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2 Rise and shine! The forecast was calling for a want to explore a specific skiing situation, you'll
storm and dawn is breaking to reveal a foot of select “Situational Skiing” under Alpine
3 fresh powder. Finally! (You've been skiing with Category. From there, let's say you want to
ACTIVE ANKLES—THE the same clients all week on ice and crud.) explore balance. No problem. Just choose
CONNECTION BETWEEN They're sure to appreciate the new snow and “Balancing Movements” from the Skiing Skills
YOU, YOUR EQUIPMENT AND will be anxious to absorb all you can teach them drop-down menu. With each selection, the
TERRAIN about staying afloat in the deep stuff. choices will narrow until you finally mark
“Powder” in the Snow Conditions filter. (It's
5 As you rack your brain for some drills to share, kind of like online shopping; a process of
ASEA-C it occurs to you that in the last few weeks of isolating preferences until you get exactly
OFFICIAL BOARD blue sky and sun, your powder instruction what you need.)
OF DIRECTORS CANDIDATES repertoire has gone by the wayside. You could
pull a few volumes from your PSIA library to What you're left with is a choice of videos that
come up with some ideas. Or you could shuffle match your search criteria. You can play the
SECTION 1 through your stack of division newsletters and main video and then click on the “Drills” tab to
RICK PUTNAM see additional footage of various exercises in
glance over the latest issue of The Professional
SECTION 2 Skier for a few tips. Or not... the clock is ticking action. And if you decide you want to explore
RON KLEMENT and first chair won't wait for you to play other modules, save the current video to the
RON DAVIS research librarian. comparison box and make new selections. You
have a choice of three Alpine Categories: Skills
SECTION 3 You need a one-stop resource-and fast! Fire up Concept, and Situational Skiing (National
your computer and head for the Movement Standards aren't available yet, but will added
SECTION 4 Matrix, the innovative multimedia tool that during the winter; four Skiing Skills (the move-
BILL STANLEY ments associated with Balancing, Edging, Rotary,
brings to life PSIA's skills and skiing concepts,
SECTION 5 infusing maneuvers and tips with action and and Pressure Control); and six Snow
MARK FOYTECK energy in a convenient, user-friendly format. Conditions: Powder, Steeps, Crud, Carving,
Bumps and Ice.
Featuring more than 300 short video clips with
SECTION 6 voiceover describing each skills concept and the The combinations are practically endless and
MARILYN YONEK application of that concept in a variety of real- the application provides opportunities for every
life skiing conditions, the Movement Matrix learning type, with features that include visual
SNOWBOARD CANDIDATES demonstrations, auditory feedback, simple cue
provides a way for explanations to jump off the
(SECTION 1,2, & 3)
ANDREW JOY page, offering interactive solutions for numerous statements, technical explanations, conversa-
situations in a snap. tional voiceover, and downloadable PDF docu-
ments for each situation. And the content man-
You say you need drills to help you guide a agement is dynamic, meaning that it can be
Looking for an event? Check out the lesson in powder conditions? Simply look for updated regularly. This will help guarantee
event calendar at! the Movement Matrix on, pony up member access to the industry's most contem-
the annual subscription fee of $14.95, and make porary thinking and innovations.
your choices in the selection filter. Since you Continued on page 16

