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02 – 08 November 2015

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Sovereign Gold Bonds
Justice Tirath Singh Thakur
WEF – India Summit
7 Naxal-affected States
Vikalp – Pilot Scheme
Mysuru (Karnataka)
Tata Motors
Brijmohan Lall Munjal

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If the price of gold increases the value of the bond will also go up. Investors will get a fixed rate of interest of 2.  The bonds have a maturity period of 8 years.  Investors can buy a minimum of 2 units or 2 grams and a maximum at 500 grams per fiscal year. with exit option from the fifth year. Dattu as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on 2 December 2015. his Warrant of Appointment would be issued only after the President gives his approval. Holdings can be redeemed in multiples of one gram.Banking Reserve Bank of India (RBI) The scheme of sovereign gold bonds of Government of India are being accepted from 5 November 2015. rd  Justice Thakur will become 43 CJI of India and would be in office till 4 January 2017.75% per annum (payable every 6 months) on the initial value of investment.  Appointment Justice Tirath Singh Thakur To be appointed as the new Chief Justice of India (CJI). However.L. Justice Thakur is the senior-most judge after Justice Dattu and his appointment as the next CJI also signals that seniority reigns supreme in the highest judiciary following the revival of the Collegium system. To Know: Justice Tirath Singh Thakur (Justice T. Thakur) will replace Justice H.S. The applications for these bonds will be accepted from 5 November to 20 November 2015 by the RBI. Dattu on 4 November 2015. His name was recommended by Justice H. thus benefiting investors. as announced on 4 November 2015. To Know: Sovereign gold bonds will be issued by the Reserve Bank of India.L.  . The bonds will be issued from 26 November 2015. They will carry the market value of particular amount of gold it is issued.

Vikalp scheme will be available only for the tickets booked through internet for six months and option will be limited to mail and express trains on the two selected sectors. As per the scheme.Railways District Zero . It has initially been launched on a pilot basis on two sectors – Delhi-Lucknow and Delhi-Jammu. To Know: „Vikalp‟ is the name of the new alternative train accommodation scheme. This would result in connect Nabarangpur district to rest of the country. Lack of rail connectivity is often listed as the major reason for area‟s backwardness.  Initially. which was launched on 1 November 2015 by Indian Railways. Railway aims to achieve the twin objectives of providing confirmed accommodation to waitlisted passengers and ensure optimal utilisation of available accommodation by this scheme. Odisha Govt.Nabarangpur The Odisha Government and Ministry of Railways entered into a historic agreement on 4 November 2015 that is likely to lay the track for the first railway line to reach one of India‟s most backward districts. Which district of Odisha is this. . will get SMS alert on their mobile phone about getting confirmed accommodation in alternative train. of Odisha and Indian Railways. has decided to go for the SPV model with the state government contributing 51% of the project cost. which is often described as “District Zero” by the media? – Nabarangpur To Know: Nabarangpur in southern Odisha is often termed as one of the most backward districts of the country.  Passenger. if opts for the Vikalp scheme while booking tickets online.  On 4 November 2015 a path-breaking agreement for setting up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for constructing a 40-km link connecting the Nabarangpur district headquarters to the nearest station at Jeypore in neighbouring Koraput district was signed between the Govt.  The said rail-link was evidently held up for so long because it was found to be economically unviable. including land. Vikalp – Pilot Scheme Pilot Scheme launched on 1 November 2015 under which waitlisted passengers can get confirmed accommodation in next alternative train if they opt for the option while booking their tickets online. waitlisted passengers of a train would be given option of getting confirmed accommodation in the next train running on the route.

