A high-speed, melee-focused Master Mother of Monsters.

Lilith typically leads
her blood-thirsty brood of Nephilim to the battlefield where they may feed on
the blood of their victims – potentially changing the smaller tots into bigger
As the Master of Malifaux, Lilith ignores terrain penalties.

Lilith is one of the fastest, most evasive and powerful opponents anyone
would ever dread to face. She is the closest rival to Lady Justice amongst the
Neverborn; however, while she is not as tough, she is more evasive. She has
more synergies with her Nephilim than Lady Justice does with her Death

Lilith's power is spider-like. She has powerful offensive capabilities, but works
best at the center of a web. She brings her prey to her, incapacitates them,
and uses them to feed her young. She is the consummate ambush predator.
Learning how she weaves her web is key to getting the best out of her on the
tabletop; she creates that web with a mixture of her own abilities, upgrades
and crew composition.


When the world itself bends to your will, stubbing your toes isn't really a
problem! Lilith has an excellent Wk 6 and is not affected by severe or
hazardous terrain.

Although she could use this excellent speed to get into close combat quickly
and start swinging that Greatsword of hers about, her Cg 6 should clue you in
that this is not her plan A.

Lilith is better suited to using that speed to control areas of the board and to

set herself up in central severe terrain to start spinning that web of hers.


This is Lilith's strong suit. Even her tactical Action serves only to boost her
offensive capabilities!

Master of Malifaux
Not an Attack Action, but an ability that benefits her Attack Actions. Lilith
doesn't need LoS to declare a Charge or use her Casting Actions – she can
strike out while being safe from retaliation. If Lilith wants to say a pointed
"hello" to an enemy model, there is no place on the board it can hide.

Lilith's primary weapon is Greatsword. With Ml 7 and a decent damage
spread, it's certainly something that opponents cannot ignore. When Lilith
doesn't Charge, she gains a positive flip on damage with it too – which is
something she will want to be doing more often than not.

If you are playing Lilith, remember that she fights on her terms in places that
she chooses, not on the terms of her targets. Bringing the opponent to you so
she can make the most of Greatsword is a big part of that.

The nice trigger to filter cards is rather helpful, but not worth cheating for
unless you can still hit with a low mask card.

Wicked Vines
The ability that fewest people seem to read on her card – but they should!
Wicked Vines has a decent Casting value, superb range and a huge effect on
a turn. Preventing a model from taking any Walks or Charges can, in many
situations, be almost as good as outright Paralyzing it. Important to
remember is that the target will still be able to move and be placed.

Getting some damage on it too can be useful. This ability also interacts with
pushes rather well – many of Lilith's crew, and some of her upgrades, make
good use of pushes, so always be on the lookout for how to apply them.

Tangle Shadows
This ability takes real thought to use well. It'll shift the position of both a
friendly and an enemy model on the board. If you want something out of
position, or to deliver a killer into enemy lines, or simply break up a team or
positional synergy that your opponent has crafted, then this is the key. It's not
easy to use as it has only an average Casting value, and requires an extra
mask – but this is an ability that can be game-winning and it's certainly worth
spending a Soulstone on and burning a high card to ensure it goes off. Doing
this as her first Action, then hitting the displaced enemy model twice, will
spell doom for it more often than not.

Sudden Darkness

Lilith's only (0) Action (until we get to her Upgrades) boosts damage on her
Ml Attacks a little if she Charges. This puts her damage spread at the level of
a Mature Nephilim, but only if Lilith moved through terrain as part of the
Charge. Note that only the two Attacks that are part of the Charge Action
benefit from this – an Attack from her third AP will not benefit from this. This
Action is a useful boost if you are going to be charging with Lilith, so don't
forget it's there – but you might not be using this as often as you might think.
Don't forget that making a Charge robs Lilith of that positive flip on damage,
so there is something of a trade-off here. All and all, it is a great ability to
have when you want to switch gears with Lilith.


Lilith has excellent physical defenses, but lacks in the Wp department. Df 7,
with a trigger to make it harder to hit her with Ml Attacks if one misses her, is
pretty solid. She has no specific defenses against Sh Attacks, but if she is
using terrain as she should, shooting her should be difficult or impossible.
Casting Actions that she has to defend with her Wp are her bane – her

defenses under these circumstances are decidedly ordinary, so being aware
of which models on your opponent's team have such Attacks is important.

Lilith's best defense comes from her being close to untouchable. Staying
hidden, creating blocking terrain, and keeping the fight on her terms will keep
her alive.

Black Blood
If something does get close to Lilith, her Nephilim nature means that hitting
her comes with a cost – being close means taking damage. This serves as
both an attack and defense, as it can serve as a deterrent, but it won't save
Lilith or prevent harm from coming to her. It's certainly worth remembering
though, especially if a nearby enemy has only a single wound remaining.

Lilith has a real problem with her Upgrades – they are all very, very good!
Picking these will be very dependent on the Strategy and Scheme pool,
opposing faction and your own playstyle. There is no correct answer here!

