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: 28th January 2015


:1.00-2.30 pm






: 1. Mdm Noorsyahrizza Bt Mahmood.
2. Mdm Diang Nur Samihah Bt Ali.
3. Mdm Nur Syahida Bt Ismail.
4. Mdm Rasyiqah Bt Abdul Razak.
5. Mdm Syarfiqa Salwa Bt Che Abdul Aziz.

The Panel Head, Mdm Noorsyahrizza thanked all the members for their
presence. She highlighted that the main purpose of the meeting is to discuss
on the yearly activities which the panel should carry out to improve the
mastery of English Language among teachers and students. .
Mdm Noorsyahrizza also thanked all the English teachers for their
commitment in improving pupils’ achievement in English subject and unending
support to English department. The head of department reminded all the
teachers to get ready preparations for the year 2015.
Proposed by Mdm Nur Syahida Bt Ismail, seconded by Mdm Syarfiqa Salwa
Bt Che Abdul Aziz.
3.1 Mdm Syahida claimed that English room was not conducive for the pupils
to do writing activity. Mdm Noorsyahrizza suggested that she will try to seek
help from PK Ko-kurikulum, Encik Bala to provide about 8 small tables for
English room.
3.2 Mdm Syahrizza also suggested to allocate more budget for 2015’s
presents for English Week which will be held around end of April 2015.

Examination marks/ TOV – Mr Grey Princeley Chua. x.Mdm Noorsyahrizza.2. vii. Examination analysis – Mdm Noorsyahrizza.2 Filling Management. iii. Examination questions collection (year 1-6) – Mdm Syarfiqa.Action : All English teachers. ii. vi. : Mdm Syarfiqa Salwa Binti Che Abdul Aziz : Mr Grey Princeley Chua. English teacher’s profile and individual timetable – Mdm Diang Nur Samihah bt Ali. Letters and circular – Mdm Diang Nur Samihah bt Ali. 4. Observation/ E. ix.1 Board member for year 2015 are as follow. Minutes and meeting – Mdm Diang Nur Samihah bt Ali. 4. Filling will be divided into 17 files.2. Head Panel : Mdm Noorsyahrizza Binti Mahmood. 4. Financial management – Mdm Nur Syahida. Treasury : Mdm Nursyahida Binti Ismail. v. Paper work – Mdm Noorsyahrizza. Post mortem/ report – Mdm Nursyahida. Board Members : Mdm Rasyiqah Binti Abdul Razak.cerap. . xiii. iv. Secretary : Mdm Diang Nur Samihah Binti Ali. xi. 4.1 Filling management will be handled by all English teachers. xii. viii. FORMATION OF ENGLISH PANEL COMMUNITY 2015. 4. i. Curriculum specification/ yearly planning (KBSR/KSSR) – Mdm Rasyiqah. Item analysis – Mdm Diang Nur Samihah.2 Content list. LDP – Mdm Syarfiqa.

3B 1B Action : All English teachers. Nur Syarfiqa Salwa 5A. 6. 5. 6. BUDGET FOR 2015. 5.2A. teachers are needed to provide 1 special book entitled ‘My Diary Book’ for each targeted pupils.3 Mdm Syafiqah mentioned that teachers who conducts LINUS programme will run a ‘Mentor Mentee’ programme for targeted pupils. English week will be run for 1 week with a lot of exciting and fun activities which definitely will stimulate and enhance pupils’ interest towards English subject.4. 5. 4B 3. Diang Nur Samihah Ali 5. Rasyiqah 6. In this programme.1 Mdm Nursyahida stated that all the budget allocated for 2014 had been spent wisely.2 Name of English teacher for each class. Action : All English teachers.4A 3A. Gray Princeley Chua 1A. 5B. 7. 5.1 Mdm Noorsyahrizza suggested that English Week will be held at the end of April 2015.2 Mdm Noorsyahrizza asked suggestions from teacher to list materials needed for PDP for whole 2015. 6C. UPSR . ENGLISH PANEL 2015 YEARLY PROGRAMME. Noorsyahrizza Mahmood 6B. 5A 2. NAME CLASS 1. Nur Syahida Ismail 6A. 6. 2B 4.2 Mdm Syarfiqa suggested to run a programme named ‘Mastery of Vocabulary’ from March to August 2015 mainly to focus UPSR students. Action: All English teachers.

Nur Syahida Story telling 8. 2.2 Mdm Rasyiqah reminded all teachers to put some English materials on English section in the library. . Action : All English teachers.7. Mdm Rasyiqah 3. Mdm Syarfiqa 4. 9th.3 Mdm Noorsyahrizza requested for teachers’ profile and personal timetable. 8.2 Mdm Noorsyahrizza informed that UPSR examination is set on 8 th. OTHER MATTERS. Those classes will be handled by. and 10th October 2015.1 Mdm Nursyahida bt Ismail – 6A 7. Postponement.3 Mr Grey Princeley Chua – 6C 7.1.2 Mdm Noorsyahrizza bt Mahmood – 6B 7. 8. 8.Mdm Noorsyahrizza 2. Action: All English teachers. Action song 1. Choral speaking Name 1. 7. 9.1. 8.1 Mdm Noorsyahrizza announced the list name of teachers in charge for ASAT programme. Scrabble 1.4 She also reminded all teachers to come for LDP LINUS and DSKP English Year 5 tomorrow afternoon. She also reminded for all teachers to give full cooperation to achieve school’s target. Public Speaking/ 1.1 Extra class for year 6 pupils will be started on 12 th February 2015.1. Sir Grey 2. Activity 1.Mdm Diang Nur Samihah bt Ali.

00 p.m. ______________ ( Hamdana Bt Usman) . ______________ Verified by . the meeting was adjourned at 3.1 As there were no matters raised by the members. Prepared by . _______________ ( Diang Nur Samihah Ali) (Noorsyahrizza Mahmood) Certified by .9.

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