business and civil society. skills and human capital. political and social landscape in India.  The participants deliberated on forces of change in India in the context of five of WEF‟s global challenges – a) agriculture and food security. d) long-term investing. Participants from across various fields engaged in an intense one-day dialogue during the summit. What was the theme of this WEF India Summit? – ‘Delivering Growth in the New Context’ To Know: The WEF India Summit 2015 witnessed participation of more than 250 national stakeholders and leaders from government. Moody’s Global Rating What is the latest outlook of global Global rating agency Moody‟s with regards to the Indian banking system as disclosed by the agency on 1 November 2015? – It will remain stable over the next 12-18 months To Know: Thus Moody‟s has upgraded its outlook for the Indian banking system to stable from negative. Negative outlook was kept primarily due to deteriorating asset quality of Indian banks. including 8 ministers. c) employment. “Banking System Outlook – India: Gradual Improvement in Operating Environment Drives Stable Outlook.Economy WEF – India Summit World Economic Forum‟s (WEF) India summit was inaugurated by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley at New Delhi on 4 November 2015. It is worth mentioning that Moody‟s has maintained a „negative‟ outlook for the Indian banking system since November 2011. This has been done on account of gradual improvement in operating environment.” said the stable outlook is based on its assessment of five drivers including improvement in operating environment and stable asset risk and capital scenario.  . infrastructure and urban development and e) financial inclusion.  Moody‟s in its report. The participants engaged in an intense one-day dialogue looking at the fast-changing economic. b) environment and resource security.

Information Technology King Digital Entertainment Which US-based gaming company will acquire King Digital Entertainment.  King Digital Entertainment has focused on a business model that allows users to play a game for free. for $5. Activision Blizzard is offering $18 in cash for each King share.9 billion.  . but pay extra for additional features. as disclosed on 3 November 2015? – Activision Blizzard To Know: Activision Blizzard is the producer of world famous „World of Warcraft‟ and „Call of Duty‟ games. and the deal is expected to boost Activision‟s earnings by about 30%. while Candy Crush Saga is among the most popular games on mobile devices. Video game publishers are switching from the physical sale of games to digital growth as consumers move from consoles to playing on smartphones and tablets. The acquisition would make Activision Blizzard a global leader in interactive entertainment across mobile. console and PC platforms. It will acquire King Digital Entertainment for a cash-deal worth $5. the creator of the iconic Candy Crush Saga.  The „Call of Duty‟ series is one of the world‟s best-selling console games.9 billion.

rehabilitation of family members of persons killed in LWE violence and investigation of important cases against the naxalites with the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and state police forces.  Project Loon Internet giant Google is poised to partner BSNL on a pilot project for providing Internet connectivity by using large balloons. The main agenda of the meeting was – Action against mass front organisations of the CPI (Maoist). 3) Bihar. of which 35 districts in seven states are considered to be worst-hit.000 paramilitary personnel currently deployed in Naxal-hit states. Which 7 Naxal-affected states were invited to this meeting? – 1) Chhattisgarh.  The meeting formulated plans on how to maximise the use of around 1. 5) Maharashtra. monitoring of pilferage of explosives and IEDs (improvised explosive device). The govt.National 7 Naxal-affected States Union Government held a meeting of Chief Ministers of seven Naxal-affected States on 3 November 2015 in view of continuous incidents of Maoist violence. 6) Odisha and 7) Telangana To Know: The meeting discussed overall Left-wing extremism (LWE) scenario in 35 worst-affected states in the said 7 sates. 4) Andhra Pradesh. 2) Jharkhand. This important meeting was held to chalk out a strategy to fight the Naxal menace and was chaired by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. has approved testing of the project as of now.10. What is the name of this project which uses big balloons floating at a height of 20 kilometres above earth surface for transmission of Internet services? – ‘Project Loon’ To Know: Google has recently approached Indian government to seek permission to set up the „Project Loon‟ and Drone-based Internet transmission. A . preparation of specific anti-LWE operations plans and checking of flow of funds to the LWE cadres. Altogether 105 districts in 10 states are affected by Naxal violence.