PSIA-C | 3225 West St. Joseph | Lansing, Michigan 48917 Many Central Division members this season experienced mem-
Phone (517) 327-0601 | Fax (517) 321-0495 | bership card errors or complete absences. Many members did
General Information Members should contact their 2007 | 2008 BOARD OF DIRECTORS not receive a card at all. Others discovered their membership
board representatives to share concerns or opinions President Wm. “Skip” Dickel card showed an incorrect certification level, or certification in
on policies or procedures in order that they be Executive Vice President Will Nourse an incorrect discipline.
more effectively represented. Education Vice President Robin Roberts
Submissions: Submissions of articles, photos, Financial Vice President Gary Kepler One member who is an Alpine Level 3 with Children
and other items for publication are welcome. All Marketing Vice President Engelbert Gal Accreditation discovered that this season certification was
documents that are submitted will be published Alpine Directors 1 Wm. "Skip" Dickel shown as Alpine Level 2 and Adaptive Level One. Clearly, this
on the web, therefore they should be submitted in
Jeff Lewin was more than an inadvertent keystroke “typo”.
Microsoft Word Format (7.0 or higher) with the
following header: article name, date and author. 2 Will Nourse
Documents can have minimal graphics (GIF/BMP) Brent Heiman This particular case enabled some investigation. All membership
small size - no photographs (for website). 3 Robin K. Roberts registration data are posted and stored on the database main-
Photographs may be submitted to the office and Joe Benka tained by the national PSIA/AASI office in Lakewood, Colorado.
will be published in the Central Line but will not 4 Kris Agnew The Central Division office, in Lansing, Michigan, regularly
be published on the web. Please send to the PSIA-C Walter B. Sappington
office at the above address. Articles are accepted downloads an Excel file with membership data from the nation-
5 Mark D. Foyteck
on the condition that they are released for publica- al office, then processes or merges that data for membership
tion in all PSIA and PSIA division periodicals. 6 Engelbert Gal
card printing.
PSIA-C reserves the right to edit all articles. Gary D. Kepler
Adaptive Director Terri Henderson The download file containing this particular member's member-
The Central Line, copyright © 2005, is published
Snowboard Directors 1, 2, 3 Del Schirmer
four times per year by the Professional Ski ship card data was found on Central's computers, and was
Instructors of America-Central. Permission is 4, 5, 6 Eric Schultz
examined. The download data received from the national
hereby given to the Professional Ski Instructors Ex-Officio PSIA-N Director John Peppler
database were correct.
of America and other divisions to copy original
material from this newsletter providing credit is 2007 | 2008 EDUCATION FOUNDATION
given to the Professional Ski Instructors of The conclusion is that Central's processing handling has been
America-Central and the material is not altered. President Wm. "Skip" Dickel contaminated, or otherwise damaged. The exact cause has not
Articles that contain specific copyright notices Executive Vice President Will Nourse yet been discovered, but the focus has been determined and
may not be reprinted unless written permission correction is being pursued.
Financial Vice President Gary Kepler
is obtained from the author. It is requested that
a copy of any publication containing reprinted & Secretary
Alpine Directors 1 Wm. "Skip" Dickel To all affected members, the office and the Board of Directors
material from this newsletter be sent to the editor
at the address above. Jeff Lewin apologize. Mia culpa.
Subscriptions: Persons who are not members of 2 Will Nourse
PSIA-C can purchase a one-year (four issues) Brent Heiman Skip Dickel, ASEA-C President
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to PSIA-C at the above address. 4 Kris Agnew
Walter B. Sappington
Note: Materials published in The Central Line that
have been provided by persons who are not writing
Mark D. Foyteck
Engelbert Gal
as PSIA-C officials are the responsibility of the
author and are not necessarily endorsed by PSIA-C. Gary D. Kepler UPCOMING OPPORTUNITIES TO SKI WITH THE D-TEAM:
Adaptive Directors Terri Henderson Welch Village, MN March 1-2, 2008
PSIA-C STAFF Nordic Director Mike Stockreiter D-Team Members: Michael Rogan and Rob Sogard
Executive Director Donnelly K. Eurich Snowboard Directors 1, 2, 3 Del Schirmer
4, 5, 6 Eric Schultz Schuss Mountain, MI March 8-9, 2008
Director of Membership & Kelsey Gregory
Continuing Education Ex-Officio PSIA-N Director John Peppler D-Team Members: Member Jeb Boyd
Membership & Education Mindy Berry Beaver Creek, CO April 3-4, 2008
Administrative Support Heather Frazier Contact information can be found Women's Clinic with Jill Matlock and Carol Levine
Editor in Chief Engelbert Gal
Group size is limited so register early! For more information on the D-Team members
Director of Financial Services Donna Devereaux
view their profiles at, just click on Alpine then PSIA Alpine Team Bios.


The Mini-Academy returned to Wild Mountain in Concentrate on how much the ankle is involved
late January of 2007. It was my privilege to spend in these blended turns. Explore how much the
another two great days with an enthusiastic group ankle joints open (extends) and close (flexes)-the
of Central's finest instructors. Our leader was range of inversion (lifting the big toe up) and
Bobby Murphy of the PSIA Alpine Demonstration eversion (lifting the little toe up). Are the ankle
Team. Bobby is the Ski School Director at joints strong or weak, active or passive, loose or
Telluride, CO and was a Midwest instructor; tight? Simply pondering these questions while
grinding out his level III certification at our own skiing, exploring, testing and observing improved
Welch Village. our flow, our precision of these blended turns.

