Dated: 15.02.2016
G.D. Naidu Charities
734, Avinashi Road
Coimbatore – 641 018
Kind Attn : Mr. Bhuvaneshwaran – Manager
Sub : Epoxy flooring to Concrete flooring at G D Naidu Museum at Avinashi Road –
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following Works
1. Epoxy topping with Nitoflor DWE 1000 matt finish for a thickness of 2 mm
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For Metro Civil Technologies Private Ltd .


mt 0. 3. The humidity and moisture content of the RC Floor shall not be > 75% and > 5% respectively.Epoxy Top coat : Nitoflor DWE 1000 1.D Car Museum SYSTEM offered : Nitoflor SL 1000 DWE Epoxy flooring for a thickness of 2mm 1. . iii.Surface Preparation: i. Priming: One coat of Fosroc’s Nitoprime XG shall be brush applied on the clean and dry floor substrate without puddling and allowed to completely cure for 8-10 hrs. The Floor substrate shall be thoroughly cleaned and mopped to remove any debris. 3. then the floor shall be subjected to external heat treatment to bring them down within the specified limits. i. performance and durability of the epoxy flooring application. grease. etc.5 litres per sq. . ii. The RC Floor shall be cured for a minimum duration of 28 days.5 mm coat shall be applied over the putty @ 1.Specification for Epoxy Flooring for G. and allowed to completely dry. the following aspects of the RCC Floor substrate are surveyed to ensure aesthetics. 2. oil. If the humidity and moisture content are > 75% and > 5% respectively. 4.5 litres per sq.Floor Patch repair /Pot Hole repair : Any pot holes in the surface shall be repaired with Fosroc Patchroc . reprofiling and levelling product which shall be used for a required thickness of in various locations.5 mm thick thick self leveling epoxy resin topping shall be laid over the concrete surface as a putty coat as per specification 1mm thick over the primer surface. ii. The RC Floor Substrate shall be properly levelled with screed concrete fairly smooth finished. Epoxy Putty coat : Nitoflor DWE 1000 M @ 0. Floor Survey: Prior to commencement of the Epoxy Flooring application .a thick bed of cementitious .

00. All blowholes.00 .15% extra Grand Total Unit Sq. epoxy resin floor topping of approved colour consisting of the following as per manufacturer's recommendation including curing etc.63.63. DESCRPTION Surface Preparation and Floor Repair Existing concrete surfaces must be prepared to provide a clean.900. a 2.26.000. Supply and Apply Nitoprime XG Primer or to the prepared surface at an application rate in the range of 0.Quotation for Epoxy Flooring for G. a. complete as directed by the Project Manager. oil and grease. 2mm thick.00 Rs.ft Qty 20000 Rate Rs. curing compounds or other surface contaminants which may prevent full and proper adhesion of the primer.00. Surfaces should be clean and dry with open capillary. b. sound substrate.D Naidu Museum S.1 ltr/sq.00 Rs. water based.000.00 Amount Rs. 28.2. damp-tolerant.130.00 Rs. and other surface undulations shall be repaired using as per site conditions Epoxy resin floor topping Providing & laying Flow Supply and Applying Nitoflor DWE 1000 2 litres litres per sq. free from 2mm thick self leveling epoxy resin topping shall be laid over the concrete surface as a putty coat as per specification Sub Total Service Tax 10.N 0 1.900.

Payment 25% of total contract value after supply of materials at site 50% after completion of works.We have assumed repair of pot holes . 20% on progressive running bills 5% on completion of Work Works contract Tax/ VAT: Inclusive Service Tax : Extra @7. Our Guarantee shall be guaranteed against peeling off of the coating due to poor Workmanship.ft shall be paid separately on prorate basis. Validity: 30 Days Mobilisation: We require minimum 4 weeks to mobilize the material from the date of receipt of confirmed work order as the materials are all imported and thereafter Completion shall be arranged to suit your schedule and requirement. in the Concrete Flooring for an Estimated area 500 sq. .Important Note: The above mentioned quantities are approximate and may have a variation of ± 25% Surface preparation .ft only.41 % on of the contract value Any Increase in taxes by The Government shall be applicable from time to time shall be applicable. Any increase in area above 500 sq. Guarantee: Our System is guaranteed for a period of 5 Years. All Major surface undulations/grooves in the Concrete flooring will be clearly visible after doing the Nitoflor DWE coating as the thickness is only 2mm thick.

Equipments by way of covering /masking shall be done by GD in their scope Minimum Work front of 3000 sq. and not for Plan area measurement as per drawing not acceptable Validity : 90 days from the date of quotation. Storage facility for Storing of Chemicals shall be provided by GD free of Cost at site. Water. Electricity facility shall be provided free of cost at site Measurements: Measurements of the Work for the actual area of work done. For Metro Civil Technologies Private Ltd .Sridhar Director . D.ft shall be provided to us at one time to enable us to do surface preparation Necessary lighting.Facilities required at site : Electricity. Necessary Protection to Display articles.