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  123124 - LSA BR:5th v. Customizing of Brazilian movement types
Version   16     Validity: 25.08.2003 - active  


Language   Inglês

Header Data
Released On
Release Status

25.08.2003 17:20:29
Released for Customer
XX-CSC-BR-MM Materials Management

Other Components XX-CSC-BR Brazil

Correction with medium priority

Running scat test procedure as described in 4.0B documentation for installation of Brazilian
movement types (MM-IM) leads to errors.
Texts were only available in German or English language.

Other Terms
LSA, Brazil, MM-IM - Customizing, Brazilian movement types, P40MM_00, P40MM_01, P40MM_02, T156T,
T157H, wrong text language, T156X

Reason and Prerequisites
This note is only valid for installations with Brazilian company codes.
Precondition for the solution is 4.0B, 4.5B, 4.6* or 4.7.

The CATT procedure P40XXXX_CU_BR solves problems of missing or wrong entries for Brazilian movement
types 8xx.
This procedure can be used instead of CATT Modules P40_MM_* for configuration of Brazilian movement
types. To solve the problem start P40XXXX_CU_BR.
To start CATT P40XXXX_CU_BR use transaction SCAT, enter the CATT name, and start it with log type
'long', in error mode and without variants.
Please note that all existing movement types in the SAP name range 8xx first were deleted and
afterwards configured new. All customer defined configurations for movement types 8xx get lost with
this procedure.
For releases up from 4.6*:
Just start only CATT P40XXXX_CU_BR for configuration of Brazilian movement types 8xx.
For release 4.5B:
The Portuguese texts are available. Login in Portuguese and start the CATT procedure P40XXXX_CU_BR.
For release 4.0B:
The installation of the Brazilian movement types is only available with English texts for the
movement types. The correction allows to get the English text version with language key P (PT) Portuguese.
After implementation of the source code correction login in Portuguese and start CATT test procedure
P40XXXX_CU_BR via transaction scat.
Afterwords the english text can be replaced with the following portuguese texts via transaction
movement short text (table T156T)
801      EM c/fat.antec.+imp.
802      EEM c/fat.ant.+imp
803      EM c/
804      EEM
805      EM ft.ant.EsBlo.imp.
806      EEM FatAnEsBlo.c/imp
811      EM EntrDir.c/imposto
812      EEM EntrDir.c/imp.
815      EM EsBloEntrDi.c/imp
816      EEM EsBloEntDi.c/imp
821      EM EsForn.aval.c/imp
822      EEM EsFornAval.c/imp
825      EM EsBlEsForAv.c/imp
826      EEM EsBlEsForAvc/imp
833      Transf.SM c/imposto
834      ETransf.SM c/imposto
835      Transf.EM c/imposto
836      ETransf.EM c/imposto
841      EM EqRT
842      EEM EqRT
843      EM EqRT c/imposto
844      EEM EqRT c/imposto
movement long text (table T157H)

bloq.estoque: armazenar centro p/centro + imposto 836      Transf. And Subsequent 40B   45B   46B   46C   470   Correction Instructions Correction Instructions Software Component Valid from Valid to Number SAP_APPL 40B 45B 61262 Support Packages & Patches Support Packages Software Component Release Support Package SAP_APPL 40B SAPKH40B17 45B SAPKH45B01 46B SAPKH46B01 46C SAPKH46C45 SAP_HR 40B SAPKE40B17 References This document refers to: SAP Notes 146532   LSA BR: Missing entries in table T156X This document is referenced by: SAP Notes (1) 146532   LSA BR: Missing entries in table T156X . + imposto ICMS/IPI 804      Entrada entrega direta+imposto/estorno 821      Entrada mercadorias estoque avaliado de fornecedor + imposto 822      Entrada merc.ant. 833      Transf.estoque: armazenar centro p/centro + imposto/estorno 841      Entrada de mercadorias embalagem retornável (EqRT) 842      Entrada de mercadorias EqRT / estorno 843      Entrada de mercadorias EqRT + imposto 844      Entrada de mercadorias EqRT + imposto / estorno 861      Goods reciept transfer SD/MM 862      Goods issue transfer SD/MM 863      Goods issue transfer SD/MM return 864      Goods reciept transfer SD/MM return Validity Software Component From Rel.avaliado de fornecedor+ imp.+ imposto/estorno 803      Entrada de mercadorias c/fatur.estoque: retirar do depósito centro p/centro + impsto 834      Transf.c/faturamento antec. + imposto 806      Liberação d/estoque bloqueado de fat./estorno 835      Transf.+ impostos ICMS/IPI est.801      Entrada mercadorias c/faturamento antecipado + imposto 802      Entrada mercadorias c/faturamento antec. SAP_APPL 40B 45B 46A 46C 470 To Rel.antec.estoq.+ imp.+ imposto/ estorno 811      Entrada de mercadorias entraga direta + imposto 812      Entrada d/mercadorias entgrea direta + imposto /estorno 815      Liberação d/estoque bloqueado de entrega direta + imposto 816      Liberação d/estoque bloq. 805      Liberação de estoque bloqueado de fat.p/ctr.bloqueado avaliado de fornecedor + imposto 826      Liberação estoq./est.estoque: retirar do depósito ctr.estoque avaliado de fornecedor +imposto/estorno 825      Liberação estoq.