Bobby's theme was about our ankles. He established When the ankle opens or closes, our head moves
that balance was from the ground up. If the ankle up and down; or is directed laterally-directional
is not active, you are disconnected. An active movements. Focus on the ankle and increase the
ankle is the connection between you, your range of motion and dynamics. Instead of waiting
equipment and the outside terrain. As we skied, for the ski to perform, make it perform.
he challenged us to feel the strong connection to
ourselves with our skies and the snow. Develop In a blended turn, if the rise occurs before the
the ability to feel the skis tip and edge as easily as release of the edges, the extension is directed up,
we feel our ankles; sense the texture of the snow which usually means back and away from the
as it ranges from soft to hard to ice. Sense the fall-line. If the rise occurs after the release, the
changing sensations from slipping, sliding, gliding extension is directional, more forward and laterally
and carving on the skis' bottom. into the direction of the turn. The attempt is to
open the ankle at the transition from two edges
For most of our practice, we skied a “blended” on the snow, to four edges on the snow. Delaying
turn-skidded carving. Using an equal blend of the ankle extension until all four edges are on the
rotary-guidance with edging to shape a narrowly, snow (skis are flat), keeps the upper body directed
skidded parallel turn. These were easy carves, a forward, ahead of the feet. At the turn transition
softer edged ski guided through a narrow arc with
elegant rotary. The terrain was gentle green to blues. Continued on page 12

2008 MINI
Dave Cook's article reports last season's Mini-Academy. This season's
Mini-Academy held at Afton Alps, in Minnesota, was a wonderful success
for all attending. This season Dave participated in a clinic led by
National Team member, and Olympic Gold Medalist Deb Armstrong.
If Central Division is lucky, Dave will present a report from this year
for a future Central Line edition.

Afton Alps Mini-Academy Event Coordinator Alpine
Examiner Jennifer Simpson, center, and clinicians
Deb Armstrong, left, and Megan Harvey, right, both
from the National Alpine Demonstration Team.
Photo by Skip Dickel.


Section 1

Section 2




Section 5

Section 6

(Section 1,2, & 3)

