weekly Iowegian Centerville Iowa

63093 Southern Iowa American Centerville Iowa

63108 Advertiser Clinton Iowa

63109 Age Clinton Iowa

63110 Daily Age Clinton Iowa

63112 Herald Clinton Iowa

63113 Herald Clinton Iowa

63114 Herald Clinton Iowa

63111 Herald Clinton Iowa

63115 Iowa Age Clinton Iowa

63116 Mirror Clinton Iowa

63117 Morning Age Clinton Iowa

63118 Morning News Clinton Iowa

63119 Semi Weekly Age Clinton Iowa

63120 Weekly News Clinton Iowa

63131 Journal Conrad Iowa

63132 Record Conrad Iowa

63134 Times Republican Corydon Iowa

63142 Daily Democrat Davenport Iowa

63143 Daily Democrat & News Davenport Iowa

63145 Daily Iowa State Democrat Davenport Iowa

63147 Daily Republican Davenport Iowa

63148 Daily Times Davenport Iowa

MFA34 Iowa Reform* Davenport Iowa
63154 Morning Democrat Davenport Iowa

63155 Morning Democrat Gazette Davenport Iowa
Quad City Times Evening
61447 Davenport Iowa
Quad City Times Evening
63156 Davenport Iowa
Edition (Metropolitan Edition)
Quad City Times Evening
68268 Davenport Iowa
Edition (Northern Edition)
Quad City Times Evening
68012 Edition (Southern Regional Davenport Iowa
63157 Times Democrat Davenport Iowa
Times Democrat (Morning
63160 Davenport Iowa
63163 Bulletin Des Moines Iowa

63168 Iowa Bystander Des Moines Iowa

63173 Iowa Star Des Moines Iowa

63175 Lake County Tribune Des Moines Iowa

60472 Register & Pred. Des Moines Iowa

63177 Register (State Edition) Des Moines Iowa

60473 Tribune Des Moines Iowa

68016 Enterprise Dubuque Iowa

63190 Miners Express Dubuque Iowa
Miscellaneous Early
63191 Dubuque Iowa
63196 Times Journal Dubuque Iowa

63187 Express & Herald Dubuque Iowa

63188 Express & Herald Dubuque Iowa

61427 Daily News Estherville Iowa

63202 Democrat Estherville Iowa

63203 Emmet County Republican Estherville Iowa

63204 National Broad Arc Estherville Iowa
63205 Northern Vindicator Estherville Iowa

63206 Vindicator & Republican Estherville Iowa

63209 Jefferson County Republican Fairfield Iowa

63210 Journal Fairfield Iowa

63212 Sentinel Fairfield Iowa

63222 Daily Chronicle Fort Dodge Iowa

63227 Messenger Fort Dodge Iowa

63229 Sentinel Fort Dodge Iowa

69346 Farm news Fort Dodge Iowa

63232 Weekly Democrat Fort Madison Iowa

68765 Chronicle Hawarden Iowa

63245 Independent Hawarden Iowa

61431 Press-Citizen Iowa City Iowa

63274 Constitution Keokuk Iowa

63275 Constitution Democrat Keokuk Iowa

63276 Constitution Democrat Keokuk Iowa

69050 Daily and Weekly Whig Keokuk Iowa

63277 Daily Constitution Keokuk Iowa

63278 Daily Constitution Democrat Keokuk Iowa

63279 Daily Post Keokuk Iowa
Des Moines Valley Whig &
63280 Keokuk Iowa
Keokuk Register
63281 Dispatch Keokuk Iowa
Miscellaneous Early
63283 Keokuk Iowa
63284 Morning Glory Keokuk Iowa

61445 Sun Laurens Iowa
63295 Herald Lockridge Iowa
Lyons (now part of
63296 City Advocate Iowa
Lyons (now part of
63297 Clinton County Advertiser Iowa
Lyons (now part of
63298 Weekly Mirror Iowa
63309 Marshall County Advance Marshalltown Iowa

63310 Marshall Daily Times Marshalltown Iowa

61434 Times Republican Marshalltown Iowa

63323 Free Press Mount Pleasant Iowa

63326 Hawkeye Record Mount Vernon Iowa

63331 Evening Journal Nevada Iowa

63332 Journal Nevada Iowa

63336 Mirror Newell Iowa

63337 Daily Herald Newton Iowa

63339 Iowa State Democrat Newton Iowa

63350 De Volksvriend Orange City Iowa

61438 Daily Courier Ottumwa Iowa

63375 People's Telephone Red Oak Iowa

63376 Sun Red Oak Iowa

63387 Daily Times Sioux City Iowa

61439 Journal Sioux City Iowa

63388 Oracle Sioux City Iowa

63389 Register Sioux City Iowa

63391 Weekly Journal Sioux City Iowa

63392 Weekly Times Sioux City Iowa

69674 Sioux Land weekly Sioux City Iowa
61440 Daily Reporter Spencer Iowa

61446 Gazette Sumner Iowa

63418 Daily Reporter Waterloo Iowa

68551 Daily Freeman-Journal Webster City Iowa

61443 Daily freeman journal Webster City Iowa

63430 Enterprise West Liberty Iowa

68154 Clay Center Dispatch Clay Center Kansas

68171 Journal Coffeyville Kansas

61449 Free Press Tribune Colby Kansas

63443 Prairie Drummer Colby Kansas

67963 Daily Globe Dodge City Kansas

68705 Times El Dorado Kansas

68706 Gazette Emporia Kansas

68156 Herald Eureka Kansas

67986 Tribune Fort Scott Kansas

68707 Daily Herald Fredonia Kansas

MFA35 Vorwärts* Hillsboro Kansas

68155 Daily Union Junction City Kansas

61454 Kansan Kansas City Kansas

MFA36 Kansas City Presse* Kansas City Kansas
Modern Miller (Weekly Modern
BL Kansas City Kansas

68708 Champion Norton Kansas

68709 Courier Norton Kansas

61460 Daily Telegram Norton Kansas

69079 NCAA News Overland Park Kansas
61463 Sun Parsons Kansas

61464 Daily Tribune Pratt Kansas

V356 Jayhawker Sedgwick Kansas

V356 Palladium Sedgwick Kansas

V356 Pantagraph Sedgwick Kansas

60474 Capital Topeka Kansas

60475 Capital Journal Topeka Kansas

63451 State Journal Topeka Kansas

60476 Beacon Wichita Kansas

60477 Eagle Wichita Kansas

61467 Daily Independent Ashland Kentucky

63453 Berea College News Berea Kentucky

61468 Daily News Bowling Green Kentucky

63454 Central Methodist Catlettsburg Kentucky

63455 Christian Observer Catlettsburg Kentucky

63456 Cincinnati Times Star Covington Kentucky

63457 Courier Covington Kentucky

63458 Daily Commonwealth Covington Kentucky

63459 Journal & Pred. Covington Kentucky

63461 Kentucky Post & Times Star Covington Kentucky

63460 Kentucky Post (Final Edition) Covington Kentucky

63462 Saturday Advertiser Covington Kentucky

63463 Ticket Covington Kentucky

61157 Courier Fort Campbell Kentucky

63465 American Republic Frankfort Kentucky
63466 Daily Times Glasgow Kentucky

61471 Kentucky New Era Hopkinsville Kentucky

63467 American Statesman Lexington Kentucky

60479 Herald Leader Lexington Kentucky

63468 Kentucky Gazette Lexington Kentucky

69627 Lexington leader Lexington Kentucky

69998 Lexington leader Lexington Kentucky

60480 Morning Herald Lexington Kentucky

63469 Stewarts Kentucky Herald Lexington Kentucky

63470 Western Monitor Lexington Kentucky

60481 Courier-Journal Louisville Kentucky

63471 Daily Commercial Louisville Kentucky

61018 Daily Courier Louisville Kentucky

69051 Daily Democrat Louisville Kentucky

63473 Daily Journal Louisville Kentucky

63474 Louisville Defender Louisville Kentucky

MFA37 Louisviller Anzeiger* Louisville Kentucky

60478 Times Louisville Kentucky

63476 Kentucky State Journal Newport Kentucky

63477 Local Newport Kentucky

63478 Daily Messenger Owensboro Kentucky

63479 Examiner Owensboro Kentucky

63480 Inquirer Owensboro Kentucky

63481 Messenger Owensboro Kentucky
Messenger & Inquirer (City
63482 Owensboro Kentucky
Messenger & Inquirer (Home
61474 Owensboro Kentucky
63483 Monitor Owensboro Kentucky

63484 News Paducah Kentucky
Sun Democrat (Evening
61478 Paducah Kentucky
Sun Democrat (Morning
63485 Paducah Kentucky
61475 Daily Enterprise Paris Kentucky

63486 Eastern Progress Richmond Kentucky

61477 Madison County Journal Richmond Kentucky

61476 Richmond Register Richmond Kentucky

63487 Baptist Message Alexandria Louisana

63488 Louisiana Democrat Alexandria Louisana
Miscellaneous Early
63489 Alexandria Louisana
63490 News Leader Alexandria Louisana

63491 Rapids Gazette Alexandria Louisana

68189 Review Advertiser Alexandria Louisana

63492 Tiger Talk Alexandria Louisana

63494 Town Talk Alexandria Louisana

61479 Town Talk Alexandria Louisana

68250 Graphics printing Alexandria Louisana

63493 Tiger Talk (USAF Base) Alexandria Louisana

60484 Advocate Baton Rouge Louisana

68545 Advocate (Acadiana) Baton Rouge Louisana

60482 Advocate (Morning Ed.) Baton Rouge Louisana

63495 News Leader Baton Rouge Louisana

60483 State Times Baton Rouge Louisana
63496 Daily News Bogalusa Louisana

69759 Daily advertiser Lafayette Louisana

63497 News Leader Lafayette Louisana

63498 News Leader Lake Charles Louisana

63499 News Leader Monroe Louisana

69734 News-star Monroe Louisana

68741 Argus New Orleans Louisana

63500 Bee New Orleans Louisana

68746 Carrollton Star New Orleans Louisana

63501 Commercial Bulletin New Orleans Louisana

68753 Commercial Times New Orleans Louisana

63502 Courier New Orleans Louisana

68747 Courier Le Courier New Orleans Louisana
Daily Construction and
68749 New Orleans Louisana
Industrial News
63503 Daily Journal of Commerce New Orleans Louisana
63504 Daily News New Orleans Louisana
Daily News & Merchants
63505 New Orleans Louisana
Daily News
63506 Daily Orleanian New Orleans Louisana

68423 Daily Record New Orleans Louisana

63507 Daily Times New Orleans Louisana

63508 Daily Tropic New Orleans Louisana

63509 Daily True Delta New Orleans Louisana

63510 Diario Del Gobierno New Orleans Louisana

63511 Echo Von New Orleans New Orleans Louisana

63535 Era New Orleans Louisana
63536 Evening Chronicle New Orleans Louisana

63512 Free Men Speak New Orleans Louisana

68883 Gambit New Orleans Louisana

68884 Gris Gris News Magazine New Orleans Louisana

68742 Gulf Shipping Guide New Orleans Louisana

68743 Gulf Shipping Guide New Orleans Louisana

63513 Item New Orleans Louisana

63514 Jefferson Parish American New Orleans Louisana

63515 La Renaissance Louisianaise New Orleans Louisana

63516 Lafayette City Advertiser New Orleans Louisana

68740 L'Ami Des Louis New Orleans Louisana
Le Courrier De La Nouvelle
68882 New Orleans Louisana
63517 Le National New Orleans Louisana

63519 Louisiana Advertiser New Orleans Louisana

63520 Louisiana Staats Zeitung New Orleans Louisana

63521 Louisiana Weekly New Orleans Louisana

63518 L'Union New Orleans Louisana

68751 Mascot New Orleans Louisana

68424 Merchantile Advertiser New Orleans Louisana

68745 Miscellaneous Newspapers New Orleans Louisana

68750 Miscellaneous Newspapers New Orleans Louisana

68748 Miscellaneous Newspapers New Orleans Louisana

68422 Moniteur de la Louisiane New Orleans Louisana

63522 Morning Tribune New Orleans Louisana

63523 National Republican New Orleans Louisana
63524 Neue Deutsche Zeitung New Orleans Louisana

63525 New Delta New Orleans Louisana

68829 New Orleans Courier New Orleans Louisana

68744 Nola Express New Orleans Louisana

63526 Official Daily Court Records New Orleans Louisana

63527 Old French Quarter News New Orleans Louisana
Radical Standard/Republican
68885 New Orleans Louisana
68752 Republican New Orleans Louisana
Semi Weekly Creole & Daily
63528 New Orleans Louisana
63529 Southern Star New Orleans Louisana

63530 Southern Traveller New Orleans Louisana

63531 States New Orleans Louisana

60485 States Item New Orleans Louisana

63533 Sunday Delta New Orleans Louisana

63534 Tagliche Deutsche Zeitung New Orleans Louisana

NRP-12 Times-Democrat New Orleans Louisana

60486 Times-Picayune New Orleans Louisana

60635 Times-Picayune Index New Orleans Louisana

63540 True Democrat New Orleans Louisana

63537 Weekly Register New Orleans Louisana
Times Picayune advertising
68178 New Orleans Louisana
68899 Carencro News Opelousas Louisana

61482 Daily World Opelousas Louisana

63541 Penny Pincher Pineville Louisana

63542 Evening Journal Shreveport Louisana
63543 Journal Shreveport Louisana

61483 Journal (AR LA TX Edition) Shreveport Louisana

61484 Journal (Final Edition) Shreveport Louisana

60647 Times Shreveport Louisana

69873 Daily comet Thibodaux Louisana

68856.01 Kennebec Journal Augusta Maine

60487 Daily News Bangor Maine

63544 Daily Whig & Courier Bangor Maine

63545 Down East Magazine Bangor Maine

63546 Downeaster Bangor Maine

63548 Maine State Labor News Bangor Maine

63549 Paine Bangor Maine

63547 Maine Coast Fisherman Bangor Maine
Dover (now called
63556 Piscataquis Observer Maine
63557 Six Towns Times Freeport & Yarmouth Maine

63558 Post Fryeburg Maine

63559 Fryeburg Post Hampden Highlands Maine

69471 New observer Hampden Highlands Maine

63560 York County Coast Star Kennebunk Maine

63561 Daily Sun Lewiston Maine

63562 Evening Journal Lewiston Maine

68464 Sun Journal Lewiston Maine

68224 Sunday Sun Journal Lewiston Maine

63563 Ossipee Valley Herald Limerick Maine

68911 La Justice de Biddeford Orono Maine
63566 Maine Campus Orono Maine

63565 Maine Townsman Orono Maine

60488 Evening Express Portland Maine

BL Hound and Horn* Portland Maine

63568 Maine Coast Fisherman Portland Maine

60489 Press Herald Portland Maine

63570 Sunday Telegram Portland Maine

63571 Sunday Times Portland Maine

63572 Lakes Rangeley Maine

63573 La Justice de Sanford Sanford Maine

63574 Casco Bay Breeze South Harpswell Maine

63576 Maine Times Topsham Maine

63575 Maine Times Index Topsham Maine

68025 Main Say Waterville Maine

61486 Morning Sentinel Waterville Maine

63577 Anne Arundel Times Annapolis Maryland

63578 Village Voice Annapolis Maryland
Afro-American (5 Star
63582 Baltimore Maryland
Afro-American (Late City
61190 Baltimore Maryland
Afro-American (National
61021 Baltimore Maryland
American & Commercial
61192 Baltimore Maryland
61012 City Paper Baltimore Maryland

69617 Corridor real estate journal Baltimore Maryland

61191 Daily Record Baltimore Maryland
Der Deutsche
MFA38 Baltimore Maryland
63585 Evening Post Baltimore Maryland

60490 Evening Sun Baltimore Maryland

63587 Herald Baltimore Maryland

63588 Maryland Almanac Baltimore Maryland
Maryland Herald & Eastern
63589 Baltimore Maryland
Shore Intelligencer
Mid-Atlantic real estate
69679 Baltimore Maryland
60491 Sun Baltimore Maryland

61011 Sun Almanac Baltimore Maryland

63594 Sunday American Baltimore Maryland

63595 Sunday Sun Baltimore Maryland

69619 Tri-state real estate journal Baltimore Maryland

68253 Evening sun Front pages Baltimore Maryland

63592 News Post Baltimore Maryland

68369 Sun (Morning) Front pages Baltimore Maryland

61010 Aegis Bel Air Maryland

61487 Banner Midshore Edition Cambridge Maryland

63598 Daily Banner Cambridge Maryland

69322 Our parish times Chevy Chase Maryland

NRP-13 Justin Williams Papers College Park Maryland

63606 Chesapeake Bay Banner Easton Maryland

68768 Delmarva Farmer Easton Maryland
Eastern Shore Whig &
63602 Easton Maryland
People's Advocate
63603 Gazette Easton Maryland
Gazette & Eastern Shore
61186 Easton Maryland
63605 Star Democrat Easton Maryland
63609 Examiner Frederick Maryland
News Post (Bicentennial
63607 Frederick Maryland
63608 Semi Weekly News Frederick Maryland

61961 Mining journal Frostburg Maryland

63618 St Mary's Beacon Leonardtown Maryland

63621 Advertiser Salisbury Maryland

63622 Courier Salisbury Maryland

63623 Wicomico News Salisbury Maryland

61494 Times Salisbury Maryland

63624 United Mine Workers Journal Silver Spring Maryland

61189 Carroll County Times Westminster Maryland

68931 Community Times Westminster Maryland

63626 American Boston Massachusetts

BL American Shoemaking* Boston Massachusetts

BL Barron's* Boston Massachusetts

BL Boston Jewish Times* Boston Massachusetts

69438 Boston Sunday globe Boston Massachusetts

60620 Christian Science Monitor Boston Massachusetts
Christian Science Monitor
63628 Boston Massachusetts
(Central Edition)
Christian Science Monitor (Mid-
63629 Western Edition) Boston Massachusetts
Christian Science Monitor
63630 Boston Massachusetts
(New England Edition)
Christian Science Monitor (Pacific
63631 Edition) Boston Massachusetts
Christian Science Monitor
60493 Boston Massachusetts
(silver format), mfiche
Christian Science Monitor (Western
63632 Edition) Boston Massachusetts
Christian Science Monitor
60644 Boston Massachusetts
(World Edition)
Christian Science Monitor
60631 Boston Massachusetts
63633 Chronicle Boston Massachusetts

63634 Daily Record Boston Massachusetts

NRP-14 Dos Naye vort Boston Massachusetts

61196 Evening Transcript Boston Massachusetts

BritishLib1 Fatat Boston* Boston Massachusetts

60494 Globe Boston Massachusetts

60630 Globe Index Boston Massachusetts

NRP-15 Hairenik Boston Massachusetts

BL Hairenik* Boston Massachusetts

63637 Herald Boston Massachusetts

60492 Herald Boston Massachusetts

63639 Herald Traveler Boston Massachusetts

NRP-16 Idisher Fihrer Boston Massachusetts
Iron and Steel Metallurgist and
BL Metallographist (Iron and Steel Boston Massachusetts
BL Modern Light and Heat* Boston Massachusetts

63640 Record American Boston Massachusetts

63641 Sunday Advertiser Boston Massachusetts

63642 Sunday Herald Advertiser Boston Massachusetts

BL Superintendent and Foreman* Boston Massachusetts

63644 Traveller (Evening Edition) Boston Massachusetts

4496 Boston pearl and galaxy Boston Massachusetts

68507 Busing in Boston Boston Massachusetts

60897 Monitor world Boston Massachusetts

69645 Real paper Cambridge Massachusetts
63645 Star Fairhaven Massachusetts

63646 Gazette Haverhill Massachusetts

63648 Journal Haverhill Massachusetts

63647 lris Haverhill Massachusetts
Miscellaneous Early
63649 Haverhill Massachusetts
63650 Social Democrat Haverhill Massachusetts

MFA39 Neu England Rundschau* Holyoke Massachusetts

MFA40 Anzeiger und Post* Lawrence Massachusetts

63655 Daily Gazette New Bedford Massachusetts

63656 Daily Mercury New Bedford Massachusetts

63657 Journal New Bedford Massachusetts

63658 Mercury New Bedford Massachusetts

68207 Portuguese Times New Bedford Massachusetts

63659 Standard (Evening Edition) New Bedford Massachusetts

68397 Standard times New Bedford Massachusetts

63660 Times New Bedford Massachusetts

63661 Herald Southbridge Massachusetts

63662 Journal Southbridge Massachusetts

63663 Press Southbridge Massachusetts

60123 Daily News Springfield Massachusetts

60124 Morning Union Springfield Massachusetts

63666 Republican Springfield Massachusetts

60125 Republican Springfield Massachusetts

60263 Republican Springfield Massachusetts

63665 Springfield Republican Daily Springfield Massachusetts
60124.01 Union News A.M. Springfield Massachusetts

60123.01 Union News P.M. Springfield Massachusetts
Valley Advocate ( Springfield
68886 Springfield Massachusetts
Valley Advocate (Amherst
68887 Springfield Massachusetts
Valley and
63664 Advocate/SpringfieldAdvocat Springfield Massachusetts
69521 Valley advocate Springfield Massachusetts

63668 Herald Turners Falls Massachusetts

63669 Reporter Turners Falls Massachusetts

Berkshire Review Williamstown Massachusetts

3697 Christian reflector Worcester Massachusetts

63670 Daily Expositor Adrian Michigan

63671 Daily Press Adrian Michigan

63672 Daily Watchtower Adrian Michigan

63673 Evening Expositor Adrian Michigan

63674 Michigan Expositor Adrian Michigan

63675 Michigan Messenger Adrian Michigan

63676 Times Adrian Michigan

63677 Times & Expositor Adrian Michigan

63679 Weekly Press Adrian Michigan

61498 Evening Recorder Albion Michigan

63680 Recorder Albion Michigan

63681 Courier Journal Algonac Michigan

69126 Voice Algonac Michigan

61499 News Alpena Michigan

60657 Black newspapers index Ann Arbor Michigan
61500 Michigan Daily Ann Arbor Michigan

60100 News Ann Arbor Michigan

61532 Lake County Star Baldwin Michigan

63682 Chippewa Hills Courier Barryton Michigan

63683 Press Barryton Michigan

63684 Citizen Battle Creek Michigan

63685 Daily Moon Battle Creek Michigan

61501 Enquirer Battle Creek Michigan

63686 Evening News Battle Creek Michigan

63687 Journal Battle Creek Michigan

63688 Journal Battle Creek Michigan

63689 Michigan Tribune Battle Creek Michigan

63690 Michigan Tribune Battle Creek Michigan

63691 Moon Journal Battle Creek Michigan

63692 Morning Enquirer Battle Creek Michigan

63693 Record & Lakeview News Battle Creek Michigan

63695 Sunday Morning Call Battle Creek Michigan

63696 Sunday Record Battle Creek Michigan

69201 Custer Life Battle Creek Michigan

60179 Bay City tribune Bay City Michigan

60181 Bay City tribune (weekly) Bay City Michigan

60180 Evening Press Bay City Michigan

60160 Times Bay City Michigan

61502 Herald palladium Benton Harbor Michigan

61503 Big Rapids Pioneer Big Rapids Michigan
Chippewa Hills Courier
63701 Big Rapids Michigan
68339 Evart Review Big Rapids Michigan

63702 Grant Galaxy Big Rapids Michigan

63704 Magnet Big Rapids Michigan

63705 Mecosta County Pioneer Big Rapids Michigan

63706 Newaygo County Sun Big Rapids Michigan
63707 Newaygo Republican Big Rapids Michigan
68453 Northern Michigan Motor Fair Big Rapids Michigan

