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Learn from the Expert - Real time SAP scenario’s Level III Training

Capacity Requirement Planning & KANBAN are the two planning tools that have been sidelined by many implementations, for no fault of these tools! It is rather unfortunate that consultants across the world have not mastered this very visual tool to make a positive impact in the implementations…
Very often we hear that “This cannot be done in ECC; APO is the best option to do this”. This is only partially true. There is a bunch of planning tools that have not been utilized well in ECC. Capacity Requirement definitely one of them! Planning is This is the first 6 letter word that should come to your mind, when you hear about “Lean Manufacturing Practice” in your Industry – KANBAN In spite of being incredibly simple & very visual, it remains a mystery why many industries have not gone this way in SAP. But if you actually convince your client about KANBAN, this is one of the few things in SAP that will actually look “Beautiful”! KANBAN will become your “Pride” & the “Envy” of other consultants in your team. The real beauty is that you can use KANBAN as a planning tool and allow MRP to take over when your manual planning with KANBAN is not sufficient to cover the customer demands! Let’s see how far we can get into KANBAN. One thing is for sure – with KANBAN in your kitty, your confidence will be Sky High!

In Capacity Evaluation, you can slice & dice the Capacity loads on your work center. With a clear picture on the loads, it is that much easier to move your production orders around. Capacity Evaluation is even more attractive. You can Drag & Drop Production Orders where you want them in the schedule. You can even move a bunch of orders together that are to be executed together. You can have separate working patters for specific work centers. You can also schedule a group of work centers together!

Meetings…meetings…Non stop meetings…Blueprint Phase is generally the most important (& boring) part of the project! If you do not do sufficient prototyping during this phase, you will be talking in the air and the client can only hope that the implementation will go on well… Even worse, you might not be able to make the system work in the way, you had believed it would, by (mis) understanding the SAP help documentation!! And mid-way into the realization phase, you will be forced to re-design your solution. We will avoid this scenario, once and for all! This training on “Real time Project Scenario’s for PP Special” will replicate a blue-print phase of a project. The Shoubii Consultants will play the dual role of the client Business Manager as well as a Solution Architect of a project. The Business Manager will explain the actual business scenarios. Then we will get into some discussion to understand the requirement. Finally the Solution Architect will give a direction on how it has to be mapped in SAP. As future SAP consultants, you are expected to design it and present it to the team! Can you see your SAP Dreams come true, already?


Raj, a SAP Certified SCM Consultant & a Project Management Professional, has over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing Industries and implementing SAP solutions for Manufacturing Industries. Some of Raj’s SAP projects are highlighted below...
PC Manufacturing Client (Singapore / Australia)
This was one of the world’s largest PC manufacturing clients. Raj handled multiple projects simultaneously in the areas of Logistics & Production Planning.

Semi-conductor Client (China)
Raj was the project manager of this project, which was executed from 5 different countries. The team was also very young. Nevertheless, the result was “Zero Priority 1 Go Live Issue”

Supply Chain Client (California, USA)
Consultants were working in the Blueprint phase for 4 months. The client was reluctant to move to the next phase, due to lack of confidence. Realization phase kicked off in 2 weeks after Raj joined the project.

Chemical Client (South Carolina, USA)
Raj took over as the consultant just a few months before the Go Live. All unresolved scenarios were handled with ease; CRP was implemented in a week’s time – Result: One of the smoothest Go Live.

Textile Client (South Carolina, USA)
“A thousand different materials are produced in one production run. Each day, it could be a totally different thousand materials” – You don’t get such requirements everyday; but you have to be highly experienced to solve this. 4

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