 As per Google.. The menu cards at the canteen and food plaza at the station are also being made available in Braille. Google is now poised to partner with BSNL for testing this technology by using broadband spectrum in 2. platforms. the authorities have also put up 400 metal signages in Braille along the railings of the staircases leading various platforms. It has already tested this technology in New Zealand. schedule of trains. Along with tactile maps of station describing the location and distance of entrance. One major advantage of this project will be that it will not require mobile towers for Internet transmission. each balloon can provide connectivity to a ground area about 40 km in diameter using a wireless communications technology called LTE or 4G.  . washrooms etc. California (the U.committee under chairmanship of Secretary. an NGO assisted the railways in make Mysuru railway station blind-friendly.6 Ghz band. has been formed to work on it.  Place Mysuru (Karnataka) Which railway station became the first visually-challenged-friendly station in India on 3 November 2015? – Mysuru (Karnataka) To Know: Mysuru became country‟s first visually challenged friendly station on 3 November after many important info-objects such as tactile maps of the railway station and train schedules in Braille were unveiled at the Mysuru Railway station on this day.  Google. under its „Project Loon‟.S. Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY).) and Brazil. is using big balloons floating at a height of 20 kilometres above earth surface for transmission of Internet services. counters.  Anuprayaas. showing their arrival and departure time.

This start-up incubator. Russia. Iran. France.000 dead and displaced more than half of Syria‟s population of 22 million. which is the largest in India till date. However. IIIT-Hyderabad. Lebanon. These 11 countries were – the United States. To Know: 11 countries met at Vienna on 2930 October 2015 with the primary objective to seek a diplomatic solution to end the Syrian civil war. a brand new 70. Egypt. now in its fifth year. 30 seed funds and 20 venture capital funds have been roped in to participate in accelerating the start-up activity. has left 250.  The Syrian civil war. has been established in which city? –Hyderabad To Know: With opening of „T-Hub‟. Telangana capital Hyderabad has bid its claim to become India‟s start-up capital. Saudi Arabia. This establishment expects to house over 300 start-ups and have a futuristic workspace for up to 800 people. Representatives of the European Union also took part in the talks. according to the United Nations. It also created a power vacuum that allowed Islamic State militants to seize large swaths of eastern Syria and western Iraq. The Telangana government has invested Rs 40 crore to build this biggest incubator facility in the country.  It was the first time that Iran was invited in talks pertaining to Syria. ISB and NALSAR and key private sector leaders. the absence of representatives of the Syrian government and the Syrian opposition was conspicuous during the talks. As many as four angel networks. .000 square feet facility for giving motivation push to start-ups.Vienna (Austria) 2-day talks to seek a diplomatic solution to end the Syrian civil war were held on 29-30 October 2015. Turkey. The war has greatly contributed to European migrant crisis. Qatar. was inaugurated on 5 November 2015 by industrialist Ratan Tata.  T-Hub – start-up incubator A public private partnership (PPP) model. Britain and Germany.  „T-Hub‟ is a PPP (public-private partnership) between the Government of Telangana.

This 158seater passenger jet aims to rival Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. including Honeywell and Rockwell Collins. It also has a huge symbolic value for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). What is the name of this first Chinese passenger jet? – C919 To Know: China unveiled its first large passenger jet C919 at a hangar near Shanghai‟s Pudong international airport on 2 November 2015.  Development of passenger jet by the country is being seen as a major achievement by the country.International China Aviation China made an aviation history on 2 November 2015 as it unveiled country‟s first big homegrown passenger jet off the assembly line in Shanghai on this day. However. Work on this aircraft began in 2008 and the first test flight of the aircraft is expected to take place in 2016. many of the plane‟s systems have been provided by foreign companies.  . With this China joined an elite group of countries capable of making large passenger aircrafts. C919 has been developed by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac).

