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The Fee for processing this Assessment is £78.50. (Pounds Sterling)
Payment can be made either by Cheque/Demand Draft made payable to TWI
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are sending this application for review by email before posting the original, for
the security of your card please do not send any card details by email. We thank
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STERLING A/C STERLING A/C: SWIFT CODE: CODE: Page 2 of 10 60919349 IBAN CODE GB36 BARC 2074 0560 9193 49 BARC GB22 20-74-05 CSWIP/10YR/2015 .

5 or Jaeger point size J1 at a distance of not less than 30cms. TICK Candidates Details Method of Payment Credit Card Details Provided Copy of Bank Transfer and state date transfer was sent Cheque/demand draft enclosed. 2 . Company Name Contact Name Address Telephone Number Company Email CHECKLIST FOR APPLICATION All of the Items that are listed in the Checklist below must be produced for your application to be successful. Your optician must clearly state that your vision meets one of the following standards: Either aided or un-aided you can read Times Roman point size N4. The CSWIP Certificate that you are applying to re-certify Page 3 of 10 CSWIP/10YR/2015 . 5 . Items Enclosed 1 . 4 . Continuing Professional Development Form Record of Experience (Give details for your current or most recent employer) An original document. giving results of an eyesight test taken within the last 2 years. 7 Log Sheets/ Book (Signed and stamped) by your employer(s) In order to successfully re-certify your CSWIP Certificate it is a requirement that you provide at least 4 out of the last 5 years verified work experience. 6 .PAYMENT BY COMPANY: If Payment is being made by a Company Cheque or Credit Card then please provide full company details including contact name and company email address with your application. confirming that you have taken a near vision sight test. For your convenience a form for this is attached. Please tick the Items that you have enclosed. Payable To: TWI Certification Ltd in Pounds Sterling 3 .

Granta Park. Great Abington. CB21 6AL. (Photocopies of this certificate are accepted) When complete please submit your application by post to: TWI Certification Ltd.. United Kingdom Page 4 of 10 CSWIP/10YR/2015 . Cambridge.

3. you will need to demonstrate that you have carried out satisfactory work activity with reasonable continuity during the previous five years. For more information and guidance on completing the CSWIP Log Sheets then please visit: www. Certificate holders not able to satisfy the continuity rules will be treated as initial Page 5 of 10 CSWIP/10YR/2015 . “Reasonable continuity” means that an absence of change or activity (preventing you from practising the duties corresponding to your certificate) for one or several periods during the validity of the certificate does not exceed a total of one year. Log sheets/book RE-CERTIFICATION OF CSWIP CERTIFICATES GUIDANCE NOTES ON COMPLETING THE LOG SHEETS/BOOK In order to qualify for re-certification.

Verifiers Professional Relationship to applicant: Date: Verifiers Company E-Mail address: Verifiers Company telephone number: Page 6 of 10 CSWIP/10YR/2015 . That the information given above is correct and that I am suitably qualified to verify this information.EMPLOYMENT LOG SHEET –(Please complete a log sheet for each employment) CANDIDATE’S NAME: DATE OF BIRTH: Company name & address: Dates of employment or contract: From: (DD/MM/YY) To: (DD/MM/YY) Position held: Brief outline of work carried out for this company: Declaration: I (Name and position held in above company) SIGNATURE & STAMP Hereby declare that I have knowledge of the above applicants work activities.

4.         Private Study: Such as distance learning. Reading. seminars and presentations Attending Conferences. Professional development may be achieved in any of the following ways. symposia and exhibitions Additional Study: Learning foreign languages. Open University. coaching/teaching/lecturing Please indicate how you have kept up-to-date with developments in welding technology over the last five years. preparation of papers accepted for conferences/publications. WJS/Professional Membership Meeting (non-social): Attendance at branch or technical meetings/webinars Further Education Studies Imparting knowledge: Making presentations.twiprofessional. A minimum of 35 hours of CPD per year must be shown. Research on the internet/journals etc. Please Note: If a professional member you have the option to use the online CPD system Page 7 of 10 CSWIP/10YR/2015 . depending on your personal circumstances. Short Courses: Attendance at short courses. Continuing Professional Development is required for your CSWIP Re-Certification. new computer skills etc. CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CPD) CSWIP Inspectors are required to keep themselves up-to-date with technical developments in their field within the Industry. Writing papers. learning style and opportunities available to you.

(To be completed by NDT Certificate holders only) Principal Products/Activities Materials Involved NDT Techniques Used Codes and Standards Involved - Page 8 of 10 CSWIP/10YR/2015 . (To be completed by the listed certificate holder only) Principal Products/Activities Materials Involved Welding Processes Used Codes and Standards Involved - NDT EXPERIENCE For NDT Personnel Only This section should record the principal features of your job and show your specific NDT responsibilities as indicated below. Record of Experience INSPECTION EXPERIENCE Visual/Welding/Senior/Plant Inspectors & Welding Quality Control CoOrdinators This section should record the principal features of your job and show your specific inspection responsibilities as indicated below.5.

Please record the results of the near vision eyesight test above left.5 or Jaeger Point J1. DETAILS OF PERSON PERFORMING THE ABOVE TEST: Date of Test: Print Name of Person who Performed the above Test: Signature of Tester: Email address of tester: Profession please tick: Optometrist Medical Doctor Registered Nurse Certified to ISO 9712 Level 3 Other (please specify) Emboss official stamp here - Page 9 of 10 CSWIP/10YR/2015 .TWI CL Eye Test form Name of individual tested Date Of Birth Address RESULT OF NEAR VISUAL ACUITY TEST Please record the smallest text capable of being read by the above named on a standard reading test chart at a distance of no less than 30cm using Times Roman or Jaeger Text. Uncorrected Corrected (With the use of Glasses) Times Roman Point Size: N Times Roman Point Size: N _________ Or Or Jaeger Point Size: J______ Jaeger Point Size: J_____ Note for tester: For this persons occupation he/she must be able to read Times Roman Point N4. but if he/she cannot meet this standard with eyes uncorrected please test the vision again using his/her glasses and record the results above right.

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