PSIA Central, Section 1 Alpine Board of Directors Having been involved in the Snow Sport industry since 1980, I would 2008 BOD Profile - Section 2
be honored to serve the members of PSIA-C as a board member.
I am running for the Board of Directors because I love the I am writing to ask for your support in the upcoming BOD election
Today, I am a level III instructor, after achieving my level I PSIA
snowsports industry and I want to see the Central Division grow. for Section 2. I believe everyone that knows me could tell you about
certification in 1990. I am always working to spread the love of the
Status: Years skiing/snowboarding: 23, 19 my burning desire and passion towards helping members achieve
sport and currently serve as the technical director of two Snow sport
Years teaching: 8 their goals.
schools in the Milwaukee area, Snowstar and Crystal Ridge, along
PSIA Certification: I (Freestyle Accredited)
with managing the ski shop of a major Milwaukee sports retailer. If elected to the BOD my primary focus would be to further develop
AASI Certification: III (Freestyle Accredited)
the Education Based process. I will promote the re-writing of the
Schools: Skijammers, Hyland Ski and Snowboard Having been a part of Snowstar, a traveling ski school, since 1989,
portfolio document and work towards implementing it into our
Area (X-Team) I have had the great opportunity to help develop our successful
pathway of education and or certification if desired.
Education: University of Colorado, Boulder, education format. Our teaching program is based around progressions
Mechanical Engineering and levels in conjunction with the PSIA standards, which has allowed I will work towards promoting more use of the Level I Study Guide
Goals: us to work with our students for several years, developing their skills and the Train the Trainers Programs. Currently I am on a Tasks force
• I want to ensure all members have a good experience with throughout many milestones. that is working on how to re-organize how our Alpine Education Staff
PSIA/AASI and the events and information are valuable. At Crystal Ridge I have had some of my greatest rewards, teaching operates. Being involved in this process will help me work with other
• Contribute to programs that promote passion and learning; “Park and Rec” classes. It is most satisfying for me to see former BOD members so that this process can be a smooth transition.
across all snowsport diciplines, utilizing the whole mountain students, the following year, sporting their new ski equipment and While Alpine Skiing is my primary discipline I also Snowboard
• Look for new learning opportunities and creative programs taking on harder runs with confidence and ease. That is when I know regularly and occasionally go Nordic Skiing. In the past had spent
I grew up skiing in the Twin Cities and competed as a ski racer we, as an association, can accomplish what we strive for, that our some time on Telemark skis. Since I have some knowledge of all our
with Team Gilboa and at high school meets. Frequent trips out teaching techniques lead to success. disciplines with the exception of Adaptive, I feel that I make a
west expanded my skiing and gave me the opportunity to try As an instructor and trainer, I am proud to watch many of my stu- well-rounded candidate for the BOD position.
new things-like snowboarding. After three painful days on hard- dents become more involved in the industry. Whether they are work- Outlined below are a number of leadership positions that I have held
packed, man-made November snow, I finally figured out how to ing at local ski shops, coaching race teams, instructing or moving in the skiing industry. Because of my diversified background in the
snowboard and things have never been the same since. “West” to take positions as ski school directors of western resorts, ski world you will see that I have the experience to represent you, the
As college approached, there was no place I'd rather be than the their continued involvement ensures me that we have done our part. member at the BOD level. This experience will help me to make
University of Colorado, Boulder (I didn't even bother applying to We have made it fun! decisions based on good judgment and past experience.
any other colleges). I skied roughly 50 days a year while earning a As PSIA members we need to focus on guiding our students to become • PSIA-C Member - Level III—(18 years - present)
mechanical engineering degree in four years. Looking back, I wish fanatics (fun addicts). We must remember why we participate in our • PSIA-C Alpine Education Staff Member (Examiner)—
I had taken five years for the degree and had 65 days of skiing. sport, the Fun Factor! The Fun Factor is especially important in the (12 years - present)
I moved back from Boulder and began teaching snowboarding learning environment. That is what makes our students want to learn • Marquette Mountain Ski School Director—(4 years)
and skiing for Skijammers, a traveling ski/snowboard school and come back; that is what makes them life-long skiers. • Marquette Mountain Ski Instructor—(20 years - present)
that visits different local hills for 8 weeks. I couldn't get enough Being a ski shop manager, and a graduate of “Master Fit University” • NSP-C Member—(21 years - present)
of teaching so I joined PSIA/AASI. I was appointed to the an advanced course in stance and alignment, I get the opportunity to • Marquette Mountain Co-Ski Patrol Director—(4 years)
Skijammers Ed Staff, where I spent my summers developing ski work with the skiing public. When working with customers I often • Marquette Mountain NSP Ski & Toboggan Trainer—
and snowboard curriculum and discussing turn shape with a recommend that they take a lesson, “to get dialed into the new ski (18 years - present)
committee of equally passionate instructors. I worked hard to technology”. Unfortunately, many respond that they didn't have • NSP-C Division Ski & Toboggan Trainer—(20 years - present)
establish Parkjammers, a freestyle specific teaching program for much fun in previous lessons. • Host of PSIA-C Marquette Event—(15 years - present)
both skiers and snowboarders, because I believe we should train This is a disappointing discovery for me and as a PSIA-C director I • NSP-C Certified Program Advisor—(4 years)
new riders to master the whole mountain. would be committed to the advocacy of our members. We have won- • NSP-C Certified Staff Member #425
derful teaching methods in place and I want to see this information • NSP-C National Appointment #8024
I have been teaching for eight seasons with Skijammers and at
reaching our members in a timely manner, so that our instructors • NSP-C Ski School Director - (team of 3 that developed program)
Hyland Ski & Snowboard Area. I am Level I certified on the ski
can keep our students engaged, making them life-long advocates. • Great Lakes Ski Racing Team - (team of 4 that developed program)
side and a Level III snowboard instructor. I am freestyle accred-
• Variety of NSP-C Region Training Positions
ited on both one and two planks. I also work at a local ski shop, Another area where we have the opportunity to grow and increase our • Variety NSP-C Division Training Positions
so I see the difference that skis and boots can make and see how Fun Factor is in developing techniques and progressions with a “Park • Developed the 2004-05 PSIA-C Video Study Guide DVD
the retail side of the industry works. and Pipe” direction. This is a high growth area in the industry and • Developed the 2007-08 NSP-C Training Video DVD
I want to contribute to a program that I have been passionate would attract many young customers.
I hope that I can count on your support in the upcoming BOD election.
about for the past 8 years. Please let me know if there is In my 19 years instructing I've witnessed great strides in our
anything I can help you with. profession and I am excited to partake in future advancements.