is owned by Tata Motors. The main feature of this merger is that it has resulted in RCom having overtaken Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio as the holder of the biggest amount of 800 MHz 4G spectrum in India. Reliance Communications merger with MTS India To Know: MTS India is the joint-venture between India‟s Sistema Shyam TeleServices and Russian telecommunication company Mobile TeleSystems (MTS). Tata Motors and Lionel Messi.  The company will now kick off a campaign „#madeofgreat‟ on 3 November 2015 seeking to showcase the confluence of two global brands. Messi himself drives a Range Rover whose manufacturer.  800 MHz 4G spectrum is considered most appropriate because it can go inside houses and buildings. unlike other bands which are not very good for in-building use.  . as disclosed on 2 November 2015? – Tata Motors To Know: A senior officials of Tata Motors confirmed that Messi has been roped in to promote companies passenger cars.Corporate Tata Motors Which Indian automobile car company has roped in Argentinian football legend Lionel Messi as the new global brand ambassador for its passenger cars. On 2 November MTS India announced its merger with Anil Ambani-led Reliance Communications (RCom). Jaguar Land Rover. The entity provides a variety of wireless. broadband and mobile communication services under the brand name MTS.

In 2011. His last rites were performed on 2 November 2015.500 crore in FY15. He passed away at the age of 92 at a Delhi hospital. Hero Cycles became the largest cycle producer in India. Both Honda and Hero have grown since then although Hero remains the largest player with revenues of Rs 27. Hero parted ways with Honda to create Hero MotoCorp. He was the founder of Hero Motocorp. now in Pakistan. was the founder of which Indian automobile behemoth? – Hero MotoCorp To Know: Brijmohan Lall Munjal is widely regarded as the father of the Indian two-wheeler industry.  Later Munjal inked an agreement with Honda in the 1980s to manufacture motorcycles in India. India‟s third civilian honour in 2005. Born in 1923 in Punjab‟s Kamalia. Hero Honda was born as a result of the 1984 agreement and the entity ruled the motorcycle market in India. The business graduated to cycle manufacturing and in 1975. where they gave shape to their bicycle component business. who passed away on 1 November 2015.  He was conferred with the „Padma Bhushan. Brijmohan Munjal and his brothers shifted base to Amritsar in 1943 and then to Ludhiana.Death Brijmohan Lall Munjal The Leading industrialist. the world‟s largest two-wheeler manufacturer.  .

Yadav had expanded his Cabinet a day after sacking 8 ministers of his Cabinet. In 2011. To Know: Balwant Singh Ramoowalia is a former union minister and a member of the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD). Apart from this he is not associated with UP politics in any way and is not a member of either Houses of UP Assembly.  . But on 31 October he was surprisingly included in the newly reconstituted Cabinet of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. He grew up in Vancouver.  Sajjan will oversee an anticipated change in Canada‟s military involvement in the battle against militants in Syria and Iraq.  Ramoowalia‟s induction was surprising because he had not joined the Samajwadi Party till the day of his induction.  Sajjan‟s appointment as Defence Minister is illustrative of the younger. His family immigrated to Canada when he was five years old. Sajjan was elected to Canadian Parliament for the first time in last month‟s election. Newly sworn-in Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already said he wants to end Canada‟s air strikes in the region in favour of providing humanitarian help. Sajjan was born in Punjab (India) in a Sikh family. To Know: Harjit Singh Sajjan was named as the Minister of National Defence in the newly constituted Cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on 4 November 2015. He joined Vancouver Police Department and worked for 11 years and later became a regular in Canadian Army. he became the first Sikh to command a Canadian Army regiment when he was named commander of the British Columbia Regiment. He was Union minister for Labour Welfare in 1996 as Rajya Sabha member and was two.Personality Harjit Singh Sajjan An India-born former soldier was inducted into the Cabinet of the new Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on 4 November 2015. more diverse cabinet that new liberal PM Trudeau had aimed to create.  Balwant Singh Ramoowalia New minister inducted in the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on 31 October 2015.time Lok Sabha member for SAD.