63708 Pioneer Big Rapids Michigan

63709 Pioneer Magnet Big Rapids Michigan

68336 Tri County Shoppers Guide Big Rapids Michigan

69832 Pioneer Osceola ed. Big Rapids Michigan

60169 Birmingham eccentric Birmingham Michigan

68961 Brighton Argus Brighton Michigan

69620 Berrien County record Buchanan Michigan

63710 Banner Burton Michigan

69725 Burton news advance Burton Michigan

68222 Cadillac evening news Cadillac Michigan

60168 Canton observer Canton Michigan

69499 Cassopolis vigilant Cassopolis Michigan

69582 Edwardsville argus Cassopolis Michigan

61504 Charlevoix Courier Charlevoix Michigan

70450 Charlevoix Journal Charlevoix Michigan

70449 Charlevoix Sentinel Charlevoix Michigan

68570 Standard Chelsea Michigan
63711 Messenger Clio Michigan

69738 North County messenger Clio Michigan

63713 Daily Reporter Coldwater Michigan

63714 Weekly Reporter Coldwater Michigan

63715 Weekly Mercury Constantine Michigan

68842 Flagstaff Davison Michigan

63716 Index Davison Michigan
Davison advance / Advance
69729 Davison Michigan
63717 Daily Press Detroit Michigan
Democratic Free Press &
68761 Detroit Michigan
Michigan Intelligencer
MFA41 Der arme Teufel* Detroit Michigan

MFA42 Der Herold* Detroit Michigan

60633 Detroit News index Detroit Michigan

MFA43 Detroiter Abend-Post* Detroit Michigan

68451 Dodge Main News Detroit Michigan

63721 Fifth Estate Detroit Michigan

60495 Free Press Detroit Michigan

61024 Michigan Chronicle Detroit Michigan

60496 News Detroit Michigan
MFA44 Wochenpost und Detroiter Detroit Michigan
68762 Semi Weekly Free Press Detroit Michigan

BL Solia* Detroit Michigan
Sonntagsblatt der
MFA45 Detroit Michigan
63722 Times Detroit Michigan

BL Ukrainsky prometei* Detroit Michigan
Detroit news composite
68179 Detroit Michigan
61505 Daily News Dowagiac Michigan

63723 Republican Dowagiac Michigan

63724 Times Dowagiac Michigan
East Detroit (now
68841 East Detroit News Michigan
called Eastpointe)
68219 State News East Lansing Michigan

63727 Courier Fenton Michigan

63728 Independent Fenton Michigan

63729 Tri County News Fenton Michigan

69824 Tri-County times Fenton Michigan

63730 A C Sparkler Flint Michigan

63731 Auto Worker Flint Michigan

63732 Bronze Reporter Flint Michigan

63733 Brownsville Weekly News Flint Michigan

63734 Burton Banner Flint Michigan

63735 Community News Flint Michigan

63736 Daily News Flint Michigan

69785 Flinstonian times Flint Michigan

60161 Flint journal Flint Michigan

63737 Genesee County Free Press Flint Michigan

63738 Genesee Democrat Flint Michigan
63739 Genesee Whig Flint Michigan
63740 Globe Flint Michigan

63741 Globe Flint Michigan

63744 Headlight Flint Michigan
63742 Independent Flint Michigan

63743 Industrial Mutual News Flint Michigan

63712 Legal News Flint Michigan

63745 Michigan Gazette Flint Michigan

63749 News Advertiser Flint Michigan

63750 Searchlight Flint Michigan

63751 Spokesman Flint Michigan

63752 Suburban News Flint Michigan

63753 Sunday Democrat Flint Michigan

63754 Times Flint Michigan

63755 Times Review Flint Michigan

63756 Weekly Review Flint Michigan

69727 Burton advance Flint Michigan

68228 CPSA courier Flint Michigan

68387 Flint editorial Flint Michigan

68226 Flint enquirer Flint Michigan
Free to be/Flint
68227 Flint Michigan
voice/Michigan voice
69994 Jewish reporter Flint Michigan

68721 Labor News Flint Michigan
Richardson Family research
68225 Flint Michigan
& historical news
68229 Thursday luncheon group Flint Michigan

68218 11th Frame Flint Michigan

68217 Eye Opener Flint Michigan

63757 Observer Flushing Michigan
Flushing advance / Advance
69739 Flushing Michigan
68556 Benzie County Record Patriot Frankfort Michigan

63759 Review Garden City Michigan

63758 Miscellaneous newspapers Garden City Michigan

63760 News Grand Blanc Michigan

63761 Press Grand Blanc Michigan
Grand Blanc/Goodrich
69740 advance / Advance Grand Blanc Michigan
61506 Tribune Grand Haven Michigan

63762 West Michigan News Review Grand Haven Michigan

60162 Press Grand Rapids Michigan

63763 Saturday Evening Post Grand Rapids Michigan
69350 Aquinas times Grand Rapids Michigan
69494 Burton Heights record Grand Rapids Michigan
68635 Collegiate Grand Rapids Michigan
69493 Commonwealth Grand Rapids Michigan
69492 Creston news Grand Rapids Michigan
69488 Daily enquirer and herald Grand Rapids Michigan
69489 Daily morning democrat Grand Rapids Michigan
69491 East End Advocate Grand Rapids Michigan
69479 Evening leader Grand Rapids Michigan
69484 Grand Rapids eagle Grand Rapids Michigan

69483 Grand Rapids enquirer Grand Rapids Michigan

69482 Grand Rapids news Grand Rapids Michigan

69481 Grand Rapids plain dealer Grand Rapids Michigan

69486 Grand Rapids weekly eagle Grand Rapids Michigan

69485 Grand Rapids weekly leader Grand Rapids Michigan

69487 Grand River eagle Grand Rapids Michigan

69468 Northwestern weekly Grand Rapids Michigan

69480 Observer Grand Rapids Michigan

69470 Sixth Ward news Grand Rapids Michigan
69478 Times Grand Rapids Michigan

69477 Times Grand Rapids Michigan

69490 Weekly Democrat Grand Rapids Michigan

69469 West Side news Grand Rapids Michigan

69467 West Side news Grand Rapids Michigan

63764 Herald & Independent Grant Michigan

63765 Daily News Greenville Michigan

61507 News Greenville Michigan

63766 Delta Weekly Greenville Michigan

63767 Herald Harper Woods Michigan

63768 Banner Hastings Michigan

69207 Michigan Citizen Highland Park Michigan

63769 Standard Hillsdale Michigan

63770 Whig Standard Hillsdale Michigan

63771 City News Holland Michigan

69384 Daily Mining Gazette Houghton Michigan

63772 Michigan Tech Lode & Pred. Houghton Michigan

68444 Record Howard City Michigan

68334 River Valley News Shopper Howard City Michigan

63773 Post Gazette Hudson Michigan

61511 Daily News Iron Mountain Michigan

63777 Inter State News Ironwood Michigan

63778 News Record Ironwood Michigan

60163 Citizen Patriot Jackson Michigan

60253 Jackson citizen press Jackson Michigan
60252 Jackson daily citizen Jackson Michigan

60258 Jackson daily press Jackson Michigan

60251 Jackson eagle Jackson Michigan

60259 Jackson evening news Jackson Michigan

60255 Jackson news Jackson Michigan

60250 Jackson patriot Jackson Michigan

60254 Jackson patriot Jackson Michigan

60257 Jackson semi-weekly citizen Jackson Michigan

60256 Jackson tribune Jackson Michigan

60239 Business Direct Mag. Kalamazoo Michigan

60164 Gazette Kalamazoo Michigan

60233 Gazette (Portage Edition) Kalamazoo Michigan

60885 Kalamazoo gazette Kalamazoo Michigan

60885.02 Kalamazoo gazette Kalamazoo Michigan

60885.01 Kalamazoo weekly gazette Kalamazoo Michigan

63780 Torch Lake Times Lake Linden Michigan

68555 Enterprise Lakeview Michigan

63779 Sentinel L'Anse Michigan

60497 Journal Lansing Michigan

61041 Journal Lansing Michigan

63783 Semi Weekly Republican Lansing Michigan

60498 State Journal Lansing Michigan

60499 State Republican Lansing Michigan

63785 Tri Weekly Republican Lansing Michigan

63786 Weekly Republican Lansing Michigan
63781 Journal Lansing Michigan

63784 Lansing State Republican Lansing Michigan

69784 Lansing Weekly Republican Lansing Michigan

63787 County Clarion Lapeer Michigan

63788 County Democrat & Press Lapeer Michigan

61533 County Press Lapeer Michigan

61531 Leader Linden Michigan

63790 Appeal Ludington Michigan

63791 Chronicle Ludington Michigan

63794 Mason County Record Ludington Michigan

63795 Record Ludington Michigan

63796 Record Appeal Ludington Michigan

63797 Observer Luther Michigan

68840 Northeast Detroiter Macomb Michigan

63798 Advocate Manistee Michigan

63799 Broadaxe Manistee Michigan

68557 County Pioneer Press Manistee Michigan

63800 Daily Advocate Manistee Michigan

63801 Daily News Manistee Michigan

63802 Democrat Manistee Michigan

63803 Independent Manistee Michigan

63804 Labor Advocate Manistee Michigan

63805 Standard Manistee Michigan

63806 Times Manistee Michigan

63807 Times Sentinel Manistee Michigan
63808 Voice of the People Manistee Michigan

61513 Manistee news advocate Manistee Michigan

70332 Marcellus News Marcellus Michigan

61514 Mining journal Marquette Michigan

61515 Chronicle Marshall Michigan

63811 lngham County News Mason Michigan

68755 Mendon globe Mendon Michigan

61516 Herald Leader Menominee Michigan

61517 Daily News Midland Michigan
Miscellaneous Early
63812 Midland Michigan
63813 Republican Midland Michigan

63814 Sun Midland Michigan

63816 Commercial Monroe Michigan

63817 Democrat Monroe Michigan

61530 Evening News Monroe Michigan

63815 Michigan Sentinel Monroe Michigan
Record & Record
63818 Monroe Michigan
63819 Times & Monroe Advocate Monroe Michigan

63746 Mirror Montrose Michigan

63747 Times Montrose Michigan

63821 Advertiser Monitor Mt. Clemens Michigan

63820 Community News Mt. Clemens Michigan

63822 Daily Leader Mt. Clemens Michigan

61518 Macomb County Legal News Mt. Clemens Michigan

61519 Macomb Daily (City Edition) Mt. Clemens Michigan
Miscellaneous Early
63825 Mt. Clemens Michigan
63826 Monitor Mt. Clemens Michigan

68592 Monitor Mt. Clemens Michigan

63827 Monitor Leader Mt. Clemens Michigan

63828 Press Mt. Clemens Michigan

63829 South Macomb News & Pred. Mt. Clemens Michigan

68838 Gratiot News Mt. Clemens Michigan

68835 Half Way News Mt. Clemens Michigan

63832 Genesee County Herald Mt. Morris Michigan

63748 Times Mt. Morris Michigan

69728 Mt. Morris-Clio herald Mt. Morris Michigan

63833 Beacon Murray Hill Michigan

60165 Chronicle Muskegon Michigan

69172 Anchor Bay Beacon New Baltimore Michigan

69171 North Macomb News Press New Baltimore Michigan

68834 Star New Baltimore Michigan

69791 Bay voice New Baltimore Michigan

61520 Daily Star Niles Michigan

63834 Herald Ontonagon Michigan

63835 Weekly Press Owosso Michigan

61521 Argus Press Owosso Michigan

63836 Evening News Petoskey Michigan

68026 Graphic Petoskey Michigan

61522 News-Review Petoskey Michigan

63838 Northern Michigan Review Petoskey Michigan
68340 Super Shopper Petoskey Michigan

68027 Crier Plymouth Michigan
Miscellaneous Early
63840 Pontiac Michigan
61534 Oakland Press Pontiac Michigan

63841 Press Pontiac Michigan

63842 Weekly Press Pontiac Michigan

63843 Daily Times Port Huron Michigan

63844 Herald Port Huron Michigan

63845 Times Port Huron Michigan

61523 Times Herald Port Huron Michigan

63846 Herald Portage Michigan

69170 Freeway Reed City Michigan

63847 Reed City Herald News Reed City Michigan

60170 Rochester eccentric Rochester Michigan

63848 News Rose City Michigan

68839 Roseville Record Roseville Michigan

61524 Daily Tribune Royal Oak Michigan
Miscellaneous Early
63849 Royal Oak Michigan
63850 Tribune Royal Oak Michigan

60166 News Saginaw Michigan

60187 Saginaw courier herald Saginaw Michigan

MFA46 Saginaw Journal* Saginaw Michigan

60238 Saginaw morning herald Saginaw Michigan

61526 Daily Tribune South Haven Michigan

63852 Messenger South Haven Michigan
63853 Morning Sentinel South Haven Michigan

63854 Sentinel South Haven Michigan

63856 Tribune Messenger South Haven Michigan

63855 Weekly Tribune South Haven Michigan

68028 Herald South Lyon Michigan

63857 Jewish News Southfield Michigan

69166 Sanilac County Times Southgate Michigan

63830 St Clair Shore News St. Clair Shores Michigan

68335 Pioneer East Stanwood Michigan

69164 Menominee County Journal Stephenson Michigan

67990 Journal Sturgis Michigan

63866 West Valley News Swartz Creek Michigan
Flint Township/Swartz Creek
69726 Swartz Creek Michigan
63867 Herald Tecumseh Michigan

63868 News Tecumseh Michigan

63694 Southern Michigan Farmer Tekonsha Michigan

61527 Commercial Three Rivers Michigan
63869 Daily Hustler Three Rivers Michigan
63870 Herald Three Rivers Michigan
63871 News Reporter Three Rivers Michigan

63872 Reporter Three Rivers Michigan

63873 Reporter Three Rivers Michigan

63875 Times Three Rivers Michigan

63876 Tribune Three Rivers Michigan

63874 Western Chronicle Three Rivers Michigan

60171 Troy eccentric Troy Michigan
69142 Troy Somerset Gazette Troy Michigan

69567 Valley vanguard University Center Michigan

63881 Sentinel Utica Michigan

63882 South Macomb Progress Utica Michigan

63883 Tri City Progress Utica Michigan

63823 Fraser Herald Warren Michigan

63884 Tri City Progress Warren Michigan

63831 Van Dyke Centerline Press Warren Michigan

60172 West Bloomfield eccentric West Bloomfield Michigan
Ogemaw County Herald &
63885 West Branch Michigan
Herald Times
63886 Eagle White Cloud Michigan

63888 Post White Pigeon Michigan

63887 St Joseph County News White Pigeon Michigan

63889 Down River News Wyandotte Michigan

63890 Herald Wyandotte Michigan

63891 Herald Wyandotte Michigan

68637 Heritage Sunday Wyandotte Michigan

68292 Independent Wyandotte Michigan

63892 Lincoln Parker Wyandotte Michigan

69335 News Herald/Heritage Wyandotte Michigan

63895 News-Herald Wyandotte Michigan

63893 Southgate Sentinel Wyandotte Michigan

63896 Tribune Wyandotte Michigan

63894 Weekender Wyandotte Michigan

70386 Wyandotte Echo Wyandotte Michigan
63897 Commercial Ypsilanti Michigan

61529 Press Ypsilanti Michigan

69527 Post Bulletin Austin Minnesota

63904 Sentinel Bemidji Minnesota

63905 Weekly Journal Bemidji Minnesota

63906 Weekly Pioneer Bemidji Minnesota

63909 Commonwealth Duluth Minnesota

63910 Daily News Duluth Minnesota

63911 Daily Star Duluth Minnesota

63912 Daily Tribune Duluth Minnesota

63913 Evening Herald Duluth Minnesota

60500 Herald Duluth Minnesota

63914 Lake Superior News Duluth Minnesota

63915 Minnesotian Duluth Minnesota

60501 News Tribune Duluth Minnesota

63916 Weekly Tribune Duluth Minnesota

MFA47 Eureka Rundschau* Eureka Minnesota

68549 Sentinel Fairmont Minnesota

63919 Central Republican Faribault Minnesota

61538 Daily News Faribault Minnesota

63917 Democrat Faribault Minnesota

63918 Rice County Herald Faribault Minnesota

61540 Daily Tribune Hibbing Minnesota

63920 Transcript Little Falls Minnesota

61574 Democrat News Marshall Minnesota
68550 Independent Marshall Minnesota
Minneapolis Star and Tribune
60203 Minneapolis Minnesota
60154 Star Minneapolis Minnesota

60153 Star and Tribune Minneapolis Minnesota

60153.01 Star Tribune Minneapolis Minnesota

60155 Tribune Minneapolis Minnesota

MFA48 Dakota Freie Presse* New Ulm Minnesota
Fritsches New Ulmer
MFA49 New Ulm Minnesota
68562 Journal New Ulm Minnesota

MFA50 New Ulm Post* New Ulm Minnesota

61541 Owatonna People's press Owatonna Minnesota

63921 Agri News Rochester Minnesota

68355 Agri News (Eastern Edition) Rochester Minnesota

68400 Agri News (Iowa Edition) Rochester Minnesota

68356 Agri News (Western Edition) Rochester Minnesota

61542 Post Bulletin Rochester Minnesota

68216 Successful Business Rochester Minnesota
Agri News Southeast
68633 Rochester Minnesota
(Minnesota Edition)
61543 Times St. Cloud Minnesota

69336 Catholic spirit St. Paul Minnesota

MFA51 Der Wanderer* St. Paul Minnesota

MFA52 Minnehaha* St. Paul Minnesota

60502 Pioneer Press (A.M. Ed.) St. Paul Minnesota

60503 Pioneer Press (P.M. Edition) St. Paul Minnesota
Pravda (English Edition)
60174 St. Paul Minnesota
(Indexed 1986-1987)
MFA53 Tägliche Volkszeitung* St. Paul Minnesota

63922 Wanderer St. Paul Minnesota

63923 Gazette Stillwater Minnesota

MFA54 America Herold* Winona Minnesota

MFA55 Haus-und Bauernfreund* Winona Minnesota

MFA56 National Farmer* Winona Minnesota

MFA57 Rundschau* Winona Minnesota

MFA58 Westlicher Herold* Winona Minnesota

63934 Sea Coast Echo Bay St. Louis Mississippi

63937 Herald Biloxi Mississippi

61545 Herald Biloxi Mississippi
Keesler News & Seabee
68213 Biloxi Mississippi
61555 Sun Biloxi Mississippi

67991 Sun Herald Biloxi Mississippi

68266 Calhoun Journal Bruce Mississippi

68215 Monitor Herald Calhoun City Mississippi

31916 California-Arizona farm press Clarksdale Mississippi

63959 Daily Press Clarksdale Mississippi

63961 Delta Farm Press Clarksdale Mississippi

63962 Press Register Clarksdale Mississippi

63958 Banner Clarksdale Mississippi

68276 Sword and shield Clinton Mississippi

61546 Commercial Dispatch Columbus Mississippi

69052 Meteor Crystal Springs Mississippi

63983 Reveille Gloster Mississippi
63989 Times Greenville Mississippi

63998 Dixie Guide Gulfport Mississippi

61547 American Hattiesburg Mississippi

68279 Copiah County courier Hazlehurst Mississippi

64005 DeSoto Times Hernando Mississippi

64015 Times Post Houston Mississippi

60504 Clarion-Ledger Jackson Mississippi

60505 Daily News Jackson Mississippi

69053 State Times (All Editions) Jackson Mississippi

69054 State Times (City Edition) Jackson Mississippi
State Times (Mississippi
69055 Jackson Mississippi
68287 Baptist record Jackson Mississippi

64051 City Enterprise McComb Mississippi

64052 Daily Journal McComb Mississippi

64053 Enterprise McComb Mississippi

64054 Enterprise McComb Mississippi

64063 Courier Natchez Mississippi

64067 Democrat Natchez Mississippi

61082 Free Trader Natchez Mississippi

68015 News Leader Natchez Mississippi

64073 Times Natchez Mississippi

64065 Daily Free Trader Natchez Mississippi

68223 Mississippi State gazette Natchez Mississippi

69059 News Ocean Springs Mississippi

64079 Record Ocean Springs Mississippi
60115 Mississippi Press Pascagoula Mississippi

61199 Item Picayune Mississippi

68214 Pearl River County Shopper Picayune Mississippi

64096 Progress Pontotoc Mississippi

68415 Poplarville Democrat Poplarville Mississippi

64109 Hinds County Gazette Raymond Mississippi

61083 Southern Reporter Sardis Mississippi

64120 Sentinel Southaven Mississippi

69060 Southaven sentinel Southaven Mississippi

61551 Daily News Starkville Mississippi

64129 Journal Tupelo Mississippi

61552 Journal Tupelo Mississippi

69061 Mississippi Journal Tupelo Mississippi
Northeast Mississippi Daily
68536 Tupelo Mississippi
64131 Standard Tupelo Mississippi

61151 Union city times Union Mississippi

61553 Evening Post Vicksburg Mississippi

64141 Herald Vicksburg Mississippi

61554 Daily Times Leader West Point Mississippi

68280 Winona advance Winona Mississippi

68281 Winona Democrat Winona Mississippi

64161 Record Benton Missouri

61556 News Bulletin Brookfield Missouri

64162 Daily Republican Cape Girardeau Missouri

64163 Republican Cape Girardeau Missouri
61557 Southeast Missourian Cape Girardeau Missouri

64164 Daily Democrat Carrollton Missouri

67997 St Louis Countian Clayton Missouri
Flat River (now called
61560 St Francois County Journal Missouri
Park Hills)
64167 Daily Sun-Gazette Fulton Missouri

64168 Cole County Democrat Jefferson City Missouri

64169 Daily Democrat Tribune. Jefferson City Missouri

64171 Lincoln Clarion Jefferson City Missouri

64172 Tribune Jefferson City Missouri

64173 Weekly Democrat Tribune Jefferson City Missouri

64179 Call Kansas City Missouri

68552 Evening Times Kansas City Missouri

64177 Gazette Kansas City Missouri

60680 Star Kansas City Missouri

64178 Star Farmer Kansas City Missouri

64181 Press Leadwood Missouri

64193 Crimson & Gold Nevada Missouri

61568 Daily Herald Mail Nevada Missouri

68073 Daily News Springfield Missouri

68072 Leader Press Springfield Missouri

68074 News Leader Springfield Missouri

64203 Banner News St. Charles Missouri

69160 Courier Post St. Charles Missouri

61570 Daily Gazette St. Joseph Missouri

64204 Daily Herald St. Joseph Missouri
64205 Daily News St. Joseph Missouri

64206 Evening News St. Joseph Missouri

64208 Herald St. Joseph Missouri

61571 News Press St. Joseph Missouri

64209 American St. Louis Missouri

MFA59 Amerika* St. Louis Missouri

MFA60 Arbeiterzeitung* St. Louis Missouri

64210 Argus St. Louis Missouri

67996 Daily Record St. Louis Missouri

MFA61 Die Westliche Post* St. Louis Missouri

60122 Globe Democrat St. Louis Missouri

MFA62 Herold des Glaubens* St. Louis Missouri

MFA63 Mississippi-Blätter* St. Louis Missouri

60509 Post Dispatch St. Louis Missouri

60636 Post Dispatch St. Louis Missouri

64215 Sentinel St. Louis Missouri

BL St. Louis Globe-Democrat* St. Louis Missouri

60679 Sun St. Louis Missouri

BL Sunday Magazine* St. Louis Missouri

BL Toys and Novelties* St. Louis Missouri

64216 Trans Action St. Louis Missouri
St. Louis post dispatch
68283 St. Louis Missouri
Editorial pages
60234 St. Louis star-times St. Louis Missouri
Union and St Charles County
69161 Wentzville Missouri
St. Charles County business
69161.01 Wentzville Missouri
64217 Stillwater Enterprise Absarokee Montana

64218 Stillwater News Absarokee Montana
Alder Gulch (also
64219 Times Montana
called Alder Creek)
64220 Fairplay Alzada Montana

