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William Allan Kritsonis, PhD

Dissertation Topic 2
Analyzing of the evaluation of employee engagement within human resources based
on the Ways of Knowing Through the Realms of Meaning (ROM).
Employee Engagement: Employees feel engaged when they have personal meaning and
motivation in their work, receive positive interpersonal support, and operate in an
efficient work environment.
Six Realms

Question: How does each ROM relate to

training? Answering this will help create a
survey instrument. See the table below.

Population: (?) Please advise. (HR Admin or Teachers)

Sample: (?)
Survey instrument: (?) Please advise. (Create a performance checklist based on
the ROM and engagment?)
This dissertation examines how human resources supports an employee-engaged culture
based on the Ways of Knowing Through the Realms of Meaning. This examination is
qualitative and exploratory, since no analytical research on human resources in relation to
the ROM as yet to be conducted at ____________(populations location).
An understanding of how employee engagement ways (or activities) are designed to
fulfill each ROM makes it possible to include research results and recommendations into
With this dissertation the researcher wants to contribute to improving how employees are
engaged and integrated in their organization based on ROM. This dissertation may be
used as a framework for training, employee morale, and change initiatives.
Questions & other stuff to think about:
Should this be a mixed methods or qualitative study? Which will provide best
What industry should be researched?
How can organizational training handbooks/materials be used?
What will be the length of this study?
Should I test employee perception of their engagement according the ROM?

How does the turnover data look in comparison to organizations who fulfill the
ROM and those who do not, based on engagement?
What kind of graphic framework can be created based on engagement and ROM
in conjunction with engagement?
Can I create a place (website) that has conclusions and recommendations?
What terms need to be defined?
If organization fulfills the ROM, what does this tell me?
What type of literature needs to be reviewed?
Site about enagement

Realm of Meaning
Symbolics: speech,
symbols, gestures,
physical world,
public policy

Relation to Employee Engagement

Are new and fairly new employees taught the organizational
jargon? Do these employees know how are where to
expression ideas and concerns?
Is cultural diversity/proficiency provided in the training
Are employees trained on wellness?
Are there wellness programs in the workplace? (i.e. weight
loss programs)
How are employees allowed to expression themselves? Are
employees allowed music in the workplace? Are employees
allowed to talk walking breaks? Is workplace esthetically
Is knowledge sharing apart of the organizations culture? Are
employee goals incorporated in performance assessments?
What kinds of training/development is offered on wellbeing
or self-improvement?
Are ethics training provided? Do employees use and have a
safe/anonymous ethics reporting device?

Esthetics: beauty in
meaning, arts,
knowledge of self
and others, free
will, choice
Ethics: sensible
determine right
from wrong
Synoptics: overview What other powerful information are employees learning at
work? Like: Money Matters Seminars. Based on the
and analysis of
performance, KSAs, can each employee clearly progress in
knowledge, overall
the organization?
KSAs: knowledge, skills, and abilities
About Dr. William Allan Kritsonis
WILLIAM ALLAN KRITSONIS was recognized as the Central Washington
University Alumni Association Distinguished Alumnus for the College of Education and
Professional Studies. He was honored by the Texas National Association for Multicultural

Education as Professor, Scholar, and Pioneer Publisher for Distinguished Service to

Multicultural Research Publishing. The ceremony was held at Texas A&M UniversityCollege Station. He was inducted into the prestigious William H. Parker Leadership
Academy Hall of Honor. He was an Invited Visiting Lecturer at the Oxford Round Table
at Oriel College in the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Dr. Kritsonis was a
Visiting Scholar at Columbia Universitys Teacher College in New York, and Visiting
Scholar in the School of Education at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.
In May 2015, Dr. Kritsonis participated in the Think Tank on Global
Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The think tank focused on how to help students develop intercultural awareness,
knowledge of global issues, and multilingualism.
He served on a national think tank appointed by the Secretary of Education in
2012-15 for Providence Rhode Island Schools with sessions conducted at Brown
University in the Annenberg Institute for School Reform. In 2013, he was a nominee for
the Outstanding Texas Educator Award exemplifying the leadership of John Ben
Shepperd for public leadership education, ethics, and public service.
He is Founder of National FORUM Journals (Since 1982). Professor Kritsonis is
the author of numerous articles as well as author or coauthor of several books.
He has served as a teacher, principal, superintendent of schools, director of
student teaching and field experiences, professor, author, consultant, editor-in-chief, and
publisher. Dr. Kritsonis has considerable experience in chairing PhD dissertations and
teaching in doctoral and masters programs in educational leadership and supervision. He
has earned the rank as professor at three universities in two states, including successful
post-tenure reviews.
Dr. Kritsonis has traveled and lectured extensively throughout the United States
and world-wide. Some international travels include Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania,
Turkey, Italy, Greece, Monte Carlo, England, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland,
Russia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Switzerland,
Grand Cayman, Haiti, St. Maarten, St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Lucia, Puerto
Rico, Nassau, Freeport, Jamaica, Barbados, Martinique, Canada, Curacao, Costa Rico,
Aruba, Venezuela, Panama, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Latvia, Spain, Honduras, and many more.
He has been invited to lecture and serve as a guest professor at many universities
across the nation and abroad.
Dr. William Allan Kritsonis is presently Professor of Educational Leadership at
The University of Texas of the Permian Basin in the College of Education within The
University of Texas System. He teaches in the MA Principal and Superintendent
Certification and preparation programs along with assisting to develop a new doctoral
program. He earned his PhD from The University of Iowa, Iowa City, MEd from Seattle
Pacific University, and BA from Central Washington University.
David E. Herrington, PhD
Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Summer 2015