Hello, I wish to introduce myself, Ron Davids. I love the sport of Home Town: Buffalo Grove, IL I live in Traverse City, Michigan. I am an Alpine Level III certified
skiing having been passionately involved for 27 years of my instructor and an Examiner on the PSIA-C Alpine Education Staff. I
I began Skiing at an early age on painted wood skis with cable
relatively young life. Once the snows flying, my family and have worked as a Ski Instructor and Training Coordinator at Crystal
bindings and lace up boots. I joined the Wilmot Mountain Ski
friends know and understand my dedication and involvement Mountain for the last 12 years and recently started teaching at
School in 1993 and am Level 2 teaching accredited. I developed and
belong to the sport of skiing. My young son and I are fortunate Schuss. I am seeking a seat on the PSIA -C Board of Directors as one
managed the area's NASTAR race program and am also active with
to have their full cooperation and blessing. of your Representatives from Section 4.
our adult weekday race program. I also actively teach in our
I am proud to have achieved Alpine Level II Certification while Children's program as well as teaching other Private and Group ski As an active instructor and member of the Education Staff I have
teaching at the Sunburst Ski Area, Kewaskum, Wisconsin. In lessons. I also Snowboard thanks to the AASI education staff at frequent opportunities to speak with members across our division.
addition to other duties, I currently serve on the Sunburst six Wilmot. I began teaching because of my love both skiing and These discussions have given me a good sense of what the member-
member Education and Training Staff as Candidate Training boarding and wanting to share my love of the sport with others. ship is looking for from our organization. As a member of the Board,
Supervisor, Recruitment Supervisor and member of the general I will work to maximize the value of your membership dollars by
We have seen tremendous changes in the snow sports industry since
training staff. ensuring fiscal responsibility and addressing the changing needs of
those early days mentioned above and I believe it is the responsibility
our membership in a timely manor. I would appreciate your vote for
The greatest part of the recruitment “ski with a pro” day is of the organization and its' membership to continue to grow and
me to represent you as a Section 4 Representative on the Central
having the privilege of coaching a prospective candidate in our develop the sport we all love.
Division Board of Directors.
teaching system and having them tell me “how much they have
With management experience as a member of a very successful
learned”. This is one reason I keep involved season after season!
family business in Chicago, I believe that I can effectively help the
I am also an assistant coach for a ski race team which affords Board and the organization improve our position and image to the
me the opportunity to teach at a high technical level; play in professional ski community and the skiing public.
the race course and indulge the kid in
My platform is simply a ski
instructor/trainer and race coach run-
ning for the PSIA-C board who loves
teaching and skiing. I'll represent the
PSIA-C members in my section to the
best of my passion and ability.
Thanks for listening.

