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1. Thumper's cellphone...mis-named nerve.

2. Where to buy a mallard...jammed portal.
3. Grizzly relative...two pin-lovers.
4. Sad iguana...Merlin slam-dunking.
5. Wasp accelerates...Half a six-pack.

1. Bunny phone...funny bone.
2. Duck store...stuck door.
3. Polar bear...bowler pair.
4. Weeping lizard...leaping wizard.
5. Bee throttles...three bottles.

With pointed fangs I sit and wait,
With piercing force I dole out fate,
Over bloodless victims proclaiming my might,
Eternally joining in a single bite.
What am I?

1. A strong box (chest)
2. Heard in congress while voting
3. Baby cows
4. A shellfish
5. A unit used to measure distance
6. Scholars
7. Part of a shoe
8. What every builder must have
9. Something made by whips
10. What soldiers carry

2. Eyes and nose [Aye's and No's]
3. Calves
4. Muscle [Mussel]
5. Feet
6. Pupils
7. Heel [Soul and tongue are also acceptable]
8. Nails
9. Lashes
10. Arms

What's so peculiar about this sentence?

I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly
perplexing handwriting; nevertheless, extraordinary
pharmaceutical intellectuality, counterbalancing
indecipherability, transcendentalizes intercommunications'

A donkey behind another donkey
I'm behind that second donkey
But there is a whole nation behind me

It is a murder you can describe in a word.

A different fruit (a total of twelve) is buried in every one of
the following lines.

Example: A word is considered 'buried' when it can be read
like P A R I S in the sentence "Grand-pa(pa ris)es at seven
every morning."
Can you detect them?

Ah! If I get my good ship home
I'll find a tempting spot,
Where mayhap pleasant flowers will bloom,
And there I'll shape a charming cot.

Where bees sip nectar in each flower,
And Philomel on hawthorn rests,
I'll shape a rustic, sun-kissed bower -
A bower meet for angel guests.

Then she who lives and loves with me,
Sing our days of calm repose,
Sole monarch of the flowers will be -
For Myra is indeed a rose.
Ah! I(f I g)et my good ship home
I'll fin(d a te)mpting spot,
Where mayh(ap ple)asant flowers will bloom,
And there I'll sha(pe a ch)arming cot.

Where bees sip (nectar in e)ach flower,
And Philo(mel on) hawthorn rests,
I'll sha(pe a r)ustic, sun-kissed bower -
A bower meet f(or ange)l guests.

Then she wh(o live)s and loves with me,
Sin(g our d)ays of calm repose,
So(le mon)arch of the flowers will be -
For My(ra is in)deed a rose.