Beckon Malifaux
Grants Lilith a second (0) Action, Illusionary Forest, and the ability to use two
different (0) Actions in a turn. This Upgrade allows her to create terrain that
blocks line of sight and lasts for the rest of the game (or until she uses this
Action again), even if Lilith dies.

Having terrain where she wants it can be used in many ways – screening her
troops from attack; giving her terrain to Charge through to increase her
damage; slowing enemy troops; creating synergy with her other Upgrades;
preventing enemy Charges and blocking shooting lanes, etc. The range on
this ability is a massive 16" – with the rules for placing things "within" that
range, the Illusionary Forest Markers can go just about anywhere on the
board if Lilith is at the table's center.

Living Blade

Lilith's most-expensive upgrade. The most obvious part of it is the
enhancement of her Greatsword – it increases to a stellar 3" range and gains
a positive flip on the Attack as well as damage if she hasn't Charged. Lilith
also gains a free Attack if any model ends a push within 1" of her. That free
attack will happen much more often when when this Upgrade is combined
with the Wicked Mistress Upgrade.

Wicked Mistress
This nifty Upgrade gives Lilith the Transfixing Gaze Action, a very effective
and reliable push towards her to bring prey into her web. However, It won't
work on a model that doesn't have a Charge value.

The model that is dragged in will take damage and gain Slow if it ends the
push in contact with severe or impassable terrain. While making models run
head first into brick walls or off buildings can be amusing, this Attack Action
should be looked at in combination with other Actions.

Imagine this:
Lilith activates and moves 6" towards her prey, then summons a forest just in
front of her base with the Beckon Malifaux Upgrade. She then uses Wicked
Vines to do 1 damage to the target and root it. Finally, she uses her last AP to
cast Transfixing Gaze (from the Wicked Mistress Upgrade).
The target takes 3 more damage from being pushed while Rooted; it then
ends its movement in her Illusionary Forest Markers and takes damage and
gains Slow; and then Lilith gets to make a free Attack due to the Living Blade
Now, if Lilith didn't have to move first, an extra swing could occur – and there
are more synergistic effects from her crew that can further enhance the web,
but you get the idea.

Transfixing Gaze from the Wicked Mistress Upgrade is actually the most
reliable Attack form Lilith has, at Ca 8. Besides giving you an opportunity to
hit things with a sword, it can be used to pull models away from key
positions, free up your crew, or force your opponent to engage.

Summon the Blood
With all the excellent Upgrades so far, it might be difficult to see how another
one could be worth a look. This one, however, gives Lilith and her crew
something new – some area effect damage.

This one keys off the Black Blood ability of Lilith and her Nephilim. Lilith can
use her own Black Blood, and that of her "pets," as bombs to deal damage in
a pulse for every Action she takes.

Now, this hurts her own troops, but if Lilith so chooses she can hand out 6 Dg
in that radius from any Nephilim also in range – with the right setup, that
could easily down two or more enemy models.

Rapid Growth
Terror tots and Young Nephilim can grow up – and this Upgrade is how they do
it. While this Upgrade doesn't have to be taken on Lilith, it's certainly worth
taking in the crew as it means that your Nephilim can become more effective
as they kill the enemy.

Going after a grow list is a bit like attempting a third Scheme, one that gets
you no direct VPs. Having a Terror Tot kill something requires some setup, and
it comes with some trade-offs. Young Nephilim are better beaters, but Tots are
faster and harder to catch. So be sure to think through whether the situation
at hand requires a runner or a beater. If you want to have the most of your
Soulstones while making your beaters better, hiring in Young Nephilim and
have them grow into Mature ones might be a more efficient way to go.

It's very thematic though, and the effects are certainly worth the attempt, but
don't get too caught up in growing – you still have Schemes and a Strategy to

Obsidian Talons
Being able to cheat a damage flip is a good thing. It's why most players go
out of their way to keep their opponent on negative flips whenever possible.

On a mask, with this Upgrade, however, Nephilim can cheat fate even on
negative flips. It's very powerful, even if it only happens occasionally. A lot of
Lilith's own powers need those masks though, so you may find this upgrade
competing for them if you take it. It is also worth to remember that it often
drains your hand quite a bit to both get the mask in as well as cheating in a
higher damage than is flipped.

Wings of Darkness
This generic Upgrade makes Lilith even better at two things she is already
great at: mobility and drawing cards. First, it grants Lilith Flight. This makes
her even faster than before, and combos very well with her not requiring LoS
to Charge. It is also great for hunting down sniper models who are often
placed at vantage points. The second Ability allows Lilith to draw and discard
an extra card while using a Soulstone during the draw phase. Together with
the double Rush of Magic (Lilith and Primordial Magic) you will draw up to a
whooping 11 cards (discarding down to six as usual though) by spending a
Soulstone in the draw phase. That is close to a fourth of your deck!