Hi, my name is Mark Foyteck, and I have been asked by some of Ski School: BLIZZARD Nominated for the Board of Directors Representing Section 5
my fellow instructors to run for the Alpine Board of Directors. I Years of Teaching Experience: 27
have spent many years with ski instructors, from my beginnings Past Experience, Titles, 1972 Became a member of PSIA - C and
as a student at Pine Knob Ski School, to my later days as an PSIA-C Experience, Etc.: Level III Certified, Children's Achieved Level II Certification
instructor and clinician for Pine Knob, and now at Winter Walden. accreditation, Trainer's accreditation, 1973 Achieved Level III Certification of PSIA
Ski School Director, CEO Blizzard Ski 1973 Invited to the Education Staff of PSIA-C
During this time we have gone from long, straight skis, in and
and Snowboard School, Board of 1974 Promoted to PSIA-C Examiner
out of the older “parabolic” skis, and now to the shorter, shaped
Director 2005 & 6 1976 Employed by Hexcel Ski Company as a
skis. Along the way I have also taken the time to explore “snow
Sales & Tech. Associate
blades” and snowboarding. With each of these changes has come Serving on the PSIA-C Board of Directors is a prestigious and
1979 Employed by Salomon / North America as
the need to generate new ideas, new teaching styles, and new important function. To serve well, a member must have intelligence,
a Sales Representative. Spent 11 years with Salomon /
ways to communicate; not just with our clients, but also with enthusiasm, experience, and the all-important factor of time to
North America in which time I held Positions of
our other PSIA members. I have realized that PSIA is our best devote to the organization. Please make a brief statement regarding
Regional Sales Manager, Member of their International
facility to provide consistency and coordination throughout our the above items and why you feel you can do a good job as a member
Marketing Group, Member of their new product testing
sport, and that we, as members, need to utilize our organization of the PSIA-C Board of Directors.: Since taking ownership of Blizzard
team world wide.
as much as possible. PSIA provides the environment in which Ski School in the early 1990's, I have managed to double enrollment,
1991 Opened sales rep. Agency within the ski industry
these ideas and techniques can be developed and shared, despite a declining market and weather here in Michigan. I attribute
handing sales and marketing for companies such as:
resulting in a consistent presentation to our customers. Our this accomplishment to developing rigorous training and clinics for
Vuarnet France, Kastle Ski, Jimmy Buffett's Caribbean
active participation in PSIA can only benefit us and our industry my instructors along with adapting an ever-growing snowboard
Soul Sportswear, Bolle, Karbon Ski Wear, etc.
in the long run. program. I even require them to become a PSIA/ AASI member which
1995 Director of Sales and Marketing for Goode Ski
has proven successful to the growth of the school along with actually
I feel that I can enter my term of service with an open mind, Technologies Assisted in the Development of new
classifying Blizzard as a GOLD Merit school. I get a great sense of
and help foster new and creative ideas that will assist PSIA-C to carbon fiber ski poles and carbon fiber Water ski. In
accomplishment when I watch kids that have been Blizzard student,
strengthen its current foundation, while building a bridge to addition, Responsible for all International Sales in the
return to the school to become an instructor themselves.
future of snowsports. Thank you for your time, and thanks, in Ski Industry for Goode Ski Technologies
advance, for your vote I encourage you to contact me at (248) 496-6000 or at 1999 Accepted the Sales and Marketing Position with Head, and elect me so together we can pave a USA (Skis)
successful path for our organization. With your input PSIA will 2006 to Started two companies in the Energy Industry.
continue to gain value and I will present to the board all of Present
your concerns.
One aspect that is obvious to many that read this bio, there is a
Elect me and I will make you PSIA-C's best customer. wealth of experience and knowledge within the ski industry. If elected
Andrew Joy began his snowsports instruction 16 years ago with ARLE, to the Board of Directors I will use this knowledge and experience for
an adaptive ski school, when tempted by free lift tickets. He is now a the betterment of the organization. Remember, this organization is in
level 3 certified Instructor with a Freestyle Accredation. He has been the ski industry. With the betterment of the organization the benefits
snowboarding with Ski-Jammers for 13 years, and been a member of produced must find their way to the members. In my tenure with
their Ed-Staff for 9 years. PSIA - C I have been a member of the Board of Directors in the past
as well as filling positions as the Alpine Administrator and a member
Andrew started ARLE's snowboarding program 9 years ago upon of the Education Certification Committee. The members are what
request by one particular student's mother. He now oversees almost this organization is all about and the direction from the board of
twenty instructors. directors needs to fulfill the needs and wants of our members for the
He hopes to bring adaptive snowboarding to the central division as existence of ASEA-C, PSIA-C to continue on not only in the short term
well as expand the snowboarding program throughout the division. future but also the long term future.

FRIENDLY Snowboard event moved from Welch Village, MN to Wild Mountain, MN
REMINDERS: $20 off 2nd event of the year, except exams

