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No matter what age, learning style, skill Activity and giving the customer their “WHAT”
level or discipline, as a Coach or Instructor money’s worth.
you need to know the “WHY” behind the 4-5 BOARD OF DIRECTOR
“WHAT” or else you won’t know “WHERE” The following breaks the “WHAT” and ELECTIONS
or “HOW” to accomplish the goals that the “WHY” into three parts —
have been set for your Children’s Group. 6 SIA 07 UPDATES
The words — WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE 1. Movements — The Basic Movements
and HOW summarize any lesson into a of Alpine Skiing 7 ASEA-C FREEBIES
neat package. Everything we do in life has
those 5 words in common. In our case — 2. The Cues and or Components of the
we can use it as a Lesson Plan Guide when Basic Movements we are looking for in 10 PROPER LAYERING, WICKING
we teach any of our lessons. Alpine Skiing. We build Activities and FABRIC KEY TO STAYING
Tasks around the Cues in order to WARM
I am going to focus on the “WHAT” and accomplish Outcome Based Learning.
the “WHY” for the remainder of this 10 OVERHEARD IN CENTRAL
article. 3. Activities are comprised of the “What”
we will be doing out on the hill to learn, 11 CROSSOVER CLINICS FOR
WHAT — The answers to “WHAT” can be refine and master the Basic Skills of Alpine ALPINE INSTRUCTORS
Simple or Complex— Skiing.
WHAT= Snowsports and Fun Movements: Stance Balance and 13 ASEA-C NORDIC EXAMINERS
or Directional movements. ATTEND NAT’L TRACK
WHAT= Skills and their accompanying Cues: EXAMINERS COLLEGE IN WEST
components based on your snow sport • Joints flex evenly, ankles, knees hips and YELLOWSTONE
discipline and Fun! spine. Hips over feet.
• Outside ski bends more than inside ski. 14 O PROFORM, PROFORM!
WHY = The answers to “WHY” we are • Skis bend from the middle. WHEREFORE ART THOU
doing “WHAT” we are doing can be PROFORM?
• The entire body is involved and
disconnected or directly connected participates in balancing.
based on the Instructors skill and 16 CENTRAL DIVISION AASI
• The entire body participates in balancing TRAINER’S COLLEGE
enthusiasm level into the future.
• Body moves progressively into direction
Disconnected= Not sure why I am doing of new turn for edge change.
this exercise — but it does take up the
Activities: What’s new with the
entire lesson time.
• Wagon Wheel Exercise:Toes in & Toes out
or newsletter? Well go online to
• Scooter Circles • Side Step Circles
Connected= I have chosen a particular see! Don’t forget to enter into
• Shuffling Drills • Hot Sand
activity so that we can work on a cue (the
“WHY” behind the “WHAT”) in order to
• Stepping, hopping and one ski drills a drawing for goodies!
• Chariot Races
make the lesson and Outcome Based
Movements: Tipping (edging) Movements
SKI INSTRUCTORS OF AMERICA - CENTRAL • Tip both skis to new edges simultaneously;
• Focus on moving into the future into the boot cuff.
PSIA-C 2006/2007
3225 West St. Joseph BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Lansing, Michigan 48917 Activities:
Phone (517) 327-0601 Wm. “Skip” Dickel • Edge Wobbles • Edgy Wedgies
Fax (517) 321-0495 • Stepping off of the curb • Cup of Kool-Aid Drills Executive Vice President
Brent Heiman • Mirror- Mirror • Hockey Stop Drills
General Information Members should
contact their board representatives to Education Vice President • Side Slip Hops • Skating Activities
share concerns or opinions on policies or Kris Agnew
procedures in order that they be more
• Side Slip Races • Show us your bases
Financial Vice President
effectively represented.
Gary Kepler • Hop Turns: Beg
Submissions: Submissions of articles,
Marketing Vice President
photos, and other items for publication are
welcome. All documents that are
Engelbert Gal Movements: Rotary Movements
submitted will be published on the web, Alpine Directors
therefore they should be submitted in
1 Wm. "Skip" Dickel
Microsoft Word Format (7.0 or higher) Jeff Lewin • Legs and feet turn under upper body to guide the skis through the turn.
with the following header: article name,
date and author. Documents can have 2 Will Nourse • Femur rotates in the hip socket. • Upper body is stable and strong.
minimal graphics (JPEG) small size - no Brent Heiman • Ski into and out of counter rather than making a strong counter move.
photographs (for website). Photographs
may be submitted to the office and will be 3 Robin K. Roberts
published in the Central Line but will not Thomas L. McIntosh
be published on the web. Please send to Activities:
4 Kris Agnew
the PSIA-C office at the above address. • Hourglass Exercise • Relay/ cone Races
Articles are accepted on the condition that Walter B. Sappington
they are released for publication in all 5 Douglas Wren
• Toes go in first • Toes In and Toes Out
PSIA and PSIA division periodicals. PSIA- Mark D. Foyteck • Scooter Turns (boots, then skis) • Wide Track Shuffle
C reserves the right to edit all articles.
6 Engelbert Gal • Write your name in the snow • Monster Truck Turns
The Central Line, copyright © 2007, is Gary D. Kepler
published four times per year by the • Go Joe • Open/ Close Peanut Butter Jar (with hands and feet)
Professional Ski Instructors of America- Nordic Director • Magic Turning Feet (lie down and turn feet in the air (boot only). You can
Central. Permission is hereby given to the Michael Stockreiter
Professional Ski Instructors of America and also lie on your tummy and bend knees to get feet into the air.
other divisions to copy original material Snowboard Directors
from this newsletter providing credit is 1, 2, 3 Del Schirmer
given to the Professional Ski Instructors of 4, 5, 6 Mindy Covington
America-Central and the material is not Movements: Pressure Management Movements
altered. Articles that contain specific Ex-Officio PSIA-N Director
copyright notices may not be reprinted John Peppler Cues:
unless written permission is obtained from 2006/2007 • Legs and feet turn under upper body to guide the skis through the turn.
the author. It is requested that a copy of EDUCATION FOUNDATION BOARD
any publication containing reprinted • Femur rotates in the hip socket. • Upper body is stable and strong.
material from this newsletter be sent to the • Ski into and out of counter rather than making a strong counter move.
editor at the address above. President
Wm. "Skip" Dickel
Subscriptions: Persons who are not
members of PSIA-C can purchase a one- Executive Vice President Activities:
year (four issues) subscription to The Brent Heiman • Hop over Bamboo • Frogs
Central Line for $15. Send your name
and address, along with your check, to Financial Vice President & • Bobbing Traverse Games • Take the wrinkles out
PSIA-C at the above address. Secretary
Gary Kepler • Bang the Drum Slowly • Leapers
Note: Materials published in The Central • Duck under Poles • Popcorn
Line that have been provided by persons Alpine Directors
who are not writing as PSIA-C officials 1 Wm. "Skip" Dickel • 1000 Steps – Hot Sand • Step on the Gas
are the responsibility of the author and Jeff Lewin
are not necessarily endorsed by PSIA-C.
2 Brent Heimann
PSIA-C STAFF Will Nourse Movements: Pole usage and arm movements
Executive Director 3 Robin K. Roberts Cues:
Donnelly K. Eurich Thomas L. McIntosh • Appropriate pole usage can help us maintain the present turn or initiate
Director of Membership & Continuing 4 Kris Agnew the next turn.
Education Walter B. Sappington
Kelsey Gregory
• Proper pole usage requires discipline of arm movements.
5 Douglas Wren
Mark D. Foyteck • Pole swing, but not always pole plant.
Education Coordinator
Kelsey Gregory 6 Engelbert Gal
Gary D. Kepler Activities:
Administrative Support
Heather Frazier Adaptive Directors • Knuckles up / Knuckles down • Fall Line Touch Turns
David Henderson
• Tall, Touch, Turn and Touch Turn Drills • Water Skier Game
Editor in Chief
Nordic Director • Synch ski in pairs: Pole touch signals New Turn • Double pole swing
Engelbert Gal
Mike Stockreiter
Director of Financial Services • Hula Hoop Drill with Partner
Snowboard Directors
Donna Devereaux 1, 2, 3 Del Schirmer
4, 5, 6 Mindy Covington Before you go out and teach your next lesson – ask yourself “WHY” are
Ex-Officio PSIA-N Director you doing “WHAT” you are doing, and make sure that your students are
John Peppler
getting the best value for the investment they have made in taking their
Contact information can be found
at child to the slopes.

PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 2 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
Take an education event
that is not an exam and
get $20 off your next
Hurry! You must take the
second event before the
end of April 2007.
Continued on page 4
PSIA-C/AASI-C Center Line 3 2006/2007 Education Edition
ASEA-C Board of Directors Election
Election Voting Rules
There are several seats on the ASEA-C Board of Directors in contest. You should carefully consider the candidates and cast your
ballot so it is received by ASEA-C no later than March 15, 2007.

Active Certified Level I, II, III and Lifetime Honorary members in good standing, whose current dues are paid and who reside in
the same section’s as the candidate for whom they are voting, are eligible to vote. Affiliate members, Basic Instructors,
Registered Instructors, inactive and alumni certified members are not eligible to vote.

Eligible members may vote by completing the election ballot and mailing the ballot so that it is received in the ASEA-C office
no later than Wednesday, March 15, 2007.

If a member wishes to cast a secret ballot, the completed ballot shall be sealed in a plain envelope and marked “secret ballot”.
The ballot envelope shall be sealed in an outer envelope containing the member’s signature, membership number and return
address, and no ballots or inner envelopes shall contain reference to the member’s identity.

Only Alpine certified or adaptive certified instructors may vote for an Alpine Director. Only a Snowboard certified instructor may
vote for a Snowboard director. Only Nordic Track or Nordic Downhill certified instructors may vote for a Nordic Director.

Alpine Directors: Six alpine directors will be elected each year, one from each section.

Section Candidates Section Candidates
1 Skip Dickel 3 Joe Berka
1 Luke Williams 3 Robert Sklare
1 Benny King 3 Gary Hood

2 William Nourse 4 Walter B. Sappington
2 Ron Klement 5 Douglas Wren
6 Engelbert Gal

Sections Candidate
4,5,6 Eric Schultz

Sections Candidate
1,2,3 Mike Stockreiter

For bios and information on candidates, please visit

PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 4 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
ASEA-C Board of Directors Election
Vote for only one candidate (Exception: dual & tri- certified members see**). An Alpine member can
only nominate one Alpine candidate, Snowboard can only nominate one Snowboard member, and Nordic
can only nominate one Nordic member. Deadline for ballots is March 15, 2007.
For bios and information on candidates, please visit

This Ballot is for: Alpine Director Snowboard Director (Sections 4, 5 & 6 only)
Nordic Director

PRINT CANDIDATE’S NAME ______________________________________________ SECTION ___________________________________

YOUR ZIP CODE _______________________ YOUR MEMBERSHIP: Alpine Adaptive Snowboard Nordic

I live in section number _____________________________ , and I am a current, active, Level I, Level II, Level III,
or Lifetime Honorary member of PSIA-C.*

YOUR SIGNATURE __________________________________________________________________ DATE____________________________

PRINT YOUR NAME __________________________________________ YOUR MEMBERSHIP # _____________________________

Late, Incomplete or Incorrect Ballots will be Invalid.

*Note: Only active Certified Level I, II, and III, and Lifetime Honorary members may nominate members for the board of
directors. Affiliate, Basic, Registered, Inactive and Alumni members are not eligible to nominate or be nominated.

**Note: If you are dual certified and would like to make nominations in both of your disciplines, please reproduce this form and
submit one for each discipline’s nomination.
Please mail or fax the nomination form to the PSIA-C Office

Professional Ski Instructors of America - Central
3225 West St. Joseph • Lansing, Michigan 48917
Phone: (517) 327-0601 Fax: (517) 321-0495

PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 5 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
PARTICIPANTS. • SIA and Leisure Trends recently
HELPS CHILDREN LEARN published a document titled “Model for
Success” which is a result of a year-
SnowSports Industries America’s (SIA)
SNOWSPORTS IN Winter Trail program attracted “newbies”
to various snow-related activities on
long research project which included
trends in industry and consumer

SCHOOLS January 6th, 2007. Winter Trails Day, now information.
entering its 12th year, offers children and • Did you know only 20% of all winter
adults NEW to snow sports the chance to sports enthusiasts have a favorite store
SnowSports Industries America’s (SIA)
try snowshoeing and cross country skiing where they prefer to buy their
Winter Feels Good program, Snow
for FREE, and to discover the great fitness equipment and apparel? This places the
Monsters and Ski Utah’s school program
and social benefits with these easy-to-learn internet, big box retailers as well as
department have teamed up to develop a
winter sports. specialty retailers on a level playing field
series of “learning modules” to help
children understand the basics of snow with each other.
Volunteer hiking trail clubs and event
sports even before they arrive at alpine • Only 16% of alpine, nordic skiers,
leaders from partnering community parks,
resorts and Nordic Centers. The series snowboarders and snowshoers shop for
nature centers and public recreation lands
debuted at SIA ’07 with the first module snow equipment and apparel at the start
team up with Nordic centers as well as
featuring Snowball the Tiger and the of each season.
snowshoe and outdoor gear suppliers to
Snowboard Beaver giving kids pointers on
introduce recreational enthusiasts to the • The average avid, advanced Nordic skier
how to dress for snow sports.
sport of snowshoeing, cross country skiing has not purchased a new pair of skis
and winter hiking. since 1991.
Four additional modules are being
produced for introduction at the national • Approximately 10% of snowsport
This one-day event is geared toward
conference of the American Alliance for participants enter a season with a goal
families, hikers and fitness walkers,
Health, Physical Education and Dance of replacing their gear. However,
recreational enthusiasts, school groups
(AAHPERD) being held at the Baltimore another 20% would definitely upgrade if
and youth organizations who are interested
Convention Center March 14-17, 2007. The doing so would guarantee improved
in learning more about the sport of
additional modules will help children learn performance.
snowshoeing and cross country skiing.
basic skills and product information about
Programs and activities vary in size and • How do consumers cite primary
alpine skiing, cross country skiing,
scope, as each venue chooses a program information sources for products?
snowshoeing and snowboarding in a fun
that will introduce these sports to their Magazine articles, the internet, retail
way using the animated Snow Monsters
communities. store sales staff, friends and family,
characters to get the point across. It
currently is online at advertisements and brochures rank as
The program is presented by SnowSports the highest information sources.
Industries America (SIA), American Hiking
Society (AHS) and the Cross Country Ski • Some of the best retail stores have
The modules initially are targeted for use in experts in specific fields. They also
Areas Association (CCSAA).
schools at the elementary level primarily for draw upon talent such as snowsports
third, fourth and fifth grade students in pros that set up ski/ride with the pro
For more information on the event as well
their physical education programs. days at local areas.
as locations visit
Modules also will be marketed to
community organizations and government
agencies that provide recreation programs
for youth. Jo Garuccio, Ski Utah’s school
program director and certified PSIA
instructor and trainer is working with SIA’s
Education Department to develop content
for the series. North Pole Design Company A mandatory education event
is handling production. is now required prior to all
SIA’s Winter Feels Good national public
snowboard level 2/3 exams
Upcoming Center Line Copy
awareness program targets adult Deadlines
influencers of children including teachers, Ed events can be almost any
parents, recreation directors, faith-based event that is not a test. ie: Spring 2007—Mar 20th
leaders, and scout leaders. ride with D-team, prep, RTD, Fall 2007—July 20th
freestyle accred, etc.
Don’t forget to visit, view Members are encouraged to write
bios of those who are running for the articles and share their thoughts
board and vote! and ideas with the membership.

PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 6 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
The products: donating over 10,000 pair of Mini-Revs to
System 2: Midweight Double Base Layer— ski programs across the country this
Perfect for teaching, skiing or ridging, the 6 season,” commented Tuesdi Arrotta, Vice
ounces of double-layer construction keeps President/Director of Global Marketing for
GOODIES AND FREEBIES FOR you toasty warm with a relaxed fit that can Walk-EZ International.
even handle all your maniacal moves on the
PSIA AND AASI slopes. It is odor, mildew and bacteria
Revolutions (49.95) and Kid Walk-EZ Mini-
Revs (29.95) are ski boot attachments that
resistant, so you don’t drive your students
MEMBERS! and coworkers away at the end of a
make walking in ski boots easier, safer and
more comfortable. Revolutions easily
strenuous day (or two) outdoors. secure to the bottom of any brand or model
BE THE AMONG THE FIRST TO OWN of Alpine ski boot. The rugged tread grips
System 3: Expedition weight—When it’s are ideal for walking on icy and snowy
A 2007/2008 LEKI VISION VENOM really cold outside, the technical face and terrain or up and down stairs without fear
VARIO brushed back of the 8 ounce heavyweight of slipping or falling. The Revolutions
base layer will keep you warm and cozy. At unique curved design improves posture,
Looking for a new set of poles? Take a the end of the day, cleaning is as easy as alignment and balance allowing skiers to
tossing it into the wash. The fabric will not get themselves to the lift or lodge more
quick survey online and one lucky ASEA-C
shrink and dries quickly for the next day’s quickly and with less effort.
member can win a free pair of Leki USA
2007/2008 Vision Venom Vario ski poles. adventure. Or, if there’s no time to wash,
the odor, mildew and bacteria resistant
Leki USA, has just released a new pole in treatment will keep you smelling fresh even
the adjustable series. The pole can be if your muscles don’t feel it.
adjusted from 44” to 54” and is made with To request free products for your ski
an aluminum upper shaft and a carbon For more information visit school, contact Walk-Ez directly.
lower. This pole is versatile and strong
enough for the race course or in the back
country. New for 2007/2008 is the Trigger To enter the polarmax drawing:
S. Trigger S features direct power transfer
from hand to pole plant. The hand is firmly
Visit and take a
quick survey. Contest details also
Reader Sound Off
connected to the pole with a removable available online. Hurry, drawing SEND US YOUR THOUGHTS TO
power strap containing a small yet fiercely ends March 30th! INFO@PSIA-C.ORG
strong corded loop that attaches to the
back of the pole grip. The pole grip features
WALK-EZ WILL PROVIDE FREE What trend is “best” for the
an auto release system which functions like
a ski binding and releases under pressure. PRODUCT TO PSIA SKI SCHOOLS good of the snowsports
It also has a manual release button, helpful industry?
when removing poles for the lift ride up. Safely navigating icy parking lots and
walkways in clunky ski boots is a challenge Park and pipe, twin tips and fun boxes.
The adjustable power strap firmly attaches for parents introducing their kids to skiing,
onto any glove or mitten with a hook and but Walk-EZ is out to change that. This
winter, when kids take a lesson from any vs.
loop closure and is included with the
participating PSIA-affiliated ski school,
purchase of the Trigger S. The integrated Long boards, all mountain skis,
they’ll have the safety of Kid Walk-EZ Mini-
loop that attaches to the pole grip so firmly Revs under them. Mini-Revs attach easily carving, racing and just plain free-
is made of Dyneema, one of the world’s to the soles of kids ski boots making
strongest fibers used in parachute cord and riding.
walking easier, safer and faster. Wearing
yacht racing. Skiers can either use the Mini-Revs makes kids’ introduction to
Power strap on their existing gloves or Send us your thoughts for inclusion on
skiing more fun and creates a positive
mittens, or purchase Trigger-ready
this topic in future issues of the Central
experience early on (see below for more
handwear. product information).

To see the Trigger S in action, log onto PSIA-C ski schools across the country can place an order for Mini-Revs to outfit their
children’s ski school – for FREE. To receive Vote for a Board of
their free Mini-Revs, ski schools will need Director running in
To enter the Leki Vision Venom to fill out a special order form. Please call
Vario drawing: 303-444-5900 and speak with Marcy or
your section.
Visit and take a email: Visit
quick survey. Contest details also
available online. Hurry, drawing for bios.
Walk-EZ also offers a promotion through
ends March 30th! retailers – when consumers buy any adult
Walk-EZ product they’ll receive a pair of Kids’
TRY POLARMAX’S BASE LAYER Mini-Rev for free. For a list of participating
retailers log onto
Nominate a fellow instructor for
Polarmax, a leading manufacturer of base Instructor of the Section for 2006-2007
layer apparel and underwear for winter and “We feel seeding product to youth ski
programs is a sound investment for us and Season by April 1, 2007.
outdoor sports is giving away base layers See for details.
the ski industry -- we’re planning on
for our members to try.

PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 7 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
Hot Products 2 3

4 5

7 8

apart in to six pieces becoming easily
portable. It even comes with its own nylon 3. LEKI TRIGGER S
carry bag. / 585 281-2223 /
The SKI-PAL is also currently being used by 800 255-9982
Old Concept. NEW tool. PSIA-A ski instructors.
There is a new and improved version of the Leki believes that there are bindings for
old-school Hula-Hoop. It’s called The SKI- your feet, so why not your hands? Leki is
PAL: Learn to Ski Training Hoop and is
currently being used on slopes in the USA
2. TECH40 AIRPOD introducing its new Trigger S grip/strap
system in both adult and children’s poles.
and Japan by moms, dads and ski schools. / 800 345-7622
Trigger S features direct power transfer
The Ski-Pal is made of lightweight The techo airpod($99) winner of the from hand to pole plant. The hand is firmly
aluminum, making it more rigid and Popular Science “Best of What’s New 2006 connected to the pole with a removable
stronger than the Hula-Hoop. This rigid will settle all bets of longest “hang time” Power strap containing a small yet fiercely
design gives instructors and parents more with your buddies once and for all. Highly strong corded loop that attaches to the
control of the child’s movements. accurate, the Air Pod uses advanced back of the pole grip. The pole grip features
Therefore, kids will fall less, making the accelerometer technology to calculate the an auto release system which functions like
early stages of learning to ski easier and amount of time you’re off the ground. a ski binding and releases under pressure.
more enjoyable(for the adults too)! Functions include “Air” (hang) time per It also has a manual release button, helpful
jump, Daily & lifetime “air” time when removing poles for the lift ride up.
The SKI-PAL is also adjustable and Time/Date/Alarm/Back Light as well as
portable. With a quick push of two side- temperature. The adjustable Power strap firmly attaches
buttons, its length can be adjusted in onto any glove or mitten with a hook and
seconds from 37 to 49 inches. Push-in a loop closure and is included with the
few more buttons and the SKI-PAL comes

PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 8 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
purchase of the Trigger S. The integrated The Tip Clip helps ski tips from spreading that will turn your home or workplace into
loop that attaches to the pole grip so firmly out. The Tip Clip attaches to the ski with a winter wonderland! ($398-$748)
is made of Dyneema, one of the world’s velcro, and features a plastic clip that The SG5 makes up to 180 cubic feet per
strongest fibers used in parachute cord and releases when riding the lift. hour and the SG4 makes about 1/4 of that.
yacht racing. Skiers can either use the The home snowmakers are capable to
Power strap on their existing gloves or Several ski areas already use Lucky Bum adjust their output based on the type of
mittens, or purchase Trigger-ready products. Several ski schools use a bib pressure washer or volume of water going
handwear. with the Grip ‘n guide handle and “report to the snowmaker.
card” holder to help instructors on the
Furthermore, children will now be able to slopes and on and around chairlifts.
take advantage of Vario adjustable height Several rental facilities also offer the Tip 9. SKIMETRIX
poles. Now, not only will children be able to Clip as an acessory when renting children’s
adjust their pole height based on activity
but also growth!
4. SCARPA / 800 345-7622 Booster strap founder Ray Fougere created
a product that improves the performance of
TERMINATOR X Helmet haters now have a choice of beanies
ski boots for skiers of all ages and abilities.
Ray believes that the current design and / 303 998-2895 which harden on impact. D30 labs joined
placement in current retail boots is
forces with Swiss company Ribcap to bring
Scarpa turns heads with the new a beanie to the market that contains d30.
Terminator X($649), the first combination D30 is a soft and flexile microcellular foam
The Booster wraps like a big rubber band
telemark/alpine-touring ski boot in the that stiffens on contact. D30 credits this to
around the boot top and your lower leg. It
world. The terminator X will be compatible intelligent molecules that flow over each
removes all that extra space—without
in both Rottefella’s NTN system as well as other until impact. When forced to move
having to over-tighten the buckles. You'll
Dynafit’s TLT alpine-touring binding, quickly (i.e. a crash) they lock together,
get a quicker start, positive steering and
bringing to reality the concept of one boot becoming stiff to absorb and spread the
more rebound. By using specially woven
for both telemark and AT skiing. force. D30 is also found in Spyder Slalom &
elastic webbing, the Booster creates an
Giant Slalom suits.
elastic bond between your leg and your
From a telemark standpoint, the most boot.
notable feature of the Terminator X is its
lack of the traditional squared-off toe that is 7. POC KIDS SPINE The Booster makes the boot technically
the hallmark of most tele boots. Instead, / 603 738-1125 more responsive, which works into the
the NTN binding clasps the rounded front PSIA's technical progressions making
of the sole and the ‘second heel’ — a POC emphasizes the need for children’s demos more vivid and understandable.
specialized lip underneath the arch of the safety and includes products for the Students using the booster then can
boot, which creates a rigid interface that younger ones in its complete lineup of execute technical tasks in a more effective
transfers more power to ski edge than helmets and body armor. POC’s children’s manner. The Booster Strap’s fit is
other bindings. The Terminator X includes back protector is specially designed to have technically adapted for instructors who
tech fittings for the Dynafit alpine touring all of the advantages of adult back have to be in their boots all day.
binding, making it the world’s first plastic protectors, including the optional Cervical
boot that skis both fixed heel and telemark. and Coccyx protectors, in a kid’s size. The Booster is offered in kid’s, cruser,
freeskier and racer versions.

5. LUCKY BUMS SKI POC offer’s a bright orange helment, with
all of the features you could want also in a Ray encourages you to pay particular
attention to placement of your current
kid’s size, but also include a bright LED
light that attaches to the helmet and a power strap. Place the booster or your
bright orange bib so that children can be current power strap as close as the liner as / 208 345-1611 possible, below any plastic of the boot
seen whether on the slopes or in a dimly
light parking lot. shell, and feel the difference. See the
Lucky Bums believes in integrated ski graphic below for details.Notice that the
training and advocates the use of their placement of the booster is beneath the
products as tools to enhance the lessons
learned from trained ski professionals.
8. SNOWATHOME plastic shell and in front of the tongue.

Lucky bums offers the ski trainer kit, which
includes a trainer harness , leashes, pouch
as well as a Tip Clip. / 800 957-7128
The harness kit is a multifunctional 3-in-1
Ever think about how cool it would be to
trainer which features a Grip ‘n Guide
make a pile of snow in your backyard and
sports handle for use on the slopes or on
make a couple of turns on it? Well, with a
and around the chairlift, leashes and a
power washer, air compressor, elbow
pouch to store the leashes when not in use
grease or cash andcold weather you can!
or simply storage for gear or treats.
Snowathome offers a line of snowmakers

PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 9 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
Most skiers and snowboarders would
rather be outside wearing their base $235 MILLION
by Trey Harris
Polarmax \\ layer than worrying about the wash/dry Overall sales for both specialty and chain
instructions. However, when the trip is stores were down 3% in dollars to $1.46
over and its time to do the laundry, billion for the August through December
Whether you’re tearing down the hill or period of 2006, compared to $1.50 billion
there are a few simple steps that can
sitting on the lift for a ride to the top, reported last year, according to
significantly extend the life and
staying warm is an important part of SnowSports Industries America. Unit sales
performance of your base layer. were down 9%.Internet sales totaled a
any day on the slopes. Throughout the
day, temperatures can change by 20 significant $234.9 million. Total sales at
THE DO’S AND DON’TS OF CARING specialty stores, chain stores and via the
degrees or more, so it’s important to be
FOR BASE LAYER: Internet climbed to $1.69 billion for the
able to take off or put on layers as
August through December period.
needed. Proper layering starts with a
good base layer. Make sure the first DO:
layer next to the skin is NOT cotton, but Chain Store Dollar Sales
Wash the garment in warm water with August - December 06/07
instead a fabric that will wick moisture
your other clothes Alpine Skis $8.0M
away from the body. If it’s a warm fall or Ski Systems $11.8M
spring day, your second layer may also Zip up the zipper if it has one, to
Alpine Skis + Ski Systems $19.8M
serve as the outer layer. In colder prevent it from catching on the fabric. Alpine Boots $16.2M
temps, however, this middle layer will Tumble dry low OR Alpine Bindings $2.4M
add another level of protection and Line dry to reduce static. The garment Alpine Poles $2.0M
warmth for extended periods outdoors. Snowboards $23.6M
will usually be dry in less than an hour. Snowboard Boots $16.8M
This layer should also wick moisture
away from the body and move well with Snowboard Bindings $11.5M
Insulated Parkas $34.7M
you, rather then restricting your DO NOT:
Shell Parkas $15.8M
movements. Ideally, the outer layer Use fabric softener in the washing Softshell Parkas $10.3M
should be water and wind resistant, so machine or dryer Snowboard Tops $10.0M
you can be ready for whatever weather Snowboard Bottoms $6.2M
Use bleach
arises. Some outer layers have vent Helmets $2.2M
zips on the sides or under the armpits Iron the garment Luggage $1.6M
to allow better air flow and prevent Winter Boots $8.7M
overheating. Turtlenecks $688,000
With these tips, you are helping your
base layer live a long life protecting you
Of the $235 million in Internet sales sold so
Most brands of base layer come in a from the cold. far this season, 60% of the dollars were
range of weights, tailored for every from apparel, 23% came from accessories
season and activity. Base layer is not
just for cold conditions, the new fabrics
Overheard in and 18% were from equipment (compare
that to brick and mortar specialty stores
are designed for every activity from a
cool spring jog to a blizzard on the
Central where 34% of all dollars come from
equipment sales). Adult twintip skis were
slopes. The key is to pick the right Send us what you’ve overheard in Central the best selling bindingless skis with nearly
Division! 6,000 units sold (30% of all ski units) for a
fabric and weight for your preferences
total of $1.9 million in sales. With 4,000
and the activity you’ll be doing. units sold, junior skis were the second
Snowboard Instructor: “Are you fastest selling bindingless ski category.
regular or are you goofy?” Combined, the Nordic, telemark and
Keeping your head warm is also
Student: “No, I still stink.” Randonee equipment categories account
essential, as up to 40% of the body’s for 15% of all online equipment dollars
heat escapes via the head. A balaclava sold, compared to just 4% in specialty
with fabric that wicks moisture, keeps stores. Sales of alpine apparel tops totaled
the head drier and warmer under a hat Alpine Instructor #1: “...and then I $118.4 million, apparel bottoms $12.6
or by itself. looked around to see where she went. million and snowboard apparel $6.7
There she was, laying underneath the million. Base layer, with $8.9 million in
bull-wheel in the tow rope shack.” sales, accounted for 30% of all apparel
accessories sold.
Alpine Instructor #2: “Rough night
eh?” Source: SIA & Leisure Trends

PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 10 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
Ever consider, as an alpine instructor, taking a Nordic clinic/workshop? in the
Some alpine instructors have already done so. You would be most welcome by
the Nordic PSIA-C community.
Here are just a few benefits or good reasons why an alpine instructor should
attend a PSIA-C Nordic Clinic/workshop:
Advertise your program, product,
• Improve balance over your alpine skis ski school, used equipment swap or
any other snowsport item in the
• Improve your skating and skate turns PSIA-C newsletter. We offer
on alpine skis classified Ads and Display Ads.
Visit us online!
• Increase your skiing stamina
• Increase your upper body strength
Sign up for the electronic Classified Ads:
newsletter! Classified Ads are line type ads
• Learn a new skiing discipline and add
run in a specific section of the
excitement to your skiing Take a survey and win! newsletter. Classified ads may vary
in size and rates depending on the
• Take advantage of your existing alpine
number of words in the ad.
skiing skills Check out BOD bios and vote!
• Enhance your versatility on various PSIA-C Member Ski
types of skis Schools:
• Learn how to cruise in the woods and Help Wanted Ads - No Charge
EFFECTIVE SKI COACHING: Other Classified Ads - $10.00
mountains (even up hills) on skis
minimum for 30 words or less, plus
A text for coaches and instructors
• Choose Nordic Track (classic & $.20 per word over 30.
by Tom Reynolds. Price: $24.95 +
skating) or Telemark clinics—or
4.00 S/H. VISA/MC accepted.
both! Other Schools, Persons,
Write New Additions, P.O. Box
or Orginizations:
• Learn the nuances of both classic 883, Farmington, ME 04938.
All Classified Ads - $20.00
(striding) and skating Nordic skiing Phone (207) 778-3471 minimum for 30 words or less,
• Open the opportunity for dual plus $.25 per word over 30.

certification Note: Long numbers and similar
text (e.g. e-mail, addresses, etc.)
will be divided into words for the
purpose of calculating the ad rate.

Camera Ready
Display Ads:
Full Page 7 1/2 ” x 10” $350

Half Page 7 1/2 ” x 5” $250

Quarter 3 1/2 ” x 5” $120

Eighth 3 1/2 ” x 21/2 ” $60

Display Ads will be set off from
the surrounding text.

PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 11 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
Science of
molecules, is called the embryo and becomes the only after it has first cooled to its nucleation
basis for further growth until all of the water is temperature. Any excess energy will be dissipated
coverted. The growth process is controlled by the into the atmosphere.

