Sales and Distribution Management

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. It had a pan India presence with offices at Bangalore. KP Paul was a visionary. Mr. He was an epitome of dedication. perhaps India’s largest chain store dealing in spare parts. In the year 1941 he diversified into tire. He has been associated with FADA for the last few years and has held position as Honorary Secretary from the year 2012 to 2014. He was the President of the TIE Kerala from 2011-14. Hundreds of his former employees are successful business people today.Dealer Name: Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt Ltd. Mr. He did not believe in charity. Based on this success saga the Kuttukaran Group has adopted its vision “We will be the world’s most Admired Corporate by Progressively Delivering Greater Value. About The Managing Director: Managing one of the largest automobile retail groups in India. he established Popular Automobiles. John K Paul has keen interest in several other areas. The business grew by exponential proposition and catapulted him to fame. He was a born leader and believed in employee empowerment and satisfaction. he found ample opportunity in the spare parts business by procuring the surplus spare parts of military vehicles. tube vulcanizing and battery restoration business. He had motivated employees who delivered impeccable customer service. He was the President of the Kerala Chamber of Commerce & Industry for the year 2005-06. Paul started his business career with Popular Washing Home. He is currently the President of The Kerala Automobile Dealers Association. In his business growth he made thousands of people and families self-sustaining. he wanted people to work hard and succeed. P. His humble demeanor won many hearts and he had a committed workforce and loyal customers. through Entrepreneurship within”. hard work and humility. Mumbai and Calcutta. About the founder: In the year 1939. Paul was an entrepreneur par excellence and entrepreneurship is the key word in any remarkably growing business. K. He further forayed into imported and new automobile parts. He dared the tradition and started reaping success in six months. Mr. This venture brought forth his daring nature that remained the backbone of his life and business in the years to come. (Platinum Dealer of Maruti) Point of Contact: Rahul (Sales-in-charge) Research Method: Structured face-to-face interview (1 hour) was conducted to get the initial information company and its operation and then telephonic interview (16 minutes) was conducted with structured questions designed with the aim of understanding the company’s Sales and distribution process. P. K. In the year 1944. Chennai. When the 2nd world war came to a closure.

Calicut. Maruti Driving School: 6. second hand car sales and car exchange services. also offers car service. K P Paul. car beautification. Other Business Units: John K Paul is the Managing Director of Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt Ltd. Popular Auto Dealers Pvt Ltd. Product Offerings: Hatchbacks. He is also the director of Marqland (dealers for Jaguar Land Rover cars). Popular Vehicles. He had his schooling done from The Lawrence School. Popular Mill Stores & Kuttukaran Engine Rebuilders. Lovedale. & Kuttukaran Trading Ventures – comprising the divisions of Popular Automobiles.John K Paul is the son of the legendary path breaking entrepreneur of Kerala. It recently grabbed seven awards at the Maruthi Suzuki dealership conference held at Dubai on May 2015. car insurance. & Prabal Trucking. is one of the prominent dealers of MSIL dealership network. SUV & MUV (Both used and new) Industry Observed: Automobiles (CAR) Customers: Consumers. apart from new car sales. Channels Used: Sales outlets & Sales Person to generate lead. training for car driving. He is the Managing Trustee of the Kuttukaran Foundation that runs the Kuttukaran Institute for Human Resources Development which is engaged in Skill development. Ooty and is the president of its Alumni Association. Operations: Popular Vehicles. dealers for Maruti Suzuki cars and Daimler Benz Trucks respectively. Van. Currently Popular vehicles is the India’s highest selling Platinum dealer for Maruthi. Shri. He graduated from the Regional Engineering College. Retail Outlets: 8 Sales showrooms Service Centers: 36 service centers Maruti True Value: 7 used Car Sale point. Travel agencies. Sedan. For new Cars: Maruti Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt Ltd Sales personConsumers For Old Cars: Consumers turned suppliers Maruti True Value (Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt Ltd) Consumers . with 200 units spread across the country.