I have been teaching people to slide down the slopes since 1976, I have been a member of PSIA since 1990. I earned my PSIA Level III Andrew Joy began his snowsports instruction 16 years ago with ARLE,
the first few years were in Europe with the AFRC at Garmisch. I Certification in 2003. In 2004, I completed the Children's an adaptive ski school, when tempted by free lift tickets. He is now a
have been with Paoli Peaks since 1980, as an instructor, Asst. Ski Accreditation and in 2006 I also completed the Trainers Accreditation. level 3 certified Instructor with a Freestyle Accredation. He has been
School Director, Ski School Director at Ski Butler and Paoli Peaks My home area is Boston Mills/ Brandywine and I am on our training snowboarding with Ski-Jammers for 13 years, and been a member of
and Technical Director for the past 19 years. I attained my level and education staff. their Ed-Staff for 9 years.
3 in 1983 and was on the DCL/clinician program 1987 and 1988. Andrew started ARLE's snowboarding program 9 years ago upon
For the past five years, I have worked on committees to develop new
I attained my level one in adaptive in 2002 and plan on attain- request by one particular student's mother. He now oversees almost
hire programs, update our Children's Advanced Training Staff (CATS).
ing my level one in snowboarding this year. I have been involved twenty instructors.
I am currently facilitating on the snow clinics for our BMBW staff
with the Special Olympics since 1980 and work with the Winter
members. He hopes to bring adaptive snowboarding to the central division as
Games every year. I have been selected as the Head Coach for
TEAM USA for the Winter World Games twice, in 2001 in Alaska Additionally, I have attended and completed women's symposiums well as expand the snowboarding program throughout the division.
and 2005 in Japan. I am running for this position to represent at Boston Mills/ Brandywine (1995) and in Vail, Colorado (2005).
section 6 and all skiers who I have met or will meet in our Women D-Team Members conducted these events. My current assign-
future ski adventures. I have a lot to offer in terms of ski area ments at Boston Mills are training staff members, teaching various
management from building tube parks, swinging chairs when children's programs, and teaching the Women's Discovery Programs.
needed or getting our instructors ready for certification. I look I have also spent time on the Ski Patrol and developed a recruitment
forward in sharing some of my experiences with you and hope program for this organization.
that I can represent you at the table. My other interests include sailing, cycling, and the great outdoors.
I have served two terms on the Board of Directors for the North
Coast Women's Sailing Association as Race Chairman and Education
Chairman at Edgewater Yacht Club.
I am a life long resident of the Cleveland area and I have successfully
own and operate a small business for the past 25 years. I have 3
grown children and 5 grandchildren that I am most involved with.
I attended Andrews School for Girls in Willoughby, Ohio and attended
the Ohio State University. I have a passion for skiing and a desire to
serve you as your new board member.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Congratulations to Don Phelan for receiving the 2007
Lifetime Achievement Award. Don is an instructor with
Sunburst Ski School in Kewaskum, WI and has been a
member of PSIA-C for over 40 years. Congratulations Don!

If you would like to nominate someone for the 2008
Lifetime Achievement Award, Instructor of the Division
Award or the Instructor of the Section Award, send a nomi-
nation letter to the Central Division office by April 1, 2008.

ACTIVE ANKLES Continued from page 3

on four edges, the hips will cross forward and over your feet, hip up and ahead of the feet, not just a
the feet-nice! lateral move of the hip.

As dynamics are increased, there is greater flex Move to two-footed tracks. These rails are with
(forward and lateral) in the ankles to build edge, the ski tips even, lessening the tip lead. Allow the
rather than in the knees, which places the hips tip lead, not make it happen. Edge the two-footed
back. Many skiers over-flex at the knees and hips. tracks from the ankles, making sure we neutral-
Try to flex half as much, especially in the knees ized to four edges on the snow. Keep both the
and hip while still making the same dynamic, yet ankles and the hips open, no leaning into the boot
blended turns. With the right amount of flexing, tongues.
limiting flex to the ankles, the femur of our out-
With the right side leg points towards our toes, we are skeletally Monorails-one-footed, edged rails; try to edge
stacked over our feet-muscular and performance below the ankle where you stand. This helps keep
amount of flexing, efficiency. the ankle and hip open. Weight on the balls of the
feet helps with balance and performance. When
limiting flex to the Now try not to flex, except the ankle and only you lift up the free leg, keep the hips up and
just a little. Keep the hip joint open-an extended open. Many will fold at the waist when picking up
ankles, the femur position of strength. Remember to ski blended, the free leg by bending the free leg's knee. Try to
easy carved parallel turns. To help with limiting lift the free leg by standing up with the weighted
of our outside leg the flexing to the ankles, try “little leapers.” Leap leg, keep an extended hip rather than picking up
only from the freed-up ankle when all four edges the free leg by bending the hip and the free leg's
points towards are on the snow to direct the leap forward and knee. Remember to not lever against the tongue.
laterally into the turn. Light touching the tongues is good. It helps to
our toes, we are start with a good two footed track or rail before
Next, leave the leapers behind; try to get more out going to a monorail-open hips, ankles, weight on
skeletally stacked of your turn from your ankles. Now we're carving. the balls of your feet with a light boot-tongue
In the middle of the turn, to get more turning, do touch.
over our feet- not flex more; edge more! As the terrain and
dynamics increase, it is hard to not over-flex the The monorail encourages us to find our stance
muscular and hips and knees. Instead, keep the outside leg long, and balance while moving forward with the upper
and allow the inside leg to shorten, pulling back
performance the inside foot under the hip. Maintain equal, hard
body. It's a taller stance, open in the hips and
ankles, yet the edging comes from the ankles.
edging of both feet, but unequal leg length.
efficiency. Pulling back the inside leg helps keep the inside
Parking on the tongues is discouraged. When
mastered, return to the two-footed tracks; stand
and outside halves of upper body ahead of both heavy on your feet, but light against your boots.
feet. Do this while skiing tall with an open (extend-
ed) hip. Too many butt droppers like to over-flex Take these tasks, tactics and thoughts to your
the hip and knee. We'll have none of that! free skiing practice. Between every paragraph in
this article were multiple practice runs with
On the steeper slope and dynamic turns, put the encouraging comments from Bobby and others
“little leapers” back in. Leap when both legs are in our group.
equal length, with four edges on the snow. No
over flexing when you land on the two, new It took us two rewarding days to ski through these
edges. Simply allow the long leg/short leg to two pages.
develop with equal edging. Keep the outside,
long leg's femur pointing towards the toe of the As an added bonus to the Mini-Academy at Wild
outside binding. Mountain, all of the participants were able to view
David Cook is a PSIA-C themselves in digital still images or from a high
Go back to less steep terrain, now its time to definition digital video camera. Representative
Education Staff member since
carve. For speed control, arc into the turn rather images of Bobby are in the article. The feedback
1981. He presently is a trainer than out of the turn. Develop maximum edge- from the still and video images was priceless!
and teacher for Skijammers of angle into the fall-line and begin to release out
Minneapolis, MN, utilizing of the fall-line. No parking, maintain continual
high-resolution digital still movement either increasing or decreasing the edge
photography for his clients. angles. Start the turns with weight on the balls of