64221 Leader Anaconda Montana

64222 Magicland Times Anaconda Montana

64224 Independent Antelope Montana

64225 Pioneer Press Ashland Montana

64226 News Augusta Montana

64227 Times Augusta Montana

64228 Democrat Bainville Montana

64229 Valley Tribune Bainville Montana

64230 Advocate Baker Montana

64231 Belt Mountain Miner Baker Montana

64232 Fallon County Times Baker Montana

64233 Sentinel Baker Montana

64234 Project Pioneer Ballantine Montana

64236 Progress Basin Montana

64235 Progress & Mining Review Basin Montana

64237 Times Basin Montana

69188 Miscellaneous Newspapers Belfry Montana

64238 Gallatin County Journal Belgrade Montana

64239 Gallatin Farmer & Stockman Belgrade Montana

64240 Journal Belgrade Montana

64241 Happening Belle Creek Montana
64242 Valley Times Belt Montana

64243 News Benzien Montana

64379 Big Arm Graphic Big Arm Montana

64244 Graphic Big Arm Montana

64247 Mountaineer Big Sandy Montana

64246 Sentinel & Loma Leader Big Sandy Montana

64248 Express Big Timber Montana

64249 Pioneer Big Timber Montana

64250 Sweet Grass Tribune Big Timber Montana

64251 Yellowstone Leader Big Timber Montana

64245 Arcadian Bigfork Montana

64252 Daily Journal Billings Montana

64253 Evening Journal Billings Montana

64258 Herald Billings Montana

64259 Montana Oil Journal Billings Montana

64260 Montana Stock Gazette Billings Montana

64261 Montwyo News Billings Montana

64262 News Billings Montana

64263 Polygraph Billings Montana

64264 Retort Billings Montana

64265 Rimrock Echo Billings Montana

64266 Sentinel Billings Montana

64267 Times Billings Montana

64268 Times Billings Montana

64269 Tribune Billings Montana
64270 Western Livestock Reporter Billings Montana

64271 Yellowstone News Billings Montana

64272 Yellowstone Valley Recorder Billings Montana

64273 Age Boulder Montana

64274 Jefferson County Sentinel Boulder Montana

64275 Monitor Boulder Montana

64276 Sentinel Boulder Montana

64277 Voice of the Range Boulder Montana

64278 Valley Press Box Elder Montana

64279 Borrowed Times Bozeman Montana

61575 Daily Chronicle Bozeman Montana

64280 Exponent Bozeman Montana

64281 Gallatin County Republican Bozeman Montana

64282 Gallatin County Tribune Bozeman Montana

64395 High Country Bozeman Montana

64283 Weekly Chronicle Bozeman Montana

69189 Miscellaneous Papers Bridger Montana

64284 Times Bridger Montana

64285 Powder River Examiner Broadus Montana

64286 Herald Brockway Montana

64287 Glacier County Chief Browning Montana

64288 Glacier Reporter Browning Montana

64289 Review Browning Montana

61113 Bystander Butte Montana

64291 Daily Bulletin Butte Montana
64292 Daily Inter Mountain Butte Montana

61111 Daily Town Talk Butte Montana

64295 Eye Opener Butte Montana

64296 Labor World Butte Montana

64297 Magicland Citizen Butte Montana

64298 Miner Butte Montana

64299 Montana Catholic Butte Montana

61112 Montana Free Press Butte Montana

64301 Montana Labor News Butte Montana

61110 Montana Socialist Butte Montana

61114 New Age Butte Montana

61109 Reveille Butte Montana

61115 Tribune Review Butte Montana

64307 Weekly Miner Butte Montana
Camas (now called
64308 Hot Springs Exchange Montana
Hot Springs)
Camas (now called
64309 Sanders County Signal Montana
Hot Springs)
64310 Courier Cascade Montana

64311 Echo Cascade Montana

64312 Whole Truth Castle Montana

64313 Democrat Chester Montana

64314 Liberty County Times Chester Montana

64315 Signal Chester Montana

64316 Bulletin Chinook Montana

64317 Journal Chinook Montana

64318 News Chinook Montana
64319 Opinion Chinook Montana

64320 Acantha Choteau Montana

64321 County Independent Choteau Montana

64322 Montanian Choteau Montana

64323 Teton Chronicle Choteau Montana

64324 Teton Citizen Choteau Montana

64325 Teton Times Choteau Montana

64326 Banner Circle Montana

64327 McCone County Pioneer Circle Montana

64328 Miner Clancy Montana

64329 Herald Clyde Park Montana

64330 Herald Coffee Creek Montana

64333 Columbian Columbia Falls Montana

64331 Hungry Horse News Columbia Falls Montana

64332 Montana Review & Pred. Columbia Falls Montana

64334 Democrat Columbus Montana

64335 News Columbus Montana

64336 Stillwater Bulletin Columbus Montana

64337 Stillwater County Democrat Columbus Montana

64338 Tri County News Columbus Montana

64339 Independent Conrad Montana

64340 Independent Observer Conrad Montana

64341 Observer Conrad Montana

64342 Pondera County News Conrad Montana

64343 Tribune Conrad Montana
64344 Republican Culbertson Montana

64345 Searchlight Culbertson Montana

64346 Pioneer Press Cut Bank Montana

64347 Tribune Cut Bank Montana

64348 Western Breeze Cut Bank Montana

64349 Sentinel Darby Montana

64351 Leader Dayton Montana

64352 Powell County Call Deer Lodge Montana

64544 Silver State Deer Lodge Montana

64545 Silver State Post Deer Lodge Montana

64353 Silver State Post Deer Lodge Montana
Teagardens Recorder &
64354 Denton Montana
Denton Recorder
64355 Register Devon Montana

64357 Examiner Dillon Montana

64356 Tribune Dillon Montana

64358 Tribune Examiner Dillon Montana

64359 Wescolite Dillon Montana

64360 Call Drummond Montana

64361 Granite County News Drummond Montana

64362 News Drummond Montana

64363 Acantha Dupuyer Montana

64364 Sentinel Dutton Montana

64365 Wheat Center News Dutton Montana

64366 Record East Helena Montana

64367 Republican East Helena Montana
64368 Scobey Citizen East Scobey Montana

64369 Garfield County Journal Edwards Montana

64370 Eagle Ekalaka Montana

64371 Powell County Record Elliston Montana

64372 Journal Eureka Montana

64373 Tobacco Plains Journal Eureka Montana

64374 Tobacco Valley News Eureka Montana

64375 Times Fairfield Montana

64376 News Fairview Montana

64377 Times Fairview Montana

64378 Herald Fallon Montana

64380 Democrat Forsyth Montana

64381 Independent Forsyth Montana

64382 Journal Forsyth Montana

64383 Rosebud County News Forsyth Montana

64384 Rosebud County Record Forsyth Montana

64385 Times Forsyth Montana

64386 Times Journal Forsyth Montana

64387 Choteau County Independent Fort Benton Montana

64388 Daily River Press Fort Benton Montana

64389 River Press Fort Benton Montana

64390 Press Fort Peck Montana

64391 Tribune Froid Montana

64392 Herald Fromberg Montana

64393 Herald Galata Montana
64394 Journal Galata Montana

64396 Wonderland Gardiner Montana

64397 Carbon County Sentinel Gebo Montana

64398 Review Geraldine Montana

64399 Judith BasinTimes Geyser Montana

64400 Tribune Gildford Montana

64401 Courier Glasgow Montana

64402 Democrat Glasgow Montana

64403 Messenger Glasgow Montana

64404 Montana Citizen Glasgow Montana

64405 North Montana Review Glasgow Montana

64406 Record Glasgow Montana

64407 Times Glasgow Montana

64408 Valley County Gazette Glasgow Montana

64409 Valley County Independent Glasgow Montana

64410 Valley County News Glasgow Montana

64411 Dawson County Review Glendive Montana

64412 Ranger Glendive Montana

64413 Ranger Review Glendive Montana

64414 Reporter Glentana Montana

64415 Review Grass Range Montana

64416 Call Great Falls Montana

64417 Jet Line Great Falls Montana

61132 Leader Great Falls Montana

64419 Montana Catholic Register Great Falls Montana
64420 Montana Farmer - Stockman Great Falls Montana
Montana Oil Journal & Mining
64421 Great Falls Montana
Rocky Mountain
64422 Great Falls Montana
61577 Tribune Great Falls Montana

64424 Valley Advertiser Greatdale Montana

64425 Bitter Root Times Hamilton Montana

64426 Montana Liberal Hamilton Montana

64427 Ravalli County Democrat Hamilton Montana

64428 Ravalli Republican Hamilton Montana

64429 Western News Hamilton Montana

64430 Herald Hardin Montana

64432 Searchlight Hardin Montana

64433 Tribune Hardin Montana

64434 Tribune Herald Hardin Montana

64435 Enterprise Harlem Montana

64431 Milk River Valley News Harlem Montana

64436 News Harlem Montana

64437 Meagher County Democrat Harlowton Montana

64438 Musselshell News Harlowton Montana

64439 News Harlowton Montana

64440 Press Harlowton Montana

64441 Times Harlowton Montana

69182 Hartford Pioneer Hartford Montana

64442 Advertiser Havre Montana

64443 Daily Promoter Havre Montana
64444 Hi Line Herald Havre Montana

64445 Hill County Journal Havre Montana

64446 Independent Havre Montana

64447 Milk River Eagle Havre Montana

64450 Nomoco Havre Montana

64448 Plaindealer Havre Montana

64449 Press Havre Montana

64452 Hedges Herald Hedgesville Montana

64453 Bearcreek Banner Helena Montana

64454 Capital City Collegian Helena Montana

64455 Farmers Union News Helena Montana

64456 Fraternal Review Helena Montana

64457 Gallatin Voice Helena Montana

64458 Herald Helena Montana

64459 Herald Helena Montana

64461 Judith Basin Press Helena Montana

64462 Message Helena Montana
Montana Catholic Register
64463 Helena Montana
(Western Edition)
64464 Montana Mining Review Helena Montana

64465 Montana News Helena Montana

64466 Montana Plaindealer Helena Montana

64467 Montana Progressive Helena Montana

64468 Montana State News Helena Montana

64469 News Helena Montana

64470 People's Voice Helena Montana
64471 Press Helena Montana

64472 Register Helena Montana

64473 Western Progressive Helena Montana

64474 Westmont Word Helena Montana

64475 American Hingham Montana

64476 Hi Line Weekly Hingham Montana

64477 Review Hingham Montana

64478 Independent Tribune Hinsdale Montana

64479 Montana Homestead Hinsdale Montana

64480 Tribune Hinsdale Montana

64481 Judith Basin Star Hobson Montana
Camas Hot Springs
64482 Hot Springs Montana
64483 Citizen Hot Springs Montana

64484 Sanders County Signal Hot Springs Montana

64485 Sentinel Hot Springs Montana

64486 Journal Huntley Montana

64487 Echo Hysham Montana

64488 Midland Empire Farmer Hysham Montana

64489 Independent Ingomar Montana

64490 Index Ingomar Montana

64492 News Inverness Montana

64491 Ismay Ismay Montana

64493 Weekly Montanian Jennings Montana

64494 Journal Joliet Montana
64495 Liberty County Farmer Joplin Montana

64496 Times Joplin Montana

64350 Jordan Gazette Jordan Montana

64497 Times Jordan Montana

64498 Tribune Jordan Montana

64499 Journal Judith Gap Montana

64500 Bee Kalispell Montana

64501 Call Kalispell Montana

64502 Flathead Herald Journal Kalispell Montana
Flathead Monitor & Times
64503 Kalispell Montana
64504 Graphic Kalispell Montana
64505 Journal Kalispell Montana

64506 Journal (semi-weekly) Kalispell Montana

64507 Labor Journal Kalispell Montana

64508 Montana Grange News Kalispell Montana

64509 News Farm Journal Kalispell Montana

64510 Times Kalispell Montana

64511 Treasure State Labor Journal Kalispell Montana

64512 Chronicle Kendall Montana

64513 Miner Kendall Montana

64514 Courier Kevin Montana

64515 Review Kevin Montana

64516 Chancellor Kremlin Montana

64517 Richland County Leader Lambert Montana

64518 Tribune Laredo Montana
64519 Outlook Laurel Montana

64520 Sentinel Laurel Montana

64521 Independent Lavina Montana

64522 Argus Farmer Lewistown Montana

64523 Daily News Lewistown Montana

64524 Democrat Lewistown Montana

64525 Democrat News Lewistown Montana

64526 Fergus County Argus Lewistown Montana

64527 Fergus County Democrat Lewistown Montana

64528 Judith Basin News Lewistown Montana

64529 News Argus Lewistown Montana

64530 Herald Libby Montana

64531 Kootenai Times Libby Montana

64532 Montanian Libby Montana

64533 News Libby Montana

64534 Times Libby Montana

64535 Western News Libby Montana
Western News and Libby
64536 Libby Montana
64537 Ledger Lima Montana

64538 Gazette Lincoln Montana

61579 Enterprise Livingston Montana

64539 Herald Livingston Montana

64540 Park County News Livingston Montana
64541 Park County Republican Livingston Montana

64542 Post Livingston Montana

64543 Post Livingston Montana

64546 Miner Lump City Montana

64547 Phillips County News Malta Montana

64548 Inter Mountain Press Manhattan Montana

64549 Record Manhattan Montana

64550 Rocky Mountain American Manhattan Montana

64551 Gazette Marysville Montana

64552 Messenger Marysville Montana

64553 Mountaineer Marysville Montana

64554 Wave Medicine Lake Montana

64555 Graphic Melstone Montana

64556 Messenger Melstone Montana

64557 American Miles City Montana

64558 Boys Messenger Miles City Montana

69183 Daily Star Miles City Montana

64559 Independent Miles City Montana

64560 Weekly News Miles City Montana

69187 Yellowstone Journal Miles City Montana

64561 Borrowed Times Missoula Montana

64562 Daily Northwest Missoula Montana

64563 Daily Republican Missoula Montana

64564 Democrat Messenger Missoula Montana

64565 Democrat Weekly Missoula Montana
64566 Evening Democrat Missoula Montana

61127 Gazette Missoula Montana

61128 Herald Missoula Montana

64570 Journal Missoula Montana

64571 Missoula County Times Missoula Montana

61087 Missoulian Missoula Montana
Montana Fruit Grower &
64573 Missoula Montana
64574 Montana Kaiman Missoula Montana
Montana Kaiman & Montana
64575 Missoula Montana
64576 Montana Silverite Missoula Montana

61124 Morning Missoulian Missoula Montana

64578 Times Missoula Montana

61126 Weekly Gazette Missoula Montana

64580 Western Democrat Missoula Montana

69815 Miscellaneous Missoula titles Missoula Montana

64581 Independent Moccasin Montana

64582 Yellowstone News Mondak Montana

64583 Herald Montague Montana

64584 Independent Moore Montana

64585 Inland Empire Moore Montana

64586 Independent Nashua Montana

64587 Messenger Nashua Montana

64588 Herald Neihart Montana

64589 Miner Neihart Montana

64590 Chrome Dust Nye Montana
64591 Observer Opheim Montana

64592 Pioneer Park City Montana

64593 Pilot Paxton Montana

64594 Call Philipsburg Montana

64595 Citizens Call Philipsburg Montana

64596 Gregarian Philipsburg Montana

64597 Mail Philipsburg Montana

64598 Philipsburg Philipsburg Montana

64600 Leader Pinele Montana

64601 Plainsman Plains Montana

64602 Sanders County Democrat Plains Montana

61035 Herald Plentywood Montana

64604 Sheridan County Farmer Plentywood Montana

64605 Sheridan County News Plentywood Montana

64606 Herald Plevna Montana

64607 Flathead County News Polson Montana

64608 Flathead Courier Polson Montana

64609 Lake County Vista Polson Montana

64610 Lake Shore Sentinel Polson Montana

64611 Dispatch & Express Pony Montana

64612 Express Pony Montana
64613 Sentinel Pony Montana
Roosevelt County
64614 Poplar Montana
64615 Shopper Poplar Montana

64616 Standard Poplar Montana
64617 Rock Creek Record Quigley Montana

64618 Carbon County Chronicle Red Lodge Montana

64619 Carbon County Democrat Red Lodge Montana

64620 Carbon County Gazette Red Lodge Montana

64621 Carbon County Journal Red Lodge Montana
Daily News & Carbon County
64622 Red Lodge Montana
64623 New Idea Red Lodge Montana

64624 Picket Red Lodge Montana

64625 Picket Journal Red Lodge Montana

64626 Republican Picket Red Lodge Montana

64599 Republican Picket Red Lodge Montana

64627 Review Redstone Montana

64628 Review Reed Point Montana

64629 Pilot Richey Montana

64630 Independent Ringling Montana

64631 Pioneer Ronan Montana

64632 Courier Rosebud Montana

64633 Record Tribune Roundup Montana

64634 Dispatch Rudyard Montana

64635 Eastern Montana Clarion Ryegate Montana

64636 Weekly Reporter Ryegate Montana

64637 Independent Saco Montana

64638 Star Sand Springs Montana

64639 Yellowstone Valley Star Savage Montana

64640 Daniels County Free Press Scobey Montana
64641 Daniels County Leader Scobey Montana

64642 Independent Shelby Montana

64643 News Shelby Montana

64644 Promoter Shelby Montana

64645 Times Shelby Montana

64646 Tribune of Shelby Shelby Montana

64647 Enterprise Sheridan Montana

64648 Forum Sheridan Montana

64649 Herald Sidney Montana

64650 Richland County Chief Sidney Montana

64651 Tribune Square Butte Montana

64652 Post St. Ignatius Montana

64653 Judith Basin Press Stanford Montana

64654 World Stanford Montana

64655 Northwest Tribune Stevensville Montana

64656 Register Stevensville Montana

64657 Sun Sumatra Montana

64658 Rising Sun Sun River Montana

64659 Mineral County Press Superior Montana

64660 Mineral Independent Superior Montana

64661 Sunburst Sun Sweet Grass Montana

64662 Twin City Advocate Sweet Grass Montana

64663 Tribune Terry Montana

64664 Sanders County Ledger Thompson Falls Montana

64665 Herald Three Forks Montana
64666 News Three Forks Montana

64667 Pink Reporter Three Forks Montana

64668 Broadwater Opinion Townsend Montana

64669 Star Townsend Montana

64670 Echo Troy Montana

64671 Herald Troy Montana

64672 Tribune Troy Montana

69408 Troy ranger Troy Montana

64673 Independent Twin Bridges Montana

64674 Madison County Monitor Twin Bridges Montana

64675 Prairie Star Valier Montana

64676 Valerian Valier Montana

64677 Madisonian Virginia City Montana

69184 Southwestern View Virginia City Montana

64678 Times Virginia City Montana

64679 News Westby Montana

69185 Enterprise White Sulphur Springs Montana

64683 Meagher County News White Sulphur Springs Montana

64684 Meagher Republican White Sulphur Springs Montana
Rocky Mountain
64685 White Sulphur Springs Montana
64680 Daily Reminder Whitefish Montana

64681 Independent Whitefish Montana

64682 Pilot Whitefish Montana

64686 Jefferson Valley News Whitehall Montana

64687 Jefferson Valley Zephyr Whitehall Montana
64688 Montana Sunlight Whitehall Montana

64689 Pioneer Gazette Wibaux Montana

69186 Wickes Pioneer Wickes Montana

64690 Shields Valley Record Wilsall Montana

64691 Times Winifred Montana

64692 Times Winnett Montana

64693 Prospector Winston Montana

64694 Big Hole Basin News Wisdom Montana

64695 Big Hole Breezes Wisdom Montana

64698 Herald Wolf Point Montana

64696 Herald News Wolf Point Montana

64699 Promoter Wolf Point Montana

64697 Roosevelt Country News Wolf Point Montana

64700 Yellowstone Worden Montana

64701 Little Rockies Miner Zortman Montana

64702 Gage County Democrat Beatrice Nebraska

64703 Daily News Fairbury Nebraska

61582 Journal Falls City Nebraska

64704 Tribune Fremont Nebraska

61583 Tribune Fremont Nebraska

61584 Grand Island Independent Grand Island Nebraska

64705 Hub Kearney Nebraska

MFA64 Haus-und Bauernfreund* Lincoln Nebraska

MFA65 Lincoln Freie Presse* Lincoln Nebraska

61586 Daily Gazette McCook Nebraska
64707 Gazette Rancher Farmer McCook Nebraska
64708 Daily Press Nebraska City Nebraska
61588 Daily News Norfolk Nebraska

64710 Weekly News Norfolk Nebraska

64711 Daily Bulletin North Platte Nebraska

64712 Daily Telegraph North Platte Nebraska

61589 Telegraph North Platte Nebraska

64713 Telegraph North Platte Nebraska
America Herold/Lincoln Freie
MFA66 Omaha Nebraska
Amerika Herold und
MFA67 Omaha Nebraska
64714 Boys Town Times Omaha Nebraska

MFA68 Cincinnati-Kurier* Omaha Nebraska

64715 Daily Herald Omaha Nebraska

64716 Daily News Omaha Nebraska

64717 Daily World Omaha Nebraska
Die Weltpost und der
MFA69 Omaha Nebraska
64718 Evening News Omaha Nebraska

64719 Examiner Omaha Nebraska

64720 Excelsior Omaha Nebraska
Freie Presse und
MFA70 Omaha Nebraska
wöchentliche Tribüne*
MFA71 Milwaukee Herold* Omaha Nebraska

69716 Omaha Republican Omaha Nebraska

64721 Republican Omaha Nebraska

MFA72 Sonntagsblatt* Omaha Nebraska

MFA73 Sonntagspost* Omaha Nebraska
64722 Times Omaha Nebraska

MFA74 Volkszeitung Tribüne* Omaha Nebraska

64723 Weekly Herald Omaha Nebraska

64724 Weekly Tribune Omaha Nebraska
Wochenblatt der Omaha
MFA75 Omaha Nebraska
60514 World-Herald (Evening Ed.) Omaha Nebraska

60515 World-Herald (Sunrise Ed.) Omaha Nebraska

64725 Goldenrod Wayne Nebraska

64726 Daily York Times York Nebraska

61591 News Times York Nebraska

61592 Nevada Appeal Carson City Nevada
Nevada Appeal (Chronicle
67965 Carson City Nevada
64738 Villager Crystal Bay Nevada

64741 Daily Times Ely Nevada

64748 Eagle Standard Fallon Nevada
Review Journal (A.M. Final
61594 Las Vegas Nevada
Home Edition)
Review Journal (P.M.
68000 Las Vegas Nevada
Afternoon Edition)
Review Journal (P.M. Final
67998 Las Vegas Nevada
Home Edition)
Review Journal (Sunrise
67999 Las Vegas Nevada
64757 Voice Las Vegas Nevada

69773 El Tiempo libre Las Vegas Nevada

69758 Las Vegas mercury Las Vegas Nevada

69474 Nifty nickel Las Vegas Nevada

69678 Nevada state journal Reno Nevada

69760 Reno gazette-journal Reno Nevada
64774 Territorial Enterprise Virginia City Nevada

64780 Humboldt Star Winnemucca Nevada

60516 Monitor Concord New Hampshire

69315 Winchester Star Winchester New Hampshire

69614 Senior Scoop Asbury New Jersey

64787 Morning Press Asbury Park New Jersey

61596 Park Press Asbury Park New Jersey

64788 Shore Press Asbury Park New Jersey

64789 Sunday Press Asbury Park New Jersey

64790 Evening Union Atlantic City New Jersey

60517 Press Atlantic City New Jersey

64791 Review Gazette Atlantic City New Jersey

64792 Sunday Gazette Atlantic City New Jersey

64793 Sunday Press Atlantic City New Jersey

64794 Sunday Press & Gazette Atlantic City New Jersey

64795 Bulletin Bayonne New Jersey

64796 Evening News & Review Bayonne New Jersey

64797 Herald & Greensville Register Bayonne New Jersey
Miscellaneous Early
64798 Bayonne New Jersey
64799 Public Opinion Bayonne New Jersey

64800 Times Bayonne New Jersey

69752 News Belvidere New Jersey

69203 News Bernardsville New Jersey

69751 Blairstown press Blairstown New Jersey

61597 Evening News Bridgeton New Jersey
61608 Courier News Bridgewater New Jersey

64801 County Courier Camden New Jersey

60518 Courier Post Camden New Jersey

64802 Daily Post Camden New Jersey

64803 Democrat Camden New Jersey

64804 Evening Courier Camden New Jersey

64805 Mail Camden New Jersey

64806 Morning Post Camden New Jersey

64807 Post Telegram Camden New Jersey

64808 West Jersey Press Camden New Jersey

64809 West Jerseyman Camden New Jersey

64857 Gazette Leader Cape May New Jersey
Cape May Court
64810 County Gazette New Jersey
Cape May Court
68231 County Herald & Lantern New Jersey

