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Humans is the grows from time to time Come from the kingdom Animalia, In class Mammalia,
and Family Hominida. Included in the order in Primates in Genus Homo, and in Homo Sapiens
Species. This is the scientific classification of human. Homo sapiens is found in years before
now, exactly in 1758.
Modern human has a unique and greater part of body than primates or any human before recent
years. We are the only extant members of the homonym clade. The only things that make human
different from animals is brain and feeling.
The human has an unique brain which can solve any problem the human faces. The scientist
found that the evolutionary success that humans brain grows bigger and bigger. So that is why
our brain is larger than before. The others great news is we have prefrontal cortex, a particularly
well-developed neocortex, and temporal lobes which is as the why human can has levels of
abstract reasoning, problem solving, language, sociality, and culture.
Human use any tools higher and better than any animals in the world. Other unique things of
humans are they can adept on utilizing aome systems of symbolic communication. The
communication can be language and art for the as well as they can have self-expression.
Humans can also create a complex structure of sociality like groups such as family and also
kinship networks. The interaction between human to human will form a values like social norms,

rituals, and any activity they made. This phenomena has been running since the thousands or
million years ago.

Artikel Bahasa Inggris tentang Diri Sendiri

Oscar from Brazil
Hello guys.. My name is Oscar. Im 18 years old and Im in my last year of senior high school.
Next year, I want to travel, so I want to make contact with my students in Asia and Europe. Im
175cm tall with short brown hair and my friends say I look like Kaka, the soccer player. I cant
play like Kaka, but Im crazy about soccer.
I live in Recife,in Brazil. Its a great city, we are very friendly and outgoing and you can see so
many things. There are many beaches and museums. The best time to come in during Carnaval.
You can party all day and night.
Brigit from Sweden
Hello friend, my name is Brigit Smoothy. Im 21 years old. Im studying to be a engineer. If
possible, I want to make contact with engineering students in Asia, Europe, and Latin Ameria.
Im quite serious and shy, so I prefer talking to people online.
I live in Malmo, Sweden. Its a nice city, and its also very near the Danish capital, Copenhagen.
Copenhagen has cool museums, parks, and very famous statue of a mermaid. You cant do much
in Malmo, but you can do a lot things in Copenhagen.
Su-hyun from Korea
Hi! Im a college freshman, and I want to make contact with other other English learners,
especially in Latin America. Im 168cm tall (Im as tall as my dad), and I have long, black hair.
I Live in Busan, Korea. Its a big city and we have big ideas, we want to host the 2020 Olympics!
We have bigh attractions, too. The largest dapertment store in the world is here, and we have
Koreas best beaches. My favorite, though, are the fish markets.

Artikel Berbahasa Inggris tentang Wisata

A Weekend at the Ice Hotel
About 20 minutes west of Quebec City in Canada, there is a unique place - the only hotel in
North America made entirely of ice and snow. We went Sandy Russell to find out more.
When I arrived, it was freezing. The outside temperature was -28C ! I thought, Do I really want
to sleep in a hotel made of ice ?

But when I walked inside I was astounded. It was warmer than outside - about -4C. This is
because the walls. They are 120 centimeters thick. And the hotel was absolutely wonderful. The
floors and ceilings were ice. There were beautiful ice sculptures everywhere. There were also
two art galleries, a movie theater, a skating rink, and a wedding chapel. Even the drinking glasses
were made of ice. I slept on a cozy sleeping bag on mattress, and the mattress was on top of deer
skins. I t was a lot of fun.
They build the ice hotel every year in December and you can stay there from January to March.
In past years, more than 4000 guests stayed at least on night.
Beaches, mountains, lakes, and museums - boring! The place to go is the ice hotel.
The Zona Rosa
The Zona Rosa is located near the historic center of Mexico City. Its a great place to stay, have a
meal, and go shopping. Its a also beautiful place, full of trees, flowers, and statues.
Years ago, the Zona Rosa was a quiet neighborhood. Then in the 1960s, bookstores and art
galleries opened in the area. Now, the Zona Rosa has many great cafes, restaurants, and
nightclubs. Its a really busy place. Lots of tourist visit the area, but it can be expensive there.
The Zona Rosa has many interesting cultural attractions. The Mercado Insurgentes is a popular
crafts market. In the plaza del Angel, you can go to several antique stores. You can also see a
very beautiful fountain in the area. There are many interesting buildings, monuments, and
statues. One famous place is the Statue of Cuauhtemoc. He was a famous king a long time ago.

Artikel Bahasa Inggris tentang Batik

Our Legacy
Batik is Indonesians national heritage. Other nations have cloths that look like Batik. However,
on October 2, 2009, UNESCO declared that batik originates in Indonesia. UNESCO also
proclaimed Indonesian batik a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. In
brief, batik serves as our national indentify, and it is, indeed, our legacy.
Batik, our beautiful Indonesian traitional cloth, has been part of Indonesian life. Mothers use a
batik sling when they carry their infant. Men and women wear batik clothes at receptions,
ceremonies, and other formal and social events. They also use batik as casual wear at home and
at places for recreation. When a person dies, people cover him or her with batik with funerary
motifs. In addition, people use batik for home furnishing such as bed sheets and covers,
upholstery, and tablecloths. Bags, shoes, hats, and other accessories also often use batik patterns.
All in all, batik has a rich symbolism related ti Indonesian society, nature, hostory, and culture.

Referensi : Buku Siswa LIA Elementary 4

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