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Dissertation submitted to Osmania University towards the partial
fulfillment of the award of Masters Degree in Hospital Management
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Academic year 2015- 2016

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HYDERABAD – 500 096

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DECLARATION I hereby declare that the Project Report entitled “ ” submitted by me to the Department of Business Management.: . Hyderabad. PLACE: Hyderabad Signature DATE: Name: Roll No. is a bonafide work carried out by me and is original and not submitted to any other University or Institution for the award of any Degree/Diploma/Certificate or published any time before. Osmania University.

H. Signature of the Internal Guide Name: Signature of the Principal (with stamp) . This has not been submitted to any other University or Institution for the award of any degree/ diploma/certificate.D. NAME OF THE STUDENT under my guidance. was carried out by Mr.M programme of Osmania University. Hyderabad.CERTIFICATION This is to certify that the Project Report entitled “” submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of M./Ms.

If not. .HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATION CERTIFICATE Generally this certificate is issued by the concerned healthcare organization with their own format and matter only where the student is undergoing the PROJECT work. In either of the above two cases. please refer to the attachment named “Organization Certificate” and download to use it for the same. the certificate should be printed out on the concerned organization’s letter head and should be duly signed and attested by the concerned supervisor.

ABSTRACT This is a summary of about 300 words (not more than one side of double-spaced A4) that describes the topic. explains the aims and methods of the study and gives a brief resume of the main conclusions and recommendations. .

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 1st paragraphAcknowledge the hospital staff 2nd paragraphAcknowledge Principal madam 3rd-paragraphAcknowledge your guide 4th paragraphAcknowledge library sir & lab sir 5th paragraphAcknowledge family members & friends .

discuss with your project supervisor at an early stage. DATA ANALYSIS & PRESENTATION 40 5. If in doubt. It lists sequentially the sections and major subdivisions of the sections. INTRODUCTION 1 2. SUMMARY & CONCLUSIONS 50 BIBLIOGRAPHY 60 APPENDICES 65 Appendix A – Organisational structure of Bloggs Ltd 66 Appendix B- 67 . THE COMPANY 25 4. Interpretations 45 6. Table of Contents CONTENTS PAGE NUMBERS List of Tables i List of Figures ii 1.Table of Contents The contents page gives the reader the first view of how the project is structured and how the author attempted to develop the topic. each identified by a heading and located by a page number. The following box gives an example. REVIEW OF LITERATURE 16 3. Table of contents  List of Tables  List of figures  List of Appendices Your precise structure will have to be tailored to the needs of your own projects.

Additional or less relevant information may be better placed in an appendix. Some such presentations will bear only indirectly or partially on your arguments. Whether you decide to locate your tables/figures in the main body of the report or the appendices. it is likely that you will want to present material in tabulated or diagrammatic form. it is conventional to provide special “contents pages” so that readers can easily find the information. and in such cases you will need to decide about their proper location. by gender 7 Examples of List of Figures LIST OF FIGURES FIGURES PAGE NUMBER I Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 5 II Vroom’s Expectancy Theory 10 . 3 by occupation III 6 Employee’s Attitudes to Motivational Factors. by age.List of Tables and Figures Throughout the project. Examples of List of Tables LIST OF TABLES TABLE NUMBERS PAGE I Redundancies in the Food Industry. Tables and figures should be listed on a separate page as shown below. 1980-1987 II Employee’s Attitudes to Motivational Factors.