64812 Leader Carlstadt New Jersey

69753 Chatham Township echoes Chatham New Jersey

64813 Courier Chatham New Jersey

64815 New Jersey Journal Chatham New Jersey

64816 Press Chatham New Jersey

64817 News Cherry Hill New Jersey

68211 Retrospect Collingswood New Jersey

64818 Township News Delaware New Jersey

61606 Home News East Brunswick New Jersey

68399 Independent East Brunswick New Jersey
64819 Jewish News East Orange New Jersey

68662 News Egg Harbor New Jersey

61598 Daily Journal Elizabeth New Jersey

68009 New Jersey Journal Elizabeth New Jersey

68315 Post Fort Dix New Jersey

60132 Record Hackensack New Jersey

61599 Hammonton News Hammonton New Jersey

64821 Item Hammonton New Jersey

64822 South Jersey Republican Hammonton New Jersey

60236 Gold Coast Magazine Hoboken New Jersey

MFA76 Rundschau* Hoboken New Jersey

60240 El Nuevo Hudson Jersey City New Jersey

BL Glos narodu* Jersey City New Jersey

60759 Go out Jersey City New Jersey

60112 Jersey Journal Jersey city New Jersey

NRP-17 Jewish Standard Jersey City New Jersey

NRP-18 NA Jersey City New Jersey

NRP-19 Nowy Dziennik Jersey City New Jersey

69650 This week in Bayonne Jersey City New Jersey

69651 This week in Jersey City Jersey City New Jersey

69602 Lacey Beacon Lacey New Jersey

69750 Ocean County citizen Lakewood New Jersey

69749 Ocean County daily times Lakewood New Jersey

64823 Observer Linden New Jersey

68990 Herald Little Falls New Jersey
68991 News Reporter Little Falls New Jersey

68992 Passaic Valley Journal Little Falls New Jersey

68560 Passaic Valley Today Little Falls New Jersey

68210 West Essex Tribune Livingston New Jersey

69599 Beach Haven Times Long Beach New Jersey

69754 Daily record Long Branch New Jersey

69600 Beacon Manahawkin New Jersey

69604 Long Beach Islander Manahawkin New Jersey

68230 Atlantic County Record Mays Landing New Jersey

64824 Recorder Metuchen New Jersey

61600 Daily Republican Millville New Jersey

68544 News Millville New Jersey

64825 Daily Record Morristown New Jersey

64826 Burlington County Herald Mount Holly New Jersey

69615 Mammouth Islander Neptune New Jersey

69556 Ocean County reporter Neptune New Jersey

69616 Ocean Islander Neptune New Jersey

69555 Ocean County observer Neptune New Jersey

69755 News-leader Netcong New Jersey

64827 Political Intelligencer New Brunswick New Jersey

64828 Sunday Times New Brunswick New Jersey

64830 Advertiser Newark New Jersey
Afro-American (New Jersey
64831 Newark New Jersey
68100 Catholic Advocate Newark New Jersey

60157 Evening News Newark New Jersey
60763.01 Journal of commerce Newark New Jersey

60119 Star-Ledger Newark New Jersey

64833 Sunday Call Newark New Jersey

64832 Evening News Newark New Jersey

64834 Leader North Arlington New Jersey

69718 Wildwood leader North Wildwood New Jersey

64836 Daily News Passaic New Jersey
Magyar szabdság/Hungarian
BL Passaic New Jersey

61607 North Jersey Herald Passaic New Jersey

MFA77 Passaic Wochenblatt* Passaic New Jersey

68653 Passaic City herald Passaic New Jersey

60216 Daily Guardian Paterson New Jersey

60220 Daily Press Paterson New Jersey

60223 Daily Register Paterson New Jersey

60224 Falls City Register Paterson New Jersey

60221 Intelligencer Paterson New Jersey

60219 Morning Call Paterson New Jersey

60215 News Paterson New Jersey

60217 Sunday Chronicle Paterson New Jersey

60222 Weekly Guardian Paterson New Jersey

60218 Weekly Press Paterson New Jersey

68437 Daily press Paterson New Jersey

60229 Morning news Paterson New Jersey

64837 Times Advertiser Pemberton New Jersey

64838 Evening News Perth Amboy New Jersey
Evening News (Home
64839 Perth Amboy New Jersey
64840 P D Review Piscataway New Jersey

64841 Central New Jersey Times Plainfield New Jersey

64842 Constitutionalist Plainfield New Jersey

64843 Courier News Plainfield New Jersey

64844 Daily Press Plainfield New Jersey

64845 Evening News Plainfield New Jersey

64847 Gazette Plainfield New Jersey

64846 Midstate Press Plainfield New Jersey

64848 Union Plainfield New Jersey

69147 Mainland Journal Pleasantville New Jersey

64849 Register Red Bank New Jersey

64850 Suburban Trends Riverdale New Jersey

69033 News Leader Rutherford New Jersey

64835 Cape May County Times Sea Isle City New Jersey

61601 Daily Register Shrewsbury New Jersey

68401 Monmouth Message Shrewsbury New Jersey

60622 Asian Wall Street Journal South Brunswick New Jersey

60629 Barron's Index South Brunswick New Jersey

60639 Wall Street Journal Index South Brunswick New Jersey

69786 Equinox Teaneck New Jersey

64851 Daily True American Trenton New Jersey
Dnipro: Official Organ of the
BL Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Trenton New Jersey
60520 Evening Times (Final Edition) Trenton New Jersey

67982 Sunday Times Advertiser Trenton New Jersey
64853 Times Trenton New Jersey

60519 Times Trenton New Jersey

60521 Trentonian Trenton New Jersey

69601 Tuckerton beacon Tuckerton New Jersey

61143 Hudson Dispatch Union City New Jersey

MFA78 New Jersey Post* Union City New Jersey

64854 Evening Journal Vineland New Jersey

68393 Millville - Daily Journal Vineland New Jersey

64855 Poultryman ( Atlantic Edition) Vineland New Jersey

68996 Poultryman (Dixie Edition) Vineland New Jersey

68995 Poultryman (National Edition) Vineland New Jersey
Poultryman (New England
68994 Vineland New Jersey
64856 Times Vineland New Jersey

61603 Times Journal Vineland New Jersey

69089 Leader Wildwood New Jersey

61609 Burlington County Times Willingboro New Jersey

69127 Mirror Willingboro New Jersey

69324 Premiere Weekly Willingboro New Jersey

61604 News Tribune Woodbridge New Jersey
Herald & Gloucester Farmer
64858 Woodbury New Jersey
and Columbian Herald
64859 Village Herald & Advertiser Woodbury New Jersey

68318 Airtides (McGuire AFB) Wrightstown New Jersey

64860 New Jersey Mirror Wrightstown New Jersey

61610 Daily Optic Las Vegas New Mexico

69174 Optic Las Vegas New Mexico
64864 Optic and Livestock Grower Las Vegas New Mexico

64868 Daily Range Raton New Mexico

61611 News Taos New Mexico

64871 Quay County Sun Tucumcari New Mexico

64872 Advertiser Addison New York

64873 Advertiser Addison New York
Advertiser & Woodhull
64874 Addison New York
64875 Voice of the Nation Addison New York
Enterprise & Harpersville
68515 Afton New York
64876 Argus Albany New York

64877 Country Gentleman Albany New York

64878 Evening Journal Albany New York

64879 Evening News Albany New York
Knickerbocker News (2 Star
64880 Albany New York
Knickerbocker News (5 Star
60523 Albany New York
Knickerbocker News (Home
60524 Albany New York
Final 1 Star Edition)
Knickerbocker News- Union
64881 Albany New York
Star (2 Star Edition)
64882 Knickerbocker Press Albany New York

64883 Sun Newspapers Albany New York

60525 Times Union Albany New York

61614 Recorder Amsterdam New York

64884 Advertiser Andover New York

64885 News Andover New York

64886 Advertiser Angelica New York

64887 Advocate Angelica New York
64891 Allegany County Republican Angelica New York

64888 Every Week Angelica New York

64889 Reporter Angelica New York

64890 Whig & Advocate Angelica New York

64892 Advertiser Auburn New York

64893 Daily Advertiser Auburn New York

68426 Daily Bulletin Auburn New York

69225 Daily Union Auburn New York

68497 Evening Auburnian Auburn New York

68498 Good Times Gazette Auburn New York

68769 Morning News Auburn New York

69226 Northern Christian Advocate Auburn New York

68158 Press Auburn New York

69227 Semi Weekly Journal Auburn New York

68771 Weekly Bulletin Auburn New York

69282 Weekly News and Democrat Auburn New York

68770 Auburn news and bulletin Auburn New York

68499 Auburn weekly union Auburn New York

68501 Cayuga Chief Auburn New York

68500 Cayuga County independent Auburn New York

69283 Messenger Baldwinsville New York

64894 Democratic Whig Journal Ballston Spa New York

64895 Journal Ballston Spa New York

69367 Batavia daily news Batavia New York

64896 Constitutionalist Bath New York
64897 Plaindealer Bath New York

64898 Steuben Advocate Bath New York

64899 Steuben Courier Bath New York
Steuben Courier & Steuben
64900 Bath New York
64901 Steuben Farmers Advocate Bath New York
Steuben Farmers Advocate &
64902 Bath New York
Prattsburg News
Bath miscellaneous
68414 Bath New York
64903 Daily Herald Beacon New York

64904 Evening News Beacon New York

64905 Journal Beacon New York

64906 News Beacon New York

69125 Record Bedford New York

64907 Genesee Valley Free Press Belmont New York
Republican & Saturday
68974 Binghampton New York
68973 Broome Republican Binghamton New York

69284 Phoenix Binghamton New York

61616 Press Binghamton New York

67983 Press & Sun Bulletin Binghamton New York

68972 Republican Herald and Iris Binghamton New York

69017 Standard Binghamton New York

61617 Sun Bulletin Binghamton New York

64909 Breeze Bolivar New York

64910 Republic Brockport New York

64911 Republic & Democrat Brockport New York

68813 Independent Bronx New York
68107 Riverdale Press Bronx New York

64912 Review Bronxville New York

68232 Review Press Reporter Bronxville New York
Bronzvil un ist Nuyork
NRP-20 Brooklyn New York
NRP-21 Brooklyn Jewish Chronicle Brooklyn New York

69168 Brooklyn Newspapers Brooklyn New York

68405 City Sun Brooklyn New York

64913 Eagle Brooklyn New York
Aurora und christliche
MFA79 Buffalo New York
MFA80 Buffalo Volksfreund* Buffalo New York

MFA81 Buffaloer Arbeiter-Zeitung* Buffalo New York

64914 Courier Express Buffalo New York
64915 Daily Courier Buffalo New York
Evening News (Sunday
64916 Buffalo New York
64917 Morning Express Buffalo New York

60653 News (All Editions) Buffalo New York

61619 News (Financial Ed.) Buffalo New York

69285 News (Overseas Edition) Buffalo New York
Sonntagsblatt des Buffalo
MFA82 Buffalo New York
Buffalo news - Change pages
68585 Buffalo New York
all editions
64918 Overseas Edition Buffalo New York

64919 Advocate Courier & Leader Camillus New York

69286 Ontario County Times Journal Canandaigua New York
Ontario Repository &
69287 Canandaigua New York
64921 Times Canaseraga New York
64922 Bee Canastota New York

64923 Bee Journal Canastota New York

64924 Courant Canastota New York

64925 Times Canisteo New York

64926 Commercial Adviser Canton New York

68754 Current Canton New York

68328 Hill News Canton New York

61621 St Lawrence Plaindealer Canton New York

69083 Republican Tribune Carthage New York

64927 Citizen Cato New York

68607 Daily Mail Catskill New York

68606 Greene County News Catskill New York

64929 Assembly Herald Chautauqua New York

64928 Chautauquan Daily Chautauqua New York

69020 Broome County Herald Chenango New York

64930 Madison County Times Chittenango New York

68978 Press Clifton Springs New York

68977 Review Clifton Springs New York

64932 Courier Clinton New York
Cohocton Valley Times &
64931 Cohocton New York
Corning & Blossburg
64933 Corning New York
64936 Corning Weekly Democrat Corning New York

64934 Daily Democrat Corning New York

64935 Daily Journal Corning New York

64937 Independent Corning New York
64938 Journal Corning New York

61622 Leader Corning New York

64939 Sunday News Corning New York

64940 Town Crier Corning New York

69288 Democrat Cortland New York

68631 Standard Cortland New York

61623 Standard Cortland New York

68080 Ledger Cross River New York

64942 Patriot Cuba New York

64943 Patriot & Free Press Cuba New York

64944 Post Cuba New York

64945 True Patriot Cuba New York

69014 Delaware Republican Delhi New York

69290 Star of Delaware Delhi New York

69289 Courier Deposit New York

68703 Echo Dryden New York

68702 Herald Dryden New York

68701 News Dryden New York

68704 Rumsey's Companion Dryden New York

64946 Tompkins County Rural News Dryden New York

64947 Observer Dundee New York

64965 Viewpoint Dundee New York

64948 Chautauqua Farmer Dunkirk New York

64949 Grape Belt Dunkirk New York

64950 Weekly Journal Dunkirk New York
64952 News Ellenville New York

64953 American Union Ellicottville New York

64954 Cattaraugus Republican Ellicottville New York

64955 Post Ellicottville New York

64956 Advertiser Elmira New York
Miscellaneous Early
64957 Elmira New York
61625 Star Gazette Elmira New York

64958 Sunday Telegram Elmira New York

64959 Bulletin Endicott New York

64960 Herald Fairport New York

64961 Herald Mail Fairport New York

64962 Monroe County Mail Fairport New York

68652 Perinton Fairport post Fairport New York

64963 Farmer Review Farmer New York

64964 Northern Allegheny Observer Fillmore New York

65115 Fishkill Daily Herald Fishkill New York

69787 Flushing daily times Flushing New York

69790 Flushing evening journal Flushing New York
Flushing evening journal &
69789 Flushing New York
Flushing evening journal
69783 Flushing journal Weekly ed. Flushing New York

69803 Long-Island times Flushing New York

69802 Public voice Flushing New York

68260 Courier Standard Enterprise Fort Plain New York

64967 Allegany County Republican Friendship New York

64968 Chronicle Friendship New York
64969 Volunteer Friendship New York

64970 Weekly Register Friendship New York

64971 Patriot Fulton New York

64972 Times Fulton New York

68180 Newsday weekly specials Garden City New York

64973 Advertiser Gazette Geneva New York

64974 Courier Geneva New York

64975 Expositor Geneva New York

61626 Finger Lakes Times Geneva New York

68609 Gazette Geneva New York

64977 Palladium Geneva New York

64978 Times Geneva New York

68610 Advertiser Geneva New York

64976 Gazette & general advertiser Geneva New York

68378 Otsego Gilbertsville New York

64979 Guardian Glen Cove New York

64980 Record Pilot Glen Cove New York

68688 Intelligencer Gloversville New York

61628 Leader Herald Gloversville New York

64983 Leader Republican Gloversville New York

64984 Morning Herald Gloversville New York
Chenango American and
64988 Greene New York
Whitney Point Reporter
64990 Times Greenwood New York

69294 Journal Courier Groton New York

69295 Mail Guilford New York
64991 Advertiser Hammond New York

64992 Herald Hammondsport New York

64993 Keuka Grape Belt Hammondsport New York

68979 Delaware Express Hancock New York
Hancock miscellaneous
68380 Hancock New York
68377 Budget & Miscellaneous Harpersville New York

64994 Journal Havana New York

68345 Newsday plus Hempstead New York

64995 Queens County Sentinel Hempstead New York

64996 Sentinel Hempstead New York

64997 Centre Island News Hicksville New York

68173 Illustrated News Hicksville New York

61630 Mid Island Herald Hicksville New York
Mid Island Times, Bethpage
64998 Hicksville New York
Newsgram, Syosset Advance
61631 Evening Tribune Hornell New York

64999 Times & Morning Times Hornell New York

65001 Evening Press Hornellsville New York

65002 Evening Tribune Hornellsville New York

65003 Steuben Signal Hornellsville New York

69197 Chemung Valley News Horseheads New York

69355 Houghton star Houghton New York

69383 Chatham Courier Hudson New York

61663 Register Star Hudson New York

69296 Republican Hudson New York

65005 Review Interlaken New York
69297 American Citizen Ithaca New York

65006 Chronicle Ithaca New York

68976 Chronicle and Democrat Ithaca New York

65007 Cornell Chronicle Ithaca New York

61632 Cornell Daily Sun Ithaca New York

69015 Cornell Graphic Ithaca New York

69427 Daily News Ithaca New York
Farmers Advocater &
65008 Ithaca New York
68083 Grapevine Ithaca New York

61633 Journal Ithaca New York

68773 Miscellaneous Ithaca New York

69031 Post Ithaca New York

65010 Steuben Farmer's Advocate Ithaca New York

68233 Times Ithaca New York

69016 Tompkins County Bulletin Ithaca New York

68689 Ithaca journal weekly Ithaca New York
Miscellaneous Cornell
68989 Ithaca New York
University Newspapers #1
Miscellaneous Cornell
69141 Ithaca New York
University Newspapers #2
65009 Steuben Advocate Ithaca New York

65011 New York Voice Jamaica New York

69041 Forum Jamaica New York

65013 Journal Jamestown New York

65014 Post Journal Jamestown New York

65012 Evening Journal Jamestown New York

69593 Jamestown morning post Jamestown New York
69027 Mayville sentinel Jamestown New York

69797 Times Larchmont New York

68157 Gleaner Lisle New York

65015 Daily Courier Lockport New York

65016 Union Sun Lockport New York

61635 Union-Sun & Journal Lockport New York

69808 Lockport union Lockport New York

60114 Long Island Press Long Island City New York

65018 Wayne Democratic Press Lyons New York

61665 Telegram Malone New York

61951 Daily Times Mamaroneck New York

65019 Mail Manhasset New York

65020 Press Manhasset New York

65021 Independent Villager Marathon New York

65022 Northern Observer Massena New York

65023 Observer Massena New York
News Review & Suffolk
69337 Mattituck New York
65024 Sentinel Mayville New York

65025 Sentinel & Chautauqua Era Mayville New York

69298 Bulletin Sentinel Monticello New York

69299 Republican Register Moravia New York
Madison County Leader &
65041 Morrisville New York
65042 Madison Observer Morrisville New York

65043 Mid York Weekly Morrisville New York

61637 Patent Trader Mount Kisco New York
61638 Argus Mount Vernon New York

65044 Free Press Naples New York

65045 Neapolitan Naples New York

65046 News Naples New York

65047 Record Naples New York

68574 Daily record Naples New York

65048 Independent Times New Paltz New York

65049 News New Paltz New York

65050 Old Dutch Independent New Paltz New York

65051 Times New Paltz New York

65052 Paragraph New Rochelle New York

65053 Press New Rochelle New York

61639 Standard Star New Rochelle New York

69800 Standard-star New Rochelle New York
Abend Blatt für die Arbeiter
NA-3 New York New York
Advance: Official Organ of the
BL Amalgamated Clothing Workers New York New York
of America*
BritishLib2 al-Bayan* New York New York

BritishLib3 al-Fatah* New York New York

BritishLib4 al-Huda* New York New York

BritishLib5 al-Jami'ah* New York New York

BritishLib8 al-Sha'b* New York New York

60533 American Banker New York New York

60628 American Banker Index New York New York
American Bottler (American
BL New York New York
BL American Hatter* New York New York
NRP-64 American Hebrew New York New York
American Hebrew and Jewish
BL New York New York
BL American Homes and Gardens* New York New York
American Journal of Railway
BL New York New York

65055 American Railway New York New York

BL American Shipbuilder* New York New York

BL American Silk Journal* New York New York
American Spectator: A
Kraus4 New York New York
Literary Newspaper*
Amerikanische Schweizer
MFA83 New York New York
61022 Amsterdam News New York New York

NRP-22 Answer New York New York
Arbeiter Zeitung (Workman's
NA-4 New York New York
MFA84 Arbeiter-Stimme* New York New York

MFA85 Arbeiter-Zeitung* New York New York
Asian Wall Street Journal
60623 New York New York
BL Atlantis* New York New York

65057 Barnard Bulletin New York New York

60534 Barron's New York New York

60532 Bond Buyer New York New York

65058 Book Review New York New York

MFA86 Buchdrucker-Zeitung* New York New York
Bulletin of the Council for a
MFA87 New York New York
Democratic Germany*
NRP-23 Byalistoker shtime New York New York
Camera Notes and Proceedings
BL New York New York
(Camera Club of New York)*
BL Child's Paper* New York New York
65061 China Daily News New York New York

NRP-24 China Press New York New York

70106 China Press/Qiao Bao New York New York

65062 Chinese Journal New York New York

BL Churchman* New York New York

65089 City Magazine New York New York

60536 City Tribune New York New York

Kraus5 Clipper* New York New York

65063 Columbia Spectator New York New York

BL Comrade* New York New York

65064 Daily Compass New York New York

62863 Daily Graphic New York New York

65065 Daily Mirror New York New York

61664 Daily News (All Editions) New York New York

60539 Daily News (Single Ed.) New York New York

65066 Daily Register New York New York

65067 Daily Tribune Index New York New York

65068 Daily Worker New York New York

BL Daily Worker* New York New York

NRP-25 Das Abend-Blatt New York New York

NA-5 De Norte a Sur* New York New York

NRP-26 Der Advokat New York New York

NRP-27 Der Arbeiter New York New York

MFA88 Der Arbeiter* New York New York

Kraus6 Der Aufbau* New York New York
MFA89 Der Aufbau* New York New York

NRP-28 Der Folksadvokat New York New York

BL Der Folksadvokat* New York New York

NRP-29 Der Hamer New York New York

NRP-30 Der Morgen Zshurnal New York New York

MFA90 Der Pfälzer in Amerika* New York New York

MFA91 Der Ruf* New York New York

MFA92 Der Sozialist* New York New York

NRP-31 Der Tog New York New York

BL Der Tog* New York New York

MFA93 Der Volks-Tribun* New York New York
MFA94 New York New York
Baeker Zeitung*
MFA95 Deutsche Genenwart* New York New York

MFA96 Deutsche Schnellpost* New York New York

MFA97 Deutsches Volksecho* New York New York

NRP-32 Di Idishe arbeyter shtime New York New York

NRP-33 Di Idishe bekers shtime New York New York

NRP-34 Di Naye tsayt New York New York

NRP-35 Di Naye varhayt New York New York
Di Nyu-yorker yudishe
NRP-36 New York New York
NRP-37 Di Tsaytung / News Report New York New York

NA-6 Di tsaytung / News Report* New York New York

NRP-38 Di Varhayt New York New York

MFA98 Die Einheitsfront* New York New York
Die Hummel: Wochenblatt für
MFA99 New York New York
MFA100 Die Neue Zeit* New York New York

MFA101 Die Reform* New York New York

MFA102 Die Republik der Arbeiter* New York New York

NRP-39 Dos Naye leben New York New York

NRP-40 Dos Vort bibliotek New York New York
Eco d'Italia: Rivista Italo-
BL New York New York

65069 El Diario New York New York

BL Electric Railway Journal* New York New York

BL Electrical Merchandising* New York New York

65070 Electrical Union World New York New York

NRP-41 Electronic News New York New York
Ethnikos kerux (The National
BL New York New York

65071 Evening Journal New York New York

BL Fatherland* New York New York

MFA103 Fatherland* New York New York
Fiaccola: The Italian Christian
BL New York New York

70018 Forverts New York New York

32484 Forward New York New York

BL France Amérique* New York New York
Frank Leslie's Illustrated
65072 New York New York
Frank Leslie's Illustrierte
MFA104 New York New York
NRP-42 Freie Arbeiter Stimme New York New York

BL Freie Arbeiter Stimme* New York New York
Friedr: Gerhard's deutsch-
MFA105 amerikanische Gewerbe New York New York
BL Fur Trade Review* New York New York
Kraus7 Fur Worker* New York New York