Making Snow
rate of removal of the latent heat being released.
Molecules are attaching and detaching from the Droplet Size
embryo at roughly equal and very rapid rates. As Since the distribution of various nucleators in a
more molecules attach to the embryo, energy is given volume of water is totally random, the size of
released causing the temperature of the attached the water droplet or the number of high-temperature
HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ASKED HOW CAN molecules to be lower than the temperature of the nucleators has a significant effect on the
RESORTS MAKE SNOW? WELL, AFTER unattached molecules. The growth rate continues temperature at which freezing occurs (nucleation
THIS ARTICLE BY YORK SNOW, YOU’LL BE until all the molecules are attached. At this point, temperature). In natural water, as the size of the
you have the solid state (ice). water droplet decreases, the likeihood that the
AN EXPERT! droplet will contain a high-temperature nucleator
Most of us think that pure water freezes at 0 C or 32 also decreases. Conversely, larger water droplets
Heat Exchange Process F. In fact, the nucleation event (freezing) for pure stand a better chance of containing high-
Snowmaking is a heat exchange process. Heat is water will take place as low as minus 40 C or minus temperature nucleators. The optimum situation for
removed from snowmaking water by evaporative and 40 F. This is most likely to occur in laboratory snowmakers is one in which every droplet of water
convective cooling and released into the surrounding experiments or high in the upper atmosphere (upper passing through the snow gun nozzle contains at
environment. This heat creates a micro-climate troposophere). least one high-temperature nucleator and freezes in
inside the snowmaking plume that is very different the plume.
from ambient conditions. Understanding this Heterogeneous nucleation
process can lead to practical benefits to the Heterogeneous nucleation occurs when ice forms at
snowmaker. temperatures above minus 40 C or minus 40 F due
to the presence of a foreign material in the water.
There are many variables that affect snowmaking. This foreign material acts as the embryo and grows
Three of the most important variables are wet bulb more rapidly than embryos of pure water. The
temperature, nucleation temperature and droplet location at which an ice embryo is formed is called
size. an ice-nucleating site. As with homogeneous
nucleation, heterogeneous nucleation is governed
Wet Bulb Temperature by two major factors: the free energy change
The temperature of a water droplet exiting a snow involved in forming the embryo and the dynamics of
gun is typically between 34 F and 44 F. Once a water fluctuating embryo growth. In heterogeneous Numbers in the droplets represent various ice-
droplet passes the nozzle and is released into the air, nucleation, the configuration of molecules and nucleating sites with different nucleation
its temperature falls rapidly due to expansive and energy of interaction at the nucleating site become temperatures. The highest number nucleator in
convective cooling and evaporative effects. The the dominating influence in the conversion of water the droplet will determine at what temperature the
droplet's temperature will continue to fall until to ice. water droplet will freeze.
equilibrium is reached. this is the wet bulb
temperature and it is as important as dry bulb Snowmaking involves the process of heterogeneous The relationship between the variables of nucleation
(ambient) temperature in predicting snowmaking nucleation. There are many materials and temperature and droplet size is summarized in two
success. For example, snowmaking temperatures at substances which act as nucleators; each one statistically valid conclusions. First, a 50% increase
28 F and 10% humidity are equivalent to those at 20 promotes freezing at a specific temperature or in the droplet size results in a one-degree F increase
F and 90% humidity. nucleation temperature. These nucleators are in nucleation temperature. Second, a 50% decrease
generally categorized as high-temperature (i.e., in droplet size results in a three-degree F decrease
Nucleation Temperature silver iodide, dry ice and ice nucleating proteins) or in nucleation temperature. These conclusions are
Once the wet bulb temperature is known, there must low-temperature (i.e., calcium, magnesium, dust based on an average droplet size of 300 microns,
be a way to predict whether water droplets will and silt) nucleators. It is the low-temperature and indicate that decreasing the droplet size can be
actually freeze at that temperature. nucleators that are found in large numbers in counter-productive to promoting high-temperature
untreated snowmaking water. The nucleation nucleation, unless enough high-temperature
Ice is the result of a liquid (water) becoming a solid temperature of snowmaking water is between 15 F nucleators are present.
(ice) by an event called nucleation. In order to freeze, and 20F.
a water droplet must first reach its nucleation Looking at the relationship between droplet size and
temperature. There are two types of nucleation, Why do you hear freezing warnings at temperatures evaporation, research in cloud seeding shows that:
homogeneous nucleation and heterogeneous around 32 F? The answer is that near factor is
nucleation. coming into play with the freezing process. That —A 50% decrease in droplet size produces a four-
factor is called surface (i.e., roads, highways, trees). fold increase in the evaporation rate.
There is an energy interaction between the ice- —A droplet that is 50% smaller will evaporate to
nucleating site in the water with the surface. This nothing after falling just one-eighth the distance that
causes the water droplets to freeze very near 32 F or the average 300 micron droplet falls.
0 C.
These conclusions further point out the
In snowmaking it is the nucleator having the highest undesireable results from using very small droplet,
nucleation temperature that determines when a especially in areas where water loss is a critical
water droplet will freeze. Research has issue.
Water molecules (Solid Form) demonstrated that 95% of natural, untreated water
in Liquid Form Molecules Form droplets will freeze at widely different temperatures. Relating droplets size to nucleation temperature, it
A Hexogonal Array The average temperature being 18.2 F. Introduing a is possible to increase snowmaking production and
consistent high-temperature nucleator into the efficiency by using high-temperature nucleators
Homogeneous nucleation water will raise the freezing point. With Snomax, the with larger water droplets. This method frequently
Homogeneous nucleation occurs in pure water in freezing point rises to 26.8 F. allows for increased water flow, reduces
which there is no contact with any other foreign evaporation, and yields more snow on the ground.
substance or surface. With homogeneous As a water droplet cools, heat energy is released In fact, studies indicate that a 20% increase in water
nucleation, the conversion of the liquid state to solid into the atmosphere at a rate of one calorie per gram flow can increase snow volume up to 40% if droplet
state is done by either lowering temperatures or by of water. As it freezes into an ice crystal, the water size and nucleation temperature areoptimized.
changes in pressure. However, temperature is the droplet will release additional energy at a rate of 80
primary influence on the conversion of water to ice calories per gram of water. This quick release of In conclusion, a better understanding of the
or ice to water is temperature. energy raises the water droplet temperature to 32 F, dynamics between wet bulb temperatures,
where it will remain while freezing continues. This is nucleation temperature, and droplet size, together
In homogeneous nucleation, the nucleation begins one reason why we are accustomed to thinking that with a practical application of the science involved,
when a very small volume of water molecules water freezes at 32 F. The water will continue to can help improve the efficiency of the snow
reaches the solid state. This small volume of freeze as long as it remains at or below 32 F, but manufacturing process.

PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 12 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
Whitcomb, coaches from the US Ski certification, and experience the
Team. Our new three-part model of exhilaration only the free heel can
aspects of good Nordic skiing centers bring. See you on the tracks!
EXAMINERS ATTEND on Body Position, Timing, and
Propulsion. These components are a It was great meeting old and new PSIA
NAT’L TRACK mirror image of what USSA is using to friends from across the country!
produce the best Nordic racers in the Longtime Central Nords will certainly
EXAMINERS’ COLLEGE IN land. To further refine the Track Matrix, recognize Ralph Thornton as a past
we dove into the nitty gritty of the PSIA-C Examiner and Nordic
WEST YELLOWSTONE Demo Team’s first draft which lists Administrator. He is alive, well, and
descriptors for the various levels of skiing in PSIA-NRM. (Nords who ski
By Brock Woods certification. There is nothing like a the Birkie can see him every February
roomful of ski instructors to over when he returns to Wisconsin to carry
Dan Clausen, Lou Awodey, and Brock analyze what many consider to be the on that Midwest Nordic tradition.)
Woods met in Montana with other simple act of sliding on snow. But at
Nordic Examiners from all PSIA the same time, everyone recognized I also want to note just what a great
Divisions during Thanksgiving week, the importance of measurable and asset Dan Clausen was to the
2006. The following article (with a few attainable national standards. college—and is to Central Nordic and
slight changes) was composed by the Demo Team! He has been on the
members of that group to describe the If you’ve never experienced the ritual of team for well over a decade, is
meeting: West Yellowstone’s Fall Camps, it’s a obviously instrumental in helping the
Nordic skiers’ paradise. (See details at team maintain and improve its track
“Nordic Examiners from around the The skiing, in particular, and was a real
country descended on the world- streets are filled with Cross Country leader at the examiners’ College.
famous ski trails in West Yellowstone, skiers and racers of all stripes, Treasure his straightforward, on-the-
Montana, with the purpose of updating abilities, and ages on their way to the money teaching whenever you get to
and unifying national examination trailhead, skinny skis in hand. Junior ski with him at your Nordic events!
standards. The National Nordic skiers and elite racers whiz by on the
Demonstration Team spearheaded an trails. Manufacturers and reps stand And I thought it especially useful
astounding event, creating an by at the trailhead with new equipment having USSA coaches at the meeting to
opportunity to bring the “PSIA Nordic to demo and custom wax jobs keep compare nuances of track technique
Examiner Team” together with a “US your skis fast. Hundreds of Nords, and aspects of teaching. It was most
Cross Country Coaching Team” to look completely focused and immersed in satisfying to have them corroborate
at how the two organizations could upping their skills and fitness, fill the our approaches in Central.
better work together to foster goals Rendezvous Trail system. In the midst
and standards all could agree on. of this inspiring and overwhelming The standards produced by the group
Nordic scene, our team of boys and now have to go back to the Nordic
The last time a national track event of girls alike were treated to the eye candy Team and national office to be weighed
this magnitude occurred, was in that only high speed Lycra can provide. and integrated with our national skiing
November of 1992. Ralph Thornton, Surprisingly, amid all this distraction, model before being made “official.” I
from Choteau, Montana, remembers we managed to stay on our feet, avoid would welcome any comments Central
the tribe came together for many of the being flattened by serious, gun-toting members want to make about them. I
same reasons, not to mention howling nords (biathletes) and other racers, distributed draft copies at our recent
at the moon with fellow nords night and remain on task. Days consisted of December Nordic event in Wisconsin
after night. He noted the discussions skiing and many hours of hashing and can email a copy to anyone else in
back then had a fair amount of discord through the details that would generate Central who wants one
among divisions. As Ralph reflected on and clarify the Track Matrix ( This is
this year’s event though, he your chance to contribute to the
commented, “I am impressed with We came to a consensus on a new set discussion about them as they are
people working together. We argued, of certification standards that we being finalized, and in so doing better
no, discussed, but not like in the past.” believe will clarify and standardize the understand the Nordic track
exam process across all of the techniques themselves, as well as the
In this spirit of cooperation, our divisions, thus improving the whole certification process!
modern day group began looking at a experience and outcomes for
draft copy of the Track Matrix, participants. “With that said, there is
comparing the new six-component no better time to get involved in the
PSIA Skills Model with what USSA is Go online
PSIA Track/XC Certification process.
using, a simplified three-part skills Join us for the latest and greatest from Speak your mind.
model. We enjoyed a collaborative
effort with Pat Casey and Matt
both the PSIA and USSA track worlds.” Get some goodies.
You will learn lots, round out your
PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 13 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
out as instructors and had bought channels in the snowsport industry.
equipment the same way, were too busy Now box stores sales represent more
with “regular” customers to worry about than 20% of industry sales. As we begin
WHEREFORE ART THOU the miniscule amount of equipment sold this new season, ski and snowboard
through Proforms. sales on the Internet have captured 15%
PROFORM? of our market. Our industry is shrinking
That was then; this is now. Today pro and specialty retail is losing ground.
BY ENGELBERT GAL reps and area reps are beating the snot
BOARD OF DIRECTOR out of one another to sell more units As I speak with vendors about
than the other guy. Today there are Proforms, the one comment I hear from
Proforms will be a thing of the past if the “Hook Up” cards that give anyone with a every one of them is how bad the other
National Ski and Snowboard Retailers pulse and an Internet connection access guy is. Many of them say that they’ve
Association (NSSRA) have their way. K2 to forms. And in an absolute all time got a clean program because their form
and Elan\Dalbello already agreed to low, we discovered this summer that requires a retailer’s signature and they
make changes to their pro programs. K2 one prominent vendor had even posted always check the form to make sure it’s
plans to discontinue shop and proforms their Proform on the Internet giving signed. During one such conversation I
entirely and Elan\Dalbello plans to make access to the form to anyone that thought to ask “Do you have my
their program "shop friendly". Googled their name. To make matters signature of file?” No. “Do you have
worse, the form had instructions that signatures of our buyers or managers
NSSRA Chairman, Brad Nelson read “do not bring this form to your on file?” No. “Do you ever check to see
communicated “IT’S TIME TO END local shop”! if the person signing the form actually
PROFORMS” in NSSRA’s January 2007 works at my store?” No. “So you ship
newsletter as well as their annual gear to a pro with a signed form, but you
NSSRA recommendations don’t actually check to see if the form
meeting. With permission from Brad
Nelson, we are including his column in has been signed by someone from a
If vendors want to offer a deal to a shop?” Yup. That is your vendors clean
its entirety.
pro, it should be through their program.
authorized retailer. If a pro is
The early years of the ski industry were
looking for a deal, they should It’s time for Proform programs, as we
a different time. The Snowsport industry
contact the retailer. know them, to end. Our
grew up during the 60’s when all the
little Baby Boomers who came on the recommendations are in the box on
scene after WWII wanted something fun If the local retailer dosn’t want to this page.
and exciting to do in the winter, and work with forms, the pro rep
skiing was the coolest thing in snow. should know the next closest Other than the ridiculous flagrant
Equipment and clothing suppliers grew retailer that does. abuses we have been reporting in our e-
and retail popped up all over the mail newsletter, most of the Proform
country. The new ski customers Retailers are the only ones to system we have works fine – up to the
shopped at specialty shops. They paid have forms. They can choose to point where the vendor chooses to sell
retail. And it was good. The culture of stock pro gear, order the gear for direct to whomever they want. But if
the country was enamored with the the pro on a form or not have they chose to sell to consumers, they
grace and elegance of skiing. Prime time anything to do with pro orders. have crossed a line. They are plain and
television specials and sit-coms all simple cheating their dealers. I believe
embraced this hot, exciting new sport. Retailers should sell to the pro, there will eventually come a time when a
Skiing grew; people took lessons; not vendors. prominent vendor will try to pull a “Dell”
instructors were gods. The suppliers and go direct to the consumer. When
wanted to hookup with the gods and so that happens, NSSRA will be there to let
began the idea of Proforms. The theory The snowsport industry has lost over every retailer in the country know about
was that, if the gods were skiing your 1,250 specialty retailers in the past 10 it and to let every specialty retailer make
skis, your brand became god-like. At a years. Many of the stores that are a decision as to how they are going to
time when our industry’s growth curve actually left are actually doing OK react. Our goal this year was to name
was like a rocket to the moon, suppliers because the customers from all those names of vendors that were doing it
created Proform programs to sell failed stores ended up in the remaining right. Next year we will begin to name
equipment direct to “pros.” It was a time stores. While specialty retailers have the names of vendors that are selling
before pro reps and area reps. To get a been living in the trenches and working direct. Feedback from retailers tell us
Proform, an instructor had to have “X” with retail customers, our vendor’s that Head, K2, Dalbello and a few others
years of service and had to grovel at the Proform sales have been growing have pro programs that support
feet of the ski school director, the keeper –taking a larger and larger chunk of specialty retailers. If a vendor chooses
of the forms. As strange as it seems customers away from specialty retailers. to handle pro sales in any other manner
today, there was actually a time when Since the beginning of our industry, than the manner described above, they
many instructors and patrol couldn’t get specialty retailers have traditionally sold are disrespecting the specialty retailer
forms! Retailers, many of whom started more merchandise than all other channel.

PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 14 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
Instructors, retailers, big box excess product in the market might be
It will be soon time to place orders. Vote companies and vendors must work too lenient in classifying industry
with your pen. Support the vendors that together to "expand the snowsports pie" employees. And, proform product may
support specialty retail; send a message rather than try to take a bigger slice of it. find its way to retail customers.
to those that don’t. Make Proforms a The problem that Brad Nelson cites is However, most vendors are sensitive
talking point with every rep and channel conflict, or friction in the supply and walking a fine line between retailers
company principal you speak with. chain. Realistically, vendors will always and professionals. Manufacturers can
try to find a home for unsold skis, create a valid program that distributes
I spoke with Brad Nelson, and Tom boards and apparel. Snowsports product to valid professionals.
Doyle, President about these matters. professionals have also been targeted
I will share my views, which are not by vendors simply because it is a market I am asking NRSSA to work together
representative of the views nor of consumers which is willing to spend with PSIA and AASI instructors in the
opinions of ASEA or ASEA-C. a considerable amount of money on Central Division, as we too are on the
product year after year. Why did they front lines with customers each day
Understandably, retailers are having a choose us? Probably because we are a trying to help the snowsports industry. I
difficult season; and for the last few viable market, easily identifiable through ask if your intentions of destroying the
years, the weather has only made our association, with the ability and proform are to funnel pro purchases
matters worse. Retail numbers are soft history of purchasing snow-gear. through the retail channels; then, give
across the Midwest and East partially Snowsports professionals collectively, us a break when we come into your
due to the abnormal temperatures. in my opinion, are a buying group, just shop. I ask that NRSSA retailers work
However, it seems as though the like SSL, SMC, ASEA, MSAA and TJX. with the respective divisions of PSIA
industry as a whole has done more Some of you might recognize the last and AASI to build a synergistic
finger pointing than actions to fix the buying group, TJX, which is TJX relationship where we can help each
industry slump. Business for the snow Companies, an off-price retailer of other. Let us create a directory of shops
sports industry was good for a long apparel and home fashions. Brands of in the area where pros are welcomed
time, but when business started going TJX include T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and and helped. Let us create this listing
downhill (no pun intended), the industry A.J. Wright. Vendors will dump product which indicates locations where each
was slow to react. Slow to realize such as apparel in this market. What consumer equipment purchase starts
industry and demographic trends, slow increases a brand’s value? Finding it on off on the right foot, with a lesson by a
to change the way we’ve done things a local snow-instructor or finding it at an pro. By working together, we can create
and slow to communicate with other off-priced retailer? In my opinion, this synergies to increase the value to our
industry participants. Manufacturers situation is not good for the retailers. As customers, thus increasing the wealth
historically have been slow to adopt new most consumers will not recognize or
channels to reach their customers. In mind if the product was a 2006/7 jacket
the past decade, many of us have
watched a slow migration to electronic
or 2005/6. More importantly, the
consumer’s perception of price and ENGELBERT’S TIPS TO
commerce by ski and snowboard brand is often lowered. If this is a
manufacturers. Manufacturers like problem, then retailers can use vendors
Salomon were suspicious of electronic that do not utilize liquidators.
channels and guarded existing • Introduce yourself to your local retailer.
relationships with traditional retailers. Now, consumers are able to access the
resources needed to make an educated • Patronize your local retailer.
It is important to look at “form decision without the help of retailers. • Be respectful.
programs” as two distinct programs, The next question for consumers is
pro and shop. Incidents in one should simply a search of locations which stock • Understand discounts/forms are not an
not affect the status or viability of the product they have selected. Often entitlement.
another. The “hookups” were to be times, they may visit a manufacturer’s • If you plan on purchasing from a form,
distributed to shop employees at clinics. website, which may direct the shopper don’t waste time at the retailer fitting
The current program requires to an online retailer, big box or local equipment.
individuals to use an access code to log specialty shop. If current marketing
in to the website. This access code was channels allows manufacturers to • Go out of your way to "gab" and talk
found on the card. Shop employees distribute this information; then, yes highly about your retailer to other pros
and consumers.
posted messages in forums bragging manufacturers can "pull a Dell" or worse,
about their practices. Employees direct sales to their big box of choice. In • If you did "bypass" the retailer on a form.
indicated they were not shut off at the my opinion, proforms are not the Know the name of the stocking retailer
limit of 10 items. Shopform products specialty retailer killer. There are other for your gear when a consumer asks.
were then resold on E-bay to consumers problems that should be resolved to
• Local retailers have supported pro’s for
at the expense of retailers. I am create channel cooperation.
years. Show retailers your support.
disappointed that these events were
allowed to occur. The NRSSA, does have a valid point in • Lastly, put yourself in their shoes. They
which manufacturers looking to dump are trying to improve the snowsports
industry just as you are!

PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 15 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition
3225 West S. Joseph STANDARD
Lansing, Michigan 48917 PAID

“fade” turns to switch 360s. Mindy and portion of the college: “This is the first time
Doug challenged participants to think in I worked with a trainer who could explain a
Mt. Brighton, MI—Snowboard Training
new ways about these concepts and new trick, demonstrate the trick for me, build
Professors Mindy Covington and Doug
ways to present them. Participant Franz my confidence to try the trick and then use
Radefeld led the Central Division’s AASI
said of Mindy and Doug: “They understand movement analysis to help me improve it.
Snowboard Trainers College at Mt.
the very essence of snowboarding Doug got me to do tricks I never thought
Brighton Michigan on February 10 and 11,
concepts — they must have written the possible.” Participating in Doug’s groups
2007. The trainers participating in the
manual — and they have the skill to and watching Doug teach gave all of us a
college represented resorts from
communicate it in understandable and level and style of teaching to aspire to.
throughout the Central Division. Mindy said
enjoyable ways.” After Mindy and Doug
about the college’s goal: “We organized
described a task and challenged us, It was a memorable event: Mt. Brighton,
another snowboard trainer’s college
everyone was racing to the hill to give it a 250 feet of vertical and a plethora of
because there is new material and new
try. And with their help we were almost features to ride, called to us every morning:
ways to think about the old material that
always successful. If you recognize a “come on out, rip it up and have fun,” and
will give our instructors and customers a
trainer in the group picture (online), make it although Mt. Brighton had 250 feet, it was
more fulfilling and fun snowboard
a point to ride with them to learn what was the Mt. Everest of hospitality. Mindy and
experience. We thought this was the best
presented. Doug helped the participants develop
way to get this material to trainers so they
enough contemporary instructor training
can master it and take it to their staffs.
An added bonus was that we were able to material for several seasons, they helped
Now, all members will have access to it.”
apply it to and improve our own riding — us improve our riding, together we had
Mindy and Doug facilitated an informative,
from basic skidded turns, to switch, to great fun, and Mt. Brighton made all of us
supportive and fun event to accomplish this
dynamic carving, steeps, moguls, and feel at home.
and much more.
cross-under and turns, and a huge portion
of freestyle riding: beginning ollies, Visit us online and check out
The curriculum focused on new ideas about
rotations, rails, half-pipe and jumps. our new electronic
movement and performance concepts and
Participant Kyle said about Doug’s freestyle
the application of these concepts from first newsletter.
PSIA-C/AASI-C The Central Line 16 2006/2007 Late Winter Edition