Group # 2

Grade 9-Prudence
LEADER: Geoffrey Alturino
Members: Cristian Endaya
Ivy Figueroa

Date Performed: January 13, 2016
Date Submitted: January 18, 2016

Percentage Composition of Calcium Carbonate
Laboratory Activity # 3




To be able to calculate the percentage composition of calcium carbonate.

To determine the percentage error of the experiment.

To find out the effects of heating calcium carbonate and it’s would-be

Meker burner

Calcium Carbonate


Iron stand
Triple-beam balance
Test tube clamp
Test tube

1. A clean, dry test tube was weighed. About 0.5 grams of calcium carbonate
was placed into the test tube. The test tube was weighed again.
2. The test tube was clamped to the iron stand and the portion containing the
substance was only heated. Figure 20.1 was referred to for the set up.
3. The heated test tube was cooled to room temperature and was also
weighed. Results were recorded.
4. Another trial was performed.
5. The average values were used in the calculations.

41 g. 0.05 g. Data and Results Mass (g) Material Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Empty test tube 18. 18. Theoretical Values Percentage Composition of calcium oxide: x 100% .24 g.47 g. 0.52 g. 0. Carbon dioxide released 0. 0. Experimental Values Percentage composition of calcium oxide = = Percentage composition of carbon dioxide = = 0.46 g.48 g. 18.47 g.50 g. Calcium oxide recovered 0. 38 % 0.87 g.62 % 2. Calcium carbonate used 0. Calculations 1. 18. 0.33 g.79 g.52 g.05 g. 0. 9. 18.07 g.IV. x 100% 90. 0.52 g.02 g. 0.95 g.53 g. Test tube and contents 18.

. Conclusion Determining the percentage composition of an element is very significant.97 % Percentage Error Calcium Oxide = 61. 3) Q: How did you obtain the mass of the calcium carbonate recovered? A: The mass of calcium carbonate recovered was obtained as we weighed the test tube once more with the heated calcium carbonate inside and subtracting an empty test tube’s mass from it. 2) Q: How did you get the mass of the carbon dioxide released? A: The mass of the carbon dioxide released was obtained as we subtracted the calcium oxide recovered from calcium carbonate used.12 % V. By doing such.01 g.09 g.03 % Percentage Composition of carbon dioxide: 44. VI. we will already find out the actual percentage or specific amount of that certain element in a compound. x 100% = 43.08 g.31 % Carbon Dioxide = 78. x 100% = 56. they could already find out the molecular weight through the empirical formula.56. 100. If one can determine the percentage composition of an element.09 g. Analysis 1) Q: Why is the theoretical percentage composition of calcium oxide higher than that of carbon dioxide? A: The theoretical percentage composition of calcium oxide is higher than that of carbon dioxide because carbon dioxide is only a product of Calcium Oxide which is a product of the heating of Calcium Carbonate hence the theoretical percentage composition of carbon dioxide is less than that of calcium oxide. 100.