65073 Garment Worker New York New York

69018 Gazette New York New York
Gazette of the United States:
BL New York New York
New York and Philadelphia*

MFA106 Gegen den Strom* New York New York

MFA107 German American* New York New York

MFA108 Germany Today (Newsletter)* New York New York

BL Hearth & Home* New York New York
Hebrew Orphan Asylum.
NRP-43 New York New York
Report of the Annual Meeting
NRP-44 Hedger voyrker New York New York

61134 Herald New York New York

61090 Herald Tribune New York New York

65076 Herald Tribune Books Index New York New York
Herald: Gazette for the
65078 New York New York
65079 History in the Making New York New York
Hotel: Weekly NP of the Hotel
NA-7 Workers of New York. (New New York New York
York Hotel Trades Council)*
69531 Hoy New York New York

NRP-45 Hromadskyi holos New York New York
Idisher farmer. The Jewish
NRP-46 New York New York
Kraus1 Idisher Zshurnal* New York New York

BL Independent Mechanic* New York New York

MFA109 Inside Germany Reports* New York New York

IrishMF1 Irish People* New York New York

NA-8 Jewish Daily Forward* New York New York

Kraus2 Jewish Messenger* New York New York
NRP-47 Jewish Review New York New York
Jewish Social Service
NRP-48 New York New York
Association. Annual Report
60763 JoC Week New York New York

65081 Journal & Advertiser New York New York

65083 Journal American New York New York

60535 Journal of Commerce New York New York

60767 Journal of commerce New York New York
Journal of Commerce (Pacific
60531 New York New York
Journal of Commerce Export
60529 New York New York
Journal of Commerce Import
60530 New York New York
BL Journal of Commerce* New York New York

MFA110 Kampfsignal* New York New York

BritishLib6 Kawkab Amirika* New York New York

NRP-49 Khliborob New York New York

NRP-50 Kinder Zshurnal New York New York

BL Labor Action* New York New York

BL L'Adunata dei refrattari* New York New York

NA-9 Laiks* New York New York

BL Las Novedades* New York New York

60540 Law Journal New York New York

BL Leather Manufacturer* New York New York

65084 Ledger New York New York

Kraus8 Liberator (Eastman)* New York New York

BL Locomotive Engineering* New York New York

BL Manufacturer & Builder* New York New York
65085 Mercury New York New York

BL Metal Worker* New York New York

BritishLib7 Mir'at al-gharb* New York New York

NRP-51 Mizrahi veg New York New York
Mormon Newspapers of the
Kraus9 New York New York
Nineteenth Century*
65086 Morning Journal New York New York

BL Motorship* New York New York

65087 N.A.A.C.P. New York New York

BL National Car Builder* New York New York

Kraus10 National Lampoon* New York New York

60537 National Law Journal New York New York

60538 National Observer New York New York

60227 National Sports Daily New York New York
Natsional'na trybuna. Shliakh
NRP-52 New York New York
Natsional'na trybuna. Shliakh
NA-10 New York New York
MFA111 Neue Preußische Zeitung* New York New York

MFA112 Neue Volks-Zeitung* New York New York

NRP-53 New Masses New York New York

BL New Masses* New York New York

Kraus11 New York Age* New York New York

60659 New York Tribune index New York New York

Kraus12 New York Tribune* New York New York
New Yorker Criminal-Zeitung
MFA113 New York New York
und belletristisches Journal*
MFA114 New Yorker Herold* New York New York
New Yorker Schwaebisches
MFA115 New York New York
New Yorker Staats-Zeitung
MFA116 New York New York
und Herold*
MFA117 New Yorker Volkszeitung* New York New York

60528 Newsday (Nassau Edition) New York New York

60526 Newsday (Queens Ed.) New York New York

60527 Newsday (Suffolk Edition) New York New York
Noticiero Argentino Uruguayo
NA-11 New York New York
De Norte A Sur*
Noticiero Argentino
NA-12 New York New York
NA-13 Noticiero Argentino* New York New York

NRP-54 Novaia gazeta New York New York

67890 Novoye Russkoye Slovo New York New York

BL Novy Mir* New York New York

NRP-55 Novyi amerikanets New York New York

NRP-56 Novyi mir New York New York

MFA118 Nowy Dziennik New York New York

69647 NYPost sportsweek New York New York

BL Oil, Paint and Drugs Reporter* New York New York

NRP-57 Pioneer Woman New York New York

MFA119 Plattdeutsche Post* New York New York
Plumber and Sanitary Engineer
BL (Sanitary Engineer-Engineering New York New York
and Building Record)*
60136 Post New York New York

MFA120 Progress* New York New York
Progressive Age & Water Gas
BL Journal (Progressive Age Gas- New York New York
NRP-58 Prolom New York New York

NRP-59 Prolom New York New York

65090 Railway Age New York New York
Railway and Locomotive
BL New York New York

11549 Review of Books New York New York

BL Robotnik Polski* New York New York

NRP-60 Rossiia New York New York

70019 Russian Forward New York New York

NRP-61 Russkaia gazeta New York New York

NRP-62 Russkii vestnik New York New York

MFA121 Sachsen-Zeitung* New York New York

65092 Seafarer's Log New York New York

Kraus13 Seafarers' Log* New York New York

NRP-63 Sentinel New York New York

BL Sewing Machine News* New York New York

MFA122 Sociale Republik* New York New York

65093 Spectator New York New York

Standard New York New York

65094 Star New York New York

BL Street Railway Journal* New York New York

65095 Sun New York New York
Sunday Worker
65096 New York New York
(Pennsylvania Edition)
Technologist or Industrial
BL New York New York

65097 Telegram New York New York

BL Telegrapher* New York New York

60007 Times New York New York

60011 Times Book Review New York New York
60024 Times Index New York New York
Times Index (Microfiche
60028 New York New York
60010 Times Magazine New York New York

60027 Times Obituaries Index New York New York

BL Transit Journal News* New York New York

61032 Tribune New York New York

61135 Tribune New York New York
Tygodnik Polski (The Polish
BL New York New York

NRP-65 Ukrainski shchodenni visti New York New York

BL United Irishman* New York New York

60649 USA TODAY (Asian Edition) New York New York

NA-14 Vaba Eesti Sõna* New York New York

NA-15 Vaba Eesti Sõna* New York New York

MFA123 Vorwärts* New York New York
Wall Street Journal (Eastern
60541 New York New York
Wall Street journal (Vesicular
60621 New York New York
Eastern Ed.)
Wall Street Journal Clip File
60624 New York New York
/Stock,Bond & Commodity
Wall Street Journal Clip File/
60625 New York New York
General News
Wall Street Journal Clip
60626 New York New York
File/Corporate News
Weekly Statistic Sugar Trade
BL New York New York

65103 Worker New York New York

BL Worker* New York New York
World Journal (NY edition
NRP-66 plus local news from other US New York New York
Journal/Shi Jie Ri Bao
(NY edition plus local news
70107 New York New York
from other US regional
65105 World Telegram New York New York
65104 World Telegram & Sun New York New York

Kraus14 World* New York New York

Kraus34 Yank* New York New York

NRP-67 Yidishes Tageblatt New York New York

NRP-68 Yudishe gazeten New York New York
Annalist : a magazine of
60012 finance, commerce and New York New York
69874 Courier New York New York
Evening Journal Bulldog, Late
68677 New York New York
& City 10th home edition
60014 Family Circle New York New York

60013 Midweek pictorial New York New York
National Observer (Indexed
65088 New York New York
68668 New York herald index New York New York

69095 New York Thai New York New York
New York times cumulative
60026 subject and personal name New York New York
Newindex: environment
York times cumulative
60025 subject and personal name New York New York
index: Women
New York times Late edition
60001 New York New York
(East Coast) Silver format
70106 Qiao bao New York New York

65091 Review of Books New York New York
Wall Street Journal editorial
68535 New York New York
68981 Ontario County Journal Newark New York

68980 Ontario County Times Newark New York

68982 Ontario Messenger Newark New York

69046 Ontario Repository Newark New York

69300 Tioga County Herald Newark Valley New York

65106 Beacon News Newburgh New York
65107 City Press Newburgh New York

65119 Daily Journal Newburgh New York

65108 Daily News Newburgh New York

65109 Daily Press Newburgh New York

65110 Daily Register Newburgh New York

65111 Daily Star Newburgh New York

65112 Daily Union Newburgh New York

69301 Evening News Newburgh New York

65113 Evening Press Newburgh New York

65114 Evening Union Newburgh New York

65116 Gazette Newburgh New York

65117 Highland Courier Newburgh New York

61042 Hudson Valley News Newburgh New York

65118 Journal Newburgh New York

65120 Orange Telegraph Newburgh New York

65121 Sunday Telegram Newburgh New York

65122 Telegraph Newburgh New York

65123 Telegraph Newburgh New York

68727 Whig Press Newburgh New York
Newtown (now called
69804 Newtown register New York
65124 Democrat Niagara New York

65125 Democrat News Niagara New York

61640 Niagara Gazette Niagara Falls New York

69024 Quill and Press North Pharsalia New York

61641 News North Tonawanda New York
65126 Saturday Standard North Tonawanda New York

65127 Anti Masonic Telegraph Norwich New York

65129 Chenango Telegraph Norwich New York

61031 Journal Norwich New York

65131 Sun Norwich New York

68427 Chenango County titles Norwich New York
65128 Chenango Telegraph Norwich New York
61642 Journal News (rk) Nyack New York
69012 Journal & Advance News Ogdensburg New York
65133 North County Catholic Ogdensburg New York
61644 Daily Dispatch Oneida New York
65141 Dispatch Oneida New York
65142 Madison Shopper Oneida New York
69302 Daily Local Oneonta New York
68966 Daily Star Oneonta New York

69303 Evening News Oneonta New York

69304 Home and Abroad Oneonta New York

69305 Press Oneonta New York

69306 Spy Oneonta New York

68030 Star Oneonta New York

61952 Citizen Register Ossining New York

65143 Commercial Herald Oswego New York

65144 County Whig Oswego New York

65145 Daily Commercial Times Oswego New York

65146 Daily Palladium Oswego New York

65147 Daily Times Oswego New York

65148 Free Press Oswego New York

65149 Palladium Oswego New York
Palladium & Republican
65150 Oswego New York
65151 Times Journal Oswego New York

65152 Bee Ovid New York

65153 Gazette Ovid New York

65154 Gazette & Independent Ovid New York

69010 Blade Owego New York

69011 Daily Blade Owego New York

65155 Erwin Progress Painted Post New York

65156 Times Painted Post New York

65157 Courier Journal Palmyra New York

65158 Blade Peekskill New York

69307 Evening News Peekskill New York

65159 Highland Democrat Peekskill New York

65160 Highland Eagle Peekskill New York

65161 Republican Peekskill New York
61647 Star Peekskill New York
Westchester & Putnam
65162 Peekskill New York
69798 Star Peekskill New York

65164 Courier Penn Yan New York
65165 Democrat Penn Yan New York
Rushville Chronicle &
65167 Penn Yan New York
Gorham New Age
65169 Brighton Pittsford Post Pittsford New York
65170 Herald Plainview New York
65171 Press Republican Plattsburgh New York
61648 Daily Item Port Chester New York

69799 Item Port Chester New York

65172 Item Port Chester New York

65173 Daily Eagle Poughkeepsie New York
65174 Eagle News Poughkeepsie New York

61649 Journal Poughkeepsie New York
Miscellaneous Early
65175 Poughkeepsie New York
65176 New Yorker Poughkeepsie New York

65177 Sunday Courier Poughkeepsie New York
Poughkeepsie journal 2 Star
69440 Poughkeepsie New York
Poughkeepsie journal
69442 Poughkeepsie New York
American Edition
Poughkeepsie journal Ulster
69441 Poughkeepsie New York
69036 Review Pound Ridge New York

61069 News Prattsburgh New York

65179 Load Purchase New York

69338 Traveler Watchman Riverhead New York

65180 Abendpost Rochester New York

65181 Advertiser & Telegraph Rochester New York

65182 Anti-Masonic Enquirer Rochester New York

65183 Beobachter Rochester New York

65184 Catholic Courier Rochester New York

61650 Catholic Courier Journal Rochester New York

65185 Chronicle Rochester New York

68084 City Newspaper Rochester New York

65186 Daily Advertiser Rochester New York

65187 Daily Democrat Rochester New York

60542 Democrat and Chronicle Rochester New York

70406 El Mensajero Rochester New York

65188 Empire Star Rochester New York
65189 Evening Express Rochester New York
Evening Journal & Post
65190 Rochester New York
65191 Evening Times Rochester New York

65192 Gazette Rochester New York

65193 Herald Rochester New York

65194 Irondequiot Press Rochester New York

65195 Italian Weekly Rochester New York

65196 Jewish Ledger Rochester New York

65197 La Stampa Unita Rochester New York

65199 Labor Herald & Citizen Rochester New York

65200 Labor News Rochester New York
Miscellaneous Early
68579 Rochester New York
65202 Monroe Republican Rochester New York

65203 Morning Herald Rochester New York

65204 Observer Rochester New York

65205 Post Express Rochester New York

65207 Press Rochester New York

65206 Republican Rochester New York

MFA124 Rochester Abendpost* Rochester New York

65208 Sunday American Rochester New York

65209 Telegraph Rochester New York

65210 Telegraph Rochester New York

60543 Times-Union Rochester New York

65211 Union Rochester New York

65212 Union & Advertiser Rochester New York
65213 Upstate Business Journal Rochester New York
Voice and Miscellaneous
65201 Rochester New York
68578 Journal & post express Rochester New York

61651 Daily Sentinel Rome New York

68410 Mohawk Flyer Rome New York

69374 Prime Time Rome New York

65214 Roman Citizen Rome New York

65215 Sentinel Rome New York

68412 Sunday Sentinel Shopping Rome New York

65216 Telegraph Rome New York

65217 Times Roxbury New York

65218 Community Leader Rushville New York

68548 Adirondack Enterprise Saranac Lake New York

65221 Community News Saratoga Springs New York

65222 Daily Sentinel Saratoga Springs New York

65223 Evening Journal Saratoga Springs New York

65224 New York Recorder Saratoga Springs New York

68583 Saratogian Saratoga Springs New York

61653 Saratogian Saratoga Springs New York

65226 Sentinel Saratoga Springs New York

65227 Tri County News Saratoga Springs New York

65228 Whig Saratoga Springs New York

61654 Daily Gazette Schenectady New York

MFA125 Schenectady Herold-Journal* Schenectady New York

68906 Gold Coast Gazette Sea Cliff New York
65230 County Courier Seneca Falls New York

65231 Democrat Seneca Falls New York

65229 Reveille Seneca Falls New York

69308 Seneca County Commercial Seneca Falls New York

65232 Seneca County Press Seneca Falls New York

68986 News Sherburne New York

68983 Enterprise Shortsville New York

68988 Enterprise Sidney New York
Sidney newspapers
68338 Sidney New York
68428 Bee South Berlin New York

68381 Journal Springville New York

65233 Springville journal Springville New York

68985 Mirror Recorder Stamford New York

68984 Recorder Stamford New York

60126 Advance Staten Island New York

69309 Rockland County Messenger Stony Point New York

MFA126 Syracuse Union* Syracuse New York

69792 Mountain eagle Tannersville New York

61950 Daily News Tarrytown New York

65234 Northern Budget Troy New York

65235 Observer Budget Troy New York

65236 Record Troy New York

65237 Record (Evening Edition) Troy New York

65242 Record (Morning Edition) Troy New York

65238 Sunday Budget Troy New York
65239 Times Troy New York

65240 Times Troy New York

65241 Times Record Troy New York

MFA127 Troy Freie Presse* Troy New York

65243 Free Press Trumansburg New York

69007 Leader Trumansburg New York

69008 Tompkins County Sentinel Trumansburg New York

65244 Advertiser Union Springs New York

65245 Advocate Utica New York

65246 Daily Gazette Utica New York

65247 Daily Observer Utica New York

61656 Daily Press Utica New York

65248 Herald Utica New York

65249 Herald Utica New York

65250 Herald Dispatch Utica New York

65251 Journal Utica New York

65252 Morning Herald & Gazette Utica New York

65253 Morning Telegram Utica New York

61027 Observer Utica New York

61655 Observer Dispatch Utica New York

65256 Oneida Weekly Herald Utica New York

65257 Oneida Whig Utica New York

65258 Saturday Globe Utica New York

65259 Sentinel & Gazette Utica New York
65260 Slowo Polskie Utica New York

65261 Sunday Journal Utica New York

65262 Sunday Tribune Utica New York

68354 News Vestal New York

69310 Herald Victor New York

65263 Blade Walton New York

65264 Chronicle Walton New York

65265 Cyclone Walton New York

65266 Journal Walton New York

65268 Reporter Walton New York

65267 Reporter Walton New York

61039 Observer Waterloo New York

65270 Seneca County News Waterloo New York

65271 Seneca Observer Waterloo New York

61657 Daily Times Watertown New York

69369 Journal & Republican Watertown New York

69368 Livingston County News Watertown New York

69370 Massena Courier News Watertown New York

65272 New York Daily Reformer Watertown New York

65273 New York Reformer Watertown New York

65274 Democrat Watkins New York

65275 Express Watkins New York

65276 Review Watkins New York

65277 Schuyler County Chronicle Watkins New York

68987 Advocate Waverly New York
68391 Wayne County Mail Webster New York

65278 Cayuaga Chief Weedsport New York

69013 Cayuaga Chief Chronicle Weedsport New York

61659 Republican Westfield New York

65283 Argus White Plains New York

65284 Daily Press White Plains New York

65285 Daily Reporter White Plains New York

65286 Evening Dispatch White Plains New York

61660 Reporter Dispatch White Plains New York

68425 Sunrise White Plains New York

65287 Today White Plains New York
Journal news (ac) Central
69445 White Plains New York
70107 Shi jie ri bao New York ed. Whitestone New York

65288 Reporter Whitney Point New York

68905 Windham journal Windham New York

69312 Standard Windsor New York

65289 Examiner Yonkers New York

65292.01 Herald Yonkers New York

65290 Herald Yonkers New York

61661 Herald Statesman Yonkers New York
Miscellaneous Early
65291 Yonkers New York
65292 Statesman Yonkers New York

NRP-69 Voice Yonkers New York
Journal news (as) Southern
69444 Yonkers New York
69409 Yonkers city directory Yonkers New York
Yonkers statesman [Weekly
69805 Yonkers New York
69443 Journal News (an/ap) Yorktown/Carmel New York
New York and
BL Vienybe lietuvniku (Vienybe)* New York & Plymouth

65293 Sandhill Citizen Aberdeen North Carolina

65294 Herald Ahoskie North Carolina

65295 Hertford County Herald Ahoskie North Carolina
Roanoke-Chowan news-
69341 Ahoskie North Carolina
68531 Courier Tribune Asheboro North Carolina

60544 Citizen Asheville North Carolina

65296 Citizen Asheville North Carolina

60683 Citizen Times Asheville North Carolina

65298 North Carolina Citizen Asheville North Carolina

61666 Times Asheville North Carolina

65297 Citizen Times Editorial Pages Asheville North Carolina

65299 News Leader Ayden North Carolina

69431 Transylvania times Brevard North Carolina
Bryson City times
68375 Bryson City North Carolina
68374 Smokey Mountain Times Bryson City North Carolina

68542 Camp Lejeune globe Camp Lejeune North Carolina

65300 Moore County News Carthage North Carolina

65301 Chronicle Cashiers North Carolina

69432 Crossroads chronicle Cashiers North Carolina

61684 Chapel Hill News Chapel Hill North Carolina

60545 News Charlotte North Carolina

60546 Observer Charlotte North Carolina
69433 Cherokee one feather Cherokee North Carolina

61668 Tribune Concord North Carolina

69325 Independent Tribune Concord North Carolina

61669 Daily Record Dunn North Carolina

65302 Carolina Times Durham North Carolina

68604 Herald Sun Durham North Carolina

61145 Morning Herald Durham North Carolina

65303 Morning Herald & Sun Durham North Carolina

61685 Sun Durham North Carolina

61686 Daily Advance Elizabeth City North Carolina

68296 Bladen Journal Elizabethtown North Carolina

65304 Southeastern Times Elizabethtown North Carolina

69122 Christian Sun Elon North Carolina

65305 Progress Enfield North Carolina

69382 Carolina Flyer Fayetteville North Carolina

61122 Observer Fayetteville North Carolina

69165 Paraglide Fayetteville North Carolina

69176 Tiger Times Fayetteville North Carolina

61687 Times Fayetteville North Carolina

68031 Voice Speaking Fayetteville North Carolina

65306 Press Franklin North Carolina

68236 News Garner North Carolina

65307 Gates County Index Gatesville North Carolina

65308 Daily Argus Goldsboro North Carolina

65309 News Goldsboro North Carolina
61671 News Argus Goldsboro North Carolina

68297 Scope Goldsboro North Carolina

68997 Alamance Gleaner Graham North Carolina

68406 Alamance News Graham North Carolina

60547 News Record Greensboro North Carolina

60548 Record Greensboro North Carolina

65310 Record Greensboro North Carolina

68234 Accent Extra Greenville North Carolina

61672 Daily Reflector Greenville North Carolina

65311 Eastern Reflector Greenville North Carolina

65312 Times Grifton North Carolina

65313 News Messenger Hamlet North Carolina

65314 Daily Dispatch Henderson North Carolina

68240 Mid Atlantic Antique Henderson North Carolina

61673 Times News Hendersonville North Carolina

65316 Southern Enterprise High Point North Carolina

68290 News Hudson North Carolina

65318 Northampton News Jackson North Carolina

61017 Daily News Jacksonville North Carolina

67979 Kannapolis Citizen Kannapolis North Carolina

69223 Camper Kerr Lake North Carolina

68237 Weekly Gazette La Grange North Carolina

65320 Weekly Gazette La Grange North Carolina

68520 Exchange Laurinburg North Carolina

65321 News Topic Lenoir North Carolina
60022 Dispatch Lexington North Carolina

65322 Davidson Dispatch Lexington North Carolina

68810 Enterprise Mebane North Carolina

65323 News Herald Murfreesboro North Carolina
Roanoke Chowan News
65324 Murfreesboro North Carolina
69192 Lumbee News Pembrooke North Carolina

69204 Pembrooke Progress Pembrooke North Carolina

68539 Chatham Record Pittsboro North Carolina

69327 Chatham News Record Pittsboro North Carolina

65325 News Journal Raeford North Carolina

60549 News & Observer Raleigh North Carolina

65326 North Carolina Catholic Raleigh North Carolina

60550 Times Raleigh North Carolina

65327 Review Reidsville North Carolina

65328 Webster's Weekly Reidsville North Carolina

65330 Roanoke Chowan Times Rich Square North Carolina

65331 Record Robbins North Carolina

68351 Weekly Herald Robersonville North Carolina

65332 Hamlet News Rockingham North Carolina

65333 Richmond County Journal Rockingham North Carolina

61680 Post Salisbury North Carolina

68241 Citizen news record Sand Hill North Carolina

65336 Express Sanford North Carolina

61691 Herald Sanford North Carolina

Scotland Neck
65337 Scotland Neck North Carolina
Scotland Neck
69723 Scotland Neck North Carolina

68373 Chatham News Siler City North Carolina

65339 Pilot Southern Pines North Carolina

65340 Landmark Statesville North Carolina

65341 Record Statesville North Carolina

65342 Herald & Ruralite Sylva North Carolina

65344 News & Times Thomasville North Carolina

61683 Times Thomasville North Carolina

65345 Tribune Thomasville North Carolina

65346 Montgomery Herald Troy North Carolina

68954 Anson Record Wadesboro North Carolina

68953 Messenger & Intelligencer Wadesboro North Carolina
Anson Record-Messenger &
68955 Wadesboro North Carolina
69072 Mountaineer Waynesville North Carolina

