2016 Venture in Pyrolysis of Cheap Machine to produce

petrol from plastic waste
Xinxiang Huayin Renewable-Energy Technology Co. Ltd.Established in 1993. Huayin will be
the Top-10 enterprise in disposing spend silicone and cheap and contains been cooperated
using one Southern Korea corporation to home waste plastic. The business provides
acquired abundant knowledge and achievements in control waste sound. This project in
dealing with area dwelling squander has been permitted by Southern Korea govt as well as
the continuous equipment has been under assessment in Korea. The production line of
processing Level-2 spend wheel having automatic control hasbeen under evaluating in Hong
Huayin is located in Developement Region, Henan Province.China where's the Cradleland of
waste wheel,rubber and plasitic to oil-refining technology. Annually,you'll find many
dangerous cuctomers visit our metropolis for enterprise arbitration. Huayin is Qualified in
produciton and advancement and service of pyrolysis and distillaiton technology.
Your organization is about 30000 square meter,we've lathes,milling machines,mincing
machines and planders, broaching machines,pucnhing machines,NC lathes,CNC miling
machies,digital handle routine and other tests product.
We've over 100 personnel including SEVERAL highclass engineers,10 tutors,and 40
technicists.Our business annaul result is all about 500 models waste recycling plants.Our
principal products: pyrolysis plants, oil-refining distilllations plants.
Advantages of Discarded Tire Pyrolysis PlacePER Discard Plastic Recycling Appliance/
Spend Tires Pyrolysis Devices:
1.No need-to crush wheels, we could feed whole tires into reactor. Conserve manpower and
increase production.
2. water sealing devices, safety-valve, automobile-alarm, hoover unit assure safety.
THREE. Specialized catalyst boosts gas provide and fat excellent.
SOME. End gas recycling to heater. Save electricity and environmental friendly.
5. All chilling waters are circulatory. Good cooling influence.
SOME. Flue gases are prepared by particles elimination unit. Attain emission standard. Zero
Performing Procedure For Refuse Plastic Recycling Device:
Firstly, placed the raw material into reactor doorway, close the give intake method.
Next,burn the energy content(coal,lumber,LPG,major & gentle gas, energy) inside the
combsution process. The reactor may slowly be heated, when the temperatures accomplish
around 180°C, it will create oil gas progressively, at the same period, begin damaging
tension unit for 1 hour when temperture belows 150 °C.
Thirdly, oil gas can go-to catalytic step regarding pressure lowering.

Forthly, the gasoline can enter chilling system: side heat-exchanger---oil-water seprator---two
straight condensers --- two side condensers, oil fuel can be exhaust/cheap oil after above
four rank condensers system.
Fifthly, the gas whcih can't liquefied under standard force, it is called exhuast gas, they'll be
compiled by anti-back fire system instantly, next with the gas-burning to burn it as energy of
reactor, that may conserve energy with no smog around.
Sixthly, after tire petrol and oil comes out entirely,the temperature of reacot may go down.
But we nevertheless need-to proceed temperature reactor for 30minutes in avoid of lowpyrolysis exhaust within the metallic insert.
Seventhly, carbon black will be cleared routinely having machine lift.
Lastly, material cord is likely to be draged out of reactor having connect welded about the
car-feeder unit, next can begin another group.
40%-52% Exhaust fat
1.can be offer right
2.can be as fuel
3.ake diesel and gas by use gas distillation machine
30PERCENT-35% Carbon black
1.can be selling right
2.make fine carbon by utilize carbon black improving machine
3.make pellet by utilize carbon create pellet unit
10PERCENT-13% Aluminum line
1.can be selling immediately
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