It is worth mentioning that the drivers affiliated to unions like CPI (M)‟s CITU are now faced with loss of work due to aggressive policies of cab aggregators. CPI (M) is planning the trial-run of the call-taxi service from November 2015 and this will be done in association with taxi unions.  Sports Nico Rosberg (Germany) The Mexican F1 Grand Prix winner on 1 November 2015. conventional drivers are losing customers to them and this is resulting in conflicts between conventional taxi drivers and those of the aggregators. .  Party feels that due to low fares and better. This has resulted in huge job threat to taxi drivers who are not associated with any of the cab aggregators.  This was just the fourth win of the season for Rosberg and this win moved him back into second in the championship behind Ferrari‟s Sebastian Vettel (Germany). To Know: Mercedes‟ Nico Rosberg won the Mexican F1 Grand Prix title to score his first victory for more than four months as he beat Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton (Britain) on 1 November 2015. technology-based service of the aggregators. Ola and Meru with the objective of providing job opportunities to taxi drivers? – CPI (M) To Know: CPI (M) leader and former Rajya Sabha MP P. Ola and Meru who have weaned away customers from conventional taxis. Williams‟ Valtteri Bottas claimed the third spot.Political CPI (M) Which political party of the country is planning to launch a call-taxi service on the lines of cab aggregators like Uber. made his comeback to F1 circuit after 23 years. Rajeeve recently announced that the party is planning to launch a call-taxi service on lines of leading cab aggregators like Uber.

security & defence and environment & climate.  The idea of launching „Imprint India‟ originated during the conference of chairmen. This is a joint initiative of which prestigious institutions of the country? – IISc (Bangalore) and 5 IITs To Know: Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) and 5 Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have done extensive consultations and arrived at specific themes in each area of research that has immediate social relevance. water resources and river systems. nano-technology hardware. IIT Kanpur. an initiative to develop a road map for research to solve major engineering and technology challenges in 10 technology domains relevant for the country. These 10 areas include health care. board of governors and directors of IITs. information and communication technology. where IMPRINT stands for Impacting Research Innovation and Technology. convened by the President at Rashtrapati Bhavan in August 2014.  .Education Initiative by IISC & IITs IMPRINT India. was launched by President Pranab Mukherjee on 5 November 2015. advanced materials. energy. IIT Madras and IIT Bombay. This initiative has been named IMPRINT India. IMPRINT India will motivate India‟s technical institutions to conduct research in 10 areas where the country is heavily dependent on foreign technology. manufacturing.  It is based on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi‟s suggestion that research done by institutions of national importance must be linked with immediate requirements of the society at large.  5 IITs involved in this initiative are – IIT Kharagpur. IIT Roorkee. sustainable habitat.

Explanation: The tiny Indian Ocean nation of Maldives witnessed frenzy as explosive devices were discovered near President Abdulla Yameen‟s official residence in capital Male. with Vice-President Ahmed Adeeb arrested in connection with an alleged plot to assassinate the president by blowing up his boat.  .Foreign Affairs Emergency in Maldives State of emergency was declared in Maldives on 4 November 2015. These incidents were perceived as a threat to the public and the nation and the govt. It is also worth mentioning that the emergency declaration came two days before a demonstration planned by the main opposition party – the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). There also were reports that huge stashes of weapons were stolen from army stores. due to the Discovery of explosive devices near President’s official residencereason for declaring 30-days. MDP leader Mohamed Nasheed was jailed in March 2015 after a widely criticised conviction under anti-terror laws. imposed 30-day emergency on 4 November.  The Maldives has been rocked by political infighting in recent weeks.

63 per kilowatt-hour. Missouri-based SunEdison won the auction for a 500 megawatt project in Andhra Pradesh.  . What was remarkable about this auction was that it was won for an all-time low solar tariff of just Rs. 4.63 per kilowatt-hour. Japan‟s Softbank and iPhone maker Foxconn have already pledged to invest about $20 billion in solar projects in India. The previous lowest solar tariff in India was about 5.Environment Solar power Company . 4.SunEdison US-based solar power company SunEdisonwon a bid to sell solar power in India at a record low tariff of just Rs.05 rupees per kilowatt-hour for Canadian company SkyPower‟s project in Madhya Pradesh. To Know: According to the information disclosed by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.  This bid is expected to give a big boost to Prime Minister Narendra Modi‟s push for clean energy to combat climate change as falling rates could unlock more government support for solar and wind energy.