67895 Smoky Mountain News Waynesville North Carolina

68177 Enterprise Williamston North Carolina

65347 Advertiser Wilmington North Carolina

65348 Cape Fear Record Wilmington North Carolina

65349 Chronicle Wilmington North Carolina

65350 Daily Herald Wilmington North Carolina

65351 Daily Journal Wilmington North Carolina

65352 Herald Wilmington North Carolina

60021 Morning Star Wilmington North Carolina

60021.01 Morning star Wilmington North Carolina
People's Press & Wilmington
65353 Wilmington North Carolina
65354 Star News Wilmington North Carolina

60021.02 Star-news Wilmington North Carolina

65355 Tri Weekly Commercial Wilmington North Carolina

61689 Daily Times Wilson North Carolina

65356 Bertie Ledger Advance Windsor North Carolina

60141 Salem Winston North Carolina

60137 Salem - Evening Star Winston North Carolina

60138 Salem Journal Winston North Carolina

60139 Salem Weekly Sentinel Winston North Carolina

60140 Western Sentinel Winston North Carolina

60237 Twin City daily sentinel Winston-Salem North Carolina

MFA128 Der Staats-Anzeiger* Bismarck North Dakota

60551 Tribune Bismarck North Dakota

65357 Daily Argus Fargo North Dakota

60552 Forum Fargo North Dakota
Forum & Daily Tribune
65358 Fargo North Dakota
(Morning Edition)
65359 Sunday Argus Fargo North Dakota

61692 Herald Grand Forks North Dakota
Volkszeitung, Mandan and
MFA129 Mandan North Dakota
Winona, MN*
65360 Daily News Minot North Dakota

68491 Extra Minot North Dakota

68243 Sentry Minot North Dakota

68161 Times Record Valley City North Dakota

60553 Beacon Journal Akron Ohio
65361 City Times Akron Ohio

65362 Evening Times Akron Ohio
Miscellaneous Early
65363 Akron Ohio
65364 Press Akron Ohio

65365 Summit County Beacon Akron Ohio

65366 Times Press Akron Ohio

61693 Alliance review Alliance Ohio

65367 News Times Amherst Ohio

69078 Early Bird Arcanum Ohio

65368 Brethren Evangelist Ashland Ohio

65369 Gazette Ashland Ohio

65370 Press Ashland Ohio

65371 Times Ashland Ohio

61096 Times Gazette Ashland Ohio

65372 Union Ashland Ohio

65373 Beacon Ashtabula Ohio
Miscellaneous Early
65376 Athens Ohio
65377 Advocate Aurora Ohio

69611 Hudson monthly Aurora Ohio

65378 Herald Barberton Ohio

65379 Leader Barberton Ohio

65380 News Barberton Ohio

65381 Post Barberton Ohio

69697 Beavercreek news current Beavercreek Ohio

68329 Times Register Bedford Ohio
68332 Maple Heights press Bedford Ohio

61695 Daily Examiner Bellefontaine Ohio

61696 Gazette Bellevue Ohio

65382 Advertiser Berea Ohio

65383 Enterprise Berea Ohio

65384 Grindstone City Advertiser Berea Ohio

65385 News Berea Ohio

65386 Republican & Advertiser Berea Ohio

65387 Shopping News Berea Ohio

65388 Daily Sentinel Tribune Bowling Green Ohio

65389 Wood County Sentinel Bowling Green Ohio

65390 Wood County Tribune Bowling Green Ohio

65391 Democrat Bryan Ohio

65392 Press Bryan Ohio

68245 Times Bryan Ohio

65393 Times Bryan Ohio

65394 Democrat Sentinel Cadiz Ohio

65526 Harrison News Herald Cadiz Ohio

65395 Republican Cadiz Ohio

65396 Daily Guernsey Times Cambridge Ohio

65397 Herald Cambridge Ohio

65398 Jeffersonian Cambridge Ohio

65399 News Cambridge Ohio

65400 Republican Press Cambridge Ohio
Republican Press & Weekly
65401 Cambridge Ohio
Guernsey Times
65402 Times Cambridge Ohio

65403 Weekly Guernsey Times Cambridge Ohio

65407 Exponent Chagrin Falls Ohio
Chicago Junction
65408 Chicago Times Ohio
(now called Willard)
61700 Gazette Chillicothe Ohio

Appalachian Advocate Cincinnati Ohio
Centinel of the Northwest
65410 Cincinnati Ohio
MFA130 Cincinnatier freie Presse* Cincinnati Ohio

65411 Commercial Tribune Cincinnati Ohio

MFA131 Die Deborah* Cincinnati Ohio

65412 Enquirer (City Edition) Cincinnati Ohio

60554 Enquirer (Final Ed.) Cincinnati Ohio

65413 Enquirer (Kentucky Edition) Cincinnati Ohio

65414 Herald Cincinnati Ohio

BritishLib89 Industrial Press* Cincinnati Ohio

65415 Philanthropist Cincinnati Ohio

60143 Post Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati enquirer
67970 Cincinnati Ohio
Composite pages
65416 Ameriska Domovina Cleveland Ohio
Call & Post (Cincinnati
68007 Cleveland Ohio
Call & Post (Cleveland
61023 Cleveland Ohio
Call & Post (Columbus
68006 Cleveland Ohio
68836 Call & Post (State Edition) Cleveland Ohio
65418 Daily Herald Cleveland Ohio

65419 Daily Iron Trade Cleveland Ohio

65420 Daily Metal Trade Cleveland Ohio

65421 Daily True Democrat Cleveland Ohio

65422 Dirva (The Field) Cleveland Ohio

65423 Family Visitor Cleveland Ohio

NA-16 Finance and Industry* Cleveland Ohio

65424 Jutrzenka Cleveland Ohio

65425 La Voce del Popolo Italiano Cleveland Ohio
Miscellaneous Early
65426 Cleveland Ohio
65427 Morning Leader Cleveland Ohio

65428 News Cleveland Ohio

65429 Ohio Farmer Cleveland Ohio

65430 Plain Dealer Cleveland Ohio

60103 Plain Dealer Cleveland Ohio

MFA132 Plattdeutsche Post* Cleveland Ohio

65432 Polish Daily News Cleveland Ohio

65433 Polonia Ameryce Cleveland Ohio

65434 Pravo Cleveland Ohio

65435 Press Cleveland Ohio

BL Radnicke borba* Cleveland Ohio

NRP-70 Robitnyk Cleveland Ohio

MFA133 Saxon News Volksblatt* Cleveland Ohio
MFA134 Cleveland Ohio
Amerikanisches Volksblatt*
65436 Voice of the League Cleveland Ohio
MFA135 Wächter und Anzeiger* Cleveland Ohio

NRP-71 Young Israel Cleveland Ohio

65431 Plain dealer Cleveland Ohio

68248 Sun observer Cleveland Ohio

65437 Dispatch Cleveland Heights Ohio

65438 Journal Cleveland Heights Ohio

65439 Press Cleveland Heights Ohio

65440 Shaker Press Cleveland Heights Ohio

65441 Sun Press Cleveland Heights Ohio

65442 Challenger Columbus Ohio

65443 Citizen Columbus Ohio

60555 Citizen Journal Columbus Ohio

MFA136 Columbus Herold* Columbus Ohio

60556 Dispatch Columbus Ohio

68090 Messenger, Eastside Columbus Ohio

68091 Messenger, Southeast Columbus Ohio

68092 Messenger, Southwest Columbus Ohio

68093 Messenger, Westside Columbus Ohio

65444 Ohio Mining Journal Columbus Ohio

61108 Ohio State Journal Columbus Ohio

65446 Ohio State Journal Columbus Ohio

68818 Mid Ohio golfer Columbus Ohio

69646 Northwest Columbus news Columbus Ohio

68665 Other paper Columbus Ohio
65449 Upper Arlington News Columbus Ohio

68577 Commentator Coshocton Ohio

69534 Coshocton daily times Coshocton Ohio

65452 Coshocton Democrat Coshocton Ohio

69535 Coshocton news Coshocton Ohio

61702 Coshocton tribune Coshocton Ohio

65450 Coshocton weekly age Coshocton Ohio

65453 Democratic Standard Coshocton Ohio

65451 Times-age Coshocton Ohio
Zanesville news Coshocton
69533 Coshocton Ohio
65668 News Press Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
Dalton Gazette & Kidron
69067 Dalton Ohio
65458 Daily Herald & Empire Dayton Ohio

65459 Daily Monitor Dayton Ohio

60557 Daily News Dayton Ohio

60674 Daily News Dayton Ohio
Daily News, The Journal
60667 Dayton Ohio
65460 Evening Herald Dayton Ohio

65461 Evening News Dayton Ohio

MFA137 Gross-Daytoner Zeitung* Dayton Ohio

65462 Herald Dayton Ohio

65463 Journal Dayton Ohio

60558 Journal Herald Dayton Ohio

65466 Evening News Defiance Ohio

61703 Gazette Delaware Ohio
65474 Tri County Weekly News Doylestown Ohio

65475 Doings Dresden Ohio

65476 Transcript Dresden Ohio

68359 Register Herald Eaton Ohio

Lorain - Miscellaneous Early
65483 Elyria Ohio
65484 News-Journal Euclid Ohio

65485 Observer Euclid Ohio

68246 Sun Journal Euclid Ohio

61707 Daily Herald Fairborn Ohio

65486 Miami Valley Farmer Fairborn Ohio

65488 Osborn Fairborn Herald Fairborn Ohio

65487 Osborn Star & Local Fairborn Ohio

65489 Tri County Herald Fairborn Ohio

61708 Courier Findlay Ohio

65490 Republican Findlay Ohio

65491 Daily Dispatch Fostoria Ohio

65492 Daily Review Fostoria Ohio

65493 Daily Review Dispatch Fostoria Ohio

65494 Daily Times Fostoria Ohio

65495 Review Fostoria Ohio

65496 Review Dispatch Fostoria Ohio

61709 Review Times Fostoria Ohio

65497 Weekly News Fostoria Ohio

65498 Chronicle Franklin Ohio
68561 Franklin Chronicle Franklin Ohio

65499 Tri County American Frazeysburg Ohio

65500 Press Freeport Ohio

65501 Press Herald Freeport Ohio

68170 News Messenger Fremont Ohio

65502 Daily Leader Galion Ohio

65503 Inquirer Galion Ohio

61710 Inquirer Galion Ohio

65504 Republican Free Press Galion Ohio

65505 Sun Galion Ohio

61711 Galllipolis Daily Tribune Gallipolis Ohio

65506 Derrick Gibsonburg Ohio

65507 Grit Bicentennial Collection Girard Ohio

65508 Grit Faiver Collection Girard Ohio

65509 News Girard Ohio

65510 Tri County News Grand Rapids Ohio

65511 Times Granville Ohio

68186 Shoppers helper Greenwich Ohio

65513 Butler County Democrat Hamilton Ohio

65515 Daily Democrat Hamilton Ohio

65516 Daily News Hamilton Ohio

65517 Daily Republican Hamilton Ohio

65518 Daily Republican News Hamilton Ohio

65519 Evening Democrat Hamilton Ohio

65520 Evening Journal Hamilton Ohio
65522 Hamilton Sun Hamilton Ohio

65525 Weekly Sun Hamilton Ohio

65527 News Reporter Hubbard Ohio

65528 Citizen Hudson Ohio

65529 Enterprise Hudson Ohio

65530 Family Visitor Hudson Ohio

65531 Herald Hudson Ohio

68489 Hub Times - Sunday Hudson Ohio

65532 Hub Times Wendesday Hudson Ohio

65533 Independent Hudson Ohio

65534 North Summit Times Hudson Ohio

65535 Observer & Telegraph Hudson Ohio

65536 Ohio Observer Hudson Ohio

65538 Times Hudson Ohio

65539 Western Intelligencer Hudson Ohio
Hudson hub times-
69671 Hudson Ohio
65537 Ohio Star Hudson Ohio

65540 Commercial Advertiser Huron Ohio

65541 Erie County Reporter Huron Ohio

61714 Tribune Ironton Ohio
Jackson Vinton Journal
69167 Jackson Ohio
69375 Times Journal Jackson Ohio

65542 Independent Johnstown Ohio

65543 Sentinel Kalida Ohio

65544 Venture Kalida Ohio
61715 Times Kenton Ohio

65545 News Kidron Ohio

65546 Post Lakewood Ohio

65547 Post & West Shore Post Lakewood Ohio

65548 Press Lakewood Ohio

65549 Sun Post Lakewood Ohio

65550 Daily Eagle Lancaster Ohio

65551 Daily Gazette Lancaster Ohio

61716 Lancaster eagle gazette Lancaster Ohio

69045 Sunday Western Star Lebanon Ohio

65552 Warren County News Lebanon Ohio

65553 Waynesville News Lebanon Ohio

68251 Western Star Lebanon Ohio

68277 Madison Messenger London Ohio

65560 Daily News Lorain Ohio
Miscellaneous Early
65562 Lorain Ohio
61718 Morning Journal Lorain Ohio

65561 Times Herald Lorain Ohio

65563 Herald Louisville Ohio

65564 Advertiser Manhattan Ohio

65565 Daily Shield Mansfield Ohio

65566 Herald Mansfield Ohio

65567 Journal Mansfield Ohio

65568 Ohio Liberal Mansfield Ohio

65569 Richland Shield and Banner Mansfield Ohio
65570 Weekly Herald Mansfield Ohio

61719 News Journal Mansfield Ohio

68521 Peninsular News Marblehead Ohio
American Friend and Marietta
65573 Marietta Ohio
61720 Daily Times Marietta Ohio

69048 Muskingum Valley Review Marietta Ohio

65574 Sunday Times Marietta Ohio

68690 Times Marietta Ohio

69430 Marietta A.M. Marietta Ohio

65575 Star Marion Ohio

61721 Star Marion Ohio

67961 Times Leader Martins Ferry Ohio

69195 Vinton County Courier McArthur Ohio

61724 Medina County Gazette Medina Ohio
Medina County Gazette &
65578 Medina Ohio
Miscellaneous Early
65579 Medina Ohio
65580 Sentinel Medina Ohio

65581 Monitor Mentor Ohio

65582 Bulletin Miamisburg Ohio

61725 West Carollton-News Miamisburg Ohio

65583 Butler County Signal Middletown Ohio

65584 Daily Signal Middletown Ohio

65585 Emblem Middletown Ohio

65586 Friday Noon Middletown Ohio

65587 Herald Middletown Ohio
65588 Mail & Farmer Middletown Ohio

65589 News Signal & Pred. Middletown Ohio

65590 Signal Middletown Ohio
Middletown miscellaneous
68952 Middletown Ohio
65591 Advertiser Milan Ohio

65592 Tribune Milan Ohio

65593 Holmes County Farmer Hub Millersburg Ohio

68108 Little Miami Express Morrow Ohio

65594 Daily Banner Mount Vernon Ohio

65595 Democratic Banner Mount Vernon Ohio
Knox County Republican
65596 Mount Vernon Ohio
61727 News Mount Vernon Ohio

65597 Republican Mount Vernon Ohio

65598 Republican News Mount Vernon Ohio

65601 Enterprise New Concord Ohio

65602 Leader New Concord Ohio

65603 Muscol Juan New Concord Ohio

65604 Muskingum Messenger New Concord Ohio

61728 New London Record New London Ohio

61729 Advocate Newark Ohio

65611 Weekly Advocate Newark Ohio

65615 Beacon North Baltimore Ohio

65616 News North Baltimore Ohio

65623 Town Crier Olmsted Falls Ohio

65624 Courier Crescent Orrville Ohio
65625 Crescent Orrville Ohio

69134 Horizons Orrville Ohio
North Central Business
69133 Orrville Ohio
60362 Orr Views Orrville Ohio
Wayne Holmes Senior
69135 Orrville Ohio
69648 Orrville journal Orrville Ohio

65626 Putnam County Sentinel Ottawa Ohio

61963 Press Oxford Ohio

65628 Lake County Herald Painesville Ohio

65629 Mentor Morning Monitor Painesville Ohio

65630 Messenger Perrysburg Ohio

65631 Messenger Journal Perrysburg Ohio

65638 Clarion Poland Ohio

61734 Daily Sentinel Pomeroy Ohio

65639 Daily News Port Clinton Ohio

65640 News Herald Port Clinton Ohio

65641 Daily Evening Tribune Portsmouth Ohio
Miscellaneous Early
65643 Ravenna Ohio
Record Courier - Tribune &
61736 Ravenna Ohio
65644 Gazette Richwood Ohio

65645 Star Route News Risingsun Ohio

65646 Ohio Independent Press Rossville Ohio

65647 Weekly Sentinel Rossville Ohio

65648 Western Telegraph Rossville Ohio

65654 Local Sandusky Ohio
68010 Register Sandusky Ohio

65657 Star Sandusky Ohio

65653 Weekly Journal Sandusky Ohio
Shreve news and
68564 Shreve Ohio
miscellaneous titles
61754 Daily News Sidney Ohio

65661 Journal Sidney Ohio

65662 Journal Gazette Sidney Ohio

65663 Shelby County Democrat Sidney Ohio

68831 Sidney miscellaneous Sidney Ohio

68699 Sentinel South Charleston Ohio

69291 Citizen South Euclid Ohio

69292 Messenger South Euclid Ohio

67989 Star Free Press Springboro Ohio

65664 Daily Republic Springfield Ohio

68671 News Springfield Ohio

61739 News Sun A.M. Springfield Ohio

61740 News Sun P.M. Springfield Ohio

65665 Press Republic Springfield Ohio

68055 Register Steubenville Ohio

68321 Bulletin Stow Ohio

68313 News Leader Stow Ohio

65669 Sentry Stow Ohio

68698 Gateway News Streetsboro Ohio

65670 Budget Sugarcreek Ohio

65671 News Sunbury Ohio
65672 Express Tallmadge Ohio

61742 Advertiser Tribune Tiffin Ohio

65673 Seneca Patriot Tiffin Ohio

65674 Bee Toledo Ohio

68537 Blade Toledo Ohio

60559 Blade Toledo Ohio

65676 Bronze Raven Toledo Ohio

65678 Commercial Toledo Ohio

65679 Evening Bee Toledo Ohio

65680 Manhattan Advertiser Toledo Ohio

65681 News Bee Toledo Ohio

65682 Script Toledo Ohio

65683 Sepia City Press Toledo Ohio

65684 Sunday Times Toledo Ohio

65685 Times Toledo Ohio

MFA138 Toledo Express* Toledo Ohio

MFA139 Toledoer Sonntagszeitung* Toledo Ohio

65686 Union Leader Toledo Ohio

65687 Weekly Bee Toledo Ohio

V203 Buckeye Troy Ohio

V203 Miami Union Troy Ohio
Miami Union, Buckeye and
V203 Troy Ohio
V203 Weekly Troy Times Troy Ohio

65691 Bulletin Twinsburg Ohio

65692 Evening Chronicle Uhrichsville Ohio
69326 Lake Leader Uniontown Ohio

65694 Community News Upper Arlington Ohio

65695 Norwester Upper Arlington Ohio

65696 Citizen & Gazette Urbana Ohio

61744 Daily Citizen Urbana Ohio

65697 Democrat Urbana Ohio

65698 Free Press Urbana Ohio

65699 Ohio State Democrat Urbana Ohio
Western Citizen & Urbana
65700 Urbana Ohio
65701 Chronicle Vandalia Ohio

65702 Crossroads Chronicle Vandalia Ohio

65703 Free Press Vermillion Ohio

69587 Versailles policy Versailles Ohio

65704 Suburban Reporter Vienna Ohio

65705 Daily News Wapakoneta Ohio

65706 Chronicle Warren Ohio

68492 Tribune Chronicle Warren Ohio

65709 Trumbull Democrat Warren Ohio

65710 Western Reserve Chronicle Warren Ohio

65711 Fayette County Herald Washington Ohio

65712 Herald Washington Ohio

69362 Pike County News Watchman Waverly Ohio

69196 Wellston Sentry Wellston Ohio

67972 Public Opinion Westerville Ohio

65713 Tan & Cardinal Westerville Ohio
68759 West Life Westlake Ohio

65714 Wood County Herald Weston Ohio

65715 Chicago Times Willard Ohio

61747 Times Willard Ohio

65717 Lake County News Herald Willoughby Ohio
Lake County Republican
65718 Willoughby Ohio
65720 Republican Willoughby Ohio

65716 Clinton County Democrat Wilmington Ohio

65721 Clinton Republican Wilmington Ohio

65722 Daily News Wilmington Ohio

65723 Democrat & Herald Wilmington Ohio

65725 Herald of Freedom Wilmington Ohio

65724 Journal Wilmington Ohio

65726 Daily News Wooster Ohio

61749 Daily Record Wooster Ohio

65727 Daily Republican Wooster Ohio

65730 Jacksonian Wooster Ohio

65729 Morning Republican Wooster Ohio

68563 Voice Wooster Ohio

65731 Wayne County Democrat Wooster Ohio

65732 Wayne County Herald Wooster Ohio

68780 Korean miscellaneous Wooster Ohio

65734 This Week in Worthington Worthington Ohio

68113.01 Worthington News Worthington Ohio

61750 Daily Gazette Xenia Ohio
65735 Gazette Xenia Ohio
Miscellaneous Early
65736 Xenia Ohio
65737 Torchlight Xenia Ohio

65738 Daily Register & Tribune Youngstown Ohio

65739 Evening News Youngstown Ohio

65740 Mahoning Courier Youngstown Ohio

65741 Mahoning Free Democrat. Youngstown Ohio

65742 Mahoning Index Youngstown Ohio

65743 Mahoning Sentinel Youngstown Ohio

65744 Mahoning Vindicator Youngstown Ohio

65745 Ohio Republican Youngstown Ohio
Olive Branch & New County
65746 Youngstown Ohio
65747 Republican Sentinel Youngstown Ohio

65748 Steel News Youngstown Ohio

65749 Sunday Vindicator Youngstown Ohio
True American & Mahoning
65750 Youngstown Ohio
69025 Vindicator Youngstown Ohio

61751 Vindicator Youngstown Ohio

69323 Daily Vindicator Youngstown Ohio

65759 Signal Zanesville Ohio

61752 Times Recorder Zanesville Ohio

61183 Zanesville courier Zanesville Ohio

65761 Times Altus Oklahoma

65762 Daily News Anadarko Oklahoma

69742 Bartlesville advertiser Bartlesville Oklahoma
61757 Examiner Enterprise Bartlesville Oklahoma

68734 Morning Examiner Bartlesville Oklahoma

65763 Journal Tribune Blackwell Oklahoma

69743 Times-record Blackwell Oklahoma

68384 Times Herald Catoosa Oklahoma

69744 Chickasha review Chickasha Oklahoma

69745 Chickasha star Chickasha Oklahoma

61758 Daily Express Chickasha Oklahoma

65766 News Del City Oklahoma

65767 Daily Democrat Durant Oklahoma

68584 Southeastern Durant Oklahoma

65768 Weekly News Durant Oklahoma

65769 Bell El Reno Oklahoma

65770 Daily Democrat El Reno Oklahoma

65772 Globe El Reno Oklahoma

65773 People's Press El Reno Oklahoma

65771 Tribune El Reno Oklahoma

65774 Daily News Elk City Oklahoma

65775 Daily Eagle Enid Oklahoma

65776 Morning News Enid Oklahoma

65777 Sun Enid Oklahoma

65778 Wave Enid Oklahoma

65779 Weekly Eagle Enid Oklahoma

65780 Daily Leader Frederick Oklahoma

65781 Daily Leader Guthrie Oklahoma
69746 Guthrie register news Guthrie Oklahoma

65782 Daily Herald Guymon Oklahoma

65783 Daily Freelance Henryetta Oklahoma

65784 Daily News Holdenville Oklahoma

68962 Democrat Holdenville Oklahoma

68963 Times Holdenville Oklahoma

69747 Midwest City journal Midwest City Oklahoma
Muskogee daily phoenix and
68951 Muskogee Oklahoma
65785 Cherokee Phoenix Norman Oklahoma

