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Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS)

3 December 2015, DoubleTree by Hilton Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand
Summary of Decision Points
Agenda Item 1 Opening remarks by Co-Chairs of NTFC SOM Retreat

For notation only.

Members thanked Thailand for hosting the meeting and ADB for administrative arrangements.

Agenda Item 2 Progress Report on GMS TTF-AP

The Meeting noted the progress report, welcomed the entry into force of the CBTA and agreed to
accelerate the implementation of the agreement among the Parties.

In particular, participants were of the view that implementation of the CBTA should be expedited.

ADB to look into provision of technical assistance for Members to strengthen border crossing
infrastructure and facilities and continue technical assistance geared to realization of the TTF-AP.

Agenda Item 3 Revisiting 3-Year Blueprint of CBTA Joint Committee for TTF

The Meeting noted the updates and agreed to look into cooperation on operationalizing
guarantees (via commercial bank networks and other alternatives, pending feedback from
member countries) and motor vehicle insurance under the TTF framework.

Participants highlighted the need for support and capacity building in order to implement the
Single Stop Inspection and Single Window Inspection provisions under CBTA Annex 4.

ADB will provide a detailed briefing to China Customs on the proposed arrangements for
computerised transit transport.

Agenda Item 4 Actions on Key Findings of the CBTA Review

The Meeting reaffirmed the need for CBTA, underpinned by a commitment to implementation and
revision by the Contracting Parties over the period to 2017, while TA resources are available to
support this.

Where possible, the Meeting agreed that implementation should take place pending revision of
the Agreement, its Annexes and Protocols.

The Meeting noted the recommendations by ADB consultants on the CBTA review and agreed
that some parts of the CBTA (e.g. Annex 6, Protocol 1) should be updated and simplified, and
others (e.g. Protocol 3, including through use of template IICBTAs) implemented without delay.


Member countries will provide comments on the CBTA Review by 31 December 2015 along with
feedback on domestic legal processes (if any) required for CBTA revision, in order to clarify the
way forward, and necessary follow-up to the review.

ADB will further detail the proposed NTFC work plan and institutional arrangements for the CBTA
implementation and revision in 2016-2017 in time for the next NTFC Meeting.

Agenda Item 5 Accelerating Implementation of TTF-AP: Institutional Arrangements and Work


Agreed to have enhanced role of the NTFC SOM to implement and monitor the GMS TTF Action
Program including submission of data as part of the process.

Suggested to upgrade Sub-committee on Customs to be at DG level to also discuss customs

related revised CBTA Texts in addition to the overall monitoring of the customs related activities
under TTF AP.

Sub-committees meet back-to-back to NTFC SOM

Agenda Item 6 Other matters and Next Meeting

Next Meeting will be in the week of 7 March 2016 in Thailand. Detailed venue to be informed in
due course.