Tactics and Tips
Rush of Magic

Rush of Magic allows Lilith to draw and discard an additional card at the start
of a turn. Since it costs a Soulstone to do this with two cards, you can look at
this ability as being worth between two to three Soulstones over the course of
a game. Cards are king in Malifaux, so any ability that makes your hand
better is worth its salt. This ability stacks, and it's also on the 2-point Totem
Primordial Magic. This is one of the main reasons that choosing a Totem for
Lilith is a really tough decision.

Leading a Crew
(With subheadings, usually referencing specific spells, abilities and important

Strategies and Schemes

(General overview, then maybe specifics on what Strategies/Schemes are
good and bad)

Building a Crew

While Lilith has very clear synergy with Nephilim, there are many interesting
models she works well with.


He's in the Lilith box set, so he has all the synergy you might expect. He's got
a lot of pushes and has a decent threat range. He's a good model to hold the
Rapid Growth Upgrade.

Nekima is a Nephilim and has much synergy with them. As a high damage
dealer, but without great resilience, Nekima can can gain quite a bit of
mileage from the repositioning habits of her little sister.

Bad Juju
Lilith has a certain affinity with Waldgeists, and both are Swampfiends. Juju
brings resilience to the Lilith crew and is an excellent target for being thrown
upfield by Tangle Shadows.

Brings some healing to the crew, and her own activation-control abilities build
upon Lilith's Wicked Vines to control enemy activations. This is a decidedly
useful pairing!


Mature Nephilim
Top of the Nephilim food chain, and capable of carrying an Upgrade, the
Mature Nephilim is a great addition to the crew. Having positive flips on his
Attack, and having two very useful triggers on it, makes for a superb killing
machine who is speedier than he initially looks. Having a few ways to push
opposing models around doesn't hurt him either! Certainly a must-consider to
start, and worth learning about if you are trying to grow your own.

An outcast model with Black Blood who pops out when a friendly model dies
or is sacrificed fits perfectly into many of Lilith's plans, especially when she
takes the Summon the Blood Upgrade. He's not cheap, but he certainly hits


Terror Tot
Cheap and fast, a Terror Tot can grow, grab objectives, serve as a Black Blood
bomb, or Pounce on a model pushed near it – take multiples, you won't regret

Young Nephilim
These guys hit pretty hard, but can't take a punch. The Young is the awkward
middle child of the Nephilim family. I don't often field more than one, but with
the grow lists, expect to see them on the table.

Superb models for Lilith as they can also create terrain (although their
Markers don't block LoS). They bring Armor to the crew, and an engagement
range that can switch between 2" and 4" for a variety of fun effects. Their

damage output isn't amazing, but their triggers are very useful, one of them
imitates Lilith's Wicked Vines spell. Certainly worth having at hand if you want
to leave the pure Nephilim theme.

Lilith has a choice of two, and both are excellent additions to the crew.

Primordial Magic
Also has Rush of Magic, which stacks with Lilith's. This alone can justify taking
this model. This model can count as a Scheme Marker once per game, too,
which can be clutch in certain Schemes or Strategies.

Lilith's personal Totem is, like her, a bag of tricks. Its ranged Attack has a
built-in effect and a built-in – trigger - and pushing a model 5" is huge in a
Lilith crew. But more than this, it's fast and has a powerful effect on nearby
models – its mere presence decreases the cost of Interact Actions, which
frees up more AP for killing or moving. In addition, its ability to pop up an
aura of severe and hazardous terrain on and around a model is amazing,
especially when done on Lilith! Combine this with her Living Blade and
Wicked Mistress Upgrades for much evil laughter.

Playing Against Lilith

Frankly, good luck! This is a master with an answer for almost everything, but
she can't have them all at once so:

Read the crew carefully!
Get your head around what the particular Lilith build is wanting to do. Usually
a particular model, not Lilith, will be the key – try and eliminate that!

Don't forget about the big sword.
Lilith is no slouch in close combat – few masters can go toe-to-toe with her,
never mind anyone lower down the food chain. Lilith can do a lot of support
and manipulation, but chopping things up is her delight.

Go after her Wp.
It's her weak spot, and she has no way of mitigating it besides blocking your
LoS – except maybe chopping the head off the threatening model. Keep these
Wp threats of yours as safe from her as you can, even if it means using other
models as bait.

She's also reliant on her built-in suits; many of her Casting Actions require
their built-in mask. Any model that provides Counterspell can be problematic
for her. That Ability removes any inherent suits associated to her Ca Actions.
This forces Lilith to cheat her mask cards or burn her precious Soulstones.
Although it is not an ideal hard-counter, the Freikorps Librarian is a
mercenary that can remove built-in suits from Ml, Sh and Ca Actions: while
this won't shut down Greatsword, it will make it much harder for Lilith to use
its trigger. Sonnia Criid's Counterspell Aura similarly provides protection.

Long story short, Anna Lovelace hard-counters Lilith's Tangle Shadows. If
Lilith cannot first place her friendly model next to yours, then she cannot
place your model somewhere else.