65786 Advertiser Oklahoma City Oklahoma

65787 Black Dispatch Oklahoma City Oklahoma

65788 Capitol Hill Beacon Oklahoma City Oklahoma

65789 Eagle Oklahoma City Oklahoma

65797 North Star Oklahoma City Oklahoma

60562 Oklahoma Journal Oklahoma City Oklahoma

65802 Towne Cryer Oklahoma City Oklahoma

65795 Midwest City Leader Oklahoma City Oklahoma

65803 Daily Times Okmulgee Oklahoma

69748 Okmulgee County news Okmulgee Oklahoma

65805 Daily Democrat Pauls Valley Oklahoma
Journal Capitol - The Osage
65806 Pawhuska Oklahoma
Journal News
65804 Osage Journal News Pawhuska Oklahoma

65808 Gazette Stillwater Oklahoma

65809 News Press Stillwater Oklahoma

65810 News Leader Tipton Oklahoma
65811 Business Chronicle Tulsa Oklahoma

65812 Daily Democrat Tulsa Oklahoma
Miscellaneous Early
65813 Tulsa Oklahoma
65814 Morning Times Tulsa Oklahoma

69081 Sentinel Tulsa Oklahoma

60564 Tribune Tulsa Oklahoma

65815 Weekly Democrat Tulsa Oklahoma

60563 World Tulsa Oklahoma

65816 Daily Times Wewoka Oklahoma
Aloha times A registered ed.
69558 Beaverton Oregon
of the Valley times
65817 World Coos Bay Oregon

61759 Register Guard Eugene Oregon

69557 Willamette Valley observer Eugene Oregon

67085 Bosun's Whistle Portland Oregon
Nachrichten aus dem
MFA140 Portland Oregon
60158 Oregon Journal Portland Oregon

60120 Oregonian Portland Oregon

60159 Weekly Oregonian Portland Oregon

69559 Willamette week Portland Oregon

60565 Capital Journal Salem Oregon

65819 Oregon Statesman Salem Oregon

60566 Statesman Journal Salem Oregon

65818 Capital Journal Salem Oregon

MFA141 Sankt-Josefs-Blatt* St. Benedict Oregon

69560 Tigard times Tigard Oregon
65821 Gazette & Evening Times Aliquippa Pennsylvania

65822 Standard Aliquippa Pennsylvania

65823 Woodlawn Gazette Aliquippa Pennsylvania

65824 Woodlawn News Aliquippa Pennsylvania
Allegheny (now part of
65825 Alleghenian Pennsylvania
Allegheny (now part of
65826 Daily & Evening Times Pennsylvania
Allegheny (now part of
65827 Daily Enterprise Pennsylvania
Allegheny (now part of
65828 Evening Record Pennsylvania
65829 Chronicle Allentown Pennsylvania

65830 Chronicle & News Allentown Pennsylvania

65831 Critic Allentown Pennsylvania

65832 Daily Chronicle Allentown Pennsylvania
Morning Call & Sunday Call
60568 Allentown Pennsylvania
60567 Evening Chronicle Allentown Pennsylvania

MFA142 Deutscher Volksführer* Altoona Pennsylvania

65833 Daily Citizen Ambridge Pennsylvania

65834 Advertiser Ardmore Pennsylvania

61761 Main Line Times Ardmore Pennsylvania

68059 Neighbors News Ardmore Pennsylvania
News of Delaware County
68120 Ardmore Pennsylvania
(Northwest Edition)
68060 Total Market Coverage News Ardmore Pennsylvania

65835 West Philadelphia Scene Ardmore Pennsylvania

68959 Herald Avondale Pennsylvania

61762 Beaver County Times Beaver Pennsylvania

65836 Beaver Valley Times Beaver Pennsylvania
65837 Daily Times Beaver Pennsylvania

65838 Daily Tribune Beaver Falls Pennsylvania

65839 Evening Tribune Beaver Falls Pennsylvania

61763 News Tribune Beaver Falls Pennsylvania

68102 Enterprise Belle Vernon Pennsylvania

65841 Courier Bentleyville Pennsylvania

65842 Enterprise Berwick Pennsylvania

68454 DEMA Daily Reporter Bloomsburg Pennsylvania

61765 Press Enterprise Bloomsburg Pennsylvania

65844 Underwater USA Bloomsburg Pennsylvania

65845 News Boswell Pennsylvania

65846 Record Brockway Pennsylvania

65847 American Brookville Pennsylvania

65848 Jeffersonian Democrat Brookville Pennsylvania

65849 Morning Telegraph Brownsville Pennsylvania

61767 Telegraph Brownsville Pennsylvania

65850 Enterprise Burgettstown Pennsylvania

68639 Cranberry Eagle Butler Pennsylvania

68632 Eagle Butler Pennsylvania

61768 Eagle Butler Pennsylvania

65852 Sentinel Butler Pennsylvania

65853 Enterprise News Cambridge Springs Pennsylvania

65854 Daily Notes Canonsburg Pennsylvania

65855 Independent Canton Pennsylvania

70365 Independent-Sentinel Canton Pennsylvania
61769 Sentinel Carlisle Pennsylvania

69377 Shippensburg Sentinel Carlisle Pennsylvania

65856 Valley Sentinel Carlisle Pennsylvania

65857 Daily Valley Spirit Chambersburg Pennsylvania

65858 Franklin Repository Chambersburg Pennsylvania

65859 Franklin Repository Chambersburg Pennsylvania

65860 People's Register Chambersburg Pennsylvania

61770 Public Opinion Chambersburg Pennsylvania
Public Opinion (and
65861 Chambersburg Pennsylvania
65862 Repository & Whig Chambersburg Pennsylvania

65863 Valley Spirit Chambersburg Pennsylvania

65866 Democrat Clarion Pennsylvania

65867 News Clarion Pennsylvania

65868 Republican Clarion Pennsylvania
Clarion Republican &
68915 Clarion Pennsylvania
61773 Daily Record Coatesville Pennsylvania

68516 Record Coatesville Pennsylvania

61775 Journal Corry Pennsylvania

65873 Potter County Journal Coudersport Pennsylvania

61776 News Danville Pennsylvania

68344 American Donora Pennsylvania

65876 Courier DuBois Pennsylvania

65877 Daily Express DuBois Pennsylvania

65878 Express DuBois Pennsylvania

65874 Sullivan Gazette Dushore Pennsylvania
61778 Sullivan Review Dushore Pennsylvania
Sullivan Review - Gazette
65875 Dushore Pennsylvania
68409 Stroud Courier East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania

65881 Argus Easton Pennsylvania

65882 Daily Argus Easton Pennsylvania

65883 Daily Free Press Easton Pennsylvania

65884 Evening Free Press Easton Pennsylvania

61779 Express Times Easton Pennsylvania

65885 Free Press Easton Pennsylvania
Miscellaneous Early
65886 Easton Pennsylvania
65887 Morning Free Press Easton Pennsylvania

65888 Northampton Correspondent Easton Pennsylvania

65889 Northampton County Journal Easton Pennsylvania

65890 Northampton Whig Easton Pennsylvania

65891 Sentinel Easton Pennsylvania

65892 Whig Easton Pennsylvania

65893 Whig & Journal Easton Pennsylvania

65894 Mountaineer Herald Ebensburg Pennsylvania
Independent - Enterprise
61780 Edinboro Pennsylvania
65895 Eagle Eldred Pennsylvania

65896 Citizen Ellwood City Pennsylvania

65897 Ledger Ellwood City Pennsylvania
Cameron County Press &
68914 Emporium Pennsylvania
Emporium Independent
65898 Cameron County Press Emporium Pennsylvania

MFA143 Erie Tageblatt* Erie Pennsylvania
65899 Millcreek Sun Erie Pennsylvania

MFA144 Nationalzeitung* Erie Pennsylvania

68538 Bedford County Press Everett Pennsylvania

68063 Guide Everett Pennsylvania

65900 Press Farrell Pennsylvania
Germantown (now
61782 Germantown Courier Pennsylvania
part of Philadelphia)
65907 Republican Compiler Gettysburg Pennsylvania

65909 Cosmopolite Herald Girard Pennsylvania

65911 Daily Tribune Greensburg Pennsylvania

68684 Evening Press Greensburg Pennsylvania

65912 Farmer's Register Greensburg Pennsylvania

65913 Morning Review Greensburg Pennsylvania

68683 Press Daily Greensburg Pennsylvania

68682 Press Weekly Greensburg Pennsylvania

68681 Tribune Herald Greensburg Pennsylvania

61784 Tribune review Greensburg Pennsylvania

68680 Westmoreland Democrat Greensburg Pennsylvania
Greensburg miscellaneous
68676 Greensburg Pennsylvania
69585 Pittsburgh tribune-review Greensburg Pennsylvania
Tribune Review Allegheny
68685 Greensburg Pennsylvania
east 1 star
61786 Allied News Grove City Pennsylvania

68392 Hanover times Hanover Pennsylvania

60106 Evening News Harrisburg Pennsylvania

60107 Patriot Harrisburg Pennsylvania

60105 Patriot News Harrisburg Pennsylvania
60108 Sunday Patriot News Harrisburg Pennsylvania

65916 Patriot Harrisburg Pennsylvania

65917 Patriot Harrisburg Pennsylvania

65918 Public Spirit Hatboro Pennsylvania

65919 Eagle & Citizen Times Hawley Pennsylvania

65920 Pike Wayne Eagle Hawley Pennsylvania

Daily Standard, The Hazelton Pennsylvania

65923 Daily Messenger Homestead Pennsylvania
Miscellaneous Homestead
65924 Homestead Pennsylvania
65932 Indiana County Gazette Indiana Pennsylvania

68042 Standard Observer Irwin Pennsylvania

65935 Daily News Dispatch Jeannette Pennsylvania

65936 News Dispatch Jeannette Pennsylvania

68278 Spirit Jeannette Pennsylvania

65937 News Jersey Shore Pennsylvania

68187 Press Johnsonburg Pennsylvania

65938 Democrat Johnstown Pennsylvania

65939 Democrat Johnstown Pennsylvania
Miscellaneous Early
65940 Johnstown Pennsylvania
65941 Tribune Johnstown Pennsylvania

65942 Tribune Johnstown Pennsylvania

61790 Tribune-Democrat Johnstown Pennsylvania

65943 Kane Republican Kane Pennsylvania

65944 Valley Forge Life King of Prussia Pennsylvania

65945 Daily Times Kittanning Pennsylvania
61791.01 Leader-Times Kittanning Pennsylvania
Miscellaneous Early
65946 Kittanning Pennsylvania
65947 New Era Kittanning Pennsylvania

65949 Times Kittanning Pennsylvania

65950 Valley Times Kittanning Pennsylvania

65951 Age & Weekly Gazette Lancaster Pennsylvania

65952 Daily Examiner Lancaster Pennsylvania

65953 Daily Inquirer Lancaster Pennsylvania

65954 Daily New Era Lancaster Pennsylvania

65955 Democrat Lancaster Pennsylvania

65956 Evening Express Lancaster Pennsylvania

65957 Examiner Lancaster Pennsylvania

65958 Examiner & Herald Lancaster Pennsylvania

65959 Examiner New Era Lancaster Pennsylvania

68061 Extra Lancaster Pennsylvania

61181 Inquirer Lancaster Pennsylvania

61792 Intelligencer Journal Lancaster Pennsylvania

65963 Journal Lancaster Pennsylvania

69121 La Voz Hispana Lancaster Pennsylvania
Lancaster County Real Estate
69120 Lancaster Pennsylvania
65964 Morning Journal Lancaster Pennsylvania

65965 Morning News Lancaster Pennsylvania

65966 New Era Lancaster Pennsylvania

61793 New Era Lancaster Pennsylvania

65967 News Journal Lancaster Pennsylvania
65968 Plain Dealer Lancaster Pennsylvania

65969 Reporter Lancaster Pennsylvania

65970 Saturday Express Lancaster Pennsylvania

65971 Semi Weekly Gazette Lancaster Pennsylvania

65972 Weekly Examiner Lancaster Pennsylvania

68738 Weekly Examiner & Express Lancaster Pennsylvania

65973 Weekly New Era Lancaster Pennsylvania

65960 Inquirer Lancaster Pennsylvania

61794 Sunday news Lancaster Pennsylvania

65975 Delaware Valley Advance Langhorne Pennsylvania

65976 Evening Courier Lansford Pennsylvania

65977 Evening Record Lansford Pennsylvania

65978 Record Lansford Pennsylvania

65979 Republican News Item Laporte Pennsylvania

65980 Sullivan County Democrat Laporte Pennsylvania

65981 Advance Latrobe Pennsylvania

61795 Bulletin Latrobe Pennsylvania

65982 Daily News Lebanon Pennsylvania

65983 News Lebanon Pennsylvania

65984 News Record Lehighton Pennsylvania

68064 Lewisburgh Daily Journal Lewisburg Pennsylvania
Union County Standard
65985 Lewisburg Pennsylvania
65986 Democrat & Sentinel Lewistown Pennsylvania

65987 Gazette Lewistown Pennsylvania

65988 Sentinel and Pred. Lewistown Pennsylvania

68958 Clinton County Times Lock Haven Pennsylvania
68929 Clinton Democrat Lock Haven Pennsylvania

68957 Clinton Republican Lock Haven Pennsylvania

68930 Daily Democrat Lock Haven Pennsylvania

68960 Miscellanious Lock Haven Pennsylvania

68052 Weekly Express Lock Haven Pennsylvania

68956 Lock Haven Express Lock Haven Pennsylvania

65990 Record Enterprise McDonald Pennsylvania

65991 Evening Republican Meadville Pennsylvania

61796 Tribune Meadville Pennsylvania

65992 Tribune Republican Meadville Pennsylvania

65993 Delaware County Voice Media Pennsylvania

65994 Journal Mercersburg Pennsylvania

65995 News Midland Pennsylvania

67959 Standard Milton Pennsylvania

69942 Standard-journal Milton Pennsylvania

65996 Daily Herald Monongahela Pennsylvania

68317 Luminary Muncy Pennsylvania

65997 Leader New Bethlehem Pennsylvania

65998 Leader Vindicator New Bethlehem Pennsylvania

65999 Vindicator New Bethlehem Pennsylvania

66000 News New Castle Pennsylvania

66001 Bucks County Gazette New Hope Pennsylvania

66002 News New Hope Pennsylvania

66003 Dispatch New Kensington Pennsylvania
Daily dispatch, the Valley
69466 New Kensington Pennsylvania
daily news
66005 Morning Enterprise Newtown Pennsylvania
68043 Breeze North East Pennsylvania
Afro-American (Philadelphia
66008 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Amerika: Official Organ of the
BL Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Providence Association*
66009 Aurora General Advertiser Philadelphia Pennsylvania

BL British-American* Philadelphia Pennsylvania

60148 Bulletin Philadelphia Pennsylvania

66018 Country Gentleman Philadelphia Pennsylvania

BL Daily Advertiser* Philadelphia Pennsylvania

60569 Daily News Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Experimental Cinema: A
Monthly Projecting Important
BL Philadelphia Pennsylvania
International Film
61140 Gazette of the United States Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Gazette of the United States
61141 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
& Pred.
Geschäftsberichte der
BL Philadelphia Pennsylvania

NRP-72 Idishe Velt Philadelphia Pennsylvania

60570 Inqurier Philadelphia Pennsylvania

BL Keystone* Philadelphia Pennsylvania

BL Light, Heat and Power* Philadelphia Pennsylvania

68809 Mt. Airy Times Express Philadelphia Pennsylvania
National Gazette & Literary
66013 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
66014 National Inquirer Philadelphia Pennsylvania

MFA145 Nordamerika* Philadelphia Pennsylvania

66015 Pennsylvania Freeman Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Gazette
MFA146 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
MFA147 Philadelphia Herald* Philadelphia Pennsylvania

MFA148 Philadelphia Tageblatt* Philadelphia Pennsylvania
66022 Philadelphia Tribune Philadelphia Pennsylvania

66016 Public Ledger Philadelphia Pennsylvania

66017 Record Philadelphia Pennsylvania

BL Shylakh/The Way* Philadelphia Pennsylvania

BL Textile Colorist* Philadelphia Pennsylvania

66021 Times Philadelphia Pennsylvania

68396 Pennsylvanian Philadelphia Pennsylvania

67958 Phoenix Phoenixville Pennsylvania

60688 Allegheny Bulletin Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66025 Billboard Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66026 Bulletin Index Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66028 Chronicle Telegraph & Pred Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66029 Collateral Guide Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66030 Commercial Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66031 Commercial Journal Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Courier (City Edition) (not
68558 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
available as of 4/6/06)
66032 Daily Dispatch Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66034 Daily News Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

NRP-73 Der Folksfreynd Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66035 Evening Penny Press Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66036 Evening Telegraph Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66037 Evening Telegraph Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66038 Freiheits Freund Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66039 Gazette Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66033 Gazette Times Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66040 Index Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Iron City & Pittsburgh Weekly
66041 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
66042 Leader Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66043 Market Square of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66044 Mercury Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Narodne Slovo (Ukrainske
BL Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
narodne slovo)*
61959 National Labor Tribune Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
New Pittsburgh Courier
68008 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
(National Edition)
66046 New Sun Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66047 North Hills News Record Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66048 Oaklander Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66049 Pitt News Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh miscellaneous
69846 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
66050 Pittsburgher Volksblatt Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66051 Post Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

60572 Post Gazette Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

60690 Post Gazette Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

60689 Post Gazette News Faxes Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66052 Preacher Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66053 Presbyterian Messenger Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

60571 Press Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66054 Press (Suburban Papers) Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66055 Saturday Dollar Chronicle Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66056 Saturday Visitor Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

MFA149 Sonntagsbote* Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66057 Spirit of Liberty Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66058 Squirrel Hill News Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
66059 Sun Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66060 Sun Telegraph Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66061 Times Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66062 Transit Journal Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66063 Tree of Liberty Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

66064 True Press Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Volksblatt and Freiheits
66065 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Volksblatt und Freiheits-
MFA150 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
66024 American Musical Magazine Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Isaac Craig Historical Letters
69316 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
and Papers Calender
69138 New Courier (Local Edition) Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

68833 Sunday Dispatch Pittston Pennsylvania

66066 Barthe's Weekly Star Plymouth Pennsylvania

66067 Star Plymouth Pennsylvania

66068 Free Press Quakertown Pennsylvania

68448 Eagle Reading Pennsylvania

68449 Times Reading Pennsylvania

68621 Record Renovo Pennsylvania

68058 Star Reynoldsville Pennsylvania

66069 Advocate Ridgeway Pennsylvania

61801 Record Ridgeway Pennsylvania

66070 Record Rimersburg Pennsylvania

66071 Evening Times Sayre Pennsylvania

66072 Independent Observer Scottsdale Pennsylvania

66073 Miners Record Scottsdale Pennsylvania

66074 News Scottsdale Pennsylvania
BL Colliery Engineer* Scranton Pennsylvania

BL Mines and Minerals* Scranton Pennsylvania

BL Narodne Volya* Scranton Pennsylvania

BL Polish American Journal* Scranton Pennsylvania

66075 Republican Scranton Pennsylvania

BL Straz/The Guard* Scranton Pennsylvania

61804 Tribune & Scranton Times Scranton Pennsylvania

61803 Tribune & Scrantonian Scranton Pennsylvania

66076 Weekly Republican Scranton Pennsylvania

66077 Daily Telegraph Sharon Pennsylvania

61805 Herald Sharon Pennsylvania

66078 News Telegraph Sharon Pennsylvania

66079 Weekly Telegraph Sharon Pennsylvania

66080 Herald Sharpsburg Pennsylvania

66085 Daily Herald Somerset Pennsylvania

66086 Standard Somerset Pennsylvania

61802 Daily Press St. Marys Pennsylvania

66087 Elk County Gazette St. Marys Pennsylvania

60573 Centre Daily Times State College Pennsylvania
Centre Daily Times (A.M.
66089 State College Pennsylvania
66108 Pennsylvania Mirror State College Pennsylvania

66091 Sunday Mirror State College Pennsylvania

68103 Weekly Collegian State College Pennsylvania

66088 Bel Centre Times State College Pennsylvania

69448 Collegian magazine State College Pennsylvania

61807 Daily Item Sunbury Pennsylvania
66093 Evening Courier Tamaqua Pennsylvania

66094 Evening Recorder Tamaqua Pennsylvania

66092 Valley Daily News Tarentum Pennsylvania

61808 Valley News Dispatch Tarentum Pennsylvania

61819 Daily Review Towanda Pennsylvania

66096 Evening Enterprise Union City Pennsylvania

66097 Times Union City Pennsylvania

66100 Times Leader Union City Pennsylvania

66101 Union Mills Bulletin Union City Pennsylvania

66103 Genius of Liberty Uniontown Pennsylvania

66106 Republican Standard Uniontown Pennsylvania

61162 Daily Collegian University Park Pennsylvania

66109 News Upper Darby Pennsylvania

61810 News of Delaware County Upper Darby Pennsylvania

66110 Citizen Vandergrift Pennsylvania

66111 Economist Vandergrift Pennsylvania

66112 News Vandergrift Pennsylvania

66113 News Citizen Vandergrift Pennsylvania

66134 News Washington Pennsylvania

66135 Observer Washington Pennsylvania

66136 Observer Washington Pennsylvania

68002 Observer Reporter Washington Pennsylvania

69439 Observer Reporter Washington Pennsylvania
Observer Reporter (Final
61812 Washington Pennsylvania
Observer Reporter Mon
68003 Washington Pennsylvania
Observer Reporter(Green
68001 County)-Democrat Washington Pennsylvania
66137 Reporter Washington Pennsylvania
Observer reporter (Home
61811 Washington Pennsylvania
66138 Leader Waterford Pennsylvania

61813 Record Herald Waynesboro Pennsylvania

61818 Democrat Messenger Waynesburg Pennsylvania

61814 Republican Waynesburg Pennsylvania

69073 Journal Herald White Haven Pennsylvania

69074 Herald White Haven Pennsylvania

66139 Advocate Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania
Anti Masonic Advocate &
66140 Luzerne & Susquehanna Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania
66141 Daily Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66153 Daily News Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66143 Daily News Dealer Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66144 Daily Union Leader Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66145 Dollar Weekly News Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66146 Dollar Weekly News Dealer Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania
Dunlap & Claypool's
66147 Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania
American Advertiser
66148 Evening News Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66149 Gleaner & Luzerne Advertiser Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66150 Leader Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66151 Luzerne Democrat Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66152 Luzerne Union Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66154 Plymouth Tribune Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66155 Record Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66156 Record Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66157 Record of the Times Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania
Sunday Morning Free Press
66159 Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania
& News Dealer
66160 Sunday Morning Leader Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66161 Sunday News Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66162 Sunday News Dealer Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66163 Telephone Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

61816 Times Leader Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

68062 Times leader-Special edition Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66164 Valley News Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

69447 Weekender Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66165 Wyoming Herald Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

66166 Wyoming Republican Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania
Wyoming Republican &
66167 Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania
Farmers Herald
66142 Daily news Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

69649 Northeast golfer Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

68892 Daily Gazette and Bulletin Williamsport Pennsylvania

68509 National Grit Magazine Williamsport Pennsylvania

68893 Sun Williamsport Pennsylvania

68571 Sun Gazette Williamsport Pennsylvania

68510 Sunday Grit Williamsport Pennsylvania

66168 New Standard Woodlawn Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Herald & York
66169 York Pennsylvania
General Advertiser
66170 Recorder York Pennsylvania

66171 Butler County News Record Zelienople Pennsylvania
Connoquenessing Valley
66172 Zelienople Pennsylvania
66173 News Beacon Zelienople Pennsylvania