Maruthi is planning to increase its dealer network to 2000 in 800 cities by end of 2015. Sometimes the dealers are insisted by Maruti to concentrate on sale of a particular model. a dealer needs to invest Rs. 6 crores to 8 crores. The Dealer Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt Ltd has a good name among the consumers which reduces the effort of selling to an extent and make them to concentrate on retaining the customer. To obtain Maruthi’s dealership. Key insights about Dealer –Company relationship and promotional activities done:     Usually the dealer tries to gaze the demand through insights got from consumer response and once the order is placed it takes one month on an average for the car to be delivered after the car reaches Bangalore from Haryana the dealer pays the amount to the company and then the dealer receives the car. Maruthi has segregated dealer . The strong distribution network and distribution strategy constitutes the core competency of Maruthi. (Split into two segments till Kunnamangalam showroom one segment and from there to Kozhikode city another segment). Hence the New car sales per dealer is decreasing sharply. In order to increase sales per dealer. Distribution Model: Distribution Selection: Maruthi has the most extensive distribution network among the car manufacturers in India. 6 crores without including the land Value. 20 people under two team leaders in the market. The immense distribution network was based on the company’ objective to reach even the remote areas and gain competitive advantage. Minimum area requirement for Maruthi dealership is 1 acre and cc limit is Rs. MSIL dealership network is growing by 40% during the time period from 2011-14 but the domestic sales volume is decreasing at 7% during the same period.Services: Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt LtdConsumers Driving School: Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt LtdConsumers Sales Force: (Kozhikode)   10 sales person and two leaders work in the showroom. Maruthi selects its dealers through its DDN (Dealer Development Network) and on an average it takes six months to select a dealer through DDN. Maruthi has 1421 sales outlets spread across 1097 cities. Road shows are conducted while a new model is introduced in the market which is done by the dealer assisted by Area manager appointed by Maruti.

For transit time. Manesar) Stock yard (Bangalore) 2012-13 2013-14 MSIL dealership Network Small Outlets Kozhikode Dealer Place Manufacturing Plant: There are 7 process shops. Kaizen has been the philosophy of their continuous improvement which has created “Zero compromise” quality structure Store House: In order to reduce the transit time. MSIL Dealership Network 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 MSIL dealership Network Large Outlets Manufacturing Plant (Gurgaon. Maruti Stockyard (Mondovi motors) is located at Bengaluru. 5 assembly lines and around 1700 robots with 3 stages of inspection for each car. Popular vehicle at Kozhikode is served through this stockyard. It takes 12 hours to make one car and one car is made at every 12 seconds. Kozhikode Dealer Place: . The dealers also represent the brand and Maruthi frequently conducts corporate image campaign for the dealers.territories and hosts competition among the dealers. The stockyards at Bangalore and Nagpur has cut down the waiting periods. the bestselling new Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback commands a two month waiting period for the petrol variant while the diesel variant has waiting periods of over 6 months in many cases.

employees are put in different buckets such as Sales experts. MCQs based on car models. the details will be entered in to the DMS and then the data will be flooded to the service team. Logistics Partners: As said by the sales in-charge they are served by Axis logistic partner which transports the vehicles from the stockyard to the dealer’s location. In order do that effectively they have an enterprise solution “Dealer Management System”. Customers will be served through those stations for the after sale service. Sales Force Duties:   To build good relation with the bank and local finance companies. This contest has quiz. The dealer will have his own service stations. Kozhikode Information Technology: Maruti provides the best service for its customer.Dealers are selected and continuous internal audit will be done for infrastructures at the dealer place. There is also a warehouse at dealer place for storing the models that are high on demand. Then the service team will continuously communicate with the customer for the after sales service. customer handing and demonstration methods. Sales champions. New sales person who are in the experience frame of 6 months to one year are called as Emerging stars.(Car finance) Sales people have target based on years of experience based on it they are incentivized o After 6 months 3 car per month o After one year 7 car per month o After two years 8 car per month Engagement plans Hall of Fame Sales persons are made competitive and encouraged through a unique way administrated by Maruthi and Popular vehicles. The DMS will be updated periodically once the service is done and the service will be rated/evaluated by the customer. Other sales persons are subjected to a contest conducted by Maruthi. Based on this contest. Whenever a car is sold. . Dealer keeps tracking the customer and informs them about the number of services pending for the cars they bought.

do not have any channel conflict. the major problem they face is lead time of certain models of cars. 71. Kozhikode 673 020 Ph.Civil Station P. Few customers are not willing to wait and may resort to other models of cars that are readily available. Its only channel of sale is through showroom.O. Mamangalam. Kuttukaran Centre. But leads generated through these shows are closed in showrooms. he can try to reduce the time between. Cochin – 25 Ph: (0484) 2341134. as of now.. he receiving the car and customer receiving the car. Areas of improvement: According to sales person. Sales persons sometimes hold display shows in Malls/Gathering areas. the dealer can also provide door delivery to those customers who wait. in order to improve customer satisfaction Contact Details: Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt Ltd. Customers demand the immediate delivery of a certain model of car that has a lead time of around 15-20 days after placing order.Areas of conflict: Popular vehicles..Corporate Office. This issue can only be solved if Maruti already has an available stock. 2340143 Fax : 0484 2340755 . Also. But from dealer’s side. 76 Fax no-0495-2371138 Corporate office: Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt Ltd.. No. (0495) 2370007. Waynad Road. Also. he can keep the customer in continuous loop about the car’s current position in this waiting time.