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Dear Damba

a little introduction to better understand our project target.
We are QEM srl, a PLC (programmable logic controller) maker and we working in Italy.
Our PCL, calle QMove systems, use serial RS-232 and tcp/ip ports to be programmed, debugged and watched using a
design time environment (IDE) called QView (very similar to Visual Basic IDE).
In the last year, I worked hard to permit us to program and debug our PLC remotely using your component wodVPN to
create a VPN between two systems (the first have the IDE to develop and debug, the second have connected to COM
port or TCP/IP local port the QMove target).
We will sell this system to our final users so they can watch their PLC's job remotely from offices. Often the office is
in a country and the factory plant on another country (eg: office control in Italy – factory plant in Japan).
I've used your control to avoid any connection problem between two computers why often the computer are behind a
NAT, router, etc. etc.
Follow a schematic of our made system:

peer A



peer B

( debugger )
RS232 & TCP/IP
target interface

RS232 & TCP/IP
target interface

Target QMove
( PLC )

Public IP

In this example we have two PC behind a NAT, the system on the left is in Italy and the system on the right is in Japan.
In the left system we run the QView IDE (compiler, debugger, etc) which is connected with a RS232 & TCP/IP abstract
target interface. This interface gain a port forwading to actual target interface in japan computer using wodVPN
components. wodVPN component peer A connect, using mediator server, with peer B, add a channel to TCP
forwarding. The abstract target interface have a TCP/IP client and the actual target interface have a TCP/IP server so
the abstract target interface connect with actual target interface and QVIew IDE commands, using that VPN, reach
our Target QMove PLC. We don't use your NET Adapter driver but only port forwarding between two wodVPN to
maintain safe the PC connected.
Till now all work fine.
I've tried and used the system in this months using system behind NAT, partially behind a NAT (one public and one
NATted), using 3G keys, 2G Gprs modem, and all work fine.
Unfortunately this week I wasn't able to use my connection system to a new user client.
It work behind a NAT, don't use any firewall (that I know) almost in the wodVPN using component (it is a XP SP1).
I've installed the Wippien, how you suggested, but I isn't able to connect client PC with my using this program.
I'm behind a NAT too.

Client PC is behind a NAT
I'm behind a NAT

The connection with wippien (and my connection system) is impossible

A this point I don't know what to do.. Today I've retried to connect peer b (client) to peer a (me) using Wippien and I've catch the logs that I've addet to email so you can watch them (I isn't able to understand what's happend). but I don't would use relays because my program isn't able to directly work with them again.di is peer B. easy34 is peer A. silverio. What I've saw is that first phase of connection goes right. However I can send you my compiled project so you can see what we have do with your component and eventually track in debugging (I've saw you create a log file in your code) what don't work fine. Something is wrong in it's configuration. If peer B (me) exit from NAT and goes public then peer A can connect. Only thing I can ask is have UDP in/out enabled and this is done.1) 2) Client PC is behind a NAT I'm not behind a NAT The connection with wippien (and my connection system) is possible How I've said I've tried many time to connect two system behind NATs without problems but with this client user seem impossible to do.di is behind a 3G Tre. . easy32 is behind nat (I don't know what).. Peer A (client) connect with mediator and receive mediator UDP info about Peer B (me) Peer B (me) connect with mediator and receive mediator UDP info about Peer A (client) At this point Peer B (me) is unable to CONNECT with peer A I've tried to begin connection from peer A (using a remote desktop Teamviewer) but result is same.. and silverio. Unfortunately I can change anything in the Peer A (client) system.italia NAT (3G Key). At and I've tried to manually create a connection using your relay component placed on my public server and then all work fine.