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Problem Set # 2 – Queuing Theory

1. During registration at State University every semester, students in the college of business
must have their courses approved by the college adviser. It takes the adviser an average of
2 minutes to approve each schedule, and students arrive at the adviser's office at the rate
of 28 per hour.
a. Compute L, Lq, W, Wq, and U.
b. The dean of the college has received a number of complaints from students about the
length of time they must wait to have their schedules approved. The dean feels that
waiting 10.00 minutes to get a schedule approved is not unreasonable. Each assistant
the dean assigns to the adviser's office will reduce the average time required to
approve a schedule by 0.25 minute, down to a minimum time of 1.00 minute to
approve a schedule. How many assistants should the dean assign to the adviser?
2. Game World, a video game arcade at Tanglewood Mall, has just installed a new virtual
reality battle game. It requires exactly 2.7 minutes to play. Customers arrive, on average,
every 2.9 minutes (Poisson distributed) to play the game. How long will the line of
customers waiting to play the game be, and how long, on average, must a customer wait?
3. The Riverton Post Office has four stations for service. Customers line up in single file for
service on a FIFO basis. The mean arrival rate is 40 per hour, Poisson distributed, and the
mean service time per server is 4 minutes, exponentially distributed. Compute the
operating characteristics for this operation. Indicate whether the operation appears to be
satisfactory in terms of the following: (a) postal workers' (servers') idle time; (b)
customer waiting time and/or the number waiting for service; and (c) the percentage of
the time a customer can walk in and get served without waiting at all.
4. The local Burger Doodle fast-food restaurant has a drive-through window. Customers in
cars arrive at the window at the rate of 10 per hour (Poisson distributed). It requires an
average of 4 minutes (exponentially distributed) to take and fill an order. The restaurant
chain has a service goal of an average waiting time of 3 minutes.
a. Will the current system meet the restaurant's service goal?
b. If the restaurant is not meeting its service goal, it can add a second drive-through
window that will reduce the service time per customer to 2.5 minutes. Will the
additional window enable the restaurant to meet its service goal?
c. During the 2-hour lunch period, the arrival rate of drive-in customers increases to 20
per hour. Will the two-window system be able to achieve the restaurant's service goal
during this rush period?

as shown in the following table: Construct the project network for this project and determine the following: a.000 . Expected activity times b. 3 – Project Management Model 1.Problem Set No. The probability that the mill will be fined $300. Earliest and latest activity times and activity slack c. The mill determined the activities in a CPM/PERT network that would have to be completed and then estimated the indicated activity times. Expected project duration and variance e. Critical path d.

The following table provides the information necessary to construct a project network and project crash data: a. b. Construct the project network. Manually crash the network to 28 weeks. c.2. Compute the minimum cost .

EVPI . It will take approximately 5 years to build the necessary infrastructure (roads. The company has estimated the facility cost (in $1. using the following decision criteria. Minimin b. China. a. Decision Tree g.000. EOL h.). Minimax c. labor. Microcomp is a U.Problem Set No. It is planning to build a new manufacturing and distribution facility in either South Korea.S. including monetary exchange rates. Hurwicz ( = . and put it into operation. and political climate. 4 – Decision Theory 1.20 and 0. construct the new facility. as follows: Determine the best decision. Expected monetary value if probability are 0.-based manufacturer of personal computers.000s) in each country under three different future economic and political climates. the Philippines. 0. The eventual cost of the facility will differ between countries and will even vary within countries depending on the financial.4) d. or Mexico. etc.30. Taiwan. Equal likelihood e.50 respectively f.

. Develop the opportunity loss table and compute the expected opportunity loss for each product.2. stable. c. Compute the expected value for each decision and select the best one. or a nimnot. or unfavorable) will determine the profit or loss the company realizes. The Miramar Company is going to introduce one of three new products: a widget. as shown in the following payoff table: a. The market conditions (favorable. a hummer. Determine how much the firm would be willing to pay to a market research firm to gain better information about future market conditions. b.