Images 1-9: These images of Bobby show his movements between two turns. Most any part of this article is pictured in these images.

Group Photo / Image 10: Bobby Murphy’s group at the Mini-Academy at Wild Mountain,
January 2007, “sans” the photographer/author.

Terri Henderson, ASEA-C Director

How many times have you finished a run, completely out of
breath, your face tingling from the wind, with an ear to ear
grin, then looked up the slope and quietly said to yourself,
"Wow! That was great!"? Isn't that a wonderful feeling?

Many individuals with disabilities have never felt such elation.
They have never felt velocity. Their activities are often dictated
by the speed that a wheel chair, crutches, or impaired ambulation
allows them. Those who have felt the exhilaration and freedom of
sliding down a hill with the wind in their hair, and an ear to ear
grin, they are the lucky ones.

Adaptive snow sport programs provide the lesson support needed
to make that experience happen for those with such obstacles.
Know with certainty: such folks are not restricted from snows-
port excitement and accomplishment, they simply have additional
obstacles to overcome. Adaptive snowsports instructors specialize
in overcoming those obstacles.

Most programs are staffed by volunteer instructors, either from
the community or the snowsports industry. The one-on-one
lesson format required by most students can quickly exhaust the
instructor pool. All too often, programs have more participants
than instructors available to provide lessons, leaving people on
a waiting list week after week. Some are patient, and some
give up.

The solution to providing more lessons is YOU. It may take just a
few volunteer hours per week. If you have an adaptive program
near you, stop in sometime. Talk with the coordinators. Be a
wallflower for a minute, and be sucked into the excitement of
every participant getting ready to go onto the hill. As a snows-
port instructor, you have knowledge and talents that are valu-
able to these programs and students. The few hours that you
may be able to give will change the life of many individuals, and
possibly your own.

Your adaptive snowsports guest will think of you, and experience
what you have given, every time a downhill snow ride is enjoyed.
Your passion for snow and mountains is the lifestyle gift you gave.

The Steamboat Ski & Snowboard School is looking for temp instructors
March 14-26. We are looking for certified ski instructors who can
provide a safe and fun learning environment for guests of all ages.
Instructors will be paid for their time in addition to receiving a lift
ticket for the day and will be eligible to earn 1 complimentary lift ticket
for every 5 hours worked during peak periods. Qualified applicants will
have to attend a training and evaluation day prior to teaching. Limited
housing options are available.

Apply on line at or
call 970-871-5132.
PSIA-C | 3225 West St. Joseph | Lansing, Michigan 48917


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Beyond the obvious instructional applications, the So, what will you do next time you need access to a
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