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CH 210

History of Christianity II: Luther and Lutheranism 1517-1530


Dr. Jim West

2 per week

Course Description
This course is the second in the BD (Honours) programme that together provide a thorough and
connected overview of the history of Christianity. It focuses upon the years 1517-1530 which may
be taken to include the Reformation in Germany, initiated by Luther, and establishing Protestant
churches in Germany.
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Demonstrate a good knowledge of the major questions associated with the Reformation
Period, how those questions affected the development of Christianity, and how they
might be understood today;
Exercise some ability to criticize those questions and to understand the historical texts
and contexts related to them;
Develop the skills necessary to collect material from primary and secondary sources and
to present that material orally and in written form coherently and intelligently;
Develop the skills necessary to write critical essays addressing the subject matter studied.

Teaching & Learning Methods

The course will be delivered in small seminars with tutor-led content leading to student-led
discussion. Some short student presentations will also be included for formative teaching but not
for assessment.
TWO short essays up to a maximum of 2000 words each.

Class Schedule and Material

March 1- The Historical Context: Rome, German Augustinianism, Humanism
March 8- 1517: Indulgences and the 95 Theses
March 15- 1517-21: From Controversy to Condemnation
April 5- The 1520 Treatises: Address to the Nobility of the German Nation; Prelude on the Babylonian
Captivity of the Church; On the Freedom of a Christian.
April 12- Translating the New Testament 1521-22
April 19- The Wittenberg Sermons: March 9-16 1522 (Essay One Due)
April 26- On Free Will: Controversy with Erasmus 1524-5
May 3- The Peasants War 1525
May 10- The Eucharistic Controversies and the Marburg Colloquy of 1529
May 17- Luthers House of Learning: Two Catechisms
May 24- The Augsburg Confession of 1530
May 31- From Luther to Lutheranism: After 1530 (Essay Two Due)

The Professor will distribute various of Luthers primary works during the course of the
semester. The library will have these materials on reserve:

Martin Luther's basic theological writings / edited by Timothy F. Lull ; foreword by

Jaroslav Pelikan., Martin Luther 1483-1546. Timothy F Lull c1989


Martin Luther, Marty, Martin E. 2004


Three Treatises / Martin Luther., Martin Luther 1483-1546. 1970


The theology of Martin Luther / Paul Althans ; Trans. By Robert C. Schultz, Paul Althaus
1888-1966. Robert C Schultz c1966


Martin Luther, road to Reformation / by Heinrich Boehmer ; translated from the German
by John W. Doberstein and Theodore G. Tappert., Heinrich Boehmer 1869-1927 1957,


Martin Luther, Beutel, Albrecht 1991

Students should choose two of the supplemental volumes to read and incorporate into their