66175 City Times Auburn Rhode Island
66176 Times Barrington Rhode Island

66177 Mid Ocean Block Island Rhode Island

66178 Phoenix Bristol Rhode Island

68208 Portuguese American Bristol Rhode Island

66179 Journal Central Falls Rhode Island

66181 La Justice Central Falls Rhode Island

66180 L'Esperance Central Falls Rhode Island

66182 Visitor Central Falls Rhode Island

66183 Townsman Coventry Rhode Island

66185 Herald Cranston Rhode Island

66186 Leader Cranston Rhode Island

66187 Mirror Cranston Rhode Island

66188 News Cranston Rhode Island

68123 Rhode Island Woman Cranston Rhode Island

66189 Lincoln News-Leader Cumberland Rhode Island

66190 Enterprise East Greenwich Rhode Island

66191 Kent County Atlas East Greenwich Rhode Island

66192 Kent County News East Greenwich Rhode Island

66193 News East Greenwich Rhode Island

66194 Rhode Island Pendulum East Greenwich Rhode Island

66195 Eagle East Providence Rhode Island

66196 Herald East Providence Rhode Island

66197 Leader East Providence Rhode Island

66198 Mirror East Providence Rhode Island

66199 O Popular East Providence Rhode Island

66200 Post East Providence Rhode Island
66201 Record East Providence Rhode Island

66202 Rhode Islander East Providence Rhode Island

66203 Standard East Providence Rhode Island

66204 Transcript East Providence Rhode Island

66205 Archway Greenville Rhode Island

66206 Observer Greenville Rhode Island

66207 Advertiser Hope Valley Rhode Island

66208 Free Press Hope Valley Rhode Island

66209 Sentinel & Advertiser Hope Valley Rhode Island

66210 Wood River Advertiser Hope Valley Rhode Island

68670 Hope Valley advertiser Hope Valley Rhode Island

66211 Times Howard Rhode Island

66212 Rhode Island Advocate Kingston Rhode Island

66213 Blackstone Valley Argus Lonsdale Rhode Island

66217 Herald Narragansett Rhode Island

66216 Pier Breeze Narragansett Rhode Island

66215 Seaside Topics (Pier Edition) Narragansett Rhode Island

68198 Timeout Narragansett Rhode Island

69806 Daily times Narragansett Pier Rhode Island

66218 Advertiser Newport Rhode Island

66219 Daily News Newport Rhode Island

66220 Enterprise Newport Rhode Island

66221 Guardian of Liberty Newport Rhode Island

66222 Herald Newport Rhode Island

66223 Journal & Weekly News Newport Rhode Island

66224 L'Alba Newport Rhode Island
66225 Mercury Newport Rhode Island

66226 Mercury & Weekly News Newport Rhode Island

68197 Navalog Newport Rhode Island

66227 Reservist Newport Rhode Island

66228 Rhode Island Republican Newport Rhode Island

66229 Rhode Islander Newport Rhode Island

68196 This Week Newport Rhode Island

69807 Newport observer Newport Rhode Island

66230 Standard Times & Pred. North Kingstown Rhode Island

66231 Little Rhody North Scituate Rhode Island

66232 News Herald Olneyville Rhode Island

66233 Providence County Times Olneyville Rhode Island

66234 Rhode Island Citizen Olneyville Rhode Island

66235 Rhode Islander Olneyville Rhode Island

66236 Times Olneyville Rhode Island

66237 Burrillville Gazette Pascoag Rhode Island

66238 Burrillville News Pascoag Rhode Island

66239 Burrillville News Gazette Pascoag Rhode Island

66240 Herald Pascoag Rhode Island
Herald & Burrillville News
66241 Pascoag Rhode Island
66242 Weekly World Pascoag Rhode Island

66243 Chronicle Pawtucket Rhode Island

66244 Darlington News Pawtucket Rhode Island

66251 Directory Business Pawtucket Rhode Island

66245 Evening Post Pawtucket Rhode Island

66246 Evening Times Pawtucket Rhode Island
66247 Evening Tribune Pawtucket Rhode Island

66248 Gazette Pawtucket Rhode Island

66249 Gazette & Chronicle Pawtucket Rhode Island

66250 Le Jean Baptiste Pawtucket Rhode Island

66252 Phenix Weekly Journal Pawtucket Rhode Island

66253 Real Estate Record Pawtucket Rhode Island

66254 Record Visitor Pawtucket Rhode Island

66255 Rhode Island Free Press Pawtucket Rhode Island

66256 Star Pawtucket Rhode Island

66257 Sun Pawtucket Rhode Island

66258 Daily Gleaner Phenix Rhode Island

66259 East Bay Window Phenix Rhode Island

66260 Kent County Atlas Phenix Rhode Island

66261 Pawtucket Valley Gleaner Phenix Rhode Island

61029 Sakonnet Times Portsmouth Rhode Island

66263 A Voz da Colonia Providence Rhode Island

66264 Advance Providence Rhode Island

68733 American Providence Rhode Island
American Journal and
66265 Providence Rhode Island
General Advertiser
66266 Anti Universalist Providence Rhode Island

66267 Anzieger Providence Rhode Island

68460 Art Department Providence Rhode Island

66268 Bangs Trumpet Providence Rhode Island

66269 Beacon Providence Rhode Island
Block Island Times and
66270 Providence Rhode Island
66271 Brown Daily Herald Providence Rhode Island
66272 Burrillville Star Providence Rhode Island

68462 Business Fortnightly Providence Rhode Island

68124 Business News Providence Rhode Island

66273 Christian Soldier Providence Rhode Island

66274 Chronicle Providence Rhode Island

68461 Citimart News & Tempo Providence Rhode Island

66275 Citizen Providence Rhode Island

66364 City Gazette Providence Rhode Island

66276 Community Voice Providence Rhode Island

66277 Corbett's Herald Providence Rhode Island

66278 Cosmopolitan Providence Rhode Island

66279 Daily Journal Providence Rhode Island

66281 Daily Morning Herald Providence Rhode Island

66282 Daily Post Providence Rhode Island

66283 Daily Sentinel Providence Rhode Island

66284 Daily Transcript Providence Rhode Island

66285 Daily Transcript & Chronicle Providence Rhode Island

66286 Daily Tribune Providence Rhode Island

66287 Day Star Providence Rhode Island

66288 Diocesan Record Providence Rhode Island

68463 Eagle Providence Rhode Island

66289 East Side Monthly Providence Rhode Island

68199 Ebenezer Grapevine Providence Rhode Island

66290 Echo Providence Rhode Island

66291 Elmwood Sector Providence Rhode Island

66292 Eritassard Hayastan Providence Rhode Island
60574 Evening Bulletin Providence Rhode Island

66293 Evening Chronicle Providence Rhode Island

66294 Evening Dispatch Providence Rhode Island
Evening Herald &
66295 Providence Rhode Island
Commercial Intelligencer
66296 Evening Item Providence Rhode Island

66297 Evening Mail Providence Rhode Island

66298 Evening News Providence Rhode Island

66299 Evening Post Providence Rhode Island

66300 Evening Press Providence Rhode Island

66301 Evening Telegram Providence Rhode Island

66302 Evening Tribune Providence Rhode Island

66303 Faith & Works Providence Rhode Island

68325 Federation Voice Providence Rhode Island

66304 Financial News Providence Rhode Island

66305 Forum Providence Rhode Island

66306 Freemasons Repository Providence Rhode Island

66307 Fresh Fruit Providence Rhode Island

66308 Friend of Man Providence Rhode Island

61970 Gazette Providence Rhode Island

66310 Gazette Providence Rhode Island

66311 General Advertiser Providence Rhode Island

68811 George Street Journal Providence Rhode Island

66312 Gospel Messenger Providence Rhode Island

68459 Great News Providence Rhode Island

66313 Herald Providence Rhode Island

66317 Herald News Providence Rhode Island
66315 Herald of the Centennial Providence Rhode Island

66316 Herald of the United States Providence Rhode Island

66314 Herold Providence Rhode Island

66326 Il Corrierre del Rhode Island Providence Rhode Island

66318 Impartial Observer Providence Rhode Island

66319 Independent Citizen Providence Rhode Island

66320 Indicator Providence Rhode Island

66321 Indicator & Society Journal. Providence Rhode Island

66322 Investigator Providence Rhode Island

66324 Italian Echo Providence Rhode Island

66325 Italian Review Providence Rhode Island

66327 Jewish Chronicle Providence Rhode Island

66328 Jewish Herald Providence Rhode Island

68909 Jewish Voice Providence Rhode Island

60575 Journal Providence Rhode Island

66330 Journal & Evening Bulletin Providence Rhode Island

66329 Journal (Sub Edition) Providence Rhode Island

60692 Journal Bulletin Providence Rhode Island
Journal Town & Country
66331 Providence Rhode Island
66332 Justice Providence Rhode Island

66336 La Liberta Providence Rhode Island

66338 Labor Advocate Providence Rhode Island

66365 Labor Tribune Providence Rhode Island

66339 Ladies Enterprise Providence Rhode Island

66340 Ladies Magazine Providence Rhode Island

66341 Le Courrier Providence Rhode Island
66333 L'Eco d'America Providence Rhode Island

66334 L'Eco del Rhode Island Providence Rhode Island

66366 Ledger Providence Rhode Island
Literary Cadet & Rhode
61003 Providence Rhode Island
Island Statesman
66344 Literary Subaltern Providence Rhode Island

66345 Lookout Providence Rhode Island

66323 lsraelite Providence Rhode Island
Manufacturers & Farmers
61004 Providence Rhode Island
66347 Masonic Mirror & Intelligencer Providence Rhode Island
Morning Courier & General
66348 Providence Rhode Island
66349 Morning Mirror Providence Rhode Island

66350 Morning Star Providence Rhode Island

66351 Morning Tribune Providence Rhode Island
National Wine Merchant &
66352 Providence Rhode Island
Brewers Gazette
New England Diadem &
66353 Rhode Island Temperance Providence Rhode Island
68205 Newpaper Providence Rhode Island

66354 News & News Tribune Providence Rhode Island

66355 News Democrat Providence Rhode Island

68457 North County Providence Rhode Island

68209 Nuevos Horizontes Providence Rhode Island

68456 O Journal Providence Rhode Island

68200 Ocean State Business Providence Rhode Island

68122 Ocean State Grapevine Providence Rhode Island

66356 Ours Illustrated Providence Rhode Island

66357 Outlook Providence Rhode Island

66358 Parrot Providence Rhode Island
66359 Patriot Providence Rhode Island

66360 Pentecostal Christian Providence Rhode Island

66361 People Providence Rhode Island

66362 Pointer Providence Rhode Island

66363 Pomona Herald Providence Rhode Island

60752 Providence Journal Providence Rhode Island

66368 Quill Providence Rhode Island

66369 Real Estate Register Providence Rhode Island
Real Estate Register & Rental
66370 Providence Rhode Island
66371 Record & Guide Providence Rhode Island

66372 Religious Intelligencer Providence Rhode Island

66373 Religious Messenger Providence Rhode Island

66374 Republican Herald Providence Rhode Island

66375 Republican Herald & Post Providence Rhode Island

66376 Review Providence Rhode Island
Rhode Island American &
66377 Providence Rhode Island
General Advertiser
68195 Rhode Island Business Providence Rhode Island

66378 Rhode Island Churchman Providence Rhode Island

66379 Rhode Island Circle Providence Rhode Island

66380 Rhode Island County Journal Providence Rhode Island

66381 Rhode Island Democrat Providence Rhode Island

68619 Rhode Island Episcopal News Providence Rhode Island

66382 Rhode Island Examiner Providence Rhode Island

66383 Rhode Island Farmer Providence Rhode Island

68201 Rhode Island Free Mason Providence Rhode Island

66384 Rhode Island Free Press Providence Rhode Island
68326 Rhode Island Jewish Herald Providence Rhode Island

66386 Rhode Island Jewish Review Providence Rhode Island

66387 Rhode Island Journal Providence Rhode Island

66388 Rhode Island Labor News Providence Rhode Island
Rhode Island Lawyers
68206 Providence Rhode Island
66389 Rhode Island Press Providence Rhode Island

68202 Rhode Island Recorder Providence Rhode Island
Rhode Island Recreational &
68458 Providence Rhode Island
Rhode Island Temperance
66390 Providence Rhode Island
68203 Rhode Island Times Providence Rhode Island

66391 Rhode Islander Providence Rhode Island

68907 Shoreline Fishermen's News Providence Rhode Island

66392 Star Tribune Providence Rhode Island

66393 State Providence Rhode Island

66394 Sun Providence Rhode Island

66395 Sunday Dispatch Providence Rhode Island

66396 Sunday Morning Transcript. Providence Rhode Island

66397 Sunday Republican Providence Rhode Island

66398 Sunday Star Providence Rhode Island

66399 Sunday Telegram Providence Rhode Island

68127 Sunrise News Providence Rhode Island

66400 Telegram Providence Rhode Island

66401 Temperance Herald Providence Rhode Island

68908 Third Wave Providence Rhode Island

66402 Tiden Providence Rhode Island

66403 Times Providence Rhode Island
66404 Town & Country Providence Rhode Island

66405 Tribune of the People Providence Rhode Island

66367 Visitor Providence Rhode Island

66407 Voice of the Truth Providence Rhode Island

66408 Weekly News Providence Rhode Island

66409 Weekly Times Providence Rhode Island

66410 Weekly Transcript Providence Rhode Island

66406 Weekly Visitor Providence Rhode Island

68324 Eastside monthly Providence Rhode Island
George Street journal weekly
68812 Providence Rhode Island
68925 Good Life Providence Rhode Island

66411 Newport County Sentinel Tiverton Rhode Island

61009 Narragansett Times Wakefield Rhode Island

68126 Shoreline Wakefield Rhode Island

66413 South County Journal Wakefield Rhode Island

66414 Bristol County Item Warren Rhode Island

66415 Northern Star Warren Rhode Island

66416 Rhode Island Telegraph Warren Rhode Island

66417 Times Warren Rhode Island

66418 Times Gazette Warren Rhode Island

66419 Warren & Barrington Gazette Warren Rhode Island

66420 Beacon Warwick Rhode Island

66421 City Times Warwick Rhode Island

66422 Inside Warwick Rhode Island

68204 Life Watch Hill Rhode Island

66424 Seaside Topics Watch Hill Rhode Island
66423 Watch Hill Life Watch Hill Rhode Island

66425 Pawtucket Valley Daily Times West Warwick Rhode Island

66426 Rhode Island Pilot West Warwick Rhode Island

66214 Daily Times Westerly Rhode Island

66427 Daily Tribune Westerly Rhode Island

66428 Echo Westerly Rhode Island

66429 Enterprise Westerly Rhode Island

66430 Herald Westerly Rhode Island

66431 Journal Westerly Rhode Island

66432 Literary Echo Westerly Rhode Island
Literary Echo & Pawtucket
66433 Westerly Rhode Island
66434 Narragansett Westerly Rhode Island

66435 News Westerly Rhode Island
News & Rhode Island
66436 Westerly Rhode Island
66437 Sabbath Recorder Westerly Rhode Island

66438 Times Westerly Rhode Island

66439 Standard Wickford Rhode Island

66440 Daily Patriot Woonsocket Rhode Island

66441 Evening Reporter Woonsocket Rhode Island

66442 Evening Sun Woonsocket Rhode Island

66443 Independent Woonsocket Rhode Island

66337 La Sentinelle Woonsocket Rhode Island

66445 La Tribune Woonsocket Rhode Island

66342 Le Progress Woonsocket Rhode Island
L'Independent de
66444 Woonsocket Rhode Island
66335 L'Union Woonsocket Rhode Island
66447 Sentinel Woonsocket Rhode Island

66448 Valley Republican Woonsocket Rhode Island

66449 Weekly Patriot Woonsocket Rhode Island

66450 Courier Journal Aiken South Carolina

66451 Journal & Review Aiken South Carolina

66452 Recorder Aiken South Carolina

66454 Standard & Review Aiken South Carolina
Standard & South Carolina
66455 Aiken South Carolina
66456 Allendale County Citizen Allendale South Carolina

66458 Daily Mail Anderson South Carolina

68888 Independent Anderson South Carolina
Independent (Georgia
68034 Anderson South Carolina
Independent (South Carolina
68035 Anderson South Carolina
61822 Independent Mail Anderson South Carolina

66459 Peoples Advocate Anderson South Carolina

66460 News Andrews South Carolina

68756 Aynor Journal Aynor South Carolina

68330 County Banner Barnwell South Carolina

61833 People Barnwell South Carolina

66464 Marlboro Democrat Bennettsville South Carolina

66499 Island Packet Bluffton South Carolina

66465 Pee Dee Advocate Bennettsville South Carolina

66466 Lee County Messenger Bishopville South Carolina

68968 Camden Chronicle Camden South Carolina

66468 Chronicle Camden South Carolina

68349 Chronicle Independent Camden South Carolina
68969 Independent Camden South Carolina

68970 News Camden South Carolina

66467 Carolina News Chapin South Carolina
City Gazette and Daily
Kraus15 Charleston South Carolina
66469 Columbian Herald Charleston South Carolina

66470 Daily Courier Charleston South Carolina

60576 Evening Post Charleston South Carolina

61198 Mercury Charleston South Carolina
Miscellaneous Early
66472 Charleston South Carolina
V151 Morning Post Charleston South Carolina

60577 News & Courier Charleston South Carolina

60684 Post and Courier Charleston South Carolina

66473 Times Charleston South Carolina

66474 World and Sunday Budget Charleston South Carolina

68540 News Chester South Carolina

68657 News and Reporter Chester South Carolina

66475 Reporter Chester South Carolina

66476 Southern Intelligencer Chester South Carolina

66477 Standard Chester South Carolina

68658 Miscellaneous titles Chester South Carolina

68779 Clover herald Clover South Carolina

68013 Black News Columbia South Carolina

60652 Record Columbia South Carolina

66478 Register Columbia South Carolina

60578 State Columbia South Carolina

69094 Carolina Tribune Columbia South Carolina
66479 Field Conway South Carolina

61824 Field & Herald Conway South Carolina

66480 Horry Herald Conway South Carolina

68252 Horry Independent Conway South Carolina

66481 Horry News Conway South Carolina

66482 New Era Darlington South Carolina

66483 News & Press Darlington South Carolina

66484 Herald Dillon South Carolina

66485 Advertiser Edgefield South Carolina

68948 Fort Mill Times Fort Mill South Carolina

69004 Andrews Progress Georgetown South Carolina

66486 Coastal Chronicle Georgetown South Carolina

66487 Daily Item Georgetown South Carolina

66488 Enquirer Georgetown South Carolina

66489 Gazette Georgetown South Carolina

69003 Journal American Georgetown South Carolina

66490 Outlook Georgetown South Carolina

66491 Pee Dee Times Georgetown South Carolina

66492 Progressive Democrat Georgetown South Carolina

66493 Sunday Outlook Georgetown South Carolina

66494 Times Georgetown South Carolina

66495 Winyaw Observer Georgetown South Carolina

66496 News Greenville South Carolina

60579 News Greenville South Carolina

61826 Piedmont Greenville South Carolina

66497 Index Greenwood South Carolina
61827 Index Journal Greenwood South Carolina

66498 Journal Greenwood South Carolina

66457 Hampton County Guardian Hampton South Carolina

61828 Messenger Hartsville South Carolina

66500 Horry County Loris Sentinel Loris South Carolina

66501 Horry County News Loris South Carolina

69123 Scene Loris South Carolina

66502 Sentinel Loris South Carolina

69351 Loris times Loris South Carolina

66503 Crescent Marion South Carolina
Marion Star and Mullins
66506 Marion South Carolina
66504 Observer Marion South Carolina

66505 Pee Dee Index Marion South Carolina
Star & Real Estate Southern
66507 Marion South Carolina
68967 Wild Flower Marion South Carolina

66508 Enterprise Mullins South Carolina

66509 Daily News Myrtle Beach South Carolina

66510 Grand Strand Journal Myrtle Beach South Carolina

60295 Myrtle Beach Herald Myrtle Beach South Carolina

66511 News Myrtle Beach South Carolina

66512 News Coastal Carolinian Myrtle Beach South Carolina

66513 Sun Myrtle Beach South Carolina

66514 Sun & Ocean Beach News Myrtle Beach South Carolina

61834 Sun News Myrtle Beach South Carolina

69584 Myrtle Beach golf Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Newberry Observer & Herald
61835 Newberry South Carolina
& News
66515 Times North Myrtle Beach South Carolina

61829 Times & Democrat Orangeburg South Carolina

68319 Coastal Observer Pawley's Island South Carolina

66516 Post Port Royal South Carolina

61830 Herald Rock Hill South Carolina

66517 Journal Rock Hill South Carolina

61956 Record Rock Hill South Carolina

66519 Carolina Spartan Spartanburg South Carolina

66520 Enterprise Spartanburg South Carolina

66521 Express Spartanburg South Carolina

66522 Herald Spartanburg South Carolina

61831 Herald Journal Spartanburg South Carolina
Library Bulletin & South
66523 Spartanburg South Carolina
Carolina Librarian
66524 Weekly Herald Spartanburg South Carolina
Spartanburg journal and the
69714 Spartanburg South Carolina
Carolina Spartan
61832 Item Sumter South Carolina

66525 Progress Union South Carolina

68774 Fairfield Independent Winnsboro South Carolina

66526 Herald Independent Winnsboro South Carolina

68775 News & Herald Winnsboro South Carolina

66527 Yorkville Enquirer York South Carolina

68778 Yorkville Enquirer York South Carolina

68725 Daily American Aberdeen South Dakota

68726 Daily News Aberdeen South Dakota

68723 Miscellaneous Newspapers Aberdeen South Dakota

68724 Weekly American Aberdeen South Dakota
68388 Weekly News Aberdeen South Dakota

60581 Argus Leader Sioux Falls South Dakota

66528 Independent Sioux Falls South Dakota

68430 Plain Talk Vermillion South Dakota

68429 Volante Vermillion South Dakota
Chattanooga Times/Free
60751 Chattanooga Tennessee
66529 Evening Tribune Chattanooga Tennessee

60654 Free Press Chattanooga Tennessee

60131 Times Chattanooga Tennessee

69764 Leaf-chronicle Clarksville Tennessee

66530 Banner Cleveland Tennessee

66531 Anderson County News Clinton Tennessee

66532 Gazette Clinton Tennessee

68066 Herald Columbia Tennessee

68067 Mt Pleasant Record Columbia Tennessee

69180 Dyersburg News Dyersburg Tennessee
Miscellaneous Early
66533 Gatlinburg Tennessee
66534 News Gatlinburg Tennessee

68065 News Germantown Tennessee

68188 Pioneer Greenville Tennessee

66535 Sun Greenville Tennessee

66537 Record Harriman Tennessee

61838 Sun Jackson Tennessee

66538 Sun Spotter Jackson Tennessee

61839 Press Johnson City Tennessee

66540 Daily Chronicle Knoxville Tennessee
60582 Journal (Final Edition) Knoxville Tennessee

60583 Journal (Metro Edition) Knoxville Tennessee

66541 Journal (State Edition) Knoxville Tennessee

66543 News Knoxville Tennessee

60584 News Sentinel Knoxville Tennessee

66544 American Eagle Memphis Tennessee

66545 Appeal Memphis Tennessee

66546 Appeal Memphis Tennessee

66547 Appeal Memphis Tennessee

66548 Appeal Avalanche Memphis Tennessee

66549 Argus Memphis Tennessee

66550 Avalanche Memphis Tennessee
Commercial Appeal (3 Star
68004 Memphis Tennessee
Mississippi Edition)
Commercial Appeal (5 Star
60585 Memphis Tennessee
Final Ed.)
66552 Daily Appeal Memphis Tennessee

66553 Daily Avalanche Memphis Tennessee

66554 Daily Bulletin Memphis Tennessee

66555 Daily Eagle Memphis Tennessee

66556 Daily Eagle & Enquirer Memphis Tennessee

66557 Enquirer Memphis Tennessee

66558 Enquirer Memphis Tennessee

66559 Press Memphis Tennessee

60586 Press Scimitar (Final Edition) Memphis Tennessee
Press Scimitar (Mid South
66561 Memphis Tennessee
66562 Randolph Recorder Memphis Tennessee

66563 Weekly Appeal Avalanche Memphis Tennessee
66564 Weekly Memphis Eagle Memphis Tennessee

60195 Banner Nashville Tennessee
Nashville Banner-The
60177 Nashville Tennessee
Tennessean Index
66565 Southern Lumberman Nashville Tennessee

60196 Tennessean Nashville Tennessee

60197 Tennessean State edition Nashville Tennessee

69209 Dyer County Tennessean Newbern Tennessee

69206 Dyer County Tennessean Newbern Tennessee

66566 Oak Ridger Oak Ridge Tennessee

69334 Henning Progress Ripley Tennessee

66568 County Republican Sevierville Tennessee

66569 Montgomery's Vindicator Sevierville Tennessee

66570 Sevier County Record